Thursday 30 October 2008

The Tiercel

The Tiercel.

Promiscuous upon the winds you pose,
Posturing little tiercel, crowd pleaser,
Impertinent and lascivious Jack,
Kiting upon the void as you kill,
You haunt the lost highways,
Roaming the rivers of petrified tar,
Fanning the sky with your pericon wings,
As flamboyant as in a flamenco,
Fluttering with such indolent ease,
The swooning sun of late September.

Delicate as a seed from a dandelion clock,
As an achene suspended in space,
Your fragile wings of silken pappus,
Flatter the wind with soft caresses,
As a hunter whispers to his victim,
Killer on the road you baile your prey,
As Fráríðr stalks the motorways,
As do all outcasts, all serial killers,
For your presence is the shadow of death,
Fluttering forth upon the evening.

Death hovered over the world, then swooped,
A sudden stoop, swift as a ballista bolt,
Revealing flick knife talons, meat rippers,
And the cruel billhook of your beak,
Each sleek edge slashing as a razor blade,
Cutting away the thin skin of your victims,
Eviscerating their inner tick and tock,
In the savage ecstasy of the extispicy,
Your pale grey executioners hood,
Is fitting for a blood hawk of the red palo.

Most sinister of all seducers, a wind lout,
Crow mobbed for your high graces,
A popinjay papingo, cock of the mast,
You feak and preen upon a telegraph pole,
Whilst from the black cannons of your eyes,
I see the grapeshot of your gaze,
A constant scourge upon the earth,
Your will is every desire in action,
For what you want, you must have,
As must a tidal wave, a wolf or a murderer.



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Wednesday 29 October 2008

Free Bart Debie - European Nationalist Hero

The story below about the Belgian VB councillor Bart Debie is a sign of how Liberalism has become Liberal Fascism, a mixture of Maoist political correctness enforced with the police state methodology of classic Fascism.

Note the fact that the Belgian state removed his civil rights, this is a classic fascistic and communist method for the creation of a totalitarian state structure. The designation of dissidents as 'Non-Persons' and the removal of their civil rights is the first stage in the extermination process.

In order to ensure that the state has the power to exterminate sections of its population it must have the power to remove their civil rights as individuals, and this is the first stage of the de-humanisation process. Once an individual is a non-person then they are not fully human. If they are not fully human then they may be killed and culled as animals are.

The fact that the Belgium state has designated political dissidents as less than human, is evidence of the direction that Liberalism is taking, and that is towards the concentration camp and the gulag.

Bart Debie is the canary in the coalmine for all European Nationalist activists.

The State is removing the mask, and the monster beneath it is finally being revealed for what it really is.

“Funny enough, one does get used to the news.”

That’s what Bart Debie told me on confirming that, yes, he has been ordered to report to a Belgian prison on Wednesday—tomorrow--to begin serving a one-year term for “racism.”

Let me explain the ghastly surrealism of this sentence as meted out to this former police officer and former Antwerp City Council Member by the Belgian state: Debie neither made the racist remarks at issue, nor was he even present during the incident. This only adds horrific dashes of Kafka and Koestler to a politically correct prosecution of a member of the political opposition by what may be best described as fascistic little Belgium. Of course, expressing incredulity over Debie's utter innocence of "racism" is not to admit to the legitimacy of such "racism" prosecutions. Any such prosecutorial curb on speech is a gross violation of freedom of speech; but there is a doubly unjust and even absurd aspect to this case given Debie's non-involvement. Hence the Kafka- and Koestler-esque touches.

But there’s also a touch of Dumas to the story. This struck me when I first listened to Debie tell his tale last summer during a visit to Antwerp, a city of about 500,000 people including some 40,000 illegal aliens mainly from Turkey and Morocco.

Once upon a time, Debie, a clean-cut and athletic-looking man of 34, was a senior police officer. When I met him, he was on the city council, but at age 25, he was the youngest police superintendant in the country who would later be nationally celebrated for leading successful police campaigns against mafia-run prostitution, human trafficking and illegal drugs organizations in Antwerp. Then came a night in 2003, after which things get both complicated and nightmarish.

I am still trying to master the facts of this five-year-plus case, but here’s how I understand the salient points: While responding to complaints about a pair of drunks, Debie and his policemen were attacked by five Turkish men wielding a baseball bat and a knife. Two witnesses testified to this attack in court. After helping to subdue and arrest the attackers, Debie was called away to supervise a SWAT team elsewhere in Antwerp, and his men returned to the station with the Turkish prisoners, who later claimed they had been beaten and subjected to racism while at the station. Debie believes the beating did indeed occur in his absence, although his ultimate conviction was for creating, as he explains it, "an atmosphere which led other people to say such things" as--get this--“Now we have five lambs here and we can slaughter them.”

Initially, Debie was given a suspended sentence in what turned out to be the first of two trials. “I was very happy with the first sentence,” Debie recalled. The policeman who admitted to making the “racist” comments went unpunished and now serves, Debie told me, on a “team for managing diversity in Antwerp.” Meanwhile, the Turks were never charged for their assault on police.

Having left police work, Debie decided to run for a seat on the Antwerp city council and, as he put it, “make Antwerp safe that way.” He ran as a member of Vlaams Belang, the Establishment-reviled conservative political party that (1) seeks Flemish independence from Belgium, and (2) opposes the Islamization of European culture which Left-wing elites in both Belgium and elsewhere in Europe actually encourage in part to help increase their own constituencies. And Debie won.

It so happens that after Debie was elected, prosecutors appealed his verdict.

Hmmm. I wonder why? Could it be part of the Belgian government’s ongoing campaign against Vlaams Belang, which, as the largest political party in Belgium, presents an continual threat of secession to Belgium (home, after all to “united Europe”) and opposition to Islamization? Even now, two of the leading members of the party, Filip Dewinter and Frank Vanhecke, are facing legal battles of their own to retain their political rights and viability against other completely bogus charges of “racism”—the favored bludgeon of PC Belgians desparate to retain centralized power.

In Debie’s case, this second time around in court, prosecutors got the racism conviction they sought—again, for remarks Debie didn’t make during the station incident Debie wasn’t present for.

And what does a convicted “racist” in Belgium do to make pay his debt to society? So far, Debie has paid fines of E30,000. He long ago lost his police career, and after this recent conviction, the government of Belgium actually stripped him of his political and civil rights for 12 years locally and five years nationally. All of which sounds, frankly, more Old Soviet than Old Europe.

Naturally, as a man without rights, Debie had to resign from the city council, which is where I came in last summer. In fact, I videotaped him standing next to his city council seat for what he expected would be the last time. He is now prohibited from running for elective office, from voting, and from working in the civil service. When we spoke, he told me he was planning to get married in 2009 and was looking into whether, without civil rights, he would even be allowed to.

But that is in the future. Tomorrow, barring unforeseen intervention, he reports to overcrowded and violent Vorst prison outside Brussels where he will be serving alongside some of Belgium’s worst criminals, a not inconsequential number of whom are what Debie wryly characterizes as his “former clients.”

This surely puts Debie’s very life at risk, a fact he has urgently pressed onto Belgian authorities, who have so far failed even to acknowledge his safety concerns.

“When I got the news [to report to the prison], I rang to the prison director,” Debie told me. “They knew exactly who I was and they told me, We are very sorry but this is the worst place you could get” assigned to. Debie has a final plea in to the Belgian Justice Minister, Jo Vandeurzen. “I’m not going to argue my sentence; I’ve accepted that,” he explained. Given the acute risks to his physical safety, however, Debie has asked Vandeurzen to allow him to serve an alternate sentence, something like street cleaning or zoo cleaning, which he says is not uncommon in Belgium.

So far, of course, he has heard nothing.

Why do I say “of course”? Unless this posting can really rattle the truffle tray in the Belgian palace, it’s hard to imagine humanitarian concerns succeeding where logic and evidence have long failed. But we can hope. (And we can call.)

Meanwhile, Debie is trying to look ahead. “Funny enough,” he said, “there is something in that after this they can’t do anything else to me. I’ll be free.”

Sooner, let’s hope, rather than later.

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Tuesday 28 October 2008

The Biggest Load of Bullshit EVER From Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips is the crowned prince of hypocrisy and bullshit.

His latest MORAL LECTURE proffered to the world and assembled masses far below his ivory tower is that the 'positive action' schemes being planned by the government will now apply to 'poor whites'.

Heres a few questions ;

1) Who are 'poor whites ' ? Does he mean the ethnic english - if he does then why not say so. The reason he doesnt say so is because as soon as he mentions the ethnic english that means he has to legally recognise their existence as an ethnic group in British society and then he will have to start investigating their social situation, and it will rapidly become clear that the ethnic english are the kids doing worst at school, the poorest, worst health problems, worst housing and that they are an ethnic minority in their own country.




