Thursday 31 May 2007

The Energy Economy and the Peak Oil Crash

The main factor in economics is not capital.

This may come as a shock to Marxists and Capitalists who both follow the same essential economic critique.

Both Marx and Smith, and their economic theories, were products of their time and neither contain any reference to the one essential factor in human society and economics. Marx wrote Das Kapital in 1867 after witnessing the tumult of early 19th Century Europe. It was in this period following the endless round of civil, national and religious wars in Europe that the traditional power structures in society, those of Royalty, Church and the Aristocracy had become morally and financially exhausted. The new rising class in society was that of the capitalist and the financer who was funding the industrial expansions of that time. Therefore Marx placed his primary focus on the primacy of capital, and the capitalist class, as the predominant factor in economics. Marx wrote that he viewed " the economic formation of society as a process of natural history " and that it was the study of economics that could be used to understand the evolution of society. Marx saw society, economics, workers, capitalists and capital as all parts of the same nexus and capital, and capitalists, as the dynamic that drove society onwards.

Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations in 1776 and the book covers his ideas on the role of self interest in economics, the division of labour the function of markets and the implications of an international laissez faire economic system based on free enterprise. The idea that an ' invisible hand ' of self interest guides the most efficient use of resources in a nations economy is his most well known theory. Adam Smiths ideas are the basis of most modern economic systems, even the Chinese Communist Party have now embraced the principle that self interest is an important factor in national economics.

Yet both Marx and Smith missed the most fundamental factor in all human societies, in all economic and social actions - that of energy.

Commodities and goods are the product of a vast expenditure of energy. In order to access raw materials then mines must be built, workers trained and fed and the raw material extracted. These raw materials then must be refined and processed into a form that can be used in the production of goods. The refined materials must then be transported to factories where workers, who have to be fed, can then use various industrial techniques requiring vast amounts of energy to produce the finished goods. Capital in this process only relates to the ability of capitalists to purchase or transfer energy and raw materials from one location and one form to another using labour they employ. As long as the raw materials, labour and energy is available to produce the goods then the worth of capital represents the ability of capitalists to use that energy and labour to produce goods.

Economics is primarily an alchemical process, it transmutates capital into energy then uses that energy to produce goods that are then sold for more capital than that used to initiate the process in the beginning.

The value of a finished 'commodity' is represented by the amount of energy, labour costs and raw materials required to produce it. Profit is simply the price over and above manufacturing costs that people are prepared to pay for those goods, relating to the amount of expenditure of their energy in the form of labour that is then paid to them in the form of wages. The central dynamic in all these synchronous systems is energy. It is energy in the form of calories that is required to keep the workers alive that create the goods. It is energy that is required to mine, refine and create the goods. Its is energy in the form of labour rewarded with wages that allows consumers to buy those goods. The value of Capital is therefore represented by the amount of energy it may purchase.

If at any time the energy costs at any stage of the process equate to more than the price the goods could be sold for, or what the public would be willing to pay, then the Energy In / Profit Out Ratio that is the central dynamic of Consumerism would dictate that those goods would not be made. In other words the entire economic system is based on an energy transfer process and as soon as the energy costs involved in the creation of commodities outstrips profit then those commodities are not produced. The era where Humanity saw value in gold or silver etc is almost over. The global and national currency of the future will be energy. Without energy there can be no increase in social complexity.

Dependence on energy for other nations is the antithesis of an independent nation. No nation can be called independent when it depends on other nations to keep its lights on or to fill the diesel tanks of its tanks and jets that defend the nation itself. A free nation is only ever a nation with an energy surplus. Man will trade energy in the future as he trades in gold and silver today. The primitive economic systems of the past must give way to the creation of a new energy based economic system. The value of a currency is not based on its gold reserves or its GDP it is simply its energy status. The GDP of an advanced nation is not related to its wealth as defined by its cash or credit or gold reserves, the sole indicator of a developed nation is the Energy Production Index.

The EPI is related to the amount of energy a nation produces by itself and for its own needs. Any nation that creates for itself a surplus of energy is then a nation with a positive MEPI figure if it has a mixed energy economy whilst a nation which produces all its own energy needs via a renewable energy system would be classified with an REPI figure. For instance a nation that is not dependent on any imports of energy and that creates and uses all the energy it produces for its own industrial and social needs from a variety of sources would be represented as being at ( 0 ) MEPI with a mixed energy base.

A nation that imports energy to sustain its own internal industrial and social needs would be represented as a nation with a ( - ) MEPI.

If the nation imported in a third of its total energy then that figure would ( - 33 ) EPI.

A nation that produces the equivalent of a third more energy than it requires solely from internal renewable energy systems would be represented on the chart as ( + 33 ) REPI.

A nation with a large REPI would be a nation that has the maximum positive rating for national security and energy security issues and as such would become a major source of inward international investment due to the social and economic stability that such a nation offers.

The exploitation of the right of banks to issue credit and cash means money has no real value anymore. The petro-dollar recycling system is the only thing preventing the total collapse of the global economy. When the oil runs out them the petro-dollar recycling system will collapse. The importance of the petro-dollar recycling system is demonstrated by the invasion of Iraq which was commenced after Saddam Hussein moved his sale of oil out of dollars and into Euro's. (1) (3) The announcement that Iran is intending to do the same and create its own is as much a motivation for the Americans to remove the regime from power as their intent to build nuclear weapons. (2)

At the moment the availability of cheap oil is the basis of the global economy. But a rise in the price of oil would devastate the global economy.

Take for instance China. China at the moment produces the majority of goods the world wants. This is because cheap oil and cheap labour means those goods can be produced cheaply in China. As a result national manufacturing and industry have been decimated in the UK. But this manufacturing boom in China is based on cheap oil making the production of such goods profitable. If oil suddenly rose to $150 a barrel then Chinas manufacturing boom would end and nations would once again have to build from scratch their own industrial and manufacturing bases to satisfy national needs and demands. If those nations were totally dependent on imported oil or gas to supply their social needs then their would be total chaos. Within just a single 24 hour period after the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq the result of the collapse of the electricity system created social chaos that is still affecting the nation now.

