Friday, 2 October 2009

Hail Emperor Anthony Blair the First of the European Empire

Image - The first official statue of Emperor Anthony The First. Note the little child tugging at the hem of his skirts - this is symbolic of what democracy will be in the European Empire under the reign of the Emperors.

The announcement by Rupert Murdoch that The Scum (sorry The Sun) will now be supporting the Conservatives has been known for a long time.

Murdoch has got what he wanted from New Labour, which was the deregulation of the British media to allow him to build up his media propaganda empire to strangle democracy, and also his acolyte Tony blair will in the next few weeks be crowned as the President of the European Union - or as he will be known after his coronation "Emperor Anthony the First of the European Empire".

Hail Emperor Anthony The First, Emperor of the European Empire !

No doubt statues of the new Emperor will soon be erected in the backwaters and provinces of the empire, like Britain.

This was Murdochs plan all along - to get his puppet Tony Blair to run the Labour Party, turn Labour into Zanu New Labour, dump New Labour and then get Emperor Anthony put in place.

This means Murdoch now controls not just Britain via the Tory Party, who are so desperate for power they would line up and fight for the privelige of licking the salty sweat off of Murdochs antipodean Zionist ball sack if he asked them too, but he will also control the European Union via Emperor Anthony.

Behind the two thrones whispers the same worm tongue.

This is why The Times has started to print story after story attacking the BNP.

The Times knows that in order to stop the Right Wing of the Tory Party switching their vote to the BNP or UKIP that they have attack those parties.

UKIP is undergoing its usual implosion with the announcement of the resignation of party leader Nigel Farage, who will no doubt be enjoying the benefits of his secret deal with David Cameron undertaken during a secret meeting between the two of them in Devon last year when Cameron was on holiday down there, whilst UKIP will descend into another paroxsym of infighting over the post that will ensure it doesnt become a real problem during the lead up to the May 2010 general election.

So we can see that both the Left Wing Liberal corporate media, The Guardian, will attack the BNP in order to bolster the Labour vote at the same time the Murdoch owned Corporate Media will attack the BNP to bolster the Conservative vote.

Some of the stories in the Times over recent days have been a joke.

The 'scandal' of the BNP funding charities for wounded soldiers can be compared to the Tories who in government, and as directors of British arms companies such as Baroness Neville-Jones, the Conservative Shadow Security Minister, have been involved in arming tyrant for decades.

Remember the gas attack on the Kurds in Iraq under Saddam Hussein - yep, the tories allowed a British company to build the chemical weapons plant that produced the nerve gas, even though the Thatcher government knew the chemical weapons plant was going to be used to make chemical weapons.

The Bomber Baroness Neville-Jones, who profited from the Iraq War, is willing to work for an arms company killing Muslims, but then pontificates about the ‘violent lyrics’ of records. Perhaps she shoud worry more about the bombs and guns she sold to the tyrants of the world first.

She was non-executive chairman of QinetiQ, the part Government-owned UK/US defence company from 2002 to 2005 and her directorship of a firm which engaged in the arms trade with Iraq whilst at the same time wielding indirect executive power over the BBC’s coverage of the war in Iraq led some to question her objectivity.

The Baroness sat as a governor of the BBC which peddled the bogus WMD propaganda to the public that got us into the war, she also sat as chairman on the British Joint Intelligence Committee which provided much of the bogus information in the dodgy dossier at the same time she was also a director of the arms company that had supplied Saddam Hussien with his weapons and which would profit from increased arms sales when British troops returned to Iraq to remove the weapons her company had sold him.

How sick is that.

And this duplicious evil woman is the Tory Shadow Security Minister.

War propagandist, peddler of lies to bolster the case for war and profiteer from the war itself.

"Vote Tory for More Wars !", is the slogan now, seeing as Murdoch wants the Zionist Tories in power in preperation for an attack on Iran. Those pesky peaceniks and Dhimmi-liberals in the margins of the Labour Party must make way for the 'War Whores' of the Tory Party, who will support WW3 with as much conviction as a whore can muster.

There are few in this country with as much blood on their hands as the Labour Party and Tory party who voted for the Iraq war, except of course for the myriad war criminals given asylum in the UK over recent years by New Labour.

Yet again the tories can be seen to have supplied the weapons that have killed and disabled British soldiers in the Iraq War and yet the Tory media are attacking the BNP for trying to help the wounded soldiers who the Tories, their officials and their financial backers betrayed.

Expect to see more of this facile propaganda against the BNP as the election looms.

The more the Murdoch media attack the BNP, the more they will do so to hide the crimes and duplicity of the Tories, who Murdoch also owns.

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