Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Matt Single and Sadie Graham = scum

I have not commented on the case before now as it was sub-judice, but it appears that they have been fined £200 for releasing the membership list onto the internet.

Yep, 200 pounds.

Matt Single has ADMITTED leaking the list online, whilst all this time he has been DENYING that he and Sadie put the list online.

I hope that all those dupes who supported Matt and Sadie will now see just what these people really were, pitiful and pathetic idiots who lied to everyone about what they were doing whilst stabbing all nationalists in the back.

They lied to their comrades, they lied to their supporters when they said they didnt release the list on the internet and they have caused untold misery to the many innocent nationalists who have been victims of attacks, death threats and physical assaults by reds as a result of what they did.

Shame on them and all those idiots who support them still.

The time has come for Kenny Smith, Nichola Richie and Steve Blake to give public statements condemning what Matt and Sadie did and to state that they regard them as traitors to nationalism and that they were duped into believing Matt and Sadie when they said they did not put the membership online.

Only by completely cutting all ties with the scumbags and condemning what they have done in a public manner can we be sure that Kenny, Nichola and Blake are innocent of any involvement in what Matt and Sadie did.

If they refuse to issue a public statement condemning Matt and Sadie then we have to assume that they knew what Matt and Sadie were doing, that they were involved in it as well and that they still support what Matt and Sadie did.

No doubt there will be morons who will still defend them.

It appears that in some sections of nationalism, loyalty to our people and the cause of nationalism are secondary to their 'friendships' with traitors.


A former member of the British National Party has been fined £200 after admitting publishing the details of some 10,000 party members online.

Matthew Single, 37, formerly of Church Lane, Brinsley, Notts, was fined by Nottingham magistrates after admitting disclosing data without consent.

He was arrested after a complaint from the party leader Nick Griffin.

The names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of some party supporters were leaked in November.

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alanorei said...

Clearly a case of silence is consent.

It makes me wonder again if the leftie attack on Sadie filmed by Sky was a set-up. The perpetra(i)tor got a slap over the wrist (£50 fine I think) for what appeared to be a deliberate assault.

Compare what happened to Kev Hughes, where he was actually the assault victim.

Certainly the 5th column will stoop to any depths.

Anonymous said...

What happened to to the investigation over the alleged firearms offence? Did the police drop it?