Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Response to Tyndallite

I am having problems posting comments on the blog, so this is my response to Tyndallite here ;

I wondered when you pop out of the woodwork Jay.

This issue is nothing to do with 'progressives' V 'Traditionalists' - the issue is simple, which is the Equality commission are a tax payer funded organisation with unlimited funds to throw at this case whilst the BNP is always operating on a shoestring and we simply cannot win this case as it stands without us spending tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds - so unless you are willing to sell your house and donate the money into a legal fund to fight this case all the way through to the House of Lords and ECHR then stop asking the BNP to spend that money on a fight it cant win.

We could potentially win the case if the BNP had half a million pounds to waste on legal fees fighting this case, but the BNP doesnt have half a million pounds - and even if it did that money could be spent on so many more important things than this idiotic case.

There are many people on the internet demanding the BNP spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of our members money on fighting this case - so or are you one of these 'you should spend other peoples donations on fighting this case' or are you one of those people who say ' here is my money to help you fight the case' - I think we know the answer dont we.

Your points 1 and 2 in your commentsare correct. That is obvious.

Your point in your Part (1) comment re not having so many people on the payroll is utterely irrelevant. The estimated costs on taking this case to the House of Lords is about half a million pounds from an independent solicitor we have had a quote from - and even if the BNP sacked all its staff it would not be able to fight the case all the way to the House of Lords as the party simply doesnt have half a million pounds, so the best solution is simply not fight a war we cannot afford to fight and that we simply cannot win.

Whether we like it or not the present race relations act potentially makes the party constitution unlawful since the recent House of Lords case clarified the law on political parties as associations a couple of months ago - but the constitution as it is will definitely be unlawful under the forthcoming Equality Act provisions. Therefore we need to change the constitution to get rid of this case and also ensure we are legal under the forthcoming Equality Bill.

The issue of what we should do has already been planned and prepared over 6 months ago by myself as I anticipated that if we did well in the European Elections the equality commission would come for us - and if I had had my way we would have done it when we first got the legal notice from the Equality Commission and thereby avoided this case coming to court in the first place and saved us spending the insane amounts we will have to pay out on costs, but I dont make the decisions.

I have already prepared a 100% sealed and firewalled amendment to the constitution, and a whole legal argument based on the UN convention on Indigenous Rights, that I believe would have protected the party and allowed us to stay exactly as we are re our membership and would have allowed us to stay 100 % within the law and ended this case before it began and ensured we were legal under the forthcoming Equality Act - but my suggestions were not acted on.

I can only make the suggestions, I cannot make people obey them.

As a cog in the machine I understand that sometimes people will ignore my suggestions as they may be aware of a whole load of issues that I am not aware of - but as long as I do my best then I have fulfilled my role and responsibility. Thats all that matters, that we all do our roles to the best of our ability - and then those more senior make the decisions as thats their role and responsibility.

I may not personally agree with the decisions made by senior people, but I understand that is the nature of the chain of command. They make the decisions, we just do the best we can.

If we all did as we wished that would be anarchy. A true nationalist is disciplined enough to realise we have to have a chain of command and that we all have to obey orders.

If we all flounced off like a bunch of schoolgirls each time someone did something we didnt like or because we disagreed with a decision made by a senior staff member then we would have no party, no nationalist movement and we would be totally screwed already.

Discipline keeps the party alive - anarchy kills it, and we have had enough egotists flouncing off for their personal reasons over recent years. We need people to do their jobs, not act like prima donnas.

The fact is Jay is that even though you have a lot to offer the party you are so busy talking crap on stormfront that you cant be trusted anymore. The moment you learn that if you stop attacking the party, its officials and decided to stop being a gobshite on stormfront your ideas would be welcomed.

But you have never had the discipline to keep your mouth shut and stop attacking the party and its officals, and as I warned you time after time, your lack of discipline re your big mouth means you have transformed yourself into an outsider.

Thats why you have no idea what work we are doing and why you say stupid things like ' it just seems that way to those like yourself who have not had the imagination to figure the issue out yet'.

