Friday 21 March 2008

Terrorist Supporting Group Attacks BNP

It appears the Zionist supporters and funders of terrorism at the Jewish Chronicle are having another pop at the BNP ;

The Jewish Chronicle is the mouthpeice of the same clique of Zionist parasites and crooks that have abused and exploited the British Jewish community for decades. They have said they stand up for the interests of the Jewish community, when they merely represent their own financial and political interests.

They have watched and supported the Brittannistan process of mass Islamist immigrations into the UK and have placed all of in peril with their stupidity and ignorance.

Whilst most British Jews are known by their loyalty to Britain and wear the uniform of the British Army, the Zionists in Searchlight and the Jewish Chroncile have always supported Israel above Britain and their relatives have worn the uniform of the IDF not the British Army - they are the Zionist version of Hiz But T'Harir, and are a front group for the Zionist Nazis of the extremist Nazi wing of Israeli politics.

Just like the Nazis the Jewish Chronicle believe ;

1) The Jews are the 'Chosen Race' - a racist concept akin to the Nazi concept of the Aryan Super Race. Each were political movements with biological and racial superiority at their core. This is an extremist racist position and is proof of their bigotry and racial hatred and contempt for other races.

2) In the creation of a Greater Israel ( which is the Zionist equivalent of the Third Reich. Both the Third Reich and Greater Israel were / are to be built using invasions, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Greater Israel and Germannia were mirror images of the other.

3) That terrorism in the conception of their plans was legitimate and that terror to hold onto land was legitimate - The Stern Gang even offered to fight for the Nazis against the British Army in Palestine and massacred hundreds of British soldiers in the plot to create Israel

4) That Jews owe their loyalty to their race not their nation and that all Jews are supposed to be Jewish first, Israeli second and British last. The Nazis believed that loyalty to the Aryan race came first, then loyalty to Germannia and then the host nation.

5) Both the Nazis and Israelis accepted Aryans / Jews to fight in their uniforms against other nations

The Jewish Chronicle are the enemies of all patriotic British Jews in the UK.
Just as the Zionists worked with the Nazis and supported the Nazis - the Jewish Chroncile is still working with the Zionist heirs of those Nazi collaborators.

Tony McNulty MP and the Kurdish Heroin Gang

Tony McNulty MP - accomplice to murder, genocide and drug smuggling.

Tony McNulty, the government minister for immigration at the time, was the person who allowed Baybasin British citizenship in 2005 even though he had been convicted of firearms offences and was linked directly to 25 murders and his brothers heron importation gang that dominated the UK heroin drug market.

Tony McNulty MP wrote a series of private letters to Baybasins wife concerning Baybasin whilst he was in prison in the Netherlands - what was McNulty trying to keep quiet ?

It was the government through Customs and Excise that allowed the Baybasins to import their drugs in to the country whilst they were acting as paid touts for the government.

Michael Howard MP was the Home Secretary who aloowed Baybasin to come into the UK.

Tony McNulty MP gave him British citizenship.

Questions raised here are ;

1) Did the Labour government allow these criminals to import heroin into the UK so as to create a generation of tranqulised and passive British youth who would not rise and demand political regime change in their country - the same as the CIA did with heroin during the vietnam war to undermine the civil rights movement in the US in the 1960's and the same as the CIA did with crack cocaine in the black ghettos in the 1980s just as the blacks were being politically radicalised by bands like Public Enemy and then the youth became crack addicts and prisoners instead of activists and role models ?

2) Is this process about to start again just when the White Working Class have become radicalised and politicised a new, cheap, easy to produce drug that has devastated white working class communities in the US has now been appearing in the UK - Meth Amphetamine ?

3) Why would a Labour minister for immigration give British citizenship to a convicted criminal and the organiser of the biggest heroin importing network in history British citizenship UNLESS it was to keep him quiet. What is the Labour government trying to hide ? Baybasin was INVITED by customs and excise to enter the UK and arrived via Gibraltar in in late 1994 or early 1995. He was working for Customs and Excise BEFORE he set up his heroin gang and was working for them all the time he was running the heroin importation business.

4) Also are the government assisting the flood of heroin into the UK now from Afghanistan - and were the Taliban targeted in Afghanistan to ensure that a new route for heroin opened up into the UK after the previous one closed down and the main importers jailed ? Is the war to allow the increase in heroin and opium production the real reason for the invasion of Afghanistan as the Taliban had begun to shut down opium growing in Afghanistan.

5) Why is Turkey being considered as a member of the EU when a third of its GDP comes from heroin sumggled into Europe, its political elite and government are all organised and linked with drug smuggling gangs, the Turkish security services supply fake passports and travel documents to heroin importation gangs and heroin is being smuggled via the Turkish Consulate in England - is the reason the EU want Turkey in the EU is to facilitate the flood of heroin into Europe so as to ensure the masses are opiated, tranquilised and drug addicted and therefore incapable of resisting the process of the take over of our nation states ?

Its what the British Empire did to the Chinese with the Opium trade, its what the CIA did with heroin in the Vietnam war, its what the CIA did with crack cocaine and the Contras - is it also what is happening now as regards Afghanistan ?

Members of an international crime gang were allowed to move to Britain while flooding the country with heroin because their leader had secretly worked as an informer for Customs & Excise, according to evidence brought before an immigration appeals tribunal.

The Baybasin Cartel, a notorious Kurdish gang, is estimated by police to have controlled up to 90% of the heroin which entered the country after its leading members settled in the home counties in the mid-1990s.

Gang members also became involved in protection rackets and extortion in the UK, and were linked to a series of turf disputes which resulted in up to 25 murders. On one occasion, Baybasin mobsters were involved in a shoot-out across a busy shopping street in north London on a Saturday afternoon.

The gang was already notorious among law enforcement agencies across Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia when its members were allowed to move from Turkey to London, allegedly after their leader, Huseyin Baybasin, agreed to tell Customs investigators what he knew about the involvement of senior Turkish politicians and officials in the international heroin trade.

According to evidence presented behind closed doors in a series of immigration hearings, Baybasin was encouraged by Customs to come to the UK and arrived via Gibraltar in either late 1994 or early 1995. He first met Customs officers in a hotel near Tower Bridge, London.

That evidence, which has been seen by the Guardian, suggests that many of Baybasin's associates were subsequently able to settle in the UK because Customs & Excise accepted that they would be in danger in Turkey once he had been recruited as an informer. They are thought to have entered the country illegally, using forged Dutch passports, and no attempt was made to regularise their immigration status for several years. Nevertheless, one witness statement prepared for the tribunal, from a man who helped to set up the meeting with Customs, talks of the UK becoming a "sanctuary" for the gang's leaders.

As well as continuing to run their vast drug trafficking operation from London, gang members were feared for their willingness to employ extreme violence, and terrorised members of the Turkish and Kurdish communities in the UK. They and their relatives also persuaded a number of politicians to support their attempts to obtain British travel documents. Among those who agreed to help was Tony McNulty, the current immigration minister, who wrote a number of letters on behalf of Baybasin's wife after her husband was arrested in the Netherlands.

Baybasin, 49, is now serving a life sentence in a Dutch jail for drug smuggling, kidnapping and ordering a number of contract killings. His wheelchair-bound brother, Abdullah, 45, who took the helm after his conviction, was also arrested and successfully prosecuted only after a lengthy operation by the National Crime Squad, during which detectives hid a tiny camera in the London office from which he masterminded the gang's affairs.

He is due to be sentenced on Friday after being convicted of conspiracy to supply heroin and admitting conspiracy to blackmail and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

It was at Abdullah Baybasin's asylum hearings that the alleged deal with Customs & Excise was disclosed. Despite having already served a prison sentence for firearms offences and despite having to give evidence from Belmarsh high security prison, where he was on remand, Abdullah was given indefinite leave to remain in the UK last year.

Several other relatives also remain in this country. They include Huseyin Baybasin's two other brothers, Sirin, 43, and Mesut, 33. Sirin was once extradited from Spain to Italy to stand trial on drug smuggling charges but acquitted. Mesut told the Guardian that he fully expects the National Crime Squad "to come for us" in the near future, but insisted that he and his brother were innocent and were being victimised.

It is unclear whether Customs was operating with ministerial approval. Michael Howard, who was home secretary at the time, and Ann Widdecombe, the then immigration minister, said they could not recall the name Baybasin. Revenue & Customs, which now includes Customs & Excise after a merger with Inland Revenue, said it could not comment on any matter concerning alleged informers.

Thursday 20 March 2008

Tip Off

Thanks for the tip off. It has been passed on.

The Peter Barker Quiz ;

Now then todays poll - The ' Who does Pete Barker work for' Poll ;

1) The Police

2) Special Branch

3) Searchlight

4) The UAF

5) MI5

6) All the above.

Lets get those poll results going.

From what I have heard Mr. Barker was filmed by an MI6 undercover team wearing a silk red dress, red high heels and stockings and doing the dance of the seven veils with two underage Morroccan rent boys named Abdul and Pepe in a seedy brothel in Amsterdam in 1989. Since then he has led a secret life as a homosexual who uses his website to gather information on nationalists to tout to his handlers in Searchlight.

