Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cameron and the Far Left Revolutionary

A racially integrated community is a chronological term timed from the entrance of the first black family to the exit of the last white family.

Saul Alinsky

“This plan is directly based on the successful community organising movement established by Saul Alinsky in the United States and has successfully trained generations of community organisers, including President Obama.”

That statement, which beggars belief even in the political fairground we now inhabit, is not taken from some far-out Trotskyite samizdat, but from the official Conservative Party introduction to David Cameron’s Big Idea – the creation of a “Neighbourhood army” of 5,000 full-time community organisers to implement his grotesque fantasy called “Big Society”. If you ever doubted that, under Cameron, the Conservative Party has become ideologically and culturally deracinated, has lost its political compass and is occupied by an alien clique that has disfigured it beyond recognition, here is the incontestable evidence.

Saul Alinsky is here openly acknowledged as the inspiration behind Cameron’s “Big Idea”. Alinsky was the lifelong cultural revolutionary and political subversive whom Barack Obama formerly claimed as his “spiritual mentor”; since Obama hit mainstream politics, however, his supporters have expended a vast amount of effort on trying to conceal that embarrassing history. The aggressively amoral Alinsky believed there was no right or wrong in politics, only what was necessary to seize power (well, Dave and his gang would buy that).

Yet the Conservative Party blurts out this admission in the launch document of Big Society. There is a pedantic debate over whether Alinsky was technically a Marxist, or by-passed Marx as old-hat. What is beyond question is his project to overthrow capitalist society and to do so through infiltration of political parties, institutions and, above all, by the use of “community organisers”. Anybody who thought claims on this blog of Cultural Marxism influencing even the Tory Party were exaggerated can now think again. Alinsky was the first begetter of ACORN, the sinister organisation that tried to gerrymander the American electorate.

What is going on here? Who is running the Cameronian Party – Common Purpose? How is it conceivable that even the most bland, politically correct, centre-right “conservative” party could derive its flagship policy from the thinking of Alinsky, whose seminal work Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer? If, as one suspects, this is the brainchild of Oliver Letwin, he needs to be escorted expeditiously to the seclusion of a padded boudoir.

Are the Tories totally demented? Sending 5,000 community organisers to harass people into approved activities is reminiscent of the Red Guards invading the countryside during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Claims that they will not be state employees are contradicted by the references to “grants” that will be made available. The inescapable fact is that any enterprise artificially generated by Government is a state-inspired initiative. Real communities have the WRI, the British Legion, bowling, tennis, cricket clubs – naturally evolved organisations.

Those who prate most about “communitarianism” are precisely those who have destroyed real communities, by enforcing mass immigration, impoverishing the countryside, imposing draconian Health and Safety regulations, etc. What hope for thriving communities when nativity plays are routinely banned on PC grounds? Do something about all that, Dave – that is all that people ask.

What a dog’s breakfast the whole Heath-Robinson contraption is. A Big Society Bank funded by dormant bank accounts – they’re having a laugh, surely? And why should communities want to buy clapped-out shops and other enterprises that have failed the test of market forces? Transforming the civil service into a “civic service” by making community busy-bodying an element in civil servant staff appraisals – what kind of nonsense is this? Forcing the most public-sector-minded jobsworths in the country to the forefront of local community life is actually the most culturally centralising, collectivist initiative imaginable.

On page 6 of this electoral suicide note we also read that neighbourhood “group leaders” will have a code of conduct and “This code of conduct will protect neighbourhood groups against extremist causes.” What is that all about? Political direction and social control, it would seem. The point where one sees why Dave had to rush this initiative out a few hours ahead of 1 April is when we come to the proposed annual national “Big Society Day”.

If you thought Gordon Brown’s abortive “Britishness Day” was, well, un-British – what about this contrived, synthetic, ideological celebration? How would we celebrate Big Society Day? With mass parades, floats, huge portraits of Dave the Great Leader?

Big Society is either sinister or a reflection of the Cameronian clique’s total divorce from reality. It is utterly un-Conservative and totally un-British. The people of this country, insofar as they can bring themselves to take it seriously, will hate it to death. It is the product of an alien intrusion occupying the husk of the Conservative Party. It is an eloquent testimonial to why David Cameron is unfit to become the Prime Minister of this country.


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