The fact is that you know nothing about what I am doing, what my advice is, what legal provisions I have drafted up and what my advice was to the party was, so this means you are simply talking bollocks in public and simply make yourself look an idiot.

You know nothing about what goes on jay, as you are outsider - so when you pretend that you know what has been going, such as when you attack me for not having the imagination to deal with this, then you simply make youself look a fool.

Because you are no longer an insider, that means you know nothing about what goes on internally anymore, which is a shame as I know you are intelligent enough to contribute.

You are a wasted asset Jay, I know you are a good nationalist and a good bloke - but you have this flaw where you want to be the hero of the morons like those on stormfront and thereby you merely ensure you stay in the wilderness rather than contributing your skills to the real struggle.

Anyone can be a big fish in a small pond, not everyone is capable of being a big fish in the big pond. Stormfront is for those that are unable to contribute to the real nationalist struggle, it is a site for the idiot fringe keyboard warriors that are an utter embarassment and liability to the cause of nationalism.

I keep hoping that one day you will grow up and wise up. But you keep on posting idiotic crap on sites like stormfront and revealing the fact that your still a big mouthed sock puppet who cannot accept the discipline neccasery to contribute to a party that is under constant attack by its enemies. Every time you open your big gob and attack the party and its officials on stormfront you simply aid the enemy - and that is intolerable.

We are under attack by the enemy at all times, so therefore why would we allow someone who spends all their time attacking the BNP and its officers to contribute to the party - as we cant trust you.

This issue has nothing to do with Tyndallites, as they are an utter irrelevance as Tyndall is dead and the world has moved on.

What this is about is keeping the party on the battlefield so we can get into power and change the law -this is about pragmatism and not pathetic posture politics.

When you wise up Jay give me a call.

The day you realise that the time you have spent attacking the BNP has done nothing but betray the ideals I know you stand for and assisted the enemy is the day you become an asset and not a liability.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thanks you for all your doing for The BNP

I enjoy reading your Blog

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks mate,

All the best,


Andraste said...

Spot on Lee. One of the problems as I see it is that a lot of people who call themselves nationalists actually don't like the success of the BNP, they would rather it remained forever a fringe, ineffectual organisation, the reason why is because they are not reallt concerned with advancing the nationalist cause, they are primarily driven by their own ego - and as you correctly state, they like to be a big fish in a small pond. I have witnessed this mentality from so-called nationalists time and time again. These people should either put up or shut up, that's all there is to it. Someone mouthing off on stormfront is an idiot, a total and utter twat. Best thing to do is ignore them and let them dissappear into oblivion whilst you get on with the reality of helping save our country and the BNP, of which there is no doubt you are totally committed.

Keep up the great work Lee.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks mate,

I appreciate that,


Guessedworker said...


I was under the impression that the September 2007 General Assembly approval of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has no legal force in the signatory countries, one of which is the United Kingdom. Its utility is strictly moral and argumentational, from our standpoint. Furthermore,after the Approval the government issued a statement to the effect that no ethnic groups in the UK are covered by it.

Have I got that wrong?

Anonymous said...

"a whole legal argument based on the UN convention on Indigenous Rights"

If Nicks constituants file a report to Nick regarding his Indigenous rights being violated could Nick not take on the case in the EU and have it refered to the UN courts, with the eu funding much of the cost through Nicks expenses?

If the man then won his case it would terminate much of the oppression we currently face.

Anonymous said...

Wish the party w

ould listen to you more often Lee, though I will say that often when you think Nick is barking up the wrong tree he often pulls the rabit out of the hat - fingers crossed!

Though I do think it's time the BNP were more proactive rather than reactive.

Defender of Liberty said...

You are completely right about the treaty on indigenous rights not being binding, but the important issue is the 1989 CLO declaration combined with the UN treaty and the UN notes on who is an indigenous person - all these make clear that an indigenous person or group is self defined.

Therefore any group that defines themselves as indigenous, and fits the criteria in the notes to the treaty, can claim indigenous status - regardless of what the UK govt stated.

Guessedworker said...

OK, thanks. I'll check that out.