Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Rising

I want to wish good luck to all the BNP candidates standing for election tomorrow and thanks to all those who worked to get them elected.

Whatever happens The Rising has begun.

We are poised at the brink of revolutionary change, a moment of political punctuated equilibrium.

The era of apathy and corruption that has destroyed our nation, is about to end.

In the temples of Mammon and the Whorehouses of Parliament, they know that the Globalist Empire is about to collapse.

Our struggle is about to begin.

At the moment the people are seeking to trust the last of the lifeboats, the last political parties that are 'acceptable' to the Corporate Media whoremasters.

The Lib Dems are the last of the lifeboats, the last pitiful remnants of the Establishment political parties to become the receptacles for the public protest vote, along with a small vote for the Greens and UKIP.

Yet all these parties offer no change, for they seek to become part of the Establishment, whilst our aim must be to destroy the Establishment - and in its stead raise a new one that serves the people, rather than the people serve it.

On the edges of the Empire, in Greece and Spain, the cities are in open revolt and the banks are burning.

War drags on without end in the Empire, a war that bleeds the best of our nations in order to profit the worst amongst our leaders.

We are invaded from within, the impoverished hordes of the East march into our lands without challenge or censure from our politicians nor generals.

Our generals strut like puffed up peacocks in their gold and silver braid and send our troops to their death in foreign lands for US oil companies, but they stay silent and hide when it comes to securing our national borders and deporting the criminals and colonists who have invaded our lands.

Both the Establishment and the Empire must fall.

Everywhere we are ruled by fools and criminals, traitors and whores.

Yet there is hope.

As long as the British people still resist the treason, as long as a few brave men and women dedicate themselves to the ideal of a national renewal, then our people will one day triumph.

The night is not yet over, the dawn may as yet be false and fragile.

Yet dawn will come.

And our liberty return, adored all the more from the ache of her absence, and out of this chaos and calumny a people will arise - united and strong, and will restore Britain to its true throne amongst all the nations.

No war is won just on the battlefield, for victory is born from peace.

And nor is any government able to rule without the will of the people.

A hung parliament during a time of war, global economic collapse and environmental disasters is a weak puppet of the corporate media and bankers - it will collapse sooner or later, then usher in social chaos and prepare our path to power for us.

The struggle for our national revolution is about to begin.

It is the struggle of a people reborn, and the birth of a nation once betrayed.

If you want to see the face of the future without our victory, then take a look at the ravaged visage of the youth above, his face lacerated and scarred, his soul more so.

This is the future for our folk if we fail.

A despised, hated and abused minority who bear the blame for all the worlds ills because they were born white.

That will not be our future.

We will be Lords again in our lands.

The system is weakening, sooner or later the Empire will fail.

And then it is our turn to rise.

The storm is almost here.

From the shadows a new ideal rises.

Its name is British Nationalism.

Britons, prepare for action.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Lee, the next time i post here i may be a BNP councillor, i'm also standing as a Parliamentry Candidate but i don't think it is a good area for us.......onward and upward!....Donna

Anonymous said...

Was watching Bloomberg this morning and there was an economist saying that the British government have got to make cuts of 50 Billion.
If you think Britain is a mess now wait to 5-10 yrs time.

Adrian Peirson said...

£50 Cuts, simple, stop borrowing money from Rothschilds Global Banking empire and coin our own money.

extant said...

Funny thing-

As you know Lee I had to move my 13 year old son from a Private school in Gwent because of the Racism he received because he was white.
He now attends a state school, last week he was savagely attacked by a Muslim and subsequently received a broken nose, I wish I could give you the photo to show our people, but I worry for his safety in such an Enriched area like Newport.