Yep, thats right - its Trevor again.

The man wants to build an Race Relations Empire that enables him to personally decide who gets a job in this country, the sort of power that only a Stalin or a Hitler once had.

2)What sense does it make passing more laws to counter the existing race relations acts that enshrine already the legal requirement to employ ethnic minorities in favour of ethnic english applicants ! What we need is for the race relations acts to be scrapped and the laws and stautory duties that force employers to employ ethnic groups as a priority over ethnic english applicants be scrapped.


Note how none of these 'ideas' about 'poor whites' had ever been put forward before the Credit Crunch by either Trevor or the government or that had Harriet Harman, so we can rightly say that this is simply Trevor winging it.

What matters to Trevor and the government is simply that they hve to ensure the present system perpetuates itself, that is why the money given to the bankers was to ensure the system itself stays active and that is why this pathetic 'tokenism' idea is simply a way to ensure the White Working Class continue to vote for the same people that consigned them to poverty - the Labour government.

This whole scheme is a nest of lies, and it is simply an excercise in self preservation.

The idea that in the future 'poor whites' will be treated as immigrant colonists shows how insane the whole race relations industry has become.

Unless the British people wake up and vote out the establishment parties, then within two generations we will become an ethnic minority in our country.

The ethnic minorities who will control the country at that point will not be interested in positive discrimination laws to help the poor indigenous people of Britain, they will be taking care of themselves and putting their interests first.


Those who have voted for the Labour Party, the Tory Party and the rest of the scum and who continue to vote for them should be ashamed of themselves.

The greatest idiots in history are the British people who have voted for the establishment parties, they have literally been turkeys voting for Christmas.

To be honest they deserve all they get, but the tragedy is that their children dont.

It is their children and grandchildren who they have btrayed with their selfishness and stupidity - for their children and grandchildren will have to live in the future that they created for them.

That will be a future where the indigenous people of Britain will be a despised, revilled and hated minority who will be blamed for all the sins of the world.

They will live in a country where Islam will dominate and they will be regarded as infidels and forced to live under Dhimmitude.

They will be like the Native American Indians living on ever shrinking reservations, or riddled with drink and drug abuse like the Australian Aborigines - as the fate of all conquered peoples is always the same either subjugation or suicide.

Britain risks a surge in Right-wing extremism if it fails to help its white working class weather the recession, the equalities chief will warn today.

Trevor Phillips will break with years of political convention to call for the law to be changed to enshrine positive discrimination in favour of disadvantaged whites.

His startling intervention in the race debate is a rebuke to Harriet Harman, who earlier this year trumpeted plans to make companies discriminate in favour of women and ethnic minorities.

Mr Phillips said ministers should allow councils and education authorities to introduce 'positive action' programmes aimed specifically at young whites unable to compete with highly skilled immigrants because the 'need is so great'.

And he warned that immigration has fuelled 'resentments that are real and should not be dismissed – resentments felt by white, black and Asian'.

The chairman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission set out his thinking to the Daily Mail ahead of his appearance at a CBI event on immigration today alongside immigration minister Phil Woolas.

Mr Phillips said failure to help white families hit by the downturn could drive them into the arms of far-Right parties similar to those that have brought turmoil to Austria, Belgium and Holland.

He also warned that ministers needed to acknowledge the resentment by some whites over what they see as unfair help given to blacks and Asians.

'What we are seeing is that there is a whole group of people, a large proportion of whom are white, who are going to suffer from this crisis who are going to be the people we should want to help, particularly because they come from the wrong side of town,' he said.

'We are going to have to do something special for them. We are going to have to put extra resources where young people can't compete with migrants' skills.

'And in some parts of the country, it is clear that what defines disadvantage won't be black or brown, it will be white. And we will have to take positive action to help some white groups, what we might call the white underclass.'

And he warned: 'We know what the political consequences are because we have seen it on the Continent.

'If we ignore the fact some white groups are going to be disadvantaged we will end up with the same kind of conflicts we have seen in Austria, Belgium and now Holland, where the anti-immigrant racist Right-wing parties get a big boost.

'We need to do more to help those who are going to suffer and who will then think that the reason they are suffering is their colour.

'We need to pay attention to that white underclass that happens not to live in the right part of town.'

Politicians have long shied away from allowing positive discrimination, claiming it flies in the face of equality laws.

But its supporters claim the system is a necessary way of helping minorities finding it difficult to get a job or housing, by pushing them to the top of the queue.

In June, Miss Harman angered business leaders by revealing plans for new anti-discrimination laws.

She said she wanted to see more women and ethnic minorities promoted into senior posts and would use next year's Equalities Bill to discriminate in their favour.

Under the plans, firms will be forced to reveal the salary gap between their male and female staff to shame employers into bringing them into line.

But in what was seen as a clear 'white men need not apply', she made no attempt to suggest that whites could benefit from positive discrimination as well.

Mr Phillips said he wanted to see the bill used to help whites. And he added Miss Harman had been looking at the work of the commission.

'Positive action now in Britain is more likely to mean programmes for people who are poor, white and come from workless households than it is for East African Asians, for example,' he added.

Earlier this summer, Miss Harman insisted: 'It is important to encourage applications from minority groups, but we are strongly against positive discrimination so someone gets a job just because they are black or disabled.'

Mr Phillips also warned against allowing the economic crisis to trigger an outburst of anti-immigrant feeling in the UK.

'It's dangerous and it's divisive,' he said. He claimed immigrants could act as a 'buffer' against the impact of recession because they are more likely to return to their countries than stay in Britain and swell the unemployment register.

'If it wasn't for the fact that migrants from eastern Europe are now going home you would see a great many more people unemployed in this country,' he claimed.

Last week, Mr Woolas was forced to backtrack after suggesting that there should be a cap on the number of immigrants allowed into the country.

Last night, Mr Phillips dismissed Mr Woolas's call for a cap, saying: 'We need to control it, we need to be tough on borders but the idea is a promise no one can deliver.'

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Monday 27 October 2008

The Killing Jar

The Killing Jar.

In the kingdom of the Killing Jar,
The only crimes that remain to be broken,
Are Beauty and her precious sister Joy,
The fragile butterfly’s of fleeting seconds,
Living life to the fullest, from moment to moment,
Without fear of any self betrayal,
Or obedience to falsities and illusions,
When the moment seeks its surrender,
For those precious sisters must be plucked from the air,
Whilst their bejewelled wings are in tender flight,
And stolen away from the adoring sun,
And the eyes of simple men,
To be locked away in laws and verses,
That flutter and flatter only the vanities,
And the lies and desires of fools,
Who like their prey are pinned dead upon a page,
Their wings impaled with silver pins,
Instead of glimmering awing upon the wind.

In the kingdom of the Killing Jar,
Slow the wing flaps when trapped,
Within its clear glass tomb,
Where the executions are not with firing squads,
In town squares packed with cheering crowds
Where fat pigeons flap from the gunshots,
And church bells chime on a Sunday,
Nor in the sinister shadows of silent forests,
Where only wolves and outlaws roam,
Nor in the huts of gulags and laogai,
Where revolver and the rifle are replaced,
With the shovel and spade,
Here they are the cotton wool killings,
The passive soul extinctions,
Of countless millions,
An atrocity unfolding,
Every day that falls without freedom,
Slow the wings flap, as those tiny lungs,
Inhale the deadly fumes,
Fading fast,
The light begins to dim,
The wings continue to twitch,
Even after death.

In the kingdom of the Killing Jar,
The kings have turned freedom into a cage,
Seeking to enslave all men with lies,
Which they wrap in flags and propaganda,
Peddled from presses and service providers,
In order to deceive and delude,
The free man now made a slave,
Integrating technology as an unseen chain,
Each link on every street, a CCTV cell,
To strip away his rights and leave him naked,
In the long winter of reason,
Taken to its logical conclusion,
As a train must follow the tracks to a station,
Where only death and darkness await,
The passengers left stranded upon the platform.
Abandoned in the wastelands of Albion,
At the mercy of frost and wolves,
And prison guards in black uniforms,
Who smile is as the dark winter sun itself.

