Friday 29 July 2011

Sharia Law in London

IT'S the leafy London suburb that's gearing up to be one of the host local authorities for next year's Olympics.

But yesterday bemused residents of Waltham Forest were reacting to news the borough had been declared an Islamic emirate by a fringe group of fundamentalists.

The group Muslims Against Crusades has demanded strict Sharia law in the east London community - banning gambling, smoking and alcohol.

Dozens of posters had been put up - quickly removed by the council - insisting: "You are entering a Shariah controlled zone - Islamic rules enforced."

The group's Islamic Emirates Project aims to establish independent Muslim states within Britain and has also earmarked Bradford and Dewsbury in West Yorks, and Luton, Beds.

The Islamic group's website said: "Muslims Against Crusades would like to announce that Waltham Forest is to be the first borough to be targeted for an intense Shariah-led campaign."

Warning ... Muslims Against Crusades poster
Paul Edwards
Yesterday supporter of the group Abu Izzadeen, 36, insisted he wants to see the stoning of adulterers and women forced to cover up their bodies on the streets of Waltham Forest, which has one of the country's highest Muslim populations.

The radical - an electrician called Trevor Brooks before converting to Islam - said last night: "It would be changed to the Islamic Emirate of Waltham Forest. Why not? We need Sharia law here.

"We have a big problem with prostitution here, a huge problem with drugs, we have an infestation of gambling shops on the High Road and the free mixing of males and females.

"Women would have to cover up. It should be forbidden that they are not. Thieves should have their hands cut off."

As for stoning of adulterers in Waltham Forest the preacher added: "One day we hope it will happen."

The preacher, who was convicted in 2008 for terrorism fund-raising and giving speeches urging Muslims to fight US troops in Iraq, said he will speak at a rally by the group after a march through the borough on Saturday.

In Leyton, locals refused to react to the provocation.

Muslims Redzz Shakeel and Sal Warner said the group's comments were ill-timed after the Norway massacre by a far-Right fanatic.

Insurance worker Sal, 29, insisted: "This is just trying to separate different communities but it's not going to work.

Hate preacher ... Abu Izzadeen
"We don't want stonings in this country. That's crazy. This is Britain and everyone should live by Britain's laws."

Musician Redzz, 24, added: "It's a tiny minority of Muslims who want laws like this. People are entitled to their own views but shouldn't try to tell other people how to live."

Shopping in High Road, Leyton, unemployed Abdul Rehman, 56, a Muslim originally from Pakistan, added: "They should go to a Muslim country if they want to live under those laws. It has no place in Britain."

Community leaders urged residents to ignore the "publicity stunt". Mohammed Ilyas, general secretary at Waltham Forest mosque, said: "We totally condemn these kinds of views and if someone came in here preaching that kind of message we would throw them out."

Unemployed Leyton Orient fan Rob Morgan, 50, said: "We have people from all over the world here and by and large we all get on well. This group is not going to change that."

Mum-of-two Valerie Houghton, 23, insisted: "They can declare Sharia law but I'm going to wear what I want and have a glass of wine when I want one.

"I believe in live and let live but won't be told what to do."

'It's a minority view' ... Redzz Shakeel, Valerie Houghton and Sal Warner say they will not be told how to live by Islamic group
Paul Edwards
Yesterday Waltham Forest Council said it had removed the posters and was combing through CCTV footage to help police prosecute any offenders.

Council leader Chris Robbins said: "People shouldn't get the wrong idea about our borough because a handful of small-minded idiots decided to deface our streets with ridiculous posters."

Ghaffar Hussain of Quilliam, a counter-extremism and pro-democracy think-tank, said: "Muslims Against Crusades are a lunatic fringe of troublemakers not even taken seriously by genuine extremists, let alone ordinary Muslims who abhor their rhetoric and tactics and find them an embarrassment."


Earlier this month female visitors to the Noor Ul Islam summer fete at Leyton Cricket Ground were ordered to cover their shoulders by Muslim organisers.

Fete volunteer Hasib Hussain told a local paper: "T-shirts were only given to people who were dressed inappropriately, like those wearing mini-skirts or low-cut tops."

Muslims Against Crusades was set up last year and its members were behind a poppy-burning protest on Armistice Day.

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How an Idiocracy is Created

If 10% of the Population Believes a Stupid Thing, The Majority Will TooPosted by Good German on July 28, 2011

Via ScienceDaily:

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.

The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion.

The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.”When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority,” said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer. “Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.”

As an example, the ongoing events in Tunisia and Egypt appear to exhibit a similar process, according to Szymanski. “In those countries, dictators who were in power for decades were suddenly overthrown in just a few weeks.”

The findings were published in the July 22, 2011, early online edition of the journal Physical Review E in an article titled “Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities.”

An important aspect of the finding is that the percent of committed opinion holders required to shift majority opinion does not change significantly regardless of the type of network in which the opinion holders are working. In other words, the percentage of committed opinion holders required to influence a society remains at approximately 10 percent, regardless of how or where that opinion starts and spreads in the society.

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What Else Did the Murdochs Run !

It looks like they even ran the British Army FFS !

Murdochs were given secret defence briefings

Ministers held meetings with media mogul's people more than 60 times

By Oliver Wright, Whitehall Editor

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The extraordinary access that Cabinet ministers granted Rupert Murdoch and his children was revealed for the first time yesterday, with more than two dozen private meetings between the family and senior members of the Government in the 15 months since David Cameron entered Downing Street.

In total, Cabinet ministers have had private meetings with Murdoch executives more than 60 times and, if social events such as receptions at party conferences are included, the figure is at least 107.

On two occasions, James Murdoch and former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks were given confidential defence briefings on Afghanistan and Britain's strategic defence review by the Defence Secretary, Liam Fox. A further briefing was held with Ms Brooks, Rupert Murdoch and the Sunday Times editor John Witherow.

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The Chancellor, George Osborne, has had 16 separate meetings since May 2010 with News International editors and executives, including two with the Murdochs within just a month of taking office. He also invited Elisabeth Murdoch as a guest to his 40th birthday party last month.

The Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, dined with Rupert Murdoch within days of the Government coming to power and, after being given quasi-judicial oversight for the Murdochs' £8bn attempted takeover of BSkyB, had two meetings with James Murdoch in which they discussed the takeover. Mr Hunt said last night that these were legitimate as part of the bid process.

But the minister who sees Rupert Murdoch the most frequently is the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, a former News International employee. Mr Gove has seen the mogul for breakfast, lunch or dinner on six occasions since last May. Overall, Mr Gove has had 12 meetings with Murdoch executives since becoming a minister.

The list, released by government departments yesterday evening, reinforces the impression of an unhealthily close relationship between the top echelons of News International and senior members of the Coalition Cabinet, which first became apparent when Mr Cameron released his list of contacts with news organisations a week ago. He revealed then that he had met News International executives on 26 occasions since entering Downing Street.

Senior executives and editors from News International have held private meetings with Cabinet ministers more than 60 times since last May.

Other newspaper groups and media organisations had significantly fewer meetings. Mr Osborne met with representatives of The Daily Telegraph group on six occasions and The Independent/London Evening Standard twice. Mr Hunt met Telegraph and Independent figures twice each and members of the BBC 11 times.

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, who was stripped of responsibility for ruling on whether the BSkyB bid should go ahead after boasting in December that he had "declared war on Rupert Murdoch", did not have as much contact as some of his colleagues. Mr Cable met the editor of The Times, James Harding, in December, although it is unclear whether this was before or after he was stripped of his responsibilities for the BSkyB bid.

The Prime Minister's chief of staff, Ed Llewellyn, held a meeting shortly after the election with No 10's then communications director Andy Coulson, the former head of the Metropolitan Police Sir Paul Stephenson and Neil Wallis, the former deputy editor of the News of the World and then an adviser to the Met. Both Mr Coulson and Mr Wallis have since been arrested on suspicion of phone hacking and Sir Paul resigned over his handling of the scandal.

Last night a spokesman for Mr Gove insisted that his meetings with the Murdochs were of a personal nature. "Michael worked for the BBC and News International and his wife works for News International now," he said. "He has known Rupert Murdoch for over a decade. He did not discuss the BSkyB deal with the Murdochs and isn't at all embarrassed about his meetings, most of which have been about education, which is his job."

A spokesman for Mr Fox said that the defence briefings given to the Murdochs covered a range of issues and were given because of the "interest in defence matters" shown by News International papers. He did not say who initiated the meetings.

The Chancellor had said he would be happy to talk about the meetings, but the list was released just after interviews he gave on GDP figures so he was not available for comment.

