Saturday 31 October 2009

The Drugs Debate

Image - Pete Doherty, UAF supporter and celebrity junkie. Those rich scum like Doherty who glamourise drugs must be treated as drug dealers and importers and executed.

The present drugs laws are idiotic.

Prohibition of drugs merely enriches the criminals, costs billions in crime costs caused by addiction and billions in prison costs.

The legalisation of drugs will open the flood gates of misery.

Therefore we need a Third Way between prohibition and legalisation.

This is Licensing.

Those with a genuine medical condition who are checked by a doctor should be issued with a government license to grow and buy the drugs they need to assist them with their condition if that doctor decides that any drug will help them with that medical condition.

For instance those with Multiple Sclerosis.

I have worked with young people who have extreme MS and who smoke a few joints of cannabis a day and that has a massively positive effect on their condition.

For those idiots that say 'all drugs are as bad as each other' then I suggest that they lose the ability to walk, hold a cup of tea without having terrible spasms, brush their hair or dress themselves and then, after smoking a joint, reassess that situation.

When a joint of cannabis means you dont have to rely on your mum or a carer to wipe your bum after going to the toilet, then those moments of dignity are priceless.

Dickheads like Peter Hitchen should speak to the people Cannabis helps, and not do a 'Gordon Brown' and base their position on the idiots that abuse drugs.

That is the fundamental issue - for some people the drugs really do work, they relieve pain and restore dignity.

Drug users are responsible people who use the drugs for a genuine reason related to its effect as a palliative.

Those that abuse drugs are a problem as they are drug abusers - not because of the drugs they abuse.

It is the individual who abuses drugs that is the problem, not the drugs.

It could be alcohol, cigarettes, valium, chocolate or big macs - the problem with any addiction is the individual, and the addiction merely a symptom of the individuals nature.

For example a heroin addict.

It takes months and months of daily heroin use to become a heroin addict.

Therefore the individual who allows themselves to become an addict deserves no sympathy.

They are idiot drug abusers.

If heroin made you defecate in your pants, feel like shit and cause you to throw up constantly then there would be no recreational heroin users and no heroin addicts.

The truth is they use heroin because they like it and it makes them feel good.

Therefore their addiction is a self inflicted condition - and they are not victims, they are selfish, moronic criminal scum whose money is used to make gangsters rich and fund the taliban.

They deserve no sympthy - only contempt.

Therefore we need a new solution to the drugs problem.

Every citizen should be entitled to apply for a license to use any drug if they have a genuine medical condition that would be assisted by the drug.

For example the list of medical conditions that are helped by cannabis is vast ;

The research is beyond any doubt.

Cannabis is a wonder drug.

The problems in society due to kids smoking super strong skunk is due entirely to gangsters growing the super strong strains of cannabis for profit and then selling it to young kids.

If people who were licensed could grow cannabis for themselves to aid their medical conditions they would not grow super strong varieties nor would they sell it to kids - they would grow the low strength specific strains of the plants that assist their specific conditions.

Therefore any society that criminalises those who use cannabis for a medical reason is not just an immoral and idiotic society, it is guilty of crimes against humanity.

The right to live without pain and with dignity are the foundations of a decent society, as any society that forces people to live in pain and throws them in prison for using a drug that stops them being in pain doesnt deserve respect.

Politicians that allow vulnerable people to go to prison because they are appealing to the most retarded and reactionary sections of our society for electoral gain, deserve to be kicked out of power and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

At the same time as the process of Licensing is imposed, we must also come down hard on illegal drug users and importers.

All heroin and hard drug importers must be executed.

All those that peddle heroin and hard drugs to people must be executed.

All heroin and hard drug addicts must be arrested, fitted with electronic tags and micro-chipped and fitted with contraceptive implants. They can stay with their children in their own homes only if they agree not to use illegal drugs and not to buy drugs from street dealers.

They will be tested monthly and if they are found to be using illegal drugs as well as the ones that they are prescribed by doctors then they must be arrested and made to live in secure government run institutions where their drugs will be given to them in return for them working in those secure facilities.

Their families will be given the opportunity to take care of their childre or they will be taken into care.

No child should have to live with a drug addicted parent.

That way once the drug addicts are in a secure institution they do not have to buy drugs of off gangsters, their condition can be monitored and stabilised and society does not have to worry or pay for the vast amount of crime caused by drugs addicts.

The money they earn during working in those institutions can pay for their families or assist them with costs of re-integrating them into society.

If drug addicts choose to live a criminal lifestyle, then they should have their civil rights removed until they re-integrate with society.

The day the addicts decide they no longer want to live like addicts in a secure facility is the day they are moved from a secure facility to a rehabilitation clinic.

Sticking addicts in prisons is simply moronic, all they do in prison is learn from criminals new ways to use crime to fund their addictions.

The day they leave rehabilitation and re-enter society is the day they get their full civil rights back, such as the right to have the tags removed and have more children if they wish too.

My cousin was a heroin addict who gave birth to a child who was addicted to heroin. No child should ever be allowed to be born like that.

I have a dead brother who was a heroin addict and who died of a heroin overdose.

I know all about the misery drugs cause.

This is why my idea will work as it is based solely on what will work - not political ideology or political point scoring.

This process of arresting addicts and holding them in secure facilities whilst executing hard drug importers and hard drug sellers will ensure that once cleaned up addicts re-enter society they do not relapse as their chances of obtaining illegal drugs will be minimised.

Regular drugs tests once a month for five years after they leave the rehabilitation centres will ensure no relapses - and if they are found to have used drugs when they are allowed back into soceity then they will be arrested and sent back to far tougher secure centres where they be forced to undertake hard labour.

At the same time the drugs laws must be changed to ensure possession of drugs will include not just having the drugs on them, it will also include the presence of illegal drugs in the bloodstream.

If they fail to provide the police with the names of the people who gave them the illegal drugs they will go to the tougher secure facilities for five years of hard labour.

This will ensure that within a decade the entire illegal drug supply network is dismantled and destroyed.

They either grass up their dealers or they break rocks for five years.

We could end the misery of drug addiction in the UK within a decade if we followed
this plan.

As for LSD and ecstacy - both of these substances have definite psychological therapy uses, so should be able to be prescribed by licensed doctors for patients who could benefit from the drugs ;

Therefore as they have definite medicinal usages doctors should be able to prescribe them.

The era of idiotic policies has to be replaced by a vision that will work.

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The Beggar

The beggar sat in the high street,
Holding out his palm,
To every stranger passing by,
Muttering and mumbling,
’Excuse me mate, got any change’
As some politely declined,
And others just ignored,
Pretending they hadn’t heard,
The pleading from the ground,
Whilst others deigned to stop,
And stooped to put a few coins,
Pulled from their pockets,
Into the hollow of his hand.

Some had more than they needed,
But they would not give,
For they thought that by giving,
They themselves were diminished,
For all they are is what they own,
They have become their wealth,
Their credit cards and cars,
Their houses and fine clothes,
And were really nothing more,
And if all of us were truly equal,
Who then would they be ?

Others gave out of guilt,
For they had more than they needed
And knew they were greedy,
And their sly acts of giving,
Salved their wounds of knowing,
That success was selfishness,
As they spent more money shopping,
For the toys and trinkets of status,
Than families have to spend on food,
And old people spend on heating.

Then a young child with old eyes,
Walked up to the beggar and said
With a smile that lit up the world
“ Hold out your heart to them,
Not the hollow of your hand
For all the riches that you seek
Are already awaiting within you’
But the beggar just looked confused,
And simply pushed the child aside,
And carried on his begging
Holding out the hollow of his hand
To every guilty stranger walking by.

I understood then in an instant,
With a lightning flash of inspiration,
What the child was trying to say
That the hollow of the beggars hand
Is our ever hungering ego,
Whose need can never be sated,
By wealth and cars and houses,
For it wants the whole world,
Without ever questioning its motive.