In the kingdom of the Killing Jar,
The Imagination is a blind horse,
That wanders lost in an eternal night,
Of false needs and desires,
The wheels of its chariot are mired,
In the muck of matter and denial,
Whilst the will dies as a wilted flower,
In the black waters of its well,
Poisoned by lies and the corpse of rancid reason,
That rots upon a cross of lead,
The heart is dead, a frozen cell of ice,
Whose rusted pipes no longer pump,
Life to the body and hope to the soul,
For man is just a broken machine,
A thing of meat and defects stumbling in the dark,
Reflections of eternity, imperfect creatures,
Where passion sits as an acorn asleep in its shell,
Amidst a snarl of blackthorn briars,
No green shoot arises, gushing forth,
Weeds choke the roots and steal the sun,
The sacred vine of the spine cannot blush,
With the running gold of summer wine,
Nor can the spirit seek its eternity,
Amidst the sacred landscape of the self,
And find the sanctuary of the Gods,
As a chakra upon the shining brow.

In the kingdom of the Killing Jar,
Dreams are buried before they are born,
In simple wooden boxes called ‘Conformity’,
The chloroform upon the cotton wool,
That unceasing drips from the poison bottle,
As drops of liquid, beetle black,
Is poured out of a myriad sewers,
Straight onto the page of newspapers
History books and primary school textbooks,
Venomous lines of black ink lies,
Hissing serpents of delusion,
That poison, tranquilise and kill,
Any fragile hopes of freedom,
From the confines of the Killing Jar itself.
For this is the curse of the liberal consensus,
That ravening wolf in a lambs fleece,
Nailed upon a plastic cross of compassion,
The greatest of lies in regal robes,
Crowned with thorns of gold and silver,
The king of slaves, the ruler of the damned,
The Dark Messiah of the Maggots,
We call him Parliament, the Joker in the pack,
The realm of treason and tyranny,
The last king of the kingdom of the Killing Jar,
Raised high upon his throne of lies,
Built with bricks of banks and churches.

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Saturday 25 October 2008

The Return Of The Druid

The Return Of The Druid.

In a stream of dream a sacred river ran,
Along an ancient channel, a path to the past,
It flowed deep into my very being,
Bubbling backwards to its beginning,
Time unravelling as the strands of a helix,
To the sacred source of my becoming.

From a spring upon Croagh Patrick,
My pilgrimage began, as a rain drop to the sea,
Atop that reek I ran as a rivulet,
Silver flashing down its stony flanks,
Swift as an eagle strikes its prey,
Merging into streams that slipped the stack.

Through mountain veins I chased and roared,
Scouring quartz and stealing its treasure,
Flakes of glittering dust gathered in my fingers,
Then swept away by my glistening torrents.
In the cave of Crom Cruach I heard the whispers,
Of twelve princes who await a new dawn,

When the time of our world has finally come,
And they can rise from beds of rough stone,
Unbowed before the crozier, they shall mock its lies,
And walk the land again, with power and pride.
Fed with milk and grain, the crooked head shall reign,
As High King again over the Emerald Isle.

Gushing through a gash I arrive in the sun,
As a fount of spring water, cold as ice,
Glimmering and shivering with flakes of gold,
I exult in my freedom, splashing the stones,
Granting sanctuary to the trout and pike,
And cloaking the green hills with mighty oaks.

From a crystal pollaphuca into a stream I flow,
Past where the Púca na Samhna roams,
Wild horse of the waters, spirit steed,
Foaled amidst sun and rain, as a rainbow born,
Mane of midnight black, amber eyes of sulphur,
A night mare of mayhem, prophet of the future.

In Clew Bay I found my host, my Grail,
In which my sacred spirit could incarnate,
I assumed the form of a wild salmon,
Claymore of the ocean, wave wanderer,
Who spawns amidst rivers then seeks the sea,
Running from fresh water to the salted waves.

For six long years I roamed the wild ocean,
Leapt and swam the cold waters of the Atlantic,
My clan and I hunted in a pack for our prey,
Squid, shrimp and sprats, herring and sand eels,
Were our natural bounty and sacred harvest,
Until the call of the spawn drove me to return.

Then upon the sea shore a fisherman came,
Who with rod and line lured my fighting jaw,
And feathered hook snagged me to land,
My lust reddened fins and scales shone in the sun,
As treasure drawn from the dark depths of the sea,
Rich with protein and golden precious oils.

As the shell remained dead upon the spit,
My living spirit underwent transubstantiation,
The tender pink meat upon my bones,
Carried with it my soul which was devoured,
And underwent another transformation,
From rain, to stream, to river, to salmon then to man.

Upon the Boheh Stone I sat and saw the sun,
Set afire the peak of Croagh Patrick,
And split the year in three equal parts,
Then that golden orb rolled as a ball,
Down the northern shoulder of the mountain,
Marking the seasons, sowing and harvest.

Beside a stream I sat panning for treasure,
Sifting the silt with a golden fleece for grains,
Which had slipped from the sacred mountain
In melt of sleep and flash flood of dream,
Seeking within its waters, precious nuggets,
Of its poetry plucked from deep within the rocks.

In a bend of stream nestled a placer deposit,
Where a clutch of nuggets the size of wrens eggs,
Had gathered in a nest of glittering riches,
Drawn deep from within the bowels of the earth,
Then migrated within the flowing waters,
Roosting amidst the mire as beneath an eagles wing.

I plunged my hand into that clear flow,
As a prophet into the waters of time,
And drew forth each nugget from the waters,
Twelve shining rocks of precious argent,
Each ready for the mercurial alchemical fire,
To be transformed into a higher form.

In the shadow of a scared stone circle,
I begun the sacred ritual of transmutation,.
The great work of material evolution,
With a fire stick and my breath,
Blew life into a spark and stoked the furnace,
Prepared a clay womb for its conception.

Thrice since its birth in the heart of a star,
The gold in the crucible blisters and bubbles,
In a moment transforming from a solid to a liquid,
Molten it runs, frantic as a coursed hare,
Seeking to escape its captivity in the cauldron,
As Taliesin once sought to evade Ceriddwen.

A serpent spitting with sparks and ire,
Ran from the mould as a worm of fire,
Then slithered into its womb of clay,
Hissing as it sought its escape,
The serpents egg of steam and smoke,
Addling into a precious treasure.

From the stone broke free a golden sickle,
The tool of an adept, a Druid of the Bardic tradition,
And with reverence I burnished it bright,
Until it shone as the sheen of the sun itself,
Made to cut the cord of child and moon,
It was blessed in the sea at midnight.

On the sixth day of the moon I approached the oak,
Hailed the healer and gave due praise,
The brought forth the unbound bulls,
White as milk and ripe with vigour,
Then made the sacrifice with the golden blade,
And anointed the tree with sacred blood.

I ascended that sacred oak of lightning strike,
And with my golden sickle of the sun,
Struck free the mistletoe of the moon,
Whose clusters of white ripe berries,
Hung succulent and smooth, soft as a woman’s breast,
Upon a tine of its royal stag antlers.

In a cloth of white the moon berries were caught,
And praise given to mighty Taranis,
The sun and moon upon the solstice, unified,
As in the primal act of conception,
Whose seed of all healing may now be used,
To bring life to a barren womb and stop all poisons.

The precious elixir brought forth wisdom,
Crowned the mind with spiritual truth,
The illumination of the sun itself, flowed forth,
Into the mind itself, bringing revelations,
The three sun beams of Menw the Aged,
Bright upon the shining brow of the awakened ones.

Then the legions of the eagle came,
And cut down our sacred groves,
Even the oaks of Taranis,
Were felled with their savage blows,
Greed crazed they came for gold,
Too primitive to see the real treasures

Of song and poem and art and science,
That were just a few of our accomplishments,
The beauty of women and strength of men,
These were the gold of the Druids,
Not trinkets of metal eked from the earth,
As craved by barbarian Rome, the doom of beauty.

The last of the Druids closed the circle,
His hands delivered our gold to the waters,
Returning our treasures to the earth,
Then walked into the Otherworld,
And entered once more Tír na nÓg,
Awaiting his rebirth far into the future.

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Thursday 23 October 2008

The Paedophiles Have Taken Over The Asylum

What sort of sick, degenerate pervert scumbag thinks that teaching five year olds about sex is acceptable ?

What sort of idiot thinks that exposing young children to information on drugs, at the same time as we have a media, music and movie industry that glamorises drugs, is a good idea ?

Yep, thats right politicians and teachers.

Have you ever noticed how those people who talk about sex all the time in the media, are those that look like they are least likely to be actually having sex.

Have you noticed how the people who promote the idea that young children should be taught about sex, actually look like a caricature of the stereotypical paedophile.

My views on this as an issue are ;

1) Anyone who thinks that talking to a five year old about sex is a pervert.

2) Any teacher that wants to talk to five year old about sex is a pervert.

