Saturday, 2 January 2010

A New Years Tale of Enrichment

A few days ago I had to get a train in London.

I sat down at my seat, plugged in my laptop and waited whilst the seats filled up.

I always sit in The Quiet Zone of a train for the quiet (obviously) which is the section of the train which bans people using mobiles, I pods, walkmans and noise such as loud conversations.

I was recovering from a migraine the night before and as usual on the day after a bad migraine I have to have quiet and sit in the shadows to recover.

Then down the aisle came three black teenagers aged around 18 - 20, two males one female.

They were carrying bags of McDonalds , shouting, laughing and talking on their mobiles.

Guess what - they sat next to me.

The noise was overpowering.

Whilst the female was shouting into her mobile, the other two had I pods which they were playing and not even listening too whilst talking to each other.

I pointed out the sign saying Quiet Zone and said ' Excuse me would you please turn off your I pods and keep the noise down as this is meant to be the Quiet Zone'.

Next thing - instant attitude from the girl (as usual).

She shouted at me in a pathetic fake Jamaican accent ' You dont tell me what to do man, you Iz so fucking rude'.

I looked at her and said through gritted teeth ' That signs says this is the fucking quiet zone, so turn off your mobile and I pods'.

" Dont you be telling me what to do man, you iz so rude'.

Then the small gobby one sitting next to me in another fake Jamaican accent said
' You cant tell us what to do man'.

This was rather strange as on his way to the seat he was loudly telling everyone who could listen he was from Somalia not Jamaica.

The other one kept quiet but kept giving me evil looks.

The female then thrust her legs out under my seat, she had sat opposite me, so I moved her feet out the way with my foot.

She tried to kick me under the table and said ' You better say sorry man for kicking me leg'.

I smiled at her and ignored her.

She seemed a bit perturbed.

Then the little gobby one said ' I am gonna put me I pod on'.

The female said ' The rude bastard better shut up man. Just play it man. ' or something like that in some dismal fake Jamaican patois.

I looked at the gobby little one sitting next me and said to him ' No you are not going to put your fucking I pod on. This is the Quiet Zone, so I suggest you fuck off into another carriage'.

He looked a bit shocked.

Then he started giving some verbal in a crap fake Jamaican patois about 'dis man aint got no respect blood' and all that 'look at me I am a black gangster' verbal rubbish and 'gangster hand puppet' movements to his mate.

Every white person on the train, the usual white, middle class types, all had shrunk into their shells and were remaining silent.

When whites are faced with aggressive blacks they usually shut up and vanish, especially on the Quiet Zone on a train - but woe betide any white teenagers who play up in the Quiet Zone, then white people will ask them to turn them off their mobile phones and I Pods with alarming aggression.

But not blacks, oh no, when it comes to blacks then white people will put up with anything rather than ask young black males to abide by the same sort of behaviour as everyone else on the train.

After about 15 minutes of moaning amongst themselves they got up and went away coughing and spluttering about me not allowing them to put their mobiles and I Pods on and that they would sit somewhere else where they could do so.

The problem is that these werent bad kids.

They were young black kids at college and the female was doing a psychology course, as she had informed me as they had shouted out to each other whilst talking across the table.

But for some reason they had all adopted the same stupid fake rapper Jamaican accent and the bad boy rapper attitude.

But they were all small, normal black kids not some bad boy gangster types - but for some reason they had all adopted the bad boy rapper persona and attitude.

Just before they got up and walked away, I thought it was going to kick off.

At that point I was about five seconds away from hurting very badly the gobby one sitting next to me.

He had reached into the inner pocket of his puffer jacket with his right hand and was shifting around in it trying to grab something.

From his attitude, and his previous aggressive bad boy rapper demeanour and verbal, I was well within my rights to suspect he was going for a knife or a gun.

He had the mouth, the clothes, the bad boy persona and had given it the threatening verbal - but I knew he was at college and the accent was obviously false so therefore it was reasonable to assume he was a total knobhead and therefore I did not do what I was prepared to do.