The child is the soul that seeks serenity,
The treasures of love, peace and beauty,
Whilst the ego is the rhizome,
That binds us to the earth,
Seeking to supply the soul,
With all the human necessities,
When the body is born here,
Amidst the dust and stars,
Whilst the soul is the eidolon,
That only blooms within eternity.

We listen to the ego and its NOW,
And think that we are it,
But the ego is a hollow hand,
That no amount of giving or taking
Will ever suffice to satiate,
Its desires are a constant starvation,
A wolf that must be fed,
The answer is to be as the child,
And seek only greater things,
The gold of love and its poetry,
And to build a better world for all,
Where beggars seek only beauty,
And the rich give to gain the wealth,
Of higher wisdom and sacred inner peace.

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Friday 30 October 2009

Equality Commission Scandal - UPDATE

The equality watchdog is conducting an internal investigation into allegations that a director requested names of ethnic minority staff that could be asked to join the British National Party (BNP).

A source told Personnel Today that the director asked colleagues in a teleconference to identify employees at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) from black and ethnic minority backgrounds who could be asked to join the far-right BNP.

The EHRC allegedly wanted to gather evidence that the BNP refused membership to minority applicants, in the build up to its legal case against the party's rules. The far-right party has subsequently agreed to change its constitution and membership rules.

In a letter to Personnel Today, the source said: "[The director] clearly ignored the legal, ethical and public safety implication of [his or her] advice. We have learnt that all staff present in the teleconference rejected the advice of [the director] and have officially complained against [that person]."

Personnel Today contacted members of staff allegedly involved in the teleconference, who confirmed the incident was currently being investigated, but refused to provide further details.

The source claimed the staff involved in the teleconference have since been "treated with suspicion" and labelled "troublemakers".

"Some directors have even chosen to make derogatory remarks against [the staff] rather than taking any firm action against [the director]," the source added.

Jeya Thiruchelvam, employment law editor at XpertHR, warned the alleged actions by the director could constitute race discrimination.

She said: "Ironically, the act of requesting or instructing non-white employees to join the BNP, even if the aim is to highlight the assertion that the BNP is continuing to restrict its membership on racial grounds, and is therefore inherently racist, may well constitute direct race discrimination.

"This is because you have a situation where employees are being selected on the grounds of their race (or ethnic or national origin) and being treated less favourably - by being requested to a join a far-right extremist political party – than their white colleagues."

An EHRC spokeswoman did not deny the allegations, but said: "An internal investigation is ongoing at the moment. It is not, and has never been, the policy of the commission to encourage anyone to join or attempt to join the BNP. The commission has never authorised anyone to issue any such instructions."

Pressure grows on EHRC chairman

Meanwhile, the behaviour of the EHRC’s chairman, Trevor Phillips, is under scrutiny by the Joint Committee on Human Rights, following accusations he “isolated” and “intimidated” other commissioners, some of whom subsequently resigned. Phillips is due to give evidence to the committee of MPs on 10 November.

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Manchester Police Spend Million a Year on Interpreters

I have just had the following response to an FOI request I put in for details on how much Greater Manchester Police spend a year on interpreters ;

The information in regards to Interpreter fees is as follows. Please note that we only information from 2002:
2002/03 - £351,891
2003/04 - £546,340
2004/05 - £687,836
2005/06 – 775,992
2006/07 - £951,019
2007/08 - £956,461
2008/09 - £1,115,732

Note that the year 2009 has not finished yet so we can expect another £ 200,000 at least.


It would not cost a penny if we did not allow anyone settle in Britain if they could not speak English.

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EHRC Scandal Revealed - BNP Plot Exposed

image - Trevor Phillips, admirer of Lenin who keeps a bronze bust of Lenin on his desk in the EHRC - the buck stops here.

For over a month now the BNP have been keeping a story under wraps that is potentially explosive.

Now that the story has been outed on various blogs and sites on the internet we now have to comment.

A month ago we received an anonymous letter from insiders at the Equality Commission concerning an incident during an EHRC staff meeting a few weeks before the BNP were forced to go to court to fight a case initiated by the EHRC.

This whistle blower in the EHRC named Tim Wainwright, the EHRC director of the English regions, as holding a formal EHRC meeting on the 10th July 2009 where he asked the Black, Asian and other ethnic minority EHRC staff who were present at that meeting to join the BNP, asked them to ask other ethnic minority staff members of the EHRC to join the BNP and asked them ask the friends and family of ethnic staff members of the EHRC to also join the BNP.

This was done so that ;

1) The EHRC could then use the fact that they had been turned down for membership of the BNP as evidence to bolster the EHRC legal case against the BNP

2) To allow them to then apply to the EHRC for tax payer funded legal representation provided by the EHRC and initiate civil court actions against the BNP for Direct Racial Discrimination in relation to its membership policy

3) This would then allow the EHRC staff and family members to claim racial discrimination against the BNP and claim hundreds of thousands of pounds from the BNP in compensation and bankrupt the party

4) At the same time the staff of the EHRC would make vast amounts of money personally from the scheme in compensation and the legal costs awarded against the BNP in relation to the fees of EHRC lawyers would then go back into the EHRC coffers to fund more cases against the BNP

So we can see that the plan was that EHRC staff would be able to personally enrich themselves by using EHRC lawyers to run the cases, which would be funded by the EHRC and with tax payers money.

There is at present a formal investigation underway in the EHRC into the allegations.

I have submitted various Freedom Of Information requests to the EHRC and spoke to EHRC staff who have confirmed that the information is essentially 100 % correct.

The latest response from the EHRC in a letter dated 16th October 2009 from the legal department of the EHRC is that ;

1) An internal investigation into the activities of Tim Wainwright is underway

2) That because the matter relates to an internal investigation of gross misconduct by EHRC staff that they cannot reveal any more further information

3) That e mails exist that prove the plot to 'entrap' the BNP occurred but that FOI legislation is, perversely, being used to deny public access to those e mails

4) That the investigation relates to serious acts of misconduct by Tim Wainwright whilst acting as an officer of the EHRC

This is a scandalous episode in the EHRC.

The buck ultimately lies at the top with Trevor Phillips.

The EHRC is the most institutionally racist and corrupt public institution in Britain.

It is not only above the law, it is able to issue rules and regulations under the Race Relations Acts that bypass Parliament entirely.

There is no democratic accountability at all by the EHRC.

It receives a yearly budget of 70 million per year from the tax payer and employs 400 staff.

In recent months various senior officials have resigned due to bullying and amidst calls of internal incompetence at the senior level.

The case against the BNP was a politically motivated case - we all know that.

But to have a situation where EHRC senior staff are using the resources of the EHRC to personally enrich EHRC staff using tax payer money is a disgusting abuse of power.

The fact that a cover up is underway using the FOI legislation designed to ensure transparency and accountability for public bodies and public servants is scandalous.

The ethnic minority members of staff at the 10 th July meeting refused point blank to go along with the plan of Tim Wainwright.

They realised that the plan was a criminal conspiracy as defined under the Fraud Act 2006 - "Fraud by abuse of position" is defined by Section 4 of the Act as a case where a person occupies a position where they are expected to safeguard the financial interests of another person, and abuses that position; this includes cases where the abuse consisted of an omission rather than an overt act.

They had the integrity to refuse the plan and also to whistle blow the plot.

It now appears that senior EHRC staff are now bullying, victimising and harassing those people in the EHRC that they suspect of leaking the information to the BNP.

This is merely evidence yet again of the utter corruption within the EHRC.

The BNP demand that this investigation is held in public and that it is not hidden away whilst a Stalinist type purge of EHRC staff is underway.

This scandalous plot must be exposed and a full investigation begun that uncovers whether Tim Wainwright was acting with the blessing of Trevor Phillips and John Wadham, the EHRC senior lawyer.

At the moment all we know is that the investigation is being hidden away whilst EHRC staff are being victimised and threatened with losing their jobs.


The equality watchdog is conducting an internal investigation into allegations that a director asked minority employees to join the British National Party (BNP), testing the party's constitution ahead of a legal case.