Red Ken and the Nazis - 2

For all those brain deads on Stormfront that cant accept that that the IRA were a fascist movement heres some more facts below.

Note also that the Loyalists that the stormfronters say they support actually flew ISRAELI flags from Protestant areas as a way to show they opposed the IRA/ PLO connection.

A PLOT by the IRA to link up with the Nazis to invade Northern Ireland during the Second World War was disclosed in secret service files published by the Public Record Office yesterday.

According to the MI5 records, Germany parachuted a spy into Southern Ireland in 1940 to assess the feasibility of the plan after being approached by the terrorist group.

But the plan was foiled after the spy, Dr Hermann Goertz, aka Heinz Kruse, or just "K", was arrested a year later by the Irish government.

advertisementThe memorandum, written in 1943, read: "On the 5th May 1940 Goertz landed by parachute at Ballivor, Co Meath, Eire. Earlier that year the IRA had been in touch with the German SS through the intermediary of Stephen Carroll Held.

"Held had visited Berlin with a proposal from the IRA for an attack on Northern Ireland by the Germans to be supported by 5,000 IRA recruited in Eire and Northern Ireland.

"Goertz's mission was to examine this proposal and to obtain. . . the military information on which the joint attack by the Germans and the IRA on Northern Ireland could be based."

The report says that he met Stephen Hayes, then leader of the IRA in Dublin, but the meeting was raided. While money, a radio transmitter and a German airman's cap were seized, along with the manuscript of the plan, codenamed Kathleen, Goertz escaped

Following the Israeli incursion into Jenin earlier this year, Paul Collinson, a British explosives expert working with the Red Cross, identified hundreds of explosive devices found there and noted that "the pipe bombs I found in Jenin are exact replicas of ones I found in Northern Ireland." The Daily Telegraph quoted a U.S. government official as saying in response: "If there was clear and convincing evidence that the IRA has been training Palestinians in bomb-making techniques, then we are facing a grave and grievous situation for the IRA — it would surely lead to a reassessment of whether the IRA should be put on the designated list of terrorist organizations with a global reach."

The incident came on the heels of a shooting spree of ten Israelis with a bolt-action rifle, perpetrated by a single sniper who left his rifle behind. This technique was also identified as a Irish Republican Army (IRA) trademark.

But the IRA's connections are not limited to the Middle East or the Palestinians. On April 24, 2001, the House of Representatives Committee on International Relations published the findings of its investigation into IRA activities in Colombia. Their report clearly demonstrated a longstanding connection with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), mentioned at least 15 more IRA terrorists who have been traveling in and out of Colombia since 1998, and estimated that the IRA had received at least $2 million in drug proceeds for training members of FARC.

A more recent report, published in May by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, identified Hezbollah, Hamas, and a number of other Middle Eastern terrorist organizations as active in Colombia and the Triborder Region (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Venezuela).

Last week, President Alvero Uribe declared a state of emergency in Colombia as a result of mortar attack by FARC terrorists during his inauguration. This attack killed 21 people and injured 60 more, and was followed by further attacks resulting in more than 100 people dead. Colombian law-enforcement sources have confirmed that the bombing techniques used by FARC are identical to those used by the Irish Republican Army.

Red Ken And The Nazis

Image - Ken Livingstone and Gerry Adams

Red Ken and the Nazis.

On St. Patricks Day the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, signed a petition demanding that members of the Irish community in London do not vote for the BNP in the forthcoming elections .

The idea that any Londoners of Irish descent can trust Ken Livingstone is an absurd idea.

Ken Livingstone has long and well documented links with one of the most murderous, vicious and powerful fascist and racist terrorist groups in history, the IRA.

Livingstone made perhaps his most controversial move as a politician in December 1982, when he called the IRA ‘freedom fighters’ at the height of their genocidal campaign of terror against all those they regarded as ’non-Irish’ and as leader of the GLC he extended an official invitation to Sinn Féin leaders Gerry Adams and Danny Morrison. In the event, Adams and Morrison were denied entry into the country under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and met with Livingstone in Northern Ireland instead.

The IRA are today still eulogised by many on the Left, but this is due to a gross misunderstanding of the history, aims and ideology of the IRA.

The IRA were, and still are, a fascist movement with the racist and genocidal aim of expelling everyone from Ireland and Northern Ireland that they regarded as not Irish. This racial hatred has historically manifested itself as hatred against all those the IRA regarded as English or Anglo-Irish and was the basis of their terrorist campaigns of ethnic cleansing.

Today, just like Ken Livingstone, the IRA and SinnFein support Political Correctness and mass immigration into Ireland and Northern Ireland, as they all see this as way to undermine the English and Anglo-Irish communities in Ireland and Britain. For both Ken Livingstone and the IRA, mass immigration is another mechanism in which to undermine and destroy the cohesion of the British state and diminish the electoral base of the Anglo-Irish communities in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The aim is still the same, the ethnic cleansing of the Anglo-Irish from Northern Ireland and Ireland it is just that the mechanism has changed. Now the plan is to accomplish this process via demographic change rather than car bombs and mass executions.

The IRA slaughtered not just English and Anglo-Irish people in their genocidal campaigns of ethnic cleansing, they also murdered thousands of innocent Irish people from their own community. Those Irish people that did not do as the IRA gangsters demanded were either executed or ordered to flee Ireland, and this is why many Irish people live in London today. They were fleeing the IRA, the racist war the IRA were undertaking and simply seeking peace. It is a tragedy for them and London that one of the main supporters of the Sinn Fein / IRA Axis was and still is Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London.

Just as the IRA were racist and genocidal in their approach to the English and Anglo-Irish communities in Ireland and Northern Ireland, throughout its entire history both SinnFein and the IRA have been motivated by violent and extreme anti-Semitism.

The IRA were one of the main supporters of the PLO in its campaign to exterminate the Jews in Israel and ethnically cleanse Jews from Israel, and IRA terrorists trained PLO terrorists in weapons and tactics. In return the IRA were supported by radical Islamists like Colonel Gaddafi of Libya who armed and funded them. The weapons that the IRA used to slaughter innocent people in their campaigns in Ireland and Northern Ireland were supplied to them by radical Islamists and the Nazis themselves.

This historic links of the IRA with fascist and Islamo-Fascist regimes goes back to the Second World War when Sinn Fein / IRA, not only collaborated with the Nazis in World War Two, but today still commemorate their links to the Nazis.

The Nazis provided the IRA with funds, weapons, training and assistance in attacking the British.

Every year, Sinn Fein still hold an official ceremony to honour the statue of Sean Russell, a Nazi collaborator who died on a German U-Boat in 1940.

During the Second World War the Irish government preferred neutrality to fighting alongside the British army against Germany.

After Germany surrendered the Head of State of Eire, Eamonn De Valera paid a condolence visit to the German Embassy following Hitler's death and passed on his condolences to the German people for the loss Hitler.

Such was their hatred of the British (and the Irish Free State), the IRA were prepared to enlist the help of the Nazis to overthrow their own Government, undermine the British and reunite Ireland. By this time, Hitler's intentions were well known. Had the Nazis occupied Ireland, the Jewish community would have been wiped out and the Nazis would have had a valuable base from which to attack Britain. At the same time all those in Ireland that the IRA regarded as English or Anglo-Irish would have been ethnically cleansed from Ireland or summarily executed. A similar process occurred in Kosovo when the KLA with NATO assistance took over Kosovo and expelled Serbian civilians or slaughtered them In their own homes.

Ken Livingstone today still attacks the Jewish community with sick jokes about the Holocaust and invites Islamo-Fascists such as Al Qaradawi to London. Al Qaradawi has called for the destruction of Israel and stated that slaughtering Jewish civilians with suicide bombs is a legitimate tactic for terrorist groups like Hamas.

Al Qaradawi and Hamas are both linked with the Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation that was set up by the Nazis. In the 1920s a young Egyptian named [Hassan] Al-Banna formed the nationalist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Banna was a devout admirer of Adolf Hitler and wrote to him frequently. So persistent was he in his admiration of the new Nazi Party that in the 1930s Al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood became a secret arm of Nazi Intelligence.

Those of Irish descent cannot trust Ken Livingstone for he speaks with a forked tongue. He sups with those that have the blood of thousands of innocent Irish, English, Anglo-Irish and Jewish blood on their hands and yet hides his support for fascism beneath the rhetoric of anti-racism, and political correctness.

Ken Livingstone is one of the most dangerous men in the country, a man whose ability to hide his real agenda has been honed to a fine art by his decades long associations with some of the most dangerous men and terrorist groups of the 20th Century.

Londoners deserve better than Ken Livingstone.

Wednesday 19 March 2008

Peak Oil and the BNP

From The Times ;

March 14, 2008

Is peak oil theory only for fascists?

Which British political party has the following observations about peak oil on its website?

"One person's apocalyptic view could be interpreted as an opportunity by another. Britons are resourceful, innovative and can be pretty bloody minded in a crisis. We can knuckle down, roll up our sleeves and get on with life even without all the labour saving devices, the shopping malls and the twice-yearly trips to the Med or Florida."

The Greens? The Lib Dems? Think again. The British National Party has a pretty good grasp of peak oil. "We are the only political party making this an issue at the moment," the party boasts.

