Thursday, 1 April 2010

The BBC and Searchlight Links

I have just sent this off to the BBC Newsnight Team ;,


I am working on a story concerning hypocrisy at the BBC and how Newsnight is being used to peddle anti-BNP propaganda disguised as 'journalism'.

I wonder if you would answer these questions ;

A) On tonights show Newsnight is airing a segment by Michelle Gribbon, the producer of a series on Auschwitz. Has the BBC ever contacted any of the families of those individuals filmed at Auschwitz for their permission to use the film and images of the dead relatives in the Auschwitz documentary ?

B) Has Newsnight ever contacted the families of those families of individuals murdered in Britain and requested their permission to use those images of dead family members before they have been shown on the news or TV shows such as Newsnight ?

C) Have the BBC ever contacted a family of a murdered individual show on the BBC news or Newsnight and asked them to sign a formal waiver as regards the use of images of their dead relatives on their TV shows ?

D) Does the BBC routinely contact the families of individuals who have been killed in accidents / murders etc and asked them for permission before using their images in their news shows etc ?

E) Have the BBC been contacted by Searchlight as regards the story on the Newsnight show tonight ?

F) Have the BBC inquired whether the Searchlight organisation had contacted the family members as part of their story ?

G) Have the BBC ever investigated the criminality, links to extremist organisations and activities of the Searchlight organisation ?

I) What are the links between the BBC and the Searchlight organisation ?

J) How many times have the BBC or its staff been in contact with the Searchlight organisation over the last year ?

K ) What are the contacts between the BBC, its staff and the UAF (Unite Against Fascism) organisation ?

L) How many BBC staff are members of the UAF, unions connected to the UAF and Searchlight and also members of the Labour Party ?


L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)

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Anonymous said...

m8 can u clear up whats going on with everything.This is some bs april fool

rumour mill is getting out of hand and l admit me it is worrying me a bit.Just want to hear the offical version and clear everything up


Anonymous said...

Make it a Freedom Of Information request.

alanorei said...

Excellent anti-5th Column work again, Lee

If you get a chance, use the term 'unprofessional' against these BBC truth-dodgers as and where appropriate.

That may really prick their vanity.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you write a little poem about it you moron.