Monday, 2 November 2009

Superb Article on Nick Griffin and Globalism

Justice Secretary Jack Straw of the Labor Party took on BNP leader Nick Griffin in a televised debate called Question Time that was watched by millions. Straw said he was "delighted to make the argument for people against the BNP." Straw attacked Griffin as a racist, xenophobe, and a neo-nazi. Straw said that any party that bases itself on race is wrong and beyond the pale and falsely accused Griffin of being a holocaust denier. The Labor party has gone out of its way to vilify the BNP as a racist and fascist party.

During the debate Straw said "There isn't a constitutional obligation to appear on Question Time. That gives the BNP a legitimacy they do not deserve. These people believe in the things that the fascists believed in the Second World War, they believe in what the National Front believe in. They believe in the purity of the Aryan race. It is a foul and despicable party."

While Griffin has views that some may find objectionable, unlike Straw he has never caused the direct loss of innocent life through his policies. Jack Straw is a major leader of the labor party and was foreign secretary under Tony Blair. He oversaw Britain's role in the pre-emptive Iraq War, which many estimated put the loss of lives at up to a million Iraqi civilians. Even though Nick Griffin is anti-Muslim in the sense that he does not want Muslims immigrating to England, Straw is directly responsible for the deaths of up to a million Muslim civilians in Iraq.

Nick Griffin had an excellent response to the claims that he is a racist and fascist exposing who the real offenders are. He said, "Genocide, as codified by international law, of the United Nations convention, doesn't just mean machine gunning or gassing people, wiping out populations. It also means arranging things so that the young people of any given population find it hard, some way or another, have a disadvantage to meet and to fall in love and have children. And there's various ways, everything from taxes through to relentless multiracial propaganda, in which that war is waged against our people right now, day in and day out. And there's another way. It's depriving the young people of a population of a knowledge of their own heritage and their own culture and their own identity. And the United Nations says that is genocide, and that is precisely what is being done to us today."

Recently Labor was exposed as secretly plotting to change the demographics of Britain through mass immigration without the consent of the electorate, because it would benefit their party's agenda. The relevation surfaced last week in an article by a former speech writer and adviser for Tony Blair and Jack Straw. He wrote a speech in 2000 for than immigration minister Barbara Roche calling for greater immigration, despite the fact that Labor promised its working class base it would not increase immigration. Jack Straw denied the allegations against his party.

There is a big difference between the nationalism advocated by the BNP and the imperialistic policies of Labor. Neocons and neoliberals such as Labor believe that western nations can assimilate massive third world immigration yet at the same time colonize nations like Iraq and turn them into western style democracies. That globalist agenda is not just destroying western nations through large scare third world immigration but their imperialist foreign policy is destroying the middle east through wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestinian territories. The economic plundering of the international bankers who back the globalist have destroyed the economies of many third world nations. The combination of meddling in Muslims nations and allowing massive immigration from those nations is a recipe for disaster and that is what led to the terror attacks in London. The BNP's is right that western nations should stop meddling in other nations affairs and end massive immigration. Even though this takes place in the UK, this is relevant to Americans since most of our major politicians follow the same ideology coined as "invade the world invite the world".

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Anonymous said...

Thus, in light of the fact that you are socially, morally, mentally, intellectually, and even legally castrated, We, the teeming masses of the Third World who thirst for what you have and what we can never obtain, are going to finally swamp your once noble and advanced societies, your pristine cities and unsullied neighborhoods, and rape your countries for everything they are worth.

Had just read this- certainly chimed with the post above.

Letter to the white race...

Andraste said...

@ Anonymous - 02 November 2009 07:26

Was you wanking as you wrote that? Please post up more of slathering masturbation fantasies because they are fucking hilarious.

Rijker said...

Zionist slogan:

"Invade the world, invite the world"

But not into Israel, ..... only into white countries where they peddle their zionist/communist poison.

Backstabbing bastards!

Kredulous said...

How London used to be.




Now look at what the liblabcon bastards have done to it!

They should be dragged out of the treason house and hanged!

Andraste said...

@ Anonymous - 02 November 2009 07:26

Apologies, I realise the message of your post now. I have a short fuse, and what with the idiots who post their crap on Lee#s blog sometimes I fire off and get it wrong.

Crumple Foreskin said...

......Oh Nick, slurp slurp slurp, lick lick, slurp, is my lounge up your bum far enough? Slurp slurp………….

Barnes, you’re a shameless little sycophantic twerp.
Up yours.