Thursday 28 February 2008

Racism in Australia

Story 1 -

Note that this policy created was so that thousands of Aboriginal children were removed from their families and raised by whites in a government policy to "civilise" them, and remove them from the poverty of their existence at that time. Note that though the BBC says 'forcibly removed' the court held they were NOT forcibly removed and the parents gave permission for them to go to the schools. More BBC bullshit there. So the evil racist whites paid their taxes and put them in schools and colleges in order to educate them and raise Aborigine children so that could lead their own community - note that is now called 'racism ' by aborigines. The idea that aborigines lived in utopia before the evil whites came if more communist nonsense. There was disease, squalor, war, murders and famine.

If building schools, hospitals, railways where there was once just desert or bush is white racism - then the world needs more of that white racism not less.

It appears that modern civiliation and preventing things such as death in childbirth, inventing antibiotics, hospitals, schools is racist in itself.

The policy lasted for nearly a century until the 1960s when it was stopped.

Story 2 -

Aboriginal children in Outback Australia are so neglected by their alcoholic parents that some have suckled from dogs' teats in a desperate search for food, it has been reported.

The shocking revelation came from a coroner investigating the appalling rates of suicide among Aborigines living in the remote and beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia.

During his research, he heard evidence that malnourished children had been sucking the teats of dogs for food and that young men had attempted suicide after being refused a can of beer.

Aborigines in isolated towns like Fitzroy Crossing lived in overcrowded, ramshackle houses surrounded by rubbish and with little furniture. People slept on filthy foam mattresses beside diseased dogs in temperatures which reach 40C or more in summer.

Story 3 - Earlier this month the prime minister, Kevin Rudd, delivered a much-publicised apology to Aborigines for past injustices.

So the fact that Whites took Aborigine children out of poverty as stated at 1 above is now defined as racist in 3 , but now because that policy has ended it has led to 2.

But now the majority Australian Whites have to subsidise those Aborigines that molest their kids and who use their benefit money to spend on drink and not feed their kids.

So lets work this out -

1) Taking aborigine kids and raising them with white children in white families and schools and colleges as members of those families and trying to educate them to the level of whites was racist

2) The ending of that policy led to the kids going back to their families and today living in squalor and horror - and that is the fault of whites as they are racists for not doing enough to tell the Aborigines how to live and for not forcing them to live in a way that is civilised ! Yet when the State tried to 'civilise' them, they were called racist for doing so ! but of course it is not the fault of the aborigines that recieve benefits who CHOOSE to live like. It is the fault of the whites that pay for those benefits through their taxes - and that is racist.

3) That when you help them you are racist and when you leave them alone you are racist

It appears to me that the only racism I can see is against those poor white suckers that are called racist whatever they do just because they are white.

The ideology of Racism is the biggest load of bollocks invented since Marxism.

BBC funded 21/7 bombers

Image - Nasreen Suleaman, did not go the cops after she knew the identity of terrorists and who was so desperate to counteract Islamphobia that she paid convicted racists to lie on TV to disarm the indigenous British people from defending themselves from Islamist terrorists by calling anyone who dared talk about Islamist violence as 'islamaphobic'.

Yes, Nasreen - we should 'Panic If they Are Islamists'.

The BBC funded the trainer of the 21/7 bombers and one of the BBC own employees did not go to the police with information on people she knew were connected to the 21/7 bombers.

So thats here our license fee goes, into the pockets of those that assist those that explode bombs on our streets and is used to fund para-military training in the woods by Islamist terrorists.

Note the name of the BBC employee who dd not give the information to the police, one
Nasreen Suleaman.

Note also that the BBC producer Suleaman knew the money she gave the terrorist trainer would be used to pay a fine for the Islamist, Mohammed Hamid, which was A MERE £300 POUNDS for racially abusing two policemen.

Can you imagine if a white person racially abused two black or asian police officers that they would only get a £300 FINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note the comments below of Suleaman - "Ms Suleaman told the court that Mr Hamid was keen to appear in the programme. She said: “He was so up for it. We took the decision that paintballing would be a fun way of introducing him.

“There are many, many British Muslims that I know who for the past 15 or 20 years have been going paintballing. It’s a harmless enough activity. I don’t think there is any suggestion, or ever has been, that it’s a terrorist training activity.”

YEAH RIGHT - seeing as that the film the BBC took has the bunch of terrorists running around screaming Islamists slogans as they roll around the woods firing at each other, it is pretty fucking obvious that they were in training for terror attacks and that many other terrorists in the UK have been involved in paintballing as training as terrorism.

Stupid lieing Taqqiya bitch.

There is now one law for those with white skins, and one law for those with non-white skins.

BBC knew of link to failed 21/7 bombers
Last Updated: 2:39am GMT 27/02/2008

A BBC producer failed to give police information that would have helped track down the July 21 bombers, the trial was told.

Don't Panic, I'm Islamic, which featured the group paintballing and an interview with Mohammed Hamid, was shown on BBC2 on June 12, 2005.

Nasreen Suleaman, the producer, told the court that Hamid said he would use his £300 fee to settle the fine he had been given by magistrates for racially abusing two policemen at his Oxford Street stall.

Called as a defence witness, Miss Suleaman admitted that she had spoken to Hamid in the days following the July 21 attacks and found out he knew the wanted men.

She said she thought he was scared the fugitives might try to call him but did not contact the police because she felt under "no obligation" to do so.

Miss Suleaman claimed she told BBC managers of the situation but no one passed on the information to the authorities.

She looked visibly shaken when told that two of the July 21 bombers, had joined Hamid on another paintball trip two weeks before the bombings.

Miss Suleaman saw Hamid a few days after July 21, 2005 and he seemed "very shocked that the men he knew were accused of this".

Duncan Penny, prosecuting, said: "Did you tell him to go to the police?"

Ms Suleaman replied: "I don't think I needed to."

BBC 'took terrorist trainers paintballing'

Adam Sherwin, Media Correspondent

The BBC funded a paintballing trip for men later accused of Islamic terrorism and failed to pass on information about the 21/7 bombers to police, a court was told yesterday.

Mohammed Hamid, who is charged with overseeing a two-year radicalisation programme to prepare London-based Muslim youths for jihad, was described as a “cockney comic” by a BBC producer.

The BBC paid for Mr Hamid and fellow defendants Muhammad al-Figari and Mousa Brown to go on a paintballing trip at the Delta Force centre in Tonbridge, Kent, in February 2005. The men, accused of terrorism training, were filmed for a BBC programme called Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic, screened in June 2005.

The BBC paid Mr Hamid, an Islamic preacher who denies recruiting and grooming the men behind the failed July 2005 attack, a £300 fee to take part in the programme, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

It was alleged that Mr Hamid told a BBC reporter that he would use the corporation’s money to pay a fine imposed by magistrates for a public order offence.

Nasreen Suleaman, a researcher on the programme, told the court that Mr Hamid, 50, contacted her after the July 2005 attack and told her of his association with the bombers. But she said that she felt no obligation to contact the police with this information. Ms Suleaman said that she informed senior BBC managers but was not told to contact the police.

Ms Suleaman told the court that Mr Hamid was keen to appear in the programme. She said: “He was so up for it. We took the decision that paintballing would be a fun way of introducing him.

“There are many, many British Muslims that I know who for the past 15 or 20 years have been going paintballing. It’s a harmless enough activity. I don’t think there is any suggestion, or ever has been, that it’s a terrorist training activity.”

The court was told previously that Mr Hamid taunted police on his return from an alleged terror training camp in the New Forest where exercises included somersaults, pole-vaulting and paintballing.

Ms Suleaman said she was not aware that Ramzi Mohammed and Hussein Osman, two of the July bombers, had joined Mr Hamid at the Tonbridge paintball centre on July 3, 2005.

Ms Suleaman said that Mr Hamid was agitated after the July attack. She said: “I think he was worried that perhaps the men might call him because they were on the run at the time. I think he was very, very shocked about the fact that the men he knew were accused of this.”

Duncan Penny, for the prosecution, asked Ms Suleaman if she had told Mr Hamid to go to the police or contacted the police herself. Mr Penny asked: “Here was a man who told you that he knew those individuals who, as I understand it, were still at large for what on the face of it was the attempted bombings of the transport network a fortnight after it happened, and he was telling you he had some knowledge of them? There was a worldwide manhunt going on, wasn’t there?”