Which was to reach behind his neck with my right hand, smash his face straight down onto the table and then stand up and break his mates nose with a pre-emptive palm strike to the bridge of the nose.

Having done martial arts for many years as a youth, one never forgets the simple pacification techniques.

From out of his jacket he pulled out a mobile phone.

Now this incident revealed to me three things ;

1) The pernicious bling culture and rapper bad boy culture in the black community is turning even decent young black males into complete wankers. These two lads were only 18 or 19 and weighed about 9 stone, yet they really though they could give it large to people and not get anything back. They had all adopted the Jamaican bad boy accent, the gangster attitude and wore the 'Look at me man I am from Da Hood' American gangster clothing - but were not gangsters but college students.

2) That most white people are petrified of pulling up young black males for anti-social behaviour for fear of being attacked or abused and therefore, as they are not being pulled up for anti-social behaviour, they are developing a real attitude with white people in particular. I have witnessed before the contempt that many young blacks in London have for white people and it is disgusting to witness.

3) That as a result of them adopting the bad bay attitude and white people not pulling them up anymore when they play up for even the simplest things, such as ignoring the fact they are in the QUIET ZONE of a train, that they think all white people are weak and cowardly and that they can do what they want. This means they really think they can push it with the wrong types of white people.

They do not seem to understand that all white people are not the same.

Some whites are in reality very nasty bad people who would hurt them very badly if they tried anything really stupid around them.

All this contempt is one day going to blow up in their faces.

That night some young black lads mum and dad got young Jamal (that was his name) back in one piece.

He was lucky.

The next time they meet some white male such as one who has been to prison, who is a real thug and who doesnt cringe like most white people when black youth give them verbal, then one of them is going to get very very badly hurt.

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EuroNationalist said...

Awesome story. Glad to see another White man has stood up to black thugs. Violence--or the threat of violence--works!

Anonymous said...

I had to do my A Levels in a college packed with the exact same sort of people plus a huge gang of aggressive Muslims who would sit there and rant on about Hamas and how "the British Army are the real terrorists". Had I even mentioned my support for the BNP I would have been at best kicked out of college by the teachers and at worst knifed by my "fellow" scholars.

It was not a very pleasant two years at all but it was the teachers I felt the most pity for, especially my English tutor when she once let slip about how when she went to school students learnt about Blake and Wordsworth and not Carol Anne Duffy - the expression of sadness on her face was very revealing to a young Nationalist like myself.

Probably even more profound is that I started High School the same year Our Dear Leader Tony Blair gave his infamous "education, education, education" pledge. It almost makes me glad I can't afford to go to University.

I'm sorry to sound bitter on your 'blog Mr. Barnes but honestly, I can't even begin to find the words to express just how much I hate the many ways New Labour screwed up my education. Though all things considered, that's hardly surprising is it?

Rijker said...


Andraste said...

This incident reminds me of when I was staying in Tooting, London a good few years back - I haven't been back there for years but from what I have heard it is now massively "enriched".

Anyways, I was in one of those second-rate restaurants that are common in London (I think the place was called Starburger - what a name) and at the back of the joint was bunch of blacks - to be fair they were not being aggressive just typically loud. So, after about five minutes into the restaurant crashes this manic black and he swaggers his way to the other blacks, eye-balling every white person on the way. And then he starts arguing with the alpha-male at the back and then he starts shouting in a false Jamaican accent how he is going to go back to the ghetto and get his "boyz" and cause all sorts of Yardie shit.

What was hilarious is that the alpha-black stands up and runs him out of the restaurant shouting: "WAT FUCKIN' GHETTO - YOU WAZ BORN DOWN THE ROAD FROM ME, YOU STOOPID NIGGER". Everyone burst out laughing as he said what everyone was thinking.

So then this crazed black is outside the restaurant going crazy and then he stands in front of the glass and starts aim at the people in restaurant as though he's got a gun and mowing everyone down.