Regardless of the amount of gold in the national reserve or the amount of printed banknotes in circulation then this would make no difference. Gold is not energy. There is not much use for gold other than it looking nice. When the value of gold, its link to energy, is severed then gold is worth nothing. You cant eat it and you cant keep the lights on with it.

In fact the only value of gold relates to the amount of man power required and effort in the form of energy and money spent to find it and extract it. Gold is not a rare element in nature, in fact it is present in sea water and only the amount of energy (in the form of capital invested in machinery and manpower and the amount of actual energy required to run the machines and pay wages) required to extract it prevents it from being a metal with almost no scarcity value.

Those nations with the last of the oil will keep it for themselves in order to keep their own people under control. They will use their oil to build their own national manufacturing bases and supply national demands. Autarchic systems will replace globalism and those oil dependent nations will be hostages of whatever those oil producing nations want. If they demand two hundred dollars a barrel for oil we will have to pay it. If we don't we will be forced to go back into the middle ages and chop down trees to cook our food and warm our houses.

The nations of the world that had then put in place the renewable energy infrastructure to achieve a positive EPI figure then would become the manufacturing powerhouses of the planet.

The BNP should begin to consider creating a national renewable energy network and become a net REPI energy exporting nation with an atomic energy back up system (which I have previously written about called the Alpha Net). This means we would be both a REPI nation with the addition of an MEPI back up energy system encompassing nuclear power, coal mining, deep sea mining and geo-thermal energy production systems. This would place us at the forefront of the developed nations of the world.

Within a ten year period we should aim to build a brand new technological and industrial base capable of creating an integrated energy and transport system based on renewable energies. The new renewable technologies we would then create during this period would then be licensed and sold to the rest of the world. This would be our equivalent of the space race.

Marxist and Capitalist economists do not see the world as closed system with a finite amount of oil and energy and resources available to be used for social complexity. They both think that the free market is not bound by the laws of physics. Both believe that just because demand exists then the market will always be able to guarantee supply. This is fantasy at its most dangerous.

Peak Oil is about to demolish this false consciousness.




Tuesday 29 May 2007

Corporate Fascism and Oil

After the 2nd World War the corporations that had set up and run the massive war industries, and who made vast profits from the war via those industries and the armaments they had produced, switched to producing consumer goods using the same mass production methods. Following the mass production techniques of Henry Ford it was easy to switch the machines, and the human workforce slaves of the machines, from producing tanks to cars. At the same time discoveries of vast reserves of easily accessible oil across the planet coincided with the discovery of new forms of plastics that could be used to produce cheap new commodities.

The Plastic Age that has dominated the late Twentieth Century was a product of this cheap oil. Our present Consumer Society is built entirely upon that cheap oil supply and as a result of this easily accessible oil is predicated the Throwaway Principle of Consumerism, that the plastic products created by the industries catering to social demand could be made so cheaply with plastic that they could be used once and then thrown away.

Alexander Parkes in 1862 Great Exhibition in London demonstrated the first plastics. The early 20th Century laid the scientific foundations of the Plastic Age that began in the late 1940's in America. The principles of mass production as demonstrated by Henry Ford in relation to automobiles could now be combined with a cheap new resource, plastic, that could always sustain perpetual consumer demand. As the post-war society switched from austerity and rationing under a wartime Command Economy model to a Corporate Fascist quasi-free market model, the Consumer Society was then created. As new forms of plastic were discovered, then new commodities could be made from those plastics that would then drive consumer demand for ever more new goods. As the oil was able to be extracted easily and cheaply, and the energy unlocked from cheap oil able to manufacture goods cheaply, the new Consumer Society began to boom. At the same time the present Corporate Fascist economic and political structures of our Consumer Society began to take form. The oil companies and the corporations they owned and controlled sat atop a pyramid of power in every nation of the world. Without the oil to power society, that came from the corporations who located, extracted, refined and sold the oil, then modern society could not exist.

It is not often appreciated by people that the primary measure of the complexity of a human society is based on its ability to unlock energy sources in the environment. The change from the roaming hunter gatherer hominid bands of the Neolithic to early agricultural societies was itself an example of an energy transition. The energy transition was in the form of calories.

Agriculture produced more calories in relationship to the Energy In / Energy Out ratio of the hunting gathering lifestyle than that contained in meat. Major human societal changes at this time from a nomadic lifestyle to a settled community lifestyle occurred as a result of this energy use transition. Also religious changes and social changes happened with the transition from an Earth mother worship and matriarchal social system of the early nomadic societies to a paternalistic warrior caste elite in a socially stratified society based on settled communities where a hierarchical social command structure was required in order to defend the agricultural land and the established community itself.

Then came the technological transition from wood to coal and the unlocking of this energy once again changed the form of society. The transition from wood to coal use was first recorded in The Abbey of Peterborough in 852 and in 1239 a charter was granted to the Freemen of Newcastle to dig coal from the castle fields. In 1379 the first tax was imposed upon coal and in 1421 the first environmental tax was imposed upon all those who bought coal without a franchise in Newcastle. This was an example of the nexus between business, the Crown and taxes forming that was to lead to the taxation issues at the heart of the later English Civil War.

The invention of the steam driven water pump unlocked the deep coal seams and allowed coal to be replaced with the coke that was to be the basis of the iron foundries that powered the Industrial revolution. This change from coal to coke was followed by the rise in the capitalist and merchant class in society who funded and founded the great Iron works and big businesses that ushered in the Industrial Revolution and the birth of the British Empire.