The Conservative Party co-chairman, Sayeeda Warsi, said the release of the information showed that, in contrast to Labour, the Government was being open about its dealings with the Murdochs. "This Government is delivering unprecedented transparency," she said. "Ed Miliband now needs to come clean. Where is his list of Shadow Cabinet media meetings?"

Watson to write book with Independent reporter

Tom Watson, the Labour MP who has done much to uncover the extent of the phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World, is to write the "full behind-the-scenes story" with The Independent correspondent Martin Hickman. The publisher Penguin promised yesterday that the book would "describe in previously unpublished detail the nexus between News Corporation, the police and politicians, and will explain how the connections between them were unravelled".

The tenacious MP for West Bromwich East led the questioning of Rupert and James Murdoch and the former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks last week when they appeared before the House of Commons select committee for Culture, Media & Sport.

Hickman was named 2009 Journalist of the Year by the Foreign Press Association. Penguin said: "With unique information and access, their book will show what went wrong with some very prominent British institutions and will mark the moment when everything began to change." As yet untitled, it will be published later this year. The book is likely to be one of several documenting a scandal that has gone to the heart of British society.

Ian Burrell

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Human Over population Vs Global Warming

The problem is human over population - industrial pollution is a symptom of that.

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.

Study co-author Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and U.S. Science Team Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer flying on NASA's Aqua satellite, reports that real-world data from NASA's Terra satellite contradict multiple assumptions fed into alarmist computer models.

"The satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming than the climate models show," Spencer said in a July 26 University of Alabama press release. "There is a huge discrepancy between the data and the forecasts that is especially big over the oceans."

In addition to finding that far less heat is being trapped than alarmist computer models have predicted, the NASA satellite data show the atmosphere begins shedding heat into space long before United Nations computer models predicted.

The new findings are extremely important and should dramatically alter the global warming debate.

Scientists on all sides of the global warming debate are in general agreement about how much heat is being directly trapped by human emissions of carbon dioxide (the answer is "not much"). However, the single most important issue in the global warming debate is whether carbon dioxide emissions will indirectly trap far more heat by causing large increases in atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds. Alarmist computer models assume human carbon dioxide emissions indirectly cause substantial increases in atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds (each of which are very effective at trapping heat), but real-world data have long shown that carbon dioxide emissions are not causing as much atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds as the alarmist computer models have predicted.

The new NASA Terra satellite data are consistent with long-term NOAA and NASA data indicating atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds are not increasing in the manner predicted by alarmist computer models. The Terra satellite data also support data collected by NASA's ERBS satellite showing far more longwave radiation (and thus, heat) escaped into space between 1985 and 1999 than alarmist computer models had predicted. Together, the NASA ERBS and Terra satellite data show that for 25 years and counting, carbon dioxide emissions have directly and indirectly trapped far less heat than alarmist computer models have predicted.

In short, the central premise of alarmist global warming theory is that carbon dioxide emissions should be directly and indirectly trapping a certain amount of heat in the earth's atmosphere and preventing it from escaping into space. Real-world measurements, however, show far less heat is being trapped in the earth's atmosphere than the alarmist computer models predict, and far more heat is escaping into space than the alarmist computer models predict.

When objective NASA satellite data, reported in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, show a "huge discrepancy" between alarmist climate models and real-world facts, climate scientists, the media and our elected officials would be wise to take notice. Whether or not they do so will tell us a great deal about how honest the purveyors of global warming alarmism truly are.

James M. Taylor is senior fellow for environment policy at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Environment & Climate News.

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The EDL and the BBC Mafia

The BBC regards itself as a politically impartial organisation, but their behaviour in the fallout of the Breivik atrocity shows them to be nothing other than the unapologetic propaganda arm of the hard Left and Islam.

There are atrocities and there are lesser atrocities in the peculiar thinking of BBC executives. After 9/11 they went to positively surreal lengths to disassociate Islam from terrorism. They publicly asked what we had done wrong to arouse such animosity and scoured the length and breadth of Britain to produce Muslims who would denounce the airliner attacks as terrible yes, but Islamic? No, no and no again.

Just two days after 9/11 those decidedly un-impartial bosses at the BBC contrived to fill a Question Time audience with a large number of handpicked haters of America who reduced Philip Lader, former United States ambassador to the Court of St. James, to tears as they chanted anti-American slogans while the BBC moderator remained outwardly impassive, but inwardly exultant.

Much the same happened after the Islamic transport bombings in London on 7 and 21 July 2005. Question Time was again the culprit, but this time they filled the audience with Muslims in numbers totally unrepresentative of their population share, or as the BBC so disingenuously put it:

“In order to ensure a range of voices on these issues, the studio audience contained a higher proportion of Muslims in the audience than in the population as a whole — around 15% — but the rest of the audience — around 85% — included representatives of a number of other different ethnic and religious groups, including Christian, Hindu, Sikh, African Caribbean, English, Irish, Kashmiri and Turkish.”

Although we should perhaps be grateful that a handful of English people and Christians were even allowed into the BBC studio, it seems clear that the purpose of the exercise was to excuse Islam for actions carried out in the name of Islam, whilst shutting down any robust criticism by making sure any potential critics were numerically outnumbered by a hostile majority.

This brings us to their rather different attitude in the wake of the Norway terrorist attack where the perpetrator — as described ad infinitum by the BBC — was a blue-eyed, blond-haired, right-wing Conservative/Christian fundamentalist. BBC newsreader Kate Silverton went the extra mile in ensuring a Norwegian interviewee repeated the word “Nazi” three times in his description of the physical looks of Breivik — just to make sure we all fully understood her subliminal point.

To the BBC, the EDL are the Nazis reborn and thus just waiting for any old excuse to go on a murderous rampage against all the non-Aryans in their midst. How they must have salivated at the thought of getting EDL leader Tommy Robinson onto Newsnight, where the poor little lamb would be soundly taken apart and exposed by their Attack-Dog-In-Chief, Mr Jeremy Paxman.

Unfortunately for the BBC, that turned out not be the case (see video courtesy of Vlad Tepes blog). Mr Paxman’s clear intention was not to discuss why Breivik had run amok, or how such an atrocity could be prevented in the UK, but simply to associate — by any dishonest means possible — Tommy Robinson and the EDL with Breivik.

It was hopelessly one-sided. The gurning, grimacing Paxman went down all sorts of disingenuous trails in his quest to expose Mr Robinson and the EDL as being somehow complicit in the actions of Breivik, but was bulldozed by the unflappable and indefatigable Tommy Robinson who took Paxman apart by utilising a number of things in his possession which Paxman had rather foolishly neglected to bring with him. Memo to Mr Paxman, they are called truth, facts and reality. Poor old Paxo, who admits to knowing little about Islam, was publicly shamed and ritually stuffed.

But his humiliation is no cause for celebration. The result of the interview is to a measure irrelevant; it was the intention of the interview which was both shameful and potentially calamitous in the way it deliberately skirted around a monumentally important issue in order to indulge in politically-driven character assassination.

Breivik was driven to mass murder in his own mind because he felt he was no longer represented by the political process; that his opinions either counted for nothing or that he could be jailed for even voicing them. The BBC is only too aware that Breivik’s views on Cultural Marxism, mass immigration and Multiculturalism are shared by millions of Europeans and Britons, yet they wish to shut these views down in the full knowledge it will drive future Breiviks to just such a course of murderous action.

If the BBC high command were not filled with aged yet adolescent Marxist Useful Idiots, Paxman might have raised and debated the following points with Mr Robinson:

1. Do the white working class British feel alienated from the political process?
2. How many share the political concerns of Anders Breivik?
3. If it is a large minority, what can be done to politically salve them?
4. If it is a majority, ditto the above.
5. If nothing changes, could there be a similar incident in Britain?

Mr Paxman of course asked no such questions. So far removed from intelligent adulthood is he that when Mr Robinson warned that a similar atrocity could occur in Britain in the near future if we continue on our present route of Islamic appeasement, Paxman’s immediate response was to accuse Mr Robinson of making a threat!

Astonishing, absolutely astonishing. Here was a chance for the BBC to sit down and discuss a matter of supreme importance with an articulate and knowledgeable man who, unlike the gilded socialists, actually lives within a Muslim area, and who represents the views of millions of working class people the BBC class warriors profess to embrace, but unfortunately so rarely get to meet in the bijoux cafes and latte-drinking establishments of Islington, Hampstead and other such liberal environs.