She replied: “I got the sense that he was already talking to the police. I referred it to my immediate boss at the BBC. I wasn’t told that there was an obligation. In fact it was referred above her as well. It was such a big story.” She added: “I don’t think it’s my obligation to tell another adult that he should go to the police.”

Mr Hamid had told her he had not spoken to Muktar Said Ibrahim, the ringleader of the 21/7 plot, since October 2004 and there was no suggestion that Mr Hamid knew anything about the attempted attack.

Phil Rees, who produced the show, told the court that he was impressed by Mr Hamid’s sense of humour while looking for someone to appear in the documentary. He said: “I think he had a comic touch and he represented a strand within British Muslims. I took it as more like a rather Steptoe and Son figure rather than seriously persuasive. I saw him as a kind of Cockney comic.” Mr Rees, who now works for the Arabic TV station al-Jazeera, gave Mr Hamid a signed copy of his book Dining With Terrorists.

Mr Hamid is charged with Mr al-Figari, 42, Mr Brown, 41, Kader Ahmed, 20, and Kibley Da Costa, 24. Atilla Ahmet, 43, has admitted soliciting murder.

Mr Hamid denies providing weapons training, five charges of soliciting murder and three of providing training for terrorism. The other men deny a series of charges related to training.

Wednesday 27 February 2008

Gerry Gable - Liar, Thief and friend of paedophiles

Image - though this resembles Gerry Gable it is in fact a monkey. Unlike Gerry Gable this monkey is not an associate of communists, has no convcitions for theft and burglary, is not a proven liar and is also not a crook.

Apologies to the monkey.

This post has been edited.

Liberals are Loonies !

This is what I have always said ;

Top psychiatrist concludes liberals clinically nuts
Eminent psychiatrist makes case ideology is mental disorder

Posted: February 15, 2008
3:40 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON – Just when liberals thought it was safe to start identifying themselves as such, an acclaimed, veteran psychiatrist is making the case that the ideology motivating them is actually a mental disorder.

"Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded," says Dr. Lyle Rossiter, author of the new book, "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness." "Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave."

While political activists on the other side of the spectrum have made similar observations, Rossiter boasts professional credentials and a life virtually free of activism and links to "the vast right-wing conspiracy."

For more than 35 years he has diagnosed and treated more than 1,500 patients as a board-certified clinical psychiatrist and examined more than 2,700 civil and criminal cases as a board-certified forensic psychiatrist. He received his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Chicago.

Rossiter says the kind of liberalism being displayed by the two major candidates for the Democratic Party presidential nomination can only be understood as a psychological disorder.

(Story continues below)

"A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity – as liberals do," he says. "A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population – as liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nation's citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state – as liberals do."

Dr. Rossiter says the liberal agenda preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority in the population by:

creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization;
satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation;

augmenting primitive feelings of envy;

rejecting the sovereignty of the individual, subordinating him to the will of the government.
"The roots of liberalism – and its associated madness – can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind," he says. "When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious."


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Sunday 24 February 2008

We Stand With Serbia

The slogan 'WE STAND WITH SERBIA' should be the rallying cry against all those that want to see the surrender of Europe to Islamists and the New World Order.

All Nationalists and opponents of Islam should now fly the Serbian flag alongside their own flags.

For us in the UK this is very important thing to do.

The breakup of Serbia will one day lead to the breakup of the UK into cantons run by Islamists if this attack on the sovereignity of Serbia is allowed to stay.

Islamists in the UK will have seen this as a surrender to terrorism and violence and will take it as a green light to foment insurection in those nations they are invading right now.

It is easy to imagine a scenario where Islamists are allowed through multi-cultural tolerance (read cowardice) to take over an area. They then replace the police and civil courts with Sharia Courts and police their own areas. Then when the police enter an area they attack the police and say they were defending themselves from being being 'oppressed'.

The next stage is militias are formed to 'defend' their area and the Sharia Zones (areas where the State has surrendered control to the Islamists, gangsters and Imams) - and then before you know it the government allows them to claim legal and economic autonomy.

Local non-Islamist families, both moderate Muslim and non-Muslim, are driven from the area by the Islamists (all those who resist them are terrorised regardless if they are Muslims or not) and the Islamist fanatics pour into the area from all over the UK and build a base in Britain from which to arm their terrorists in other cities and spread the war against Britain.

The fact is we are halfway to this process already.

Sharia Courts already exist in our cities.

Islamists are arming themselves with smuggled weapons purchased with heroin drug money and are being trained in Iraq and Pakistan.

Thousands of Afghanistan trained Jihadists are already in the UK ready to take arms when required.

Imagine if they took over one of their ghettos in one of our cities, set up barricades in the streets and shot at the police if they entered the area.

The government would not send in the army - they would just wave the white flag.

This is why we must support Serbia.

We need to organise demonstrations to support Serbia and to say that we the people are the friends of Serbia.

The surrender of the national territory to Islamists is already happening in France.

The French government lists all those estates and areas under the control of the Islamists, and that are Sharia Zones where the Police are prohibited from entering, here ;

There are 751 such areas in France already where the writ of the State has been surrendered to the Imams, Islamists and drug dealers.

They go by the euphemistic term Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or Sensitive Urban Zones, with the even more antiseptic acronym ZUS, and there are 751 of them as of last count. They are convienently listed on one long webpage, complete with street demarcations and map delineations.

What are they? Those places in France that the French state does not control. They range from two zones in the medieval town of Carcassone to twelve in the heavily Muslim town of Marseilles, with hardly a town in France lacking in its ZUS. The ZUS came into existence in late 1996 and according to a 2004 estimate, nearly 5 million people live in them.

Comment: A more precise name for these zones would be Dar al-Islam, the place where Muslims rule. (November 14, 2006)

Nov. 28, 2006 update: For an insight into how bad things are, the police in Lyons demonstrated on Nov. 9, denouncing "violence against the forces of order." Things have reached a pretty sad state when the police have to demonstrate in the streets against the criminals.

Jan. 5, 2008 update: In a remarkable statement, Michael Nazir-Ali, the Pakistani-born bishop of Rochester, writes in the Daily Telegraph about the situation in Great Britain:

there has been a worldwide resurgence of the ideology of Islamic extremism. One of the results of this has been to further alienate the young from the nation in which they were growing up and also to turn already separate communities into "no-go" areas where adherence to this ideology has become a mark of acceptability. Those of a different faith or race may find it difficult to live or work there because of hostility to them.

Jan. 16, 2008 update: Paul Belien of Brussels Journal provides an update on the ZUS, connecting them to organized crime in a way that helps explain police reluctance to intervene:

In May [2007], the French voters elected Mr. [Nicolas] Sarkozy as president because he had promised to restore the authority of the Republic over France's 751 no-go areas, the so-called zones urbaines sensibles (ZUS, sensitive urban areas), where 5 million people - 8 percent of the population - live. During his first months in office he has been too busy with other activities, such as selling nuclear plants to Libya and getting divorced. While the French media publish nude pictures of the future (third) Mrs. Sarkozy, the situation in the ZUS has remained as "sensitive" as before.

People get mugged, even murdered, in the ZUS, but the media prefer not to write about it. When large-scale rioting erupts and officers and firemen are attacked, the behavior of the thugs is condoned with references to their "poverty" and to the "racism" of the indigenous French. The French media never devote their attention to the bleak situation of intimidation and lawlessness in which 8 percent of the population, including many poor indigenous French, are forced to live. Muslim racism toward the "infidels" is never mentioned.

Xavier Raufer, a former French intelligence officer who heads the department on organized crime and terrorism at the Institute of Criminology of the University of Paris II, thinks that organized crime has a lot to do with the indifference of the French establishment.

The ZUS are centers of drug trafficking. According to a recent report of the French government's Interdepartmental Commission to Combat Drug Traffic and Addiction (MILDT) 550,000 people in France consume cannabis on a daily basis and 1.2 million on a regular basis. The annual cannabis consumption amounts to 208 tons for a market value of 832 million euros ($1.2 billion in U.S. dollars). MILDT estimates that there are between 6,000 and 13,000 small "entrepreneurs" and between 700 and 1,400 wholesalers who make a living out of dealing cannabis. The wholesalers earn up to 550,000 euros ($820,000) per year. Since they operate from within the ZUS the drug dealers are beyond the reach of the French authorities.

