Wednesday 30 September 2009

The George Monbiot Lament

Theres one thing I want to know,
From Mr. George bloody Monbiot,
If I was a crayfish, otter or bee,
Would he try and protect me ?

George will fight for polar bears,
Save wild hares from wire snares,
But for the White Working Class,
He just sits there on his arse.

He will climb a mountain for a frog,
Wade for newts through reeking bog,
But when it comes to us British folk,
He thinks our survival is just a joke.

George sees more worth in an ant,
Than we who immigrants supplant,
Our forests fall as white flight grows,
But out in Wales, he will never know.

No harsh city truth awaits our George,
As he wields a pen, his mighty sword,
On yet another crusade for muntjac deer,
Forever blind to what is happening here.

If I was a dingo, wild panda or a seal,
Then my fate would be a very big deal,
But I am just a lowly English man,
Stuck on the M25 in my white van.

No-one ever gives a toss about any of us,
We are about as wanted as genital thrush,
Whilst George sees crayfish as usurpers,
He never speaks of Bakhri or the Burkha.

One day George will awake and weep,
And lament the years he spent asleep,
For as our England fades into black,
What we have lost, cannot come back.

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George Monbiot - Death to the Usurper

Image - North American Crayfish. Enriching a stream near you. Diversity in action.

I like George Monbiot.

I know I shouldnt as he is the epitome of the lefty Guardian knobhead, but he seems a nice bloke, sincere, affable and charmingly eccentric in a posh, English public school way.

Yeah I know he bangs on all the time about climate change, drowning polar bears, sun tan oil splashed penguins roasting in the Arctic that now resembles Ibiza in August (minus the drunk English hooligans - yet) and the rest of the international leftist (yawn) psuedo-green agenda whilst keeping his gob firmly shut about immigration whilst living alone on a rock in the mid atlantic surrounded only by Manx shearwaters and orcas and a friendly seal called Eric that catches kippers for him. Apparently.

Yet today he has written an article that is as Eco-Xenophobic as you can get, as it gives you a tip on how to to hunt, trap and eat North American Crayfish that have decimated the indigenous White Tailed Crayfish.

The North American Crayfish is the Mike Tyson of crayfish.

It is a diseased, psychotic, evil, illegal immigrant colonist who displaces the indigenous crayfish, colonises their territory and then reproduces until it totally devastates the indigenous environment and indigenous crayfish.

I am saying nothing governor.

But theres a phrase of his that I believe should be the motto of the Eco-Xenophobes everywhere.

I intend to use it more and when I do I will accredit it to George Monbiot ;


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The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Never forget this is the best democracy can buy.

The Sun will ensure that The Tories win the next election - so therefore how can this be a democracy when the will of the owners of the corporate media, such as Rupert Murdoch, can dictate who runs our country ?

Politicians are puppets of the corporate media.

Politics a product of the corporate media.

Democracy is controlled by the corporate media.

Some democracy we live in eh.

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Hollywood Protects Polanski The Paedo

Roman Polanski aged 46 drugged and got drunk a 13 year old year schoolgirl, raped her, sodomised her and photographed her naked.

Yet the Hollywood Glitterati have started a petition to free him, including the sicko Woody Allen who married his own adopted daughter and many others.

This is the real Hollywood - a haven for perverts, paedohiles and mindebenders.

Remember their names ;

Erika Abrams, Fatih Akin, Stephane Allagnon, Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, Gianni Amelio, Wess Anderson, Roger Andrieux, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Alexandre Arcady, Fanny Ardant, Asia Argento, Darren Aronofsky, Olivier Assayas, Alexander Astruc, Gabriel Auer, Alexandre Babel, Jean-François Balmer, Luc Barnier, Christophe Barratier, Xavier Beauvois, Liria Begeja, Gilles Behat, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Marco Bellochio, Monica Bellucci, Véra Belmont, Djamel Bennecib, Alain Berliner, Pascal Berney, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Lucien Blacher, Catherine Boissière, Thierry Boscheron, Freddy Bossy, Patrick Bouchitey, Cédric Bouchoucha, Paul Boujenah, Katia Boutin (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Jacques Bral, Patrick Braoudé, Guila Braoudé, Anne Burki, André Buytaers, Christian Carion, Henning Carlsen, Jean-michel Carre, Lionel Cassan (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Mathieu Celary, Teco Celio, Christophe Champclaux, Patrice Chéreau, Brigitte Chesneau, Catherine Chouchan, Elie Chouraqui, Souleymane Cissé, Jean- Pierre Clech, Henri Codenie, Robert Cohen, Alain Corneau, Jérôme Cornuau, Guy Courtecuisse (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Miguel Courtois, Morgan Crestel, Dominique Crevecoeur, Alfonso Cuaron, Frédéric Damien, Sophie Danon, Luc et Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Hervé de Luze (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Benoît Delmas, Jonathan Demme, Dante Desarthe, Romain Desbiens, Thomas Desjonquères (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Alexandre Desplat, Rosalinde et Michel Deville, Guillaume D'Ham (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Christelle Didier (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Kathrin DiPaola, Ariel Dorfman, Georges Dybman, Jacques Fansten, Joël Farges, Gianluca Farinelli (Cinémathèque de de Bologne) , Etienne Faure, Michel Ferry, Jean Teddy Filippe (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Martine Fitoussi, Scott Foundas, Stephen Frears, Thierry Frémaux, Sam Gabarski, René Gainville, Matteo Garone, Tony Gatlif, Catherine Gaudin-Montalto, Costa Gavras, Jean-Marc Ghanassia, Terry Gilliam, Christian Gion, Stéphane Gizard, Christophe Goumand, Marc Guidoni, Dimitri Haulet, Buck Henry, David Heyman, Laurent Heynemann, Dominique Hollier, Isabelle Hontebeyrie, Frédéric Horiszny, Robert Hossein, Jean-Loup Hubert, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Gilles Jacob, Just Jaeckin, Anne Jeandet, Alain Jessua, Arthur Joffé, Pierre Jolivet, Kent Jones (World Cinema Foundation) , Paola Jullian, Roger Kahane, Nelly Kaplan, Wong Kar Waï, Ladislas Kijno, Richard Klebinder, Harmony Korinne, Jan Kounen, Diane Kurys, Emir Kusturica, Jean Labadie, John Landis, Claude Lanzmann, David Lanzmann, André Larquié, Françoise Lassale, Carole Laure, Christine Laurent-Blixen, Emilien Lazaron (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Vinciane Lecocq, Patrice Leconte, Claude Lelouch, Gérard Lenne, Pierre et Renée Lhomme, Marceline Loridan-Ivens, David Lynch, Michael Mann, François Margolin, Jean-Pierre Marois, Tonie Marshall, Mario Martone, Christine Mathis, Nicolas Mauvernay, Christopher, Spencer et Claire Mc Andrew, Allison Michel, Radu Mihaileanu, Jean-Louis Milesi, Claude Miller, Jean-Marc Modeste , Mario Monicelli, Jeanne Moreau, Christian Mvogo Mbarga, Juliette Nicolas-Donnard, Sandra Nicolier, Michel Ocelot, Eric Pape, Abner Pastoll, Alexander Payne, Richard Pena (Directeur Festival de NY) , Olivier Père, Suzana Peric (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Jacques Perrin, Thomas Pibarot, Anne Pigeon Bormans, Michele Placido, Sabrina Poidevin, Agnès Catherine Poirier, Harry Prenger, Gilbert Primet, Philippe Radault, Tristan Rain, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Raphael Rebibo, Jo Reymen, Laurence Reymond, Yasmina Reza, Christiane Rhein, Jacques Richard, Avital Ronell, Laurence Roulet, Marc Saffar, Gabriela Salazar Scherman, Walter Salles, Jean-Paul Salomé, Jean-Frédéric Samie, Marc Sandberg, Jerry Schatzberg, Julian Schnabel, Barbet Schroeder, Pierre Schumacher, Ettore Scola, Luis Gustavo Sconza Zaratin Soares, Martin Scorsese, Frank Segier, Guy Seligmann, Julien Seri, Pierre Silvant, Charlotte Silvera, Abderrahmane Sissako, Paolo Sorrentino, Roch Stephanik, Guillaume Stirn, Jean-Marc Surcin, Tilda Swinton, Jean-Charles Tacchella, Radovan Tadic, Danis Tanovic, Bertrand Tavernier, André Techiné, Cécile Telerman, Alain Terzian, Valentine Theret, Pascal Thomas, Giuseppe Tornatore, Serge Toubiana, Nadine Trintignant, Tom Tykwer, Alexandre Tylski, Jaques Vallotton, Betrand Van Effenterre, Jean-Pierre Vergne, Sarah Vermande, Gilles Walusinski, Wim Wenders, Anaïse Wittmann, Arnaud Xainte, Christian Zeender.