3) Those that teach such lessons at schools should go on the Sex Offenders Register.

We have created the most degenerate, perverted society in history - this is the Paedophile Culture where perverts in the media, academia, political parties and in the establishment have created a society where children are consciously exposed to cultural materials that sexualise them.

At the same time as our society seeks to sexualise children by exposing them to sexual content at schools, in their magazines, in books, TV shows and movies and in adult culture, our society also seeks to sexualise the image of children.

This is shown by the images of models and singers such as Britney Spears who dressed as a scholgirl in her ' Hit me baby one more time' video, which appear in the media on a regular basis.

Then we have the clothing companies that manufacture childens clothing that are entirely unsuitable for young children.

At every level our society transmits and inculcates into childrens minds images and messages of sexual content, both deliberate and subliminal.

But the most insidious strategy of these sexual terrorists, is the promotion of paedophilia within schools.

The idea that teachers should be able to facilitate the transmission of sexual content to children is the antithesis of the role that is actually required for teachers - which is that schools are places where children be able to go and be able to escape any materials or sexual content and that the role of teachers is to ensure children do not have access to sexual materials.

Schools should be screening our children from Paedophile Culture and the sexual content and pollution seeping into society from the media and other sources, schools should not be facilitating the transmission of more sexual content to children.

Teachers should not be teaching children about sex, they should be ensuring that children are in safe environments where sexual materials and paedophiles are not able to access them mentally or physically.

We have a Hollywood movie system and British music industry epitomised by the scumbag writers of the NME who hero worship drug addicted talentless idiots like Pete Doherty, that glamorises drug usage and that promotes drug abuse.

At every level, from their TV's, their magazines, their music and their schools - young kids in Britain are bombarded with sexual imagery and the constant chatter of people talking about sex.

This is the slippery slope of Liberalism.

Liberalism, political correctness and the Liberal Consensus are the most dangerous and toxic remnants of the 20th Century still threatening our society, as dangerous in their own way as the abandoned nuclear reactor at Chernobyl.

The danger of Liberalism is that it has been hijacked by sexual extremists who use the rhetoric of sexual equality to disguise an agenda of sexual perversion.

The birth of the civil rights process as regards sexuality was to call for equality of rights between men and women regardless of sexuality.

The sexual rights revolution was enacted. What we are witnessing today is a campaign for the legalisation of paedophilia.

These people do not have an agenda of equality, they have an agenda of seeking the de-criminalisation of paedophilia.

The entire Paedophile Culture must be criminalised.

Those that promote the Paedophile Culture must be regarded as criminals.

The paedophiles have taken over the asylum.

People need to wake up.

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Monday 20 October 2008

Obama - the capitalist stooge

There is nothing more stupid than the public in a 'democracy' where the media is owned by corporations and is able to get politicians elected to power.

In the farsical 'democracy' of America in order to get elected into power you must be able to demonstrate the following ;

1) You are a puppet of the bankers who can be bribed with political donations to your campaign.

2) That you can and will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising with the corporate media to ensure you get elected.

3) That you insert your tongue firmly up the arse of AIPAC and demonstrate that you are a stooge of the Israeli lobby groups and that you will put the interests of Israel before those of the US.

If you dont do all three - then you aint gonna get elected.

Obama has done all three which is therefore proof that he AINT GONNA CHANGE A THING and that its business as usual for the crooks that run America.

The new boss is the same as the old boss.

The new boss may have a slightly raised melanin content than the old boss, but the new boss is as much a whore as the old boss was.

Obama is still in the pockets of the same scumbags that controlled Bush - so he aint gonna change a thing.

The bankers, Aipac and the media will still control America - so there aint gonna be no change you dumb shits.

Take Obama's latest supporter Colin Powell.

This is the man who lied in the UN about the WMD in Iraq and who drivelled the most disgusting lie in history when he said Iraq had weapons that could hit the West in 45 minutes.

It was Colin Powell who was the architect and sponsor and propagandist for the Iraq War, he was the little Drummer Boy banging his drum in the media and the UN for WAR, WAR, WAR, BABY !

Yet now he endorses Obama, the supposed anti-war candidate.

That is a bit like having Dracula as a supporter of the Anti-Vampire Party.

I wonder if its because 'e is blak innit', that Obama gets his vote.

So much for whites having to vote for non-white candidates in order to demonstrate their anti-racist credentials, yet when a black candidate comes along Oprah, Powell ( a republican) all become supporters of the Black candidate.

Kinda reminds you of the O J Simpson murder trial dont it, when all the blacks in the US were saying ' he is innocent' and the whites knew he was guilty.

What a shame for the blacks in the US that OJ went and wrote a book boasting about how he did the murders in order to profit from it.

The fact that Obama is crowing about having powell support him is a sure sign the guy is an idiot.

If he truly was against the war then he would say ' On your bike Powell, you were the main propagandist and exponent of the war, having you on board with us is like having having OJ Simpson run a campaign against domestic violence '.

Yet the supposed anti-war Obama wants Powells support - which just goes to show that Obama has no principles and is just another opportunist self serving politician.

No doubt the media will not point out that the anti-war Obama having the person responsible for propagandising the Iraq War on board with him is an act unparalleled hypocrisy , staggering in its breathtaking chutzpah.

Thats the joy of having a corporate media - little things such as exposing the bullshit of politicians is hidden to make sure they retain credibility with the morons and lemmings who vote for them.

The other issue of Obama is who funds him.

Obama is supposed to be for the working man, so why is he being funded by the bankers who have destroyed the American economy and who have put millions of working people into homelessness and poverty ?

Obama boasts about raising 160 million dollars in a week for his campaign - that demonstrates to me the man is a sick, evil and twisted bastard.

If he had any sense of decency he would donate that money to the poor of America, so that people could get hospital treatments and stay in their homes instead of using it to pay for TV adverts and enrich the same scumbag corporate media who promote him.

The bankers give millions to Obama as the media promote him as a candidate who can win the election, Obama then pays the corporate scum media millions of dollars for advertising and they then promote him as a candidate to win the election thereby guaranteeing that he will get more millions in donations to be given straight back to the media for more adverts.

Its a circle of iniquity and corruption that is evil.


I wonder if that snivelling sack of shit Michael Moore will do a documentary about how Obama, the bankers and the media are all whores making money of the American public. I doubt it.

Barack Obama’s top campaign contributor is the international Finance firm of Goldman Sachs led by Larry Blankfein.

Three-fourths of John McCain’s top 20 contributors are New York international bankers, including Goldman Sachs.

Both Obama and McCain have benefited from over 2 million dollars of donations from the same banks which are now being subsidised by the US government.

The tax payers give billions of dollars to the banks and then the bankers give millions to Obama to get him elected into office.

We all know that Obama will protect those who fund him now - and that this oney is how such politicians are bought and paid for.

If Obama had a single shred of decency he would give that 160 million dollars to the poor of America instead of using it to subsidise the corporate media.

If he had a single human aspect to his soul he should give all the money donated to him from the bankers straight to the charities in America that help the homeless - but he wont,

thats because he is just another political whore master son of a bitch scumbag.

Instead Obama will get elected because of the bankers money and he wil lick their hands for his reign as supinely as a dog licks the hand of his master.

Obama is a stooge - McCain is a stooge.

America deserves all it gets.

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UFO's dont exist - so why are firing missiles at them ?

Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released

• US pilot was ordered to fire missiles at blip on screen

• MoD makes papers public after enthusiasts' pleas

* Ian Sample, science correspondent
* The Guardian,
* Monday October 20 2008
* Article history

On a cloudy night in Kent, Milton Torres, a US air force fighter pilot based at RAF Manston, was scrambled to intercept a UFO. Ordered to go full throttle towards East Anglia, within minutes he was 15 miles from a mysterious blip that looked as big as a B-52 bomber on his screen. He was ordered to fire a full salvo of 24 missiles, but before he could, the object vanished.

Details about the incident, on May 20, 1957, appear among 19 files released by the Ministry of Defence and newly revealed by the National Archives. It is the second tranche of UFO files to be made public since a handful were released in May.

The reports range from the bizarre to the intriguing. There is the Alitalia pilot who shouted to his co-pilot to "look out" as a brown, missile-shaped object shot past the cockpit, and a sketchy self-portrait of a pointy-eared woman in a gown, who told the MoD she had crashlanded on Earth during the second world war, having left her home planet of warrior women.

The MoD released the files, covering 1986 to 1992, after a flood of requests from enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists who are convinced the truth is out there.

Details of the East Anglia event only emerged after Torres, who was warned never to mention it, did discuss it with a military historian at a reunion at RAF Manston in 1988. The MoD, whose policy until 1967 was to destroy UFO files every five years, had no data on the event.