The ZUS exist not only because Muslims wish to live in their own areas according to their own culture and their own Shariah laws, but also because organized crime wants to operate without the judicial and fiscal interference of the French state. In France, Shariah law and mafia rule have become almost identical.

Saturday 23 February 2008

Gestapo UK

The news that the police want a national DNA database is not surprising. The police in recent years have been seen to be nothing more than the para-military wing of the Labour party - their own SD or Bolsheviks in blue uniforms.

With their gutless subservience to Political Corrctness, anti-white racism and arse licking of the ethnic lobby groups the police are now just a joke.

The criminals realise that the role of the Police in todays Britain is to PROTECT THE CRIMINALS FROM THE VICTIMS, not the victims from the criminals.

Even the criminals laugh at the police.

This betrayal of the Police has primarily been by the overpaid senior officer ponces in the police who have arse licked the Labour government for their massive pensions, PC promotions and shiny little medals when they leave the police.

That doesnt excuse those little brown nosing bastards on the street who kiss the arse of the ethnic criminals and adopt the fascist PC stance with nationalists.

The fact that senior cops want a DNA database is indicative that these senior officers are idiots.

The fact is that the majority of indigenous criminals in the UK are already on the DNA database.

Even the scumbag who killed Sally Anne Bowman was on the DNA database or should have been, seeing as he had a twenty year record of sex attacks.

The questions is why didnt the police discover his DNA that was already on the database, or if his DNA was not on the DNA database why didnt the police get some of his DNA on to the database when he was arrested in the past.

The police seem to be taking the DNA of anyone who crosses their path of late - and at the same time as they busy acting as social workers in uniform for every criminal in the country.

The police act the fascist with innocent citizens and act as nannies with criminals.

All the government needs to do is pass legislation stating that all those convicted of serious criminal offences in the past must give a DNA sample to the national DNA database.

Target THE CRIMINALS and not the innocent public.

The ONLY people that arent on the DNA database are mainly foreign criminals.

The fact that the fastest rising source of crime in the UK is from foreign criminals means the DNA database of BRITISH criminals and citizens would be about as effective in crime fighting as using a crystal ball to discover the identity of criminals.

The fact that the Police want to store the DNA of EVERY person in the UK from the moment they are born is something that the Gestapo or NKVD or KGB would have loved to done.

You can just imagine some uniformed copper standing beside the bed in the delivery ward with a DNA swab ready to plunge in the mouth of the new born babe.

Welcome to the world - now get on the DNA datbase.


Friday 22 February 2008

The South Will Rise Again

The US recognition of Kosovo sets an interesting precedent.

The US recognised Kosovo as a way to punish Serbia for alleged (and untrue) ethnic cleaning, the invasion of Kosovo and murders of Kosovan civilians.

If this is correct then the independence of Kosovo suggests that the Southern Confederacy of the United States should reform, demand their rights and also be allowed to declare their independence from the Union.

Note how the US lied about 'ethnic cleaning' in Kosovo by Serbia just as it lied about slavery in the Southern States. Just as slavery was NOT the issue in the Civil War, ethnic cleansing was not the issue in Kosovo.

The attack on the Southern Confederacy by the North had nothing to do with slavery, though if you watch US movies then it would appear that this was the sole reason for the Civil War.

It was as aggressive war, with ethnic cleansing and mass murder, the North and the Union invaded independent Southern territory illegally, they stole the land and as such the Union of the present United States has as much legitimacy as the Soviet Union - another empire carved with blood and violence.

The Southern States did not fight to retain slavery - they fought to keep their liberty, their lands, their culture and their economic independence.

The Union states were run by corrupt bankers, oligarchs and politicians who wanted to economically exploit the Southern States as they were exploiting the Northern States.

It was only after the war had been fought for two years that the North even muted the idea of endng slavery, and this was simply to recruit blacks to act as cannon fodder against the South.

The slaves got their freedom only if they were prepared to fight and die for the North.

The War Between the States began because the South demanded States’ rights and were not getting them. The Congress at that time, heavily favored the industrialized northern states to the point of demanding that the South sell is cotton and other raw materials only to the factories in the north, rather than to other countries. The Congress also taxed the finished materials that the northern industries produced heavily, making finished products that the South wanted, unaffordable.

The Civil War should not have occurred. If the Northern States and their representatives in Congress had only listened to the problems of the South, and stopped these practices that were almost like the taxation without representation of Great Britain, then the Southern states would not have seceded and the war would not have occurred.

( Which was also the basis of the War of Independence from Britain in the first place ! )

We have been taught that the Civil War was all about the abolition of slavery, but this truly did not become a major issue, with the exception of John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, until after the Battle of Antietam in September 1862, when Abraham Lincoln decided to free the slaves in the Confederate States in order to punish those states for continuing the war effort. The war had been in progress for two years by that time. Most southerners did not even own slaves nor did they own plantations. Most of them were small farmers who worked their farms with their families. They were fighting for their rights. They were fighting to maintain their lifestyle and their independence the way they wanted to without the United States Government dictating to them how they should behave.

The example of Kosovo should now also be used by American Indians to claim back their lands from the US government, and in particular the Black Hills which is a sacred place for the Sioux.

Thursday 21 February 2008

Why Marx and Engels Were Wrong

It was Marx who had first discovered the great law of motion of history, the law according to which all historical struggles, whether they proceed in the political, religious, philosophical or some other ideological domain, are in fact only the more or less clear expression of struggles of social classes, and that the existence and thereby the collisions, too, between these classes are in turn conditioned by the degree of development of their economic position, by the mode of their production and of their exchange determined by it. This law, which has the same significance for history as the law of the transformation of energy has for natural science.

Engels, Preface to The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte (1885)

And now as to myself, no credit is due to me for discovering the existence of classes in modern society or the struggle between them. Long before me bourgeois historians had described the historical development of this class struggle and bourgeois economists, the economic anatomy of classes. What I did that was new was to prove:

(1) that the existence of classes is only bound up with the particular, historical phases in the development of production,

(2) that the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat,

(3) that this dictatorship itself only constitutes the transition to the abolition of all classes and to a classless society.

Marx, Letter to Weydemeyer (1852)

Opening line of the Communist Manifesto (1848): “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”.


Marx moved to London in May 1849, where he was to remain for the rest of his life.

It was in London that most of his political and economic theories crystallised.

The question is, as an German emigre, how much did Marx truly understand about the nature of the society around him.

At that time in Britain the Working Class was comprised primarily of the displaced descendants of the Anglo-Saxons who were removed from the land by the Norman aristocracy, the Celtic English and also Celtic Irish immigrants who worked for the Norman aristocracy.

The Middle Class were mainly Anglo-Saxons whilst the Upper Class, Aristocracy and financiers were primarily Normans, and the Celts were the Working Class. This is due to a simple fact, that those with the land had the money.

The Anglo-Saxons who were dispossessed after 1066 had their lands taken from them and given to Norman nobles by the Norman King. Therefore they had to work for the Norman barons as landless tenants, and the landless Celts had to work as labour for the Anglo-Saxons.

It was Engels' book, The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844, which led Marx to conceive of the historical dialectic in terms of class conflict and to see the modern working class as the most progressive force for revolution.

Originally written in German as Die Lage der arbeitenden Klasse in England, it is a study of the working class in Victorian England. It was also Engels' first book, written during his stay in Manchester from 1842 to 1844. Manchester was then at the very heart of the Industrial Revolution, and Engels compiled his study from his own observations and detailed contemporary reports.

By 1841, a tenth of the city's population was Irish and many lived in the district known as "Little Ireland", a slum area in the Ancoats area of Manchester which Engels labelled in his 1845 'Condition of the Working Class In England' as "the most disgusting spot of all!". This area of the city was so overcrowded that the sudden Irish influx during the Potato Famine could not be accomodated and had to turn to other English cities, notably Liverpool and Birmingham.

