Friday, 2 October 2009

Crazy George and Insane Cops

The world has gone bonkers.

Imagine if she had been Black, or from another non-white minority group, then the vicious little racist bastards throwing stones at her house would have been banged up faster than you could say 'McPherson Report'.

First the Pilkingtons and now this.

What with Crazy George of The Guardian and his latest article on my Crayfish Hate and now this, one can truly say the Lunatics run the asylum (and write the articles in The Guardian) ;

A 71-year-old grandmother has admitted assaulting a teenager after she poked him in the chest for throwing stones at her house.

Renate Bowling, who has osteoporosis, curvature of the spine and diabetes, was given a conditional discharge at Blackpool Magistrates' Court.

She admitted assaulting the 17-year-old outside her home in Thornton Cleveleys, but said she was "sick of abuse".

The mother-of-three was also fined £50 for the offence.

Speaking after the hearing, Mrs Bowling expressed "disgust" at her prosecution.

'Many atrocities'

"I was treated like a criminal and thrown into the back of a police van," she said.

"I have been terrorised for many months and I just can't take it anymore.

"I did not injure him, I had just had enough and I wanted to see who he was.

"Stones and rocks have been hurled at my windows, I have been called a German whore and I feel scared in my own home.

"My husband has passed away and I live alone, without my children and my grandchildren I would despair."

The pensioner, who left Germany in 1945, brought her family up in Lancashire.

"I have seen so many atrocities, dealt with so much pain. I have brought up three strapping men who have fought for this country.

"I do not need this kind of abuse."

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alanorei said...

One police comment on the Inspector Gadget blog said that Fiona Pilkington killed herself and her daughter because she was mentally ill, though the unchecked youth harassment might have been a contributory factor in the suicides.

Yes, I guess it might have been.

In our part of the NE, the local force will deal effectively with ASB. The force seems to operate in a traditional policing manner.

It seems this is not the case elsewhere in the country. In Sunderland, in July, 40-year old Anisa Borsberry was arrested because she was falsely accused of attacking school pupils who bullied her daughter.

Just shows what can happen when some little scrote lies about you.

Anonymous said...

I honestly wish some harm on these evil cp pc cops with their bastard attitude to the law abiding public they are supposed to serve. What a sick joke they are. If not that, can they just please top themselves like that ACPO twat in Manchester who had trouble keeping his pants on with junior members of staff amongst others. Beware your conscience which is always watching comes to mind. It must have got the better of him or he was about to be outed for the lying cheat that he was. Fiona Pilkington's life would have been hard enough without feral swine unchecked by the useless cops making it hell. It's obvious she was driven over the edge because of these ferals and their police partners in crime.