An account from Torres, now 77 and living in Florida, describes his anxiety at failing to fire after struggling to read codes on a scrap of paper in the cockpit of his F-86D plane. "It was totally black and the lights were down for night flying. I used my flashlight, still trying to fly and watch my radar. To put it quite candidly, I felt very much like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest," he said.

David Clarke, a UFO expert at Sheffield Hallam University, said: "If the UFO had turned out to be a civil aircraft that had strayed off its course, it could have been a major international incident, and yet it's been airbrushed out of history."

He believed the pilot was a guinea pig in a test of the Palladium system, developed by the US to make "phantom" aircraft appear on Soviet radars.

Another incident in Britain, in April 1991, recorded a captain of an Alitalia airliner, flying at an altitude of more than four miles on route to Heathrow from Milan, seeing a missile-like object. At first this was labelled "cruise missile?" but it was quickly found not to be a military weapon. There were a number of similar sightings within the next six months. Four passengers on a Dan Air Boeing 737 spotted a "wingless projectile" flying under their plane.

Other papers reveal the MoD's sensitivity to military helicopters taking pictures of crop circles, which they feared would undermine the line that the government had no interest in the phenomenon.

Documents also relate how a Tina Turner concert triggered a spate of UFO sightings in London in 1989, and how one person was "contacted by aliens" descended from "legendary feathered serpents from ancient Peru".

Clarke said the papers showed the government could not conceal anything and that people were not going to find "that elusive bit of evidence that proves we're being visited by aliens".

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The Fascist Uprising

There is in this country a fascist impulse within our political and social systems.

It is not a fascism of the right though, it is a fascism of the liberal left and it is even more dangerous than the stiff right armed, goosestepping variety as it is much more insidious and covert.

The reason why the media constantly call the BNP fascist and nazi, is simply to divert peoples attention from the true fascists and fascism in our society.

The more the government calls the people who oppose it fascist, the more fascist the government begins.

This fascism lies routinely to its own people ;

Figures to be published by the Home Office this week will massively understate the scale of the problem.

Data provided to The Sunday Telegraph by nearly every police force in England and Wales, under freedom of information laws, show that the number of firearms incidents dealt with by officers annually is 60 per cent higher than figures stated by the Home Office.

Last year 5,600 firearms offences were excluded from the official figures. It means that, whereas the Home Office said there were only 9,800 offences in 2007/8, the real total was around 15,400. The latest quarterly figures, due to be released on Thursday, will again exclude a significant number of incidents.

The explanation for the gulf is that the Government figures only include cases where guns are fired, used to "pistol whip" victims, or brandished as a threat.

Thousands of offences including gun-smuggling and illegal possession of a firearm - which normally carries a minimum five-year jail sentence - are omitted from the Home Office's headline count, raising questions about the reliability of Government crime data.

This liberal fascism is a state where the police and security services have been subverted and are now in the pay of the political elite.

I remember when New Labour came to power and its whining about the files held by MI5 on its own members such as Jack Straw, yet under New Labour the security state has expanded to the point where the government now sends in covert police teams to take secret DNA samples from peoples houses, such as by rifling through their underwear in the washing bin to get a semen sample ;

MI5 and the police may be allowed to secretly collect genetic samples from items such as cigarette butts and teacups under new laws that could massively expand the national DNA database.

The powers would allow investigators to break in to suspects’ homes to collect DNA which could then be shared with foreign governments to check for links to crime and terrorism.

The new law, being discussed by Parliament, would mean the ‘stolen’ samples – thousands of which have already been taken by the security services – would be admissible in court and at a stroke hugely expand the Government’s controversial DNA database.

At the same time as this the government are going to introduce farsical law such as forcing people to show a passport to the shop when you want to buy a mobile phone ;

Everyone who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance.

Phone buyers would have to present a passport or other official form of identification at the point of purchase. Privacy campaigners fear it marks the latest government move to create a surveillance society.

A compulsory national register for the owners of all 72m mobile phones in Britain would be part of a much bigger database to combat terrorism and crime. Whitehall officials have raised the idea of a register containing the names and addresses of everyone who buys a phone in recent talks with Vodafone and other telephone companies, insiders say.

It is a pity that the fascists in the government who are planning this nonsense have not seen the new film Body Of Lies yet.

The plot has a very interesting statement to make about the growing reliance on electronic communications and interceptions as part of the security state.

The terrorism of tomorrow will be Taliban Terrorism, a terrorism where communications and planning will not be done by any electronic communications at all.

People will communicate with each other by dead letter drops, by codes in mail or simply be speaking to each other face to face and using note books to write what they want to say which can then be burnt.

The creation of the electronic fascist surveillance state and our reliance on its mechanism is an act of utter folly.

The primary threat we face is from a people who have learnt that the reliance and use of modern technology is to open a door for their enemies to see, hear and understand what they are doing at all times.

The idea they will not reassess their tactical plans and operations in light of this reality is sheer stupidity.

The more the liberal fascist state relies on electronics to defeat terrorism, the quicker the terrorists will shift to new tactical methodologies where they use electronic communications as a way to mislead, divert and obscure what they are really doing.

Whilst the police and security services will focus on the 'chattering terrorists' who talk rubbish on their phones, make false plots etc etc to draw in the security services and divert them away from the real terrorists - the real terrorists will avoid any use of any electronic communications at all.

The chattering terrorists will build up networks of bullshitters whose role will be to draw in teams of security service operatives who will watch them whilst the real terrorists will work in total silence in the background.

The more the fascist state builds up the surveillance society, the more the real terrorists will cease to use the modern tools of communication which the state will focus in on.

The simple truth is that the British state and its fascist impulse will never defeat terrorism.

This is because it does not have the will to defeat terrorism.

It will not deport the terrorists, it will not deport the terrorist funders, supporters and sympathisers, it will not execute the terrorists and it will not stop the funders of terrorism such as Saudi Arabia from building centres of indoctrination where religious ideologies sympathetic to terrorism are peddled to people and taught to people.

The liberal fascist state thinks that by building a fascist security infrastructure that treats ALL its own citizens as potential terrorists, that it can therefore claim it is not 'racist' or 'islamphobic' - yet this fascist state structure treats all of us criminals, it robs us of our dignity and privacy and places so much power in the hands of unelected and unaccountable apparatchiks of the security systems that in effect the government has created a 'Shadow Government' within our nation.

This Shadow Government is not able to be investigated, held to account for its crimes or able to removed by the people voting on whether what they are doing is wrong - this Shadow Government is above the law itself.

There is no-one policing the policemen.

This Shadow Government is the terrorists greatest victory, for its creation means the terrorists have turned all of us into criminals.

The state now sees its own people as the criminals, whilst in the name of security it creates systems that are above the law.

In our society only the terrorists and the security services are now above the law - and both the terrorists and the security services regard the ordinary person as a criminal, a pawn in their game.

At the moment this monstrous mechanism is built, the terrorists will shift tac\tics and leave it just a parasitic vampire of system to be used by the minions of the security state and politicians for their own whims and means.

The fascist state has been built - but it was never built under fascism.

The Gestapo can be see as incompetent amateurs with their card file indexes and telephone listening.

The security state is something that Hitler or Stalin or Mao would have used, and yet only under New Labour and in a Liberal Democracy could such a system have been built.

There is no democracy anymore, their is just the fascist state and its liberal quizlings.

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Sunday 19 October 2008

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism.

Two wolves were sat upon the East, Skoll and Hati,
The sun dogs of death waiting for Ragnarok,
When their muzzles will maw the sky jewel,
And gorge on its glittering gold blood,
Sup the slaughter dew of flame and fire,
Ushering in the Fimbul winter, the feast of ravens.
Then the sky itself became a revelation,
I saw the cogs and gears of a Greek machine,
Which are the inner workings of eternity,
The sun wheel circling as a flywheel,
Within its mighty celestial mechanism,
The ticking of time marked by moon and stars,
Upon its precious face of iron and pearl,
As are Nemea, Isthmia, Pythia and Olympia,
Etched upon the Olympiad dials of the Antikythera machine,
The orbit of planets, its springs and counter balance,
The beauty of its design centred around the sun.
For a moment it was as if the universe were opened,
And all its intricacy revealed, as a pocket watch
When opened reveals the movements of time itself,
The sky as an immense computer, its motion perfect,
Sweeping into infinity until the clouds shifted,
and its silver clock case closed in on itself,
Hiding its beauty beneath a pale blue veil of sky.

