Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Traitors Revealed

No greater treason is it than to profit from the betrayal of ones own people and country.


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Technician said...

Theirs is a global agenda to destroy race and identity.

It is achieved by characterising groups of people by divisive ideas..Different races of people are apparently "united" by the fact that they are mere "workers" or human capital as opposed to extended family who impart their heritage to their children and decide an independent future.

This slimy union Prig is obviously in the employ of something other that the membership, who , if predominantly British would not appreciate his works design to facilitate their destruction as a people, if they knew.

He misrepresent his members, because the poseur and imposteur couldn't give a rats arse what they think.

You are correct. The grub is a collaborator, a Judas and a Kosher Kapo managing the interests of others.