Saturday 28 February 2009

Unbound Giants

Unbound Giants.

Batten down the hatches, the storm is here,
Nail wooden planks upon the windows,
Raise your cross before the dragons wrath,
The shadow of nemesis descends, Liberty Breaker,
Is her kenning, whirlwind in her battle armour,
Bone Grinder girds herself for war, arrows notched,
Draws her deadly bow of breath, exhales death,
As a black serpent twisting, strikes the earth.

Seek subterranean storm cellar sanctuaries,
Run from the beast before she bares her teeth,
And flee the fields where her wild winds rage,
As seeds seek safety in simple cells of soil,
Hide deep within fortifications of natural earth,
Secure the safety of your folk and nation,
Heed the signs, a sunless sky suckles famine,
As a wolf wind blows the frost giants free,
From the fiery shackles of their captivity.

Furtive at first, a hazy stain of thrusting sky,
A tremulous hush that far rumbling greets,
Distant in the ambush of its first awakening,
Are the signs of her presence approaching,
Then immense she rises, pregnant with hate,
A black ravening beast, which in hunger writhes,
Her twisting, glistening, wet black maw,
Sucking breath from the lips of her lovers,
Clouds that are drawn into her dripping death.

She seeks the succour of chaos and destruction,
Sloughing small towns of homes and farms,
Raises her head from the bloody trough,
That her fury has wrought upon the morning,
As the serpent rattles of her sinuous skirts,
Swirling and shimmering shoals of rain,
Pummelling, punching and gouging the ground,
As whiplash cracks of lightning, sleet and hail,
Lacerates the land with wounds of white.

As wet torn tissue scraps, the winds peel back,
The roof from a farmhouse, trees from a forest,
Trailers from a trailer park, cars from the road,
Until all are debris in the one unblinking eye,
Of Liberty Breaker in all her glory revealed,
Her darkness crowns the day, as a raven flies,
Towards the white towers of sky borne Asgard,
To warn the gods that Ragnarok is now at hand.

Surt in his ebonite armour so commands,
From his fortress of fire in the dusty East,
Black legions be unleashed upon the world,
So the ancient enmity comes back to life,
Slick upon waves of sewage, Nagilfar sails,
Its belly bloated with death and disease,
Towards the sacred islands of the North,
As frost giants stalk the world for all time,
Until the fall of Odin and the doom of men.

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Is Obama Gay ?

Any male over the age of 40 who has no natural growth of chest hair is gay.

Any male over the age of 40 who shaves their chest is also gay.

I know this is just a theory with no actual scientific evidence to back it up, but according to this theory as President Obama is over 40 and has a hairless chest = he is gay or at some time in his past he has been a proper gayer.

It's the story every American needs to read! Barack Obama is hiding eight shocking secrets that could destroy his presidency before it even gets off the ground, political insiders say. In a blockbuster Special Report, insiders rip the lid off the scandals about where Obama was REALLY born, his sex life, drug abuse and the mysterious past he's hiding from the world. The new President has artfully dodged some of the most serious questions ever posed to a Commander-in-Chief. But top political leaders are demanding answers NOW - and the mounting pressure could trigger a firestorm that will bring down his administration. Don't miss a single word - only in GLOBE!

More here ;

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Apocalypse Now

The southwestern United States is moving headlong toward an environmental catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions.

The already drought-prone region is almost entirely dependent on a shrinking snowpack and sparse rain in the Colorado River Basin. As the planet’s climate changes, an already overtaxed and volatile water supply is expected to get even more unstable.

“A lot of people say that in global warming there will be winners and losers. In the Southwest, we’ll be in the losers’ category,” University of Arizona climatologist Jonathan Overpeck said at a symposium on global warming’s effect on the Southwest.

Overpeck discussed the latest scientific consensus on climate change at the Feb. 19 symposium, hosted by the Urban Land Institute at the Palms.

He was joined by Southern Nevada Water Authority General Manager Pat Mulroy, who discussed what can be done on a local, national and international scale to head off disaster.

The problem of climate change in the Southwest is fairly complex, but can be summed up in one word: water.

The Southwest is the most persistent hot spot on the globe and has a history of severe drought.

As a region, we depend almost entirely on the Colorado River Basin for our water, and all climate change projections estimate that the basin will be among the most heavily hit by drought as the world warms. Most projections say the region will warm by about 7 degrees by 2050 and 10 degrees by the end of the century.

There is a 10 percent chance the warming in this region could be double that — about 20 degrees warmer by 2100.

At the same time, the region will experience its typical drought pattern. That means it will be hotter and dryer from the mountaintops to the valley floors and we’ll have a lot less water available to deal with it.

The most up-to-date climate models available show that if humans reduce carbon emissions significantly starting now, water flow in the Colorado River Basin will be reduced by 5 percent to 40 percent over the next few decades.

If we do nothing, it will be worse, Overpeck said.

“We’ve had low rain and low snow for many years; there’s no doubt we’re already in a drought,” he said. “The thing is, with climate change, we may never come out of the drought.”

The global scientific community agrees that climate change is occurring and is caused by the activities of humans, mostly from deforestation and growing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We need to adapt to drought and climate change because whether we cause it through global warming or Mother Nature causes it or both, we’re still going to suffer,” Overpeck said.

Much of the responsibility for reversing the emission trend falls on Americans, who create about 25 percent of the carbon being spewed into the atmosphere each year.

“The United States is a voracious consumer of natural resources,” Mulroy said. “Those days are over. We can’t afford to use natural resources at the rate we’re currently using them.”

Much also must be done to halt growing production of polluting fossil fuel-fired power plants in China and India and to fund retrofits or replacement of polluting power plants in poorer nations around the world.

That change has to start at home, Mulroy stressed.

“We need to be part of the solution,” she said. “We can’t be in the eye of the storm and not look at our carbon footprint and energy sources.”

To start, she suggests massive regionwide management and conservation of water resources. This includes regulation of the agriculture industry, indicating what crops can be grown in drought-prone areas, decreases in water consumption by residents and industry, widespread wastewater recycling and more efficient management of snowmelt and rainfall through underground catchment basins.

She also said it’s essential to tap into alternative water sources for urban areas such as Las Vegas.

“The most daunting thing is adaptation, and adaptation has to happen at all levels from large institutional changes to individual behavioral levels,” Mulroy said.

That includes urban and suburban developers.

Mulroy said tomorrow’s neighborhoods need to be more condensed, more sustainable and more community oriented. That means smaller or no yards and no more brick walls, but shared recreation areas are necessary.

Not only would such a design be more efficient, it would also help rebuild a sense of community in places such as Las Vegas.

“We’ve built a community of people who share borders — that’s it,” she said.

She also urged Nevada builders and architects to put pressure on the Green Building Counsel to take a more regional approach to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications.

Specifically, she wants to see the end of LEED points for gray-water systems in Las Vegas to be replaced by points for sending the water down the drain, where 100 percent of it is recycled and sent back to Lake Mead.

This could encourage other municipalities to recycle wastewater as well.

“Gray-water systems won’t generate a single drop of new water,” she said. “You’re simply replacing a municipal water recycling program with an individual water recycling program.”

The region also needs to take advantage of the opportunity to turn renewable resources into electricity, both speakers


If fossil fuel-fired power plants were reduced and renewable energy were dedicated to charging electric cars, the country could significantly reduce its carbon footprint and slow climate change.

The key is to start working on these solutions now, Mulroy and Overpeck said.

“The Southwest needs a plan to adapt,” Overpeck said. “The longer we wait, the worse it will be and for a very long time.”


Future is 'bleak' warns Joschka Fischer

Joschka Fischer, the former German vice-chancellor, has issued a bleak assessment of Europe's prospects for surviving the financial crisis, warning that leaders of a "self-weakening" continent are failing to come to grips with its decline.

By Michael Levitin in Berlin
Last Updated: 7:09AM GMT 26 Feb 2009

Former German vice-chancellor Joschka Fischer Photo: PHILIP HOLLIS
"Modern capitalism is based on a global ponzi scheme," he said. "There is no quick fix to this very severe crisis. It will transform global reality in a similar way as the collapse of the Soviet Union transformed the global system 20 years ago."

Global power was shifting from West to East, "and it's completely short-sighted to believe that other powers will look after our interests", Mr Fischer said in a speech to the London School of Economics.

"We are ignoring the basic facts – we're discussing whether we are creating super-states or not, whether to help Berlusconi or not – but we don't discuss our relative decline."