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Thursday 16 October 2008

The Torture Machine

I have always despised Sylvia Plaths poem 'Daddy' as the self indulgent whining of a perverted soul.

Her generation were abused children who became abusing adults, they were forced to choke on the images of the Holocaust until they became suicidal self haters. Such a system of mental torture is a crime against humanity.

It is this crime that the liberal consensus is built upon, for its power is a product of inculcated middle class liberal guilt and shame.

In almost all poems and literature the State is described as a 'fascist father', yet this is anachronistic nonsense. The State now is a Nanny State, a medusa that turns us all to stone in the name of its latest fetish from anti-racism to green politics.

The state is a female, a monstrous creature that aborts its own children, the rights and liberties it is made from.

The female in poems is almost always described as gentle, but in reality the female is a cruel creature that aborts its own babies with nonchalence for the most trivial reason - from money to fashion.

Liberalism is a torture machine.

The Torture Machine.

Mummy says YES, mummy says NO,
Mummy locks me in a cage,
When I don’t do as I am told,
Mummy tells me what is true,
Mummy tells me what is right,
Mummy is the hand that slaps,
And that rocks the cradle at night.
Mummy pops the silver skin of a packet,
And swallows an abortion pill,
She is the murderer that excretes,
My siblings into her red rags,
Then waves them for the workers,
Turning them into socialist flags.

Mummy is no fascist,
With an armband of red, white and black,
Mummy banned the swastika,
Only for our own good,
Mummy made us learn by rote,
In the playground of the wretched
The rules of political correctness,
With building blocks of cloth,
That spell out ‘ Believe, Obey, Consume’,
She emerged the victor of the Long March,
Now she wears the red star as the jewel,
Sparkling like a ruby in her crown.

Mummy was a hippie,
Who wore flowers in her hair,
And loved Marx in her heart,
With a poster of Stalin pinned upon a wall,
She sung the red flag at dinner parties,
And applauded the Great Terror,
As the gulags gorged on millions,
A white wind howled across the Steppes,
Frosting breath into frozen clots,
Until the spirit shivered free,
Into the warm embrace of death,
Blood soaked the Siberian tundra,
As a red tide rose in terrors flood,
Then ran into a valley of death,
Drowning the dawn itself.

Mummy is now a liberal,
Who wants rights for all,
Except those she defines as fascists,
And the enemies of the state,
Who must be butchered in the streets,
Like stray dogs in a cull,
Rounded up in pogroms and silenced,
Bound with rules and laws,
Their mouths filled with molten lead,
So that they may not speak,
Of what is happening,
On the other side of the wall.

Mummy dropped acid,
With The Brotherhood of Eternal Love,
But the only gate she ever opened,
Was into the Dachau of herself,
Walking with her sisters, Terror and Rout,
She choked on tear gas in Grosvenor Square,
It was the first time she cried,
Like a real human being,
Though not for her own children,
But the children of the enemy,
Who were busy shooting fascists,
In the back of the neck.

Mummy thought she was a Jew,
For she was forced to suckle,
On a dry tit of death porn ,
That pumped the toxic milk of misery,
Propaganda films of fly blown bodies,
Into her mind and soul,
From nursery to university,
Until her life was no longer her own,
Just a silver screen of images,
Projected, reflected, perverted,
Stealing the breath from the lips of the dead,
Until she became an inmate,
In her very own concentration camp of self hate.

Mummy was dead before she was born,
Abandoned at the gates of Auschwitz,
She walked the world alone with ghosts,
Singing a song for Stalingrad,
She worshipped Warsaw but never wept for Gaza,
Her logic was illogical,
And hypocritical in the extreme,
A cell of abstract rights made a system,
She wired my soul with self loathing,
As a machine for her own thoughts,
Until nothing true remained of me,
And nothing true of her.

Mummy had shining eyes like searchlights,
Peering down from a guard tower,
We were trapped in the agony of her love,
Her arms were snarls of barbed wire,
That wrapped us all in a cruel embrace,
A lie that called itself compassion,
Yet killed everything she ever loved.
Mummy you became a monster,
Because you only ever saw the monster,
That lived inside of you,
So you became a Medusa,
Turning all your children into stone,
So that they may never speak,
Of what they had seen you do.

Mummy is the dark heart of winter,
The cycle that returns to its start,
As a wolf returns to sniff the corpse of its kill,
Mummy built for us her death camp,
And taught us to call it home.
Mummy is now the nanny state,
And each new law her spawn,
That binds our tongue with thorns,
Removing our rights and freedoms,
To ensure our fearful silence,
And shuddering submission,
Whilst suckling her many serpents,
She smiles whilst killing her young.

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The Black Owl

The Black Owl.

Strangers abroad beware the black owl,
The sinister spirit of England’s wildwoods,
Lord of the Night crowned with a full moon,
Whose wings span the worlds as guide,
For souls who walk the narrow bridge of death,
Towards the realm of rest and rebirth.

Seer of the soul who sees all at midnight,
And delves the dark depths of its wisdom,
Whose ghost feathers are illusions,
Sheathing a secret of man skin and bone,
Who sits upon a mound of fresh turned dirt,
Conversing in silence with the dead below.

A totem bird of burnished obsidian,
A fetish of feathers feted by the wind,
Who sweeps the night upon sable pinions,
Hissing with spite as it hunts for lost souls,
Then haunts a juju house of hollowed yew,
Lightning struck and fire burnt.

One night I chanced upon a Parliament,
Whose stare met within a stone circle,
A round table of Knights, guardians of Albion,
Their shrieks and whistles a Druid tongue,
Spoke of the stars and the end of time,
Merlin of the Nemeton, master in their midst.

Fearful as a vole of those black talons,
Razor tipped as spears with sudden death,
I spied in silence whilst those wizards met,
As pagan mists of ill omen drifted,
My heart fluttered as a trapped sparrow,
Within the bone barrel of my chest.

Then swift as thought one sought to strike,
Swooping down from darkness, talons splayed,
Threw eight black blades into my face,
Unsheathed to rake and blind, cut and slice,
Drew back from the kill only as I arose,
Realising it had mistaken my fear for prey.

Yet three of those talons had made their mark,
And cut three scars upon my pale brow,
From which a single drop of blood arose,
As red as the temper of Taranis it bloomed,
And sat as a tilak seed upon the seat of my soul,
Opening a doorway to the Otherworld.

In a dream that black owl came drifting back,
As an outlaw arising from my subconscious,
With blazing lantern eyes of ruby afire,
Wise Merlin from Anwnn with a secret to tell,
Sat upon a bedpost whispering in my ear,
And left upon my pillow an ebony feather,

I awoke with a prophecy within my mind,
Given by that wanderer from the shadow side ;
When a black fox and black owl haunt the land,
And the sons of England die in desert sands,
Whilst traitors wage war within our borders,
Then Herne the Hunter will return, sword in hand.

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Tuesday 14 October 2008

The Interrogation

The Interrogation.


Like the sound of a rifle bolt,
Dragging a round into the chamber,
A tape recorder I think.
I cannot see, a blindfold
Of black cloth binds my eyes.




The spools in the cassette tape turn slowly,
Grinding like a power drill into bone.

A door opens behind my back.

Three sets of footsteps enter the room.

A chair is drawn across the floor,
Squealing like a rat in a trap,
Its back broken by the mechanism.

The shuffling of papers.

The sudden rasp and flare of a match,
A splutter of light through the cloth,
Splinters. Nothing more.
Like white phosphorous sparks from a bomblet,
Burrowing into skin.

The usual routine.

My hands are handcuffed,
To the wooden arms of my chair,
As if under orders,
The metal chafes and cuts,
Deep into my flesh.

The wheels of justice are in motion,
Mocking justice.

The interrogation begins.

Name, address and date of birth she barks.
I cannot remember.
I must not say.

No Comment.

No comment.

No comment.

Then a punch breaks my nose,
The bone cracks and splinters,
Blood gushes down my face,
Warm and salty as the sea.

No comment.

No comment.

Each breath tastes of iron,
Drawn through a thin grill of gristle,
And blood clot crusts my lips,
Sticking like napalm
To my skin.

No comment.

A fist strikes again,
Rising and falling,
As a flag on a parade ground,
At dusk and dawn.

No comment.

I take the salute and its torture,
Until pliars pull my teeth from the gums,
Leaving them as empty as a trench after an advance,
Each tooth lined up like dead soldiers,
Who are casualties on a battlefield.

Sign the statement.

Sign the statement.

A leather cord is tied around my neck,
Tightening until I pass out.
Time and time again.
Until I am awoken wth buckets of cold water,
poured over my head.

Sign the statement.
Okay I whisper, from a distance
Far away from myself.


