Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Green Arrow Spits His Dummy Out

Over on the Green Arrow site, or the fools forum as it is known in nationalist circles, it appears that a major falling out has occured with both the moron Paul Morris and Wales BNP ( WHO HE NOW CALLS 'THUGS') and also the BNP itself over the appointment of a BNP National Organiser who lets his wife have sex with strangers and then films it and puts it on the internet and the refusal of Griffin to sack Roger Phillips, a Wales BNP member.

The BNP a 'Family' party - yeah right.

For those with a strong stomach the website with footage of the wife of the new Yorkshire organiser for the BNP is here ;,0,0,0,184

lovely huh.

Here are some choice quotes from the Green Maggot about the BNP taken from his site ;

" As a result of the information I have available, and as a result of personal experiences, then I support councilor Edwards in what is to me, a principled stand against political thuggery.

Therefore it is with the deepest regret and with the pain of a knife in my stomach that I must publicly announce that this site no longer unconditionally or exclusively supports the British National Party."

Typical Morris drama queen rhetoric. Idiot.

Here is an interesting comment from Mark Kennedy, or the Corsham Crusader, as this vile low life degenerate is known. Mark Kennedy is man who crawled out of the shallow end of the Aryan gene pool, a genetic freak who resembles the Gollum. He is a vile, perverted, evil little man with a big mouth that desperatly needs filling in.

It appears that the Corsham Crusader is also a moderator on the British Resistance site ;

1 reply · active less than 1 minute ago
+1 Vote up Vote down CorshamCrusader 91p · 1 day ago
Attention Tom Fisher and others who are leaving comments purely to attack the BNP and promote Mr Butler, this is not acceptable and they will not be printed.

We have run the stories on the Kevin Edwards and Linda/Ian Kitchen affair because this site always has and always will print the truth, people have been allowed to comment on those articles but some are abusing this and trying to push us down avenues we will not go. I said yesterday that this site is moving on from internal party politics, we wish the BNP well and continue to hope that the Chairman will act and deal with the current problems. We will report on the British National Party when it does good things but only as a news story.

GA has a lot of information on the current goings on and has refused to print them to save damaging the party any further. The Party know how to contact him should they wish to see this information. Those people who think that this site has become a vehicle to attack the party will be sadly mistaken.

The comments are now closed on this article and any more that are submitted will be deleted.

Now we move on.

CC "

So the main perverted rat the Corsham Crusader who pollutes the BDF forum with his filth and lies, is working directly for Paul Morris on his site.


Now we know who to deal with when the time comes to deal with the filth that infect and infest the Nationalist movement.

Here are some more choice quotes from the British Resistance site ;

" With regards to Brian Mahoney.

Personally I have a lot of respect for Brian although on some occassions I have felt that he can appear to be weak,surprisingly weak and in many ways politically naive."

I know Brian Mahoney. He is a true and dedicated nationalist.

Paul Morris isnt fit to lick Brian Mahoneys feet.

Here are some more quotes ;

" I have always been a loyal Griffinite and have always believed in
Nick's integrity and honesty. That is now shattered.

Nick is either a blatant liar, politically naive or just listens to
some very bad advise.

Whatever the reason he is definitely not serious when he says that
the party has cleaned up it's image.

Sadly That's it for me.

Quite simply Nick Griffin and Brian Mahoney are not the type of people
that I believed them to be.

Best Wishes

Councillor Kevin Edwards "

Oh dear, another idiot Griffinite wakes up to the fact that the only thing that matters to Griffin, is Griffin.

More here ;

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James · 4 days ago

the party has to come first; no ones bigger than the party; not even Nick Griffin... "

Oh dear, the Green Arrow is now allowing people to attack Der Fuhrer on his website -and Paul Morris was once the chief arse licking sycophant in the Griffinite cult.

More here ;

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+13 Vote up Vote down wotsgoinon? 68p · 4 days ago

I saw CorshamCrusader's last comment here and understand and respect no more comments will appear until the morning. Its now morning.

Over on the BNP main site there is an article on the Welsh Assembly Elections, but nothing about this current situation with Councillor Edwards. I dropped a comment on the BNP site yesterday when this news broke, which did not appear. I submitted another comment just now asking if there is a news blackout. Obviously their web team must have they're reasons for not revealing this development and I respect this."

HA HA HA HA another delusion idiot who thinks the BNP is the party of truth and probity.

More here ;

" Report Reply +5 Vote up Vote down Paris Claims · 4 days ago
I've never liked the censorship on the BNP site. I know trolls could post anything posing as Nationalists, but it appears that any comment that might not agree with the party line doesn't make it past the moderator. I, for one, cannot stand the idea of nationalising the banks, it's something Marx would implement, and frankly an embarresment "


Another delusional fuckwit who thought the BNP was a political party instead of a cult of personality around the idiot Griffin.

More here ;

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0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago +11 Vote up Vote down Shenley · 4 days ago

It strikes me that this party, is still suffering from the plague of poor management from the top downwards and it needs to be and must be sorted out very soon or we will continue to waste members money, while getting nowhere in forthcoming elections. "

Another idiot speaks out. Nick is the boss. Therefore the buck stops with Nick.

But hey cult members seek to avoid reality, until its too late.

Oh dear another sycophant sees the light on Griffin.