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How to Kill British Culture

Image - Notice the male copper at the front with his goofy 'look at me I will now get a promotion as I have demonstrated my politically correct credentials' smile. Notice the warm fuzzy glow of politically correct moral superiority in the faces of these coppers, the same smile the NKVD had in Russia as they shot people in the head in the Gulags.

If this is the future of British policing, then this country is screwed.

The article below, and the image above, show how British culture will be killed.

Rather than making immigrants assimilate into British culture, the Police and government are allowing them to exist here as colonists.

They do not speak the English language, a pre-requisite for assimilation into any nation on the planet, instead the police are told to learn their language.

This is where the Police are active agents of our national destruction, riddled with the syphilis of political correctness, as the police no longer protect our NATIONAL community, they serve the interests of the global migrants and colonists of every nation that arrive in our country.

The police should not learn foreign languages - IMMIGRANTS SHOULD LEARN ENGLISH.

We are not here to serve them, they are here to assimilate into our nation and culture.

The demands of a minority that the majority accomodate them is the antithesis of democracy, and the pre-cursor of the destruction of our national culture.

The police, under the control of the corrupt ACPO cabal of new labour arselickers, is an institution destroyed.

The police need to be saved by sacking all the ACPO crooks and mafia and then imposing a new policing body with one simple agenda - FIGHT CRIME - not keep the police acting as ponced up socoal workers who wont arrest thugs as they dont want them to feel 'persecuted' or 'alienated' by society.


Officers from Rochdale South Neighbourhood Policing Team have been given awards after taking part in a series of basic Urdu classes.

The six-week language course that started on 1 August was held in community centres across the Milkstone and Deepish areas. They were designed to help improve officers knowledge of the culture and to strengthen links with the local Asian community.

Chief Inspector Troisi, said: “Learning the language of the community our Neighbourhood Policing Officers serve is a great way of understanding and better serving the people.

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Tuesday 29 September 2009

The Little Egret on the Thames Shore

A wisp of white is slowly winging westward,
To where the sun surrenders its last light,
In gouts of scarlet and sacred golden shine,
Drifting over the turning tide and miring muck,
The egret in its winter finery, so strange in May,
Flaps elegantly in a whisper upon the wind,
To where the wilting waves, slither and slide,
Gurgling into the ebb of the sloughing Thames,
Whilst low shadows gather where twilight lies.

Gently it lands, so gracefully with delicate fans,
In a flamenco of soft feathers, an echo of Iberia,
Posturing for its attendants who line the banks,
Awaiting this late hour of sacred communion,
To gaze in awe upon its perfect construction,
As the street lights on the opposite Essex shore,
Glitter in a gush of night that sudden blacks the sky,
Whilst in the wild margins, Esus seeks new prey,
Searching for the stranded, who now fear his steps.

The spear of its neck slices apart the air in arcs,
Serpent swift its beak as it steps and stalks,
As sharp, swift and deadly as Toledo steel,
Piercing the thin silver meniscus, a revelation,
Like lightning flickering forth from a storm,
Seeking in the small cosmos of shallow pools,
A sacrifice for the moon before his return,
To the oak to which he is bound, and its fated branch,
Where once he hung, then in the form of a god,
Before the haunted cross had shadowed these shores.

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Labour Bust and Flush to Tory Boom and Bust

What a choice eh - the Free Market Capitalist Boom and Bust of the Tories economic policies that will eviscerate public services and enrich only the Zionist hedge fund bankers that bankroll the Tory Party or the New Labour permanent Fabianist Bust and Flush capitalist / socialist economic policies that have destroyed the British economy and flushed down the khazi thirty years of economic progress.

Tweedledee or Tweedledumb.


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The Pilkingtons and Idiot PC Police

Image - the forgotten white victims of police political correctness.

Can you imagine what would have happened if a black family had suffered 33 serious criminal acts of harassment in less than a year.

Can you imagine what the police would have done if white youths set fire to their gates, threw bricks through the window, kidnapped their son and held him hostage at knifepoint and put dog excrement through their letterbox.

They would have arrested them faster than you can say 'McPherson Report'.

Then the BBC would have had an investigation, the government would have had an inquiry set up and a new multi-cultural martyr set up for the masses to abase themselves before, whilst of course ritualistically debasing and flagellating themselves.

Fiona and Francesca Pilkington were white.

Therefore they did not matter.

Not in the slightest.

What mattered to the idiot police in their area was that the 'young people' who were persecuting this family were not 'criminalised' and that they did not feel 'persecuted' by the police for persecuting the people they live near.

If anyone in the area had grabbed those thugs and given them the damn good kicking they deserved to stop them doing it again - then they would have been in prison faster than you can say 'Oi, Wot about my y'uman rites'.

This is how Political Correctness has destroyed the police force, destroyed our communities, allowed the criminals to rule our streets and forced normal people and the most vulnerable in our society to live in absolute terror.

All this whilst the PC coppers play dress up in Burkhas, send ethnic gangsters on days out on fishing trips and send white thugs on holidays.

The police are now the enemy of our society.

They have swallowed the codswallop of political correctness hook, line and sinker and now regard themselves as an adjunct of the social services, rather than crime fighters.

The ACPO arseholes, greased into power by sucking up to New Labour, in return for their positions follow the labour party line.

At every level our society has been corrupted by the Unelected Left - including the police who are led by the slimiest, most bent cabal of politicised coppers in British history.

Their priority is always racism.

Not all racism of course, just racism against the pet minorities of the PC elites, not ever racism by ethnic minorities against the indigenous majority.

Anti-White racism is simply ignored by the police, just as it is ignored by the Equality Commission and the New Labour race relations profiteer, nepotist and bent businessman Trevor Phillips - who can always find a few thousand quid to throw at his mates with a dodgy contract or two.

In the meantime, the majority have been abandoned.

The minorities, from the white liberal political correctness Nazis to the Islamists and the ethnic gangsters - they all control our society.

But because of political correctness no-one will dare say this for fear of being called racist.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing, Edmund Burke said.

Evil also triumphs when good people stay silent for fear of being called racist.

The thugs who undertook this campaign of harassment should have been arrested, taken to court and then flogged.

If that didnt work then they should have been made to wear a pink tutu and sweep the streets whilst people jeered at them and threw rotten fruit at them. At the same time the widescreen TV's and DVD's and playstations in their homes should have been removed and given to their victims and the parents fined.

Thugs see a police record and a electronic tag as a badge of pride, so the only thing that will stop them is public humiliations.

If that didnt work then the thugs should have been put in the stocks and people invited to throw rubbish and dog shit at them for a weekend. Once they had felt what fear and humiliation felt like, then perhaps they would have been less likely to inflict fear and humiliation on others.

If that didnt work then the parents should have been flogged and the kids sent to prison.

It is time for political correctness to be abandoned, and our nation run in the interests of the majority not for minorities.

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The Obama Youth Get Truncheoned

Image - President Obama. He is also not white.

He is black.

Image - Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper.

He is not white. He is black.

How exquisite it is to see the Obama Youth, the braindead liberal lemmings of middle class white kids at US universities, get a 'wake up call' with a truncheon from the Obama police Stormtroopers whose job is to defend the interest of the New World Order.

They cant blame George Bush now.

They cant blame the Republicans.

They cant blame racism and evil white men.

They cant blame whitey.

The police chief of Pittsburg is Nate Harper, he is also black.

Obama is the big boss.

He aint white.

These attacks are sanctioned by Obama. Undertaken by cops under the control of a black man.

This is Obama's America, not Bush's America.

The war in Iraq is still going on, US troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantanamo BaY aint gonna be closed down - its business as usual.


Time to wake up now you white idiots.

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Monday 28 September 2009

Indigenous Culture, Africans and the Double Standard

When immigration is colonisation, why are Africans allowed to preserve their indigenous culture and ask whites to leave, but whites are denied the right to prevent immigration and protect our indigenous cultures as to do so is racist ?

IV. The Taboo

As she oversaw the mass planting of trees, Maathai steadily realised the ripping up and hacking down of the forests is only a symptom of a much-wider problem – one that was crippling Africa. "The disease remained. What made our leaders treat their own country like it was a colony, not something they were part of? It was the same disease that causes corruption and very bad leadership." There was something wrong in how African societies worked – something so deep and puzzling that she has just written a whole book trying to figure it out, called The Challenge For Africa. She touches on many problems, from global warming to unfair trade policies, but the most intriguing section is one that breaches a taboo about Africa – the fact that most Africans identify not with their country, but with their tribe.

