Monday, 3 May 2010

Welcome to D(-Notice)emocracy

I wonder why no news outlets are talking about the EDL taking over the as yet unfinished Dudley mosque development and having a rooftop protest ?

100 EDL have clambered aboard the roof of the building and have set up camp.

200 police surround the place by all accounts.

They have food for three weeks according to various reports.

At this moment fried bacon butties are being served up to the protestors on their own camping stoves and the Cross of St.George is flying over the building.

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Anonymous said...

If it was green protesters you can bet the BBC would be going on about it all day long and even printing a map on their website telling people how to get there and join in. When the media finally gets round to reporting on this protest, you can bet it'll all be about what the cost of policing the protest was or some other negative angle.

Whenever it's a protest they don't like, they always go on about the cost of policing and the protest causing disruption to traffic or causing a "nuisance" etc.

Quote form Stourbridge News:

EDL members began dispersing around 2pm, however police have reported small groups did cause nuisance around the town.

Chief Inspector Matt Markham said "We realise the disruption the events of the last 24 hours have had on the community and we will be retaining a visible presence in order to maintain levels of trust and confidence.

Whenever it's a protest they agree with, they report on the police causing a "nuisance" to the protesters they agree with:

Eyewitnesses have also reported seeing a large group of around 30 Asian males running down the middle of the carriageway on Birmingham Road towards the town centre, being chased by police dog vans and riot vans.

The reporting so predicatble.

Daily Mail has pics:

Anonymous said...

It IS in the news you moron.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic video of NIck exposing bilderberg Dave right to his face.

top marks to Nick

Anonymous said...

interesting. Apparently the building site was stormed by riot police and the protestors removed.
The Daily Mail has publised a small story on its website but NO COMMENTS are allowed. The Mail does this with "sensitive" stories

Billy Cokebottle said...

Its an aboriginal tent embassy of sorts.

The usual suspects will be applauding the recalcitrance of the British indigenes.

Anonymous said...

Although the UN's a political Janus faced colostomy bag of flaccid rejectamenta,, it does contain some product of interest.

Anonymous said...

Do they have Israeli flags flying?

Anonymous said...

Who ? The UN, or United Noachides ? What do you think.

The local administrations and satellite functionaries of the Zionist diaspora are always supportive of Indigineous causes, if it is politically expedient, and profitable in a usurious and utilitarian sense to do so.

This is decidedly not the case however for indigenes of European origin..Only completely disempowered indigenous minority groups qualify to be "cared" for in a courageous sense. Such groups are generally manufactured for that purpose...The indingenous British must be collectively and purposely wounded to be made a minority group to qualify for the magnanimous benevolence of this "care"...

Do the British need or want the care of a psychotic Nanny that purposely wounds those societies whom it would like to think it has a 'religious' mandate to "care" for ? I like to think not.

If the British continue to allow themselves to be wounded, then they f***g well deserve such care, and to be discarded into the dustbin of history like the rest of the fools who've deferred to these schemers for fear of being labelled a "hater" etc adinfintum in immortal perpetuity.