Engels wrote, "The New Town, known also as Irish Town, stretches up a hill of clay, beyond the Old Town, between the Irk and St. George's Road. Here all the features of a city are lost. Single rows of houses or groups of streets stand, here and there, like little villages on the naked, not even grass-grown clay soil; the houses, or rather cottages, are in bad order, never repaired, filthy, with damp, unclean, cellar dwellings; the lanes are neither paved nor supplied with sewers, but harbour numerous colonies of swine penned in small sties or yards, or wandering unrestrained through the neighbourhood. The mud in the streets is so deep that there is never a chance, except in the dryest weather, of walking without sinking into it ankle deep at every step. In the vicinity of St. George's Road, the separate groups of buildings approach each other more closely, ending in a continuation of lanes, blind alleys, back lanes and courts, which grow more and more crowded and irregular the nearer they approach the heart of the town. True, they are here oftener paved or supplied with paved sidewalks and gutters; but the filth, the bad order of the houses, and especially of the cellars, remain the same.".

Marx's view of history, which came to be called historical materialism, was wrong as it was based on the principle that the fundamental proposition of historical materialism can be summed up in the following:

“ It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness. ”

—Karl Marx, Preface to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy.

This is false as it misses entirely the fundamental social and human reality which is that all life and all social existence is predicated on the energy exchange process.

No energy = No Life

Human life, human consciousness and human society are all dependent upon energy - from calories to keep one alive to energy to create and maintain social complexity and social entelechy.

All human societies are not driven by the dialectic of class war, they are driven by the neccesity to secure, utilise and expend ever increasing amounts of energy from the environment in order to maintain human life, human social complexity and for all forms of human society to evolve.

Hegel was wrong (and so was Marx) in that what he and Marx defined as Class War as the principle that drives the dynamic dialectic of society, was in reality an ethnic struggle.

At the time Hegel wrote his book 'The Condition of the Working Class in England' the place he based the research on and, also the place which provided the theoretical basis of the principle of Dialectical Materialism, was Manchester.

In Manchester at that time ;

The Working Class were the descendants of the Celtic Irish and landless Anglo-Saxons.

The Middle Class were primarily Anglo-Saxon working for the same rich Norman families and aristocrats in factories owned by them and on land owned by them or in businesses owned by them.

The Upper Class were primarily Norman and those married into the Norman aristocracy. If the English are predominantly Keltic, it is likely the upper-middle and aristocratic classes of England are disproportionately Germanic.

The Anglo-Saxon overclass separated itself from the Kelts by an elaborate system of Apartheid. Subsequently, the Norman race, that other branch of the Germanic family, implemented a similar system in their subjugation of the English. The present British aristocracy is largely descended from these tribes of Germania from the Northmen (Normans) which were Scandanavian Vikings.

Therefore Class Struggle is in reality Ethnic Struggle.

The Class Struggle that Hegel defined was in reality the Norman aristocracy ( The Upper Class ) using the Anglo-Saxons ( Middle Class ) to rule the Celtic peoples (Working Class). Those Anglo-Saxons that became impoverished were also made serfs alongside the Celtic peoples, and amalgamated to form the Working Class of the Industrial Revolution.

Therefore the true statement is ' All hitherto history of all human societies is the struggle to secure energy in order to ensure individual and social survival and also the history of ethnic and racial struggle '

The Norman conquest of England in 1066 saw all land taken under the ownership of the monarchy. To this day the monarchy - in theory at least - owns all the land. The Normans changed the ownership of land with the King giving land as tribute to Norman lords and barons and depriving the Saxons. The Domesday book was the first audit of land. And the resulting system of feudalism exacted free labour, goods and produce and free military service to the land-owning classes for the rest of the middle ages.

The Diggers sought to challenge the ‘Norman Yoake’ and return the land to common people. As one Diggers’ pamphlet proclaimed ‘Seeing that the common people of England by joint consent of person and purse have caste out Charles our Norman oppressor, we have by this victory recovered ourselves from under this Norman yoake…and the land is to be held no longer from the use of them [the commoners]’ Their attempts to build communal farms were persecuted by local landowners and the Diggers were dispersed. The Diggers obtained nothing from the new Republic which eagerly sold off Church and Royalist land – the spoils of war – to its own loyal aristocrats. The redistribution of land was so enormous that Charles II under the Restoration could not undo the redefined status quo.

In the 1870s a political argument took place on the question of land ownership between the radical liberal John Bright and the conservative aristocrat Lord Derby. Bright had argued that very few – about 150 aristocrats - owned half of England and that this group used the Corn Laws to stop the importation of cheaper corn. For Bright this amounted to a subsidy to this class. Lord Derby -himself a very large landowner -claimed that land ownership was much more widespread and consequently Bright was wrong. The result was an enquiry into land ownership.

In 1872 the British Government published The Return of the Owners of Land, which is only the second audit of land to have taken place in British history, the other being the Domesday book in 1086. After 2 years of gathering all the information the returns found that 1 million people owned freeholds, about 5% of the population. The ten leading Dukes in the Kingdom owned over 100,000 acres each with the Duke of Sutherland owning 1,350,000 acres. The Duke of Northumberland owned 186,000 acres then and still owns 132,000 acres. Both sides claimed victory, and the land-owning class realised that they had given up too much information about their assets and wealth.

Since 1872 there has not been an audit of the land and the state effectively screen landowners from any enquiry into their activities, and their colossal wealth. The Royal Commission into the wealth of Britain set up by the Labour government just before Thatcher hoped to examine land ownership but found a paucity of information on the question. Thatcher abolished the commission on coming to power. None of the major political parties in the UK has any policy to redistribute land, with one exception; the Green Party.

This situation is indicative of the cosy relationship that those whose arses grace the seats in the Palaces of Westminster have with the land-owning elite. On the other hand the Green Party believes that: ‘Land, the primary source of all real wealth, is the common heritage. We acknowledge that land is held in trust by human society on behalf of other species and future generations, and that land should not be treated as a capital investment nor traded for speculative profit.’ One only hopes that Jonathan Porritt CBE; Charles Windsor’s environmental advisor inculcates this advice into the prince’s ear!

Wealth, Land and Power

Lord Derby declared in 1881: “The object which men aim at when they become possessed of land in the British Isles may, I think, be enumerated as follows. One political influence; two, social importance, founded in territorial possession, the most visible and unmistakable form of wealth; three power exercised over tenantry; the pleasure of managing, directing and improving the estate itself; four residential enjoyment, including what is called sport; five the money return – the rent”.

Derby’s point of view concerning land was not only indicative of the time, but certainly abounds amongst landowners today. The Land Reform Act (Scotland) of 2003 that gives Scots the right to roam and also the right for communities to purchase land that would benefit them. It caused strong reactions from the land-owning elite, with one of them commenting that ‘the only countries in the world left with this kind of thing are North Korea and Cuba’.

Over the centuries the land-owning class has created vast wealth for itself from its holdings. This wealth has been derived from agriculture, forestry, rents, mining and hunting and sport, and since the later part of the 20th century tourism.

They have always pursued their profitable goals against the common interest and at the expense of ordinary people. The Highland Clearances led to the displacement of 500,000 Highland peasants and crofters in the early part of the 19th century, being replaced by sheep.

Crofters were denied rights to seaweed, or access to summer pasture for their animals. Enclosure of England’s Commons and wasteland that began at the time of the Diggers was to last into middle of 19th century. Enclosure occurred at a greater rate in those counties where profits were larger, in particular for produce demanded for the ever-expanding urban industrial areas.

A system of racial segregation imposed by early Anglo-Saxon invaders in England may have massively boosted the breeding of the Germanic interlopers, much to the detriment of the native Celtic race, researchers claim in a new study.

Genetic analysis of men in modern-day central England shows that more than half of them possess a Y-chromosome that can be traced to a Germanic region – what is now Germany, Holland and Denmark.

Historians argue that fewer than 200,000 Anglo-Saxons invaded the population of about 2 million Celtic Britons during the 5th century. All things being equal, this number should account for just 10% of the gene pool being Anglo-Saxon.

Kosovo and Oil - Update

Note that the first nation to unilaterally recognise Kosovo was the US - and this was in order to ensure ALBANIA remains a puppet of the US Corporatocracy.

According to leaked comments to the press, European politicians now believe that the US used the bombing of Yugoslavia specifically in order to establish Camp Bondsteel. Before the start of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the Washington Post insisted, “With the Middle-East increasingly fragile, we will need bases and fly over rights in the Balkans to protect Caspian Sea oil.”