"Colonialism destroyed Africans' cultural and spiritual heritage," she says. "Any culture is accumulated knowledge and wisdom, built up over millennia. It tells you how to live in your environment, how to understand life. All our accumulated knowledge was wiped out in just a few years. It wasn't written down, so it died with our elders. Now it is lost forever." This had many effects: "Before, there was something deep in our culture that made us respect the environment. We didn't look at trees and see timber. We didn't look at elephants and see ivory. It was in our culture to let them be. That was wiped out." Part of her work is trying to restore that lost sense of respect for the ecosystem – one that has been proved essential by science.

But this erasure of African culture also left another wound, one harder still to rectify. "It left us with a terrible lack of self-knowledge. Who are we? This is the most natural question for human beings. What group do I belong to? Where did I come from? We no longer had an answer." They were told to forget what came before. In Kenya when the British invaded, there were 42 different tribes – or "micro-nations", as she prefers to call them, because it removes the taint of "primitivism". These old identities were supposed to be abandoned for an identity that consisted of lines arbitrarily draw on a map by their European killers. "The modern African state is a superficial creation: a loose collection of ethnic communities brought together by the colonial powers," she says. "Most Africans didn't understand or relate to the nations created for them. They remained attached to their micronations."

The result has been "a kind of political schizophrenia. Africans have been obscured from ourselves. It is like we have looked at ourselves through another person's mirror – and seen only cracked reflections and distorted images." They have been told to adopt identities like "Kenyan" that make no sense to them. "It is impossible to speak meaningfully of a South African, Congolese, Kenyan or Zambian culture," she explains. "There are only micronations. But we are still living in denial. We are denying who we are."

The result is that when a leader comes to power, he doesn't try to govern on behalf of his people – and they don't expect him to. He delivers for his own tribe, at the expense of the others. "What they call 'the nation' is a veneer laid over a cultureless state – without values, identity, or character," she says. The mechanism of democratic accountability breaks down: the leader is not expected to serve his people, but only a small fraction of them. Elections consist of different tribes fighting to hijack the state to use in their own interests. The system of winner-takes-all democracy – where you need 50.5 per cent of the vote and get 100 per cent of the power – encourages this, and will never work in Africa, she says.

Maathai believes there is a way out of this – but it is absolutely not to pretend tribes don't exist, or to urge people to simply overcome these identities. "We have been telling people to transcend their micronations for so long, and it hasn't happened. They are urged to shed the identity of their micronations and become citizens of the new modern state, even though no African really knows what the character of that modern state might be beyond a passport and an identity card. It doesn't work." The tribal violence in Kenya last year after the election was, she says, even more proof.

She wants to find another route. Instead of a melting pot that pretends all identities will merge into one, she wants to create a salad bowl – one where every piece is different, but together they form a perfect whole. "Instead of all attempting the impossible task of being the same, we should learn to embrace our diversity," she writes in the book. "African children should be taught that the peoples of their country are different in some ways, but because of Africa's historical legacy, they need to work together ... The different micro-nations would be much more secure and likely to flourish if they accepted who they are and worked together. In my view, Africans have to re-embrace their micronational cultures, languages and values, and then bring the best of them to the table of the nation state."

In addition to conventional parliaments, she says that in each African nation there should be assemblies bringing together all the different tribal groups, modelled on the United Nations. There, they could find common ground, and negotiate areas of disagreement. "It is the only way to heal a psyche wounded by denial of who they really are," she says. Every African should rediscover and feel comfortable in their tribal identity, and feel it is properly represented in the political structures of the state. Only then can they share and live together, she believes. That way, everyone will feel they have a stake in the state all the time – not just when one of their men has managed to seize the reins.

She discovered this sense of calm when, in her forties, she rediscovered her Kikuyu roots. The Kikuyus had regarded the trees and Mount Kikuyu's glaciers as the closest thing they had to a sacred being, something worthy of respect. She too found value there, rather than in the dessicated texts left behind by the colonialists. "When they erased our culture, we were left with a vacuum, and it was filled with the values of the Bible – but that is not the coded values of our people."

But isn't there a danger that you are romanticising past cultures and the equally-irrational beliefs that went with them? Weren't these cultures also committed to keeping women separate and subordinate? Isn't your great achievement to break with the traditional subordination of women? She nods. "Culture is a double-edged sword," she says. "It can be used to strike a blow for empowerment, or to keep down somebody who wants to be different. There are negative aspects to any culture. We should only retain what is good. We were taught for so long that what came before colonialism was all bad. It wasn't. We were told our attachment to the land was primitive and a block on progress. It wasn't. We had a ritual – ituika – through which leaders were accountable to their people and could be changed. And people took what they needed but didn't accumulate or destroy in the process. Those are values we need to rebuild in Africa."

She suddenly leans forward and says: "That is the way we will save the rainforests, and prevent global warming!" She is going to follow this goal with the same feverish intensity that drove her from a mud-hut to the Nobel Prize, and enabled her to stand firm through beatings and imprisonments so she could knock down a dictator. Can will-power and a relentless focus on the solution pull us through the climate crisis as it pulled her through a tyranny?

Before I can ask this, she stands up. "Now I must finish packing. My flight is so soon, and my clothes are all over the room!" In a whirl of bright green, she laughs and limps off through the lobby. She has a slightly pained gait, the result of too many nights sleeping on the floor of damp jail cells. She turns back and waves with a strange bend in her back – as if she is still weighed down, after all this time, by the ghost of that single felled fig tree she failed to save.

"The Challenge For Africa" by Wangari Maathai is published by William Heinemann Limited. To order a copy at the special price of £18, including p&p, call Independent Books Direct on

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Radio 4 - Margaret Hodge

Just listening to Margaret Hodge on the Radio 4 show saying the BNP in the 1970's were 'skinhead thugs' on the streets of Barking.

Funny that.

The BNP wasnt formed until 1982.

Perhaps the BNP had a time machine in the 1980's or simply lying.

I leave it to you to decide.

Kenan Malik also lied to bolster his report when he used the EHRC figures on immigrants and social housing ;

This whole programme was a pathetic sop to the liberals in the BBC who are whining about the BNP being on Question Time.

Nick was given about 20 seconds of air time in this shit show, a total joke.

I used to respect Kenan for his intelligence, now I know he is just another liberal, hypocritical idiot.

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Harrys Place - Are They Waking up ?

An interesting comment on Harrys Place here ;

I’ll share an anecdote with you: since I returned to the UK over the Summer after a decade-long absence flitting backwards and forwards from the Mid East, I’ve moved away from London to a provincial town. I’ve been supplementing my main occupation here as a translator and interpreter, often with Kurdish Iraqis. Recently, there have been 4 serious sexual offences committed in broad daylight not far from the town centre. In each case, a group of Kurdish men was found to be involved and the victim, a native Briton. These attacks have led some people in the town to accuse ALL Kurds and by specious analogy, ALL Muslims of being the problem. There has been a suggestion that a demonstration, no doubt involving some ideogical racists and other anti-Muslim bigots alongside the genuinely concerned, would be held. Now, these attacks were not committed by Islam and nor were they committed by adherents to scripture or doctrine. Only twisted psychopaths would use justifications for rape and pillage in Muhammad’s biography to rape Britons. Nor is rape or serious sexual assault a facet of Kurdish culture. Therefore, in this case, and in others, it would be unethical and immoral to essentialise all Kurds and all Muslims.

That’s not to say that the attacks weren’t motivated by racism, because they most likely were; a Kurdish woman would not have been subjected to these attacks.

Neither should this prevent us from using our God-given faculties to induce that groups of young Kurdish men are more likely to rape or sexually assault non-Muslim women than Muslim women.

Experience tells us that Kurds in the UK are disproportionately involved in sexual crime and that the victim will almost certainly be a young, ‘white’ female.

Should I use this reasoning to extrapolate trends and ‘behaviour matrices’ for all Muslims or all immigrants and asylum seekers? Would the same be true if I replaced ‘Kurd’ with ‘Muslim’? No. Of course it wouldn’t. That would be a monstrous, and worst of all, inaccurate position.

When anyone claims that every member of a certain group possesses certain distinct characteristics that can be used to colour our perceptions about the entire group, you can almost certainly say that such a claim is based on shaky foundations and risks aping the committed ideological racism of others.

