Sunday, 3 January 2010

There Is A Silence That Dwells

There is a silence that dwells,
Where the dark waters swell,
And the shore is but a distant dream,
There drowned souls gather,
Amidst petrals who chatter,
As wild waves swallow their screams.

Adrift within an infinite ocean,
As so before, preceding motion,
Now drowned beneath a shining moon,
The shell is foetid and salted,
Empty now, yet still haunted,
By the carrion that gather to commune.

No petals will wilt upon the waves,
Nor flesh embrace an earthy grave,
And the only words will be writ upon the waters,
Time the tide that can never cease,
Shall steal away the fleshy sheath,
And pestle the bones upon its sunless mortar.

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Hoptika said...

Labour Liars Panic In Marginals -

No one believes Cameron either.