The result, he predicted, would be an acceleration of the transfer of power from West to East – something that did not bode well for an inward-looking Europe.

"If you walk through the corridors of Washington these days, everyone's talking about China. Add India, Indonesia and Southeast Asia," he said. "It was not by chance that Hillary Clinton made her first foreign trip to Asia."

As Eastern EU economies crumbled, "there is a serious question mark: whether richer European economies understand that they must contribute to the refinancing of those economies. Otherwise, enlargement is in danger... [and] we will invite other powers to play games in a very unstable and insecure situation. I'm not talking just about the economy, but about peace and insecurity on the European continent."

Mr Fischer, 60, who was foreign minister and vice-chancellor under Gerhard Schröder, the former chancellor, from 1998 to 2005, added: "Europe is in a very precarious situation because we are strongly integrated with the common market and the euro zone. On the other hand, Europe is not integrated enough to act decisively. We don't have streamlined institutions. We don't have a strong common foreign policy or security policy."

He said Europe was weak in dealing with Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and crises in the Middle East.

Europe would become irrelevant – and vulnerable – if it kept failing to speak with a united voice, beginning with the creation of "a strong European pillar for Nato".

"America will follow its interests and the question will be simple: can you deliver? [If yes], then trans-atlanticism will have a future. If Europe cannot deliver in time, and deliver enough, then I predict huge problems."


John Kinsman: Nation's food system nearly broke
John Kinsman — 2/26/2009 12:30 pm

As our government enacts a stimulus package and President Barack Obama announces bold initiatives to stem home mortgage foreclosures, disaster threatens family farmers and their communities.

The government's response to plummeting commodity prices and tightening credit markets leads to the basic question: Who will produce our food? This is a worldwide crisis. U.S. policy and the demand for deregulation at all levels -- from food production to financial markets -- contribute greatly to the global collapse. The solution must be grounded in food sovereignty so that all farmers and their communities can regain control over their food supply. This response makes sense here in Wisconsin and was the global message from the 500+ farmer leaders at the Via Campesina conference in Mozambique in October.

Many U.S. farmers are going out of business because they receive prices equal to about one half their cost to produce our food. How long could any enterprise receiving half the amount of its input costs stay in business? As an example, dairy farmers in the Northeast and Midwest must be paid between 30 and 35 cents per pound for their milk to pay production costs and provide basic living expenses. Until 1980, farmers received a price equal to 80 percent of parity, meaning that farmers' purchasing power kept up with the rest of the economy. Unfortunately, a 1981 political decision discontinued parity, and today the dairy farmers' share is below 40 percent.

"Free trade" and other regressive agricultural policies have decimated farms. We are now a food deficit nation dependent on food imports, often of questionable quality.

Our food system is nearly broke, which is almost as serious as our country's financial meltdown. With fair farm policies, farmers would get fair prices that would not require higher consumers prices. The Canadian dairy pricing system is the best example that proves fair farmer prices can and often do bring lower consumer prices and a healthier rural economy. In addition, excessive middleman profits are taking advantage of both consumers and producers.

As more farmers face bankruptcy, we all face a food emergency. European farmers speak from thousands of years of experience on the importance of family farms when they warn us, "Any time a country neglects its family farm base and allows it to become financially bankrupt, the entire economy of that country will soon collapse. It may take generations to rebuild the farm economy and that of the country."

Despite the magnitude of this food emergency, the "farm crisis" does not appear in headlines, so politicians are not compelled to provide political or financial assistance to something that would likely fail to bring votes. As farmers, we are now only about 1 percent of the U.S. population, and have little power to expose and prevent our demise. However, our urban and rural friends could be vital voices and advocates.

Bailing out the financial giants will not solve the financial crisis in the country, but the right policies and stimulus dollars could prevent a severe food crisis by saving farmers and workers. Furthermore, farm income dollars remain in and multiply at least two to four times in the local economy.

Family farmers have proposed fair food and farm policies that can be implemented at a fraction of the present multibillion-dollar policies destroying us. As the Treasury Department develops plans to distribute the bailout funds, the National Family Farm Coalition and others urge it to require banks receiving funds to treat their borrowers fairly by providing debt restructuring as an alternate to home or farm foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Concerned citizens can call the White House, 202-456-1111, or your members of Congress, 202-224-3121, to urge them to support policies that enable farmers to earn a fair market price; request an emergency milk price at $17.50 per hundred weight; provide price stability through government grain reserves and effective supply management; support the TRADE Act to be reintroduced in Congress; increase direct and guaranteed loans to family farmers; and ensure that the food we raise can be marketed to local schools and institutions, providing a better food supply at a fair price. We need these immediate changes in our food and farm policy.

John Kinsman, a dairy farmer from La Valle, is president of Family Farm Defenders, based in Madison.

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The Independent

Great comments on this article below ;

It's interesting that the label 'racist' is applied only to white nationalism.

No one calls black, brown, or yellow nationalism racist--Fjordman

Everyday, people stand up to support the right of...

Tibetans, to resist subjugation by the Chinese
Palestinians, to resist subjugation by the Israelis
Israelis, to resist subjugation by the Arabs
Kurds, to resist subjugation by the Turks and Arabs
Albanians, to resist subjugation by the ethnic Serbs
Georgians, to resist subjugation by the ethnic Russians,
Moras, to resist subjugation by the Filipinos
Aborigines, to resist subjugation by the white Australians
American Indians, to resist subjugation by the white Americans
Kashmiris, to resist subjugation by the Indians
Zimbabweians, to resist subjugation by Rhodesians
Uighers, to resist subjugation by the Han
Sami, to resist subjugation by the Swedes
Basques, to resist subjugation by the Spanish
Bangledeshis, to resist subjugation by the Pakistanis
Indians and Africans to resisted subjugation by the British and ...then, those same people turn around and demand that the British should stand down and let our culture be subjugated because to preserve WHITE BRITISH culture is racist.

Has it occured to any of you multiculti folks out there that it makes NO SENSE to support multiculturalism if no other groups support it?

You're setting up your grandchildren to be subjugated by others, i.e. it's pointless for the sheep to agree to be vegetarians if the wolf has other ideas, eh?

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Wednesday 25 February 2009

Dear Peter - Part Deux

Image - Peter charging Dapple valiantly towards the BNP, whilst the real giants are ravaging the country all around.

Dear Peter,

Yet again you mount 'Dapple' your mangy donkey, The Daily Mail Blog Page, and make another petulant charge at the BNP windmill which dominates your entire political vision.

The problem is that you can only see the BNP through the narrow slits of class privilege and Establishment loyalty that forms your pathetic cardboard helmet, and therefore as Don Quixote himself, you only see the 'giant' before you that you want to see.

Arthur Schopenhauer wrote, " Truth passes through three phases: First it is ridiculed. Second it is fiercely and violently opposed. Third, it becomes self-evident. "

Our society is now at stage 2 of this process as regards the mainstreaming of the BNP as a populist political movement, and the principles of Democratic Nationalism replacing the Liberal Consensus as the basis of future social development.

Either you are extremely ignorant ( which we know you are not ) or you are merely doing your job which is to try and keep the right wing of the torpid Establishment alive on political life support until you hope it recovers. Sorry Peter, but the parrot is dead. It is deceased. It has snuffed it.

Its wings, either Left or Right, aint gonna flap no more mate.

The Tories are a globalist party dominated by the Liberal Consensus, financially hostage to the very financial forces that created the present crisis, are ideologically bankrupt, dominated by elderly activists, infested with Politically Correct lickspittle Young Tories that are as politically left wing as New Labour was under Tony Blair, corrupt, incompetent, and contaminated with scandals.

Conservatism is dead.
Liberalism is dead.
Socialism is dead.
Global Capitalism is dead.

We face Peak Oil, massive climate change, 200 million eco-migrants entering Europe in the next 20 years, Islamist terrorism and a Youth Tax of trillions of pounds paid to the Banksters that will have to be paid for by future generations of our kids, a pensions crisis, mass immigration and total economic collapse.

We face civilisational threats in the 21st Century, natural disasters and terrorist events, that potentially threaten the very survival of our nation, our way of life and our national environment.

If the 911 terrorists had flown instead from Manchester Airport and hit Sellafield nuclear power station in Cumbria with their hijacked jet airliners then it would have been an event that would have Britain to its knees.

The apathy of the Establishment and its corruption have caused the various crises that have created the present host of problems.

You are a part of the Establishment and therefore you are complicit in the crisis.