A source told Personnel Today the senior manager asked staff in a teleconference to identify employees at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) from a black and ethnic minority background who could be asked to join the far-right BNP.

The EHRC allegedly wanted to gather evidence that the BNP refused minority applicants to the party, in the build up to its legal case against the party's rules.

In a letter to the Personnel Today, the source said: "[The director] clearly ignored the legal, ethical and public safety implication of [their] advice. We have learnt that all staff present in the teleconference rejected the advice of [the director] and have officially complained against [them]."

The source claimed the staff involved in the teleconference have since been "treated with suspicion" and labelled "troublemakers".

An EHRC spokeswoman denied the allegations. She said: "An internal investigation is ongoing at the moment. It is not, and has never been, the policy of the commission to encourage anyone to join or attempt to join the BNP."

Last month, the BNP agreed to change its constitution and membership criteria to allow minority members.

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Racist Headmaster Lets Asian Gang Attack White Kids

Image - It is not a good idea to throw eggs and flour at this man.

I have had some angry local people contact me and say they want to throw eggs and flour at the person in the photograph above and I told them that whilst it totally acceptable for people in the UAF to throw eggs and flour at Nick Griffin, it is not okay to throw eggs and flour over a corrupt politically correct idiot head teacher like Steve Colledge who lets asian gangs target white children for hammer attacks.

Whilst it appears that in our society that the far left are allowed to throw eggs and flour at Nick Griffin and also the media are allowed to incite people to throw a curry in the face of Nick Griffin, it is not okay to throw eggs and flour at smug bastard head teachers like this politically correct tosser.

So all you naughty people out there who may have the idea of throwing eggs and flour at this smug twat who is the headmaster of The Ridgeway School, Inverary Rd
Wroughton, Swindon, SN4 9DJ, 01793 846100 should not think of doing so.

Nor should people put chains and locks on the school gates over the weekend so as to stop the teachers getting in the school on monday. Even though this would ensure that the children are safe as Steve Colledge would not be able to hide race attacks against white kids whilst they are on the property, this could send a signal out to other schools that allow such incidents of racism against white children and is therefore unacceptable.

Nor should people put up posters on the school and in the area saying that 'Steve Colledge is a danger to white children'.

We all know that the only form of racism that matters is when non-whites are targeted by whites, and that when white kids are targeted by non-whites this must be hidden, ignored, minimised and downplayed by the teachers, schools, local education authority and the police.

Now we know why the NUT and teachers unions want to ban teachers who are BNP members from our schools, so that they cant reveal that this sort of anti-white racist politically correct shit is going on.

We must all just sit back and do nothing and simply accept that our anti-white racist society has a pernicious double standard on race attacks that requires that attacks on whites must be ignored whilst attacks on non-whites must be the subject of public inquiries and government reports like the McPherson Report and that only racist attacks on non-whites must be allowed to be defined as racist attacks by the police and attacks on whites by non-whites defined simply as crimes.

We all must just sit there and accept that, because our government tells us too.

Classroom apartheid: Teachers who were afraid to discipline thuggish minority of Asian pupils for fear of being branded racist

By Paul Bracchi
Last updated at 8:38 AM on 30th October 2009

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He gave his name as Henry Webster when he stepped into the witness box at the High Court in London last week. But he wasn't the Henry Webster his family and friends remember.

The real Henry Webster was a strapping 6ft 2in rugby player, not someone who struggled to string sentences together and had to be given painkillers to complete his evidence.

Instead of preparing for college or university, he has been left with learning difficulties, short-term memory loss, and epilepsy. Henry will settle for that because the alternative would have meant not being here at all.
Henry with his mother Elizabeth Webster at court where he is fighting to win damages from Ridgeway Foundation School

This is the only upside of being attacked with a claw hammer that left an inch-deep impression on his skull.

One claw hammer and 12 teenage thugs versus one young man. Those were the odds when a gang of Asian youths ambushed him.

After their work was done, his attackers punched the air in triumph - 'that's what you call Paki bashing,' they yelled.

The thugs have all been jailed. Not all the culprits, however, have been brought to book - not in the eyes of Henry's family, anyway. They believe teachers at his school, near Swindon - where the assault took place in 2007 when Henry was just 15 - are as guilty as the actual perpetrators themselves.

Why? Because, they say, the school allowed ethnic minority pupils to get away with flagrant misbehaviour, and then handed them less severe punishments than their white classmates because staff feared they might otherwise be accused of racism.

In other words, a culture of ' educational apartheid' prevailed in all but name at Ridgeway School.

Had this not been the case, Henry's parents insist, their son would probably not have sustained brain damage outside the school tennis courts one day in January nearly three years ago.

They have now brought a civil action against Ridgeway and are seeking compensation of up to £1 million. The allegations amount to a devastating indictment not just of Ridgeway, but of policies that were supposed to lead to integration, not segregation, in our schools.

Our own investigation into the events which culminated in Henry Webster being left for dead within walking distance of his classroom does little to counter that view.

Remember, this is not some inner city hell hole. Swindon (population 200,000) is often used for market research purposes precisely because it is considered to be a typical British town; neither the best nor the worst place to live, just average.

Exam results are good, and the school continues to receive glowing government reports. Only last year, Ridgeway's headmaster Steven Colledge, who took over in September 2006, was praised by Ofsted inspectors as 'Outstanding' for his 'leadership and management' skills.

But anyone who saw his performance on Channel 4 News the day after Henry Webster was attacked might beg to differ.

'I think there is always a danger where there is a mixture of races and peoples which reflect the community we live in that any tension that might exist, any little scuffle or fight, can be twisted to be much more of a major thing than it really is,' he told the cameras.

No, this is not a misquotation. He really did use the words 'little scuffle' to describe the attack in which Henry Webster was left brain damaged.

Furthermore, in the immediate aftermath, neither the 'outstanding' Mr Colledge nor any of his colleagues visited the Webster family or even sent a get well card. Mr Colledge later told a governors' inquiry that gestures such as sending cards or flowers 'were not in his nature'.

Parents and former staff say that multiculturalism at Ridgeway, under his leadership, meant pupils on both sides of the religious and cultural divide breathing the same air but sharing very little else.

Asian youngsters, we have been told, had their own officially designated meeting room which, to all intents and purposes, became the unofficial base for a 30-strong crew known as the 'Asian Invasion' and the 'Broad Street Massive'.

Many, if not all 12, of those convicted of assaulting Henry belonged to the gang and lived mainly in the vicinity of Broad Street in Swindon. Four of them were still pupils at Ridgeway. They would often call older relatives and friends from outside school to settle disputes.

One such was Wasif Khan, then 18, who was the person who wielded the claw hammer. He was a 'wannabe militant', according to the police, and carried on his mobile phone a screensaver of the collapse of the World Trade Centre. A number of accomplices used social networking sites to communicate their message.

One said: 'Play with a gun, play with a knife, play with a Bangli [Bangladeshi] and you'll lose your life.' A second posting featured a soundtrack with anti-Western lyrics.

There's no suggestion that these poisonous views were shared by the majority of the Asian pupils at Ridgeway - in fact, bar the members of the gang who attacked Henry, there were generally very good relations between the Asian and white pupils.
Police attend the Ridgeway School after the hammer attack on Henry

Police attend the Ridgeway School after the hammer attack on Henry

Most have no interest whatsoever in violence. Equally, there are inevitably white children at the school who have been guilty of reprehensible behaviour.

But the disturbing, and disproportionate, influence the Broad Street Massive is said to have exercised over the life of Ridgeway School is revealed in statements summarised in court papers obtained by the Mail, from parents, pupils and former staff.

All are expected to give evidence for the Websters in the High Court over the next few weeks. Racial intimidation and violence, they say, was commonplace and escalated into a mass fight on the school tennis courts after Asian gang members threatened 'warfare' against white pupils.

Yet the school's extreme sensitivity on ethnic issues allegedly allowed the thuggish minority to believe they were 'untouchable'.