This does seem rather amazing, considering that the oil price now is higher than ever before - even taking account of inflation. Having recently shot through the psychologically powerful price of $100 a barrel it's now nearly a tenth as much again. Everybody is wondering how to explain the international financial and economic turbulence, but few seem to have considered the possibility that markets have finally recognised that oil is finite, and that global supplies may have peaked.

Here's another quote. "When the BNP does win political power, peak oil will not be something we can postpone. In fact it may well be an important catalyst that helps us to win political power because we are the ones talking about it now. Voters might not like us pointing out that the wolf is approaching the chicken coop but they will identify us as the ones who kept speaking about it, bringing it to their awareness and understanding."

You may prefer that the BNP did not "own" this important issue. If so, what do you intend to do about it?

You could lobby mainstream political representatives to take it more seriously. But you could also - perhaps more fruitfully - find like-minded people in your neighbourhood and take matters into your own hands by starting the move towards creating a resilient, self-sufficient community.

If you are wondering how to do that, I very strongly recommend that you get hold of The Transition Handbook, which was published last week.

It's an astonishing work, which genuinely manages to present a positive, inspiring picture of a future without (cheap and plentiful) fossil fuels.

The book was written by an Englishman, Rob Hopkins, after several years of work, starting with a spell as a teacher in Kinsale, Ireland.

“I had never heard about peak oil,” Hopkins says. “But then I showed students a film, The End of Suburbia, which I’d never seen, and at the same time Dr Colin Campbell from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil came to talk. I have to say it was as traumatic and shocking for me as it was for the students. One of the other members of staff said to me, ‘What has happened to your students, they’ve been walking around looking grey all week!’

The film, and Campbell, made clear that no aspect of life will be the same after cheap oil runs out.

“When we got over the shock we set about looking at Kinsale. We examined how the town might look in 20 years if it adapted to peak oil instead of pretending it wasn’t happening.” The project lasted for seven or eight months. “We came up with a plan, a vision of how the town would be, and then backcast it to see how to get there, year by year.”

Returning to England, Hopkins launched helped to create a similar “energy descent” plan in Totnes, Devon, and the Transition Town movement was born.

It’s grown incredibly fast. Individuals and groups from hundreds of places across the UK - and around the world - have registered to become Transition Towns, with more coming on board all the time.

The first, Totnes, Lewes, Glastonbury and Stroud, were full of middle-class hippy types (or as Hopkins puts it, “places that traditionally have been laboratories for alternative ideas”). But in Bristol it’s the poorer districts that have been most dynamic. In Wales, the impetus has come from the agricultural community.

“If we don’t do anything,” says Hopkins, “there are all kinds of grim scenarios. But I like to think of those as like Dickens’ Ghost of Christmas Future – just one possible scenario.”

The environmental movement, he believes, has been guilty of putting people in a place of despondency and guilt. Transition Towns are positively trying to move towards something.

“Realistically, only a very small percentage will think that that life beyond abundant oil could be preferable to where we are now.” Does he believe that? “I don’t think it will be a dark age but the most extraordinary renaissance.”

As Hopkins sees it, we need to engineer a certain degree of wartime mobilisation. “But how do we bring that about, when it’s not going to be initiated at government level? A lot of the drive will have to come from communities.”

The idea that solutions to civic problems should be provided by communities is popular with all the main parties at the moment.

“This is an issue that goes completely beyond party politics," says Hopkins. "At Transition Town Totnes we talk to the Women's Institute and the Conservative Association as much as we talk to the usual suspects. Our Conservative MP, Anthony Steen, has been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic.”

The concept that is central to transition towns is building resilience. “We have been doing work with people who remember the 1930s and 1940s, people who say it would have been insane to eat apples from New Zealand. Back then, all the food came from near the town. We don’t have that resilience any more. In the lorry strike of 2001 we had only three days of food in Totnes.

“This is about doing things that come in under the radar. We’re building a parallel public infrastructure. We have the Totnes pound, which we launched recently. We have circulated 4,500 in one month. You don’t have to subscribe to peak oil and climate change to think that is quite sweet and fun.” (Not long ago, Hopkins gave a Totnes pound to Prince Charles, who cheerfully approved.) “But what it does is put in place something that is absolutely essential, because it stops wealth leaking out of the community.”

More than 70 shops have agreed to trade with this parallel currency.

“When we launched the Totnes pound 160 people turned up, and they all got one for nothing. So at the beginning of the evening they were all waving their money in the air and laughing and exhilarated. I thought, here are people who are concerned about peak oil and climate change and they’re having a great time. The possibility embodied in those notes is exhilarating. We have only really started to scratch the surface of presenting these issues in a way that makes people feel optimistic.

They also planted nut trees throughout town. “Nobody can object to that, but it raises awareness about food security and local food. And we are not standing in town with placards talking about ‘them and us’.”

It sounds impressive. Perhaps I should move to Totnes?

Not a good idea, says Hopkins. Until recently, people like him believed the most responsible thing to do was to move out, build a house and grow your own food. “But when I found out about peak oil I came to question that. We had built our own house, and were growing our own food, but I thought, this was only going to be sustainable if I am prepared to sit at the gate with a shotgun. What do I do with my carrots if the village up the road is cold and hungry?”

A little lugubriously, I point out that if cities don’t get their act together on climate change, even people with remote smallholdings will be wiped out by great fireballs of methane shooting across the sky.

“We have to move towards collective solutions,” Hopkins agrees cautiously. “Peak oil is a call to those of us who have been out in the highlands to come back and help because the skills are very much in demand now.”

He points out that individuals and groups in major cities such as Nottingham, Leeds and Liverpool have shown considerable interest in joining the transition network. Bristol has already launched.

“Bristol has 800,000 people. Will it work on that scale? We have no idea, we’ve never done it before. It may be that in five years we will say it only works in market towns. But everybody who tries to run with it is contributing to the research. This is the biggest and most important research project in the UK at the moment.”

This says it all really

White working-class boys are being consigned to the educational scrapheap because politically-correct ministers and officials are ignoring their poor performance, members of the ATL claimed yesterday.

They said boys from low-income homes do significantly worse in exams than any other group of pupils but their plight is being "overlooked" by Labour and the liberal establishment.

Initiatives to tackle under-achievement often centre on improving the performance of ethnic minorities, said London-based member John Puckrin.

Fears of playing into the hands of the National Front and BNP are fuelling a widespread reluctance to speak up for the plight of the white working-classes, he claimed.

Figures showed recently that only 15 per cent of white boys qualifying for free school meals leave school having mastered the three Rs. For black boys from similar backgrounds, the figure is 22 per cent while for Asians it is 29 per cent and Chinese 52 per cent.

"All too often diversity is only thought of in terms of ethnicity or faith," Mr Puckrin told the conference.

"I believe we need to restate and recognise the diversity of class.

"The lowest attaining section in education today are white working-class boys; in some of our cities they are also the largest single ethnic minority.

"Why have the needs of this group been overlooked? I suspect it is the law of unexpected consequences.

"The Labour party has ceased to talk the language of class in order to win general elections.

"Liberal-minded people and the media ceased to highlight the particular problems of this group for fear of lending weight to the arguments of the National Front and BNP. This is a self-defeating position to my mind."

He said action plans had been put in place to tackle race and gender divides but "silence then ensued on class".

Mr Puckrin's proposal for a probe into the effects of white working-class underachievement on the economy in specific regions was backed by the union.

He also said schools should be given freedom to set lessons in subjects that could assist community cohesion, such as history.

He added: "It is historical fact that most of the jobs lost in communities destroyed by Britain's de-industralisation have involved male workers.

"It is easy to forget that we once had docks in London and Liverpool, shipyards in Belfast and Newcastle, coalmines in Nottingham and Kent, steelworkers in Sheffield and South Wales.

"Investment capital may have moved on to hedge funds, but the people remain."

Studies have previously identified parental indifference and family break-ups as reasons poor white boys have slipped behind other groups.

Mr Puckrin's claims underline research last year from Manchester University which found that money was being targeted at pupils with English as an additional language.

"White learners from highly disadvantaged backgrounds were reportedly often overlooked," their report said

Gurkhas and Diego Garcians - The Real Racism

Image - Tul Bahadur Pun VC

The ongoing scandal of the treatment of Gurkha soldiers by successive Tory and Labour governments reveals another facet of the Real Racism that afflicts our society.

The Real Racism is the racism that affects the ethnic majority of the country who suffer the vast majority of racist attacks and is also the racism that afflicts those brave and loyal subjects of the Crown such as the Gurkhas whose patriotism has always been despised by the Labour Party and whose loyalty have always been betrayed by the Tory Party.

It is sadly true that the old saying about Britain still rings true - If you are a friend of Britain the government will sell you out, but if you are an enemy of Britain the government will buy you off.

Those Gurkhas who have fought with loyalty to this country have more rights to live in our country than any asylum seekers, illegal immigrnats or economic migrants. But of course they are British patriots who served in the British Army, and are therefore despised by the New Labour PC elite who will send them to war but abandon them once they are no longer needed.

