Monday, 4 January 2010

Rap Culture Kills Again

Rap Culture and Bling Culture are more of a threat to Britain than Al Qaeda.

More people have been killed in the UK by people linked to Rap Culture, Bling Culture and gangs, such as black on black killings, over the last decade than terrorism.

In the US more people have been killed in the Blood Versus Crips killings than were killed in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

Whilst we regard terrorism as a threat we pussyfoot about when it comes to gangs and guns, especially if they are black, due to political correctness.

The fact the police have a dedicated unit to deal with black gun crime, Operation Trident, should reveal how deadly the situation is.

Yet this lack of political action means every year more and more young black kids are being killed by other black kids - and we barely even talk about it.

This problem proves that the issue of defending British culture and ending Multi-culturalism has to be regarded as a national security issue.

Multi-culturalism spawned the birth of the Rap and Bling cultures in Britain by encouraging blacks to adopt them as black cultural forms - and now we must end this cultural poison once and for all.

There must be zero tolerance of the promotion of rap culture and bling culture in Britain, and that primarily includes those white middle class record producers, White Jewish record label owners that promote it like Rick Rubin and 'celebrities' that promote it on infantile TV shows like Celebrity Retards.

The video here shows the result of Rap and Bling culture in America - a 16 year old black kid gunned down as he lays on the floor ;

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1 comment:

TedCrilly said...

I wondered when someone in Nationalist circles would pick up on this crap. Rap/gangsta promotes what can only be described as a culture of shit.

Nice to hear we think alike Lee.

Rap - music made by morons. For morons