Monday, 1 March 2010

Political Correctness is a Suicide Cult

An excellent documentary on Channel 4 by Andrew Gilligan on the Islamic Forum of Europe - an Islamist Gramscian group who are using entryism in order to promote the global jihad in the UK.

Its not Al Qaeda that are the real threat to our society, it is the Dhimmi Liberals and Leftists who will surrender our civilisation to Gramscian Islamists like the Islamic Forum of Europe via the cult of political correctness.

This is why Political Correctness is a suicide cult, for it surrenders the nation to Islamists, colonists and terrorists who are an existential threat to the very existence of the British Nation, British culture and the British people.

It must be resisted.

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Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

The BNP should be promoting 'Entryism'. It seems every other ideology have been promoting it for decades.
If the BNP won't do it then other right wing organisations should.
It stands to reason that one Nationalist member in an organisation like the Special Branch is worth a dozen councillors.
Someone with some pips on their shoulders should come up with a plan of how it can be done as it would probably be youngsters who can attempt it.

Anonymous said...

Thinking the "unthinkable" here but I figure the emergence of a White racially loyal Islam in Europe would shake the Dhimmi Liberals to the core. This would be their worst fear. And I know it is actually more true to how Islam is supposed to be practiced than the imperialist multiculti Arab-centered version we are used to. Instead of nationalists being pitted against Muslims, the two could target the very people who set up this conflict in the first place.

take it strait to the top said...

It also distracts us from the source of the problem, the NWO.

The source has to be exposed, no longer should the BNP use the symptoms and should go strait to the top - the desease itself, the global elite.

Otherwise the BNP look can like bigots rather than the most enlightened.

Set everyone free and take it to the top.

also if Nick can get his book out before the GE then that could make a massive difference, much later and there may be no point!

perhaps there is no time now, though some extracts could be released perhaps?