Just as the sight of brave Gurkhas marching to demand their rights is a sign of how low this government has sunk, the sight of ethnically cleansed and homeless Diego Garcians having to take the Labour government to court in order to reclaim their ancestral lands and property from the British government who stole it from them was also a sickening sight.

Whilst the Labour government celebrated the theft of Kosovo from Serbia, it was at the same time denying the evicted Diego Garcian people their own homelands by fighting the case in the High Courts in London. This was hypocrisy of the most sickening kind.

The BNP intend to return Diego Garcia to the native peoples of that land. The BNP also intend to pass legislation that will allow all those brave Gurkhas who fought for Britain to be allowed to reside in the UK if they so wish and that they get the same pensions as other British soldiers. That is the contract with these brave men that we in the BNP intend to fulfill.

Muslim Ghettoes

Image - " Multi-culturalism bad ", No, multi-culturalism good", "No Bad"," No Good".

A story in the Daily Mail about a report from the Joseph Rowntree Trust ( a bunch of overpaid white middle class liberal idiots) that says that Whites should make Muslims more 'welcome'.

I love the new word for Ghetto in the report - 'residential clustering'.

I was under the impression that the phrase 'residential clustering' was what Bomber Harris and the RAF did to Dresden in World War Two, but there you go. You learn something new every day.

I wonder if the report asked if Muslims want to be close to all the nasty 'kuffar', 'infidel' 'golas' that are the Whites, or did the white middle class authors of the reprt just assume that 'Hey the muslims are all the same and they are all such jolly people, of course they love us whities as we are just sooooo nice and PC, and of course all whites (except the filthy chav scum) want to live next door to Muslims in order to enrich their drab and sad lives that are so bereft of enrichment(except of course we who wrote the report because we live in an all white enclave where the only muslims are tourists )".

Perhaps we should all covert to Islam just so they can be 'happy' in our vile Christian country.

Anyway the report says this ;

As part of efforts to improve integration, it called for an improvement in public behaviour towards Muslims.

And it said other Britons are wrong to worry about segregation and Muslim-dominated enclaves, as there are benefits to "residential clustering".

On ethnic enclaves, it said findings "challenge the assumption that residential clustering of people from particular ethnic or religious backgrounds is necessarily a barrier to social interaction across those boundaries".

HOLD ON - havent we been told for years by the government and the media that the reason why Muslims live in their own ghettoes is because we were 'racist' and our 'racism' forced them to live together and that it was 'racist' of us not to make them feel welcome in our communities and that their muslim ghettos existed solely as a result of our 'racism' !!!!

Now it appears that the same so called experts are teling us that muslim self segregation was in fact voluntary, that it was good for muslims, good for society and that we should all in fact welcome it.

You have Tweedledum Brown saying morosely that 'multi-culturalism bad' and these lot of Tweedledumbers from the Joseph Rowntree Trust saying happily 'multi-culturalism good'.

No wonder the country is so screwed up.

At every turn we are racists - damned if we do, damned if we dont.

What a farce.

This whole racism rubbish is just politics. The word racism is a political word, it is used for political ends and should be regarded as nothing more than an attempt at morally coercing people into acquiescing to laws and restrictions on their freedoms that they would normally resist.

As long as some arsehole in a suit says ' we need this law to stop racism' the public act like pavlovs dogs and roll over and whine.


Tuesday 18 March 2008

Jack Black Merchandise

Hi there folks - the first of the Jack Black Merchandise range is now in stock.

Yes its Jack Blacks Ass Kissing Breath Spray, for all those like jack that like to kiss ass.

Heres Jacks latest post on stormfront to Mr. Jackboot ( I dont think that is real name) ;

"Please excuse the highlighting of the words he aims at you, Jack.

But I wanted both Stormfront and you to know just how far this Nick-pandered psycho feels he is able to go. Commonsense dictates that Griffin will have known of his behaviour BEFORE this latest outburst.


What a little ass crawler.

Please Mr.Jacboot may I lick your boots please sir.

You unctuous twat.

The only thing worse than a gutless red that throws bricks through someones windows late at night then and runs away is a so called 'Nationalist' that hides behind a fake name and posts attacks on real nationalists on Stormfront.

A real nationalist is someone who stands in elections, who helps our people, who is an activist in our communities, who works for the cause of nationalism and who stands up for what they believe and who is known by their real name for their real deeds - a fake nationalist is a scumbag coward that hids behind a fake name on the internet and attacks real nationalists.

The real nationalists of all parties frequently disagree and fall out - but regardless of what you believe and who you support as long as you stand up for what you believe and act as a real nationalist in a public manner then you deserve all our respect.

What this movement needs is more real nationalists, not more keyboard warrior internet coward scum.

Just as all real Nationalists regard reds that hide behind a balaclava and give it large on the internet as cowards, real nationalists also regard those so called nationalists that attack real nationalists from behind a keyboard whilst using a fake name also as a coward.

Real Nationalists of all parties are public nationalists.

They stand in elections, they campaign in their communities and they take the flack from the reds, idiots and state as they are standing up for their people and their principles in such a way that we can know them and trust for their skills and faults.

The lowest scum on earth are those that call themselves Nationalists, but who spend their entire time attacking real nationalists on the internet but WHO DO NOTHING for our people in the real world.

The KeyBoard Warrior has become the curse of Nationalism - most of them are reds who have realised that as long as they have a picture of Hitler as an avatar and always bang on about ze jews that they can float like a turd to the top of the cess pool that is stormfront.

Those moderators on stormfront that cannot see that the easiest way to infiltrate the site IS BY TELLING THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR BY BEING THE BIGGEST HOLLYWOOD NAZI POSSIBLE, are the biggest mugs on the planet.

Heres the Second Rule of Nationalism - If any so called nationalists attack Real Nationalists from behind a keyboard and yet are doing nothing in the real world for our people and our community then they are probably reds.

The real tragedy of the Keyboard warrior situation though is that the invaluable tool that was the internet has been ruined by these fake nationalist scum.

Muppets like Jack Black appear from out of nowhere with a big mouth and no history of doing anything in the movement apart from running their mouth off and running an internet site, and they develop a little clique of simpering acolytes that gather around.

Who are these people - no-one knows them, no-one knows anything about them - they are just names on a page on the internet - but what we do know about them is that they spend as much time attacking real nationalists as the reds do.

By your deeds shall you be known - and by their deeds all we know is that they spend as much time attacking real nationalists as the reds do.

Therefore they should be treated as reds.

These nobodies from nowhere who dare open their big mouths and attack those people who are real nationalists, who have worked for our victory and been attacked for it by the enemy time after time, are the Inner Enemy.

It is very easy to set up an internet that is supposedly 'nationalist', talk big on the internet and at the same time gather as much information and gossip as possible from people who are busy slagging off real nationalists.

How do people think that Searchlight gets all their information - it is from fools and gobshites that spend their time talking bollocks on the internet and talking to reds that pass it onto Searchlight.

The Honey Trap is a classic state sting against everyone from the mob to nationalists throughout history.

Those that talk big, but who do nothing are NEVER to be trusted.

Yet the stormfront nobodies think they can smear real nationalists, villify them, attack them and slander them - when they themselves are less than nothing.

In many ways I have more respect for Dennis Garside, the Lancaster Unity Transexual, than I have for any of the stormfront maggots that attack nationalists and who hide behind a fake name to do so.

AT least Dennis is someone who is public about who they are and what they stand for and we know who it is when he/she abuses us, unlike the stormfront maggots that attack people from behind a keyboard using a fake name.

I may loathe and despise Dennis Garside with every inch of my being, but at least I can respect him/her for having the balls (or not the balls to be precise since he had the operation )to be open about what they believe.

The stormfront /AFA scum are the exact same kind of filth - gutless cowards that can only give it large behind a keyboard or behind a mask. Neither of them have got the bollocks to give it large in a way that means they can be responded too like men - instead its bricks through windows at midnight and abuse on an internet forum.

What a pack of wankers.

Anyone AFA wanker that thinks its brave to throw a brick through a real nationalists window and run away aint worth a squirt of dogs piss - and the same goes for those scum on stormfront who do the same thing to real nationalists.

So all you gutless stormfront bastards - lets see if you are real men.

Use your real names when you attack real nationalists - if you dont then you are scum and are probably reds and I will out you as the cowards you are.

Latest Race War Against Indigenous Whites Crime Figures For The UK

Image - Kris Donald - murdered by racist Asian Muslims. Yet another victim of the real race war against indigenous whites by racist alien colonists.

Racist Crime Violence Analysis for England and Wales.

Analysis of Racist Crimes of Violence (England and Wales, 2005)

This analysis consists of a comparison of the expectation of the number of victims (as a proportion of the total, based on ethnic population proportions), to the actual number of victims (as a proportion of the total, based on reported crime incidences). The model assumes that the prevalence for racial violence is the same within all the ethnic groups listed.

A) Ethnic Group Population
B) Proportion (1)
C) Expectation of Victimhood (%)
D)Number of Reported Victims of Racist Violence2
E) Actual Victimhood (%)

(a) (A) White (B) 0.9240 (C) 1.90 (D)75,912 (E) 61.98 = 32.6 times more victims than expected

(b) Black 0.0239 24.40 7,408 6.05 = 4 times fewer victims than expected

(c) Asian 0.0405 23.98 28,634 23.38 = almost exactly as per expectation

(d) Jewish 0.0053 24.87 82 0.067 = 371 times fewer victims than expected

(e) Other 0.0063 24.84 10,446 8.53 = 2.9 times fewer victims than expected

(1) From the Office of National Statistics (figures for England and Wales for 2005).