More here ;

" Meanwhile, I have instructed Corsham Crusader to delete all comments because I feel that many of them were written by people who did not have the full facts available to them. Hopefully after this article they will. Comments will then be opened again."

Thanks Paul for confirming the maggot Corsham Crusader is one of your attack dogs.

Payback when it comes for you both will be a bitch.

Here is a real classic - this moron supports the BNP and Paul Morris when the vile animal scumbag Corsham Crusader, who issues threats like confetti at a wedding, is running the British Resistance site - what a muppet ;

" 1 reply · active less than 1 minute ago
+38 Vote up Vote down alex3 74p · 4 days ago

I am standing again as a local BNP candidate in Derby in May.

I have just read the the above article and, if this article is accurate, I will be reconsidering my position.

I have supported the party, and its leader, Nick Griffin, wholeheartedly. However, if the party is prepared to accept bullying, to the extent of members being threatened with violence - and, to the extreme, death threats - by other members of the same party, then I will not only withdraw my candidacy, I shall cancel my membership.

Does the party wish to be re-named the Bullying National Party - where bullies have more credence than other members of the party?


What a twat. The biggest thug in the BNP is Corsham Crusader.

Here is some more ;

+27 Vote up Vote down wotsgoinon? 68p · 4 days ago

Just been back on the BNP site. Nothing. Absolutely zilch.

I find it unbelievable that Nick Griffin or any other spokesman has not issued a statement on this. Are they keeping it under wraps hoping it will go away.
I thought I would never say this and it saddens me to have to say it, but If Nick Griffin is to retain any credibility as party leader he must take a stand. He must tie his flag to the mast, show his true colours and clear out the remaining detrimental elements. There is no future in this party if this is going to be the norm. No future if the thug element is allowed to rise to the surface. Come on Nick, make some sort of announcement. We rely on your leadership. Lead from the front. DO SOMETHING. "

My god its like watching a collection of braindead lemmings.

Its more tragic than funny.

But my all time favourite on the morons site is this article ;

" Aragorn said in his speech from the Black Gate that "A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day".

Well sadly for the British National Party that day has come. The Fellowship of the Ring is broken and the sickening thing is they broke it themselves. "

The ring the idiot Morris is reffering too is not Martin Websters ring peice, which according to Martin had been the recipient of a lot of fellowship from both Nick Griffin and Pat Harrington, but the Lord of the Rings.

Its ironic that Morris has as a moderator for his site the Gollum look alike Mark Kennedy aka Corsham Crusader.

That makes Morris one of the Orcs then doesnt it, and the Green Arrowtards as his felllow orclets as they have now fallen out favour with their Fuhrer Griffin.

I love this bit as well ;

"Simon Darby, with all that is happening prefers to talk about dead fish in his fish-tank and the main site says nothing whilst broken hearted ladies sob down the phone to me about how they feel betrayed by the party and its so called leaders. "

HA HA HA HA you can just imagine the 'broken hearted ladies' who have now woken up to the reality of their Fuhrer.

The cult of personality is a better phrase than the Fellowship of the Ring.

Thats what happens you morons when you believe in BNP propaganda.


Here is Morris final pathetic whine ;

" So then, what is the current situation with regards to the British Resistance? Well I would just like to lock the door, walk away and go look at the mountains by day and the stars by night but I know I cannot do that, it would be letting down our writers, readers and nationalism. "

Yeah we would all like that Morris, especially if you jumped off that fucking cliff you fat moron.

Instead it appears that you intend to keep your pathetic site for braindead Griffinite rodents as a way for you to appear somehow relevant to nationalism.

Morris you are about as relevant to British Nationalism as the teachings of Mao.

Go away, you sad little man.

And the final word goes to the one person on the British Resistance site who has talked sense ;

Mo Wilkins · 3 days ago

Griffin can't get rid of these deviants/crooks/thugs because he has sacked/suspended/expelled all the decent, intelligent people in the party, all he is left with is the scum.

I'm afraid that there is no way back for him from this one.

When I think of all that we have put into the nationalist cause since 1973, both financially & physically, it makes me want to be sick. When he got elected to the EU, we were overwhelmed with delight, he was a hero. Since then he seems to have lost the plot & turned into a man of straw. But we will not give up, our rage will keep us going. "

What have we benn telling you Mo.

Are you all gonna apologise now ?

You people who stay in the BNP under Griffin are total mugs.

It appears that a few of you are waking up and walking away.

Its about blooody time.

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Extant said...

Lmfao, what you say is about right as it could ever be about Anal Crusader tehe. As for Morris, he is such a fkn joke, the only thing I will ever do now is laugh at him , he is not even worthy of a comment hahahahaha :O)

Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs but some of these retards are constantly on the BDF forum,and facebook used to be a funny one where they turn against (whilst pissed) every nationalist both past and present.Sick fuckers that were never around in the 70s/80s or even 90s they just sprouted up out of darbys garden or some far off planet.

Anonymous said...

didn't anyone notice that green maggot stated on his first day of opening his new website that he had implemented new "tracking" on his site. Obviously to track who was arriving, their IP address, and where they would go after leaving his site...If that's not the work of MI5 then I dont know what is!!!

lastly, why does he need donations for a free website? His last blog was a free site. Barnes doesn't keep asking for donations.