One parent, Donna Burnett, said that when her son Alistair got into a fight with a member of the 'Asian Invasion', Alistair received a longer suspension. When she reported her fears about the Asian gang causing racial tensions to teacher Dawn Blackler, her reaction, she claimed, was abrupt to the 'point of being rude'.

Another parent, Gail Rich, tells in the court papers how her son Taylor was assaulted by Asian gang members - who filmed the attack. Those responsible, she claimed, were not disciplined, which meant they continued to pick on her son.

Taylor, on the other hand, was disciplined for wearing an England football shirt to school - because it contravened the rules on uniform - while pupils from ethnic minorities, she says, were not punished for wearing hoodies or listening to music on their mobile phones.

On one occasion, one youngster turned up for class wrapped in a Pakistani flag. When the head, Mr Colledge, was questioned by the school governors about this, he said it was no different from a Welsh governor wearing a daffodil.
Steve Colledge outside the entrance of the Ridgeway School

Headmaster: Steve Colledge outside the entrance of the Ridgeway School

Yet another parent, Ashley Thorne, tells in the court papers how he was on his way to collect his son David and his friend Sam Barrington when he realised they had been injured.

Both the boys, he was told, had been set upon by older Asian pupils wearing knuckledusters in front of the school, while two teachers stood and watched.

Mr Thorne claims he heard Mr Matthews say he could not intervene for insurance reasons because the incident had not occurred within the school grounds.

According to the court papers, Charlotte Benhalilou, a pupil at Ridgeway, was also threatened outside the school by a young Asian man. 'I'm going to slash you up,' he told her.

One of the mothers stepped in to help her and suggested that the police should be called. Instead, she said in the court papers, Christopher Walton, the acting head prior to Mr Colledge's appointment, simply told Charlotte to get on her bus without even asking her if she was OK.

And so it goes on; more than 50 pages of what is, on the face of it, damning evidence.

One parent's son, Charlie, who is now 18, only recently left Ridgeway.

His father said: 'There were racial tensions, and I felt I had to go to the school and express my concerns about it and the safety of my son.

'I told the teachers there's a problem with the group of boys who called themselves the "Asian Invasion" and they're picking on people like Charlie.

'I was so concerned with the way the school was handling the situation that I was prepared to take him out of school.

'The teachers more or less tried to dismiss me. Mr Walton made me feel as if I was wasting his time.'

Some teachers, though, shared his concerns. One of them was Rachel Barker, who also gave evidence earlier this week.

Ms Barker, a trainee teacher at the school for three months in 2005, said that when she first heard a pupil had been attacked in Swindon she 'knew instinctively' that it had to be at Ridgeway. '

I think staff found it relatively easy to cope with the unruly white pupils, but the Asian pupils were in a league of their own. I think one of the reasons there were such problems with discipline was because the school did not promote a positive culture of cohesion and integration.

'I felt the school was letting down its pupils; all that was needed was some education for the pupils in terms of respect and good discipline. The Asian pupils at the school were allowed to think of themselves as superior. This was partly the fault of the school because the Asian pupils would never be disciplined or, if they were, they would receive a lesser punishment than the white pupils.'

Again, it cannot be stressed too strongly that the majority of Asian pupils at Ridgeway are entirely guiltless in this affair, and should not be tarnished by the thuggery of a minority.

But Ms Barker said that even during her short period at the school she could feel the tensions increasing between white and Asian children, and that the school allowed male Asians to separate themselves from the mainstream.
Ridgeway School

Average: Ridgeway has always done well in government reports

'In my opinion, the school did not deal with the problem effectively because they were fearful of being accused of racism,' she said.

'After the riot [when a mass fight broke out on the tennis courts], I remember the reluctance of the school to contact the police, and their insistence on playing down what was obviously a racial incident.'

Indeed, the nearfatal attack on Henry Webster on January 11, 2007, was not racially motivated in the eyes of either the school or the police.

It was triggered by a confrontation in a corridor with a 14-year-old Asian boy, which led to a challenge to a 'one- on- one' fight on the school tennis courts after classes had ended.

When Henry - who had no record of disciplinary problems - arrived, he was ambushed by three car loads of mostly older teenagers who had been mobilised by 59 mobile phone calls in the space of an hour.

Callers passed on the message that one of the 'gora' [whites] wanted a fight. The 14-year- old who had tangled with Henry earlier in the day then pointed him out.

In a video interview filmed six days after the attack, Henry said: 'I heard screams, then I was punched in the back of the head. I was curled up on the floor, but they repeatedly kept hitting me. Then I felt the hammer hit the back of my head.'

Just to repeat - the scene of the attack was not outside a bar on a Saturday night, nor a sink estate, but by the school tennis courts.

Henry has now moved to another school, where he has fallen a year behind and is struggling to catch up. He and his younger brother Joseph, 14, live with their mother Elizabeth Walker, 46, who runs a nanny recruiting business, and stepfather Roger Durnford, 44, boss of a building company.

Ridgeway School disputes the allegations against it, and says blaming it for an attack outside school hours is 'unprecedented and far-fetched'.

After all, it would no doubt argue, a recent Ofsted report concluded: 'Students feel safe in school and they show respect and consideration for each other.'

Sadly, Henry Webster and his family would beg to differ.

Read more:

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Thursday 29 October 2009

The Fish Counter

Supermarket shopping is a tedious chore,
Monotonous purchases of milk and eggs,
Gathering the essentials, butter and bread,
Tussling with trolley’s with wonky wheels,
Is no job for men, we are hunters not shoppers,
And find no solace in such a mundane mockery,
Except for one corner between the counters,
Where the secrets of the sea are revealed,
Plucked with nets from abyssal depths,
Then lain upon a bed of white ice chips,
All the precious treasures of the briny blue,
Displayed like the crown jewels for all to view.

I stop and ponder the odyssey of their arrival,
And think of the men who braved wild seas,
And cruel, howling storms to fetch them here,
Their bravery and fear, is suddenly so near,
Within the inner eye of my imagination,
I see death ride atop the towering waves,
And sea nymphs stalk the watery grave,
Seeking to steal away tired deck hands,
Who rest their weary eyes for a moment,
Whilst hemp sails strain against the gales,
On the dogger bank in midnights black,
With a sliver of moon to guide the ship back,
Through mist and storm, to bring to shore,
The golden cod and shoals of silver sprat.

The ruby gems of Jamaican Red Tilapia,
Are amongst my favourite treasures,
And those shiny ranks of silver breem,
Now at rest beside herrings on parade,
Rows of argent sea bass and pilchards,
Brown Dover sole and the silver sprats,
Ochre plaice and clots of milky herring milt
Mackerel marked with tiger stripes,
The wings of rays and monkfish fillets,
At rest between Cod roe and coley loin,
Haddock fillets and swordfish cutlets,
Whilst King Prawns and squid tentacles,
Rest in the frozen rut of a runnel,
And Devon crabs with claws that grab,
Mussels and scallops, Alaskan Pollock,
Oysters in wrinkled grey stone jackets
Scottish mussels and smoked kippers,
Lobsters locked in their scarlet armour,
Cooked cockles drowned in vinegar pools,
Jellied eels and leathery Arbroath smokies
Tuna steaks, salmon fillets and rainbow trout
A host of adventure stories for every shopper,
Unnoticed by most in their hunt for cheap products.

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Execute Them All

After we take power I will work for a new law to be passed called 'The Child Sexual Offences Retribution Act'.

This will allow a court to re-open cases involving convicted child sex offenders.

If the court holds that the offences that were committed were so serious as to cause long term physical, psychological and emotional damage to the child then the court will be able to order an execution order for filthy scum like these below.

One day justice will be served - with them at the end of a rope.

The two men at the centre of Scotland's largest known child abuse network have been jailed for life.

Neil Strachan, 41, attempted to rape an 18-month-old boy while 38-year-old James Rennie sexually assaulted a three-month-old.

Strachan was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in prison, while Rennie was ordered to serve at least 13 years.