(2) Data for the White, Black Asian and ‘Other’ ethnic groups from the British Crime Survey (BCS) for 2004-2005 (the BCS operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice - formally Home Office - and provides the Government with data and analysis in respect of peoples’ experience of crime in England and Wales).

Data for the Jewish community from the Community Security Trust (CST) report for 2005(the .CTS describes itself in the following terms: “The CST is the only organisation that records these [anti-Semitic] incidences nationally, and is recognised by Police, Government and international bodies as the authority on anti-Semitic incident levels in Britain”.

The results of this analysis, specifically the disproportionate number of violent racist attacks against members of the white community in 2005 (of over 32-fold greater than expected, based on population ratios) bears an interesting correlation with studies into interracial homicide. In previous studies for the period 2000-2005, using Home Office data (of actual criminal convictions) it was found there was an almost identically disproportionate number of unlawful killings of white people by members of the BME community (of 30-fold greater than expected).

Film Review - There Will Be Blood

Everybody, soon or later, sits down to a banquet of consequences.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Film Review ;

In Odinism their exists the concept of the mystical moment when a higher form is born, a moment of qualitative change and punctuated equilibrium.

That concept is expressed by the rune Dagaz, and it is the rune of dialectical change.

The Film 'There Will Be Blood' is an epic, the like of which rarely comes along.

The film depicts such a moment of change, the transition from the old world to a new world.

Yet this momentous process of civilisational change begins with men like Daniel Plainview, alone in the bowels of mountains working deep within dark, hand hewn mines drenched in sweat and lit only by a single candle as he strikes against the rocks with his pick as seeking the hidden seams of gold and oil within the subterranean world.

One palm blistering second at a time.

One stiff minute after another stiff minute.

Painful hour after hour.

Back breaking day after day.

Agonising week after week.

Silent month after month.

Slow year after year alone at the pit face in the hot, musty darkness seeking to tap a ripe vein swollen with sweet crude oil, seeking that sudden surrendering of the earth to the drill in a shuddering, frenzied moment of penetration that sends oil and water erupting from the earth and gushing forth into the daylight as a fountain black as midnight.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview deserved the oscar for best actor, and though the performance of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh as the psycho in No Country For Old Men deserved best supporting actor, the best supporting actor performance should also have gone to Paul Dano as Paul / Eli Sunday or Dillon Freasier as young H.W. Plainview.

The scene where Eli Sunday exorcises the devil from an arthritic old woman is brilliant. It is both shocking and moving.

Daniel Plainview is the sort of man who builds nations. From the first scenes in the film that for fifteen minutes are completely silent where we meet the character as he is slaving away on his own in the middle of a mine looking for gold to where he crawls with a broken leg through the wilderness to the mining camp to sell his mined gold - we get to know a man who has a destiny and a will to power that cannot be checked.

The film has scene after scene of such beauty.

One simple scene is Daniel and H.W driving a car in the desert along the railway tracks of the Old West, the emptiness of the landscape and snow capped mountains stretching into the distance behind them as dust clouds tumble and roll from the wheels, then they suddenly pull into a small town of wooden houses that appears out of nowhere.

This one scene manages to illustrate how the Old West of the 19th century gave way to the oil rush that was the basis of the 20th century. The railways track represented the technology of the 19th century, the car the future of the 20th century and the desert that though appeared empty hid beneath the grounds riches as then unimagined.

The desert deceptive in its its dowdy rags of rock and bush, hid amidst its penury a treasure disguised in the strangest form. Black tar ribbons that ran amidst the dust and sand clagged rocks oozed oil springs, the petrified blood of primeavil forests, the flora of aeons compressed into liquescent hydro-carbons and rivers beneath the rocks.

The scene where Daniel and his oil team are waiting for a well to come in are awesome. The banshee birth cry of a new well, whose amniotic fluid bursting forth from the earth ruptures the ear drums and deafens his son H.W, is also the birth cry of a New World.

The sudden pillar of fire erupting into being as the oil ignites then sears the night with its diabolical flame is suggestive of the evil that will be unleashed in this new age - a world of warships, tanks, jet fighters and mass invasions all made possible by oil.

This film captures the essence of evolution and hence concerns a moment of birth, and also of death. It is a film about the passing away of one era of human existence, the Pre-Oil Era and the transition into a new era that of the Oil Age. It was oil that made the possible the war of ideologies that defined the Twentieth Century, for all forms of human society, politics and economics were and still are almost totally dependent upon oil. Oil is the essence of all advanced human societies present upon the planet today. All forms of human social, economic and political organisations above the subsistence level are almost entirely dependent upon it. The pyramid model of the oil extraction, refining and supply process is the template for most economic, social and political models of the 20th century.

It is the need for oil that has driven musch of the geo-strategic imperatives of the 20th century. It was oil that filled the tanks of the Russian T-52 tanks, it was oil that enabled the B-52 strategic bomber to bomb Russia, it was oil that powered industry, lit homes and ran trains. From the oil was formed the fertilisers that fed the increased population, that formed the pesticides that killed the blight upon our crops and that filled the petrol tanks of our cars.

The modern world and all forms of supply and demand systems can only exist due to oil. When the oil runs out, then unless mankind has in place alternative forms of energy production systems to sustain the present level of social complexity, and facilitate the expectations of its growing populations of future wealth and prosperity through increased economic growth, all then modern civilisations will either suffer internal social collapse or embark upon the final stage of their existence which is perpetual Eco-Conflict and resource wars.

The end result will either be a slow and sustained drift back towards the Middle Ages, constant low level wars around the world or a single global apocalyptic conflict.

Oil sustained the growth of the 20th Century, but the growth of the 21th century cannot be sustained by the amount of oil there remains.

Earth, air, fire, water are the four elements that merge into oil. Oil comes from the Earth. It is born first from water. It gushes forth into the air as a jet of water, then oil and finally it bursts into furious fire.

But this energy is meaningless unless it is utilised in pursuit of higher evolution. Instead we built the Plastic Age and mindless Consumerism and International Global Cpitalism, and squanderd the energy that was given for us in order to evolve to a new higher level of human existence.

The Fifth Element in Alchemy and the Mystical Traditions is either Love or Wisdom for the Higher Human.

In this case the Fifth Element was replaced by a far more base one, that of greed, and that is why the 20th Century was such a debased and murderous era. With the energy we gained from oil, we wasted it on killing each other in the names of profit and ideology.

The opportunity given to mankind to use the oil in order to transition him from the stage of reliance on fossils fuels to an era of sustainable renewable energy was squandered.

Instead mankind sucked the oil up from the ground like a junkies syringe sucks up the smack from the spoon. Man got greedy.

It is fitting that this film appears as we are about to enter the era of Peak Oil and therefore seeks to act as a testament to the experience of those great men who gave birth to the modern world with their picks and shovels, their sweat and blood and their dreams and greeds.

Today we are witnessing the end of the Globalist economic nexus that has shackled the entire world in debt in order to sustain the parasitic elites that infest our nations and the millions of minions that debase and prostitute themselves before them for their petty share of the profits.

Like dominoes each nation is topling one after the other into debt and economic disaster. We are witnessing the wheels of history come off and civilisations sent careering over the cliff tops of perpetual economic collapse.

There has been nothing like this since the Great Depression, and what we are seeing is a world of tranquilised consumers somatised by credit waking up the realisation that the bill is finally here and it must be paid.

The Petro-Dollar Recycling system was based on the idiotic idea that todays debt could always be repaid by tomorrows future economic expansion.

But this dependended on the absuridity of an eternal source of cheap energy, this being oil.

But as we all know, unlike economists, oil is a finite substance.

Once it runs out then it is gone forever - and when it runs out then the economic system that has been built on cheap oil will collapse with it.

There was never going to be a perpetual economic expansion simply because the Earth is a closed finite system of limited resources and Man cannot breach the laws of thermodynamics.

Once the oil is gone - it is gone forever.

Mans Hubristic inability to control either his lusts or greeds has brought the Nemesis of his own making upon him.

There are too many humans, with too few resources.

Soon millions of working families will be unable to pay their mortgages and credit card bills, and when they are evicted from their homes they will find themselves living in vast tent cities on the outskirts of our towns as all the council houses have been taken up by immigrnats and asylum seekers.

It will be like the Grapes Of Wrath, with the homeless living in cities of tents.

Those who thought they could ignore reality will find the wolf awaiting them.

The delusions of succesive generations that they could ignore reality and live in the TV world of illusions and bullshit is now almost over - the stark reality is almost upon them.

Today we are witnessing the death of a world order, its collapse and implosion caused by greed and stupidity.

Yet at this moment a New Dawn is rising, the New Dawn of Nationalism.

From the rubble of this collapse will come a new force of change, one that will wipe away the lies and illusions of the past and set a grand new purpose for our people.