The principles that you believe in have failed.

Now the BNP is here to save our people, resurrect our national economy, ensure our national security, ensure our democracy from the tyranny of the minorities, sack the political activist judges, sack the social worker ACPO cops, muzzle the HSE idiots, sack the parasitic legal and lobby groups, sack the diversity gangsters and race relations gestapo, dismantle the Servile State, defend our national borders from illegal immigrants, terrorists and people smugglers, arrest British Jihadis and Heroin dealer Junkie Jihadis, deport foreign criminals, punish criminals, defend our way of life and promote our national culture.

If you are afraid of doing what is required to save our people, our nation, our culture, our national economy, our environment and ensure our national security then it is you who are the problem, not us.

The era when the sneer of a toff meant anything is over.

Nor do the sneers of liberals, leftists, globalists, socialists, communists, free market capitalists, globalists, the UN, WTO, EU etc etc and the rest of the supra-national political and corporate institutions that dominate our national sovereignity.

Nor do we fear the sneers of the corporate media and its muzzled rottweilers who are well paid to publically maul us in their newspapers.

We will rule this nation in Britain's interests, and the interests of our nation and people alone.

Britain First, Now and Forever.

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Tuesday 24 February 2009

Peter Hitchens - A Response

Dear Peter,

You have obviously realised that the Tory revival is dead in the water and the historical political and social paradigm of the Establishment, with its 'Free Market Capitalism Globalist Conservatism ' on the right wing as defined by the Tory Party, its Liberal Consenus Internationalist centre as epitomised by the Lib Dems and its left wing as defined by the Fabian Internationalist Capitalist New Labour Party, is now totally obsolete.

That ship has hit the rocks and sunk, along with the all the rest of the nations that followed the globalist convoy blindly onto the same rocks.

Thats what happens when nations act like dumb sheep.

You may see yourself as the lookout on the Titanic who saw the iceberg in the distance but whose frantic calls to the captain and his first officers were perpetually ignored, but in reality you have always been just another First Class Tourist and Passenger on the ship reaping your financial rewards from the system itself.

Like a proper 'Establishment safety valve' you whistled and blew loudly about the issues you were paid to publicise and propagandise by your Dail Mail Tory Party supporting aristocratic boss Lord Rothermere - including being loyal to the Tory Party, as opposed of course to being loyal to the castrated fop that presently runs it.

As a member of a mainly white, privileged class - this being a Journalist - you were never a victim of either Multi-culturalism or mass immigration.

You have always been nothing but a tourist in your own country Peter, detached by your money, class, privelige and lifestyle from real life and Britain.

All your missives and warnings were typed in a First Class Cabin on the top deck of the Titanic.

As a tourist you lived in a nice middle class white area, your kids went to private schools mainly full of fellow middle class white kids and your job was in an industry dominated by middle class white people.

You as journalist never faced the reality of losing your job to an immigrant who would do the work cheaper. You never lost your job, saw your wages drop and British jobs go to foreign workers.

You have nevered lived in the real world Peter.

Now the system that once sustained the Establishment is dead.

George Soros has compared the present collapse of global finance capitalism as the equivalent of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Out of the wreckage arises new a form of politics.

That form is British Nationalism.

As Victor Hugo wrote ' Mightier than the tread of marching armies, is the idea whose hour has come'.

The Establishment dragged us into the abyss.

You profited from that system, therefore you are complicit in it.

To hear you now condemn the BNP, whose hands are unsullied with any guilt for this disaster as we have never passed a single law that created the crisis, is to hear the whimpers of a guilty man who knows that his crime has been discovered.

You are nothing but a scurrillous opportunist.

The rise of the BNP represents the British people reclaiming power in their country.

The yoke of the Establishment and its fetishes of Political correctness, Globalism, multi-culturalism, mass immigration, the Liberal Consensus and the rest of the ideological wreckage will all now be cast into the past, whilst the principles of British Nationalism will become the ideological guide for the development of our British national community into the future.

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Immigration is literally KILLING US

By promoting mass immigration from the Third World, New Labour has been importing killer diseases, says Anthony Browne. And it is trying to hide what is happening from the public

Several hundred years ago, the British brought mass death to foreign lands. They crossed the Atlantic, sneezed on the native Americans and watched them die of the common cold. Now the tables have turned. We live in fear of foreigners bringing death to our own land. Tony Blair said on Tuesday that it was 'inevitable' that al-Qa'eda would try to launch a terrorist attack on the United Kingdom; but immigrant terrorists are by no means the most potent threat to British lives. It is not through letting in terrorists that the government's policy of mass immigration - especially from the Third World - will claim the most lives. It is through letting in too many germs.

From exotic cuisines to driving entrepreneurialism, Third World immigration brings many good things to this country. But it also brings the epidemics that blight the poorer countries: HIV infection, tuberculosis and hepatitis. And the diseases that mass immigration is bringing to Britain will probably claim more British lives in the long run than terrorism. The thousands of infected immigrants who are arriving in Britain each year are doubling the rate of HIV, trebling the rate of TB, and increasing twentyfold the rate of hepatitis B. All of these are life-threatening diseases which could be, and in some cases have been, passed on to the host community. Between them they claim six million lives a year worldwide. TB can be cured, but HIV infection and hepatitis B can only be treated - at huge expense to the NHS. Even if victims survive for many years, HIV and hepatitis B are incurable.

Britain's new epidemics are the direct result of Labour policy. The government is not only importing epidemics, but is also failing to tackle them and indeed is trying hide what is happening from the British public. Obviously the government has no desire to spread disease, but its fear of being branded racist means that this is precisely what it is doing. The government is culpable. These are Blair's epidemics - and to think I voted for the man.

The government has made much noise about cutting back on abuse of the asylum system - which is, of course, used as a means of immigration - but, through fear of the refugee lobby, it has done virtually nothing. While almost every other European country has managed to slash the number of asylum-seekers, the numbers coming to Britain grows rapidly. Last year they swept past 100,000 - a dramatic increase on the 40,000 in 1996.

On top of this, the government has said that it wants immigration at a rate of at least 150,000 settlers a year. It has increased more than fourfold the number of work permits, most of which can lead to a passport, from 41,000 in 1996 to a target of 175,000 this year, with people from the Third World making up almost all the increase. In addition, it increased the number of student visas to more than 339,000 last year, with two thirds coming from the Third World or Eastern Europe.

David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, has said that he wants fewer holiday workers from Australia and New Zealand (which have good public health) and more from Africa and Asia (which are blighted by epidemics). The government has tripled net immigration - the numbers arriving, less those leaving - from the Third World and Eastern Europe from almost 70,000 in 1996 to almost 200,000 last year. And it is promising more - it is passing legislation this year that will make Britain the only major Western European nation to give 73 million Eastern Europeans, who also suffer high disease rates, the right to immigrate and be given free medical treatment. Britain has no health tests for immigrants, either as a condition of entry or in the form of compulsory screening after they arrive.

In contrast, the United States, Canada and Australia all insist on tests - usually paid for by the aspiring immigrant - to show that they will not be a threat to public health or a burden on the health system. I went through the Canadian immigration system and had to pay for X-rays, blood samples and urine tests with a Canadian accredited doctor in London to prove that I was clean. Even in the days of mass immigration to the US at the turn of the century, the huddled paupers were sent straight back from Ellis Island to Europe if they were diseased.

Professor Lord Turnberg, the former chairman of the Public Health Laboratory Service, has said that Britain must protect the public and the NHS by introducing immigrant health tests. But the government has dismissed as 'fascist' any criticism of its policy that an immigrant cannot be prevented from coming to Britain and getting free healthcare just because they carry a lethal contagious disease that threatens the lives of British people and requires expensive lifelong treatment. The government, clearly, is determined that the immigration system must be run in the interests of immigrants, not the British.

New Labour has made it official policy that carrying a lethal contagious disease is grounds for immigrants being allowed to remain in Britain once they are through immigration. By applying its beloved Human Rights Act to everyone who sets foot in Britain, the Labour government has decided that if treatment is unavailable in their home country, anyone with a life-threatening condition, such as HIV infection, hepatitis B or TB, has a right to stay in the UK and be treated on the NHS -even if they are here on a tourist visa, or illegally. In fact, all the 28 million HIV-positive people in Africa have to do to save their lives is get into Britain. We are now witnessing significant health migration, with seriously sick people coming to Britain on tourist and student visas and then using legal-aid-funded immigration lawyers to apply under the Human Rights Act to get lifelong treatment in Britain. HIV charities even have immigration departments to help them do it. You cannot blame them; you and I would do exactly the same in their situation.