I understand where you’re coming from: you, like me, reject the myopia of much of the left in the face of dogged empiricism: yes, Nigerians in London are disproportionately involved in fraud, for example. Whole swathes of the left would object to you making such an assertion, even though it’s based in fact. Yet these self-same so-called anti-racists swallowed whole and memorised verbatim the Macpherson Report, possibly the most destructive document in British history and watershed for tickbox racists, colour-matchers and piss-poor-linguist, ill-informed pigeonhole racists everywhere. This despite the claims of ‘institutional racism’ being conconcted from the Marxoid witterings and slatherings of the far left, and not one wiff of statistical analysis.

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Voting Tory A Waste of Time Says Bob Seeley of Conservative Home

An interesting article below by Bob Seeley, a tory writer on the Conservative Home site, as in the article he virtually admits that the election of a Tory government is a total waste of time, for as he states the levers of real power will still be held not in parliament but by the 'Unelected Left' in the trades unions, media, welfare state, public services, the police, Judicial system, education system, civil service and the Servile State.

This is something that few politicians have ever understand about politics, that entering Parliament is not the 'orgasm' of the political process but simply the start of the foreplay.

You can be elected into Parliament, be able to pass new laws and yet never be able to APPLY power at the level of society, community and the individual if the levers of power are in the hands of your enemies.

Power is concentrated in Parliament, but it must flow forth into society in order to have an effect.

In order for power to flow through into society those in Parliament must be able to insert people into the institutions who will APPLY power for them, and who will apply delegated power in society at the level of the individual and community, and if any newly elected government does not deal with the corrupted minions of 'ancien regime' who are still allowed to remain in their jobs and still apply power in the name of the government and the State, then they will be unable to change society.

The Tories when they are elected will face millions of servile state parasites appointed by New Labour in public institutions and who are hostile to everything the Tories stand for.

These individuals who were appointed by New Labour in order to promote the aims of New Labour via public services will not 'vanish' after election day, they will remain in office constantly frustrating the aims, will and intentions of the Tory government.

Whilst Cameron will be IN power, he will be unable to APPLY power.

New Labour have spent the last 12 years turning Britain into a mini-Zimbabwe, run by cronys of New Labour.

This is why the election of Tory government will not change a single thing in our country, as the Tories will not sack, remove or force to resign all those parasites of the New Labour Servile State who were put in their positions by New Labour.

Cameron seeks the support of the Liberal Elite, as he is a member of the Liberal Elite posturing in Tory robes.

He is as infected by the contagion of Political Correctness as New Labour, and he also seeks the support of the same simpering 0.5 % of the Middle Class Swing Voters who are also idiot liberals.

Therefore he will not challenge the Servile State, the race relations industry, the diversity advisers and the panapoly of Politically Correct minions in similar 'Non-Jobs' within the Servile State.

He will leave them where they are - this army of termites eating away at our nation from within the state, who eviscerate our culture and country.

Bob Seeley is right - a vote for the Tories is a waste of time, simply as the Tories will not remove all those who apply power in our society ; the Unelected Left, the Gramscians, the Infiltrationists, the Incrementalists and the New Labour puppets appointed by the New Labour traitors.

Whilst the Tories will be the government, New Labour will be in charge of the country via their proxies in the public services and elsewhere.

Cameron doesnt have the bollocks to do what is required - which is a swift decapitation strategy.

Sack all the heads of the main professional bodies who have, at any time during the last twelve years, expressed any political opinions or who have allowed themselves and the bodies they sit on to be politicised.

Then replace them with people who will follow the new agenda.

This should also send a signal out to the rest that the moment they obstruct the new programme that they will also be sacked.

But in order to do this he will need to challenge the Unelected Left in the media and the trades uniions and civil service.

And he wont do this, simply as Cameron is a liberal conservative not a real conservative.

If there is a hard decision to be made you can be sure that Cameron will dodge it unless the media, the focus groups and the 0.5 % of swing voters will agree with it.

He is a not a conviction politician but a consensus politician - and the two are mutually opposed.

What we need is a Conviction Politician, not more idiot consensus politicians pampering to the middle class 0.5 % of brainwashed liberal lemmings whose vote gos to whatever political whore is willing to prostitute themselves to them the most.

The Unelected Left will run this country after the Tories are elected in the mirror image of New Labour whilst the 0.5 % of middle class liberal lemmings will ensure that the Unelected Left stay in power by hobbling and castrating cameron as soon as he gets in office.

Therefore a vote for Tories is a total waste of time.

Nothing will change - the rotten heart of the Servile State will still be run by New Labour apparatchiks whilst the Tories will merely posture in Parliament drawing a public wage whilst doing bugger all to change things in Britain for the better.

This state of affairs is why democracy is such a farce.

Politics is controlled by the corrupt corporate media.

Regardless of who is voted into power, the government stays the same.

The Unelected Left will remain in the Servile State as Cameron will not smash the Servile State or remove the lackeys of New Labour left behind after they undertake their usual symbolic shuffling of seats in Parliament.

The 0.5 % of middle class liberal lemmings will still run the country as cameron will whore himself to their interests to keep in power instead of serving the NATIONAL INTEREST.

Therefore Bob Seeley is correct.

A vote for the Tories is a total waste of time.


Bob Seely: Is Patriotism going to be the next big political idea?

Bob Seely

Bob Seely is a former journalist who served with British forces in Iraq from June 2008 to February 2009.

Benedict Rogers’ excellent post on Shariah got me thinking about patriotism, and why it may well turn out to be the next big idea to hit British politics, as well as a potential dividing line between the Left and Right.

Patriotism has always been a tricky subject for many Britons. Like a good suit, it has generally been worn in an understated way. Even Conservatives, especially the more urban elements of the party, have sometimes appeared uncomfortable with patriotism. Overt displays, such as in China where schoolchildren sing the national anthem twice a day, are inconceivable in Britain, and would be greeted by near hysteria from the ‘liberal’ Left were they ever proposed.

Yet viewed from Shepherd’s Bush rather than the salons of Notting Hill, I believe that a moderate patriotism is not only important - as ConHome’s articles on the subject have already shown - but that it has the potential to play a major role in energising our inner cities as part of a wider renaissance of English civic and national identity.

First, what patriotism isn’t. Patriotism isn’t an excuse for being nasty to foreigners, as the Left shamelessly pretend, and it’s not a genie that once unleashed, will play into the hands of the racist right and re-create a new generation of Oswald Mosleys – indeed quite the opposite, it’s patriotism that’s likely to defeat the BNP, not define it.

Patriotism is a very natural condition, it’s a desire to love, cherish, and care for one’s society. Apart from love of family, it is about the most fundamental instinct known to mankind. Patriotism through much of modern history has often been seen as a moral virtue – during the 18th century, for example, supporting the anti-slavery movement was seen as an example of enlightened patriotism. In the US patriotism is the natural condition of (almost) every American, including new immigrants.

Not to foster patriotism is an act of selfish destructiveness - sadly what the cultural and educational Left have often done, ashamed of their country and its history and frustrated by their own inability to understand the British people. Until recently our State – despite running an open door policy to immigration – appeared determined to make people ashamed of Britain when they got here. Indeed, for much of the past decade it has actively encouraged separated identities amongst different ethnic groups. The only shared identity our State has wanted to encourage is a common trait of dependency. We’re now seeing the limitations of that policy.

In some parts of Britain, community identity has broken down. This has happened amongst both immigrant and indigenous populations. Amongst some immigrant communities, there is little sense of being part of a wider community. The rise of Shariah is one example of this disengagement. On the other side, some whites have reacted with hostility to the new waves of immigrants competing for jobs and housing. Some have turned to the crude nationalism of the British National Party, which has been one of the few gainers from this miserable state of affairs.

The result on both sides is alienation, a ‘them and us’ mentality and a vacuum where a sense of positive, shared identity should be. One should not exaggerate the problem. It affects and minority, but it is growing.

A greater sense of patriotism, and a realisation that we need to educate people about the worth of our country and its values, would create a greater sense of shared purpose and pride amongst very different groups of people, including working class whites and new immigrants to this country. It would help both to understand that being part of society is about contributing, not taking – about responsibilities rather than just rights. I believe also that it would fatally undermine the BNP.

Fascinatingly, this is happening in our country already. There are many reasons; in some cases it is happening off the back of local Conservative councils promoting, not patriotism per se, but a traditional return to civic pride. But there are other reasons too:

* The war in Afghanistan: Regardless of the outcome, and regardless of the foreign and defence policy issues, the tales of bravery to emerge from that country – and Iraq – are remarkably potent examples of men and women fighting for their flag and monarch in a way that hasn’t been seen since World War II. Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are, in the true sense of the word, shocking for the many people in our society raised to question the worth of fighting or dying for anything.

