Sunday, 1 November 2009

Muslim Taking The Piss

Thanks to Green Arrow for this excellent video of a Muslim piss taking idiot trying to rip off a Church of England school for 'racism compensation'.

Note how this idiot can barely even speak English, and yet they employed her.

Serves them right - that will teach them to lick the arse of political correctness and employ a 'token' for a job.

Watch the final section where the BBC reporter keep asking 'were you interviewed by a man without wearing a veil'.


No doubt he will now be sacked / disciplined for sexism / racism / islamphobia. (Tick the box as applicable).

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IlluminatedOne said...

Are you a truthseeker, Lee? Or are you a New Nationalist? I'm not sure.

If you want to discover the truth, then I recommend you start with this book:

The Culture of Critique by Kevin Macdonald.

Open your mind!

bluehorse9 said...

So that's how Warsi made the trip!

Exile said...

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