Anonymous said...

I remember i was sitting on the back of the bus, last year i think, when a gang of rowdy black youths got on and walked straight up the stairs without paying, the driver refused to move the bus until they had got off so he waited about 5 mins then he shouted he'd called the police, oh yes i thought i'd like to see them come out for this, anyway a few minutes later approaches the police, all of the gang are caught as they try to get off the bus, one of them sneaks down stairs pretending he's not with the rest of them and sits beside me on the very next seat, the bus is crowded and everyone is looking at each other and are scared to say anything but me ha ha, i look at him and mouth "get the fuck off the bus", he looks in astonishment for a few seconds unsure what to do, i'm quite tall and i stood up and repeated louder "get the fuck off the bus" and sure enough he did into the waiting police on the pavement who were not aware at that point he was with the gang, i just can't let these things go either.....Donna

Become a life member today said...

It went off in Hackney earlier this year between blacks and Poles.Don't think Poles would be as passive as us Brits in situations like this, but they train in my gym and you wouldn't mess with them.
The Polish people have had a hard time over the last 100 years and more, they are not soft.

JPT said...

Lee - totally off subject but I think the BNP need to get onto the 'Muslim Wootton Basset march' story that is breaking right now...

Adrian Peirson said...

And it's going to get worse, the floodgates are wide open.
Western Civilisation is being destroyed by design.

Were they watching, listening to Classic FM TV on their Ipods, I'm guessing no.

Are our Generals really going to allow the Greatest civilisation in History to fall.

lormarie said...

In fairness, it goes both ways at times. While visiting London a few years ago, I noticed a large white white man with a shaved head and Doc Martens. The sight of him sent chills down my spine.

I will admit that there is a common belief among blacks that white males are generally intimidated by black males. That's because many white males are intimidated due to stereotypes pushed by the entertainment industry.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormarie,

I agree.

It would be the same situation if a middle aged black man sat next to a group of skinheads all speaking in a fake German accent in order to intimidate him.

That doesnt ever happen though.

The chav image is the one that is intimidating for everyone these days, and both whites and blacks are chavs - there are virtually no skinheads, except SHARPS around anymore.

The adoption of the gangster image and rap culture clothing and especially the fake Jamaican accent by young black males are tools to intimidate people, and also pernicious stereotypes peddled by black males which damage black males as they are meant to be associated with violence.

In fact more black males have killed more black males due to bling and rap culture in the UK over the last decade in black on black crime and shootings than the Islamists have killed people in Britain.

The rap culture and bling culture are more dangerous to both British and US society than terrorism.

More people have been killed in the feud between bloods and crips have been killed in the US since 1970 than were killed in Northern Ireland over the troubles.

This culture of death and greed has to be stamped down upon hard by the state.

Anti-Globalist said...

Good story Lee. I think I will put it on my facebook page.

May I just say though that when "anonymous" wrote about the ' huge gang of aggressive Muslims who would sit there and rant on about Hamas and how "the British Army are the real terrorists" ' at his school, it makes me want to mention that despite having supported the BNP for many years I myself am very well disposed towards Hamas. They do represent the Palestinian people and were fairly elected by them. It is going too far to accuse the British soldiers, who are not ideological at all, of being terrorists - but I can understand why there is frustration about Zionists. These sentiments are not incompatible with supporting the BNP imo. I should think these Muslims should be delighted with our wish to withdraw our troops from the illegal wars in the middle East. Hopefully our policy in that area will lead to less aggression from them. (As long as we don't persistently insult the Muslims as if we actually WANTED them to regard us as direct targets and attack us).

lormarie said...


Not surprised at the facts you've cited. It certainly sounds plausible. I've read that more young black males have killed blacks and whites than they were lynched in the old south. None of this is to say that most blacks (male or female) are killers or gangbangers. I do believe that most blacks are in denial about this issue (black crime stats). I'm shocked that the same issues are common in England.