The next great change in human societies was the discovery of and use of oil. The change to oil engines for ships in the Royal Navy that was authorised by Winston Churchill during his time at the Admiralty, and the transition from coal, was the first act in the modern era in that it unlocked the power of the Royal Navy to go global and police effectively dominions of the Empire. It was this transition to oil powered ships, and later aircraft that allowed Globalism to be born.

Under the old British Empire run with coal fired ships it was mainly expensive and highly taxed goods that were shipped into the country such as silk, rum and tobacco as the cost of shipping and the time it took to bring the goods back to Britain meant only expensive goods were worth shipping into the country. In this Mercantilist model Britain still needed its home grown industries to produce goods for the home market that could not be made and exported cheaply abroad and then shipped into the UK. In the Globalism model the cheap oil allows us to fly in Kenyan peas in the holds of 747's that still bring the grower, importer and seller a profit. At the same time all those manufactured goods that could only be made in Britain in the past can now also be made and shipped into the country from countries like China more cheaply than if they were made here. All of this was made possible by cheap oil. When the cheap oil goes then we will have to start manufacturing the goods again we need back in the UK and importing in luxuries that cannot be made here as we did in the past. Its back to the future again.

Contrary to the assertions of historians like Kershaw the central dynamic both for Hitlers invasion of Russia and Japans attack on British lands in the far east was the necessity of capturing oil. Hitler required the oil of the Caucas's for his future industrial and economic development plans for a European Union and the armies of the Third Reich would have driven through Russia and then into Iraq to seize the oil in the Middle East. Japan required British oil reserves in the Far East to power their industrial and military development. Oil and its capture and use is the defining dynamic in human and political affairs in the 20 th Century. Whether we wean ourselves it off oil slowly, or suffer a catastrophic collapse when it runs out, will be the defining dynamic of the early 21th Century. As part of that dynamic we will also face the threat of energy security issues relating to the last of the oil being held by unstable Islamic fundamentalist regimes in the Middle East, increasingly desperate attempts by nations like China and America to seize the last of the oil from nations such as Iran or to secure remaining resources and oil in Africa and also security issues around Russia domination of the gas that we see as a essential in the future for us to keep the lights on in our homes and the businesses going.
As there is an exact correlation between the rise in human numbers around the late 18th Century and the discovery and use of oil. Oil has allowed human numbers to rise to massively as it has allowed us to create agricultural and industrial systems able to feed those vast numbers of people. Without cheap oil then we would be unable to produce cheap food to feed the numbers of humans on the planet and this is why Peak Food is as much of an issue as Peak Oil. The next major change in human society was the discovery and use of nuclear energy. This resulted in the creation of the Military-Industrial Blocs in society and the creation of strong national security structures in societies with nuclear energy to prevent other nations using nuclear energy research for weapons production.

In this model of modern society we have the Corporate Fascist system, and the Corporate Oil Power Pyramid, that control the political, industrial, corporate and media systems and also the National Security Structures within the State to control the Nuclear Power structures. Some say that Human Society reached the energy peak in the middle sixties, and hence its peak of social complexity. At this point the amount of energy available to every individual on the planet from all combined energy sources reached its peak. If this is true then this evidence that human societies have reached their peak as regards social complexity.

Unless humanity is capable of unlocking new energy sources from the environment, either via Cold Fusion or through a transition to a total renewable energy economy and national based renewable energy power system, then humanity will suffer a catastrophic environmental, social, economic, agricultural and demographic crash within the next fifty years that may return human population levels to the level of the Middle Ages. Seeing as most scientists now agree the environmental and agricultural carrying capacity of the British nation is a population of about thirty million, then when the cheap energy goes for good then modern societies will collapse and so will human population numbers.

The only welcome casualty of the coming energy collapse will the Throwaway Model of the Consumer Society itself and the Globalist model. The challenge will be to phase the change into an Ecological Nationalism social model based on renewable energy systems (with a back up system of nuclear power) without the country descending into a new Feudalist society where the rich dominate the ownership of land and resources, or the descent into a new form of Communism powered by the middle class as they see their wealth stripped away in an endless economic recession. Society can either begin to evolve now, or be thrown into chaos later. The logic of mass immigration as regards economics is predicated on perpetual economic expansion being capable of keeping people in work. This is a facile analysis as the earth is closed system with a finite amount of energy and resources available. Once those resources in the environment are gone then they cannot be replaced. Therefore the idea that perpetual economic and social development is possible is being in breach of the laws of physics. Both Capitalism and Marxism suffer from the same insane delusion that both economic, human, industrial and social development are not limited by our se of the environment or limited by finite resources of energy and resources. What we steal from the environment today, we take from the hands of future generations. The cheap commodities of today are stolen from tomorrows world.

The most pernicious example of this theft from future generation was the creation of the Throwaway Model of the Consumer society. Consumer goods in this model were designed to be discarded. Made with cheap plastics made from cheap oils they were designed not to be kept but to be thrown away. The factories could then be constantly busy producing the transient throwaway consumer goods that needed to be constantly replaced as they were created to be used once then thrown away.

The factories went from mass producing bullets and bombs to mass producing plastic Christmas trees and shampoo bottles.

The use of propaganda techniques refined during the war to indoctrinate the masses with political ideas or to generate hate was then utilised in order to create consumer demands within society. The Psychological Warfare Units that had directed propaganda to change and manipulate social opinion during the war, were moved from their government barracks to the boardrooms of the corporations. They were the first of the advertising agencies that today create and sustain consumer demands in society. Without advertising agencies to generate social demand then commodities would not be bought by consumers. The consumer must be persuaded that they need to buy and own the particular commodity. The advertising agency creates propaganda that is then pumped out by the media owned by the corporations to the masses in order to create social demand for new commodities that profit the corporations. The corporations that control the media (either by direct ownership or via the media dependence on the money the corporations pay to advertise their products in the media) then use the media to tell people what to think and who to vote for. The political parties that are funded and supported by the media then get voted into power and then pass laws that give more power to the corporations and media. The media then have more power to promote the products produced by the corporations that control the Consumer Society. It is a sordid and reactionary system. Political change is impossible unless it is sanctified and permitted by the corporations that control and own the media. If the needs of the nation conflict with either the interests of the politicians or the corporations that control the media then change is made impossible. If the politicians put the nation first then the media do not support them, the corporations do not fund them and they get voted out of office. It is the media and the corporations that control the country, not the lickspittle dogs of the political parties that are dependent on their money and media promotion.