Police said the operation had led to more than 200 suspected paedophiles, 70 of them in the UK, being identified.

Six other men had already been sentenced for their involvement in the network.

Strachan and Rennie, both from Edinburgh, were also found guilty after a 10-week trial of conspiring to get access to children in order to abuse them, while Strachan was convicted of a further charge of sexually assaulting a six-year-old boy.

This, in my judgment, can be properly described as a dreadful crime
Lord Bannatyne

'Pain and turmoil' of victim's family
How abuse network was smashed

Strachan, who is HIV positive, has already served a three-year prison sentence in 1997 for abusing a boy. Rennie was the chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, which offers advice to young gay and lesbian people.

Passing sentence on the pair, judge Lord Bannatyne referred to Strachan's abuse of the 18-month-old boy, which was captured in a photograph known as the "Hogmanay image" because it was taken on New Year's Eve in 2005.

The judge told Strachan: "By its very nature, what is shown in that photograph is utterly appalling and would shock to the core any right-minded person who has had to see it.

"Over and above that, this offence involves the most gross level of breach of trust. You were invited into a house, treated as a friend of the family, and then entrusted with their child.

"You then breached that trust in the way shown in the 'Hogmanay image' in order to satisfy your base sexual interests. This, in my judgment, can be properly described as a dreadful crime."

Lord Bannatyne said Rennie had also betrayed the trust of the parents of his victim to a "truly appalling" extent.

More suspects

The judge said Rennie, a trained teacher who was found guilty of 14 charges, was at the heart of the conspiracy to abuse youngsters, and likened him to a spider weaving an electronic web to bring about his crime.

The mother of Rennie's victim, known as Child F, told BBC Scotland of the "pain and torment" the case had put their family through.

She called for a "global strategy" between internet providers and government to prevent the distribution of abuse images.

"However, for those involved in paedophile behaviour to identify it in themselves and know where to seek help, society must be prepared to discuss this issue", she added.

"We need to allow an openness within society of where to seek help, just as alcoholics go to AA and gamblers go to GA.

"Clearly the protection of children must take precedence, but if individuals could have been stopped or deterred, we as a family may not have found ourselves in this situation."

Rennie had circulated pictures of the abuse and offered a boy to other paedophiles - an offer taken up by Strachan.

Both will remain under close supervision for the rest of their lives after the parole board sees fit to free them.

Defence counsel Mark Stewart QC said Rennie, who has no previous convictions, wanted to make a formal apology and place on public record his "shame and sorrow" at what happened.

Co-accused Colin Slaven, 23, from Edinburgh; Neil Campbell, 46, John Milligan, 40, and John Murphy, 44, all from Glasgow; Ross Webber, 27, from North Berwick in East Lothian; and Craig Boath, 24, from Dundee, were also convicted of various offences.

They were given prison sentences of between two and 17 years.

The men had been arrested during the Operation Algebra police investigation, which uncovered nearly 125,000 indecent images of children.

Operation Algebra also uncovered dozens more suspects around the country and worldwide, many of whom have already been charged.

The investigation was sparked by a single indecent image of a naked 11-year-old which was found on paint company engineer Strachan's computer when it was sent for repair.

Detectives discovered that Strachan and Rennie had filmed themselves sexually abusing children before distributing the images over the internet.

It is clear from the evidence in this case that the accused saw no limits on how far they would share, exploit and abuse children
Morag McLaughlin
Procurator fiscal

The two paedophiles had been trusted by the children's parents to look after the children.

Lothian and Borders Police said their inquiry had led to more than 200 suspected paedophiles being identified internationally, and at least 70 in the UK.

Detectives have said there were further suspects in Scotland as well as Avon and Somerset; Devon and Cornwall; Merseyside; South Wales; West Midlands; Sussex; Essex; London; Thames Valley; and Hampshire.

Speaking after the sentencing, Morag McLaughlin, procurator fiscal for Lothian and Borders, said recent advances in technology were making it easier for the police to bring child abusers to justice.

She added: "It is clear from the evidence in this case that the accused saw no limits on how far they would share, exploit and abuse children in order to satisfy their own horrific sexual gratification.

"However, our specialist prosecutors will use the constantly improving technology available to the police to stop and bring to court those who think they are hidden by the anonymity of the internet."

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Race Exists - A Family Tree In Every Gene

A Family Tree in Every Gene

By Armand Marie Leroi

Published on: Jun 07, 2006

Armand Marie Leroi, an evolutionary developmental biologist at Imperial College in London, is the author of Mutants: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body.

Published: March 14, 2005, The New York Times, p. A23.

London — Shortly after last year's tsunami devastated the lands on the Indian Ocean, The Times of India ran an article with this headline: "Tsunami May Have Rendered Threatened Tribes Extinct." The tribes in question were the Onge, Jarawa, Great Andamanese and Sentinelese—all living on the Andaman Islands—and they numbered some 400 people in all. The article, noting that several of the archipelago's islands were low-lying, in the direct path of the wave, and that casualties were expected to be high, said, "Some beads may have just gone missing from the Emerald Necklace of India."

The metaphor is as colorful as it is well intentioned. But what exactly does it mean? After all, in a catastrophe that cost more than 150,000 lives, why should the survival of a few hundred tribal people have any special claim on our attention? There are several possible answers to this question. The people of the Andamans have a unique way of life. True, their material culture does not extend beyond a few simple tools, and their visual art is confined to a few geometrical motifs, but they are hunter-gatherers and so a rarity in the modern world. Linguists, too, find them interesting since they collectively speak three languages seemingly unrelated to any others. But The Times of India took a slightly different tack. These tribes are special, it said, because they are of "Negrito racial stocks" that are "remnants of the oldest human populations of Asia and Australia."

It's an old-fashioned, even Victorian, sentiment. Who speaks of "racial stocks" anymore? After all, to do so would be to speak of something that many scientists and scholars say does not exist. If modern anthropologists mention the concept of race, it is invariably only to warn against and dismiss it. Likewise many geneticists. "Race is social concept, not a scientific one," according to Dr. Craig Venter—and he should know, since he was first to sequence the human genome. The idea that human races are only social constructs has been the consensus for at least 30 years.

But now, perhaps, that is about to change. Last fall, the prestigious journal Nature Genetics devoted a large supplement to the question of whether human races exist and, if so, what they mean. The journal did this in part because various American health agencies are making race an important part of their policies to best protect the public—often over the protests of scientists. In the supplement, some two dozen geneticists offered their views. Beneath the jargon, cautious phrases and academic courtesies, one thing was clear: the consensus about social constructs was unraveling. Some even argued that, looked at the right way, genetic data show that races clearly do exist.

The dominance of the social construct theory can be traced to a 1972 article by Dr. Richard Lewontin, a Harvard geneticist, who wrote that most human genetic variation can be found within any given "race." If one looked at genes rather than faces, he claimed, the difference between an African and a European would be scarcely greater than the difference between any two Europeans. A few years later he wrote that the continued popularity of race as an idea was an "indication of the power of socioeconomically based ideology over the supposed objectivity of knowledge." Most scientists are thoughtful, liberal-minded and socially aware people. It was just what they wanted to hear.

Three decades later, it seems that Dr. Lewontin's facts were correct, and have been abundantly confirmed by ever better techniques of detecting genetic variety. His reasoning, however, was wrong. His error was an elementary one, but such was the appeal of his argument that it was only a couple of years ago that a Cambridge University statistician, A. W. F. Edwards, put his finger on it.

The error is easily illustrated. If one were asked to judge the ancestry of 100 New Yorkers, one could look at the color of their skin. That would do much to single out the Europeans, but little to distinguish the Senegalese from the Solomon Islanders. The same is true for any other feature of our bodies. The shapes of our eyes, noses and skulls; the color of our eyes and our hair; the heaviness, height and hairiness of our bodies are all, individually, poor guides to ancestry.

