Thursday 21 February 2013

The Owl Tree

Winter night exhales, a hard white hoar,
As wings on the wind, in silence kill,
A whisper in the grass below.
Upon the highest branch, its throne of sorts,
Sits an ever watchful owl that hoots,
Its hooded eyes, as razor slits await.
Horned moon watches her deadly dryad,
Between pale scuds of clotted cloud,
Raked by the slash of blood red talons.
She is the cold kiss of youths lost dream,
Caught in the claws of a hollow heart,
The rotting oak, is all that remains of me now.
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Wednesday 13 February 2013

My Thoughts on the British Democratic Party

So yet again another 'Nationalist' party arises out of the rubble of the BNP, this one known as The British Democratic Party.
Led by Andrew Brons, and with some very capable people within its ranks, unfortunately it will be yet another stillborn party - one of the many that litter the history of the British nationalist movement.
The reason why this party will fail is simple - it follows yet again the failed right wing reactionary path of all those that came before it.
Nationalists are the Rainmen Of Politics, they are political autistics unable to ever break out of the reactionary right wing cul de sac within which nationalism has ghettoised itself for five decades.
This is the tragedy of Nationalism, that whilst it has a distinct left wing ideological background and legacy, instead it has been hijacked for decades by stuffed shirts of the reactionary right.
Nationalists never learn.
Each time a new party is formed, it seeks to copy exactly the policies, image and ideology of every other reactionary right wing party that came before it.
Whilst the British electorate have New Labour, the Lib Dems, Tories and UKIP to appeal to the middle class reactionary right - there is not one political party from the Nationalist movement that seeks to gain support from the largest, most radicalised, angry and important demographic in our nation = THE WHITE WORKING CLASS.
The NF, BNP, BFP, BDP and all others of the nationalist right are all reactionary right wing ideological parties, each seeking to gain the support of the middle class and reactionary right wing voters.
What our nation needs is a SOCIAL NATIONALIST party with the same ideology as that of the Golden Dawn in Greece = one that is radical, aimed at recruiting the white working class, that seeks to support the small British business owner against the global corporations, that represents British workers, British small family owned farms against the agri-business interlopers and that represents the interests of the British nation and people as opposed to the banks and supra-national institutions like the EU, WTO, NATO, World Bank etc etc
Social Nationalism represents the British worker, British society, British families and our national community against the forces of globalism, bankster capitalism, liberalism, Marxism and Corporate Socialism.
British Socialism is a state and government that acts in the interests of the British people, workers, business and nation as opposed to the interests of the socialist / communist party - which is the basis of Marxism and Leftist Socialism.
Hitlerism was a dictatorship. Hitler was funded by the Wall street Bankers ( Link here for the evidence - ) and was an Imperialist Capitalist project.
The first victims of the Hitlerite dictatorship were not Jews, they were NATIONAL SOCIALISTS of the SA.
Here is the link that reveals the secret deal Hitler did with the industrialists and Capitalists who funded him into power - and who demanded that he murder the left wing of the NSDAP and start the mad war against the West that began with the invasion of Poland in 1939 - an invasion that of Poland that took place IN ALLIANCE with Stalin and the Communists -
The greatest lie of the 20th century is that Hitler was a 'nationalist'.
Hitler was no 'nationalist'- the primary victims of the Nazis were not Jews, they were the NATIONALISTS of all the nations the Germans invaded, those whose nationalism and patritosm ensured they would be the primary resistance to the Nazis.
Both the Nazis and Communists slaughtered Nationalists - and even worked together in Poland to hunt down and murderPolish Nationalists - links here ;,_Cooperation_and_Demarcation
Social Nationalism is the antithsis of Hitlerism. Social Nationalism does not use the power of the state to enrich the bankers, arms companies and corporations as Hitlerism did.
Social Nationalism uses the power of the state to act in the interests of British workers, British businesses and the British nation.
THE BRITISH NATIONALIST MOVEMENT MUST ENGAGE WITH AND GAIN THE SUPPORT OF THE WHITE WORKING CLASS, NOT THE REACTIONARY RIGHT MIDDLE CLASS.<blockquote> The reactionary right middle class are in the main, apathetic, cowardly and stupid.
The only radicalised voting base is the white working class - those who have been abandoned by New Labour and shafted by the offshoring, pro-globalism, cheap foreign labour importing Tories.
We need a new form of Nationalism to replace the reactionary rights obsolete ideological definition of nationalism.
The reactionary right, the bastard heirs of Thatcher, support globalist free market economics and support the old Statist model of nationalisation.
Both those models are dead.
The Free Market does not exist - what we have today is the Globalist Corporate Socialism system where the state bails out the bankers and pays off their gambling debts with our taxes.
Nor do we need more witless state nationalisation, thereby handing power over workers to the idiot socialists that run the trades unions and handing control over those industries to transient governments who would use those nationalised industries as political footballs for their own short term interests.
No, what we need is a new form of Nationalism = WORKERS NATIONALISM.
In this new form of nationalism the workers in newly created and nationalised industries OWN THE INDUSTRIES THEY WORK FOR.
The interests OF THE WORKERS come first and foremost at all times.
This would be rather like the Co-Op or Debenhams worker ownership model, where instead of the industry being owned by the sharks of the stock market or controlled by the new clutch of idiots that re-infest the Houses of Parliament every four years - the industries are owned by the workers themselves.
The longer you work for a company, the more shares you own in it. The more work you put in, the more profits you get to share.
With this new model of worker ownership and plans to create a new Industrial Revolution in Britain based on energy, agriculture, heavy industry, coal mining, new railways, infrastructure renewal etc etc we can create a whole new class of workers whose affluence as a result of their work will allow us to wipe out much of the national debt that the bankers and politicians have hoisted onto the sholuders of our children.
With this new class of workers making money from their work, communities will boom again.
What we also need to do is engage with our people outside politics, at the level of the community.
This means we need three new struggles ;
1) A social movement based on the model of Golden Dawn where they help the homeless, the creation of Hamas style social support networks in communities and the formation of a Sinnfein style model of engaging politically and personally at the community level with disenfranchised voters to create a whole new voting demographic.
2) A cultural movement like Casa Pound in Italy.
3) A new street movement like the Immortals in Germany, that engages with youth and that has festivals, gigs, clubs, youth centres etc
But none of the above form part of the ideas or ideology of any of the nationalist parties.
All they want to do is give each other important sounding titles, stuff leaflets through letterboxes, hold half empty meetings in grotty pubs and lose elections.
Nationalism has a cult like mentality.
It cannot innovate or evolve.
Its become imbued with a pathetic club life mentality, a little pond for people to swim in and pretend they are big fish.
So it will fail, as it has failed so many times before.
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