There is nothing to be done with the BBC. They think the Religion of Submission is a religion of peace, and propagandise endlessly to that effect, whereas legitimate grievances exhibited by Brits who actually live cheek-by-jowl with Islam are not just wrong, but evil, and anyone who resents their country, culture and freedoms being incrementally wrested from them can be labelled as a conservative/right-wing racist, capable of murder.

Bear in mind the pre 9/11 mindset of a typical vowel-dropping, glottal-stopping, Champagne-quaffing, lobster-scoffing, intern-boffing BBC Class Warrior. They used to revere the working class and were constantly propagandising for equality for women and homosexuals (although not perhaps, Jews…) but then along comes Islam with its less-than-liberal approach to the objects of Socialist deification, and next thing you know they have disowned the working class and turned a blind eye to Islam’s appalling treatment of anyone not bearded, straight or male.

Why? What happened to them in order that this extraordinary moral and political hypocrisy could come about? My personal view is that the upper echelons of the BBC, who number only in low double figures, have betrayed their principles and their country at the altar of typically hypocritical Socialist greed and the petro-dollar.

Saudi Arabia is reputed to have invested $90 billion in the West. Ten-million quid each or even a hundred-million quid each to a handful of BBC higher-ups is peanuts to them. The BBC is the most influential media outlet in Britain, indeed the world, and is still viewed by millions of the less politically aware as a bastion of truth and decency. He who controls the BBC sets the agenda for much of the rest of the British media — and thus the dissemination (or non-dissemination) of information — so it is clearly in the interests of the Saudis to control the BBC.

How else to explain the BBC’s promotion of a religious/political ideology that should be repellent to their liberal views? Why did they appoint the controversial Muslim, Aaqil Ahmed, to head up the BBC Religious Broadcasting Department, when he had already been accused of making programmes with a pro-Islamic bias? Why does the BBC vilify the white working class as racist bigots? Why has Director-General, Mark Thompson omitted mass immigration from the public debate?

Why do National Union of Journalist guidelines seek to hide the truth in racial/religious attacks when the perpetrators are foreign, whilst committing to the destruction of “right-wing” racism? Why does the BBC require that Islam be treated more sensitively than any other religion? Why does the BBC promote Islam as a female-friendly religion of peace, but Christianity as a hot bed of imperialism, racism and murder? Why is the BBC so deeply and passionately enraged by the existence of Israel?

One could go on, but that is probably enough. Were Prime Minister David Cameron a proper Conservative, he would order his top policeman to take a long and detailed look into the bank accounts and holidaying habits of high-level BBC executives. That they have betrayed their country is unarguable, but it would be nice to know whether they had done it for money rather than through an adolescent and wholly misguided revolutionary fervour.

When Jeremy Paxman chose to take Tommy Robinson’s genuine fear of a Breivik style attack in Britain as a personal threat, he exposed his intolerant, elitist and bourgeois attitude to what he perceives as the inherently violent and racist lumpenproletariat. And he did much more than just that — he also shut down any debate on how such an attack could be avoided.

I have written before that a future religious civil-war will be preceded by tit-for-tat small scale atrocities, and now we have seen the start. By shamefully closing down a desperately needed debate in order to pursue perverse and politically-driven objectives, Paxman, the BBC and the entire political liberal/left have ensured the inevitability of potential carnage and thus have the blood of future innocents on their hands alongside those of the inevitable psychopathic perpetrator.

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Tuesday 26 July 2011

The Norway Attack - what it means

The political analysis of the problems of modern European nations re Marxism and Islamism by Brievik is 100 % correct.

But his methods and actions are 100 % wrong, evil and deplorable.

His cure for the problems of Europe are also equally wrong - he wants to impose a Catholic Imperium on our nations which imposes Catholic Conservative values on our society - a sort of Clerical Fascism like that in Ireland under the rule of the Catholic Priests until just a decade or so ago.

Thats insane.

As a Libertarian Cultural Nationalist I condemn his deeds and his agenda totally.

That does not mean though his analysis of where Europe is going towards Dhimmitude via Cultural Marxism is not correct, it is.

The tragedy is that one man can be so right and yet do something so terribly wrong.

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Sharia Zones Established in UK

Islamist group pilots “sharia-controlled zone”Country:


Muslims Against Crusades are targeting the London borough of Waltham Forest to be the first “sharia-controlled zone” as part of a new “Islamic Emirates Project”.

This message is being distributed in certain Muslim enclaves.

The announcement comes after the Islamist group released Islamic Prevent, as reported by Operation Nehemiah last week, which called upon Muslims in Britain to create enclaves in major cities where sharia will one day be implemented.

The group said,

As part of our Islamic Emirate Project, Waltham Forest is to be the first borough to be targeted for an intense sharia led campaign, introducing the prospect of Islamic law for the Muslim community to abide by.

Waltham Forest is.... a borough with a marked Islamic fingerprint; Muslim businesses, mosques and Islamic schools emblazon its streets, making a transition into a thriving Islamic emirate, very real and plausible.

The organisation intends to persuade Muslims in Waltham to self-enforce sharia initially with specially designed leaflets and posters that read, “You are entering a Sharia Controlled Zone – Islamic Rules Enforced.”

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Monday 25 July 2011

The Real Norway Bomber

The Norway bomber is not a nationalist - he is a Radical Conservative Counter Jihadist whose plan is to impose a Catholic Imperium on the West and impose Conservative cultural values.

He is not a Libertarian Cultural Nationalist, as we are.

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Sunday 24 July 2011

Nature Versus Nurture

Researchers at the John Innes Centre have made a discovery, reported this evening (July 24) in Nature, that explains how an organism can create a biological memory of some variable condition, such as quality of nutrition or temperature. The discovery explains the mechanism of this memory – a sort of biological switch – and how it can also be inherited by offspring.

The work was led by Professor Martin Howard and Professor Caroline Dean at the John Innes Centre, which receives strategic funding from BBSRC.

Professor Dean said "There are quite a few examples that we now know of where the activity of genes can be affected in the long term by environmental factors. And in some cases the environment of an individual can actually affect the biology or physiology of their offspring but there is no change to the genome sequence."

For example, some studies have shown that in families where there was a severe food shortage in the grandparents' generation, the children and grandchildren have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which could be explained by epigenetic memory. But until now there hasn't been a clear mechanism to explain how individuals could develop a "memory" of a variable factor, such as nutrition.

The team used the example of how plants "remember" the length of the cold winter period in order to exquisitely time flowering so that pollination, development, seed dispersal and germination can all happen at the appropriate time.

Professor Howard said "We already knew quite a lot about the genes involved in flowering and it was clear that something goes on in winter that affects the timing of flowering, according to the length of the cold period."

Using a combination of mathematical modelling and experimental analysis the team has uncovered the system by which a key gene called FLC is either completely off or completely on in any one cell and also later in its progeny. They found that the longer the cold period, the higher the proportion of cells that have FLC stably flipped to the off position. This delays flowering and is down to a phenomenon known as epigenetic memory.

Epigenetic memory comes in various guises, but one important form involves histones - the proteins around which DNA is wrapped. Particular chemical modifications can be attached to histones and these modifications can then affect the expression of nearby genes, turning them on or off. These modifications can be inherited by daughter cells, when the cells divide, and if they occur in the cells that form gametes (e.g. sperm in mammals or pollen in plants) then they can also pass on to offspring.

Together with Dr Andrew Angel (also at the John Innes Centre), Professor Howard produced a mathematical model of the FLC system. The model predicted that inside each individual cell, the FLC gene should be either completely activated or completely silenced, with the fraction of cells switching to the silenced state increasing with longer periods of cold.

To provide experimental evidence to back up the model, Dr Jie Song in Prof. Dean's group used a technique where any cell that had the FLC gene switched on, showed up blue under a microscope. From her observations, it was clear that cells were either completely switched or not switched at all, in agreement with the theory.

Dr Song also showed that the histone proteins near the FLC gene were modified during the cold period, in such a way that would account for the switching off of the gene.

Professor Douglas Kell, Chief Executive, BBSRC said "This work not only gives us insight into a phenomenon that is crucial for future food security – the timing of flowering according to climate variation – but it uncovers an important mechanism that is at play right across biology. This is a great example of where the research that BBSRC funds can provide not only a focus on real life problems, but also a grounding in the fundamental tenets of biology that will underpin the future of the field. It also demonstrates the value of multidisciplinary working at the interface between biology, physics and mathematics."

Provided by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (news : web)

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Why ?

The image of Norway is one of tranquility and a society embedded with liberal and democratic principles. However, before the recent killing spree by Anders Behring Breivik it was apparent that the changing nature of places like Oslo, Drammen, and others, because of increasing immigration was leading to tensions within parts of society.