Humanity is entering a period of fundamental change. We either live with Nature or we will be destroyed by Nature. The pernicious belief that Man has dominion over the earth, and its capitalist and marxist manifestations, have to be replaced by a new Environmental Contract that is a fundamental part of the Social Contract. Man must live within the limits of nature and not within the confines of his own ideological delusions.

The Consumer Society has severed the link between indigenous national cultures that cared for and revered their national environments and replaced those national cultures with a consumerist model that sees the environment as merely something to be exploited for profit. The globalist model of open borders and its linked ideal the free movement of capital and labour has to be stopped. Fair Trade is merely Free Trade painted with a pseudo-moral gloss. Fair Trade is merely globalisation opening up new markets, environmental resource bases and previously closed nations to new development and exploitation. there is nothing moral about Fair Trade or Globalism, it is merely a product of the same advertising agencies that once sold us wars and hate.

The only solution is resistance. We must each, as nations and cultures, resist the encroachment of the corporations and consumer culture. The free man on his own land becomes merely a slave in a factory owned by foreign corporations when the logic of Globalism infects his nation. Environmentalism through the UN is just another mechanism for the removal and nullification of national defence systems.

Resistance must be local and national, not global and through the UN and other supra-national institutions. The struggle for the survival of our global environment, our nations and indigenous cultures is the defining struggle of the 21 st century.

The resistance must begin now.

Wednesday 23 May 2007

This Is England - Film Review

Shane Meadows is a brilliant British film maker. His last film Dead Mans Shoes is one of the best British gangster movies of the last decade, a film that haunts the memory. His latest offering is This Is England, a semi-autobiographical movie set in Grimsby in 1983 during the Falklands War that charts the story of 12 year old Shaun Fields, played by Thomas Turgoose, whose father has just been killed in the conflict. Bullied at school for his 'Keith Chegwin' flared trousers style of dress by various boys he falls in with a group of multi-racial Skinheads led by the ever amicable Woody, who takes him under his wing then lets him join the gang and offers him a real sense of belonging. Then one night the nemesis of the film Combo appears, played with real power by Stephen Graham. Combo has just come out of prison after serving three and a half years for a crime actually committed by Woody. Whilst in prison Combo has become politically radicalised and is an active supporter of the National Front. After meeting the gang Corby begins race baiting the black Skinhead member of the gang, Milky, and as a result the gang split into two groups, one an anti-racist gang led by Woody and the other a pro-National Front gang led by Combo.

As a result of the void in their lives due to their missing fathers Combo and Shaun are inexorably drawn together as though kindred souls and discover a relationship of mutual dependency, as each in their own way are alienated orphan outcasts. Both are fatherless, bullied, isolated and angry and both are in search of an identity. Joining the National Front for Shaun represents keeping faith with the sacrifice of his father for the country. For Combo it allows him to express his own self loathing and sense of rejection caused by his fathers rejection and collapsed family life.

During the film we discover that before Combo had been sent into prison he and the girlfriend of Woody had a drunken one night stand. Combo secretly meets up with her and declares his love for her and is rebuffed. He is seen distraught, crying and alone in his car. Combo then sets up a meeting in the street with Milky, the black skinhead of the gang who is a small time drugs dealer for the skinheads led by Woody and makes a deal to buy some marijuana from him. At the end of the film Combo attacks Milky after a night of drinking at a party in his flat and beats him to death. The attack on Milky is triggered when Milky is describing how close he is to his extended family and his warm home life to Combo. The film ends with Shaun throwing an English flag into a river symbolising his rejection of his English identity. I suspect that this film was Shane Meadows way of reclaiming the flag again. It is a quintessentially working class white English film, set in a predominantly Midlands white working class community just beginning to be 'enriched' by multi-culturalism.

The local shop owner is Asian and we meet him at the beginning of the film banning Shaun from his shop for reading the comics without paying for them. The Asian shop owner at the end of the film is subjected to a vicious racist attack by the gang led by Combo. The only black character in the film, Milky, is from a Jamaican family from the British Commonwealth who regards himself as British in culture, language and loyalty and also English. The two ethnic minority characters in the film that have important plot roles, one Black Christian and the other Asian Muslim, represent the ideological schism that begun in the 1980's between the previous social integrationist model adopted by the Black Community in Britain as denoted by Milky and the Multi-Cultural Model adopted by the new Asian immigrant Muslims as depicted by the Asian shop owner and some Asian youths shown later in the film. This symbolic division is later explicitly highlighted when a group of young Asian school kids are shown playing football in the streets in prayer caps and in traditional dress. Combo is shown being racist to the Asian Muslims and tells them to leave the street and not return. This moment in the film represents the moment when the fault line between the two ideologies of Multi-Culturalism and Integrationism finally began to impact in society at the level of the street and also when British society chose to adopt the Multi-Cultural model and the break up of the country into competing ethnic and religious community blocs created by incoming immigrant colonists rather than trying to impose the previous Integrationist Model.