The scale of US oil corporations investment in the exploitation of Caspian oil
fields and the US government demand for the economy to be less dependent on imported oil, particularly from the Middle-East, demands a long term solution to the transportation of oil to European and US markets. The US Trade & Development Agency (TDA) has financed initial feasibility studies, with large grants, and more recently advanced technical studies for the New York based AMBO (Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria Oil) Trans-Balkan pipeline.

Announcing a grant for an advanced technical study in 1999 for the AMBO oil pipeline through Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, TDA director J. Joseph Grandmaison declared, “The competition is fierce to tap energy resources in the Caspian region....Over the last year [1999], TDA has been actively promoting the development of multiple pipelines to connect these vast resources with Western markets. This grant represents a significant step forward for this policy and for US business interests in the Caspian region.”

The $1.3 billion trans-Balkan AMBO pipeline is one of the most important of these multiple pipelines. It will pump oil from the tankers that bring it across the Black Sea to the Bulgarian oil terminus at Burgas, through Macedonia to the Albanian Adriatic port of Vlore. From there it will be pumped on to huge 300,000 ton tankers and sent on to Europe and the US, bypassing the Bosphorus Straits—the congested and only route out of the Black Sea where tankers are restricted to 150,000 tons.

The initial feasibility study for AMBO was conducted in 1995 by none other than Brown & Root, as was an updated feasibility study in 1999. In another twist, the former director of Oil & Gas Development for Europe and Africa for Brown & Root Energy Services, Ted Ferguson, was appointed as the new president of AMBO [1997] after the death of former president and founder of AMBO, Macedonian born Mr Vuko Tashkovikj.

According to a recent Reuters article, Ferguson declared that Exxon-Mobil and Chevron, two of the worlds largest oil corporations, are preparing to finance the AMBO project.

The building of AMBO risks antagonising Turkey, the US’s main ally in the region. According to the Reagan Information Interchange, “While the United States is making an advantageous economic decision, it is overlooking its crucial strategic relationship with Turkey.”

The US is also antagonising its European allies and Russia with Camp Bondsteel and other smaller military bases run alongside the proposed AMBO pipeline route. It has been built near the mouth of the Presevo valley and energy Corridor 8, which the European Union has sponsored since 1994 and regards as a strategic route east-west for global trade.

In April 1999, British General Michael Jackson, the commander in Macedonia during the NATO bombing of Serbia, explained to the Italian paper Sole 24 Ore “Today, the circumstances which we have created here have changed. Today, it is absolutely necessary to guarantee the stability of Macedonia and its entry into NATO. But we will certainly remain here a long time so that we can also guarantee the security of the energy corridors which traverse this country.”

The newspaper added, “It is clear that Jackson is referring to the 8th corridor, the East-West axis which ought to be combined to the pipeline bringing energy resources from Central Asia to terminals in the Black Sea and in the Adriatic, connecting Europe with Central Asia. That explains why the great and medium sized powers, and first of all Russia, don’t want to be excluded from the settling of scores that will take place over the next few months in the Balkans.”

On January 10, Swiss-based Manas Petroleum Corporation broke the news. Gustavson Associates LLC’s Resource Evaluation identified large prospects of oil and gas reserves in Albania, close to Kosovo. They are in areas called blocks A, B, C, D and E, encompassing about 780,000 acres along the northwest to southeast “trending (geological) fold belt of northwestern Albania.”

Assigned estimates of the find (so far unproved) are up to 2.987 billion barrels of oil and 3.014 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. However, because of their depth, oil deposits may be capped with a layer of gas. If so, Gustavson calculates the potential to be 1.4 billion barrels of light oil and up to 15 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Further, if only gas is present, the discovery may be as much as 28 trillion cubic feet. In any case, if estimates prove out, it’s a sizable find.

In its statement, Gustavson reported: “The probability of success for a wildcat well in a structurally complex area such as this is relatively high (because) it is in a structurally favorable area (and) proven hydrocarbon source and analogous production exists only 20 to 30 kilometers away.”

Currently, the Balkans region has small proved oil reserves of about 345 million barrels, of which an estimated 198 million barrels are in Albania. Proved natural gas reserves are much larger at around 2.7 trillion cubic feet.

In December 2007, Albania’s Council of Ministers allowed DWM Petroleum, AG, a Manas subsidiary, to assist in the exploration, development and production of Albania’s oil and gas reserves in conjunction with the government’s Agency of Natural Resources.

This development further underscores Kosovo’s importance and the cost that’s meant for Serbia. Since the 1999 US-led NATO war, it’s been all downhill for the nation, the region and its people:

–Kosovo is part of Serbia; at least it was; since 1999 it’s been a Washington-NATO occupied colony stripped of its sovereignty in violation of international law;

– it’s been run by three successive US-installed puppet Prime Ministers with known ties to organized crime and drugs trafficking;

– it’s the home of one of America’s largest military bases in the world, Camp Bondsteel; the province/country is more a US military base than a legitimate political entity;

– its part of Washington’s regional strategic objective to control and transport Central Asia’s vast oil and gas reserves to selected markets, primarily in the West;

– on February 17 during a special parliamentary session, Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence; the action violates international law; Kosovo is as much part of Serbia as Illinois is one of America’s 50 states; to no surprise, Washington and dominant western countries support it; opposed are Serbia, Russia, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus;

– might makes right; the issue is a fait accompli; the February 17 declaration ignores EU division pitting one-third of its 27 members in opposition; and

– unilateral western-supported independence mocks the 1999 UN Security Council Resolution 1244; it only permits Kosovo’s self-government as a Serbian province; the resolution recognizes the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia;” only a new UN resolution in compliance with international law can change that legally; nonetheless, it happened anyway on another historic day of infamy when Washington again trashed international law and the rules and norms of civil society.

Global Research Associate Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

During World War II, the Croatian nation fought side by side with Hitler’s Germany. The Serbian people, like the Jewish people, were slaughtered by the Croatian army and those who survived were placed in concentration camps. After the Fascists were defeated in World War II, Croatia became a republic of Yugoslavia.

In 1990, Franjo Tudjman became President of Croatia. During his reign he fired 300 women journalists and closed down any newspapers and television stations that offended him. His rule gave power to a small oligarchy. Yet despite his ultra-nationalism and his brutal purge of ethnic Serbs from Croatia, the US, under President Bill Clinton and his Balkan adviser, Richard Holbrook, supported Tudjman’s regime.

In early August 1995, the Croatian Army received support from the Pentagon and the CIA in planning and carrying out the attack on Croatia’s Krajina region and the expulsion of its 250,000 ethnic Serbs. Croatian soldiers had been trained at Fort Irwin, California, and additional training assistance came from a private company of mercenaries, the American Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI). The end result was US participation in an unprecedented act of ethnic cleansing, resulting in a quarter of a million Serbs fleeing from their homes.

In the early 1990’s, tension broke out in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In September 1992, in an attempt to prevent Bosnia–Herzegovina from sliding into war, several international peace plans were offered. The most reasonable proposal was the Carrington-Cutileiro plan, under which all districts in this area would be divided up among Bosnia’s Muslims, Serbs and Croats.

Initially, the plan was signed by all three sides, but it was never implemented because Alya Izebegavic, Bosnia’s Muslim leader, withdrew his signature from the agreement after Washington promised to recognize Bosnia as an independent country.

In 1991, Croatia and Slovenia declared their independence from Yugoslavia. They had been encouraged to do so by Germany, which hoped to reestablish traditional German influence in the Balkans. The United States then joined Germany in supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), promising military and political assistance to the ethnic Albanian separatist organization in its quest for an independent Kosovo and, ultimately, a greater Albania.

In 1998, Richard Holbrooke, representing the Clinton Administration, came to Kosovo and appeared in public ceremonies with the KLA, sending a clear signal that the US was backing them. Exploiting the tensions between the KLA and the Serbs in Kosovo, the US used staged ethnic protests and conflicts to justify military intervention. In March 1999, in Rambouille, France, the United States demanded that Yugoslavia accept NATO occupation of Kosovo and the expulsion of all Yugoslav forces. Milosevic refused, and the United States used this as a pretext for war.

On March 27th, 1999, the Clinton administration initiated heavy bombing of Yugoslavia. These attacks on a sovereign country were never approved by the United Nations or the US Congress, violating both international law and the War Powers Act.