In Oslo the immigrant population is now 27% and in the past Anders Behring Breivik had spoken negatively about Marxism, Islam, and multiculturalism. However, it is also clear that many Europeans in many nations are worried about immigration. Therefore, liberal societies like Holland are seeing a powerful shift to movements which are fed up with elites who appear to be intent on destroying the social fabric.

The speed of immigration is clear for all to see in many major cities and it matters not if you are pro-immigration or anti-immigration; the point is that it is causing many individuals pain, anguish, suffering and leading to confusion.

Obviously, for others they welcome multicultural societies and believe in the vibrancy that it creates. However, political leaders in nations like Germany have stated that it is a failure and this “failure” is being hidden because clearly some cultures assimilate and others do not.

At the same time radical Islam is gaining ground in many major cities and on the one hand you have a British government establishment which is introducing equal laws for homosexuals which were needed; but on the other hand is bending over backwards to elements within the Islamic community.

The contradictions are clear because under Islamic Sharia law it supports killing homosexuals. Also, many Muslims support killing all apostates from Islam in the United Kingdom and in recent times the English Defence League is demonstrating against stealth jihad.

The liberals and trendy left are hypocrites. Would the overwhelming majority of Muslim families welcome their Muslim daughter marrying a white/black Christian male or a Hindu male? Of course not, therefore, where is the real discrimination coming from?

It appears that the dominant culture must tear itself apart in order to bow down to a more militant threat and in this confusion was created Anders Behring Breivik.

This does not excuse Anders Behring Breivik nor vindicate his thinking. Obviously killing innocents like he did is a crime against humanity and the law will clearly deal with him and never allow him to see the outside world again.

Yet the white elites who have allowed massive immigration without any democratic vote on this being passed in many European nations are creating problems. If Oslo is 27% immigrant today, then what will the size be in a few decades time and in one hundred years?

When will enough be enough? Or is it fine for Oslo to one day be 40% immigrant and then 60% immigrant and so forth? If endless immigration is allowed then clearly nations with small populations like Norway will see a ticking time bomb.

Of course, people will point out and say look at America, Australia and Canada.

However, you have two problems with this because firstly immigrants shared an overwhelming “Christian European home” in this period and the real crisis in Holland is aimed at the growing power of Islam. After all, if immigration to America had been 30% Christian, 30% Muslim and 40% from Buddhist and Hindu backgrounds; then do you really think that it would have worked to the same extent?

Secondly, in order for America, Australia and Canada to grow then massive immigration altered the ethnic make up for ever. This meant that indigenous people were victimized, had their land stolen and in time their culture was destroyed. Therefore, will the Dutch become like the Native Americans in 100 years time or 200 years time?

Geert Wilders, a leading politician in Holland, stated in a speech before the Dutch Parliament the following:

“Islam is the Trojan Horse in Europe. If we do not stop Islamification now, Eurabia and Netherabia will just be a matter of time. One century ago, there were approximately 50 Muslims in the Netherlands. Today, there are about 1 million Muslims in this country. Where will it end? We are heading for the end of European and Dutch civilization as we know it. Where is our Prime Minister in all this?”

“In reply to my questions in the House he said, without batting an eyelid, that there is no question of our country being Islamified. Now, this reply constituted a historical error as soon as it was uttered. Very many Dutch citizens, Madam Speaker, experience the presence of Islam around them. And I can report that they have had enough of burkas, headscarves, the ritual slaughter of animals, so‑called honour revenge, blaring minarets, female circumcision, hymen restoration operations, abuse of homosexuals, Turkish and Arabic on the buses and trains as well as on town hall leaflets, halal meat at grocery shops and department stores, Sharia exams, the Finance Minister’s Sharia mortgages, and the enormous overrepresentation of Muslims in the area of crime, including Moroccan street terrorists.[62]”

Apparently Anders Behring Breivik admired Max Manus and this would appear to refute his links with far-right organizations to any major degree. After all, Max Manus was a legendary anti-Nazi war hero. Therefore, the patriotism of Max Manus may have appealed to Anders Behring Breivik and also the bravery that this individual showed in fighting against Nazism.

It could just be that Anders Behring Breivik believes that the new Nazism is called Islamism which supports killing apostates, enforcing dhimmitude on non-Muslims, killing homosexuals and other draconian laws.

Interestingly to note, Max Manus was from a mixed background and this applies to his mother being Danish and his father being Norwegian. Therefore, again the far-right angle is clearly being over-used by major agencies who desire quick answers or overtly simplistic statements in order to meet their aloof thinking.

Anders Behring Breivik may have linked the thinking of Max Manus with the reality of modern Oslo where immigration is changing the nature of society. This does not imply that immigration is right or wrong; however, the speed of change is overwhelming many people who fear the loss of their identity.

Also, immigration is complex because it would appear that Anders Behring Breivik feared radical Islam. After all, his hero Max Manus was mixed blood and clearly some immigrant communities assimilate much easier than others and the same applies to people from different religious backgrounds.

Therefore, in the world of Anders Behring Breivik he may have seen himself to be patriotic and protecting Norway from the failed policies, in his eyes, of Islamic immigration and the changing nature of major cities like Oslo.

It is known that Anders Behring Breivik admired Geert Wilders and it must be stressed that Geert Wilders is democratic and desires to preserve a culture which supports freedom, equality and the traditional ethics which created a modern society. However, Geert Wilders fears, like many others, that Islamization is waiting in the wings and this applies to the demographic change and stealth jihad.

The world of Anders Behring Breivik will be like the world of Osama bin Laden. After all, Osama bin Laden wanted to keep western culture out of Saudi Arabia and to preserve the Islamic identity of this nation. Anders Behring Breivik appears to have shared the same logic but with the need to keep draconian Islamic Sharia law out of Norway.

It would appear that his killing spree was aimed at what he perceived to be the enemy in his eyes. Therefore, he killed innocents at random and without emotion or passion.

He certainly deserves to never see the light of day again because all extremism is a danger to society. However, to claim that he is “mad,” a neo-Nazi or whatever is false.

Also, aspects of his thinking about Islamic immigration and the threat of Islamization are held by many individuals throughout Europe. The elites can close their eyes and the mass media can rebuke people for not sharing their liberal agenda but for Islamists their agenda is not liberal and it is scary and barbaric.

It is easy to scoff about people who fear but what is the difference between 40% Han Chinese in Tibet and how the Tibetans fear losing their culture and identity and the thinking of Anders Behring Breivik? After all, Oslo is changing quickly?

The Tibetans in the last few years have killed innocent Han Chinese in brutal ways during tensions because they fear being overwhelmed by an outside culture. Anders Behring Breivik killed innocents because he felt that he couldn’t take much more. Also, he believed that the elites in Norway should wake up to the internal crisis which will grow in time because of the demographic time bomb.

His methodology was barbaric and to kill like he did is a crime against humanity. However, if Norway closes the door on the reasons behind his thinking and just claims that he is a madman then nothing will be learnt.

Clearly, one hundred per cent of all people will condemn the barbaric and brutal actions of Anders Behring Breivik in Norway. Yet aspects of his thinking are not so alien to others when it applies to rampant immigration and Islamization.

At the moment the mass media is clutching at straws because information about Anders Behring Breivik remains patchy. However, the psychology behind his thinking is much deeper than people are commenting on and to claim that he was a far-right nationalist is too simplistic and clearly not based on real facts.

After all, Anders Behring Breivik admired an anti-Nazi war hero, he also admires Geert Wilders who is a democrat and elected Member of Parliament in Holland and he quoted John Stuart Mills shortly before he massacred so many innocents.

The quote he gave from John Stuart Mills, the famous British philosopher, was that

“One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.”

He clearly appears to be articulate and like Osama bin Laden he is cold bloodied.

However, unlike the Norwegians who are reviled by his actions and disgusted it must be stated that many Muslims celebrated when thousands of people were killed during September 11 in many nations. Therefore, how much of his hatred was based on fear?

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More Info

Suspected Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, in custody following a shooting and bombing rampage on July 22 that left 92 people dead, believes that the number of Muslims in Western Europe is “reaching critical mass” and that “there is a core of Cultural Communist elites in Western Europe who really want to destroy Western civilization, European traditions, national solidarity and Christianity.” But he believes an impending economic meltdown will generate armed grassroots resistance in Europe. He spelled out his beliefs in what he saw as the threats to the European identity posed by radical Muslims and multiculturalists in a series of messages obtained exclusively by The Washington Times. The messages were sent to a source who corresponded with Mr. Breivik on Facebook in July 2009.