* Europe: I think that eurosceptism is going to increase (good) as more and more people see quite how flawed the EU is. The sense of frustration that the EU is holding this country back is going to become a spur to those wanting something better. It’s no surprise that our leading eurosceptics, such as Dan Hannan MEP and Douglas Carswell MP, are also doing some of the most creative thinking about our society and its governance.

* Scottish independence: England and Scotland’s political cultures are moving in opposed directions. One wonders how long before Scottish independence becomes the least painful alternative, and independence for one is freedom for both.

We’re facing a possible landslide victory next year. Labour are likely to face a deserved hammering. Yet in many ways the battle for the future of England has only just begun. Whilst politicians from the Left are likely to be thrown out of power next spring, the unelected Left – in the media, in the welfare state and in our education system, are likely to remain powerful and influential, maybe too much so for an incoming Government keen to keep the Guardian-reading classes on side. The cultural and intellectual battles have not yet been joined. There is both huge potential for change and achievement - and a danger that we will miss a generational opportunity to reshape our future.

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The Cost of War

I had the idea for this peice of work this morning. I woke up thinking about the War In Iraq as being a product of consumerism.

So i decided to list the British Iraq war dead as in a shopping list.

I call this 'The Cost of War'.

It would look better if formated properly, but as I dont know how to do that so you will have to just imagine it formated as a shopping list.

The list of the dead are in chronological order.




York Place,
London, WC2N 5.

Prime Minister – Tony Blair

Deputy Prime Minister – John Prescott

Chancellor – Gordon Brown

Telephone – 020 7219 3000

VAT Number – not applicable.

Date : March 20th 2003

Time : 05.30 A.M


Till 1 - Delivered by F-117 Nighthawks from the 8th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron

You were served by : Democracy.


Description of commodoties sold ;

