Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Nick Griffin Guide to BNP Enemies

In order to assist the Griffinite Cult members to understand the latest article from Griffin, which is as easy to read as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, I have created the easy guide below for BNP members to use to discover the inner enemies of the BNP.

They are listed as ;

1) Malcontents

2) Red Spies

3) Jealous Guys

4) James Bond's

5) Mata Hari's

Pictures are attached to the descriptions to help those Griffinites who cannot read to understand the concepts of the different categories of infiltrators as established in Griffins article.

Image - The Malcontent.

1) The malcontents are those who are simply fed up with listening to Griffins bullshit and excuses for the perpetual failure of the BNP to achieve its potential under Griffin.

The malcontents will be very, very small people with very, very small brains as if they were taller and had bigger brains then they would see that in fact the BNP runs Britain, is the most successful political party in history and Nick Griffin is the worlds greatest politician of all time.

The Malcontents use such pathetic excuses as ;

1) Why havent the accounts been published ?
2) Why is the constitution something Stalin would be proud of ?
3) Where is the BNP money ?
4) Why are we losing support as a political party with the masses ?
5) why are senior officers of long standing being purged because they ask questions Griffin doesnt like ?
6) why is Griffin asking people like Paul Morris to publish BNP members names and addresses on the internet of they vote for another leader ?
7) Why wont the party investigate the allegations of rape against Jim Dowson ?
8) Why wont Griffin give the accounts to the Electoral Commission ?

In order to incite discord in the party.

By asking questions that Griffin doesnt want to answer, then they become a malcontent and must be removed from the party.

The leader must not be questioned, as his power is absolute and his will is law.

Malcontents want such pathetic, communist things like accountability, financial probity and transparency and for alleged rapists not to be senior officers of the BNP.

Anyone who believes that the BNP should be a normal political party and not a cult is a malcontent.

Image - The Red Spy - Anthony Blunt.

2) Of course Anthony Blunt cannot infiltrate the BNP as he is dead, but the threat from Communist Agents trained by the KGB infiltrating the BNP to obtain confidential BNP information that has never been leaked and published online like the membership lists and dodgy accounts is ever present.

Red Spies will infiltrate the BNP in order to obtain information that will reveal to the world confidential BNP information - such as who has been involved in the latest senior officer gang bang at the RWB, who has been shagging whose missus behind their mates back and who has been spending the Trafalgar Club money on their daughters wedding etc etc.

Most of these red spies will have gone to Cambridge University and will have been recruited by the Communists whilst at that university, which is well known as a place that churned out either spies or poofs during the Cold War, which funnily enough was when Griffin went to Cambridge University.

Griffin has been suspected in the past of both working for the state and being a poof with Martin Webster - an allegation that even his missus finds credible.

Here is a secretly filmed video made by Dominic Carman where Jackie Griffin says the allegations against Nick being involved in a homosexual relationship with Martin Webster are credible and that she also saw Nick and Webster kissing ;

The red spy will be posh, from public school, will have a middle class background, will have been involved in buggery at schools with his chums after ruggers and will have been known to spend time with known homosexuals.

The aim of the Red Spy will be to infiltrate and run the BNP as incompetently as possible to ensure it never gets into power.

They will also be able to be blackmailed by the KGB or the commie state with film of them being buggered by assorted homosexuals.

Image - John Lennon 'The Jealous Guy'.

3) Another threat is from The Jealous Guy. Not John Lennon of course as he is also dead, but from guys who are so jealous of the superb work of such BNP officers like Clive Jefferson, Dave Hannam and Jim Dowson that they envy them - as men like Hannam, Jefferson and Dowson are known in the BNP as 'The Three Adonis's' due to their youth, good looks, Greek god like physiques and vast amount of wages.

The Jealous Guys want to be just like Griffin. They want to own a pig farm, be fat, middle aged and full of shit.

The Jealous Guys will infiltrate the BNP simply because they are jealous of the BNP, or they will see the range of hot babes, the flash cars, the jet set lifestyle and the social adoration that comes from being a BNP officer and will seek to destabilise the BNP internally simply as they are jealous.

The Jealous Guy will pretend to do work for the BNP, but in reality will be saying to themselves 'I really want to be just like Dave Hannam' - short, ugly and incompetent.

The Jealous Guy will join the BNP, become jealous, leave the BNP and then because of their jealousy then mock the BNP officers they have known.