The government is further accelerating the epidemic by going on a massive recruitment drive for nurses from sub-Saharan Africa, where as many as one in three adults is HIV positive. As a result, 700 HIV-positive nurses are entering the country each year. Each of them is allowed to bring in an HIV-positive spouse, and both will receive NHS treatment costing £11,000 a year for the rest of their lives, a potential total cost to the NHS of £1 million. One HIV doctor told me that some hospitals are spending their entire HIV budgets treating their imported nurses.

Since the government insists that it is unfair to deny people the right to come to Britain to work or study just because they carry lethal diseases, the outcome of its mass-immigration programme from the world's most diseased countries is inevitable. Britain is, in some respects, rapidly becoming one of the world's most diseased countries. Last year, African immigration overtook gay sex as the main cause of HIV in Britain, and a quarter of all those being treated by the NHS for HIV are now African immigrants. Government figures show that more than 2,000 HIV infections were imported last year, which could cost the NHS £1 billion. The fact that those lives will be saved is wonderful, but the government's policy of tackling the African Aids holocaust by giving NHS treatment to those who can afford the plane ticket to Britain is totally irrational. Spending these vast sums in Africa itself would save millions of lives, not just thousands.

Effective HIV policies kept the number of new HIV cases in Britain steady at about 2,600 a year before Labour was elected in 1997, but the government has succeeded in doubling it to about 5,000 last year. HIV - which still kills about 400 people a year in Britain - is now spreading to the resident population, so that contracting HIV from heterosexual sex with infected immigrants has overtaken both injecting drugs and mother-to-baby transfer as a source of infection. About 200 people acquired HIV from immigrants last year, the same number as were killed in the Bali bombings. Doctors fear that African immigration may be igniting the heterosexual epidemic we have until now successfully avoided in Britain.

Similarly, the level of TB, an often curable but sometimes lethal disease, is at its highest since the 1980s, with 7,300 cases last year, two thirds of them imported from overseas. The London Borough of Brent now has higher rates of TB than China, and twice the rate of Brazil.

The PHLS has estimated that 6,300 hepatitis B infections were imported in each of the last four years, compared with under 300 domestically acquired cases - in other words, a staggering 95 per cent of cases of this incurable liver disease, one of the world's worst killers, are imported. A study soon to be published will show that in east London one in 50 people is now infected with hepatitis B, the same rate as Nepal and Ecuador. Liver doctors are warning that it is inevitable that this imported epidemic will start spreading to the host population.

In this age of mass transport, all developed countries are touched by the globalisation of disease, but Labour, with its policy of encouraging mass Third World immigration while refusing health tests, is ensuring that Britain is far more seriously affected than most. In the face of such a public-health disaster, a vaguely sane government would try to tackle it. But this is Labour, whose intellectual faculties are so crippled by political correctness that not offending would-be immigrants has become more important than saving the lives of British people.

Doctors who have inquired whether they should be draining their HIV budgets by treating illegal immigrants have been ordered by senior officials to stop causing trouble. The PHLS's press releases have seriously misled the British media about what is happening. When I wrote in the Times demanding Canadian-style health tests, government officials denounced me as a fascist, and David Blunkett echoed that view in the House of Commons. But one of the government's own advisers rang me up and said, 'It is far bigger than BSE, claiming far more lives than BSE, and it's being covered up.' One worried health official told me, 'It's just a matter of basic honesty with the British public, but ministers are worried about racism.'

So, instead, the government has launched a public campaign not to curb the influx of HIV immigrants, but to tell teenagers to wear condoms. Rather than stem the deluge of imported hepatitis B infections, the government is planning to vaccinate every child in Britain to protect them from it.

A few weeks ago, the crescendo of warnings from doctors was such that the government launched a review of its life-threatening policies. But don't hold your breath. Alarmed at the number of HIV-positive nurses it was recruiting, the NHS recently held a review of HIV tests for medical staff. All staff must now have HIV tests, but they won't be used to stop infected nurses coming to Britain, claiming free lifelong treatment and spreading the disease. Instead, they will be used to decide which hospital department infected nurses should work in. Make no mistake. These are serious epidemics. And they are all Labour's fault.

Anthony Browne writes for the Times.

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Monday 23 February 2009

The Hemp Revolution

Image - ' Youre Nicked ! Best you come quietly sonny ' - The image that fully captures the absurdity of criminalising a plant.

What you will discover if you follow the links below may save your life.

I invite you to go on a journey of discovery, but if you decide not to take the first step is down to you.

If you are interested in a potential natural cure for cancer, a natural cure for Parkinsons disease and a drug that helps IBS and bowel diseases, that can help cure brain tumours, that helps cut the pain of arthritis, that can help with pain management, that can help with Multiples Sclerosis, that can help with depression, mental illness and anxiety and skin diseases then follow the links below.

Now you can watch a video about how this herb can cure cancer here ;

When you watch that you can now watch a Youtube video with Mary Beth Augustine, RD,CDN, who gives a detailed explanation of the known scientific curative properties of that natural substance.

The miracle of Hemp Oil is one well known by scientists ;

The uses of hemp are well known by scientists and industrialists ;

There are not just two sides to the drugs debate on cannabis, these being Prohibition and Decriminalisation.

There is a third option - Regulation.

Regulation is the creation of a state licensed and regulated form of medical cannabis usage where individuals under the supervision of their doctors are given a license by their doctors to grow or purchase, use and possess defined amounts of medical cannabis for personal medical usage in order to treat defined medical conditions..

This means medicinal cannabis can be legally grown by farmers or licensed users, it can be taxed, prescribed, purchased from licensed pharmacists, quality controlled, its use tightly regulated and people with chronic illnesses do not have to be thrown into prison for self medicating themselves.

The collapse of the present economic, financial and industrial system is a historic opportunity to escape the control of the present globalist political and corporate elites. It these elites that have profited from prohibition. The laws that prohibit the use of cannabis as a medicine were imposed precisely so that the international corporations could profit from treating disease, not preventing disease.

Cannabis is a plant that prevents disease, but as a plant it cannot be patented.

Drugs that treat disease which are created in laboratories can be patented, and this is why patented drugs are ’legal’ whilst herb like cannabis which grow wild in nature are ’illegal’.

The fact that cannabis prevents disease means the more people that use cannabis as a medicine and in a preventive manner, equates to less victims of disease and therefore less profits for the drugs companies.

Hemp as a medicine, hemp as a product used in manufacturing product, as a bio-fuel, as the basis of a whole new economic sector has the basis to kick start the national economy of any country with the guts and brains to undertake the Hemp Revolution.

The Hemp Revolution would produce a staggering amount of national income from any nation that changed its laws to embrace hemp as a legitimate and regulated commodity in the market place.

In the United States alone the estimated amount of money spent each year on illegal cannabis in the black market is 7 billion dollars.

The federal government spends $19.2 billion every year in fighting the war on drugs.

State governments combined spend $77.8 billion every year in this effort.

Conservatively estimated, 20 percent of the government's war on drugs expenditures goes toward marijuana. Assuming that Washington state spends one-fiftieth of the states' combined expenditure, this means the US spend somewhere around $300 million a year just to fight marijuana.

I believe that Britain should stop being a poodle of the failed US ’War On Terror’, and I also believe we should abandon the failed creedo of the US ’War on Drugs’ which has also failed in a similarly spectacular fashion.

A new paradigm is required as the old ’Just Say No’ approach has not worked.

Regulation is the answer.

Create a strict regulatory regime for its production, license its use and sale, allow doctors to prescribe it and utilise its many industrial uses.

Take the money out of the hands of the gangsters and transform it into legitimate taxable income and use the money gained from its growth, sale and profits to fund the NHS.

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The UAF and Anti-Semitism

Now I wonder why I didnt read this article on Lancaster Unity ?


Why we must reclaim antiracism from the far left

Unite Against Fascism is the UK's leading campaign against the far right, yet its record on opposing antisemitism is dismal

Comments (450)

David Toube,

Wednesday 18 February 2009 17.30 GMT

On January 27, Rowan Laxton, a senior British diplomat who is the deputy head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's South Asia group, was watching the news from Gaza, while exercising in his gym. In the words of the Daily Mail, the diplomat is reported to have "launched a foul-mouthed antisemitic tirade" during the course of which he cursed the "fucking Jews". Laxton is reported to have refused to quieten down when approached by fellow gym users. He was ultimately arrested by the police for a public order offence.

