Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Henry Gates and Obama - what a prize prat !

Have a read of the arrest report from the officers involved in arresting Henry Gates, Obamas friend, and how this idiot screamed 'racist' at the BLACK and white police officers for daring to arrest such an 'important' person with so many VIP friends.

Apparently when a police officer arrests white men for kicking down a front door of house late at night thats not racist, but when police arrest a black male for doing the same thats racist.

What a wanker.

The arrest report reveals Henry Gates is a racist prick.

Calling a white police officer a racist is an act of racism, for it implies that the motivation of the white officer for arresting was racism.

It must be so nice to be black and have a president as your friend, as that way you can be a racist prick and get away with it.

Report PDF here ;

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lormarie said...

This whole thing was a circus from the beginning. Gates overreacted period. The officer had many others, including blacks, vouch for him.

Andraste said...

Gates is the real racist.

Wolfblood said...

Gates went straight into the po' boy Jeremiah Wright routine as soon as the officers approached.