But this is not true when the features are taken together. Certain skin colors tend to go with certain kinds of eyes, noses, skulls and bodies. When we glance at a stranger's face we use those associations to infer what continent, or even what country, he or his ancestors came from—and we usually get it right. To put it more abstractly, human physical variation is correlated; and correlations contain information.

Genetic variants that aren't written on our faces, but that can be detected only in the genome, show similar correlations. It is these correlations that Dr. Lewontin seems to have ignored. In essence, he looked at one gene at a time and failed to see races. But if many—a few hundred—variable genes are considered simultaneously, then it is very easy to do so. Indeed, a 2002 study by scientists at the University of Southern California and Stanford showed that if a sample of people from around the world are sorted by computer into five groups on the basis of genetic similarity, the groups that emerge are native to Europe, East Asia, Africa, America and Australasia—more or less the major races of traditional anthropology.

One of the minor pleasures of this discovery is a new kind of genealogy. Today it is easy to find out where your ancestors came from—or even when they came, as with so many of us, from several different places. If you want to know what fraction of your genes are African, European or East Asian, all it takes is a mouth swab, a postage stamp and $400—though prices will certainly fall.

Yet there is nothing very fundamental about the concept of the major continental races; they're just the easiest way to divide things up. Study enough genes in enough people and one could sort the world's population into 10, 100, perhaps 1,000 groups, each located somewhere on the map. This has not yet been done with any precision, but it will be. Soon it may be possible to identify your ancestors not merely as African or European, but Ibo or Yoruba, perhaps even Celt or Castilian, or all of the above.

The identification of racial origins is not a search for purity. The human species is irredeemably promiscuous. We have always seduced or coerced our neighbors even when they have a foreign look about them and we don't understand a word. If Hispanics, for example, are composed of a recent and evolving blend of European, American Indian and African genes, then the Uighurs of Central Asia can be seen as a 3,000-year-old mix of West European and East Asian genes. Even homogenous groups like native Swedes bear the genetic imprint of successive nameless migrations.

Some critics believe that these ambiguities render the very notion of race worthless. I disagree. The physical topography of our world cannot be accurately described in words. To navigate it, you need a map with elevations, contour lines and reference grids. But it is hard to talk in numbers, and so we give the world's more prominent features—the mountain ranges and plateaus and plains—names. We do so despite the inherent ambiguity of words. The Pennines of northern England are about one-tenth as high and long as the Himalayas, yet both are intelligibly described as mountain ranges.

So, too, it is with the genetic topography of our species. The billion or so of the world's people of largely European descent have a set of genetic variants in common that are collectively rare in everyone else; they are a race. At a smaller scale, three million Basques do as well; so they are a race as well. Race is merely a shorthand that enables us to speak sensibly, though with no great precision, about genetic rather than cultural or political differences.

But it is a shorthand that seems to be needed. One of the more painful spectacles of modern science is that of human geneticists piously disavowing the existence of races even as they investigate the genetic relationships between "ethnic groups." Given the problematic, even vicious, history of the word "race," the use of euphemisms is understandable. But it hardly aids understanding, for the term "ethnic group" conflates all the possible ways in which people differ from each other.

Indeed, the recognition that races are real should have several benefits. To begin with, it would remove the disjunction in which the government and public alike defiantly embrace categories that many, perhaps most, scholars and scientists say do not exist.

Second, the recognition of race may improve medical care. Different races are prone to different diseases. The risk that an African-American man will be afflicted with hypertensive heart disease or prostate cancer is nearly three times greater than that for a European-American man. On the other hand, the former's risk of multiple sclerosis is only half as great. Such differences could be due to socioeconomic factors. Even so, geneticists have started searching for racial differences in the frequencies of genetic variants that cause diseases. They seem to be finding them.

Race can also affect treatment. African-Americans respond poorly to some of the main drugs used to treat heart conditions—notably beta blockers and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors. Pharmaceutical corporations are paying attention. Many new drugs now come labeled with warnings that they may not work in some ethnic or racial groups. Here, as so often, the mere prospect of litigation has concentrated minds.

Such differences are, of course, just differences in average. Everyone agrees that race is a crude way of predicting who gets some disease or responds to some treatment. Ideally, we would all have our genomes sequenced before swallowing so much as an aspirin. Yet until that is technically feasible, we can expect racial classifications to play an increasing part in health care.

The argument for the importance of race, however, does not rest purely on utilitarian grounds. There is also an aesthetic factor. We are a physically variable species. Yet for all the triumphs of modern genetics, we know next to nothing about what makes us so. We do not know why some people have prominent rather than flat noses, round rather than pointed skulls, wide rather than narrow faces, straight rather than curly hair. We do not know what makes blue eyes blue.

One way to find out would be to study people of mixed race ancestry. In part, this is because racial differences in looks are the most striking that we see. But there is also a more subtle technical reason. When geneticists map genes, they rely on the fact that they can follow our ancestors' chromosomes as they get passed from one generation to the next, dividing and mixing in unpredictable combinations. That, it turns out, is much easier to do in people whose ancestors came from very different places.

The technique is called admixture mapping. Developed to find the genes responsible for racial differences in inherited disease, it is only just moving from theory to application. But through it, we may be able to write the genetic recipe for the fair hair of a Norwegian, the black-verging-on-purple skin of a Solomon Islander, the flat face of an Inuit, and the curved eyelid of a Han Chinese. We shall no longer gawp ignorantly at the gallery; we shall be able to name the painters.

There is a final reason race matters. It gives us reason—if there were not reason enough already—to value and protect some of the world's most obscure and marginalized people. When The Times of India article referred to the Andaman Islanders as being of ancient Negrito racial stock, the terminology was correct. Negrito is the name given by anthropologists to a people who once lived throughout Southeast Asia. They are very small, very dark, and have peppercorn hair. They look like African pygmies who have wandered away from Congo's jungles to take up life on a tropical isle. But they are not.

The latest genetic data suggest that the Negritos are descended from the first modern humans to have invaded Asia, some 100,000 years ago. In time they were overrun or absorbed by waves of Neolithic agriculturalists, and later nearly wiped out by British, Spanish and Indian colonialists. Now they are confined to the Malay Peninsula, a few islands in the Philippines and the Andamans.

Happily, most of the Andamans' Negritos seem to have survived December's tsunami. The fate of one tribe, the Sentinelese, remains uncertain, but an Indian coast guard helicopter sent to check up on them came under bow and arrow attack, which is heartening. Even so, Negrito populations, wherever they are, are so small, isolated and impoverished that it seems certain that they will eventually disappear.

Yet even after they have gone, the genetic variants that defined the Negritos will remain, albeit scattered, in the people who inhabit the littoral of the Bay of Bengal and the South China Sea. They will remain visible in the unusually dark skin of some Indonesians, the unusually curly hair of some Sri Lankans, the unusually slight frames of some Filipinos. But the unique combination of genes that makes the Negritos so distinctive, and that took tens of thousands of years to evolve, will have disappeared. A human race will have gone extinct, and the human species will be the poorer for it.

© 2005 The New York Times Company

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Racist Kids or Loony Teachers

For an extract of the report here ;

This is Institutional Child Abuse - these reports are kept until the child is 24 years old.

The teachers are not trained and the reports not investigated or assessed nor are parents allowed to read the report and nor are they able to change the report.

This is the future - militant political correctness that is simply insanity.

As many as 40,000 youngsters a year are being wrongly branded racists as new rules force schools to investigate every playground spat, according to a new report.

Children in nurseries and primary schools are being disciplined over racist insults even before they know what the terms mean, it claimed.

A growing army of diversity 'missionaries' who scrutinise children's relationships with each other may be fuelling tensions instead of easing them, warned the report from the Manifesto Club civil liberties group.

These race advisers and bureaucrats are said to be increasing the divide between white and black youngsters by forcing them to see the world through the filter of race.

Hundreds of thousands of incidents are being reported as 'racist' at Britain's school every year

The report said a child had been severely disciplined for calling two other children a 'chocolate bar'. Another child had been punished for calling a boy 'white trash'.