In the final few scenes of the movie when Milky is being racially abused by Combo we see Milky smiling enigmatically at Combo, even though he knows he is about to be attacked by Combo. We are not told directly by Meadows through the characters in the film why Milky is smiling, nor are why we told why Combo reacts so violently to Milky. The reason is because Milky has discovered Combos secret. This is that Combo is mixed race and that he is 'passing' as white and that this internal conflict is the true source of his anger and racism, not any politics or the state of British society. Combo at one point talks about the British Army invading the Falklands and picking on the poor Falklands farmers. His politics are so vacuous and so obviously absurd that they are just a pose, a front for his sublimated rage and merely a mechanism for Combo to express his hatred of the society that rejected him. Milky when he smiles at Combo has understood that Combo has a 'black soul' referring to Combos love of black music. This is because Combo is himself mixed race and that the father who rejected him was half black. Meadows has explained in interviews that Combo was sent into care after getting into trouble before being adopted by a white family. Though not explicitly spelt out in the film the back story of Combo has been revealed by Meadows at a recent press conference and discussion about the film. Rejected by his father, his black family, his two black brothers who were born looking black whilst he was born looking white and the extended black community, and also having been the victim of racist bullying in prison by black inmates who thought he was white, Combo has no roots or identity and as a result has come to hate all black and Asian people. His skin colour has become his only uniform for everything else has been taken from him. His only experience of blacks in his white adopted family was to be bullied by them in prison. The cumulative psychological effects of this rejection by the black community and his alienation from his roots meant that Combo had rejected entirely his black ethnicity and ancestry, except for his black soul and love of black music that he expressed through being a skinhead. In the end it was inevitable that due to the internal psychological pressure of being a black, Nazi, skinhead who has a black soul but a white skin meant that he would eventually explodes into rage and violence.

It is his self loathing for his own self denied ethnicity that drives his hatred for all blacks and immigrants not any politics. The rejection by his black father is the source of the pain he inflicts upon Milky who is black, for Milky has a large and happy extended black family and is close to his father. He hates Milky not because of his race but because he has the family and life that he himself was denied. The fact that the black people he met in prison also saw him as a racial stereotype, that being just another white, and the fact that the black community had rejected him because he looked white instead of looking black, meant that Combos whole mindset and psychology was predicated on race and motivated by rejection and alienation. Alienation from society, communities and fathers is a powerful and topical argument at the moment what with the crisis of black on black violence in they black community being allegedly caused by a lack of fathers and also single parents families. Combo symbolises the secret tragedy of Multi-Racialism that is never discussed which is the problems of identity of those born of m mixed racial parentage. Those that look white are claimed by the White community and those that look Black by the black community, but what of those like Combo who have skin of one colour and the soul of another. Combo is the rootless product of a society that is based on liberal racism. In a society where race is regarded as a major issue for all communities, then what of those who are mixed race. As Combo looks white he becomes a skinhead, but equally if the story had been about a youth who looks black from the same background then he would have become a black gangsta, a Death Angel or a rap singer involved in the criminal underworld listening to Public Enemy, Onyx and N.W.A. Combo becomes a disciple of white nationalism, but others who are of mixed black and white parentage, but who look black, seek to sublimate their white ethnicity by becoming radical afro-centrists and become disciples of Black Nationalist organisations such as the Nation of Islam, Chuck D and Malcolm X. This tragedy has the same outcomes but always played out in a different way. Combo by becoming a National Front member becomes more white than the average whites, just as many mixed blacks become more 'right on' than the average black person. Combo is a tragic figure, yet in their rush to attack his 'racism' the very liberals who crated our racist society are furthering de-humanising him and further racialising his pain. Liberals have become lost in a labyrinth of their own illusions and lies and an offer no way out of their racial limbo for those such as Combo.

What this back story of Combo reveals is that it is not the 'racist ideology' of the National Front that drives Combo to attack Milky, it is own sublimated self hatred that finally erupts when Milky is talking about his idyllic family life. During this scene in the film you can see the pain and loss in Combos eyes, as he wipes away his tears in secret so that his gang cannot see he is crying. Combo hides behind the politics of the National Front as the basis of his hate just as a rapist uses a mask to hide himself from his victims. Combo uses the National Front as a vehicle to project his self hatred upon society and his own black family and community. The National Front are not using Combo, Combo is using the National Front. The fact that the Liberal Left so called 'film critics' and intellectuals that sit on the soft sofas of Newsnight Review, regard this as a powerful film with an anti-racist message suggests they either did not understand the film or are deliberately misrepresenting it for their own reasons. It is in fact a powerful attack on Multi-Culturalism. The main leads are a young white boy with no father, community, identity or culture and a mixed race skinhead neo-Nazi. For Shaun it is only the skinheads that give him all these essential building blocs for self respect. The question they should be asking is why this is. The answer though would need to address issues such as the psychological problems caused by miscegenation in a Liberal Fascist society predicated on racial identities and the ongoing effects of the de-culturalisation of the white British working class and its effects on white youth and identity and therefore can never be debated.