Our source said that Mr. Breivik “seemed completely normal” at first though clearly highly focused on the issue of Islam in Europe. In a brief introductory message on July 11, Mr. Breivik said that he had “been working full time on a compendium about the Islamisation of Europe now for almost two years” entitled "September 11th, 2083."

The next day in a longer message he began by observing that “the U.S. is much better off than Western Europe, that's for sure. I'm from Oslo btw,” he continued, “which [has] about 20% Muslims now. The Muslim ‘ghettofication process’ on the east side of my city is pretty radical. Most of these Muslims are religiously conservative non-educated individuals from NW Pakistan and Somalia which makes it even more challenging. The only positive aspect I guess is that they live in their own enclave (parallel society) with little to no interaction with Norwegian society.”

European cities “about to burst”

Mr. Breivik expressed his annoyance that Norway is portrayed in the media as “a socialist, culturally diverse utopia.” The truth of the matter, he wrote, “is that a majority of Norwegians (like most other Western European countries) have opposed mass Muslim immigration for decades. Its really starting to boil here (especially after the Muslim riots in Oslo a few months back which resulting in the trashing of half the city) although the mainstream Norwegian media are doing whatever they can to systematically conceal the truth. Even though we host the most successful anti-Islamisation party in Europe (Progress party, 22% last election) it doesn't make much of a difference as every single proposal is categorically rejected by the seven multiculturalist parties.

“However, France and the Netherlands and select European major cities are in an even worse state. It will be interesting to follow the development there closely. Paris, Marseilles, Brussels are about to burst.”

Mr. Breivik said he devoted much of his book to tackling what he believed was the “root cause of Islamisation, namely multiculturalism/cultural communism. Europe has always been based on a Judeo-Christian culture and it’s essential that we continue to fight for that. In that regard, it’s positive to witness how the ‘old school nationalists’ all around Europe are conforming by rejecting the old racist and anti-Jewish views. The new Conservatist ‘new right’ is rapidly developing into a pro-Israel, anti-Jihad alliance.

“Most peoples’ prediction is that it won’t end well though. We will not be able to stop the current demographic warfare waged against Europe by the Global Islamic Ummah. It is likely that the end game will be a ‘strongman’ result further down the road (in about 3-7 decades). An increasing number of metropolitan Europeans are sick of living in dhimmitude [i.e., subjugation of non-Muslims to Islam].”

Impending “economic downfall”

Mr. Breivik believed that an impending economic crisis would be the trigger for action against the perceived Islamic threat. “Today Western Europeans refrain from reacting since they live in economic prosperity,” he wrote, “and to stand up for their ideas would send them into suffering. However, in a few decades we will have an economic downfall that will make the current recession look like a picnic. And at that point standing up for their ideas will come at no extra cost, since the suffering is already prevalent.”

But ultimately Mr. Breivik did not think that the traditional European identity would be overwhelmed. “I’m optimistic,” he wrote. “Europeans won’t allow it to go too far and we will never allow the creation of future ‘mini-Pakistans.’”

The emerging European resistance

On July 13, Mr. Breivik sent a thousand-word message going into more detail regarding his views of the threat posed by Muslims in Europe, and the possible responses, including “armed resistance.” He also gave some insight into himself and his motivations. “A few years ago… I had different priorities in life,” he wrote, “me, myself and I.” He said that his “best friend for many years (in my childhood) was a Pakistani. He resented everything about Norway and Norwegians (me being the exception). I have known a lot of Muslims over the years which triggered my interest for Islam. … I sold my company a few years back which allowed me to focus full time on the current compendium I'm writing; ‘September 11th, 2083.’ I’ve lived quite ascetic since then.”

Mr. Breivik said that the issue he was focused on was not new. “People have been describing the problem for almost 10 years,” he wrote, “but they refrain from presenting solutions, reason being that the democratic mechanics will most likely not be able to solve or correct our current course. We’ve seen it several times in history. Once an ‘Empire’ focuses all its resources on being ‘good’ instead of being ‘powerful’ it will succumb. If an empire doesn't believe in ‘something,’ it will be defeated by anything. It’s understandable though that intellectuals are afraid of stating the obvious. They don't want to be labeled as extremists.”

Mr. Breivik believed that there would come a time when people in Europe would turn to violence. “I think we will see the first real signs of European resistance or even armed resistance within 10-15 years in certain European metropolitans,” he wrote. “I’ve seen and heard of numerous suspect ‘accidents’ already, even in Norway. For example a data central in Oslo was torched a few weeks ago. It severely delayed the registration of new asylum seekers etc. It’s not a secret that the current European governments have gone to great lengths to cover incidents like these up to avoid the ‘inspirational’ effect.”

For the police there are “too many individuals to monitor”

But Mr. Breivik did not think that the alleged media coverup of armed European resistance could continue. “I doubt they will succeed to cover up incidents like these for much longer,” he wrote. “Islam is reaching critical mass in several European cities right about now (20%) which is indicative of the Police being unable to counter all attacks. [There] will simply be too many individuals to monitor. They have already stopped hundreds of Jihadi attacks since 7/7 [the London mass transit bombings] and 9/11.”

Mr. Breivik believed that the new European nationalism was not anti-Semetic like the Nazis and other 20th Century extremist movements. To the extent anti-Semetism existed in Europe, he maintained, it was in the “Socialist spectrum.” But “it’s not the case for the people nor the majority of political parties. It’s the Cultural Communists - Socialist Left Party, and the Labour Party (both are in government atm). Both of the right wing parties, Høyre (Conservatives) and especially the Progress Party (the only anti-Islamisation party) are very pro-Israel.

“Cultural Communist elites”

“There is a core of Cultural Communist elites in Western Europe who really want to destroy Western civilization, European traditions, national solidarity and Christianity (Israel by default) but the majority of the multiculturalists are mostly just ignorant of the truth or are just going with the flow. It was a mistake not to arrest these hardcore communists after the Cold War. Now we are paying the price. This relatively small core of individuals ([European Commission President Jose Manuel ] Barroso is one of them) who work as force multipliers due to the fact that they have leading positions in the EU system.”

Mr. Breivik also believed that anti-Americanism in Europe was mainly the product of internationalist elites and biased media. “A majority of Europeans love the U.S.,” he wrote, “just like a majority of Europeans support Israel’s fight against Jihad. But considering the fact that 80-90% of the media + politicians ‘officially’ support Cultural Communist views it’s only natural that the coverage is extremely biased.

“Actually, every ‘suppressed’ poll I’ve seen indicate that a majority support our views to some degree. They are just unwilling to flag their views publicly as they know it will involve stigma. Another portion agree in principle but are just lying to themselves (because the multiculturalist system has taught them to feel shame if they have given sympathies). It’s also a gender factor. All the statistics I’ve seen indicate that 70% of males support Cultural Conservatism (anti-Islamisation) while the same amount of females support Cultural Communism (Islamisation).”

The coming European conflagration

Despite his belief that the power structure was arrayed against the purported grassroots resistance to Isalmification, Mr. Breivik believed this could be overcome. “The biggest challenge in all of this is that people don't have a clue what Islam is,” he wrote “The key is therefore to propagate the truth about Islam. All the potent information is out there, and the blogging scene is making it increasingly harder for the establishment to suppress the truth. I'm very optimistic because I know that Islam is the Achilles [Heel] of the Cultural Communists. Multiculti is a self-defeating ideology when Islam is involved. It will take time, and will most definitely result in a lot more human misery along the way, but their own greed have in fact created the foundation for their own downfall. Continued ghettofication, mass Muslim immigration combined with high birth rates will make sure of that. European capitals are the lab rats in this regard. You will most likely be able to learn from our example when Europe soon will burn once again in a few decades.”

Mr. Breivik predicted that the coming conflagration in Europe would have the characteristics of a religious war. “I expect that a huge confrontation (European cultural civil war) will be followed by the creation of a strong Cultural Conservative block which will form a strong anti-Jihad alliance with Russia, Israel, India and other countries with similar problems,” he wrote. But he was unsure whether the United States would become involved in this clash of civilizations. “I really hope the U.S. will be a part of this future alliance,” he wrote, “but I find the U.S. much harder to analyze and predict (too many variables).”