The day that Rowan Laxton was arrested was Holocaust Memorial Day. This country's largest anti-racist organisation, Unite Against Fascism commemorated that event by encouraging people to light candles. It had nothing to say, in the following weeks, about the "fucking Jews" allegation against Laxton. Neither was the story reported in the Guardian, on the BBC website, or the Independent; although the centre-right Telegraph and Times had it.

I have to admit, I was initially slightly surprised to see how little concern on the antiracist left the spectacle of a senior British diplomat, arrested for a "fucking Jews" rant, had engendered. While it is important to note that Laxton denies making any antisemitic remark, it isn't as if antiracist organisations normally shy away from responding to complaints about public servants. For example, on the day following the publication of the story, Unite Against Fascism managed to organise a rally against a teacher who was a British National party member. But then, I shouldn't have been surprised. The last couple of months has seen the worst year on record for antisemitic incidents in the United Kingdom. Yet Unite Against Fascism has had nothing to say about that, either.

The problem, I think, is this. Although opposition to racism is now an article of faith for all mainstream political parties, the left has been the driving force in those organisations that set the antiracist agenda. There is a part of the left that is very comfortable condemning historical racism against Jews, at the hands of Nazis, back in the 1940s. It is, however, ambivalent when it comes to contemporary antisemitism: particularly when it can be "contextualised" within the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Frankly, the part of the left that runs Unite Against Fascism is not up to fighting contemporary antisemitism. Its joint secretaryship is shared by a member of the central committee of the Socialist Workers party, and by a member of the National Assembly Against Racism (NAAR), which is strongly supported by Socialist Action. Both these political groups have a history of overlooking antisemitism.

For years, the Socialist Workers party promoted and toured the self-described "ex-Jew" Gilad Atzmon. When SWP supporter and Childrens' Laureate Michael Rosen criticised the party for giving a platform to a performer who, he argued, voiced racist and antisemitic ideas, he was slapped down by central committee member Lindsey German and others. Socialist Action activists led the charge, with Ken Livingstone, to defend the Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, after the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell had outed him as an inciter of terrorism, antisemitism and homophobia.

In January 2009, Qaradawi gave a sermon televised by Al-Jazeera in which, as the Times reported, he expressed the hope that the "believers" would one day inflict upon the Jews a "divine punishment", akin to Hitler's Holocaust. According to the Muslim Council of Britain, Qaradawi is a "renowned Islamic scholar" who "enjoys unparalleled respect and influence throughout the Muslim world". Although the chairman of a House of Commons select committee has protested about Qaradawi's remarks, I am not aware of any UK antiracist organisation having condemned them. Indeed, I have found no occasion on which Unite Against Fascism has spoken out against the genocidal antisemitism that is prevalent in Islamist political rhetoric. Apparently, they just don't see it as a problem.

The bottom line is this. Neither Socialist Action nor the Socialist Workers party will oppose racism against Jews, and other forms of bigotry, if they find it politically inconvenient to do so. Indeed, in 2006 and 2008, the Unite Against Fascism national conference featured Dr Daud Abdullah, the assistant secretary general Muslim Council of Britain. Yet Abdullah was the prime mover behind the MCB's disgraceful boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day. You might remember that the MCB's original justification for the boycott was that Holocaust Memorial Day "includes the controversial question of alleged Armenian genocide as well as the so-called gay genocide". This year, the MCB was back to boycotting Holocaust Memorial Day. Nevertheless, this did not disqualify its secretary general, Muhammad Abdul Bari, from being invited as a guest of honour to Unite Against Fascism's national conference in 2009.

Unite Against Fascism's weakness on antisemitism is both shocking and shameful. This is not, unfortunately, a story about goings-on in two marginal far left cults. Unite Against Fascism is the leading campaign against racism in the United Kingdom. It is supported by parliamentarians from all the major political parties, and by every significant trade union. It is Unite Against Fascism that sets the tone of the debate when it comes to opposing racism. They call the demonstrations and organise the conferences. It is to Unite Against Fascism that the national press turns, when racism rears its head.

Yet, the best that Unite Against Fascism can do, in these dark times, is to mumble about how awful the Holocaust was. What this means is that there is no broad-based campaign in this country to defend Jews from contemporary antisemitism.

This state of affairs is, quite frankly, terrifying. As others are warning here, there is every reason to believe that the defining themes of the present economic downturn will be xenophobic, anti-immigrant and racist politics. As conspiracy theories depicting Jews as controllers of the financial markets proliferate, antisemitism will undoubtedly also be part of that mix. Support for fascist parties tends to grow during crises, and we need a strong defence against that politics, with solidarity between and support from all parts of British society. However, with its sectarianism, silence on antisemitism and blindness to Islamist Jew-hatred, Unite Against Fascism just isn't up to the job.

We badly need a new campaign against racism and fascism, run properly by those at the political centre. The first step towards remedying this situation, is for the political mainstream to reclaim antiracist politics from the extreme left.

But does anyone have stomach for the fight?

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I Am The Monster

This is a poem for Melanie Phillips, the lefty idiots, liberal fools and the scum on Lancaster Unity.

Those that cannot see that THEY are the problem, are the problem.

I Am The Monster.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
For what is monstrous in me,
I may only see in you,
I am forever starving,
For the attention of others,
In order to feed the hunger,
of my self loathing,
That eats me away inside.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
I project my self hate onto others,
Who wear many faces,
But all are mine,
So many monsters I see in my mirror,
Yet each reflects itself,
Craving the chaos that hides within,
Forever seeking the final fix,
To feed my malformed Ego,
That is the maggot in my soul.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
I project upon others,
What I hate within myself,
I hate the world,
I hate beauty and goodness,
I hate sunlight and life,
For I am a cage of dead things,
A husk of bones and dust.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
Finally awakening to itself,
The seed of my self understanding,
Is a black rose that blooms within,
The world is as I make it,
Its final form is me,
and all my infinite imperfections,
Are all its many flaws,
I have made the world a concentration camp,
Where I am both inmate and master.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
And in that moment of self perception,
The Monster became a human being.

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Its Hard Being Melanie Phillips

It must be hard being Melanie Phillips, apart that is from the pay cheques from the UK Zionist Network for her role as Mossads Poropaganda Chief in the UK.

Poor old Melanie expends all her considerable talent as a writer trying to hide her own hypocrisy behind a wall of rhetoric.

For instance, Melanie will defend to the death the Ethno-Nationalist state of Israel but will attack the BNP for daring to stand for the same ethno-nationalist principles.

Melanie will call the BNP 'racist, fascist' etc and then say that those who call nationalism as racist, nazi etc are those who driving people towards the BNP.

Melanie will defend the carpet bombing of foreign territory by Israel to defend itself, but demonise the BNP for being a democratic political party that stands in free elections to get voted into power to save our nation.

In short Melanie is in the grip of an intellectual psychosis, one that she will not and cannot ever solve.

Melanie is simply unable to understand that the bogeyman of the BNP she sees is simply product of her own imagination and the lies of other Zionist groups like Searchlight.

The Zionist Melanie Phillips feeds off the bullshit of other Zionists like Searchlight for her propaganda in order to ensure British ethno-nationalists are kept out of power so that Israeli Ethno-nationalists can use the UK to support the interests of Israel first rather than nationalists who put Britains interests first.

Whilst she profits from peddling books like Londonistan about the threat to the West from Islam, she attacks the only people and the only political party, the BNP, who will save the West.

This is staggering hypocrisy of the most revolting kind, to the point of making her look a fool.

Melanie is in fact a political schizophrenic.

This is because on one hand as a Jew and a supporter of Israel she has to defend the very same values that she attacks the BNP for holding.

She does this of course because she is a member of the UK Zionist Network, the collection of fools of all religions, races, nationalities and creeds who think that in order to defend Zionism and Israel that the media, political systems and culture of the West must serve both Zionism and Israel first.

Therefore they act to surpress any political movement whose slogan is BRITAIN FIRST.

Whilst Melanie supports the fundamental right of Jews to run Israel, she calls the BNP 'racist' for daring to espouse the same position as regards Britain.

In fact Melanis has become almost a caricature.

In her ever diminishing ability to disguise her hypocrisy, she is alienating the mass public support that she once enjoyed.

The more her writings are based on her pathetic prejudices, and not on logic, the more she resembles the enemy she is fighting.