It will be a time of toil and sweat, a time of vengeance and score settling when the guilty will find themselves judged by those they have abused and exploited for so long.

Today we bear witness to this collapse, and prepare for the awakening that awaits us.

Monday 17 March 2008

Lancaster Unity Transexual Outed

The manic depressive lesbian Denise Garside of Lancaster Unity has an interesting past I have been informed.

It appears that she was once a HE.

Yes, thats right Denise Garside was in fact DENNIS Garside.

Dennis was once a British army sergeant who was given a dishonourable discharge after being found with the regimental goat in flagrante delicto in Kosovo in the late 1980's.

Dennis was arrested, imprisoned and dishonably discharged and was then known to have travelled to Thiland where he had the operation that resulted in him becoming Denise Garside.

Dennis, just like Denise, had many alternative identities and used to dress up as a showgirl with the name Thailand Rose and perform cabaret in a nightclub for British tourists where she was 'discovered' and brought back to the UK by a close friend of the comedian Michael Barrymore.

Denise ran a gay bar in Manchester for a while but was sacked for embezzelment and was then forced to become a political activist as a way to supplement her living as a prostitute.

Denise was personally chosen by Searchlight due to her ability to reach out to all the sexes and has performed the role as Lancaster Unity moderator between periods of imprisonment for drug dealing and prostitution.

Denise also has a police record for the brutal beating of her lesbian lover and has a long record of domestic violence and cruelty to animals.

She is currently on remand for heroin importation and gun running for the IRA.

All the above information was provided to me by the same bunch of idiotic wankers that post their endless bullshit on her infantile site.

Denise Garside - psychotic, delusional, heterosexual hating freak.

Free Tibet

Indigenous People Attacked By Government

There is country where the indigenous people are oppressed by a government that seeks to eradicate both them and their native culture.

This is a country that uses the police to terrorise and attack those that dare defy the governments will and where the way of life of the indigenous people is villified and abused.

This is a country where the national culture is being systematically displaced and destroyed and the indigenous people being driven from their own lands by hordes of immigrants.

This is a country where the following happens on a daily basis ;

1) National symbols and flags are banned and those wearing those symbols are liable to be arrested or lose their jobs

2) The indigenous people who protest about the removal of their indigenous culture and traditions are violently attacked by the police and arrested

3) The national culture is repressed, denigrated and banned

4) Mass immigration is used to dispossess the indigenous majority and replace them

5) Political opposition leaders are arrested and show trials held to terrify the public

6) The police and security services can spy on anyone they wish and remove their rights

7) Corrupt political leaders live in luxury whilst the people grow poorer every day

8) Foreign slave labour gangs are used to construct Olympic stadiums to show off the regimes power

9) Vote rigging and fraud are endemic in the political system and used to keep the regime in power

10) The state media is a tool for political propaganda and is used to attack political parties that oppose the government

11) Immigrant voters are used to keep the government in power and dispossess the indigenous people

12) where the police are racist and run by convicted racist senior officers

13) Where racial discrimination against the indigenous people is legal

14) Where the private political beliefs of an individual lead to attacks on them and their property

This country is not Tibet - this country is Britain.

The Marxists of New Labour and the Marxists of the Communist Party of China are both the enemies of liberty and democracy.

The BNP stands alongside the indigenous people of Tibet and all those indigenous peoples of the world that fight for their national and cultural freedoms.

Hate Britain, Love Heroin

The NME Love Music, Hate Racism Tour - Those who go on the tour are listed on Wikkipedia as defining ' a dead career'. Along with The Wurzels, Billy Bragg, The Libertines and EMF such bands are usually defined by their absence of either contemporary critical success or record sales.

Pete Doherty, Carl Barat and Billy Bragg have asked the paedophiles, junkies and immigrants of London to not vote for the BNP in the London elections.

The coke snorting, bisexual, arse rimming jounalists of the NME have also asked young people to stay on drugs and drop out of politics. That way can still sell their shit rag paper to impressionable youngsters who equate musical talent with drug intake. The NME demands that the students of Britain do not vote BNP and that cocaine addiction is regarded as glamorous.

Pete Doherty said, " I love immigrants especially the ones that smuggle in my heroin into the country. Who cares if the smack I inject is funding the Taliban and Al Qaeda who oppress women and murder innocent people, I dont live in Afghanistan do I and I am a rich pop star.

Pete also said, " I love the fact that the crack cocaine I smoke is shit out of an immigrant smugglers arsehole. It makes it more strong mate. And so what if my royalty cheques are being spent on drugs which are supplied by Yardies that kill black kids in gang wars, they aint my kids who are getting shot Ha Ha Ha Ha. The immigrants are what make Britain great, as the fantastic diversity of drugs on the streets of Britain is due to the racial diversity in Britain. Without the immigrants smuggling the gear in, then I wouldnt have any gear would I !

Pete continues " Without my image as a fucking useless junkie on which my entire career has been based, then I would have to make music that people actually bought and wanted to listen too. The problem is that the only people that think I am cool are idiots and students as fucked up as me and the white, middle aged, talentless hacks in the NME ! So dont vote BNP otherwise I will have to start writing music and I will be revealed as a talentless prick whose only claim to fame is that I like getting fucked up a lot on smack and crack ".

Billy Bragg, the middle class mockney of Devon has said " Dont vote BNP as all us talentless musicians who rely on the Hate Britain, Love Ethnics NME music tours to pay for our Bollinger and kids private school fees would have no income at all. Without student wankers going to these gigs, we would have no income, career or audiences. Every song I have ever written was a shit Woody Guthrie rip off and my entie career has been an excercise in plagiarism. Dont let the BNP get into power as then talentless dogs cocks like me would become the nobodies we should always have been ".

Along with Pete and Billy the following grups have expressed their support for 'Dont Vote BNP campaign' ;

The British Paedophiles Alliance


The Taliban

Al Qaeda

Trevor Phillips

The Kosovo Liberation Army, London Sex Slave, Heroin and Gun Smuggling Division

Sir Ian Blair of the Met Police

FARC of Colombia

The British Gravediggers Trade Union

The AK47 production factory in Russia


The Guardian

The Mafia

The Yardies

The Triads

ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers)

Tuesday 11 March 2008

The Difference 2

What is the difference between the Far Left / UAF that pimp out their anti-racism 'Hate Britain, Love Heroin' campaigns by using junkie scum like pete doherty and who hate Israel, hate Jews and who support the Palestinians and the Stormfront Scum nazis that support the Taliban and Al Qaeda as they despise Israel, hate Jews and support the Palestinians.

Not much.

UAF/ Stormfront = The True Axis Of Evil.

The Difference

What is the difference between someone that buys an illegal shotgun, loads it and then puts the barrel in their mouth and pulls the trigger because they enjoy the buzz of seeing if the gun will go off, and someone who buys heroin, puts it into a syringe and injects into a vein because they enjoy getting high ?

The former is called an idiot whilst the latter is regarded as a 'victim'.

Go figure.

Monday 10 March 2008

The Definition Of Pathetic

So the parents of Rachel Whitear have attacked the BNP for using an image of their daughter, that they released to the media as a way to publicise the menace of heroin.

There is nothing more pathetic than these pitiful people who have seen the loss that heroin causes in their families and yet attack those who want to deal with the real problem, not just the PC version of the problem.

The real problem of heroin is that it is not grown in the West.

It has to be grown, refined, processed, smuggled and imported into the UK from nations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Albania, Turkey, Burma etc.

The old expensive and high quality China White type of heroin from Burma has been replaced almost exclusively by cheap low grade Brown Heroin, the type that killed Rachel Whitear.

That Brown Heroin came in the country from either Pakistan or Afghanistan. It was smuggled in by gangs of immigrants who then send the money back to Pakistan and Afghanistan to fund the Taliban and the jihad.

The main funding of the Islamic Jihad comes from heroin.

It is heroin that trains the terrorists, that pays for the guns and bullets and that is used to get the explosives that blow up British soldiers.

The parents of Rachel Whitear wanted her plight publicised, and we publicised it.

Now because the issue is getting attention again via the BNP they attack the BNP.

The parents of Rachel Whitear need to understand this ;

Rachel was a junkie who bought heroin that funds the bombs, the killers and jihadists around the world.

Just as rock stars who snort cocaine are funding Far Left terrorists, Right wing criminals, gangster scum and Narco-States, their daughter and her addiction were funding evil, monstrous people.

She was not a victim, those who live in the countries under attack from the jihadists are the victims.

She chose to become an addict, she chose to buy the smack, she chose to fill the syringe and she chose to depress the plunger and shoot it up into her body.

She was not an angel, she was an accomplice to genocide, terrorism and a funder of the most vicious criminal gangs on the planet as she funded the terrorists and gangsters that cause such misery across the planet.

The idea that she should be regarded as a victim is repulsive.

Every junkie is a criminal, not a victim.

The body of every dead junkie should be photographed and hung on a wall of shame in every community so that young kids can see the real price of heroin.

Their lives should be regarded as a disgrace not as victims.

The idea we should treat with reverence the image of their dead junkie daughter is repulsive - the images that we should treat with reverence are the images of children with their arms and legs blown off by Jihadist bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, not the image of the dead junkies who fund the jihad through their vile addictions.

