Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Labour food policy = put foreigners first

Only New Labour would have a food policy based on putting foreigners first.

Only Gordon Brown would note that the EU means poor people in Britain pay more but then demands the increased sourcing of food imports from the globalised economy = when we should be producing more food in Britain.

These people are morons.

Don't buy local, urges Government

In a controversial move the report will urge consumers not to insist on buying locally-produced food, because doing so would reduce the prosperity of farmers in developing countries.

Environmental campaigners have called on shoppers to "buy local" as a way to minimise their carbon footprint. However, the Food 2030 report will dismiss the popular concept of "food miles" as "not a helpful measure". It will argue that so long as UK businesses are find alternative markets for their products, then consumers should feel free to buy imported produce in order to support livelihoods in developing countries.

The term "food miles" was coined by Dr Tim Lang, professor of food policy at London's City University, in the 1990s. It measures the distance food travels from field to plate, as a way of measuring its environmental impact.

But Government experts will say the idea masks other factors which contribute to a greener diet, including buying food in season and considering its mode of transport.

Scientists have debated the usefulness of the "food miles" concept but it has been defended by Paul Steedman of the Food Ethics Council, who has said it is a valuable idea, although only one component of the life cycle of food. "It's heartening the way people are now thinking about the ethics of food, and we don't want to throw the baby out of the bathwater," he added.

Common Agricultural Policy costs British consumers billions

British food consumers lose out by £3.2 billion every year because of the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Food 2030 report will say.

The CAP halts cheap imports from countries outside the EU such as Australia and Brazil, inflating food prices dramatically.

Defra will say each person in the UK paid £52 more for food in 2007 as a result, hitting poorest families the hardest.

The British Government has so far been unsuccessful in reforming the CAP to help British consumers, but the report will pledge that the UK will keep lobbying to create a more liberalised global food market.

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Anonymous said...

stalin used food as a weapon so will the eu.

a globalist tyranny needs to destroy self sufficiancy.

the bnp are big on this but need to highlight it further as this interdependance could be deadly in many ways, it is the globalists key weapon as much as a police state and mass immmigration and the end of democracy.

i really think the bnp should concentrait less on race and more on the real globalists deadly plans for us all.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the supposed Islamic Wootten Basset march is being played by the media. This extremist Islamic group rather like the NPD in contemporary Germany is so infiltrated by the intelligence services you begin to suspect that it is a government honey trap. The MSM readership will think " we need to support this war because of these fanatics". If it goads the BNP to counter demonstrate then even better. They can be arrested and banned as well. Smoke and mirrors.

Adrian Peirson said...

I think the BNP needs an Intelligence spokesperson to write mothly or even weekly asessments.
Preferably someone with a recognised intel background, not because they will know anymore than can be gleaned from alternative media sources but because that's how the public mind works.
They wont believe something is good or bad for you unless an 'official' Doctor or Govt body tells you.
Are there no Ex intel out there that might want to write occaisional articles for lets's £100.
What about comissioning people like Webster Tarpley and / or Wayne Madson to write monthly articles specifically relation to Britain.

I agree with anon, Food will be used as a weapon, how do you control masses of people, use food, water, energy, restrict travel ( or make it expensive, uncomfortable ) look at the £15 surcharge on traffic fines. Look at the new Internation regulations on Air travel, you can't get up from your seat, go to the bathroom in the last hour of the flight etc.
They are not dealing with us as indivuduals, they are dealing with us as a mass.
Food is a weapon to these [eople, how hard will any of us be able to fight the New World Order if we haven't eaten for 3 days.
This is the main reason our fishing grounds were opened up and overfished, our farming decimated, remember the foot and mouth came from Pirbright Laboratories.
This is why outlying bus services are cut.....why, because over time, people will leave those outlying communities through lack of facilities and move into cities.
We are being herded, coralled into cities where we can be controlled using food, water, energy, travel restrictions etc.

We are being farmed.

When Lord Sainsbury decides to pull the plug on the food supply, ask yourselves who now owns those corner shops and whether you will be allowed to buy food for you and your family.

The same is going on throughout the EU.

Food, Water, Fuel, Energy, Travel, Money.