The US and NATO had advanced plans to bomb Yugoslavia before 1999, and many European political leaders now believe that the US deliberately used the bombing of Yugoslavia to establish camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.. According to Colonel Robert L. McCure, “Engineering planning for operations in Kosovo began months before the first bomb was dropped.” (1)

In June 1999, in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of Yugoslavia, US forces seized 1,000 acres of farm land in southeast Kosovo at Uresevia, near the Macedonia border, and began the construction of a camp. (2) Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, currently provides all of the services to the camp. This same company receives $180 million per year to build military facilities in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, and several other countries. Presently, the Bondsteel template is being supported in Georgia and Azerbaijan. According to Chalmers Johnson, author of “America’s Empire of Bases,” the US has about 1000 bases around the world. “Once upon a time, you could trace the spread of imperialism by counting up colonies,” says Johnson. “America’s version of the colony is the military base.” (3) Kosovo is an American colony.

The main purpose for the Bondsteel military base is to provide security for the construction of the Albanian-Macedonian-Bulgarian oil pipeline (AMBO). The AMBO trans-Balkan pipeline will link up with the corridors between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea basin, which holds close to 50 billion barrels of oil.

Hashim Thaci, Kosovo’s current Prime Minister, was formerly the political head of the KLA. The KLA is widely regarded as a terrorist organization and is supported in large part by drug dealing and human trafficking, making particular use of Eastern European women. The US had begun training KLA forces well in advance of the bombing of Yugoslavia.

Presently, Camp Bondsteel houses about 1000 US military troops along with more than 7,000 local Albanian personnel. It is no coincidence that the escalating US presence at Bondsteel was accompanied by increased military activity by the KLA. Since the appearance of this massive base, more Serbs, Roma and Albanians opposed to the KLA have been murdered or driven out of Kosovo.

It is quite clear today that the United States and NATO had advance plans to bomb Yugoslavia long before the ethnic conflicts emerged there. The Kosovo Liberation Army and NATO were determined to foment violence, and no concessions by President Slobodan Milosevic would have prevented the bombing. Building Camp Bondsteel was the US mission, and, by whatever means necessary, it would be built to ensure the completion of a pipeline to the Caspian Sea.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

RMT adopt IRA tactics

Image - This is not Buster Bloodvessel, this is 'Fat' Bob Crow.

I have been sent an interesting e mail that reveals the RMT union, led by the retarded Marxist thug Bob Crow, a man who is nothing more than Special Brew Bolshevik and trade union left wing gangster with a gold union credit card, is planning to transform the RMT from a trade union to an illegal para-military organisation dedicated to using violence to 'physically' confront the BNP.

One would have thought the members of the RMT would prefer their leaders to spend more time representing their interests than the interests of the last relics of international socialism.

The RMT is run by a clique of political dinosaurs around their own little tin pot Stalin, Comrade Bob. It is in many ways the last dustbin of British Communism, the recycling bin for all those Trotsykites, old Communists and students that have survived the fall of the Berlin Wall. The RMT and GLA should be declared as living monuments, the final bastions of Communism set amidst the capitalist triumph.

If this resolution is passed then the RMT are about to self designate themselves as a terrorist group.

Does this mean the RMT will adopt the tactics of the IRA and use terror on British streets to support their political ends.

Draft motions to RMT AGM 2008
> Submitted on 17 February, 2008 - 21:17 Rail unions

We therefore believe that to effectively oppose the
> BNP, trade unionists need to:
> 1. Organise against the fascists, politically,
> ideologically, and - where necessary - physically.
> 2. Support self-defence by those communities targeted
> by the fascists.
> Now what does the word PHYSICALLY means?

> It seems to me it's an invitation to assault BNP
> activists and so there is a case to complain to the
> Police.

> Also the world SELF DEFENCE is ambiguous.

JFK hidden files found

An interesting story on the Keneddy assassination in The Guardian.

The report of the Warren Commission of the JFK case had more holes in it than the New Labour Dodgy Dossier.

As far as I can ascertain it appears that Oswald was probably a patsy who was set up by his fellow plotters, the mafia and FBI.

The question is was Oswald an undercover US military intelligence officer (which his record suggests he was) working undercover for the FBI who was then set up by the FBI and Mafia to take the blame for the attack.

It appears that Oswald was sent by the FBI as a patsy to die and be blamed for the attack.

Seeing as J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI was being blackmailed by the mafia with pictures of him and his gay lover, then it appears that Hoover must have also sanctioned the attack.


A transcript claiming to detail Lee Harvey Oswald's plot to assassinate President John F Kennedy has been discovered in an old courtroom safe.

The record – described as reading like a conspiracy theorist's dream - appears to minute talks between Oswald and Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald after Kennedy's assassination.

Today, the Dallas County district attorney's office said other documents found included letters from former district attorney Henry Wade, the prosecuting lawyer in Ruby's trial.

But the apparent record of the conversation between Oswald and Ruby was probably fake, said the district attorney, Craig Watkins, and was instead likely to be long-forgotten material for a proposed film.

Oswald says in the transcript: "I can still do it, all I need is my rifle and a tall building; but it will take time, maybe six months to find the right place; but I'll have to have some money to live on while I do the planning."

The Dallas Morning News reported the transcript and other material were found in a safe on the 10th floor of the county courthouse.

The memorabilia – the rest of which was believed to be genuine – also included letters from Wade to Ruby, a gun holster and clothing that probably belonged to Ruby and Oswald, Watkins said.

The transcript suggests Ruby and Oswald met at Ruby's nightclub on October 4 1963, less than two months before the assassination on November 22 that year.

In it, they talked of killing the president because the mafia wanted to "get rid" of his brother, the then attorney general, Robert Kennedy.

Today, Gary Mack, the curator of the Sixth Floor Museum, which chronicles Kennedy's life, said he doubted the transcript was genuine.

He added it was well documented Oswald was in Irving, Texas, on the evening of October 4, and therefore could not have been in Ruby's nightclub.

"The fact that it's sitting in Henry Wade's file, and he didn't do anything, indicates he thought it wasn't worth anything," Mack said. "He probably kept it because it was funny. It's hilarious. It's like a bad B movie."

Terri Moore, an assistant to Watkins, today said she believed the transcript was part of a movie Wade was working on with producers.

The former prosecutor had discussed making the film, Countdown in Dallas, in letters found in the safe. "It's not real. Crooks don't talk like that," Moore said.

Watkins said the items were still being processed and would eventually be made available to the public.

The purported Oswald-Ruby conversation took place on Oct. 4, 1963, at Ruby's Carousel Club on Commerce Street. It reads like every conspiracy theorist's dream of a smoking gun that ties the men to a plot to kill Kennedy.

Part of the two-page transcript reads:

Lee: You said the boys in Chicago want to get rid of the Attorney General.

Ruby: Yes, but it can't be done ... it would get the Feds into everything.

Lee: There is a way to get rid of him without killing him.

Ruby: How's that?

Lee: I can shoot his brother.


Ruby: But that wouldn't be patriotic.

Lee: What's the difference between shooting the Governor and in shooting the President?

Ruby: It would get the FBI into it.

Lee: I can still do it, all I need is my rifle and a tall building; but it will take time, maybe six months to find the right place; but I'll have to have some money to live on while I do the planning."

Later, Ruby warns Oswald that the mafia will ask Ruby to kill him if he's caught.

The district attorney's office discovered about a dozen boxes of materials in a courthouse safe that included items and documents from the Jack Ruby trial. Ruby was convicted of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, but the verdict was overturned. He died before a second trial occurred.

Many of the records, including interrogations with Ruby, his family and witnesses, are undated, and it's unclear which agency or people conducted the interviews. Other documents are signed and dated. A sampling of what was found:

• Transcripts of interviews with prospective jurors.

• Notes to District Attorney Henry Wade about prospective jurors from people, possibly in the DA's office, who knew them. One note mentioned that someone was Catholic. Others said a person had mental problems or was likely not to consider harsh punishment.

• Letters that show Mr. Wade was working on a movie deal for a documentary-type film to be titled Countdown in Dallas.