Image - James Bond.

4) The James Bond spy is one sent in by MI5 / KGB / CIA etc to infiltrate SMERSH, sorry the BNP, in order to obtain important information such as how many copies of Voice of Freedom are sold in North Wales, whether Dave Hannam really is a dwarf and whether the Green Arrow really is an ex-SAS soldier as he claims ( No, he isnt).

The BNP are so much of a threat to democracy under the super cunning Nick Griffin, the man whose political skills are such that they represent a real threat to the existence of British democracy as evidenced on the Question Time show which propelled the BNP into the big league of politics, that MI5 have to deploy a succession of James Bonds into the party to monitor it full time.

The idea that simply listening to Griffin on his mobile phone or sticking a trojan into the computers in the Belfast Bunker would give them all the information they would ever need ( as Griffin runs the party like a dictatorship and issues every order on his mobile phone or by e mail) is something the MI5 agents have not thought of.

The BNP is such a threat to the established political order due to the super efficiency of its leader Nick Griffin, who has enabled the BNP to win 12 seats on Barking council and then lose them all, that only by ordering James Bond into the BNP can the BNP be stopped from taking power.

Image - Mata Hari.

5) This is the security threat that most middle aged BNP officers are afraid of.

She will slip viagra into their drinks and then use the fiendish technique of anal prostrate massage to force them to indulge in sexual relations by force.

Mata Hari will offer herself and her body to the depraved sexual demands of BNP officers in exchange for important confidential information required by the British state for national security needs such as where Nick Griffin lives, his mobile phone number, his shoe size and details of where the top secret BNP bunker is in Belfast
( as such confidential information cannot be obtained by MI5 / KGB / FBI / etc simply by using the phone book or by using other means such e mail taps and phone taps ).

These are the list of known infiltrators.

Learn them well.

If you see anyone in the BNP who went to Cambridge, who is alleged to have been a poof, who acts like an incompetent in their position in the BNP, who is seen in a dinner jacket like James Bond wears at BNP functions like the Trafalgar Club events, who has been photographed embracing a Mata Hari figure in the BNP at BNP events and who seems to be deliberately undermining the BNP in elections by saying stupid things to the media like 'the Gurkhas are mercenaries' or ' give everyone in the country a machine gun' or 'Mark Collett tried to hire a hit man to kill me' during an election campaign in order to ensure that we lose that election - then you can be assured that they are either a red spy, a total moron or simply a wrong un.

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Anonymous said...

It will be a while longer before the BNP "achieves it's potential" and that is when the economy falls to pieces and many, many more immigrants infest the place.

Defender of Liberty said...

The only way the BNP will achieve its potential is when Griffin resigns and the party is run like a political party instead of a cult.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting it in layman's terms. I am too old to be a Mata Hari and am not skilled in the art of prostate massage. I am just a malcontent - thankfully. That article was good for a giggle, Lee.

How did NG realy lose his eye? said...

where does Tommy Williams and his "CUNTS" website, used as an attack-dog until recently by NG? Willias is a known nazi and turned up at RWBs as a 'bnp official'. he and his colleagues still infest the neo-nazi VNN site. how absurd that NG should utilise neo-nazi Waltter Mitty types as well as Zionist Walter Mittys like Green Arrow SAS-man [not] Paul Morris..

Defender of Liberty said...

I am hoping that Griffin sees me as a male version of Mata Hari, a temptress for the BNP ladies.

Though of course my knees are a bit stiff now, and once your knees go then your days as a Don Juan are well and truly over.

Jane said...

You need to understand the correct use of the apostrophe Lee. It is not used in plurals.

The Mata Hari type is mostly about the spread of sleaze and the destruction of virtue. It seems very important to our hostile elite to make sure that people forget about the very concepts of virtue, honor and faithfulness and they want to expose all good people as being corrupt. You are doing a good job on that front too Lee.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks for the punctuation lesson you pedant.

And I thought the Mata Hari sermon from Griffin was about middle aged, sleazy, sad old bastards BNP officers all queuing up to have sex with a female members like simon clarke and others !

Thanks for stating to me I am doing a good job in exposing BNP sleaze, lack of virtue, dishonesty and lack of faithfulness of BNP officers as regards their wives and partners.

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Usual juvenile bullshit from Barnes, how old are you, 14

Anonymous said...