Melanie has become as much of a nuTter as the hook handed, bearded bigots she says she despises.

Whilst the Islamist nutters pluck ancient verses from some obscure section of the Koran to justify their insanity, so she will pluck some ancient statement of someone in the BNP from the archives of Searchlight and use it to justify her hypocrisy and insanity.

Like the mad Islamists she despises Melanie rejects the notion of evolution.

In her utter ignorance of what the BNP is and stands for she simply peddles the myth that the BNP has not evolved politically whilst at the same time being forced to admit that the BNP have evolved politically, proffessionally, ideologically and in terms of presentation - she admits that our growth and support have grown, but she cannot admit that this is because the party has evolved.

Note how melanie lieks to quote the BNP constitution about the party simply defending the rights of indigenous British people from the globalisation process of mass immigration - but she never quotes the law of the right to return of Israel that defines a Jew anywhere in the world as an Israeli and nor does she ever mention the laws that ban Palestinians from living with their wives and husbands in Israel ;

In her utter ignorance and inability to understand why people support the BNP - ITS THE POLICIES STUPID - she has to blame the failure of the establishment politicians and parties to evolve in line with public sentiment.

Melanie cannot ever tell the truth, as Melanie is primarily ignorant of the truth.

Her understanding of the BNP comes via the rest of the Zionist Network in the UK - Searchlight, Lancaster Unity, Jewish Chronicle and the rest of the Zionists that are working directly for Israel in the UK.

She cannot admit that the BNP has changed as a political party, as that would mean all her trite and facile, asinine historical quotes from two decades ago would therefore be as meaningless as quoting the Labour Party during the Cold War.

Melanie is stuck in a time warp, as she cannot do anything but peddle myths just as the hook handed bearded nutters do.

Its rather sad really.

Never mind, the more she charges pn her Daily Mail donkey at the BNP windmill the more publicity we get.

All good grist to the mill really.

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Sunday 22 February 2009

Junkies and the Jihad

The time has come for the return of capital punishment of heroin importers after trial, MI5 and MI6 to infiltrate Asian Muslim heroin gangs and for vigilantes to reclaim our streets from the Junkie Jihadis.


TERROR chiefs plan to flood our streets with heroin in a terrifying plot to wage “chemical jihad” on Britain.

And they have been using hate-filled Muslim gangs as their UK dealers.

Pakistani and Afghan-based al-Qaida and Taliban warlords are sitting on a £6billion stash of deadly heroin.

And they have ordered their dealers to sell it only to non-Muslims.

The ruthless racket is a two-pronged attack which peddles death and misery with heroin while netting massive sums to pay for future terror attacks.

A senior security source told the Daily Star Sunday: “The Afghan poppy fields are probably the biggest financial contributor to al-Qaida and the Taliban.

“The UK’s heroin trade is increasing at an alarming rate and most of the cash helps arm terrorists with bombs and guns.”

The US has already been ­targeted in the evil campaign which mirrors a terror plot in the new James Bond novel Devil May Care.

Between 1990 and 2005 Taliban-linked drug peddler Haji Baz Mohammed raked in a staggering £17billion by pouring heroin into North America.

He told a US court that “selling heroin was a jihad because they were taking Americans’ money and the heroin was killing them”.

Now the fanatics have made the UK their top target. A whopping 30 tonnes of heroin is being smuggled into Britain every year.

The drug is grown in the Afghan badlands and bought for £1,500 a kilo in neighbouring Pakistan.

It’s finally sold on Britain’s streets, often in the backs of cabs or over kebab shop counters, at between £30 and £50 a gram.

Asian gangs are operating in South London, Luton, Preston, Manchester, Leeds, Oldham, Birmingham and Bradford.
Our investigators went on the hunt for heroin in Luton and did a deal in the back of a taxi.

Pulling out a handful of wraps, the ­driver said: “I’ll sort you a fix for £10 but a gram’s £50. It’s knockout gear.” Asked where the drugs came from he said: “Poppy fields between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“The big bosses have Taliban and al-Qaida connections and we’re often told only to deal it to non-Muslims. They call it ­chemical jihad and hope to ruin lives while ­getting massive payouts at the same time.

“I’m more interested in the money. I knock it out to anyone, ­whatever their beliefs.

“But there are lots of big-­hitters who only sell to non-Muslims – to poison them.”

One of the Asian gangs is the so-called Gambino clan – a 100-strong mob named after the ­notorious US crime family.

A 40-year-old small-time dealer turned Christian told us: “The Gambinos are the Pakistani Muslim gang that control most of the drug trade in Luton – and they’ve all got good connections to al-Qaida.

“Heroin and crack are on sale 24 hours a day and they get local taxi drivers to drive the gear around and do deals.
“It’s a massive business. They’re untouchable.”

But the gangs are leaving a trail of misery. Just ask hollow-eyed junkie Greg Yates, one of 280,000 addicts in the UK.

Huddled up and shaking on a bridge near Luton rail station, the 42-year-old former mechanic told us his £80-a-day habit had destroyed his life.

“I can’t function without the hits,” he sobbed. “I’ve lost my job, my home and my family.

“Heroin has killed me.”

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Frost Nixon - Film Review

The film Frost Nixon is an astonishing film on many levels. The dramatic story, the production quality, direction and acting are all superb but what astonished me the most was how trivial Nixons ’crimes’ appear me and to the world today.

Nixon bugged one office of his political opponents, when today Jackboot Jacqui and the Labour government have passed laws that tape every phone call, record every e mail and store every text message we send.

Nixon is a saint for the sanctity of privacy compared to the Surveillance State Nazis that run Great Britain today.

The whining self indulgent, prissy little hissy fits of the actors playing the key liberal journalists in the film who are advisers on the Frost team are frankly laughable.

One of the Frost team actors in the film actually says that Nixons crime was that he brought the office of President into disrepute.

An episode where the director tried to imply Nixon was a racist when someone mentions Frost dated a black singer were frankly disgusting.

Ron Howard is obviously a liberal, but to smear Nixon as a racist was despicable.

At that moment I could just imagine Ron Howard the director, the actors in the film all preparing for the scene with this laughable belief that Nixon was the only president in history to lie.

Only a self possessed, liberal wanker would ever be so self regarding as to regard what Nixon did as a crime amongst the endless crimes of previous presidents, and ones since, that deserved his impeachment and removal from office.

I would say that the deliberate sending of the cruise ship the Lusitania to be sunk by German U-Boats to allow America to enter World War 1, allowing the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbour to start World War Two, ordering the sinking of the USS Liberty, selling Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction and the deliberate stand down of the US air force by Dick Cheney on 911 were all far more serious crimes than the bugging of a few idiot democrat politicians.

I would also argue that the use of United States drone aircraft to target with missiles people for assassination in Pakistan under the Obama Regime are far more serious crimes than what Nixon did.

Yet there is one moment that gets you, and that is the moment when Nixon finally admits that his real crime was to poison in the minds of children the ideals that the President stands for.

At that moment I had an image of young smiling men and boys in sailors uniform standing on the decks of American battleships of World War Two raising the American flag come into my mind.

And then I saw throughout history the millions of other brave young men who had carved America out of the wilderness, who had lain the railway tracks and built the roads, who had died in the trenches of World War 1 and who had fallen in the Second World War, Vietnam and Iraq.

And I saw then that all that blood and sacrifice is what the American President truly represents.

The American President serves not just the living, but also the dead.

He serves all those men and boys, women and children who have died for America throughout its long and great history.

Nixon did not behave as a President should, but compared to the rest of the bastards, crooks, psychopaths, adulterers and drunks that have the office of American President he was a saint.

Nixon as the archetypal bad guy in US politics is the primary moral wank fantasy of the liberal elite, they like to take out their little Nixons and beat him as a way of making them feel morally superior.

Yet the sad truth is that Nixon has the ultimate defence he can deploy, and that is the truth.

At the time of the Nixon scandal America was under the most sustained series of terrorist attacks in its history.

The Soviet Union was expanding, Far Left terrorists were planting bombs in America and undertaking political assassinations, police officers were being executed and groups like the Black Panthers were advocating the violent overthrow of the democratic system - at the same time as Liberal Media and Hollywood stars such as ‘Hanoi Jane Fonda’ were supporting Communist groups in Cambodia and Vietnam who were later to begin the genocides of the Killing Fields.

The Far Left, contrary to the nonsense peddled by Hollywood, were not a benign force in the sixties and seventies - they were acolytes and collaborators with Communism, genocide and the atrocities of the Soviet Union and they had to be resisted.

