Monday, 5 October 2009

Idiot Liberal Teacher = Idiotic Response

Image - Typical NUT liberal idiot.

The role of a teacher is not to assault children.

It is to teach children.

We have enough paedophile teachers, perverts and nonces in schools and nurseries who seem to think they can get away with molesting children every day.

No teacher should have the power to assault a child.

If a child is found, after an investigation, to have breached school discipline then they should be caned by a teacher licensed to do so by the school and local education authority.

But that caning should be done in controlled and monitored circumstances with a nurse standing by and with the parents present during the caning.

No teacher should grab a child, choke them and throw them in a cupboard.

This guy was a maniac.

If he had done that to any kids of mine then I would have done the same back to the big bully.

All classrooms should be fitted with CCTV, to protect both the childen from the teachers and the teachers from false allegations by the children.

If after the film is reviewed and the charges investigated and proved then the parents should be required to attend at the school and forced to watch as the child recieves corporal punishment with medical staff present.

The fact that on almost every street CCTV records what we do, but teachers can spend all day in the classroom with no monitoring of their behaviour as well as the childrens means both children and teachers can get away with inapropriate behaviour.

If children knew they were being recorded, and bad behaviour recorded, then they would think twice about it.

If paedophile teachers knew they were being filmed then they would not assault them.

No teacher should be allowed to assault children in this way - this guy was an idiot.

He knew what he was doing was wrong.

If he didnt then he shouldnt be a teacher anyway.


A teacher who carried a pupil out of a classroom and put him in a cupboard to stop him telling a racist joke has been found guilty of assault.
Michael Becker, 62, claimed he told the boy to stop telling the joke up to four times before removing him from the class to stop him disturbing other pupils.
He could now face being banned from teaching, despite being described as an 'exemplary' teacher for 31 years.

Magistrates heard Becker grabbed the boy with one hand on his sweatshirt collar and the other on the waistband of his trousers and carried him out.
He then put him into the storeroom, which had a window in its door so was not dark inside, and then returned to his classroom.
The pupil let himself out a few moments later by opening the door and was later found near some coat pegs in the school by another member of staff.
Becker claimed he had asked him to stop up to four times and had then asked him to leave the classroom, but the boy had refused.
He said: 'He pushed me to the limit. I took no enjoyment in taking him out of the class.
'I acted swiftly to remove the student who was disrupting the lesson, who was telling a racist joke, who would not settle down.
'I didn't really want to do it, but I had to do it so the other students could carry on learning.'
Becker claimed that when the pupil broke away, he immediately put his hand underneath him to stop him going right over.
He said suggestions that he hit the child's head on the floor or held him by the ankles were 'preposterous'.
The pupil was said to have suffered some redness around his neck and complained of having a sore stomach after the incident on November 10 last year.
Becker, of Stutton, near Ipswich, denied a charge of assault by beating, but was found guilty by magistrates after a three day trial.
Magistrates saw a DVD recording of the youngster's police interview and the child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also gave evidence through a video link.
The boy denied being repeatedly told not to tell the joke and claimed Becker had dangled him by the ankle on the way to the cupboard.
He said: 'He came over, picked me up and opened the classroom door and hung me upside down and then threw me in the cupboard.'
Becker told the court he had removed the boy to stop him telling the offensive joke because it was affecting the concentration of other pupils.
Another member of staff, who witnessed the youngster being carried out of the classroom, said the pupil appeared to want to tell the joke but Becker told him to be quiet.
The staff member at first thought Becker was playing around, but then realised the pupil appeared to be 'gagging'.
Describing finding the child near some coat pegs, the staff member said: 'I was really shaken. I didn't know how to deal with the situation.'
When asked about marks on the youngster's neck, they added: 'It was red all the way round, like somebody had strangled (the pupil).'
Becker told the court that the police investigation into his behaviour had left him 'absolutely devastated'.
He added: 'My whole life is based on my family and my teaching. My world was shattered.
'I was not my normal self. I was in a state of shock.'
Becker's former headteacher Roland Gooding, who is also a long-standing friend, described him as 'one of the most passionate, enthusiastic teachers I have ever known.'
Mr Gooding, who worked with Becker from 1990 to 1992, said: 'His conduct was exemplary. Since I have known him I have always found him to be extremely compassionate, caring, dedicated, honest and of the upmost integrity.'
But Becker was told by magistrates on Friday that he was guilty as none of his evidence amounted to a defence.
Magistrates told him: 'We do not believe the pupil at any time was held by the ankles or dropped on the floor.
'The precise reason for the removal from your classroom is irrelevant.
'We are satisfied there was a reason but not that you used reasonable force. Use of any force should be used as a last resort - in this case it wasn't.
'None of the evidence put forward amounts to a defence. It amounts to battery and you are guilty as charged.'
Becker was released on bail and will be sentenced on October 23.

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Leo said...

We don't know what he's done yet, Lee.

Anonymous said...

personally i think your a bit of an idiot in this case for making a strong judgement on sumone u dont know. my mother is a teacher and as she pointed out all the power is with the children, teachers, even tho they are responsable for all children in the classroom has no way to control them as we are in such a pc world now. u claim this pupil was 'grabbed' 'choked' and 'thrown' which is clearly false. i agree cctv should be placed in all classrooms, but unless ur taxes go up, this is not going to happen. teachers do not get training for disruptive children. it also needs to be known what the difference between discipline and assult is because sumtimes force is needed!
now on a more personal note i know this man and he is a most caring person. he would never have done this unless he was pushed very far. he helped my mother enormously at work when she became ill. i do not believe he is guilty, even tho the courts do. trust me people this man is NOT a maniac,he is an upstanding citizen of the community which is brilliant at his profession.

i see comments have to be approved by the blogger so i dont expect to see this on here, if so ur a big man! also spelling mite not be that great because im dyslexic.

Defender of Liberty said...

It is not for teachers to use force against children.

He knew what he did was illegal, his is an intelligent man, therefore he knew better.

He may be a good man but he did a very stupid thing.

He is a teacher - not policeman, judge, jury and executioner.

I used to work as a lifeguard in a swimming pool at one time in the middle of summer I had about 140 kids to watch at the same time who spent all their time trying to be as idiotic as possible - but I was paid to keep calm and do the job, not slap the little bastards though I could have done quite easily.

Teachers should never be allowed to use force on a child - if a child is a problem then they should be barred from school or caned by a proffesional in the company of their parents until they learn to behave.

If a little shit threw a brick through my window and I gave him a slap I would be arrested - if a kid gives a child some lip then why shoulkd they be allowed to hit that child,

He should have sent the child out of the room to the heads office, not did what he did.

CCTV in classes, the cane for kids with their parents watching and stricter schools run by stricter teachers not politically correct idiots.

The teachers imposed liberal teaching and now they dont like what they have created.


They created the problem by being so liberal and if they want to solve the problem they better start imposing discipline.

extant said...

Lee, have you ever sold a car to a Teacher, if you haven't ,you haven't lived mate.

Talk of the worst customer, its not the word for it; they are absolutely bonkers.
After selling a sports car to 2 local teachers about 10 years ago, me and my Wife looked at each other and said OMG, at the same time, I then said "they are teaching the future of our Country", , my Wife said sililar comments.
They are neurotic, patronising, condescending, immature , they haven't a clue about the real World and statistically have the highest brake down of marital relationships out of any profession in the UK.

Do you want me to go on, or do we agree that Teacher comments , mean Jack shit !!

Its just like asking a Child who has "some" adult like mannerisms how to tie a shoe lace, you may have a surprising accurate response; maybe !!,