• Major Jason Ward, Royal Marines, UK Landing Force Command Support Group, aged 34, from Torquay in Devon
• Warrant Officer Second Class Mark Stratford, Royal Marines, aged 39, from Plymouth
• Operator Mechanic (Communications) Second Class Ian Seymour RN, 148 Commando Battery Royal Artillery, aged 29 years, from Poole in Dorset
• Sergeant Les Hehir, 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, aged 34, from Poole in Dorset
• Marine Sholto Hedenskog, Royal Marines, aged 26, from Cape Town, South Africa
• Captain Philip Stuart Guy, Royal Marines, aged 29, from Skipton, Yorkshire
• Colour Sergeant John Cecil, Royal Marines, UK Landing Force Command Support Group, aged 35, from Plymouth
• Lance Bombardier Llywelyn Evans, 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, aged 24 from Llandudno
• Lieutenant Philip D Green RN, aged 30 from Caythorpe, Lincolnshire,
• Lieutenant Antony King RN, aged 35 from Helston, Cornwall,
• Lieutenant Marc Lawrence RN, aged 26 from Westgate-on-Sea, Kent,
• Lieutenant Philip West RN, aged 32 from Budock Water, Cornwall,
• Lieutenant James Williams RN, aged 28 from Falmouth, Cornwall, and
• Lieutenant Andrew Wilson RN, aged 36 from Exeter all from 849 Squadron, RNAS Culdrose
• Flight Lieutenant Kevin Barry Main, Pilot, IX (B) Squadron
• Flight Lieutenant David Rhys Williams, Navigator, IX (B) Squadron
• Sapper Luke Allsopp, 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD), aged 24 from North London
• Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth, 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD), aged 36 from Essex
• Sergeant Steven Roberts, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, aged 33 from Bradford
• Lance Corporal Barry Stephen, 1st Battalion The Black Watch, aged 31 from Perth
• Corporal Stephen Allbutt, aged 35 from Stoke-on-Trent, and
• Trooper David Clarke, aged 19 from Littleworth, Staffordshire both from the Queen's Royal Lancers
• Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull, Household Cavalry Regiment, aged 25 from Windsor
• Major Steve Ballard, 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines, aged 33, from Swindon
• Marine Christopher Maddison, 9 Assault Squadron Royal Marines, aged 24 from Scarborough
• Lance Corporal Shaun Brierley, 212 Signal Squadron, 1 (UK) Armoured Division HQ & Signal Regiment, aged 28 from West Yorkshire
• Staff Sergeant Chris Muir, Army School of Ammunition, Royal Logistic Corps, aged 32 from Romsey in Hampshire
• Lieutenant Alexander Tweedie, aged 25, and
• Lance Corporal Karl Shearer, both from the Household Cavalry Regiment
• Fusilier Kelan Turrington, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, aged 18
• Lance Corporal Ian Malone, 1st Battalion, aged 28 from Dublin, and
• Piper Christopher Muzvuru, aged 21 from Zimbabwe both from the 1st Battalion, Irish Guards
• Lance Corporal James McCue, 7 Air Assault Battalion, REME, aged 27 from Paisley
• Private Andrew Kelly, 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, aged 18 from Tavistock
• Gunner Duncan Pritchard, 16 Squadron RAF Regiment, aged 22
• Corporal David Shepherd, Royal Air Force Police, aged 34
• Mr Leonard Harvey, aged 55, based at Wattisham in Suffolk
• Sergeant Simon Hamilton-Jewell, aged 41 from Chessington
• Corporal Russell Aston, aged 30 from Swadlincote
• Corporal Paul Long, aged 24 from Colchester
• Corporal Simon Miller, aged 21 from Washington, Tyne & Wear
• Lance Corporal Benjamin Hyde, aged 23 from Northallerton in Yorkshire
• Lance Corporal Thomas Keys, aged 20 from Llanuwchllyn, near Bala in Wales
• Captain James Linton, 40 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, aged 43 from Warminster
• Private Jason Smith, 52nd Lowland Regiment, aged 32 from Hawick
• Captain David Jones, Queen's Lancashire Regiment, aged 29 from Louth in Lincolnshire
• Major Matthew Titchener, 150 Provost Company, aged 32 from Southport, Merseyside
• Company Sergeant Major Colin Wall, 150 Provost Company, aged 34 from Crawleyside, County Durham
• Corporal Dewi Pritchard, 116 Provost Company, aged 35 from Bridgend
• Fusilier Russell Beeston, 52nd Lowland Regiment, aged 26 from Govan
• Sergeant John Nightingale, 217 Transport Squadron, aged 32 from Leeds
• Corporal Ian Plank, Royal Marines, aged 31 from Poole
• Private Ryan Thomas, Royal Regiment of Wales, aged 18 from Resolven, near Neath in Glamorgan.
• Major James Stenner, Welsh Guards, aged 30 from Monmouthshire
• Sergeant Norman Patterson, Cheshire Regiment, aged 28 from Staffordshire
• Lance Corporal Andrew Craw, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, aged 21 from Clackmannanshire
• Rifleman Vincent Windsor, Royal Green Jackets, aged 23 from Oxfordshire
• Sapper Robert Thomson, Royal Engineers, aged 22 from West Lothian
• Corporal Richard Ivell, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, aged 29 from near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
• Fusilier Gordon Gentle, Royal Highland Fusiliers, aged 19 from Glasgow
• Flight Lieutenant Kristian Gover, 33 Squadron RAF, aged 30
• Private Christopher Rayment, Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment, aged 22 from London
• Private Lee O'Callaghan, Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment, aged 20 from London
• Private Marc Ferns, The Black Watch, aged 21 from Glenrothes in Fife
• Lance Corporal Paul Thomas, The Light Infantry, aged 29 from Welshpool
• Fusilier Stephen Jones, The Royal Welch Fusiliers, aged 22 from Denbeigh
• Corporal Marc Taylor, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, aged 27 from Ellesmere Port
• Gunner David Lawrence, Royal Artillery, aged 25 from Wallsall
• Private Kevin McHale, The Black Watch, aged 27 from Lochgelly in Fife
• Staff Sergeant Denise Michelle Rose, Royal Military Police, aged 34 from Liverpool
• Sergeant Stuart Gray, The Black Watch, aged 31 from Dunfermline, Fife
• Private Paul Lowe, The Black Watch, aged 19 from Fife
• Private Scott McArdle, The Black Watch, aged 22 from Glenrothes
• Private Pita Tukutukuwaqa, The Black Watch, aged 27 from Fiji
• Sergeant Paul Connolly, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, aged 33 from Crawley in West Sussex
• Squadron Leader Patrick Marshall, Headquarters Strike Command, aged 39
• Flight Lieutenant David Stead, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham, aged 35 from Yorkshire
• Flight Lieutenant Andrew Smith, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham, aged 25
• Flight Lieutenant Paul Pardoel, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham, aged 35
• Master Air Engineer Gary Nicholson, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham, aged 42
• Chief Technician Richard Brown, RAF Lyneham, aged 40
• Flight Sergeant Mark Gibson, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham, aged 34
• SergeantRobert O'Connor, RAF Lyneham, aged 38
• Corporal David Williams, RAF Lyneham, aged 37
• Acting Lance Corporal Steven Jones, Royal Signals, aged 25 from Fareham
• Private Mark Dobson, Tyne-Tees Regiment, aged 41 from County Durham
• Guardsman Anthony John Wakefield, 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards, aged 24 from Newcastle-upon-Tyne
• Lance Corporal Alan Brackenbury, The King's Royal Hussars, aged 21 from East Riding, Yorkshire
• Signaller Paul William Didsbury, 21st Signal Regiment (Air Support), aged 18
• Second Lieutenant Richard Shearer, aged 26 from Nuneaton,
• Private Leon Spicer, aged 26 from Tamworth, and
• Private Phillip Hewett, aged 21 from Tamworth, all from the 1st Battalion Staffordshire Regiment
• Fusilier Donal Anthony Meade, aged 20 from Plumstead in South East London, and
• Fusilier Stephen Robert Manning, aged 22 from Erith in Kent both from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
• Major Matthew Bacon, Intelligence Corps, aged 34 from London
• Captain Ken Masters, Royal Military Police, aged 40
• Sergeant John Jones, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, aged 31, from Castle Bromwich, Birmingham
• Lance Corporal Allan Douglas, Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons), aged 22 from Aberdeen
• Corporal Gordon Alexander Pritchard, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, aged 31
• Trooper Carl Smith, 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's), aged 23 from Kettering
• Captain Richard Holmes, aged 28, and
• Private Lee Ellis, aged 23, both from the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment
• Lieutenant Richard Palmer, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, aged 27
• Wing Commander John Coxen RAF, aged 46 from Liverpool
• Lieutenant Commander Darren Chapman, Fleet Air Arm, aged 40
• Captain David Dobson, Army Air Corps, aged 27
• Flight Lieutenant Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill RAF, aged 32 from Canterbury
• Marine Paul Collins, aged 21
• Private Joseva Lewaicei, aged 25 from Lautoka, Fiji, and
• Private Adam Morris, aged 19 from Leicester, both from the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment
• Lieutenant Tom Mildinhall, aged 26 from Battersea, south London, and
• Lance Corporal Paul Farrelly, aged 27 from Runcorn, both from the Queen's Dragoon Guards
• Corporal John Johnston Cosby, 1st Battalion The Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry (1DDLI), aged 28 from Belfast
• Corporal Matthew Cornish, of 1 LI killed in Iraq, aged 29 from Yorkshire
• Gunner Samuela Vanua, aged 27 from Fiji, and
• Gunner Stephen Robert Wright, aged 20 from Preston, Lancashire, both from 58 (Eyre's) Battery, 12 Regiment Royal Artillery
• Gunner Lee Thornton, 58 (Eyre's) Battery, 12 Regiment Royal Artillery, aged 22 from Blackpool
• Lance Corporal Dennis Brady, Royal Army Medical Corps, aged 37 from Barrow-in-Furness
• Lieutenant Tom Tanswell, 58 (Eyre's) Battery, 12 Regt Royal Artillery, aged 27 from London
• Kingsman Jamie Lee Hancock, 2nd Battalion the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, aged 19 from Wigan
• Warrant Officer Class 2 Lee Hopkins, Royal Corps of Signals, aged 35 from Wellingborough
• Staff Sergeant Sharron Elliott, Intelligence Corps, aged 34 from Ipswich
• Corporal Ben Nowak, 45 Commando Royal Marines, aged 27 from Liverpool
• Marine Jason Hylton, 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines, aged 33 from Burton on Trent
• Sergeant Jonathan Hollingsworth, the Parachute Regiment, aged 35
• Sergeant Graham Hesketh, 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, aged 35 from Liverpool
• Sergeant Wayne Rees, The Queen's Royal Lancers, aged 36 from Nottingham
• Kingsman Alex Green, 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, aged 21 from Warrington
• Private Michael Tench, 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry, aged 18 from Sunderland
• Second Lieutenant Jonathan Carlos Bracho-Cooke, 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, aged 24 from Hove
• Private Luke Daniel Simpson, 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, aged 21 from Howden, near York
• Rifleman Daniel Lee Coffey, Second Battalion The Rifles, aged 21 from Exeter
• Private Johnathon Dany Wysoczan, First Battalion The Staffordshire Regiment, aged 21 from Stoke on Trent
• Kingsman Wilson, 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, aged 28 from Workington
• Rifleman Aaron Lincoln, of the 2nd Battalion, The Rifles, aged 18 from Durham
• Second Lieutenant Joanna Yorke Dyer, aged 24 from Yeovil
• Corporal Kris O'Neill, Royal Army Medical Corps, aged 27 from Catterick
• Private Eleanor Dlugosz, Royal Army Medical Corps, aged 19, from Southampton
• Kingsman Adam James Smith, 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, aged 19 from the Isle of Man
• Colour Sergeant M L Powell, aged 37 from South Wales, and
• Sergeant Mark J McLaren, Royal Air Force, aged 27 killed from Northumberland
• Corporal Ben Leaning, The Queen's Royal Lancers, aged 24 from Scunthorpe,
• Trooper Kristen Turton, The Queen's Royal Lancers, aged 27 from Grimsby
• Kingsman Alan Joseph Jones, 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, aged 20 from Liverpool
• Rifleman Paul Donnachie, 2nd Battalion The Rifles, aged 18 from Reading
• Major Nick Bateson, Corps of Royal Signals, aged 49 from Kent
• Private Kevin Thompson, Royal Logistic Corps, aged 21 from Lancaster
• Corporal Jeremy Brookes, 4th Battalion the Rifles, aged 28 from Birmingham
• Corporal Rodney Wilson, aged 30, from 4th Battalion The Rifles
• Lance Corporal James Cartwright, aged 21, from Badger Squadron, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment
• Major Paul Harding 4th Battalion The Rifles, aged 48, from Winchester
• Corporal John Rigby 4th Battalion The Rifles, aged 24 from Rye
• Corporal Paul Joszko, 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh (The Royal Regiment of Wales), aged 28 from Mountain Ash, Wales
• Private Scott Kennedy, Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, aged 20 from Oakley, Dunfermline
• Private James Kerr, Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, aged 20 from Cowdenbeath
• Rifleman Edward Vakabua 4th Battalion The Rifles, aged 23 from Fiji
• Lance Corporal Ryan Francis 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh, aged 23 from Llanelli
• Corporal Christopher Read, of 158 Provost Company, 3rd Regiment Royal Military Police, aged 22 from Poole, Dorset
• Senior Aircraftman Matthew Caulwell, aged 22 from Birmingham
• Senior Aircraftman Christopher Dunsmore, aged 29 from Leicester
• Senior Aircraftman Peter McFerran, aged 24 from Connah's Quay
• Lance Corporal Timothy Darren 'Daz' Flowers of The Corps of Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, aged 25
• Corporal Steve Edwards of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, aged 35 from Thrapston, Northamptonshire
• Private Craig Barber, of 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh, aged 20 from Ogmore Vale
• Leading Aircraftman Martin Beard of No 1 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, aged 20 from Rainworth, near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire
• Lance Sergeant Chris Casey, 1st Battalion, Irish Guards aged 27 from London
• Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath, 1st Battalion, Irish Guards aged 22 from Romford
• Sergeant Eddie Collins, the Parachute Regiment, aged 33
• Sergeant Mark Stansfield, 32 Close Support Squadron, UK Logistic Battalion, aged 32 from Oxfordshire
• Lance Corporal Sarah Holmes, 29 Postal Courier and Movement Regiment, aged 26 from Wantage, Oxfordshire
• Lee Fitzsimmons killed in Iraq
• Unnamed
• Guardsman Stephen Ferguson, 1st Battalion Scots Guards, aged 31 from Lanarkshire
• Sergeant Duane 'Baz' Barwood, 903 Expeditionary Air Wing, Royal Air Force, aged 41 from Carterton, Oxfordshire
• Unnamed
• Lance Corporal David Kenneth Wilson, 9 Regiment Army Air Corps, aged 27, from Huddersfield
• Corporal Lee Churcher, 20th Armoured Brigade, aged 32, from Nuneaton
• Private Ryan Wrathall, 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, aged 21, from Surbiton, Surrey


Items Sold : 179


Total Deducted - WMD'S NOT FOUND

Thank you for shopping at Parliament.