"In 1975, various young and not so young males in the National Front in London were pleased to see a young woman, Sonia Hochfelder, getting involved and active. Early suspicions over her potentially Jewish surname (an issue in an organisation heavily influenced by people who had served in Palestine up until 1948, and who had cut their political teeth under virtual siege by violent gangs of militant Zionist thugs) were allayed by her explanation that it was German."

From Griffin's article on the BNP website.

This is absolute tosh. When Hochfelder "infiltrated" the NF and the League of St George she did so as someone who was openly Jewish.

There must be somebody, somewhere who has copies of old issues of League Review and League Sentinel in which she had letters published arguing the case for British nationalists to adopt a pro-Israel policy. She identified herself in those letters quite clearly as a Jew, albeit one who was allegedly sympathetic to most of the aims and objectives of British nationalism.

Griffin goes back far enough in the movement to know this perfectly well, therefore he is a liar.

Seegar said...

'usual juvenile bullshit from Barnes'
Now that is an interesting comment, probably the most interesting comment for a while because it opened up a whole new world of thinking for me.
I listen to some comics today and they are hugely popular but most (not all but most)I find tiresome and their humour juvenile and simplistic probably spawned by the likes of Connolly and Elton.
Anyway...I found Lee's missive hysterical and very clever in parts but Mr Anonymous (who are you? cos you go to every piggin' website I visit and you also write to my local paper)does not find it funny at all.
I think I know the reason and it in no way is intended to undermine Mr Anonymous or insult his intelligence unless he really wants it to.
We have to face it...we are all different and more importantly, we all think differently. That is why people learn in different ways. Some like aural stuff,some written,some like practical and everything in between.
Take Lee John Barnes (age 14 for example). He can take some information,turn it upside down and look at it from different angles which allows him to dissect the presented information and if that way inclined, do a critical analysis of it.In some instances, this may come out humorously but the humour always contains some sensible information or an important message.
Some of us think in that way but maybe get tired after reading the first 33 paragraphs of a 93 paragraph document whereas someone like Lee John Barnes (age 14) will actually go through the whole thing and then comment.
The reason you wouldn't find it amusing is because you think and learn differently from him (and me in this instance).You are probably of no lesser intelligence than anyone visiting this site and comments are as valid as anyone's.
Anyway, thank you for the comment which really got me thinking about things which I haven't really done much of since I was discharged by the doctors.
All the best Mr Anonymous.
Out of interest,how did you hear about our planet?
I don't always agree with Lee John Barnes (age 14)but as it is his site and I am a visitor, I only leave positive comments and certainly nothing of a personal nature or personal attack in case he knows where I live.(oh,there's Mr Griffin out in his garden with the dogs)

alanorei said...

Somewhat OT but thinking about a 'reformed' group made up mainly of former BNP members who sought to distance themselves from the criminal acts being swept under the carpet, I suggest the following.

In the 1st stage:

A loose association of British independents is formed. It doesn't have to be even a political party at this stage.

These associates are active in their own communities, however. They could be members of residents' associations or even be on a town or parish council as independents. They could have all kinds of legitimate affiliations, both church and secular.

If their former BNP association becomes an issue, the response is essentially that of the opening paragraph, with the acknowledgement that they still agree with many BNP core policies.

When it comes to constitutional matters, the independents simply lay claim to allegiance to our great documents of state i.e. Magna Carta 1215, the Act of Settlement and Bill of Rights 1688-1689 etc.

I believe these documents have enough in them to safeguard Britain's independent sovereignty and repel invaders. I don't see how even the ECHR could actually object to them. The ECHR doesn't have that authority. No-one has.

It would be useful, Lee, if you could work up a precis of Britain's written constitution.

If an ideological basis is needed, the King James Bible is an obvious foundation. It is effectively the foundation for the Coronation Oath, which embodies the rulership of Britain and the Old Dominions, as vested in the Crown.

I don't see how the ECHR could raise objections here either.

As for elections and winning back political power, I have the following tentative comments. You mentioned the result of a recent by-election in Brotton, Lee, where Michael George, the BNP man, got 2.8%, i.e. 33 votes and finished last.

I've met Mike and he's a good lad but he's not local to Brotton and wouldn't have had any time to work his ward. In a rural village community like that, he'd therefore stand no chance.

I suggest future electoral strategy by independents has to be policy-driven rather than candidate-driven (e.g. a BNP super-activist etc.) And the individual has got to be part of his local community and seen to be such (to be fair, some of the keenest BNPrs in the NE are such).