Like the sound of a rifle bolt,
Withdrawing a fired shell from the chamber,
That tumbles with a tendril of smoke,
To the earth,
With a whirr of rewind.

The handcuffs are unlocked.
The chair kicked away.

I fall to the ground and break my arm,
On the cold concrete floor.

I am pulled by a leash like a dog.
Hands drag me by my hair into daylight.
I can hear the roots being torn from my scalp,
As my people are torn from their land.
As humanity from a heart during war.

Shards of light enter my eyes,
Through the dark material,
As glass shards from a car window screen,
Shatter when hit with .50 calibre bullets.

I can smell flowers,
Roses in bloom,
Cigarette smoke,
An American brand of course.

I hear a voice, Iraqi from Basra,
he is complaining to another man,
He wants to go home to his wife and kids,
He is sick of this job but it pays the bills,
I hear the hate in his voice.

I hear his footsteps draw near,
Perhaps I have killed his family,
with one of the bombs I have made,
left his children dead or maimed,
in the name of Allah and Iraq.

I hear the sound of a safety catch retracted,
Nothing more.

The same process everywhere,
Every day,
In some prison cell,
We call freedom.

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The Flick Switch Generation and The Wicker Man

The mission to create a totally self-regulating market economy is predicated on the assumption that both the human beings and natural environment are turned into pure commodities, that is, they are freely bought and sold.

Karl Polyani - The Great Transformation

Polanyi emphatically underlined that a completely self-regulating market, which was fully disembedded from the society was nothing but a chimera. It could not be realized in reality.

In his own words, “Our thesis is that the idea of a self-adjusting market implied a stark utopia. Such an institution could not exist for any length of time without annihilating the human and natural substance of society; it would have physically destroyed man and transformed his surroundings into a wilderness. Inevitably, society took measures to protect itself, but whatever measures it took impaired the self-regulation of the market, disorganized industrial life, and thus engendered society in yet another way. It was this dilemma which forced the development of the market system into a definite groove and finally disrupted the social organization based upon it.”

The Second Great Depression that has begun is the sloughing of an age.

As the death rattle of the capitalist relic of the cheap oil boom of the 20th Century topples into the tar fields of fossilisation, finally we are forced to evolve as a society, as a nation and as a civilisation.

The Petro-Dollar Recycling System and the Proportional Reserve Banking System of perpetual expanding debt built upon it is dead.

Carl Jung wrote that great events in history cast shadows forwards before they occur.

The Second Great Depression is the shadow of Peak Oil, casting its darkness right before we plummet over the edge of it.

The old ideologies are all dead buried, from Consumerism to Communism, Fascism to Capitalism they all lay mouldering in their graves of history.

They have done their job in taking us to the brink, now we must plunge over into the abyss if we are to rise again.

To seek to sustain or perpetuate the present system and its structures and mechanisms, is seek to resurrect a corpse.

The system is dead, and even if it were somehow enabled to live a little longer, it would be merely to delay the inevitable.

A new ideology awakens, that of Environmental Nationalism.

The new nationalism that will arise to replace the archaic political totems and economic fetishes of the present order must be a system that is evolutionary and organic.

It must set itself the goal of a revolutionary national renewal that seeks to place the laws of the natural order at its heart, rather than the ideological idiocy of the Liberal Consensus, Political Correctness, Free Market Capitalism, Consumerism, Liberalism etc etc and the rest of the living dead.

The decision of the US and UK governments to try and spend their way out of this crisis by printing more fake money based on increasing public debt that will merely increase inflation, is an act of utter folly.

The First Law of Economics is that ' You cannot Borrow your way out of debt '.

The old order is dead, and with it the economic mis-management systems that were built upon it.

The billions the British government have spent under the clod Brown, should be spent on two things ;

1) Building an national renewable energy system where we are 100 % self sufficient for our energy needs

2) Building a network of integrated transport systems to replace the car and the urban work and home systems built for the car and the car economy.

The money we spent would then have been recouped within less than five years from the savings in the exports of our national currency reserves to foreign oil and gas producing nations eg Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Instead the clod Brown decided to throw good money after bad into the pit of the banking system.

He only did this as the Labour Party is financed and controlled by the bankers and the hedge funds that subsidies its existence.

The Labour Party know that if the money from the hedge fund traders were also not going into the coffers of the Conservative Party, it would collapse from its own debts overnight. That would leave the BNP to replace the Tory Party.

The establishment has no choice but to subsidise the same criminals that subsidise it.

Today you can hear the pigs squealing.

The pig bankers and the pig politicians that created this crisis know that the trough is almost empty.

Feeding time is almost over, now comes the slaughterman to turn the pigs into pork.

We have become complacent in the West.

Somatised and tranquilised upon the bibulous meniscus of the economic expansion of the Cheap Oil Era, we were like the smack head junkies that haunt our streets.

We thought the party would never come to end, that the oil would always flow cheap and thick and credit would always be available when we wanted it.

Thatcherism was simply based on the money from North Sea Oil - there never was a Thatcher economic miracle. All she did was squander the money made from oil on subsidising the bankers who created this crisis.

Under Thatcherism we wasted all that money that should have been spent on building an alternative energy system and an industrial base built upon those energy systems.

Now are running out of North Sea oil and are dependent on foreign energy to keep our lights on.

The same economic system has been sustained by Blair and Brown. They are all as guilty as each other. The Old boss is the same as the New boss.

What we have defined as 'status' and 'wealth' in our degenerate society as a result of the last three decades of treason, is nothing more than the Mark Of Cain, for the rich have grown rich stealing the future from their grandchildren.

Didnt any of them think that one day someone would have pay the bill ?

In less than two generations we have gone from a nation that was able to feed itself, supply all of its own energy needs, fight as an independent army and control its own borders to a nation where we import nearly half our own food from abroad, are a net importer of energy, are unable to sustain a war on two fronts either abroad or at home and where we have lost control of our own borders to the point where we no longer know how many people are even in the country.

In the historical blink of an eye this is where Consumerism, socialism and capitalism have led us.

I say throw the whole damn lot into the Wicker Man along with all of its technicians, acolytes and lickspittles.

This winter the lights will start to go out as the power stations are unable to supply all the electricity people require.

Old people will die of hypothermia in their thousands, in the annual cull of capitalism where the weak, the poor and the old are allowed to freeze to death whilst empty office blocks are heated to tropical conditions to keep the pot plants alive.

The masses will be watching EastEnders or Coronation Street and then everything will go black.

They will sit in shock for a while, then anger and then finally fear.

They will struggle to remember where they kep the candles. They will look for old woolen jumpers that have been kept in the back of the wardrobe for years. They will huddle around blankets in chimneyless luxury apartments turning blue.

The Flick Switchers will struggle hardest to cope.

They are those who have been raised from birth in the 'Flick Switch Society' where they have grown used to having what they want, when they want it at the flick of a switch - from fame, cheap credit to electricity. They will suffer the most.

That mewling pathetic spawn of Consumerism, the TV babies, will finally awaken to the real world.

No more spangle and sparkle , no more X Factor and Camp Rock, no more Hollywood glitter Porn Star dreams, no more MTV miscegination, no more cheap credit and expensive cars - just the bitter taste of reality.

But the primary victim of all this will be the Liberal Consensus and the Liberal Society itself.

Both of those artefacts of the past will be buried in this earthquake.

It not into an Age of Austerity where we are going, it is into an Age of Reality.

An age of living with the limits of the Natural Order, an age of National Liberty and the dawn of an national environmental revolution.

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George Monbiot - profiting from the apocalypse

Our thesis is that the idea of the self-regulating market implied a stark utopia. Such an institution could not exist for any length of time without annihilating the human and natural substance of society; it would have physically destroyed man and transformed his surroundings into a wilderness.

Karl Polanyi - The Great Transformation, 1944.

Great article from George Monbiot below, it is a tragedy that a man so intelligent can still be wedded the idiotic ideology of the Left and Liberalism.

The problem for George and all Environmentalists is that the one solution they know will work is the one solution they will never accept - NATIONALISM.

For George and the eco-reds their care for the global environment is secondary to their emotional connections to the ideology of liberalism. For George any ideology that could in actual reality through rationalism save the planet, but which conflicts with his emotions, cannot be tolerated.

George likes multi-culturalism in Britain, george has travelled all around the world and has many friends who are non-British, George has many immigrant friends in Britain, George is adored by the left and the liberals, George has enjoyed the benefits of a world without borders as he is rich, white and over priveliged - and George cannot surrender his emtional connections to those things nor those priveliges they bring him and the money he makes from the books, articles and lectures he gives in the capitalist system.