Breivik a “pioneer in this fight”

“A majority of the people I know support my views,” he wrote, “they are just apathetic. They know that there will be a confrontation one day, but they don't care because it will most likely not happen within the next two decades.” He said he was a “pioneer in this fight, and I have no doubt whatsoever that we will see a political shift in our favor sooner than we might expect. It might look grim at the moment, but we are after all fighting a self-defeating ideology (Cultural Communism that is, not Islam). The only pragmatic approach towards Islam is to isolate it to Muslim countries once we are in a position to do so -- on September 11th, 2083.”

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The Mask Is Ripped Away

The Norway attacks have ripped away the mask from the face of multi-culturalism, now the Liberals cant deny a problem exists anymore.

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Preparing for his future actions

"I simulate various future scenarios relating to resistance efforts, confrontations with police, future interrogation scenarios, future court appearances, future media interviews etc."

Applying for firearms

"In any case; I would rather have preferred a Ruger Mini 30, but I already own a 7.62 bolt rifle and it is likely that the police wouldn’t grant me a similar caliber. On the application form I stated: “hunting deer”. It would have been tempting to just write the truth; “executing category A and B cultural Marxists/multiculturalist traitors” just to see their reaction:P"

It should be noted that even if the letters (mailing campaigns) doesn’t contain real anthrax but instead a hoax powder, it will still have very beneficial results."

Pistol training

"Pistol training November, December and January Pistol training was initiated in order to fulfill the government requirement for purchase. 15 training sessions in November, December and January was completed and documented."

Choosing his weapons

"HK416 assault rifle with “redpoint” optics (4 extra long clips) Alternatively: any assault rifle (AK 47 etc.). Glock handgun with silencer and laser (2-4 extra long clips) 3 splint grenades. 1-2 shock grenade. 2 x arm defensive devices (knives). Gas mask"

The countries he has travelled to

"I have had the privilege of experiencing the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany, Poland, Belarus, France, Austria, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, US, Turkey, Mexico, China, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia."

Video games

"I took a year off when I was 25 and played WoW [World of Warcraft] PvE hardcore for a year. ... I’m currently playing Modern Warfare 2 casually."

Good and bad

"Stealing [through online piracy] is bad, I admit, but then again, when you have devoted your entire life to a good cause you can allow yourself some naughtiness especially if it can contribute to conserve your funds, cough;). Yes, yes, no ones perfect:P"


"I am currently watching Dexter, the series about that forensic mass murderer"

His stepmother

"I’ve also scheduled to meet my stepmom ... she’s retired now, so she is currently not in danger of any KT attacks. Although I care for her a great deal, I wouldn’t hold it against the KT if she was executed during an attack against UDI, as she used to be a primary tool and category B traitor for the multiculturalist regime of Norway, high treason she should be familiar with."

He predicts his representation in the media

"However, since I manifest their worst nightmare (systematical and organized executions of multiculturalist traitors), they will probably just give me the full propaganda rape package and propagate the following accusations: pedophile, engaged in incest activities, homosexual, psycho, ADHD, thief, non-educated, inbred, maniac, insane, monster etc. I will be labeled as the biggest (Nazi-)monster ever witnessed since WW2."

His sign off from his letter

"Sincere and patriotic regards,

Andrew Berwick, London, England - 2011

Justiciar Knight Commander for Knights Templar Europe and one of several leaders of the National and pan-European Patriotic Resistance Movement

With the assistance from brothers and sisters in England, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the US etc. "

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Norway Bomber Video and Mainfesto Links

As I stated below - this was a military precision surgical strike against the government, government infrastructure and the next generation of Labour Party activists.

This was not insanity, the same as the bombs being dropped on Libya are not insane - each has a motive.

Norway bomber video here ;

Norway Bomber mainfesto here ;

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Saturday 23 July 2011

Oslo and Foreign Rapes

The racist rape epidemic in Oslo.

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Oslo and Muslim Rapes

Norway's most important paper Aftenposten ran a story earlier this week saying that 65% of the rape crimes in Oslo were committed by foreigners, even though they only represent a mere 23% of the population in the Norwegian capital. The article was prompted by a call by the Rape Commission (Voldtektsutvalget) to the imams to put rapes and the attitude against women on the agenda.

Foreigners are six times more likely to figure in crime statistics concerning rapes in Oslo. During the first two months of this year sixteen rapes and rape attempts have been committed, and the three men the police are looking for in connection with four of those cases have one thing in common: they all have a Muslim background. Especially Somalis and Iraqis seem to be well represented in the statistics.

Even though the article doesn't do much more than quote some simple basic facts, it was nevertheless a bit controversial. The social democratic minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen reacted quickly to condemn the tone of the article since it made a link between rapes and Muslims. According to him, asking the imams for help is wrong, «because we don't ask Norwegian bishops for help either when a Norwegian rapes somebody». Apparently the minister had not noticed that the debate had started precisely because of the huge number of Muslims in the rape statistics. And I wouldn't even dare to suggest he could have another agenda than trying to reduce the number of rapes in the Norwegian capital.

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Oslo Crime Rate four times that of New York

Four times more crime in Oslo than New York
The crime rate in Oslo has been growing at an alarming rate and recent statistics show the Norwegian capital had 20 percent more robberies last year than in 2006.AVCATHERINE STEIN
While crime in the rest of Norway has been going down, it has been quite another situation in Oslo, where personal and automobile thefts increased markedly last year.

There were 10,600 crimes reported in public places in 2007, up from 8,000 a year earlier, writes Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet.

Oslo had the highest rate per person in Scandinavia in terms of reported crimes, with 90 reported crimes per 1,000.

Copenhagen had 50 crimes reported per 1,000 and Stockholm had 79.

In New York, there were 22 reported crimes per 1,000 inhabitants.

This means there were four times as many reported crimes per person in Oslo as in New York.

The Oslo police are blaming the increase on an influx of East Europeans, and Minister of Justice Knut Storberget is reportedly partly in agreement.

However, Storberget said it is necessary to be careful drawing parallels with such statistics. "But regardless, we can say the crime figures in Oslo are too high," he was reported to have said.

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The Norway Bombing and What It Means

The Norway bomber Anders Breivik, if we accept what the media are telling us about him, was no 'neo-nazi' or member of the Far Right.

Anders appears to be a wealthy,

upper middle class,

university educated,

business owning,

multiple property owning,

a middle ranking free mason

a zionist

a supporter of gay rights

an anti-Islamist

Cultural conservative

Christian fundamentalist

ex-member of the second largest political conservative party The Progress Party,

Not one of these fits the profile of any neo-nazi, nationalist or national socialist party in Norway.

This was an attack on the political elite of Norway and its Labour governing party by a Cultural Conservative, not any 'neo-nazis' or nationalists.

In fact from most of Brieviks writings he shows constant contempt for the Far Right.

Brievik seems to think that the nationalist right in Norway, and across Europe, is a waste of time.

Yet in none of his writings does he appear to condone or call for violence, hence this makes the atrocities even more shocking.

This was an attack on the political elite of Norway by one of its own scions.

It was not an attack on mosques, tube trains, muslims or blacks or jews - it was an attack on the officers of the government and the Labour Party activists.

It was a strike against the government, its infra-structure and the political elite itself.

This was a well planned, well prepared and well executed assault on the ruling political party, the Labour Party, and government buildings - and it is no surprise to learn that Brievik is an ex-soldier.

The system trained him to kill.

It appears Brievik is the Timothy McVeigh of Norway and the Oslo Bombing his Waco City attack.

This attack was a revolutionary attacking the government and its functionaries.

This attack had nothing to do with 'nazism' - there were no mosques or ethnic minorites targeted.

This was no howl of anger from a disanfranchised working class youth against unemployment or anti-white racism but a deliberate and well planned attack on the ruling political elite by one of its own insiders.

The bomb was an announcement that a new class has been radicalised and now joins the existing mix of terrorist groups in our society.

Now we have bombers and terrorists from the Islamists, the IRA, Basque Separatists, Israeli death squads, animal rights bombers and other left wing and anarchist terrorist groups to the ruling class all taking on the system.

Brievik comes from the old ruling elite of Norway, and just like the rests of us they are being slowly globalised.

They like us are watching our nation and culture stolen away from us.

Brievik writes about watching racist muslim gangs in the cities of Norway and of race crimes against indigenous Norweigans - these are not issues exclusive to Norway - these are mainstream political debates and political positions all across Europe, and they are not nazi or extremist.

They are populist debates real people have every day, as opposed to ivory tower liberals living in economically priviliged self denial.

The fear is that if the anger and disatisfaction against Islamism, mass immigration and muilti-culturalism has now spread to the social elite, and is not just situated in the working class and unemployed, then this means society is undergoing a revolutionary change in its consciousness.

