Sunday, 3 April 2011

Nick Lowes - idiot or paid to talk garbage ?

In a democracy the primary right is freedom of speech.

Nick Lowes, an communist, therefore has no understanding of this.

From the Nick Lowles blog:

''Pastor Terry Jones is right to call for action to be taken following the murder of 12 people after a protest against his burning of the Koran. The action should be taken against him for wilful incitement.''

So much for Searchlight being a magazine that values and respects democracy.

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1 comment:

alanorei said...

Allied POWs in the Korean War were often duped into acts of collaboration by threats that the Reds made against their fellow prisoners if they did not cooperate i.e. collaborate.

It was a while before they came to see that if the Reds wanted to victimise somebody, they'd do it regardless of collaboration or non-collaboration.

It's basically the same with Moslems. No Qur'ans were burnt prior to 7/7. If the jihadists want to murder 'infidels' they'll do it regardless of provocation.

Re: Terry Jones, I go along with Thomas De Witte Talmage, 19th century Dutch Reformed pastor who said that all books should be burned that downgrade the Lord Jesus Christ and denigrate the Holy Scriptures, 2 Timothy 3:15 i.e. the 1611 Holy Bible.

That not only accounts for the Qur'an (and much of the contents of many a library and bookstore in the UK) but also the modern counterfeit bibles used by most churches in the UK.

That's where the fur would really hit the fan over here, when Bible-believing Christians burnt a bunch of NIVs, NKJVs, NRSVs, ESVs etc. etc.