Saturday, 3 April 2010

EDL members being targeted by Muslims in Prisons

I read this on an EDL website today.

Can anyone give me any details on this as I have a personal grudge against the Prison Service for their corruption, political discrimination and apathy and I will gladly help any EDL prisoner who has suffered at the hands of the politically correct scum that run the Prison Service.


Official Statement Regarding
The Abuse Of EDL Prisoners

To all EDL members

As you may well already be aware members of the English Defence League have been arrested and charged for relatively "minor" offences.

Members who are prepared to stand up against the rising tide of Islamofascism and its adherents are being "hung out to dry" by our weak politicians in the hope they can salvage much needed Muslim votes in order to retain governance. This is just another ploy to use the "Muslim block vote" so other parties are denied potential seats in the houses of parliament.

It has come to our attention that some EDL members who are currently serving short prison time are actually being targeted by imprisoned radicalised jihadist gangs, consequently they have been beaten and will continue to get beaten as prison authorities "turn a blind eye" to events unfolding under their very roof!

We the English Defence League condemn such apathy, such wanton ignorance or, more likely, deliberate targeting of EDL members!

EVERY prison has a "duty of care" for its inmates. Prisoners MUST be afforded protection from harm as that is their right. They cannot be discriminated against by virtue of their race, colour, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or political views.

EVERY human being, be they prisoner, detainee, terrorist or asylum seeker has the basic human right to be treated with dignity and respect. They have the right to food, housing, PROTECTION, education and assistance from the law. They have the right not to be exploited, tortured or intimidated. As a country we have agreed to abide by the European Convention on Human Rights, as a nation we have the Human Rights Act to protect us from those who would seek to harm us or prevent us from enjoying our civil liberties.

If the British prison system fails EDL members in ANY of the above mentioned points then we as a movement will relentlessly pursue EVERY avenue to secure their safety while serving prison time. Failure on the part of prison governors to ensure the safety of EDL members while in their care WILL result in the petitioning of government, liable governors, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, and ANY other authority who are accountable for the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of inmates.

It is also worth noting that Prison service Order Number 1215 clearly states that......

"This PSO supports the delivery of the Performance Standards on Conduct and Discipline and the proper delivery of the Security Standard and all standards relating to the treatment of staff and prisoners."

If prison staff have been found to be complacent, negligent or wantonly ignorant in the above regard then they themselves are in breach of a "Prison Service Order"

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Adrian P said...

Don't these Prison Wardens realise that as the numbrers increase it will be them next.

First they came for the EDL, but I did not speak up for them because etc etc etc....

They are living in LaLa, land, I ve spoken to my relatives about demographics and that we will become minorities and they just live in denial saying ' I can't see that ever happening'

Anonymous said...

but they'll protect the anti - British ismalofascists

Anonymous said...

Looks like the EDL set up as a honey trap by Searchlight will soon be banned anyway. The BNP need to steer well clear of this mob.

Defender of Liberty said...

I have been watching the march on the internet all day and I saw no bother from the EDL, sure it may have got a bit lively but walk down Rochester High Street on a saturday night and you will see a whole lot worse.

The serpents media are vomiting up untruths again - as usual.

Nationalist Veteran said...

It's so heartening to see so many British youngsters marching for their country.
The EDL maybe dodgy, we just don't know, but it warms my heart that it can happen after decades of brainwashing.
I pray that one day British people will march in our cities in large numbers without fear of attack by fascists.
Thanks EDL for making my day.

Adrian P said...

Even if EDL and UKIP are captured at the top, most of their members are not.

On another topic, what do you think of tpuc and the Lawfull Rebellion lot.

I've been to a few meetings with these people, seem ok, reluctant to accept that Mass immigration is being used as a weapon too but otherwise Ok.
Most are well aware of False flags etc.


Council Tax Unlawfull ?

The other question is, because our money system is corrupt, there simply is no need for us to pay income tax at all.
We shouldf coin it ourselves, not borrow it.

Isn't there a Tax Law which says we are allowed to minimize our tax liabilities.
It's all a play on words anyway because the whole system is corrupt.
Since Tax is totally uneccesary, IE we could pay for public services using sovereign money ( which i think Parliament ought to be doing anyway, I think the US constitution says only the Govt has the right to coin money ( and it should use only Gold and Silver )

So, since Taxation is unecessay, is there justification for not paying tax.
The argument being they are firstly breaking our law by borrowing it, it is not necessary to borrow our money, we should coin our own.

Second point, our monetary system is designed to enslave us to debt.
If we coined our own money, there would be no govt debt, so no need for taxation,
Therefore we are ( quite unnecesarily ) enslaved to the state and international banks.
How does this square with the Abolition of slavery laws.


Our monetary systyem is set up to enslave us to the elites, we are no better off than the egyption slaves.
What's the use of owning a plasma screen TV if you are never home to watch it because you are out at work, paying taxes.

If we coined our money (this is what Hitler did isn't it, this is what JFK did by issuing executive order 11110, 5 months later, he was assasinated.

This is why the American war of independence was fought, because King George ( or rather the Bankers who owned him )
didnt want the colonies issuing their own money.

eventually the US won its independence

But then in 1913

The NOT Bank of England

So are we allowed to minimize our tax liability ( To Zero ) because it is unnecesary, it is westminsters choice to borrow, not coin.

And does totally unnecessary taxation violate our abolition of slavery laws.

Anonymous said...

at least the violent criminal Wayman Bennett told the truth at today's Dudley demo,
"“We are in this square because people have been attacked and murdered for being part of a multiracial society."

yep, the indigenous British, murdered, gang raped, ethnically cleansed, cultural and foreign imperialistic Islam forced onto them all thanks to multiculturalism