Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Stoke Election, The BBC and the BNP

The entire Newsnight show tonight was simply a spoiler for the forthcoming Stoke elections.

You can just imagine the BBC executives planning the whole show in order to attack the BNP - first the BNP attack re the Racism Cuts Both Ways story and then the indirect BNP attack as per the Stoke elections.

I can understand that Gavin Hopleys brother doesnt want his brother to be remembered simply for his death, but the fact is that without the BNP his memory would already be forgotten.

Only the BNP keeps the memory of these dead victims of multi-culturalism alive, the BBC only remembers them when they want to use them for their political campaigns against the BNP.


Until tonight they have never made any reference to Gavin Hopley or Chris Yates EVER.

Yet they constantly make reference to Stephen Lawrence - whilst white victims of racism are forgotten.


The BBC have NEVER mentioned Gavin Hopley or Chris Yates at any time EVER since their deaths, yet as the BNP are looking at winning the MP's seat in Stoke - they then use them to attack the BNP on a programme dedicated to the Stoke elections.

We have not used the dead for political purposes, only the scum BBC have done that tonight.

Here on the facebook page set up by the cousin of Gavin Hopley the racist element of the murder is expressly referenced by his cousin who set up the site in a video on the site ;

Here is the BNP site on his murder ;

Note that " A memorial plaque fixed near the spot were Gavin was murdered by the local BNP was removed by the police, despite the fact that his grandparents had given the go ahead for it. "

To say the BNP are 'exploiting' his murder when his grandparents were contacted by the BNP and agreed for the BNP to put a plaque up in his name is a disgusting and bogus slur.

There is a public memorial to Stephen Lawrence.

There was no Public Inquiry into the death of Gavin Hopley, unlike Stephen Lawrence.

The BNP makes no apology for highlighting the race attacks on whites.

The media highlight race attacks on Blacks and ethnics every day.

The BBC do not contact the families of the dead British soldiers before they use their images on the news.

The BBC do not contact the families of those murdered every day in this country and ask their permission to use the image of the dead on the news or on their news programmes.

The BBC are guilty of genocide.

They have promoted the evil multi-culturalism system that imported in the killers of Gavin Hopley and Chris Yates.

Their blood is on their hands as well as on the hands of the politicians and media that created the problem.

Our emphasis is simply to ensure no more people are killed as a result of race attacks.

The BBC wants to bolster via their multi-cultural propaganda the anti-BNP establishment parties, and were even using a BBC journalist relative of a victim of multi-culturalism to do so.

Personally I am disgusted that a family member of a young man murdered by a gang of racists, would try to minimise the racist nature of his death.

For her to try and minimise the racist nature of the attack was disgusting.

If my cousin had been murdered by racists, then I damn well would have shouted to the whole world about it.

But then again I dont work for the BBC as a producer.

This is what the BBC News report says about Chris Yates death ;

Asian gang members who boasted they had killed a white man have been found guilty of murder.

Christopher Yates, 30, was knocked to the ground and his head kicked like a football last November, the Old Bailey was told.

He was set upon by the group who had been drinking in the car park of the University of East London in Barking.

Sajid Zulfiqar, 25, Zahid Bashir, 23, and Imran Maqsood, 21, of Ilford, east London, will be sentenced on Thursday.

The court heard that after the attack Zulfiqar shouted, in Urdu: "We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business."

They got fifteen years for the murder, it would have been thirty if it had been prosecuted as a racist murder.

Yet his own cousin mutters her multi-cultural rubbish all over the BBC, the same company she works for.

If the scum who had killed her cousin had been prosecuted for a racist attack then that would have been justice, what happened to him was that he got no justice.

One would have thought her time would be better spent campaigning for the scum who killed her cousin to be prosecuted for their crimes being racist attacks and therefore the criminals having a proper sentence - but instead she campaigns against the BNP.

One wonders what goes on in the brains of these BBC liberals.

As for the Newsnight programme tonight - it is obvious that the whole show was designed to be an attack on the BNP in order to bolster the election chances of the Establishment parties by attacking the BNP.

This is because the BBC are the primary promoters and propagandists of the evil multi-cultural system, and therefore they will do anything to sustain the evil they propagated in our society.

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throwing the election said...

Lee again you make a good case for the BNP on this issue, the only logical case in fact, so why were you not on the program making this case and getting our message across rather than seeing the BNP running away from the press and not being able to get ANY message across that may have bought many thousands over to the party if we had the guts to debate our beliefs, how doe running away leaving an own goal help us?

Some serious discussion within the BNP is an urgent matter now in the runup to the general election, the BNP keep running away as if they want to throw the election!

this cant go on.

BNP give up on elections said...

The BNP could be basking in the hard won glow of national recognition through the media.

hard won by many who have suffered, how does it repay their support and donations?

it runs and hides in the shadows!

first Nick now Simon - what gives, that is not the action of a serious political party, This is a joke.

BNP Crusade said...

@throwing the election

Do you really think the BNP would have had the opportunity for honest debate on the program? It would have been a set-up. It isn't "running away", that's such linear thinking. We shouldn't be jumping through hoops for the media as though we are desperate for air-time, that's pathetic and puts us in a weak position. Until the BBC can demonstrate they can behave honestly then we should put out statements, decline appearances as and when it is decided appropriate.

Anyways, I don't think that the feature will have harmed us at all. In fact quite the contrary. The video of Nick was in fact very useful for us, he mentioned the media never reporting attacks on whites.

The BBC are desperate, and this very weak hit-piece shows it. Also, I don't think it is a bad thing to turn down appearing on the program, Simon Darby done the right thing. Fuck the BBC, they are scum.

Greying Wanderer said...

The BBC is the root of it all.

It started there.

"so why were you not on the program making this case and getting our message across"

F**k the BBC filth. A boycott would be better publicity.

Anonymous said...

The BBC are truly sick !!!

Bred in the bone said...

throwing the election said...

Well said and all!!!

How is it that most folk cannot abide todays politics and know something is seriously awry, yet the chances to hit the nail on the head and call a spade a heart, is just being missed.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

If Stephen Lawrence's family had objected to his death being exploited for political purposes. do you really think that p[oliticians and the media would have exploited him any less? Of course they wouldn't have

It seemed to me that the BBC and the woman reporter were guily of exploiting her cousin's death far more so than the BNP.

Adrian P said...

Don't make snap decisions,
maybe the BNP should be doing something different,
maybe they shouldn't,

but one thing is very clear.

The enemy is worried.

Anonymous said...

Checked the BBC for the sentences of the gang that kicked Gavin Hopely to death. Not only are there only 2 web reports by the BBC the sentences prove the justice system couldn't give a stuff that he was murdered:

# Mohammed Pongki Miah, 39, of Landseer Street, Glodwick, who was sentenced to a year in prison.

# Ruhel Miah, aged 22, of Thorneyhill Close, Glodwick was sentenced to 15 months.

# Foulmiah Mohammed, 21, from Greenhill Terrace, Glodwick, received a nine-month jail sentence.

# Habib Rahman, aged 19, of Orme Street, Glodwick was jailed for 12 months.

and check Mohammed Zubair who later testified against Raza after charges against him of murder, rioting in Oldham and unrelated offence of rape were dropped. what a charming twat.

# Nizam Uddin, 22, of Sickle Street in Glodwick was also jailed for a year.

# Zallal Uddin, 19, from Park Road, Oldham, who pleaded guilty to theft, was jailed for 21 months.