The media and liberal elite, who represent far less than 1 % of the population of this country a figure of around 15,000, have been able to dominate politics and debate for decades via the media.

The era when the media could pump out political propaganda and control our nations is almost over.

A new social consensus is forming that no amount of the media labelling it as 'racist, nazi' or extremist' will be able to prevent it taking power in our society.

Politically and socially a new era has begun.

That change can come via peaceful means or it will be via violent means.

For the sake of us all let us hope the selfish, greedy, venal and vindictive liberal elites that control our countries do not seek to hold on to the unlawful powers and authority that they currently possess.

The media elected the present political - not the people.

The people were told who to vote for by the corporate media.

We demand the will of the people controls our nation, not the lies and propaganda of the corporate media.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the victims and their families of this atrocity.


Heroin - it turns you into a junkie, a whore and a thief and then it kills you.

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The Oslo Attacks By Conservative Not Far Right

The attacks on Norway were undertaken by a Christian Fundamentalist Conservative, not the Far Right.

The Far Right all across Europe condemns these evil and despibale attacks on our people.

The primary victims of these attacks were Indigenous Norwegians, not immigrants.

It was our people who died in the attacks.

Yet the media are lying about the reason for the attacks.

The attacks were against the Labour Party government and Labour Party activists.

This was an attack by a maniac who was ;

A Freemason - a 3rd degree initiate from his local lodge

A Zionist

A Conservative Party supporter

An Anti-Nazi who supported Max Manus and the Norweigian Resistance

Who supported Winston Churchill.

This was not a Far Right attack.

This is much worse than that.

This was an attack from a member of the ruling elite against the elite.

This was an Inside Job by a member of the elite, and if the elite have become so radicalised they will bomb their own country and people then the West is in real trouble.

Will the Freemasons now join the Islamists and Zionists as threats to our society ?

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Friday 22 July 2011

Prepare for the Fimbul Winter

Prepare now.

The Fimbul Winter comes.




The system is going to crash.

ATS Euromaster: Motorists Urged to Prepare as Forecaster Predicts the Worst Winter on Record

* Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release.
Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:40am EDT

ATS Euromaster: Motorists Urged to Prepare as Forecaster Predicts the Worst Winter on Record

ATS Euromaster is urging motorists to pre-order cold weather tyres after a meteorologist predicted this winter will “break all records” in terms of snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Specialist long-range forecaster James Madden, of Exacta Weather, correctly predicted the harsh conditions experienced over the last two years and gave his forecast to ATS Euromaster as it prepares to fit cold weather tyres in the UK for the second year running.

He warns: “The UK is to brace itself for well below average temperatures and widespread heavy snowfall throughout winter 2011/2012 which will result in the fourth bad winter in succession, and will prove to be the worst of them all.

“I fully expect records to be broken, with the Highlands of Scotland being once again particularly hard hit. It is vital to start preparing now.”

ATS Euromaster’s decision to introduce a system of pre-ordering cold weather tyres follows unprecedented demand last year, when many retailers sold out within days of the first snowfall.

From 20 June 2011, motorists can reserve Michelin, Pirelli, Avon or Riken cold weather tyres at their local ATS Euromaster. Customers will pay a 25% deposit, with the balance due when the tyres are fitted in September, October or November.

Chris Hufflett, Group Operations Director at ATS Euromaster, says: “With the forecast of another bad winter on the cards we’re confident our pre-ordering system will help car and van owners to guarantee supply and avoid the mad scramble to secure tyres when the wintry conditions return.”

ATS Euromaster warns that whilst it has ordered additional stocks, massive demand from mainland Europe – where fitment of cold weather tyres is a legal requirement in many countries – means UK supplies may still run short.

Cold weather tyres use a higher concentration of silica to prevent the rubber hardening when the temperature drops below 7°C, together with a specially designed tread pattern which ensures they provide better grip, handling and reduced braking distances in the cold – as well as on wet, snow and ice covered roads.

Prices start from £174 for a set of four Riken 145/70 R13 cold weather tyres, including fitting, and are available from 350 ATS Euromaster centres nationwide. To locate your nearest ATS Euromaster call 0800 601060 or visit

James Madden’s forecast is based on major natural factors, including solar activity, and how they impact weather and climate on Earth. His forecasting techniques have attracted significant attention after correctly forecasting seasonal trends in the UK – and following the Met Office’s decision to scrap its own seasonal forecasts in March 2010, after being criticised for failing to predict extreme weather.

Madden’s forecasts are shared globally via Exacta Weather, a non-profit weather organisation that comprises a team of meteorologists from around the world.

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Green is the new corporate colour scheme of Globalism.

It had a corporate re-brand, just as the Americans had when the Corporate Media put a black man in the Whitehouse.

They are trying to re-brand Global Corporate Fascism.

A whole new language of lies has been created for the worm tongues of the New World Order to seduce and blind the masses.

Imperialism is now Humanitarianism.

Waging war is peace keeping.

Missiles and bombs build democracies.

War is peace.

Slavery is liberty.

Occupation is peace keeping.

Each is the hiss of a deadly serpent.

Each of these lies poisons the cultural bloodstream of our nations.

Those that utter these lies, do so in order to hide their treason.

UN security council to consider climate change peacekeepingSpecial meeting to discuss 'green helmets' force to intervene in conflicts caused by rising seas levels and shrinking resources

Share reddit this Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent,

Wednesday 20 July 2011 09.06 BST Article history

Small island states, which could disappear as sea levels rise, want the UN security council to intervene. Photograph: Matthieu Paley/ Matthieu Paley/Corbis

A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change.

Small island states, which could disappear beneath rising seas, are pushing the security council to intervene to combat the threat to their existence.

There has been talk, meanwhile, of a new environmental peacekeeping force – green helmets – which could step into conflicts caused by shrinking resources.

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, is expected to address the meeting on Wednesday.

But Germany, which called the meeting, has warned it is premature to expect the council to take the plunge into green peacemaking or even adopt climate change as one of its key areas of concern.

"It is too early to seriously think about council action on climate change. This is clearly not on the agenda," Germany's ambassador to the UN, Peter Wittig, wrote in the Huffington Post.

"A good first step would be to acknowledge the realities of climate change and its inherent implications to international peace and security," he wrote.

Bringing the security council up to speed on climate change could be a challenge, however.

The Pentagon and other military establishments have long recognised climate change as a "threat multiplier" with the potential to escalate existing conflicts, and create new disputes as food, water, and arable land become increasingly scarce.

Wittig seems to agree, noting that UN peacekeepers have long intervened in areas beyond traditional conflicts.

"Repainting blue helmets into green might be a strong signal - but would dealing with the consequences of climate change - say in precarious regions - be really very different from the tasks the blue helmets already perform today?" he wrote.

In an official "Concept Note" ahead of the meeting, Germany said the security council needed to draw up scenarios for dealing with the affects of extreme temperatures and rising seas. How would the UN deal with climate refugees? How would it prevent conflicts in those parts of Africa and Asia which could face food shortages?

But there is a deep divide over whether the security council should even consider climate change as a security issue.

China, for example, argues that the security council should leave climate change to the experts.

However, small island states in the Pacific, which face an existential threat due to climate change, have been pushing the council to act for years.

"The security council should join the general assembly in recognising climate change as a threat to international peace and security. It is a threat as great as nuclear proliferation or global terrorism," Marcus Stephen, the president of Nauru, wrote in a piece in the New York Times.

"Second, a special representative on climate and security should be appointed. Third, we must assess whether the United Nations system is itself capable of responding to a crisis of this magnitude."

That remains an open question.

Wednesday's meeting arrives at a time of growing doubt about whether the UN is equipped to deal with climate change. Last month's climate talks in Bonn produced little progress in key areas.

Meanwhile, Ban has been refocusing his attention from climate change to sustainable development.

The security council has also been stalled in its efforts to deal with the threats posed by climate change.

Its first attempt was at a meeting in 2007 convened by Britain. But the effort swiftly exposed the deep divisions of the common problem.

Small island states, which could disappear entirely beneath rising seas, were anxious for the security council to intervene, saying the threat they faced was as severe as war.

But China and other countries resisted, arguing the security council should stick to maintaining the peace.

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Norman Tebbit and the EU

Like all euro-sceptics, Norman is obsessed with Europe.

But the problem is far more than just the EU.

It is also ;


The UN



Council on Foreign Relations


Tri-Lateral Commission

Common Purpouse




Global Corporate Fascism

The United States of America

The New World Order.

And all the rest of the globalist, supra-national, trans-national governmental, corporate and inter governmental nexus that ensnares our world.