Report author Adrian Hart said: 'The obligation on schools to report these incidents wastes teachers' time, interferes in children's space in the playground, and undermines teachers' ability to deal with problems in their classrooms.

'Worse, such anti-racist policies can create divisions where none had existed, by turning everyday playground spats into "race issues".

'There are a small number of cases of sustained targeted bullying, and schools certainly need to deal with those.

'But most of these 'racist incidents' are just kids falling out. They don't need re-educating out of their prejudice - they and their teachers need to be left alone.'

Under rules introduced in 2002, schools must monitor and report all racist incidents to their local authority.

Teachers are required to fill in special referral forms detailing the incident and punishment.

According to the report The Myth of Racist Kids, around 280,000 incidents have been reported in England since full records began.

Many involve pupils still at primary school, it said.

Out of 5,000 incidents in Yorkshire in 2006/07, for example, the majority were in primary schools.

Meanwhile Essex County Council figures show that most of the children involved in reported racist incidents were between nine and 11.

One teacher told researchers that anti-racist interventions had led to 'an absolutely awful atmosphere around the school'.

'Children who used to play beautifully together are starting to separate along racial lines,' the teacher said.

The Manifesto Group is calling for 'adult politics' not to be projected on to children and compulsory reporting of racist incidents to be abolished.

Martin Ward, deputy general secretary of the Association of of School and College Leaders, said: 'Certainly any racist incident in schools should be dealt with swiftly but the definition of racism can be taken too far, especially with young children who clearly don't understand the connotation behind the words.'

But Schools Minister Diana Johnson said: 'If racist bullying is not dealt with in schools, then this will send a powerful message to children that racism is acceptable - not only in schools but in society as a whole.'

Read more:

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The Key - How To Unlock Mass Support

I pondered on this blog a few days ago why only 6 % of the public agreed with the BNP policy on immigration whilst 33 % of the public supported a far more extreme policy than the BNP have which is to deny all immigrants access to the NHS, schooling, benefits etc etc.

I just couldnt work out how these poll figures made any sense.

They revealed that a third of the public hold very extreme views on the issues of immigrants, but that they rejected the BNP policy on immigration.

It just didnt make any sense.

Then I spoke to Nick and he answered it in a single second.

The answer is because the people polled believe that the BNP immigration policy is Compulsory Repatriation and not Voluntary Repatriation.

Take a look at the poll PDF link above and note that the pollsters read out a short statement on each parties policy before they ask the questions to the pollsters.

It is obvious that this is how the polls are being skewed.

The pollsters do not tell the people they are polling what the BNP policies really are, they peddle to them the same lie as the media that the BNP stand for Compulsory Repatriation as opposed to voluntary repatriation.

I must admit that Nicks answer shocked me.

I never realised that even I, as a cynical bastard, would still be believing in the integrity of the polls and pollsters so much.

But thanks to the pollsters, and this poll, it has revealed where the BNP must campaign from now on.

We need a whole new leaflet drafted up simply on our position on voluntary repatriation.

We must go on the offensive about this issue - as it is this 'false perception' promoted by the media on this single issue which is preventing us unlocking mass public support.

It appears that the public really do believe the media lie that the BNP is going to round up and deport all the immigrants in the country.

It is this single media lie that is preventing us unlocking mass support.

Therefore this lie has to become the primary target of our propaganda in elections.

We must kill the lie before we unlock mass support.

The poll also kills forever the lie that the British public would support a political party that advocates such a policy of compulsory repatriation - and thereby ensuring those on the political far right that say the public would are simply talking total rubbish.

6 % of the public does not a general election win.

The BNP must now start to properly formulate its immigration policy with the poll in mind.

The BNP website must have a prominent banner link placed upon it that details in easy and understandable terms our true immigration policy.

We should also have a video made with British naturalised citizens who wish to take up our offer of voluntary repatriation with financial assistance and resettlement grants if they wish too.

We need a whole new leaflet drafted up that is specifically targeted on this issue and that explains our policy - that we will only deport illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, extremists and terrorists, bogus asylum seekers and illegal overstayers REGARDLESS OF THEIR RACE, RELIGION OR NATIONALITY.

This insight is the key to unlock mass public support.

The poll provides us with the answer why people are not prepared to vote for us even though they agree with our policies on everything else - its because they really do believe the media lie that we are going to round up all the immigrants, stick them in camps and then deport them all.

Like all decent human being they find such a policy repugnant.

The idea that the BNP would deport the nice Sikh couple that run the local post office appalls them - and rightfully so.

The BNP have no interest in deporting assimilated naturalised British citizens who are contributing to our society, nor any legitimate naturalised British citizens.

Not only that it would leave the BNP government and people who undertook such a policy liable to international prosecution for crimes against humanity.

I dont think anyone wants to be standing in the same dock as Milosevic of Karadzic.

Therefore we must start a massive publicity campaign to highlight our real policy and promote it to the public.

If the public knew our real policy, as opposed to the media lie, then they would support the BNP far and above the policies on immigration of all the other parties.

In fact I suspect that once we begin to hit this issue hard, and get the truth out, that it will give us a massive boost in elections.

The leaflets that go out mention the issue of immigration but never define exactly what our policy is.

This is why we need a single leaflet spelling out in easy, understandable terms to the public our true immigration policy to go out in all elections.

The poll result reveals that a media lie will always triumph over the truth.

Therefore in order to combat the media lie we must start to focus in on this issue and ensure that the public are aware of the truth and that the media and the other parties have been lying them.

I call this poll result 'The Key' as it finally reveals just how we can unlock mass support.

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Wednesday 28 October 2009

British Nationalism as Opposed to Civic and Racial Nationalism

I believe that there is a Third Way between Racial Nationalism and Civic Nationalism which is British Nationalism.

Civic Nationalism is predicated on liberalism, multi-culturalism, political correctness, liberal values and cultural relativism. In this system immigrants are not made to assimilate into British culture, they are allowed to become Colonists and British society adopt a form of Liberal Apartheid based on separate development. This is the primary driver of racism and anti-white racism and Islamic extremism in our society.

Racial Nationalism states that only Whites can be British and that therefore anyone of immigrant stock cannot be allowed to become British by culture as to do would somehow 'dilute' British culture. In fact multi-culturalism and racial nationalism both end up in apartheid states.

The Third Way is British Nationalism.

In a British Nationalist State all those that refuse to assimilate into British culture or whose aims and agenda are to impose their religion, values and way of life on the British people are defined as colonists and deported. Religion would be a matter of individual choice, and Sharia Law courts banned and closed down as would all other religious 'courts' and 'parliaments'. Those that sought to use their religion for political ends would be arrested and prosecuted.

In a British Nationalist state there is no multi-culturalism - there is simply British Culture.

In a British Nationalist state all immigration would be stopped so that we could first assimilate the indigenous white British who have been socially alienated by multi-culturalism and then assimilate the immigrants who are here.

In a British Nationalist system schools and public authorities would end the kowtowing to the demands of minorities and insist they assimilate into our British society. No more prayer rooms and days off school for religious festivals.

There would be no government translation services or translators, no political correctness and no race relations industry in a British Nationalist state, as society would be a meritocracy as opposed to a racist and liberal fascist state based on anti-White Affirmative Action Plans and Positive Discrimination.

Immigrants would be forced to learn English or be deported.

In a British Nationalist state the numbers of religious buildings would be cut and local referendums held to decide if an planning application goes ahead in an area - if the people vote no, then no buildings go up.

In a British Nationalist state, no schoolkids would be allowed to wear the Burkha or Hijab in schools.

In a British Nationalist State the burkha and Hijab would be banned for all public sector workers and members of all religions forced to wear a uniform that would not signify an adherence to a particular creed or belief in the workplace.

In a British Nationalist state all trades unions that were internationalist as opposed to British Nationalist would be de-registered. No more campaigns for Cuba when British workers are being thrown on the dole.

In a British Nationalist state all those naturalised citizens that break the law, regardless of whether they are white Australians or Blacks from Zaire will be deported.