Remember that Democracy is the best system that money can buy.


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Sunday 27 September 2009

The Monster

This is a poem about Frankensteins Monster, but the Monster is multi-culturalism, a false creation which is formed from death.

The monster is now slowly dying, falling apart,
At the seams, fracturing along fault lines,
Its flesh held together by stitches and knots,
Cannot hold much longer, as wounded it staggers,
Into the inevitability of corruption and death.

Animated only by selfish desires, a slave,
Clumsy and brutal, it staggers and slurs,
Upon severed stumps transplanted unnaturally,
To form a simulacrum of life, a mockery,
The golem of a false god, worshipped by fools.

Its eyes are as empty as the grave, soulless,
It suckles only the criminal and corrupt,
A prison of perverted desires, a death camp,
Obedient only to the monsters that gave it life,
It awaits the fall, the death, and true rebirth.

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Mary Shelleys Monster

This is a poem about the night that Mary Shelley dreamt of the Frankensteins Monster.

She spawned the monster in a dream,
In a frenzy of shame and desire,
Caught between the wolf and lamb,
In that year without a summer,
Breathing her life into its bones,
At midnight whilst her husband slept,
Conceiving in the womb of her mind,
The phantasm of her unrequited desire,
That shuffled forth from the darkness,
As the abortion of all her passions.

Oh this creature, this fallen angel,
Formed from his forbidden flesh,
With a careless caress and a stolen sigh,
Born to mock what should have been,
A stillborn love, expelled from a dream,
Until shuddering she turns away,
Repulsed by this thing she has borne,
In the corners of her consciousness,
Where a wife becomes a whore,
Wet for this death, to which she gave life.

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Question Time and the Fear

Image - Jack Strawman.

Another Establishment politician whose entire career has been built on No Platform for the BNP, a bent media and total bullshit.

The ongoing debacle about Nick Griffins appearance on Question Time reveals much about the nature of our society.

For example, read the ongoing series of articles by Fraser Nelson in The Spectator and this article here ;

And note that for the people who write these articles and also many of the commentators, is the desire for a panel to go on Question Time not in order to debate the issues but simply to 'quarantine' Nick Griffin on the show.

What a bunch of gutless bastards !

The rank stench of their fear is palpable.

The reason why they are so afraid is simply because for years THEY have been telling the public total bollocks about what the BNP stands for, and the BNP have been unable to answer them back.

For years they have been calling the BNP 'thick', 'ignorant' etc etc and therefore been giving it large on the public platform whilst denying the BNP the ability to debate back and expose them, their lies and their rank hypocrisy - and now the entire pile of bullshit they have built up and stood upon is about to fall down upon them.

The situation has been analogous to the village idiot standing up in public and saying, ' I am the hardest man in the village ' whilst the real champion pugilist has been bound, gagged and locked in a shed outside the village itself.

Its easy to big yourself up in the absence of anyone being able to give you a slap and knock you back down to size.

The political pygmys and journalistic jackasses that have for years called the BNP 'stupid' etc have done so solely on the basis of NO PLATFORM which meant that we were never able to expose them as talking bollocks.

But No Platform is now coming down - and this is why the media maggots and political pygmys are so desperate, that even now they want to rig the debate by creating a panel defined solely by its hostility to Nick Griffin - in other words it will take four panelists working together to defeat Nick.

Doesnt say much for them, their intelligence or their sense of fair play does it.

They must be thick as shit if it takes four professional politicians to quarantine one man.

This is why having on Jack Strawman is so ironic - for the politicians are themselves the real strawmen.

Their reputation as politicians has been built up by a bent and corrupt media and founded on censorship of their opponents.

Even now the moderator on The Spectator is busy removing posts that contradict what the retards who write the articles have stated.

The political elite would probably call it fair if they forced Nick Griffin to dress up as a bacon sandwich and sit on a Question Time panel comprised of starving wolves.

Or perhaps they would like it as a game of poker, where the dealer ensures only the best cards get dealt to the right people and everyone works together to rip off one person.

These people are the wankers you vote for.

Gutless, little people with no talent who are greased into their positions by a corrupt media.

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Nick Griffin v Jack Strawman

Yep, its confirmed.

Its Nick Griffin versus Jack Strawman.

Mr. Jack 'The English are a violent race' Straw.

And also ' The English as a race are not worth saving' - the racist prick.

Imagine of the BNP said that about blacks / jews !

But Zionist Jews aint a violent race eh Jack !

Ha ha

Beware the English - a nation with the potential for aggression and violence.

That's the warning from Home Secretary Jack Straw, who has aired his views on a BBC radio debate about what it means to be British.

The English used their "propensity to violence" to "subjugate" the other home nations - before turning their attention to Europe and the British Empire, Mr Straw says.

He adds that unpleasant national characteristics may come to the fore, as the English look to identify themselves in an era of devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Tory leader William Hague also voiced strong views on the programme.

He described English nationalism as "the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism that can arise within the United Kingdom, because England is five-sixths of the population of the UK".

Are the politicians right? Are the English natural warriors who settle scores with their fists? Or is this a useless stereotype for a multi-cultured country?

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An Interesting Fact on Britain and Diversity

From the Spectator ;

" We are, through empire, the original multi-ethnic state"

We had a multi-ethnic Empire, but the UK as an "original" multi-ethnic state is less than 40 years old. The 1954 cabinet papers show that "David Maxwell-Fyfe, the Home Secretary, gave a figure of 40,000 compared to 7,000 before the Second World War".

A couple of days ago my 14 year old son and I viewed on Youtube the wonderful Panorama report on the Kop at Anfield - filmed in 1964.

"Dad", he said as he watched, "where are all the black people ?"

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Question Time Conundrum

This is my comment on The Spectator article here ;

I wonder if they will publish it !

The BNP is not right wing or left wing, we are British Nationalists, that means we put the interests of Britain and the British people first, not any trite ideological notions of global free market capitalism versus international fabianism both of which relegate Britain to the status of a slave nation under the domination of the same Global Corporate Fascist system. The notion of a left wing / right wing in British politics is archaic nonsense peddled only by those in the pantomime of Parliament and the media which elects the political puppets of the media corporations into power.

The only political struggle now is between Nationalism and Globalism in its left wing/ right wing/ Fabian guises.

As for the BNP being 'racist', this is simply the same old sloppy thinking. The definition of racism is PREJUDICE + POWER = EXERCISED TO DISCRIMINATE ON THE GROUNDS OF RACE. Racism is a manifestation of political power, and as the BNP have never enacted any of the laws in this country responsible for racism, then the BNP as a political party cannot be racist.

In the multi-cultural system all ethnic communities are expected to organise to represent their collective community interests, yet when the indigenous British people do this we are called racists.

This hypocrisy is staggering, this is our homeland and if we dont defend our interests as a nation and a people who will ?

To be frank I am sick of idiotic people pontificating about the BNP when they have been too lazy to actually educate themselves about the reality and instead have merely parroted the usual asinine rhetoric of the media.

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Saturday 26 September 2009

What is British Culture

British culture is defined as much by what it is as what it isnt.

It isnt the EU, UN, WTO consumerism, Islamism, German culture etc etc ad infinitum.

So what is British culture ;

British culture is the sum total of the organic, endogenous folk cultures of the folk nations of the British Isles. Culture derives from the Latin cultura stemming from colere, meaning "to cultivate " therefore signifying that culture is an organic manifestation of the inner nature of the people who inhabit the British nation and who create British culture. British Culture is therefore the outward manifestation of the inner nature of the British peoples. British Culture and British ethnicity are linked.

It is also the set of shared British attitudes, common values, shared goals, the common ways of life and social and community practices of the British people and the British Nation.

By Nation I refer to the concept of a nation as a body of people, the indigenous British peoples, who share a common history, culture, language, racial and ethnic origin and who have inhabited the British Isles for thousands of years.

British culture incorporates the indigenous Folk cultures and ancestral traditions of Britain - Welsh, Scottish, Anglo-Irish, Anglo-Saxon English

It also includes ;

The British Constitution

The British legal system

British Art

British History

The English language and indigenous languages

Architecture from Stonehenge to St.Pauls Cathedral

Druidism, Odinism, the traditionalist Church of England and Celtic Christianity

British inventions and technology

This is not an exhaustive list.

I do not define culture as 'high' or 'low', working class or aristocratic - I see British Culture as a totality not as a set of social divisions.

It is the consciousness of the self as a component of the nation, an organic connection to the past and ancestors and a sense of a shared destiny in the future as regards the evolution of the nation.

