Sunday, 3 January 2010

Celebrity Retards For Retards

What the fuck is wrong with this country.

Not only do we have the endless shit 'talent' shows for delusional halfwits that cannot sing , we also have the Non-Celebrity Fuckwits show.

Christ this country is embarrassing.

My step daughter has it on at the moment.

There is some black yank dwarf cretin with a pantie fetish.

Vinnie Jones, who must need the money.

Some transvestite cage fighter famous for shagging some ugly bird with plastic tits.

There is a yank whore, a hasbeen druggie yank actor, some unknown ugly geezer bird who thinks she is black and a couple of jellyfish.

For fucks sake, this is a pathetic joke.

I have a plan for a great game.

Fly an F-16 over the place and drop napalm bombs on it.

Now that would be worth watching.

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Andraste said...

It's bread and circus - the great dumbing down.

Anonymous said...

It is suppose to be the last celeb BB so we should at least be grateful for that. The celeb intros were quite funny, each one was hyped up as some sort of super star, i was starting to believe it then i pulled myself together and then i remembered, if they are so great and talented what are they doing on a third rate (aren't they all) reality show, i would have thought their schedule would be jam packed? loved it when the one of the contestants said to Stephanie Beacham "and you are?" Tut tut she's been in Dynasty and everything.......Donna

Adrian P said...

I think you know what's going on Lee, it's Dumbing Down, Distraction, Cultural Subversion.

While the masses are mesmorised by celebrity tat, and what is going on between the sheets in the Big Brother house, the public don't see what's being signed at Lisbon, Copenhagen etc....Nothing to see here people, it's just politics stuff, very boring, oooooh look, Big Brother is on.....Look you can see his willy.

They have the British public worked out.

Adrian P said...

Calm down Lee, here watch some Real British Talent.

Nigel Kennedy, Vivaldi, Summer.

I reckon if Nigel bought himself some tanning lotion he could win X Factor.