The criminals that run our government don’t have to fear being caught like Nixon, as all they have done is pass laws to legalise their every act of criminality.

The fascist pigs that sit in the British government make Nixon look like an amateur.

Jackboot Jacqui and her civil service arse licking minions are the heirs of the NKVD and the Gestapo, scum who piss on the face of democracy and the British constitution and laugh whilst they are doing it.

Whilst fools see Nixon as a criminal, clever people look over their shoulders at our own government and shudder.

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Odin and Balder

There is a fantastic article in The Independent magazine about the work of the American photographer Anthony Karen ;

In his work he attempts to understand the human beings beneath the KKK hoods, those individuals whose humanity is denied by a media that demonises both the KKK and the individuals who are members of groups such as the KKK.

There is one image, published above, that is so powerful it inspired in me the need to write the poem below.

We live in a society where the media can dehumanise people simply because the media despise their politics.

Whilst the so called 'decent' people that the media like to publicise in their papers are frequently degenerate, criminal filth - the fact that they are liberal in their political opinions, or because of their race, colour or faith, means that how they actually live their lives is irrelevant.

The media fete people not because of what they are, but simply because of who they are, what colour they are, how much money they have and what they believe.

Mohammed Ali is a member of the Nation Of Islam, a racist para-military group whose members slaughtered hundreds of white people in the racist Zebra Killings, yet Ali is feted by the media and regarded as a black icon.

If white sportsmen had given white power salutes at the olympics they would be despised, but when blacks give the black power salute they get statues erected in their honour.

How many of the film stars, pop stars, media celebrities, writers and the rest of the pop elite of modern culture have betrayed their wives, families and children and dumped their children to take up with a younger woman, a richer man or because they simply wanted money or fame.

Most of them in fact.

Yet they are also feted by the media, not for the content of their character but because of their wealth, fame or race.

In a world where the sick are celebrated, the media have to create mass plastic demons for the degenerates in society to feel good about themselves.

The masses busy with their affairs, alcoholism, minor drug abuse, divorces, careers also require media demons in order to direct their innate self loathing at, and thereby make themselves feel morally superior to those they are taught to despise.

The main groups for this 'projection of the shadow' as Jung defined it are of course Nazis, KKK etc etc - the white underclass as the media like to call them.

These people, and they are people by the way, are able to dehumanised by the media simply because of what they think and because of the colour of their skin.

Black Nazis are feted - White Nazis despised.

Zionist Nazis are feted - German Nazis despised.

These 'white monsters' may be mothers taking care of their disabled children, single fathers taking care of their children and decent, peaceful people who simply hold political beliefs that the media and mainstream society despise, but the degenerates, hypocrites and criminals that control the media designate them as 'intolerable monsters' and can incite violence against them as they wish with never any censure.

The media would never dare allow their propaganda to depict black people today as the early 20th century media and Hollywood did as 'banjo strumming nigger servants' or Jews as blood sucking vampires as the Nazis did in their propaganda - but when it comes to those poor white people who dare believe politically what the wealthy hypocrites of the media despise, then the media may dehumanise them with total impunity, regardless of the violence generated against those individuals as a result of their crass propaganda.

The image above to me captures the essence of a great truth.

It shows a White father with his arms around his child, as if trying to protect him from a world that despises him and blames him and his child for every evil ever committed on the planet throughout human history.

The tattoos on his fathers back are the symbols of what a persecuted group of poor whites In America regard as the groups that are last defence of the white race, and of them and their families, against the hatred this world directs against them and the white race in general.

In the symbolsim of the swastika and the extremist political organisations that have adopted the swastika, they find the last refuge left for the despised poor white man and his children.

It is society that drives poor white people into these groups, it is the media that demonisies poor white people that means poor white people feel they need the safety of these groups and it is the hypocrisy of liberal society that allows the liberals to project their self loathing onto these people.

It is society and the media who are responsible for the continuing existence of the KKK and extremist groups like them.

It is the positive discrimination policies, affirmative action plans, the race quotas, the anti-white propaganda, the demonisation of white poor people as 'chavs' and the 'underclass', the celebration of Black History Month and the denial of a positive white idenitity and the rest of the endless psychological attacks upon whites that drives poor white people into these extremist groups.

If the KKK is a monster, then it is a monster that the media keeps alive and who feed it with their hate.

When you make a people strangers in their own lands, when you despise them as a group and when you demonise them then they will seek a home amongst those that will offer them a home.

Groups like the KKK are the last refuge of the abandoned, despised and hated in our society.

If Jesus Christ were alive today he would be working and living with the people who are in the KKK and groups like them, not because he endorsed their politics but because of the fact that as a great human being he chose the poor, the hated, the hunted and the unwanted as his disciples.

Christ walked with those who his society rejected - political extremists such as Simon the Zealot, Mary Magdalene, poor fishermen and the Jewish underclass oppressed by the Romans, he forgave adulterers and healed the sick who had been forced from the villages for fear of others catching their disease.

Christ walked as a friend not with the great and good, but solely with the poor and despised.

If Christ were alive today he would despise those fat fools in frocks such as those that infest the Church Of England - for they are not Christians.

Christ chose to heal the sick, to walk as friend with the lost and to love those who everyone else hated.

Those who sully the name of Christ with their casting of stones at poor whites are not christians - they are apostates who worship the power of the Church not Christ.

It is you and your society that made the poor whites that join the KKK the exiles and outcasts that they are - and then you act surprised when they turn to hate.

In the end the picture captures a fundamental essence.

It is of a father who is protecting his child.

How many of the liberals have abandoned their children, how many in the media have abandoned their families and how many of the politicians have never cared for their own children.

How many liberals have aborted their children and left them as bloody piles of flesh in the buckets of abortion clinics in order to advance their careers and for the petty pleasures of their meaningless lives.

In that tender embrace I see only love and goodness.

The media will call that man a demon, but I see a father who takes care of his son and that makes him better than all the shit people in this country, and the shit people in America, who think they are morally superior to him because they despise his politics but who have abandoned their own children for their own petty pleasures and lives.

I may not support the mans politics, but as a man who takes care of his child I see more worth in him than I have ever seen in you.

Odin and Balder

What were the words that Odin whispered,
To Balder cold upon the funeral pyre,
Before the rising flames claimed his flesh ?
Was it that their kin, Loki of the Aaesir,
Had been the traitor who caused his death.

Hod whose fingers let fly that sprig,
Had carved nor notched the deadly dart,
He knew not what he had done,
His hands unstained with dark intent,
Were deceived by the deeds of the evil one.

Blind as Hod now are all our people,
Conditioned by Loki’s media,
Their minds enchained to illusions,
Exist in states of perpetual delusion.
Slaves to machines and false masters.

A wolf age, a war age, a world of death,
The skies boil black and poison breath,
Factories have replaced the family farm,
Then followed deadly human swarms,
And the folk bound with chains.

Into the darkness the old gods went,
And in silence made their solemn ascent,
Within Asgard’s wall’s still they wait,
For the Fimbul winter’s fury to abate,
And the Norns usher in Vidar’s reign.

Further and further the folk will fall,
As the old gods sleep in Valhalla’s halls,
Awaiting Ragnarok to purge its wrath,
And a rising red sun usurp the cross,
Ever darker dims the dawn.

In the darkness a father holds his son,
fearful of what may become,
Who will guard them when we are gone,
Who will teach them right from wrong,
When lies are lions and truth a lamb.

Father, he whispers, what is wrong with this world,
Who made our heaven into this hell ?
His arms tight around his fathers chest,
As the sun sets slowly upon the dying West,
They hold onto each other in silence.

From the sky there comes a mighty voice,
An old man rides forth upon a grey horse,
In ragged blue robes but forever a king,
With one eye blind he sees all things,
Dismounts and gives wise counsel.

The old man sits beside the camp fire,
And finally provides all answers,
‘We must return to the ancient ways’
Are the only words he needs to say,
As they are the only solution.

With a rural pen he writes in the dust,
The simple rules that we must trust,
'Abandon all delusions, you are not free,
This is your prison, not your liberty,
Seek all your inner enemies.

Back into the wild woods you must go,
Where only forest folk may roam,
Amidst sacred temples of leaf and light,
The Sun your king, Moon queen at night
Natures law your sacred creed.

Let the cities burn and towers fall,
Where traitors rule alongside fools,
Take your kin and flee the mad parade,
Build your forts amidst forest glades,
Where strangers dare not tread.