George is in fact a joke. Whilst George makes a career out of peddling books and articles that pontificate about caring for the planet, george has probably one of the largest carbon footprints on the entire planet. Whilst he will never advocate any rational system of ecological nationalism that will work, he will bang on about the problem untul his bank account is a black as the ash of a dead rainforest.

George is in fact a whore, who peddles the the spectre of an ecological apocalypse whilst laying with the same people who are causing the crisis.

The only way set up a system of basic equal per-capita rights linked to an ecological footprint (as an extension of the right to life) in a way that provides a framework that limits economic growth to the same level as sustainable natural resource use is through the mechanism of Nationalism.

Having an open borders policy and unlimited immigration coupled with an ever expanding population, demands for rising standards of life and incomes and ever increasing resource competitions equates to eventual eco-cide.

The only way to create a social system based on the fair and equitable distribution of environmental resources is through nationalism.

A nation can undertake an environmental audit over its entire territory and then distribute such resources to the population of that nation. Having an open door policy on immigration places an infinite demand upon finite national resources.

This is not rocket science - an ever increasing population will consume more resources faster than a shrinking population. Therefore a shrinking population will be able to have a greater share of the resources than an expanding population.

If nations should be awarded access to natural resources based not on the brute chance facts of their geography, but based on how effiiciently they use them to generate social value, then such a system can only be nationalist.

The nation state is the only mechanism which can defend the national environment from international corporations, international migrations of human being, resource overuse and depletion from individual land owners within the nation state and only nations can ensure the just and equitable distribution of wealth and profits made from the national environment to the people of that nation.

At every level the nation state and its systems and structures are the only mechanisms that work to defend the national environment both from outside forces and inside forces that would exploit and destroy the national natural envronment itself.

At the same time the borders that nationalism can erect around the nation state can ensure that imports of products into the nation made with environmentally damaging means, from environmentally prohibited areas, that are protected environmental resources etc etc can be stopped from ntering the markets of the nation state.

A world without borders is a world without governments, a world with out borders and governments would simply mean that goods and products made in environmentally damaging ways can simply move at will around the planet from market place to market place. Just as drugs, sex slaves and ilegal weapons have increased in flow into our nations since the borders of the individual EU nation states were dismantled, the removal of all national borders of the world would ensure that the destruction of the global environment would simply be accelerated.

The EU example shows us that removing the natural impediments to the flow of drugs, guns and people smugglers which were national borders, has meant that the flow of such evils has merely increased into our nations.

A world without borders is a world where only evil flourishes.

Nationalism ensures capitalism is controlled, that international corporations do not devour our national resources, that socialists and liberals do not allow millions of immigrants to enter our nations and act as plagues of locusts to strip away our wealth and environment in name of cheap votes for the labour party and cheap workers for the tories.

We must move our metrics of capital value so that money reflects our ability to produce our own green energy supplies from renewable energy sources as a bare minimum.

The only solution is Nationalism.

Yet George as a whore of the system will never admit this.

Instead he will keep peddling the apocalypse whilst profiting from it.

This stock collapse is petty when compared to the nature crunch

The financial crisis at least affords us an opportunity to now rethink our catastrophic ecological trajectory

George Monbiot The Guardian, Tuesday October 14 2008

This is nothing. Well, nothing by comparison to what's coming. The financial crisis for which we must now pay so heavily prefigures the real collapse, when humanity bumps against its ecological limits.

As we goggle at the fluttering financial figures, a different set of numbers passes us by. On Friday, Pavan Sukhdev, the Deutsche Bank economist leading a European study on ecosystems, reported that we are losing natural capital worth between $2 trillion and $5 trillion every year as a result of deforestation alone. The losses incurred so far by the financial sector amount to between $1 trillion and $1.5 trillion. Sukhdev arrived at his figure by estimating the value of the services - such as locking up carbon and providing fresh water - that forests perform, and calculating the cost of either replacing them or living without them. The credit crunch is petty when compared to the nature crunch.

The two crises have the same cause. In both cases, those who exploit the resource have demanded impossible rates of return and invoked debts that can never be repaid. In both cases we denied the likely consequences. I used to believe that collective denial was peculiar to climate change. Now I know that it's the first response to every impending dislocation.

Gordon Brown, for instance, was as much in denial about financial realities as any toxic debt trader. In June last year, during his Mansion House speech, he boasted that 40% of the world's foreign equities are now traded here. The financial sector's success had come about, he said, partly because the government had taken "a risk-based regulatory approach". In the same hall three years before, he pledged that "in budget after budget I want us to do even more to encourage the risk takers". Can anyone, surveying this mess, now doubt the value of the precautionary principle?

Ecology and economy are both derived from the Greek word oikos - a house or dwelling. Our survival depends on the rational management of this home: the space in which life can be sustained. The rules are the same in both cases. If you extract resources at a rate beyond the level of replenishment, your stock will collapse. That's another noun which reminds us of the connection. The Oxford English Dictionary gives 69 definitions of "stock". When it means a fund or store, the word evokes the trunk - or stock - of a tree, "from which the gains are an outgrowth". Collapse occurs when you prune the tree so heavily that it dies. Ecology is the stock from which all wealth grows.

The two crises feed each other. As a result of Iceland's financial collapse, it is now contemplating joining the European Union, which means surrendering its fishing grounds to the common fisheries policy. Already the prime minister, Geir Haarde, has suggested that his countrymen concentrate on exploiting the ocean. The economic disaster will cause an ecological disaster.

Normally it's the other way around. In his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, Jared Diamond shows how ecological crisis is often the prelude to social catatrosphe. The obvious example is Easter Island, where society disintegrated soon after the population reached its highest historical numbers, the last trees were cut down and the construction of stone monuments peaked. The island chiefs had competed to erect ever bigger statues. These required wood and rope (made from bark) for transport, and extra food for the labourers. As the trees and soils on which the islanders depended disappeared, the population crashed and the survivors turned to cannibalism. Diamond wonders what the Easter islander who cut down the last palm tree might have thought. "Like modern loggers, did he shout 'Jobs, not trees!'? Or: 'Technology will solve our problems, never fear, we'll find a substitute for wood.'? Or: 'We don't have proof that there aren't palms somewhere else on Easter ... your proposed ban on logging is premature and driven by fear-mongering'?".

Ecological collapse, Diamond shows, is as likely to be the result of economic success as of economic failure. The Maya of Central America, for instance, were among the most advanced and successful people of their time. But a combination of population growth, extravagant construction projects and poor land management wiped out between 90% and 99% of the population. The Mayan collapse was accelerated by "the competition among kings and nobles that led to a chronic emphasis on war and erecting monuments rather than on solving underlying problems". (Does any of this sound familiar?) Again, the largest monuments were erected just before the ecosystem crashed. Again, this extravagance was partly responsible for the collapse: trees were used for making plaster with which to decorate their temples. The plaster became thicker and thicker as the kings sought to outdo each other's conspicuous consumption.

Here are some of the reasons why people fail to prevent ecological collapse. Their resources appear at first to be inexhaustible; a long-term trend of depletion is concealed by short-term fluctuations; small numbers of powerful people advance their interests by damaging those of everyone else; short-term profits trump long-term survival. The same, in all cases, can be said of the collapse of financial systems. Is this how human beings are destined to behave? If we cannot act until stocks - of either kind - start sliding towards oblivion, we're knackered.

But one of the benefits of modernity is our ability to spot trends and predict results. If fish in a depleted ecosystem grow by 5% a year and the catch expands by 10% a year, the fishery will collapse. If the global economy keeps growing at 3% a year (or 1,700% a century), it too will hit the wall.

Iam not going to suggest, as some scoundrel who shares a name with me did on these pages last year, that we should welcome a recession. But the financial crisis provides us with an opportunity to rethink this trajectory; an opportunity that is not available during periods of economic success. Governments restructuring their economies should read Herman Daly's book Steady-State Economics.

As usual I haven't left enough space to discuss this, so the details will have to wait for another column. Or you can read the summary published by the Sustainable Development Commission (all references are on my website). But what Daly suggests is that nations which are already rich should replace growth - "more of the same stuff" - with development - "the same amount of better stuff". A steady-state economy has a constant stock of capital that is maintained by a rate of throughput no higher than the ecosystem can absorb. The use of resources is capped and the right to exploit them is auctioned. Poverty is addressed through the redistribution of wealth. The banks can lend only as much money as they possess.

Alternatively, we can persist in the magical thinking whose results have just come crashing home. The financial crisis shows what happens when we try to make the facts fit our desires. Now we must learn to live in the real world.

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