Saturday, 2 July 2011

Gaddafi Hated - yeah right !

Gaddafi is hated by the Libyan people the media tell us.

Yeah right ;

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gatesofvienna said...

Free housing- free healthcare-free electricity and gas-subsidised food- free education with a small fee for higher education- oil profit see's an amount into each bank account of Libyans per annum-promise kept that he'd live in a tent until every Libyan had a home of their own- his father died in a tent - Yea-I can see how they'd hate him can't you- he's so evil--

Libyans defend him- would I defend Cleggy-Cameron-Miliband- NOPE!

Were al-qaeda to exist at all- i'd point out Westminster as being a good place to hit on Wednesdays!

A journalist drove across Libya recently all he saw was Libyan flags held by supporters of Gadaffi.
He's no saint- but point out one Western leader that isn't guilty of WAR CRIMES!

Starvation in Africa Gadaffi had built a dam to stop this.
The IMF wasn't happy well fed folks don't get into debt.

Wonder what has happened to that excellent building project just completed- water to feed all of Africa.....

In whose interest is it- to break up the countries all across the middle east?

There you have the cause!