• A typed, undated, unsigned memo from the DA's office with Mr. Wade's name on the letterhead that says Ruby said he planned to kill Oswald because he did not want President Kennedy's widow to have to testify at his trial. Mr. Ruby also said, according to the memo, that there were no conspirators in his plan. The memo says in an interview that appears to have taken place after the trial that Ruby "said there was absolutely no blackout, that he had premeditation with the intent to kill Oswald if he was there."

• Typed notes from an interview with Ruby before the trial where Ruby said he did not recall anything after walking down the ramp into the area where he shot Oswald.

• A document that says that during an interview Nov. 24, 1963, in Dallas police Capt. Will Fritz's office, Mr. Ruby said he "felt Oswald was a Red" and he "felt Oswald was alone in the assassination."

• The files also contain hundreds of pages of copied letters and cards sent to Ruby before and during his trial. Some letters and cards sympathize with Ruby. At least two women – one from Philadelphia and another from Plainfield, Ind. – sent Ruby checks for $2. Others sent Valentine's Day cards, and at least one sent a St. Patrick's Day card.

• Other letters lash out at Ruby. One handwritten, unsigned note apparently sent to him says: "You expect a fair trial. So did Mr. Oswald. It would not be a happy situation if the assassin of the assassin were himself assassinated." Others are addressed "Dear Killer" and called Ruby a "Commie Jew." One man typed a letter using red ink because he said the black ribbon was out.

Monday 18 February 2008

French Riots Update

Do you remember the French Riots that occur on a regular basis but that are described by the media as simply the products of 'youths' (and not organised pogroms by Islamist youth and criminal gangs to drive the police out of Muslim areas and create Sharia Zones under the control of the Jihadists in our cities).

According to the media these riot were spontaneous and unorganised outbreaks of rage by poor, unemployed and racially oppressed youths.

Today the French police undertook raids against the 'ringleaders' of the riots.

The fact that the French police are targeting 'ringleaders' suggests that the British media were talking a load of old bollocks about the riots and who the rioters were. Ringleaders suggest organisation and purpose.

Secondly I would suggest that French citizens park their cars indoors and prepare for the wave of riots that will begin again tonight.

The riots in Denmark, France, Oldham, Bradford and all across Europe over recent years were Islamist probing attacks to see how the police operate during riots, to test how weak the resolve of our politicans are to smash the riots and rioters to a bloody pulp, and to train cadres of Jihadists for future attacks against our nation states.

If the Oldham riots ever happened again in this country and the BNP government were running the country I would suggest the following response ;

1) Deploy the army if the police cannot contain the violence

2) Autorise the police to use use tear gas and rubber bullets to get the rioters off the streets, and if that failed authorise deadly force to be used by the Army against the rioters in the event of danger to civilian, police or army lives.

3) Rescind the citizenship status and deport all those arrested in the riots or imprison them and use them for forced labour on our planned national Green Energy Infrastructure building projects.

The real reason Northern Rock was nationalised

The real reason Northern Rock was nationalised was simply to ensure that the impoverished workers of the UK who cannot afford 'affordable' mortgages due to the rise in house prices are able to be offered mortgages of up 5 times their income.

This is being done in order to ensure that British workers can still suffer from the delusion that they 'own' their own houses, even though the mortgages are unpayable and impoverish them.

The moment that working families realise that they are priced out of owning their own homes in their own country due to the endless flood of immigrants coming into the country, then they will not vote Labour.

The nationalisation of the rock is to shore up the Labout vote at the next election, and that a bank still operates to loan workers money they cannot repay so as to sell them illusion that they still own a stake in their own country.

Our families are now foregoing children in order to own their own houses.

Those low paid families that work full time and still cannot afford to buy their own home are no longer British, as they are denied ever having the chance to own a stake in their own country which is supposedly their home.

Whilst immigrants and asylum seekers take up all the private rental stock and council housing stock, we are unable to afford to buy a home in our own country.

We are getting shafted.

The only solution for the government in order to not alienate the enire working Working Class is to own a bank that still supplies them with state subsidised mortgages and thereby ensures they remain childless wage slaves for the rest of their lives, shackled by debt and buying the plastic consumer rubbish imported into the country from China.

Nationalisation of Northern Rock should be declared as an election expense.

Kosovo and Oil

The creation of the state of Kosovo is going to destabilise the whole of Europe. A Muslim puppet state of the US carved from Christian Serbia with Islamist terrorism and NATO bombing whose very existence is a declaration of war against all sovereign European nations.

The vote in the Kosovan puppet 'parliament' of the UN and US to declare independence was boycotted by all six non-Muslim MP's, whilst 109 of the Muslim MP's all voted for independence.

We all remember the speeech by General Wesley Clark during the bombing of Serbia that "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th-century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multiethnic states.”

It appears that whilst Christian nations must bend over backwards to accomodate and appease every Muslim demand, when it comes to Muslim nations like Kosovo taking any notice or having any consideration for THEIR minorities ( such as Christians) then the Wesley Clark rule is forgotten.

It appears that Muslim only nations run by terrorists and gangsters that ignore, murder and repress their non-Muslim minorities is fine, as long as they are not designated by morons like Clark as 'ethnically pure states'.

It appears that pure Islamic states are fine in Europe, but not nations run by their people for their people.

The KLA were a product of the CIA, funded by the US and trained by British special forces. They were funded from heroin sold in Europe and armed by the CIA.

Albania is also a key point of transit of the Balkans drug route which supplies Western Europe with grade four heroin. 75% of the heroin entering Western Europe is from Turkey. And a large part of drug shipments originating in Turkey transits through the Balkans. According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), "it is estimated that 4-6 metric tons of heroin leave each month from Turkey having [through the Balkans] as destination Western Europe."

An intelligence report by Germany's Federal Criminal Agency suggests that: "Ethnic Albanians are now the most prominent group in the distribution of heroin in Western consumer countries."

The war against Serbia was an illegal war and the governments that ordered the NATO air strikes on Serbia guilty of war crimes.

The end result of the attack on Serbia for the UK has been an influx of gangsters, arms smugglers, sex slave gangs and cheap Afghan heroin imported into Britain via the Albanian crime gangs that flocked to the UK under the pretext of being ‘asylum seekers‘.

The two dark streams that drown the world in misery, oil and heroin, both flow through Albania into Europe.

I bet many people are still asking them the questions ' what the hell were we doing bombing Serbia - well the answer as always is oil.

The UN-sanctioned war in the Balkans was all about oil and the pipeline easement for Caspian Sea oil to Western European markets through Kosovo to the Mediterranean Sea. When Yugoslavia refused to play ball with the International Monetary Fund, the U.S. and Germany began a systematic campaign of destabilization, even using some of the veterans of Afghanistan in that "war." Yugoslavia was broken up into compliant statelets, and the former Soviet Union was contained. The outcome: the de facto U.S. occupation of Kosovo--where America built its largest military base since the Vietnam War.

The Caspian Sea area has proven oil reserves of fifteen to twenty-eight billion barrels plus estimated reserves of 40-178 billion, a total of 206 billion barrels--16 percent of the earth's potential oil reserves (compared to Saudi's 261 billion barrels of oil and America's own 22 billion barrels). Even at today's low prices, that could add up to $3 trillion in oil. With the Saudi regime tottering--an aging king about to die, widespread internal corruption creating calls for revolutionary overthrow--and a new source of oil and gas in the Caucasus, the Standard Oil suzerainty is looking to create a new regime in Saudi Arabia and develop a new center of operations in Southern Asia.

The huge oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea must either be moved west to European markets or south to Asian markets. The western route is to move oil from Chechnya, across the Black Sea and through the Bosporus to the Mediterranean, but the narrow Bosporus channel is already clogged with oil tankers from the Black Sea oilfields. An alternate route would be to move the tankers from the Black Sea, bypassing the Bosporus, up the Danube River and then through a very short pipeline across Kosovo to the Mediterranean at Tirana, Albania.

Kosovo is the Frankensteins monster of Europe, a monstrous creation that from the moment we begsn bombing Serbia has attacked Europe - with its gangsters, drug importers and slave traders.

One day the monster will unleash its Islamist terrorists into Europe in order to assist the Jihad.

A base for Islam has been built by the Corporatocracy, a dagger at the heart of Europe.

One day justice will come for Serbia, and Europe will bear the burdens of its treachery and shame.

Thursday 14 February 2008

The Green Revolution

The philosophy of Environmental Nationalism is ‘Living With Nature‘, and not as at present under the existing political and economic systems, ’living off nature’.