Freedom from the EU does not bring us freedom itself.

It is a step on the path to Liberty, but our destination of national Liberty is far more distant than can be taken with just a single step.

The advocates of an ever closer union leading to the European Empire have won the day again. Put aside the arguments about whether yet another Greek bailout will be enough to calm the markets. There will probably be another one after that.

More important by far is the cat let out of the bag by President Sarkozy. He set out the truth of the matter plainly enough: “Our ambition is to seize the Greek crisis to make a quantum leap in Eurozone government.” That, of course, has always been the purpose of the single currency. No one with any pretence of economic reality ever believed that the currency could survive without a single finance ministry and a single tax system which would create a single pan-European government.

It is a long time since I challenged the then Chancellor, Ken Clarke, to name a currency which had more than one Chancellor of the Exchequer to its name. If the euro is to survive, then, the financial management of the eurozone has to be concentrated to one organisation. Two, let alone 22, treasuries is too many.

Again, Sarkozy made that clear. As he put it, he and Angela Merkel have plans for an embryonic EU treasury by way of the European Monetary Fund, and would soon propose plans for “economic government” in the eurozone.

In the meantime enough will be squeezed out of the German taxpayers and perhaps the private sector to keep the Greek economy on a life-support system that will preclude any substantial reduction of its debts or significant economic recovery. The unfortunate Greeks have been given all possible forms of assistance except actual help. They will be allowed to default on their debts, but to gain no advantage from doing so.

There were three possible options to resolve this crisis. One was to allow Greece to leave the eurozone, recreate a devalued drachma and reinvigorate its economy. The second was to create two eurozones, the northern “hard” eurozone and the southern “soft” eurozone, which could pre-empt the potential Portuguese, Spanish and Italian crises. The third, which Merkel, Sarkozy and the Commission have chosen, is to march on towards their dream of “ever closer union” in the grand European Empire stretching from the Atlantic across the continent of Europe, down to (or even beyond) the Mediterranean and through Turkey into Asia.

There is a great problem in that vision. It has not been achieved since Roman times. It has been attempted time and time again from the time of Philip of Spain to that of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin without success.

Now in the 21st Century it will have to overcome the nationalism of European states in its modern form of a demand for democracy, but as Enoch Powell declared long ago that could not work on a pan-European scale since “there is no European Demos”.

The EU already has the legal status of a state: it has a flag, anthem, frontiers, a Foreign Ministry, embassies, a defence force, courts, judges, a currency and now, before long, a Treasury and a Chancellor of the Exchequer. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.

The trouble is that it will be a lame duck state since it is being imposed without the consent of the peoples of Europe. And without that Demos of citizens sharing newspapers, language, cultures, habits, political parties and more which is essential for it to be a democracy, the riots will not be confined to Athens. They will proliferate and spread, because the people will lack the power to control those who govern them.

We are entering a European autumn. The winter will inexorably follow and we can only hope that a European Spring will not be long delayed.

In the meantime, at our parochial United Kingdom level all these events are putting some extra strain on the Coalition. The Prime Minister it seems might be minded to take advantage of a situation in which unanimity might be required in the Council for steps to buttress the euro by making his consent conditional on securing concessions or safeguards for this country. Mr Clegg on the other hand seems to regard that as unsporting at best and unprincipled at worst.

If the Prime Minister has any sense he will do what is needed to please British voters, not his Deputy, particularly as the next election approaches.

Those responsible for EU fisheries policy did not find many (or should that be any) friends amongst you this week. In fact the EU itself found few enough friends. I think peta was an apologist for it writing about the terrible things that our “friends” in Europe might do to us if we left. Most of them would be illegal under the WTO. They would also do as much damage to other EU states as to us.

He also observed that I was a member of a government which tolerated the fisheries policy. Exactly so. As boudicca wrote, there is no possibility that, as Hague would have us believe, that one can be in the EU, but not run by it. Not only tea addict, but many more including norto and rapscallion agreed on that.

As kubizek said Heath gave control of fisheries away in 1972, and as auld fermer noted he has a lot to answer for. Then european 387 asked who voted for it. Well, I have to put my hand up. I did. So did most other MPs, and at the 1970 election and in the 1977 referendum most electors did so too. Since then most of us have changed our minds in the light of experience.

Some of you like bob3 feel there is no point in moaning about the EU since we are stuck with it, whilst lord lucan hopes that it will end with a whimper, but as hagar asserted it still aims to create a single European government.

Then darkseid was amongst the optimists hoping it will self-destruct and come back as the EEC. That hope was echoed by Laveen Ladharam in another thoughtful post. I am sure that we would all want to wish him well on his graduation and for his further studies.

The great majority of posts however including those from norto, stopcpdotcom, Lucy Brown, crownarmourer,incensed, rosina, Bill Etheridge, pjon, raw, youtakejohn and others were simply in favour of getting out.
There was a fair point made by bubbles 15 that we should have an authoritative unbiased audit of the costs and benefits of our membership of the EU. That is something for which my friend Lord Pearson has asked again and again, but the Europhiles always say “No”. At least timaction gave us a good list of the costs involved. Then boester said no one represents the average Englishman, lord lucan made the shrewd point that no one listens to the ordinary people across the EU.

I was glad that Oberstleutnent picked up the point that fish stocks will only be sustainable as long as someone owns them and can profit from that ownership. I cannot agree, nor could alhamilton, with izman and fly in the sky that if stocks collapse, fishing will cease and stocks will increase again.

Non-edible species will move in to dominate the environment left vacant, as indeed we are seeing with the increasing numbers of jellyfish whose predators we have probably eaten. The science of forecasting the outcome of our predation of some species of fish is not exact but in answer to diamalcon I think we can believe the statistics.

Like fenbeagle I believe our fishermen deserve our support and I think bellebrise was talking nonsense to say that as the industry is concentrated in Scotland no one cared about it.

There were the usual arguments about UKIP from the usual suspects, but although darkseid was dismissive of the party, boudicca was right to point out that Lord Glasman (the Labour peer) has been making some powerful arguments about the EU and immigration and as durnovia wrote UKIP membership is rising while that of other parties is falling.

General Patton was in broad agreement with me but asked what is the support for that view amongst Tory MPs. Frankly, I do not know, but I suspect it is substantial and I am sure it is growing.

There was a merry dispute between lord lucan and tepid cocoa 1983 involving technical expressions entirely unfamiliar to me, nor, I fear could I understand the point made by Robinson F. However I appreciated the courtesy of Robbie Bell in a very pleasant post.

Finally, I think your comments on the crisis over the euro are addressed above.

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Thursday 21 July 2011

The Ten Commandments of Nationalism

Keep all foreign political and financial institutions form assuming any power over any aspects of our national economic system, and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

Keep the Liberals and Leftists out of education so they cannot pervert the minds of the young with their subversive doctrines. The aim of education is not indoctrination. The aim of education is enable all individuals to attain their maximum potential so that society and our communities may share in their their personal and financial success.

Get the agents of the Globalists and Zionists out of government and they cannot betray Britain for interests of their own. Ensure the European Union, United States, United Nations, NATO, IMF and World Bank and the judges in Strasbourg have no authority or power over any sections of our economic, military, political or legal systems.

Keep out the central bankers and global banks. We must build a Bank of Britain that invests only in British industry and infra-structure projects and which ensures British jobs for British workers.

Ensure Zionists and foreigners are prevented from ownership of British media corporations in order to ensure they cannot control or influence democratic elections and the minds of the people.Ensure the free press prints the truth and news, not lies and political propaganda.

End all immigration and secure Britains national borders. Deport all illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, cultuurally alien colonists and Islamist terrorists in order to secure British national security. Extirpate and eradicate with extreme prejudice all those criminal and terrorist organisations that threaten our national security, internally and externally.

Ensure that only the British people via an democratically elected British government acting solely under the authority of the crown controls and directs at all times the British Military and all its functions.

Ensure that the British Constitution protects the rights and liberty of all British citizens. No laws to be passed that breach the rights and rules of the British Constitution. Only laws passed in Parliament are binding on the British people. All British citizens able to use British Constitutional rights in legal appeals to British government legislation.

Ensure the political unity and cultural unity of the British nation and people. To protect and promote the rights, interests and folk cultures of the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish peoples. To protect the national natural environment of Britain, its resources, flora and fauna and to only use the land in a sustainable, protective and productive manner so that future generations may inherit and profit from its use.

Ensure the indigenous British people and their descendants remain in perpetuity the demographic majority within the territory of the British nation and all its dominions.

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