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BNP Court Case - winning the long game

I dont intend to talk too much about the BNP case as it is still sub-judice, but some of the comments I have been reading from some people are so moronic that they need to be answered.

There is the real world - and then there is the world as we want it.

In the world as we want it we could do as we please, for no Equality Commission existed to spend unlimited amounts of tax payers money on taking farsical cases such as the BNP one to court and the race relations laws and acts would not exist.

But the world as we want it does not exist.

Therefore we have to play by the rules the game that are dictated by our enemies, as we cannot play the game by our rules without being ordered off the playing field.

If you want to play the game then you have to play by the rules - until such time as you are in power to be able to change the rules of the game.

That is why we are a political party and nationalist movement, so we can get into power and change the rules of the game.

There are those who say 'better the BNP be banned than we play the game'.

I despise those people.

They dont have to hear the horrendous stories from people every day that I do, the stories of old ladies having bricks thrown their windows by ethnic thugs who are ethnically cleansing their streets of whites, from young lads being bullied and terrorised by racist black gangs, the stories of young families driven from their homes by gangs of ethnic criminals who are treated with kid gloves by police too terrified to deal with them for fear of being called racists and the endless other horror stories I hear when people ring me asking for some help - or simply because they need a sympathetic voice to hear their story.

Those keyboard warriors who have never lived through such events can posture as much as they like on the internet in their jackboots, swastika armbands and braces, but for those real people in our communities in real pain and distress - the BNP is their only hope.

The BNP is the ONLY organisation in the UK that helps WHITE victims of racism.

The Equality Commission are refusing to even answer the e mails I send them asking why it that ;

1) If whites are the majority victims of racism in the UK, who is the EC not assisting them with legal cases

2) Why are race crimes against whites not publicised and assisted by the EC

3) Why are the rising numbers of attacks by racist Asian gangs being ingored by the EC

4) Why are the internal functions and procedures of the EC institutionally racist against white victims of racism

5) Why does the EC minimise race crimes against whites but focus resources on race crimes against non-whites

So far the EC has refused to even answer a single one of these questions.

Therefore whites get no help when they are victims of racism from the very organisations tasked to fight racism in our society - only the BNP exists to help our people.

The list of black and ethnic charities is vast and proliferating - but of you ring the criminal ijnuries board and ask for a charity that helps white victims of racism or racist crime you will be told that not ONE charity exists for white victims of racist crimes.

At every level our people and community are abandoned and discriminated against, yet the so called 'hard right' elements in the nationalist movement want us to surrender the one organisation that exists to provide assistance for our people.

The normal people who contact the BNP for help arent interested in going to a sknhead gig and watching skinhead groups sing Skrewdriver songs - they want legal advice, help and assistance, they want someone to help them with advice with their council to get them moved, how to get a solicitor to take their case to court, how to fight employment tribunal cases etc etc

Those that demand that Nationalism and the Nationalist Movement should simply be small, politically impotent, socially despised and ghettoised groups of 'hard core' skinheads in quasi-secret drinking clubs for middle aged men reliving their skinhead youth, are morons.

Just as the BNP does not tell the 'hard core' people what songs they can play at their private gigs, what makes these people think they can demand the BNP does what they want.

If they want to drink themselves to death at private skinhead gigs whilst our people are exterminated and our nation is destroyed then that is fine - but dont dare attack us because we are trying to win the war by staying on the political battlefield.

Those 'hard core' people who think they can tell us what our strategy and tactics should be should butt out - they should stick to what they know about, and not lecture us and merely reveal their ignorance of the law and political realities.

The moment we surrender the BNP - the nationalist political movement is dead.

We will have become the ONLY racial group in this country with no voice, no representation and no chance of survival.

The same laws that are being imposed upon the BNP are the same ones that will be imposed upon the NF if it ever became more than a minscule rump on the margins of the margins of politics.

If the NF ever became more than a miniscule party for the politically correct elite to sneer at, then it would also be attacked like the BNP is attacked.

You cannot escape or ignore the race relations laws - you can only turn them back against the people that brought them into being via the politics of the possible, not the suicidal joke of posture politics adopted and promulgated by the keyboard warriors.

The aim of a nationalist political party is to take political power - not to watch our country being destroyed whilst we as a people and a nationalist movement drink ourselves to death and play Skrewdriver records loud enough so that we dont have to hear the screams of our people being raped and murdered.

The National Black Police Officers Association is an organisation that plays the game.

There are no whites in the NBPA but they are not going to be taken to court.

The NBPA represents solely the interests of blacks and the black community, but they are not going to be taken to court.

Why ?

Because they play the game.

They have changed their membership criteria to ensure they stay legal - and this means they can carry on doing what they have always done and represent their community.

The NBPA used to have a constitution that was based on race, and this was illegal under the Race Relations Act.

So they changed their constitution to to have definition of 'Black' that was not based on race - and this meant they became a lawful organisation.

The irony is that you can have a 'whites only' organisation in the UK, but only if that definition of 'white' is not based on race.

A White South African can join the NBPA but only if he is prepared to self classify himself as 'Black'.

There are no white members of the NBPA, simply because anyone White who joined it would be regarded as either an idiot or an agent provocateur - and if anyone White did join the NBPA as long as they were kicked out on grounds other than their race - then that would be an entirely lawful expulsion.

The moment you have a definition of white based on race, you are in breach of the race relations act.

The NBPA changed their constitution to adopt a definition of 'Black' that allowed them to remain a lawful 'Black Only' organisation, as they were intelligent enough to realise that if you want to stay on the playing field then you have to play by the rules of the game.

The NBPA remains today a black only organisation based on race with an all black membership working solely for the interests of black police officers and the black community, but they were smart enough to define their membership in a way that allowed them to evade the law.

Unfortunately most 'hard core' nationalists are too stupid to understand such subtle machinations.

They would rather Nationalism as a political movement be destroyed than we adapt and evolve - these are the sort of idiots that think unless Nationalism is based on Hitlerism then that is an abandonment of Nationalist principles.

They would rather Nationalism be a powerless joke in our society, rather than a powerful and active political movement.

If those 'hard core' idiots are not in the pocket of Gerry Gable, they should be as they are demanding we do Gerry Gbales work for him by killing the most succesful nationalist political party in our countries history.

They want to leave us with no representation and no voice - and hand total victory to our enemies by committing political suicide.

The idea that the BNP should simply accept being banned is the greatest betrayal of all.

The fact that some Nationalists with their insane logic would do what Gerry Gable, AFA, UAF and the rest of the red scum have always wanted, which is to destroy the BNP, but they demand that we destroy the BNP ourselves instead of allowing our enemies to do it, shows these peoples are fools of the highest order.

How any nationalist can have the opinion that we allow the BNP to be banned rather than allowing the one organisation that represents our people to carry on existing - shows us they are either idiots, reds or simply insane.

The idea that we allow the BNP be banned after all the work we have put in to get us to where we are now simply because we dont fit their warped version of reality is the politics of the traitor.

Politics is the art of the possible.

Posture politics is the politics of the keyboard warrior, the red plant, the traitor and the fool.

Those that want the BNP to adopt a 'Titanic Strategy' and aim for the iceberg are the idiots that have held nationalism back for two generations.

Regardless of what we think of the world, we have to live in it.

We have to operate according to THEIR rules, until we are able to get into power and change the law to impose OUR rules.

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