Thursday, 1 April 2010

BBC Hypocrisy and the BNP

This is an e mail I have just sent to the producer of the BBC Newsnight show segment, Michelle Gribbon ;

I note you are running an anti-BNP story on Newsnight tonight, to follow the Pro-UKIP propaganda you put out last night and also the Pro-Labour propaganda also on the show tonight.

I note you are the producer of ' Auschwitz - Inside the Nazi State'.

Did you obtain permission from the families of those killed in Auschwitz before you used their images in the footage for your TV show and documentary series ?

If not - then why should the BNP be excoriated for using the images of those White British people murdered by Non-White racists ?

Surely this is just utter hypocrisy on your part isnt it ?


L. J. Barnes

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Anonymous said...

Excellent response Lee.
The BBC, Liberals, Leftists CaMORON Conservatives and all who have turned their back on truth - and their kin - are the vilest scum of the earth.


Anonymous said...

The BBC are doing the exact same thing they accuse the BNP of doing !


Adrian Peirson said...

Surely most Brits are going to think, well maybe its time someone did highlight ethnic crime.
Could backfire on them again.

BNP web views might go up as a result,

wonder if it might be worth making sure there are highly visible links to

I am an Englishman's Rogues Gallery

And others, let people know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Great response, Lee.