Setting the film during the Falklands Conflict was also interesting. It is an irony of history that whilst the Thatcher government was pro-active in defending the Falklands Isles from Argentine invasion, at the same time mass immigration was being encouraged and facilitated by Thatcherite economists in government to lower wage levels in the UK. The tragedy of the Falklands War was that whilst British soldiers were dying in the Falklands to stop British territory being invaded and taken over and the British way of life being destroyed, the British troops and British people were themselves being stabbed in the back at home by a government that was deliberately choosing to open the immigration floodgates, who enacted amnesties for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and who refused to prosecute Islamist extremist lunatics in the country who hospitalised dozens of police at ' Kill Salman Rushdie ' demos. The attempt to portray the Falklands War as Britain 'bullying' a weak Argentina is frankly laughable, as Argentina was at the time a well armed military dictatorship with a powerful navy and air force. The navy had submarines and an air force with Mirage 111EA interceptor jets that were armed with Etendard/ Exocet missiles systems that were far more deadly than any missile systems utilised by British forces, FMA IA 58 Pucara fighters, McDonnell Douglas A-4C Skyhawk fighters and also surveillance Boeing 737's and C-130 Hercules in use. They were a well disciplined army with mass public support whose one weakness on the ground was an over reliance on conscript soldiers as opposed to professional troops. This was not a walk over war. They had aircraft carriers such as the ARA Veinticinco De Mayo and Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King helicopters and anti-submarine fighter planes such as the Grumman S-2E Tracker in operational use. Our national nuclear weapons capability was rendered tactically and strategically useless and the Argentinians after they had invaded the Falkland Islands had the ground prepared with defence positions, air cover and were confident in their superiority as per their missile systems and attack systems to target our ships and troops as they landed and sought to re-supply the British forces. The fact we lost ships such as the Sheffield, Galahad, Ardent, Antelope, Tristan and ships such as the Argonaut, Coventry, Atlantic Conveyor, Glamorgan and Antrim are hit by bombs shows how tough this fight was. On just one day, the 21 st May 1982, the ships Ardent and Argonaut were sunk and 13 Argentinian fighters shot down. 255 British troops died in the Falklands War. It was not a war that was a walk over I an way, and regurgitating left wing myths about the war is a major flaw in the film.
Combo sees himself as much a soldier as those in the Falklands, except for Combo the Skinheads are the Home Guard that are defending British soil itself from foreign invasion. The fact that he has become an 'super patriot' fighting for 'England' is due to his own innate inferiority complex. He is over compensating as regards his sublimated and suppressed ethnic identity, for he himself is the alien he hates. At one point in the film Combo asks Milky if he regards himself as Jamaican or English, when Milky replies " English " , Combo says that he considers him as English and British as he is because he is proud to say so. Yet at the same time he uses racist language to attack blacks. This incident demonstrates that the hatred of Combo for blacks is neither rational nor based on any political reason, for it is entirely irrational and makes sense only to Combo.

To say this film should be regarded as an polemic about so called 'racist' politics is to misunderstand the entire basis of the film. Politics is not the cause of Combos racism, it is his own confusion over his racial identity and issues regarding his rejection by his half black father. The skinheads in the gang run by Woody are able to form an inclusive skinhead group that rejects the uniform of race as they all share other 'uniforms' that unite them, these being a shared British culture, language, religion, history , music and clothes. They are symbolic of the old Integrationist Model, and even though Combo as a metaphor reflects the failure of Multi-Racial society at the level of the family and the individual, they can still unite around those things as a group that they have in common other than their race. The Asian Muslims that Combo meets in the street scene near the end of the film represent the Multi-Cultural Model that we have now. There could be no assimilation into Woodys skinhead gang with the Asian Muslims they meet in the film for they share no 'uniforms'. They have a different language, culture, customs, traditions, values and religion from Woody and Milky and the rest of the gang. Many geographically self isolate themselves in ethnic enclaves so physically preventing any forms of assimilation. If many of them as an organised community group and took political power in Britain then our society would no longer be British and there would no reggae music, smoking weed, drinking beer, bacon butties and football matches, pre-marital sex and skinhead clothing or British culture in such an Islamic Fundamentalist society. Therefore those on the Left that will try and use this film as a device for indoctrinating children into the idea that some sort of multi-cultural skinhead model existed in the past, and try to peddle the myth that prior to the racism of the National Front that British society was multi-racial and inclusive, face the problem of explaining what Woodys gang would be doing today and also that Combo the arch-racist of the film is also part black himself. It is impossible to use this film as a propaganda device to indoctrinate modern British children into believing the lies of the Multi-Culturalists that all the problems of British society are due to white racism caused by groups such as the National Front. The film is a snap shot of a past long gone, and reflects the moment when a unified national narrative was torn apart into a series of competing communities.
The film also critiques the social effects of the destruction of traditional White working class communities that were torn apart by socialist town planners in the post-war years, the effect on white families torn apart by mass unemployment in the eighties and finally the betrayal of the entire white working class by New Labour. The White working class as a community were deliberately abandoned by successive Tory and Labour governments to poverty, alienation and drug abuse in favour of the creation a new immigrant middle and working class as part of what became ' Cool Brittania '. Whilst all ethnic minority groups in the UK were expected to celebrate their identity, the ethnic English were denied the right to have an identity and called racists if they dared to organise as a community to represent their community and ethnic interests. This was liberal hypocrisy at its sickening best. Whilst a new immigrant ethnic middle class prospered from the breakdown of traditional British society, the indigenous white working class were thrown onto the social scrapheap to be despised as the underclass. In Cool Britannia the Muslim woman was encouraged to wear a veil and mosques proliferated in our towns and cities, the Sikh community were allowed by law to carry a Kirpan and not wear a crash helmet, the Scots to embrace Scottish Nationalism and seek national independence, the Irish to have subsidised St. Patricks Day festivals, West Indian and African immigrants to dance all night at the Notting Hill Festival and the Jamaican to fly the Jamaican flag during the cricket. But any expression of communal pride in being ethnically British or English was regarded as racist.
As Bertholt Brecht wrote " If the people will not vote for the government, then the government must change the people ". It is no coincidence that mass immigration into the UK has coincided with mass white emigration out of the UK. Governments both Tory and Labour, with Liberal backing, have sought to ethnically cleanse the indigenous white working class from Britain. This is because the white working class have always been resistant to the latest asinine utopian ideology or political fad that had swept the coffee bars and salons of the bourgeoise. They remained loyal, patriotic and infuriatingly apathetic. The White working class have always been regarded as obstacles of progress to those both on the Reactionary Right and the Revolutionary Left. Stalin sent them to Gulags whilst Blair sends them to war in Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The white liberal middle class has a particular loathing of them. Between bouts of sterilising them during the epoch of Social Darwinism and shipping them off to colonies in the West Indies as bonded labour and convicts, the white liberal middle class have done everything they can to assist the social engineers and psychopaths both right and left in their missions to eradicate the white working class. The 'useful idiots' of Lenin have served both capitalism and communism as accomplices to the sociocide of the working class in Britain.