But in sum, I'd suggest an electoral strategy has to be low-key, with an emphasis on localised issues and a willingness to support any candidate of any party who is committed to progressing those issues. (We had a Tory candidate locally in the last GE who would have done well for the NHS locally if he'd got in. He didn't but in supporting his stance, an independent would be doing genuine good work for his community, without being tarred by the brush of the now-sullied BNP.)

I would add that such an approach is likely to succeed only in 'non-enriched' areas e.g. parts of the NE, not north London (or NE city centres, even) but it's better than on-going local and national deterioration.

Note also that the above approach is the antithesis of the current hi-tech BNP electoral strategy imported from the US. That may be an advantage.

Contact between independents would be loose and informal to start with but if they became members of parish councils and/or school governing bodies, the means for constructive contact is ready-made.

Note that none of the above threatens the BNP. They can still continue to campaign, recruit and raise funds by the same means that they are doing now. An independent could even support a local BNP candidate if he/she declared unequivocal committment to the kind of constitutional basis suggested above and key local issues.

The kind of support activity envisaged is straightforward. I'm a member of 2 local groups and on one occasion did thank at least one town councillor for the council's resolve in organising 'Christmas lights,' not 'Winter season lights' or other pc cowardice.

extant said...


The Insecticide is deep and rotton to the very core already, and it cannot be shifted !!

Ga, just so that you remember what you have realy lost today, by "attempting" to bully me.

You have lost a good friend and a loyal compatriot

You have lost the single largest donator that Wales BNP has ever had, as you and everyone else knows, that is me..

You have shown me and many other people what you really care about, and that is yourself , !! It is not me saying that mind, it is people who you could never imagine would, because of the foillowing-

Whilst you may believe that you may be of some sort of importance in your Pal Talk room, with your several regular supporters, you utterly miss the point. This is not about you, nor me, it is about resistance, that you fail miserably at, because you cannot see through your "tiny" bubble that you have so eliquently developed..

You have shown me distain and contempt, for I will not tolerate , at any level, simply because I do not need to.

You may hope or pray, that I do not become as bitter as Lee Barns, because I have the ability to change your work and this movement forever and may wish to exclude you very soon !!

An apology, would have been much easier, but you have obviously proved once again, that you are not capable and / or are to insecure..

You Paul Morris, are a bully, nothing less, and nothing more.

You should feel deep shame for what you have done, because everyone else will for a very long time and some of us, do not forgive or give second chances.


I Lost My Eye Making Bombs said...

not only was Mrs Gable known to be Jewish back then - Column 88 is a Searchlight fiction.

How interesting that NG is repeating Searchlight fantasies.

Has he learnt nothing?

Barbara said...

Haha, I thought this was funny.

Britain First said...

Did Hochfelder's NF husband, Steve Brady, agree with her Zionism? How obvious a plant would she have to be? All the Zionists in the BNP now (and no doubt in the past) are there to serve Israel and not our folk.

Defender of Liberty said...


I am sorry to hear about GA being an arse, but I am not suprised.

I know you are a true nationalist and a man who deserves respect.

GA is a twat.

No you know it, have nothing more to do with the Griffin arse licker.

extant said...


Most of us never stop learning mate, but some as the likes of Narcissistic Megalomaniac,never succeeded at anything, bully boy PuffArrow who have never accomplished fk all, does not !! ; and that is precisely why he is where he is and why he acts the way he does.
Its very much like the School prefect !
He is upsetting people everywhere,in all sorts of positions, because as he is slowly exposing what he really is through his own true actions.
He cannot avert this as much as he cant help it, because it is truly what he is.Even hard line supporters are seeing what he is.
It seems clear now, that anyone who disagrees with him in any way whatsoever, he threatens them by saying to, they are reds or undercover agents and he will now write an article on them on his Blog.
Now that is what I call a dangerous fkn imbecile, not just to himself, but to every Nationalist in the Country.
I have some solace mind you, because he does know that when I witness anyone else on his Blog, he writes an article on, I will expose him big time and he knows it full well.
I'm just not as Liberal or tolerant as you mate and he knows it real well ;o)

Stay well Brother, everyone I speak to still has mass respect for you.But remember, I dont condone ranting about anyone and I am still of the strong oppinion that you should now stop........

To be continued ;o)