Rachel Whitear deserved no sympathy from the moment she chose to smoke the first line of heroin and inject the first shot of heroin.

She chose her fate.

Those innocent civilians in Afghanistan who are killed by the Taliban did not choose theirs, their fate was set for them the moment junkies like rachel chose to use heroin and fund those who are killing those innocent people.

She is guilty as those terrorists that pull the trigger and explode the bombs. She was an essential part of the process of Jihad, as without her cash the Jihad could not exist.

Her addiction, and other junkies like her, are the engines of the Global Jihad.

And for the record here is a fact for them to ponder.

My step brother David who I grew up with died of a heroin overdose at aged 30 the same day he was released from prison for stealing to feed his addiction.

Within two hours of being let out of prison he was dead.

Your tragedy is not unique, thousands of families like mine have lost loved ones to heroin.

Yet nothing has ever changed that rise year after year of new addicts.

The old style of dealing with heroin, of seeing the dead junkies as victims has failed.

New ideas are needed and new approaches are needed.

We did not get a picture of David but I wish we had have done.

That way I could put it on this site and show people what death from a heroin overdose looks like.

You chose to release the picture, and the approach you have been using towards junkies has failed.

Junkies feed of our pathetic sympathy, they crave the cosseting and head patting of sympathetic addiction facilitators. They thrive on our love and sympathy and exloit their loved ones for cash.

David stole from me and his family to feed his addiction. I bet Rachels parents either funded her addiction directly through giving her money for smack 9to stop her becoming a prostitue or a dealer) or indirectly when she stole off them.

If she didnt steal off of them then she was even worse than a junkie, she was a pathetic heroin tourist who used heroin as a bit of a laugh, a middle class drug culture tourist idiot scumbag. The sort of people who say to other people ' hey man you can dabble a bit with smack and you will be alright' - a facilitator of addicition, a seducer of others into becoming addicts.

Thats what socity has become, an addicition facilitator.

It sees the junkie as a victim, not a criminal.

They are all criminals, including my brother.

He chose to be an addict as he loved getting high on heroin.

The time has come for a new approach - end the sympathy for the junkies, end the delusion that we can deal with heroin without dealing with those who grow it, refine , import it and sell it.

End the political correctness that says we can only talk about the user and the dealer, and not the grower and the importers.

The era when the sympathetic acted as facilitators of their addicitons has to end.

The BNP places the interests of those kids who have not yet become addicts, before the dead junkies.

The present policies have failed, ours will not.

We intend to stop the importation and the distribution of heroin, not just the use and addiction issues as per individual junkies. That means those communities responsible for growing and importing the heroin will be targeted.

The idea we should ask your permission to use the image of your dead junkie daughter is not something we need to do - her image should already be on a wall in every town, village and community so that when people pass the image they see the price of the use of heroin.

If I had a picture of my dead brother David then I would ask that it go on that wall alongside Rachels image as an image of stupidity and shame - as the only issue that should concern us all is preventing further kids getting on heroin.

The Apocalypse Begins

Two hundred million eco-migrants are to enter the EU as a result of climate change.

The time has come to resist this betrayal of our European nations and people.

Those politicians that seek to impose upon us the final destruction of Europe through opening the gates to the human herds that gather outside its border are the greatest traitors in European history.

The idiot citizens of Europe, somatised and tranquilised through consumerism, are about to experience a cruel awakening.

Having grown fat and stupid on easy credit and the degenerate pleasures of a decadent civilisation , they are about to witness their illusions be ripped away and a harsh truth revealed to them in all its brutal glory.

The article here is one of the most important you can read - read it and understand it;

The end bgins now.

Now, according to the EU's two senior foreign policy officials, Europe needs to brace itself for a new wave of migration with a very different cause - global warming. The ravages already being inflicted on parts of the developing world by climate change are engendering a new type of refugee, the "environmental migrant".

Within a decade "there will be millions of environmental migrants, with climate change as one of the major drivers of this phenomenon," predict Javier Solana and Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the EU's chief foreign policy coordinator and the European commissioner for external relations. "Europe must expect substantially increased migratory pressure."

The report highlights several forms of conflict that are likely to be driven by the planet heating up:

· "Reduction of arable land, widespread shortage of water, diminishing food and fish stocks, increased flooding and prolonged droughts are already happening in many parts of the world," Solana and Ferrero-Waldner say. Fresh water availability could fall by up to 30% in some regions, causing farming losses, surging food prices and shortages, and civil unrest. "Climate change will fuel existing conflicts over depleting resources."

· Around one-fifth of the planet's population inhabits coastal zones which are threatened by rising sea levels and natural disasters. The Caribbean, central America and the east coasts of China and India are most exposed. "An increase in disasters and humanitarian crises will lead to immense pressure on the resources of donor countries."

· The report notes that major land mass changes are expected in the course of the century from receding coastlines, meaning countries will lose territory, while desertification could have a similar effect. The result may be "a vicious circle of degradation, migration and conflicts over territory and borders that threatens the political stability of countries and regions".

· A similar result may be expected in failing states, where frustration and disenchantment breed ethnic and religious strife and political radicalisation.

· Competition for energy resources is already a cause of conflict. This may get worse, not least "because much of the world's hydrocarbon reserves are in regions vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and because many oil and gas producing states already face significant social, economic and demographic challenges."

Europe, the officials imply, needs to get its act together if there is to be any chance of managing the apocalyptic scenarios outlined. What the report does not say is that if demographics are any measure of potential power, Europe's task is that much harder.

The average European is currently aged 39 and Europeans, including Russians, make up some 11% of the world's population of 6.7 billion.

By 2050 that figure will have shrunk to 7%, with the average age of Europeans being over 47 and the elderly outnumbering children by more than two to one. A weaker Europe may have to cope with the challenges listed by Solana and Ferrero-Waldner, but environmental migrants may enlarge and rejuvenate its population.

Note the bullshit propaganda at the end - we are enterng the era of Peak Oil and Peak Food just as climate change is about to hit. The idea we can even feed who is already here is debatable, but feeding and housing millions upon millions of new eco-migrants in Europe is impossible.

These herds of human beings will devastate Europe, they will be like a Biblical plague upon our nations stripping our resources bare and leaving us in poverty.

The best we can do is create a Fortress Europe and a Fortress Britain and ensure that we take care of our own people.

Their can be no rejuvenation of Europe by immigrants only its accelerated demise.

In the Sunday Times on September 5 th 2004 the nominated European Union incoming Justice Minister, Rocco Buttiglione, stated that the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees may be changed to include the concept of 'Environmental Refugees' and thereby allow into Europe by 2010 up to 50 million 'Eco- Refugees' and up to 150 million more by 2050.

A few weeks later he was removed from his post. Though he had been removed, the plan still proceeds.

According to the Red Cross 'environmental refugees' now number 25 million people, 58 % of the total worldwide population of refugees. Though the Geneva Convention was drafted in order to provide assistance solely for those internally displaced citizens of Europe as a result of the end of World War two it is now about to be used to destroy Europe itself through the process of Eco-Conflict and allowing unlimited immigration into the West.

The threat of Eco-Conflict is linked not only linked to climate change but also to the threat of the 150-250 million estimated refugees that are expected to enter Europe both legally and illegally in the next forty years, and all of them will be allowed by the Labour Party, the Tory Party and the Liberal Party to just enter our nations when and how they wish as they have already been doing for decades. This is treason on a scale unparalleled in British history. It is the total surrender of our nation to first of all a European Union that has already decided to allow Europe to be invaded and then to the incoming eco-migrants themselves. Britain and Europe will both be destroyed.

No other word exists for this other than treason. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and all the other politicians of the mainstream parties that will refuse to tackle this issue in the name of political correctness are traitors and therefore have no moral, legal or political right to rule over us.

The fact that 80 % of the British public want our national borders strengthened not destroyed forever, and the fact that our people have had no chance to vote on this issue which features that most fundamental of all rights - who we let live amongst us in our national community - means this is not a decision that emanates from the people that form our democracy and our nation. This is the decision of a fascist
government and it means that this country is no longer a democracy.

Eco-Conflict refers to the process by which people take either collective action (non-violent protest or violent rebellion) or individual acts of protest or terror against governments or other groups to protect themselves, and the group with which they have aligned themselves, when they perceive that their individual, racial, national, tribal or familial well being or national or ethnic group survival is threatened by environmental change, mass immigration or unequal access to scarce resources. Aspects of eco conflict can renew old intra-national conflicts or substantially protract ongoing ones or create new intra-ethnic conflict as a result of mass immigration into a nation. It will also lead to new surpa-national conflicts and resurrect old ones over water, oil, food and land.