The former is based on sustainability, whilst the latter is predicated on exploitation.

The former is a based on the model of a Sustainable Economy and social development within an national environmental context.

We must commence the Green Revolution.

Contemporary forms of political and economic forms such as International Communism as a Command Economy and Global Capitalism as a Demand Economy, have almost destroyed the global eco-sphere.

Both Global Capitalism and International Communism saw the environment simply as an aspect of economic development, and not as the very basis of life itself.

Destroy the national environment and you destroy both the nation and the people.

Both Global Capitalism and International Communism sanctioned the exploitation and abuse of the global and national environments and rejected the concept of sustainable development.

The ends justified the means mentality, that dominated both the utopian pursuits of profit and proletariat, regarded Nature simply as an utilitarian abstract of no value other than as an economic issue or an ideological issue.

This has led to massive industrial pollution of the planet, thousands of carcinogenic industrial toxins poisoning our blood, the rainforest devastated, the oceans plundered and poisoned, entire species of animals gone extinct and accelerating rates of climate change.

In order to achieve the goals of the Green Revolution, which is national sustainable societies, this requires we organise our national community and national economy in a way radically different to now.

Primarily though it requires communities composed of individuals motivated by the ideals of Environmental Nationalism to create those communities that will give form to the Green Revolution.

The aim of The Green Revolution is democratic de-centralisation.

Power must be devolved to individuals and communities.

Everything from energy production, food production, recycling and all forms of work must be re-localised.

Their must be ;

1) Community Farms that produce food for the local markets

2) Local Markets that supply local schools, hospitals and factories with food

3) Local energy production facilities that can power local communities and also put excess back into the national grid

4) The 100 % Independent Energy Economy - the aim of the policy is to create a mixed independent national energy production economy that supplies all our total energy needs, with the aim to create an integrated 100 % renewable energy system.

5) The concept of GDP in economics must be replaced by the concept of EDP ( Energy Domestically Produced) which is an international energy trading system that allows nation states to trade energy. A nation which is able to supply its own internal energy needs from renewable sources is the nation that will dominate the 21st century. Clean energy technologies and renewable energy production systems will be the technologies of the future that will create a New Industrial Revolution. The nation that creates these new energy systems and supplies them to the rest of the world will not only save Mankind and the planet, but will also be the global economic power house of the future.

The economics of oil are about to be replaced with the Economics of Energy when Peak Oil hits.

The Oil Age will lead to the Eco-Conflict Age unless we create new technologies capable of sustaining future energy needs and to ensure nation states do not go to war to get the resources they require to keep their populations under control after Peak Oil.

The role of the State during the Green Revolution is to lay down the national infra-structure framework required in order to devolve power back to local communities and to ensure sustainable social development and at the same time ensure future national security requirements are met.

The State at the level of National Security must assume more national powers and therefore by necessity must repatriate all those powers that are required for this from all supra-national institutions which have been delegated or devolved those powers by previous British governments.

The State must ensure National Security in the following areas ;

1) Terrorism

2) Immigration

3) Invasion

4) Disease

5) War

6) Eco-Conflicts

7) Economics

8) Agricultural Production

9) health and Welfare

10) Energy Security

11) Border Control

Whilst power must be devolved back to the people and communities, the government must also repatriate all those powers it requires in order to ensure our national security interests are protected.

This means the Liberal Consensus and its parasitic spawn, The Servile State, must be swept away into the dustbin of history.

So also must the concept of the New World Order and its succubus of International Consumerism which is called Globalism.

The rise of Environmental Nationalism is like the coming of a New Dawn. It is a vision that could benefit both Nature and all mankind, as it is truly universal in scope and design and by sheer necessity.

It is the simple vision of a more beautiful future for all mankind - a future of clean blue skies, unspoilt oceans, clean energy and pollution free cities, a world where Man lives in harmony with Nature.

A world where Men regulate their reproduction with as much regard for nature as they regulate their daily lives, a place where future generations of children will experience the simple pleasure of drawing in deep cool breaths of clean air instead of toxic traffic fumes, a place where poets still find their muse in the form of tigers burning bright in the forests of the night, where whales still sing in the deep seas and a world where ancient forests, coral reefs and snow clad mountains still inspire us with their majestic and wild beauty.

A world where the eye of lonely wanderers may still be enchanted by the sight of eagles soaring in the distant sky, where our hearing is haunted once more by the howl of the wolf in the wild woods nearby as they hunt red deer, and where beavers splash in crystal clear lakes filled with salmon. A place where bird song fills the room when we first we wake up and where alongside tree lined city streets are parks filled with fruit orchards for all to come and pick and eat for free.

Britain can be a cleaner, greener high technology and far freer society.

Imagine a Britain connected by brand new high speed railway networks and tram systems which are low cost and ultra-efficient. Most goods are transported on the railways , trams and canals instead of on the roads. Cars are low pollution and powered by hybrid engines, and the roads far less busy. Local farms produce local foods that are then sold in local markets to local people. All children have free meals at school including a breakfast and lunch and evening meal. Those who leave school at 18 will do National Service for a year either on the land as agricultural and harvest workers, in the military, in hospitals as hygiene orderlies responsible for cleaning hospitals or as carers in old peoples homes.

People work locally in newly opened factories and businesses, renewable energy plants and community farms. Workers will return to the land and villages and we will ensure priority for local homes are given back to local families. Local schools will teach the children our local customs and traditions and local hospitals will take care of the sick. Workers are able to work from home due to advanced internet computer networks and government taxation encourages home working. Domestic production of most-commodities employs local people instead of employing workers in China and India whilst profiting the directors of private equity firms based in the United States. Farmers have a guaranteed home market for their products whilst the government ensures strict animal welfare, land use and land pollution controls. Intensive agriculture and factory farming is replaced with Integrated Farming, which is the best of sustainable farming techniques combined with high technology farming, products and tools.

Our control over our oceans is reaffirmed and we ensure that both our national fish stocks are protected from foreign exploitation and also over fishing.

The British army and navy guard the docks, ports and airports of the country instead of patrolling the streets of Iraq and hills of Afghanistan and a new National Border Police Force check all imports into the country on boats, trains, cars and planes rigorously ensuring they comply with the strict environmental import rules as regards foreign imports and also to ensure no illegal entrants enter the country.

Millions of illegal immigrants, illegal entrants, foreign criminals, bogus asylum seekers, economic migrants, ex-asylum seekers and visa overstayers present in the country will be deported by the Citizenship Courts we to set up who will adjudicate on the claims of those who assert they have a right to stay in the country.

The National Border Police Force will also take charge of a national population audit to ensure national security. New national insurance numbers and passports will be issued to all legal citizens whilst all those who are nor legal citizens will be denied all access to benefits. It will become a severe criminal offence to employ illegal immigrants or to assist in illegal entrants evading the law.

Low Risk Prisoners will be expected to work for their keep, and this will include labour on the new national infrastructure projects. They will be electronically tagged and housed in mobile facilities to assist in the building of new railways, canals, infrastructure projects etc. They will be paid for their work which will be used to assist them in their rehabilitation and they will also trained on the job to learn new skills to help them back into employment when they leave prison. Those that refuse to comply will suffer corporal punishment and harsh conditions including forced unpaid labour.

The death sentence will be applied for capital crimes and also will be applied retrospectively for all those convicted criminals such as Ian Huntley, Sidney Cooke and Peter Sutcliffe who can never leave prison for the protection of society, and also for all convicted Islamist terrorists and their supporters and funders. This will free up prison space and save money.

The Empire of the European Union must be democratically deconstructed from within, and in its stead a Europe of Nations, Europa, constructed that allows the nations of Europe to work alongside each other in defence of European culture, civilisation and security.

We are not hostage to the Liberal Consensus and reject entirely its bogus sentimentality for the criminal and the degenerate.

We are not afraid to punish the guilty and protect the victims. We are not afraid to coerce the reluctant and the profiteers, the apathetic and the corrupt if they refuse to do what is required to save our nation.

The sick, sentimental delusions of the liberal conscience have caused a social disaster in our country.

This disaster can only be fixed by actively fighting back against the delusions that spawned it.

We must reject all the lies of the Liberal Consensus and place the interests of the Natural Order first at times.

The Land and the People are one.