Friday, 2 October 2009

The Ambush

This is a poem about our heroic soldiers were sent to war to defend the oil pipelines and corporate profits of those who control our political system in Afghanistan. The reference to petrol pumps in the last verse relates to the real reason to the war.

RIP all our fallen heroes.

The Ambush.

Soldiers on patrol along a desert track,
Come under sudden Taliban attack,
The crack and whine of bullets whizzing,
Each well aimed round, barely missing,
As AK47’s stutter and an RPG barks,
They hug the dirt till the shrapnel’s passed,
Then a flash of light as an IED ignites,
Sends up a cloud of dirt as dark as night,
And a loud bang that bursts their ear drums.

From beneath their boots death now arises,
As startled birds flee their branches,
Then comes a shockwave of crimson flame,
And a sudden, searing scorch of pain,
Now left limbless in the rising dust,
They lay in silence, still nonplussed,
As from the gushing faucets of their stumps,
The blood flows like petrol from a pump,
And more paratroopers are left as paraplegics.

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Wise Man said...

Which oil pipelines in Afghanistan might these be?

Anonymous said...

Come on. Poetry isn't fast food one along every minute. If you're going to churn through them humour might be a good ally - think Pam Ayres

Defender of Liberty said...

Yeah, lets all make humoruous poems about the war in Afghanistan.