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Godwins Law and The Racist Variant

I believe that 'Godwins Law' should be expanded to include a new variant - The Racist Variant.

The Racist Variant is based on an individual calling another person a racist or accusing them of racism.

Whilst Godwins Law applies to the words Nazi or Hitler, The Racist Variant should apply to the use of the terms racism or racist when in a similar online debate scenario.

I suggest that the use of the Racist Variant be thus - when accused of being a racist / racism the person so accused states first that Godwins Law is now in effect and then that the Racist Variant has been brought into play.

This would allow Godwins Law to evolve, and to allow the Racist Variant to be used to define an increasing tendency to avoid the use of the word 'nazi' or 'Hitler' precisely due to the effect on popular consciousness of Godwins Law.

Perversely Godwins Law has ensured that the use of words 'Nazi' or 'Hitler' has been reduced and therefore has allowed in the abuse of the words Racist / Racism in online debates as a way to avoid the problem of falling foul of Godwins Law.

The Racist Variant therefore is an organic growth of Godwins Law reflecting the fact that it has undergone evolution and that Godwins Law has had an effect on popular culture.

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Saturday Kitchen - STOP PONCING ABOUT !

I have just been forced to watch Saturday Kitchen on BBC 1 and they are having a cooking competition for chefs to cook a meal for a bunch of squaddies returning from Afghanistan.

These lads will have been stuck in a rat infested shit hole for six months eating army ration packs.

They dont want poncey arty meals cooked by poncey arty chefs when they get back.

This is what they will want ;

1) Starters

Prawn Cocktail or onion bhajees

2) Main Course ;

Battered Cod, mushy peas and chips or chicken curry and chips and garlic bread

3) Desert ;

Apple and Blackberry Pie and custard and clotted cornish cream

or Cheesecake and clotted cornish cream or ice cream

Stop giving them eels, pig trotters and the rest of the poncey crap.

They want a nosh up - not poncey nouvelle cuisine.

Stop employing ponces at the BBC and get some real cooks on these shows not chef ponces.

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Peter ' The Paedo ' Tatchell and underage sex

For years Peter Tatchell has been working to lower the age of consent so he, and his paedophile homosexual chums, can get their hands on little kids.

The technique is called INCREMENTALISM.

First they say, ' we need to lower the age of consent so that children are not criminalised for having sex with other children'.

Then they say, ' Its not fair to criminalise adults who have sex with sexualised children'.

Then paedophiles having sex with children is legalised.

A step at a time the paedophiles draw nearer to changing the law to allow them to start having sex with children.

The fact that we should be criminalising all those in our society, from the media to teachers, from childrens magazines that publish sexual imagery to arresting the directors of mobile phone companies and internet ISP providers that allow children access to sexual imagery, and all others that seek to sexualise our children or assist in the sexualisation process of children.

Here is the old paedophile having another go at trying to get the age of consent lowered in The Guardian ;

The best comment is this one ;

First of all the argument is that children are sexual creatures.

The next argument is that they should be able to have sex with us.

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Friday 25 September 2009

Immigration as Voter Replacement

The constant surrender to the demands of Islamists and moderate Muslim Community leaders in Britain is based on winning back the Muslim voting block.

This is not a unique situation just for the UK - this 'voter replacement' has been going on in all European nations including Germany.

Mass Immigration is not just Race Replacement but it is also Voter Replacement for the Left and Cheap Labour Replacement for the Right.

In the middle between the traitor politicians and the Muslims are the masses, gradually being squeezed out of their own nations, democracy and economies.

Turkish Vote May Decide German Elections

From the desk of Thomas Landen on Fri, 2009-09-25 09:47

It has become a pattern in several European countries: The Muslim electorate tips the balance towards the Left. In Germany, too, Turkish immigrants are likely to play the pivotal role in the general elections next Sunday. All the parties are hoping to attract their votes.

The regional elections in a number of German states in late August did not go as expected for Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her Christian-Democrats had hoped for clear victories over their Socialist coalition partner. This would allow the Christian-Democrats to swap the Social-Democrat SPD of the uncharismatic Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, for the Liberal FDP after the elections.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Merkel, the Left did well in the state elections, so that next Sunday’s general elections have suddenly become a very close race. If the Christian-Democrats of CDU/CSU and the FDP are able to form a majority in Parliament, they will undoubtedly do so. Four years ago, Merkel already had such a center-right coalition in mind, but the 2005 election forced her into a centrist, so-called “Grand Coalition” with the SPD. If, next Sunday, Merkel’s party and the Liberals again fail to win 50% of the seats in the Bundestag, Germany is in for difficult and frustrating coalition talks in the following weeks.

As in many countries, the German electoral system is complicated. Being Germany, the system is extraordinarily complicated. The country has an electoral threshold of 5%. However, in every district only half of the seats are directly elected, the other half of the seats are proportionally assigned to the parties. Suppose that a district has 60 seats. Party A, with 33% of the votes, wins 15 of the 30 directly elected seats – which is possible when the other votes go to small parties unable to obtain 5%. The other 30 seats are proportionally assigned. Having won 33% of the votes, party A is entitled to 33 % of the 60 seats in the district, hence to 20 seats. Since it already won 15 seats in the direct elections, it gets an additional 5 seats.

Suppose, however, that party A with 33% won 25 of the 30 district seats – which, again, is possible when the other votes go to a lot of small parties that failed to obtain 5%. Then the party has won 25 seats where it is theoretically entitled to only 20 mandates. In this case, the party is allowed to keep its additional seats. These mandates are called “overhang seats” (Uberhangmandate).

Since it is unknown beforehand how many “overhang seats” there will be, it is unknown before the elections what the number of seats in the Bundestag will be. This varies in every legislature. In the present parliament, there were 16 “overhang seats” – nine for the SPD and seven for the CDU/CSU. In the final analysis, in a closely fought election, the Uberhangmandate can decide who has the majority in parliament.

If Merkel and the FDP fail to win half the seats in the Bundestag, the only viable government is likely to be a repetition of the current “Grand Coalition,” unless Mr. Steinmeier succeeds in becoming Chancellor by putting together a coalition with a combination of the FDP, the Greens and the Left Party (Die Linke). The latter is the party of the former East-German Communists and the West-German far-Left. Die Linke did very well in the state elections, both in the East and in the West. In Thuringia it obtained 27.6% of the vote, coming second to the CDU with 31%; in the Western state of Saarland it got 21.3%.

In tightly fought elections, every vote becomes important. The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet remarked earlier this week that the migrant voters have become “the focal point of the German elections.” Hürriyet is particularly interested because Turks form the largest group of immigrants in Germany. Next Sunday, almost 800,000 German voters of Turkish origin are expected to vote. This has not only forced all the major parties to put Turkish candidates on their lists, but has also led them to outcompete each other in catering to their demands. The parties of the Left, however, go further in this respect than those of the Right.

“The dark-haired voters [sic] will show themselves. The Turkish community is the majority of the up to 5 million migrants in Germany [which has a total of 82 million inhabitants], and it is a great chance to voice their basic demands,” says Safter Çınar, the spokesman of the Turkish Association in Berlin. Çınar is very critical, however, of Chancellor Merkel. “The CDU firmly rejects our main demands, such as double citizenship and local election rights for long-term residents. They are also not supportive of mother-tongue education rights.”

The parties on the Left enjoy large Turkish support. “Socialists grow stronger as migrants gain ground,” says Bekir Alboğa of the Turkish Islamic Union DITIB in Cologne. DITIB is the Cologne branch of Diyanet, the department of religious affairs of Turkey, which reports directly to the Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdoğan. In February 2008, during a visit to Cologne, Mr. Erdoğan denounced assimilation of migrants as a “crime against humanity” and exhorted Turkish immigrants not to become Germans.

Lale Akgün, an SPD candidate in Cologne, told Hürriyet: “Merkel has introduced regulations to make family reunion difficult. […] Meetings took place to deceive us. She will go further if she wins.” Aydan Özoğuz, an SPD candidate in Hamburg, says: “The SPD, Greens and even liberal Free Democrats have been paying more attention to migrant-related issues. We are rethinking double citizenship, for example. We are also defending that long-time residents can vote in the local elections even if they are not citizens.”

If the SPD can prevent Chancellor Merkel from forming a center-right coalition with the Free Democrats next Sunday, it is likely that a political price will have to be paid to the immigrants who made this possible. Earlier, voters of Muslim origin also tipped the electoral balance in major European cities such as Antwerp and Rotterdam. The beneficiaries of this have always been the Socialists, who are now running these cities, welcoming more immigrants in what seems to be a move to supplant their former blue-collar native electorate.

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