Sunday, 4 October 2009

Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires

Underneath angelic hills Hollywood sits,
Yet beneath the glamour, its soul is sick,
For vampires stalk its streets at night
Seeking young flesh to seduce and bite.

The white lights of fame swiftly sicken,
All those enslaved by its vile visions,
Each asylum inmate, the rich and famous,
Savour their sips from its poisoned chalice.

His lust, a famished jackal, must be fed,
As Polanski pins the child upon his bed,
The drug is within her, the demon above,
She cannot resist as he drains her blood.

How far they fall these stars that shine,
Who gather now to forgive his crimes,
For Tinseltown is a temple of filth and lies,
Where perverts profit from sullying lives.

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