Shane Meadows has made another entertaining, poignant, thoughtful and humorous film. He manages to say important things concerning the de-culturalisation of both white and black British youth in relation to the problems of the Multi-Racial Model that have not been debated before. The film hints at some of the less addressed problems caused by the Multi-Racial Model such as the issue around the loss of ethnic identity due to miscegenation and racism from the black community against mixed race people and hints at the problem we face today as a result of the racialism at the heart of Multi-Culturalism. It is ironic that due to the opposition of ethnic minorities as communities to the political rise of the National Front in the 1970's and 80's, and the ensuing community radicalisation that resulted, that the dynamic of the Multi-Cultural Model really took off. The growth of the Multi-Cultural Model has resulted in the death of the skinhead movement as depicted by Woodys gang. People do not have to integrate anymore and communities are polarised and exclusive, not united and inclusive. Another irony is that Multi-Culturalism has itself become Liberal Fascism. It is only by the Liberal Fascist elite actively suppressing the identity of the ethnic majority in England, that of the ethnic English, that the Multi-Cultural Model been able to form the Tyranny of the Minorities social model that we live under today. The lesson of this film is that the real fascists in our society were not the so called racist groups like the National Front, who never had any political power not ever passed a single racist law, but are in fact the multi-culturalists. All the racism in our society can be laid only ay the feet of the Tories, Labour and Liberals for they alone have had and exercised the political power that created the racial problems in our society. Blaming the National Front and other political parties is plainly illogical. Correlation and causation are two entirely different things, and only fools and scoundrels seek to adduce a connection where non exists. Whilst the speaker in the National Front meeting in the film said that those from ethnic groups who stood up for Britain could stay in Britain and be part of British culture, it is only the Liberal Fascists whose politics have run the country since the 1980's who have created our racially polarised communities, the ethnic ghettoes and who have attempted to ethnically cleanse the ethnic English from British society. They alone are the real fascists.

This is England is a great film and Shane Meadows has managed to make a film that not only entertains but also gets one thinking. It is a real pity that the so called 'cultural commentators' of our society are either so thick or so frightened of this film that they cannot debate its real messages. Like Shane and Shaun I was also raised on a white working class estate and hung around outside the shops with the local skinheads drinking cheap cider from bottles with a straw with blokes with names such as Rory, Pecker, Big Kev, Scrapper and Kip. Much of this film reflects the reality of that era and the scenes where Shaun rides around on his grifter bike and the gang go shooting with air rifles are also scenes from my childhood. It is an evocative and moving film that for those of us in our late thirties from a working class background will remind us of an era that we all lived through. It is a pity that Shane has started to try and indulge in the a sub-Ken Loach type politics, as his facile analysis of the Falklands War proves, and I only hope that he avoids such crass political sloganeering in the future. Shanes films work best when they reflect working class community life, they fail when they try and become vehicles for political comment.

Tuesday 22 May 2007

The Housing Crisis and Immigration

The Real Housing Crisis

It appears that Margaret Hodge is these days the nominated ' hair shirt ' wearer for the Labour Party. Her most recent outburst as regards the issue of housing in predominantly white working class communities is a classic example of the sinner repenting.

The crisis in social housing in the UK is due to a decade of Labour apathy, incompetence and their embrace of the Blunkett Principle that ' their is no reason to limit immigration '

There are nowt so blind as the blind it seems.

It has taken a long time for the white working class to come to understand the essential nature of the New Labour Party, which is that they are a party of big business, ethnic minorities and the liberal middle class and not a party that gives a toss about the White Working Class.

In effect the Labour Party represent the victory of the Tyranny of the Minorities in the UK. This is the process whereby the fundamental basis of our democratic system ( the rights of the majority take precedence over the interests of minorities ) has been subverted and instead the interests of minorities ( ethnic groups and the Race Relations Industry, big businesses that donate to the Labour Party and the selfish economic interests of the insipid middle class liberals ) dominate the political agenda at the disadvantage of the majority.

Take for instant housing.

Hodge says that their is a crisis in social housing due to mass immigration into the country and immigrants taking all the social housing. She is right of course, but this is only part of the story. The average white working class family are suffering from a range of social disavantages due to immigration, not just problems getting social housing.

In many of our cities over recent years the number of Eastern European migrant workers that have entered the country have taken virtually all the spare rental accomodation. At the same time this has driven up rentals for housing and priced the poorest white families out of the rental housing market. At the same time the prices of housing in the UK have risen due to record demand for homes thereby driving the poorest of our people into even being unable to afford buy their own houses. At the same time the flood of immigrants into the country have taken up all the social housing.

The net result is that the poorest white families can neither buy, rent or be given council housing.

This means we have milions of white indigenous families in the UK who are never able to own their own home.

The era of ' Cathy Come Home ' has returned under the aegis of the Labour Party.

The effect this housing crisis is having on working class families, and the aspirations of their children, is massive.

I have been homeless many times in my life. As a teenager I remember the effect it had on me and how the shadow of homelessness affects all areas of your life. Is it any wonder then that white working class children of the working class homeless, the abandoned generation of the New Labour Experiment, are leaving school with the lowest exam rates and lowest aspirations.

When you see your parents struggling every day just to survive and keep a roof over their heads, then this has a damaging effect on your own self image and aspirations for your own life.

I have a fervent wish that one day the disasters experienced by the white working class are visited upon the middle class parasites and New Labour Elite of this country. That some mighty economic recession hits them hard and strips them of the wealth and priveliges that allow them to hide in their nice, white middle class enclaves cushioned by credit, large pensions and positive equity mortgages.

I hope that one day they will understand how it feels to live on baked beans on toast and fish fingers from Liddls every day in a sub standard rented house where the water in the toilet freezes on a cold morning and where your breath curdles in the frigid air when you lift your head from the duvet because you cannot afford to heat the 2 rooms you live in.

