Sunday, 4 October 2009




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gatesofvienna said...

If you were not tuned in to radio4 Sunday evening 9:30pm Analysis programme then can i suggest that you go to the listen again facility?
"Whose afraid of the BNP"
You could I'm sure do an excellent post from the content.
Peter Kelner of You Gov commented, what makes me laugh about this guy is, his failure to mention his own ties to the Fabian Society, independent my foot!
The Teacher's UNION Chris Fascist Keats infuriated me with her comments repeating the same rant she made at 5am on Talksport radio.
She herself so anti Democratic witch-hunting advocate that she clearly is.

Makes my blood boil over, anyone would think the BNP sit and just dream up threeats.

Germany just this weekend has seen anti Islamnisation meeting although these are not mentioned on our corporate media.

The greatest danger this country faces is from the damned Government together with the Fabians that infest Westminster.
Research over the last few years has made me very aware of the threat these Communist's pose.

When the Mises institute condemns them as Fascist then we have to take note.

Every single Labour PM has been a Fabian.
Their links to the likes of the Rothschild family would take some explaining to Joe Blogs me think's.

Try to find the time to visit Radio 4s listen again facility!!

Night Night- and God-Bless.

extant said...

Remember the motorway story ?

Everyone fearing to step out of line for seven miles , psychologically stuck in one lane ,terrified of even thinking of to have a look what is blocking the road ahead.

Whilst 2 inside motoway lanes were entirely and completely free for over 7 miles.

As I drove down the M4 inside lanes for over 7 miles, the fast lane seemed to look more eery,the never ending row of bumper to bumper machines with card bored people paralysed with fear inside, was the most disturbing scene I have ever witnessed.

The most worrying of all ,is that they don't even know it. "the bright light; its so beautiful" (Zaaap)!!

The commies have completed their job well.
The next step is to hunt us down and either reinstate us into the main frame or to liquidate us..

I was born naturally, with no plug in's ;o)