Saturday, 3 October 2009

Conservative Friends of Israel

Image - two British marines kidnapped and murdered by Zionist terrorists in Palestine for '1. Illegal entry into our home land ' - which shows how illegal immigrants were treated by the Zionists (even when they were the same British soldiers who liberated the Gemran death camps)

I wonder why there is no ;

Conserative Friends of Samoa

Conservative Friends of France

Conservative Friends of South Africa

But there is a conservative friends of Israel ;

Lets take a look at some of the comments in the website of the conservative friends of Israel ;

What people say about CFI…

“I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative Friend of Israel; and I am proud of the key role CFI plays within our Party”

Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Leader of the Conservative Party

“I was delighted to accept the position of Parliamentary Chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel. CFI is one of the most important and successful groups in the Party.”

Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Parliamentary Chairman of CFI, 2005 -

Hmm - Cameron says the conservative friends of israel has a 'key role within our party', and yes I am sure it does.

Arbuthnot states it is 'one of the most important .... groups in the party', and Yes I am sure it is.

And what about this ;

Shadow Foreign Secretary Rt Hon William Hague MP speaks at the commemoration of the Balfour Declaration in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Speaking at the annual dinner to commemorate the Balfour Declaration which led to the creation of the state of Israel, Shadow Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon William Hague reaffirmed long held Conservative Party support for the State of Israel.

“The unbroken thread of Conservative Party support for Israel that has run for nearly a century from the Balfour Declaration to the present day will continue. Although it will no doubt be tested in the years ahead, it will remain constant, unbroken and undiminished by the passage of time.”

And that of course included all those times when British soldiers were being executed, murdered and blown up by Zionist terrorists in Palestine.

Irgun was yesterdays Hamas.

Yet today the Tories sup at the table with the same people in the Israeli government that refuse to extradite to the UK the terrorists who killed British soldiers.

Whilst old nazis are hounded around the world by the Israeli government, the Zionist Nazis in Israel who murdered British soldiers in cold blood are protected by the Israeli goverment whilst the Tories abase themselves before Israel and the Zionist Lobby in the UK.

The Tories - friends to those who kill British soldiers.

The Tories - Arming the war warmongers of the world for over a hundred years.

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