The announcement yesterday that planning laws are to be relaxed in the UK has nothing to do with helping the white working class homeless of this country. The new planning laws are being put in place to make sure that Tesco's and Sainsbury's are able to build their new out of town shopping centres on Green Belt land. This is their reward for funding the Labour Party.

Who pays the piper calls the tune.

The other beneficiaries of the planning change will , of course, be the Sunni Islamist groups, funded by Saudi Arabia, that are planning to build scores of vast new mosques in the UK.

From the scandal of the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith ( a Tony Blair appointee and Labour Party member ) ending the investigation into BAE corruption to the endless hidden examples of corruption designed to please Saudia Arabian princes ( for the oil of course ) the interests of the Saudi Arabian funders of Jihadism in the UK have dominated British politics for decades.

The reason why Al Qaeda are active in this country ( and we are called Londonistan ) is because the Tory and Labour elites have brown nosed the Saudi billionaires that fund Jihad in this country for decades.

The new planning laws wont be used to build new houses for the white working class, as that vile reptile Peter Hain has confirmed with his attack on Hodges proposals , but instead will be used to ride roughshod over local peoples who dare protest against another mega-mosque being built in their town with Saudi money ( that is also being used to fund Al Qaeda in Pakistan and the Middle East generally).

The Shari Socialists of the Labour Party are the heirs of Saladin and Stalin and today bend over backwards for Saudi Arabian oil money for their own personal enrichment.

The Labour, Liberal and Tory parties are all Dhimmi- Political parties that have surrendered their principles for power and wealth.

Even 'Red Ken' livingstone, a man who head is so far up the arse of the appeasers and promoters of Islamic extremism that when Yusuf Qaradawi coughs his head can be seen lodged between Qaradawis tonsils, has said the comments of Margaret Hodge are illegal.

The idea that it is ' illegal ' for a British government to prioritise homes to the indigenous British people is so insane that one wonders what sort of country we live in.

Seeing as Ken in his past incarnations wanted to repossess private property in the name of socialism, I have an idea. Lets take the second and third and fourth homes of all the Labour and Tory and Liberal politicians who have been responsible for the housing crisis and give them to poor families in the UK.

When you have such ' socialists ' as the late and not lamented Tony Banks selling his 'art collection' at Bonhams whilst saying he stood up for the poor ( what sort of socialist has an art or wine collection !!!!!!!! ) then its time the property of the socialists was given back to the poor.

Donald Dewar the other ex-socialist ' hero' had multiple homes and a fifty grand wine collection when he died. Even Margaret Hodge has more than one home !!!!

Those who attack the rich for being rich are idiots, it is not being rich that is the crime it is what they do with their wealth that defines the criminal. The old ideal of Noblesse Oblige has been replaced by ' screw you jack '. The modern rich parasite is as likely to be a socialist as they are a capitalist.

Whilst the ' Reds ' such as the ex-LEADER OF THE BRITISH COMMUNIST PARTY own art collections worth millions, Labour Socialists own wine collections worth fifty grand and four homes then is it any wonder the working class have no homes and poverty, and relative poverty, have increased under both Tory and Labour rule. The Labour Party are the lackey of the parasitic rich, and their socialism is either Champagne Socialism or Sharia Socialism.

I suggest the BNP pass a ' Social Restitution Policy ' for all those politicians and those individuals that have funded the mainstream political parties for the last fifty years. Those that own more than one home will have the others repossessed by the state and handed to deserving homeless families. Those companies and individuals that have funded the establishment political parties that have funded the various governments will also suffer the same fate. They all share the blame for the present crisis. The individuals funded the politicians and political parties into power and the politicians passed the laws that screwed us all over.

They are all guilty and therefore should all pay.

Finally the good news.

In Barking and Dagenham hundreds of millions of pounds are being given to the council to spend on social housing as a result of the BNP victories in the area.

The government have decided that spending millions and millions of pounds on new social housing will mean the BNP voters that voted the present BNP councillors into offfice will desert the BNP as the main issue that motivated them to vote BNP, lack of social housing, will be solved and this will mean the BNP will not be voted in next time. The problem is that as soon as you vote out the BNP then all those homes will, of course GO TO THE IMMIGRANTS !!!!! as the BNP will not be there to act as ' the incentive ' for the council to ensure those new homes go to the locals !

There is a big lesson here ;

1) Vote BNP and the government will spend hundreds of millions on building new homes in your area to ensure that the pissed off locals wont vote for the BNP again

2) A vote for the BNP means that finaly you stand the chance of getting a council house

3) At the same time many of the migrant worker incomers to the area will no longer flood that area as the area will get a reputation in the media as a ' BNP stronghold ' , therefore this means the massive influx of migrant workers will not come into your area and drive up private rental costs and take up all the social housing. The government will also end the movement of new migrants into the area as soon as a BNP vote rises in area - such as in Blackburn and other areas where they have removed those areas from the dispersal policy

The only losers in the short term are the Middle Classes. Seeing as they ONLY care about their house prices continuing rising then a vote for the BNP will, in the short term , mean that the influx of migrant workers and asylum seekers will abate and therefore their precious house prices will not rise as fast as in those areas where demand is high due to the influx of immigrants.

But in the long term even the selfish idiots of the middle class will lose out. An area which has become swamped with migrant workers and become an ethnic ghetto becomes, for the indigenous British people, a no go area. In the long run house prices will drop as these areas become colonies for whatever group has just hopped off the latest boat or plane. Those areas become ' welfare ghettos' with associated crime and disorder and house prices then plummet.

In the mean time the middle class people will witness their children fleeing those areas swamped with immigrants, due to the area becoming a no go area, and they will be left with their large mortgages and massive credit card bills.

The lesson is therefore VOTE BNP and we all win.

Vote Labour, Liberal or Tory and we all lose.

P.S all those who have left comments or sent e mails about this blog, thank you. I am still working out how to use the blog and will respond when my level of competence enables me not to cock up responding, so forgive the lack of replies so far.