Resource scarcity as an issue can lead to three types of conflict: simple scarcity conflict (where at least two states or groups engage in violent conflict or warfare), group identity conflict (where groups are displaced from a resource scarce region to another region, resulting in tension and conflict), or relative deprivation conflict (where one group feels deprived of a resource relative to other groups)

What, according to various theories, is broadly labeled as 'environmental security matters' involves environmental change (i.e. the decline in the quantity or quality of renewable resources that occurs faster than the renewal of that resource by natural processes and the use of technological processes ) and its political, economic, social and humanitarian consequences. This includes population-induced ecological stress, land scarcity, ethnic conflict, the depletion of water supplies, deforestation, desertification, air/water/land pollution, deforestation, ozone depletion, climate change, natural catastrophes, energy security, nuclear safety issues, famine, diseases and migration (immigration pressures and refugee flows), intra-national conflict , terrorism , the removal of civil rights, the creation of Eco-Dictatorships and the breakdown of the social order of nations. These issues have the potential to influence greatly influence the future of the planet but because they directly lead to a serious and irreversible decline in the quality of people's life and new political tension at the national, regional and global levels their implications are of utmost National Security interest. Thus, both ' British Nationalists ', European Nationalist parties and the British public should be more aware of the significance of the role of environmental change among other more traditionally recognized (political, economic and social) issues that threaten the stability of Britain, Europe and the planet.

Environmental change can generate displaced communities (i.e. environmental refugees) and environmentally induced Eco-Conflicts.

The TEN STAGES of social breakdown that lead to Eco-Conflict are plotted in the list below ;

Stage I (Overpopulation Pressure): Population pressures increase due to dense human settlements, and stem from high birth rates of immigrants (the birth rates of the racially British people are falling beyond replacement levels), increasing urbanization, and the continuing influx of foreign migrants. This causes intra-ethnic violence in the host communities that have to 'absorb' the new migrants and a corresponding adoption of ever more draconian laws by national states to stem this tide of protest against mass immigration by the indigenous people. As the laws on free speech and assembly are restricted by the government, courts and the police to counter legitimate public protests by the host community the 'anger' of the host community manifests itself more and more in urban street conflict against the migrants. Migrants will also begin to battle other migrants for resources as the migrant groups cluster together around racial, religious and cultural issues. In Britain we have already begun to witness this in places such as Bradford, Peterborough and Oldham where relations between the indigenous population and immigrants have reached 'Crisis point' according to the Home Office and the CRE. The movement of millions of Eastern Europeans into the UK has also generated new flashpoints with other racial groups in the ares where they now live.

Stage II (Growing Demands): As the national population increases, human activities increase generating new demands ( more children born , more pressure on the NHS, Schools, Housing and Agriculture etc) and the growth per capita of resource consumption increases as the the demand for a higher standard of living and the production of biological and industrial human wastes escalate. Additionally, the average individual's level of consumption or affluence is raised further by resource consumption and pollution-generating technology development: This level of growth is now unsustainable. Supply cannot ever match Demand. As more and more people are forced to drop into poverty as the 'breaking point' approaches in society in regard to the sustainability of demand increases, their expectations of affluence and more income are simultaneously being raised by the media and other factors in our conscumer society - this generates frustration, frustration turns to rage, rage turns to hate, hate turns to war.

Stage III (Environmental Stress): Increasing mass immigration and its growing demands on the nation increase resource shortages and environmental damage through a vicious cycle - when the resource supply becomes scarce or less accessible, then it requires excessively high costs and greater environmental damage in order to provide resources for additional people. This accelerates the breakdown in the environment and effectively destroys the 'natural resource base' for future generations. In order to sustain the people of the present we must leave the children of the future to starve.

Stage IV (Competition and Tension): Environmental stress, including scarcities and degradation, instigate competition among the affected population (local people and migrants) within a society, generating political,racial, religious and social tension. During times of competition over ecological and financial resources, the affected country's people usually become more self-conscious and self-assertive of their group identity. This is already happening in Britain. As the resources of the country diminish in the coming decades then more tensions will be raised. Already in 2004 we have for the first time become dependent on foreign energy sources to power our national economy. Our North Sea oil supplies are almost empty, the coal mines closed and our economy dependent on Russian gas and Arabian oil. In 2006 24,000 pensioners died of hypothermia in their own homes and in the coming years this will rise even more. The BNP as a political party will continue to rise in strength and power whilst traditional parties, both Left and Right, will become obsolete. Identity Politics will grow in power and under the mechanism of 'Multi-Culturalism' this movement towards an 'Identity Politics' has been encouraged, though so far only for immigrants who have been encouraged to organise collectively as a community to demand ever more resources from the indigenous community. The British state has, at the same time as encouraging identity politics movements for immigrant groups actively attempted to undermine the basic civil rights of the indigenous people of Britain and prevent them asserting their inalienable right to an 'Identity' driven political party and movement, but further attempts to inhibit this growth will lead to more tensions on the streets leading to outbreaks of disorder. Positive discrimination policies in favour of migrants in Britain will lead to further tensions as the indigenous population are driven further down the 'Social Pyramid' into poverty whilst they are forced to watch as immigrant communities are given ever more resources to appease them before they seek to confront the State and demand more resources by force. Terrorism by ethnic group and religious groups that is rewarded and appeased by the government will result in a backlash where the host community will either demand an end to it or begin to mimic the terrorism of the minorities, as they see that the government represses free speech and legitimate protest but rewards terrorism.

The number of children living in poverty rose by 200,000 since 2006, according to a damning report which highlights the Government's failure to tackle the problem.

Stage V (Distribution Disorder): Growing competition over scarce resources places governments under heavy stress concerning the 'orderly' distribution of insufficient resource supplies among an increasing population. The greater the scarcity, the more likely is a breakdown of the distribution order. This is because advantaged groups, often including government elite members and cosseted minority groups composed of immigrants, wield their power to monopolize the ever diminishing resources of the State and Nation at the expense of other groups mostly the indigenous population. This exacerbates internal conflicts and increases the political necessity of an 'Identity Politics' based BNP party for the indigenous British people in order to ensure the indigenous people of Britain are not unfairly penalised for their lack of an 'Identity Politics' political party. This will also further reveal and increase the futility of the obsolete old parties such as Labour, Liberal and Tory based on the traditional 'right and left' ideologies or the purely 'national independence' issues in relation to the European Union as per UKIP as the necessity for an 'Identity Political' party for the British people grows in order for them to have representation in our political system that is predicated on group identity and rewarding the most politically active and cohesive groups in society.

Stage VI (Environmental Destruction): Without appropriate measures to prevent overuse and pollution of renewable resources, ecological stress passes a threshold of irreversibility. Even if the environmental condition is partially reversible, it will be a prohibitively long and costly process. This is what we are witnessing in the North Sea right now in relation to Cod stocks. Over fishing has resulted in damage that, if not irreversible, will take decades to recover. Also the same situation is analogous to our oil supplies.

Stage VII (Economic Decline): Environmental destruction such as depletion of fish stocks, decreases agricultural and industrial production and causes a lowering of average living standards and further impoverishment and malnutrition within developed societies. The spectres of Disease and famine once more haunt the West as The Golden Era of the promise of perpetual economic 'progress' comes to an end. More and more citizens are cast into penury and poverty as wages and living standards fall. Social cohesion breaks down and the state degenerates into a 'Eco-Dictatorship' where order and stability in the Nation are imposed through the utilisation of Para-Military Police, the Army and the removal of basic civil rights and freedoms.

Stage VII (Social Disintegration): Normally, environmental destruction and economic woes have the following social effects before producing violent conflict: disruption of authoritative political, financial, and legal institutions and accepted social relations; the spread of relative deprivation and frustration due to unequal distribution of both ecological resources and economic goods; and population displacement including mass migration of rural workers into cities or across the national borders. Another feature is the importation into the nation of massive amounts of workers and immigrants by capitalists who seek to sustain the national economy and keep it 'productive' in the Global Economy relation to other economies such as China with whom the British nation has to compete. For British workers this means wages will be forced to be on a par with China where the average wage for an industrial worker is twenty pounds a week if the British economy is to compete in the Global Economy. This is why a return to protectionist and autarchic policies and a withdrawal from the Global Economy is the only way to prevent the destruction of the 'British Working Class' who provide the labour for industries, the 'British Middle Class' that run the industries and the 'British Financial Class that fund and create the national industries. Each face total destruction in the face of Global Economics.

Stage IX (Eco Conflict): Environmental destruction and its disruptive effects not only create internal and external conflicts but also protract and exacerbate ongoing internal disorders. Since conflict is a 'process' and not a one-time event, environmental issues can add a new dimension to enduring social, national or ethno-political or religious disputes and newly created ethnic conflicts caused by the influx of mass immigrants into the nation. This is the final stage where the nation state is torn apart by internal conflict and the government has a choice - either impose a true 'Eco-Dictatorship ' or accept the destruction of the civic order and the nation states degeneration into a 'Balkans type blocs of competing groups using terror as a bargaining tool for the allocation of ever diminishing resources.

Unless the Nationalist parties of Europe organise now to deal with this threat to our nations and environment we may witness the death of the West in our lifetimes. This struggle against these plans of the European Union to allow in 'Eco-Refugees' must form part of a great 'Patriotic European Alliance' of all nationalist parties that represent the indigenous folk communities of Europe. We must begin the struggle now and not wait for the nightmare to begin. This struggle is the primary struggle of the 21 st Century for the European peoples and one that they cannot lose.

From Ireland to Greece, from Iceland to Serbia, from Russia to Spain the European people must unite and resist these plans and fight to create a Fortress Europe that will ensure the survival of our Folk, Race, our Environment, our cultures, our Rights and our Nations.