Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Are A Pair Of Pussys

Image = The Two Pussys. I hear they are now married.

Image = Mocking Jesus is funny. Mocking Mohammed is a no-no.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are a pair of pansy assed pussys.

I will no longer watch South Park.

It appears mocking Jesus is funny and acceptable, but mocking Mohammed is a big no-no for the funny boys who make South Park.

Whilst American soldiers are dying in Afghanistan to secure free speech and a democracy for the Afghan people (allegedly) these two wimps are hiding in America in their gated communities surrounded by police and weeping like a pair of little girls because some sad, half assed Jihadist on a website made a threat.

What at a pair of pussys.

South Park = pathetic liberal shite.

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Anonymous said...

actually they are pretty damned brave to fight political correctness and in this case protest the Islamification of the West, they are also anti-Hollywood and non PC.

They were actually censored by the PRODUCERS and the Comedy Network, and have no way of showing the program independently. They even put a protest out at the end of the show but IT WAS CENSORED BY THE PRODUCERS!

You should be supporting them as they are the only ones in Hollywood, out of the PC crowd who are actually sticking their necks out and risking ostracism from the Hollywood crowd and getting death threats from the radical Islamists.

Plus, I tip my hat to them for actually promoting the dangers of Islam to a PC audience and educating the youth of the West to the real threat from Islam.

wimwauters said...

southpark still kicks ass: the creators are not the ones who censored this episode, the stupid network did.