Guard the nation and defend your folk,
Throw down your masters yoke,
Spurn the gold that makes all men slaves,
Seek no salvation in the groaning grave,
Your blood is your only sacred banner.

One day this land will be yours again,
From misty mountain to foetid fen,
All wounds will heal and hope return,
Paradise regained and all lies unlearnt,
Heroes will come to set you free.

Wooden bows will replace your rifles,
Forest trails usurp the concrete mile,
The cities will fall to weeds and storm,
A bright new world will then be born,
Upon the rubble and ruins of the old.

Then the old man rose and left
His words inscribed into their minds,
The fathers gathered up their families,
Then headed out into the wasteland,
To wait for a new world to arise.

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Saturday 21 February 2009

Churchill, Geert Wilders and Islam

Why we need a new Churchill to stand against Islamic extremists

By Kevin Myers
Friday, 20 February 2009

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What are these?

It's been a good few days for Islamicists. In Europe, an elected MEP, Geert Wilders, has been banned from Britain by the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

He had been invited to show his anti-Islamic film ‘Fitna' to MPs in the House of Commons. Since the ban, I've had the exquisite pleasure of witnessing various “British” Muslims on television welcome the ban, meanwhile hastening to add that they had not seen the film. Well, naturally.

The egregious Smith justified the ban on the grounds that Mr Wilders' presence in Britain “would threaten community harmony and therefore, public security in the UK”. In other words, if Muslims in Britain don't like something going on in the House of Commons, there will — according to the Home Secretary herself — be violence which will threaten the lives and welfare of British people.

So, what do British leaders do when confronted by such blackmail? Do? Why, they back down, of course! Never mind for a moment that on the London stage you can have Christ sodomised, or the Virgin Mary turned into a whore, as has happened in recent theatrical productions. How is such anti-Christian blasphemy acceptable? Because it is not insulting to Christians? Or because Christians, once insulted, do not take violently to the streets, in the way of “angry Muslims” (as the estimable Ian O'Doherty asked the other day: “is there any other kind?”).

So what would the wretched Smith creature have done to the author of the following words, had he tried to enter the United Kingdom?

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

“A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

“Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

“No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.”

The author of those sentiments (which were rediscovered by Mark Steyn) was none other than Winston Churchill, who penned them precisely 110 years ago, during his account of ‘The River War' against the Mahdi, written in early 1899.

How enchanted — but perhaps not surprised — Churchill would have been to learn that a century and a decade later, western troops — including a large body of Irish soldiers — would be trying to curtail the ravages of the neo-Mahdist terrorists of the Janjaweed. Churchill had gone almost directly to the Sudan from north-west India, where he had been serving with the Malakand Field Force against Islamicist insurgents.

So in an almost sublime coincidence, we learnt this week that what is now the Malakand District of Pakistan is to introduce Sharia law as state law.

Some 30,000 sq km, and five million people, will effectively become an autonomous Islamic republic within the secular- governed state of Pakistan. This is in return for merely a 10-day ceasefire in the terrorist campaign by Pakistan's Taliban in the Swat valley, in the course of which through an informal Taliban enforcement of Sharia law, “executions” and floggings have become commonplace.

In other words, in exchange for only a temporary ceasefire — what you might call their Sudetenland moment — Taliban have effectively taken a legal foothold in Pakistan: and no election, no police force, no popular demonstrations — (ha!) — will henceforth remove them. Thus the old despotic refrain: one-man, one-vote, one-election.

‘The Times of India' predicts this capitulation will be replicated in other regions of Pakistan's North West Frontier Provinces. “And then,” it notes grimly, “it's a leap to Islamabad.”

Quite so: and Islamabad not merely has the Bomb, but it also has four flights a week to Bradford Airport, none of whose passengers seem ever to be treated in the way that Geert Wilders MEP was at Heathrow. Islamabad's airport is (for the time being, anyway) named after Benazir Bhutto, who was, of course, murdered by al-Qa'ida/Taliban just over a year ago; and it was her husband, now president, Asif Zardari, who abjectly authorised the Malakand deal.

So who says that violence doesn't pay? In the course of a week, Shariah law imposed on Malakand and a Christian MEP banned in Britain. Thus the irreducible ratchet-effect, with no going back, either way.

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Column 88 and Jackboot Jacqui

An interesting article on the BNP site here about Ed Balls telling lies about a 'threat to Britain from right wing extremists ;

This is obviously typical New Labour state propaganda of the farcical Dodgy Dossier 'and 'Saddam has 45 minute WDM missiles' type we so often heard farted from the arse end of Alistair Campbell in his role as Chief Lie Master of the propaganda department of the government.

The Labour government spends 338 MILLION POUNDS A YEAR ON SPIN DOCTORS !

This is a criminal waste of money.

How many hospitals, homes and jobs for British workers does that money represent !

An analysis of the Whitehall communications machine found Labour spent £338 million a year on 3,252 spin doctors and press officers - three times as many as 10 years ago.

The Ministry of Defence has 229 communications staff, the Department for Work and Pensions 180, the Department of Health 102 and the Home Office 157. In 1996-97, the Home Office had 19 press officers.

Downing Street has seen its press team swell from seven staff under the Conservatives to 23.

Yet the Labour government still has to depend on spreading total, and farcical, bullshit in order to buttress its support amongst the media conditioned sheeple - and then the media arm of the Tory Party, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Times etc goes and reveals it is bullshit, or the BNP do an investigation and proves it is bullshit.


Yet things are even worse than this.

This week Section 75 of the Counter Terrorism Act 2008 came into effect which creates a new category of terrorism - this being terrorism undertaken in the name of a racial cause.

It appears that the aim of this New Labour spin about a threat from right wing extremists is being used to advance a case for the inculsion of this revised version of terrorism in the act.

But how will this new definition of terrorism be defined ?

For instance will it include Islamists who call for the killing of Jews, will it include those Islamist extremists that encourage their adherents to target Sikh, Hindu and young white girls for religious conversion and sexual exploitation and will it include those such as Noel Ignatiev, the professor at Harvard University who calls for the extermination of the White Race ?

Or will it be used solely to set up state run groups that set out to snare and entrap naieve and impressionable young white kids into joining extremist right wing groups and then inciting them to acts of violence - which are then 'intercepted' at opportune times for the government to publicise in order to manipulate the media and the masses.

I think we know the answer to that.

We have seen this bullshit time after time in Northern Ireland and in the 1980's with Column 88 and Red Action.

Whenever any unpopular government is in the shit it starts the same dreary and predictable ' problem - reaction - solution ' process time after time.

The re-definition of terrorism was designed to allow sections of British state security to be ordered, not asked, advised or consulted, by minions of the Labour government to infiltrate and destabilise right wing groups.

By defining a racial form of terrorism, the government can then order the police and other state agencies to treat those groups as terrorist it alone defines as terrorist groups.

This will also allow the Home Secretary, Jackboot Jacqui, to also define political organisations as terrorist organisations and put them on the proscribed list of terrorist organisations.

Therefore the true motivation for this bullshit from the government has a political goal - the eventual banning of political organisations.

Therefore one can now expect the same sort of false flag operations as seen on 911 and in Iraq.

Heres how it will play out.

Stage 1 ; The Fake State Extremist

State extremists will infiltrate both far right and far left groups. So called 'Hardcore Nationalists and Leftists' will demand a return to street violence and confronting the reds / nazis. Kids with no brains will join those groups and be fed extremist bullshit whilst being ripped off for as much cash as possible.

Stage 2 ; The Fake State War

The state extremists will send their brainwashed and gullible kids to go out and attacks members of the reds / nazis.

At the same time the state security services will be filming them, monitoring their phone calls, etc etc and at the right moment they will attack an individual (with the intent of creating a chain reaction situation of tit for tat reprisal attacks) with the MI5, SB and Terrorist Squad all watching and filming.

Stage 3 ; The Media Show

The arrests of the kids or their trials will be at a moment in time when the government is in the total shit over some situation or when the government needs to deflect peoples attention.

The government will need to set up various 'false flag' operations in order to justify its removal of democratic freedoms and to use its powers such as under the Civil Contingencies Act.

Therefore it will need many patsies set up in order to do this.

Watch out for the state Marxist who demands direct action by AFA thugs against the 'Nazis' and beware the Far Rught Fuhrer who wants his followers to 'take the fight to the reds and the Muslims'.

Both are the State.

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