In a British Nationalist state all illegal immigrants, bogus asylum seekers, foreign criminals and visa over stayers would be arrested and deported with no right of appeal.

In a British Nationalist state all young people would be forced to do two years National service either in hospitals learning first aid and helping the nursing staff take care of the sick, the old and the disabled both in hospitals and in the community, in the British Army (but not sent abroad) working to act as logistics support and learning a trade or working on the land with farmers and learning farming so they learn to become part of a National Community.

In a British Nationalist State there would be no more foreign wars for oil, as we would create energy national self sufficiency as a primary goal. In a British Nationalist state national self sufficiency would become a primary goal of government.

In a British Nationalist state, the environment would be protected in order to ensure that future generations of British people have access to resources and a sustainable environment that sustains them and their society. The environment would not be just a resource base, but recognised as of primary importance. No building on the green belt. No immigration that requires millions of new houses would be allowed.

In a British Nationalist state the Christian Church would be told to keep out of politics and take care of its own followers, not involve itself in liberal politics and act as the promoters of liberalism, multi-culturalism and political correctness. No more Marxists in frocks would be able to pontificate to the British people.

In a British Nationalist State the role of the State would be to serve the interests of the British people, as opposed to the people serving the state.

In a British Nationalist system the National economy would replace the globalist economy, and industry, economics and finance serve the interests of the nation and the people not just the banks and the bankers.

In a British Nationalist system no British soldiers would be sent to die for US oil demands. We would keep Britain out of foreign wars and foreign wars out of Britain.

In a British Nationalist state the terrorists and hard drug importers would be hung, not put into holidays camps that masquerade as prisons.

In a British Nationalist state the anti-social criminals in our communities would not be patted on the heads by social workers, they would be flogged in public until they stopped committing crimes and serious criminals forced to work in prisons or in public work schemes and their wages given to their victims or their own families to support them.

In a British Nationalist system political correctness would be eradicated and free speech restored.

In a British Nationalist system the British Constitution would be restored and all powers given away to supra-national institutions like the EU repatriated. Britain would withdraw from the EU and limit the powers of foreign corporations to throw British workers on the dole when they make a decision to do so in a boardroom in Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Tel Aviv or Paris.

In a British Nationalist state those colonists would not be allowed to play the race card anymore. The people who would be the primary recipients of state assistance would be the poor, the disabled, the elderly and the working class.

Drug addicts and alcoholics and the self inflicted, would not be able to claim dole.

If they are heroin addicts they would be banned from driving, electronically tagged, fitted with a contraceptive implant and not allowed to get pregnant until they are clean and then made to live in special housing blocks where they work and get their drugs given to them by doctors - then when they get fed up with this lifestyle they would then be able to go to rehab and would have the will to keep off the drugs.

Those found guilty of three times selling hard drugs would be hung.

In a British Nationalist state there would be no homeless British people, as the homes of the colonists would be given to them. There would no homeless british ex-soldiers as they would be living in the homes of the Al Qaeda supporters and the Sharia law extremists who would be deported as soon as get into power.

In a British Nationalist State the media would be allowed to print only the truth, not propaganda for or against political parties. Those foreign news corporations like the Murdoch Empire would be forced to hand over control of the company to a board of British directors who would run the company for Murdoch. No more would foreign media barons be allowed to elect political parties to power. The will of the British people alone will decide elections, not media barons.

In a British Nationalist state a British National Bank would fund massive public work schemes that are designed to increase efficiency, productivity and energy efficiency. These schemes would award contracts to British firms who employ British workers. There would be massive state investment in re-opening coal mines and creating liquified gas electric generation plants next to the coal mines for the coal that is dug up to produce electricity that is sold to the National Grid. North Sea oil platforms would become Carbon sequestration plants to store harmful greenhouses gases. Massive Renewable and Green Energy projects would replace our dependence on Middle East oil and Russian gas.

In a British Nationalist state billions would be spent on creating technical colleges with apprenticeships to allow our young people to get jobs in the new heavy industry jobs and new public work schemes. Millions would be re-employed and given decent jobs and wages.

In a British Nationalist system the British people would once again be employed making things to sell to the rest of the world, instead of being dependent on service industries and financial services.

The time has come to create a society that removes all the sick liberal values of our sick and broken society - and create a Better Britain in its place.

This is why the Third Way, British Nationalism, is the answer to all our problems.

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The EDL, Multi-Culturalism and the British Revolution

The most interesting development in Multi-Culturalism over the last three decades has been the development of the EDL (English Defence League).

Contrary to the media lies about the EDL being 'Nazis and Racists' they are not.

They are genuinely a multi-racial group which is opposed to Islamic Extremism - but now they have to move on to opposing not just Islamic extremism but also the primary causes of Islamic extremism - which is liberalism and multi-culturalism and the media which propagandises these poisons in our society.

And it is about time that such a group has developed in this country.

The tragedy is that the EDL are the only group seeking to Nationalise naturalised British citizens.

Whilst Black, Asian, mixed race and other naturalised British soldiers are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the only voice that ever appears on the liberal media are the usual 'token' liberal middle class blacks and Hindu or Sikh asians of the Ethnic Middle Class, whose politics are liberal and totally unrepresentative of unassimilated working class Blacks and asians in the UK.

This is the greatest betrayal of all for Black and asian British citizens and naturalised citizens of all ethnicities, races and religions, that the ONLY naturalised black, asian and ethnic voices who ever appear on the media constantly peddle liberal and far left middle class bollocks.

Nor are there any voices of the BWhite working class, except for 'mockneys' like Billy Bragg and John Cruddas who are simply middle class, class traitors.

The irony is that the longer that these middle class liberal blacks and asians are allowed on the white liberal media to promote their hatred of nationalism, patriotism, and to promote their loyalty only to their racial group and their hatred of the British Army and appeasement of Islamic extremism - then the more the public think that blacks, asians and other naturalised ethnic and racial groups in Britain who are British citizens are not assimilated, even when they are.

Just as the white working class and Abandoned White British are not assimilated into liberal society, neither are working class naturalised British citizens - unless they are liberals and middle class like the white liberal middle classes themselves.

Liberalism is in fact more pernicious than racism, for whilst racism is recognised the innate class bias of the white liberal middle class and the ethnic middle class is not ever recognised or resisted.

The White Working class are despised by white liberals and the ethnic middle class more than anyone else, and whilst naturalised immigrant British citizens have their lobby groups and spokespeople like Trevor Phillips to speak for them, the White working class are totally abandoned by the white middle class elite and their ethnic middle class fellow travellers.

No-one speaks for us, except for the BNP and when we do we are called 'racists'.

We are the forgotten and despised - the 'underclass' chav untermensch of 'multi-cultural Britain'.

The entire premise of the multi-cultural experiment was built on false foundations - for how can we as a nation assimilate millions of immigrants, and a million more each year - WHEN WE HAVENT EVEN ASSIMILATED OUR OWN WHITE WORKING CLASS YET !!!

Before the multi-cultural project began then the first group who should have been assimilated into British society were the white working class and the White Abandoned British, but they didnt do that - and now when we see a new Ethnic Middle Class being welcomed into the White Liberal Middle Class, and we are forced to stay in our devastated working class communities, then is it any wonder racism and resentment grows against immigrants.

The first people who should have been assimilated were our own people - but we were forgotten and rejected.

If mass immigration was not about assimilating immigrants into British culture then lets call multi-culturalism by its real name - COLONISATION.

If the aim of mass immigration was to assimilate immigrants into British society, then it was doomed to failure due to its failure to assimilate first the White Working Class and the 'underclass' and secondly its failure to abandon multi-culturalism, or colonisation, for assimilation.

Either way mass immigration has been a total disaster.

If Black, asian and other ethnic and racial groups are British citizens and are truly British then they will be also against immigration and demand all sectors of our society have the chance of assimilation, working class whites included - and the facts and polls show that a large majority of naturalised British citizens are against immigration.

But this opinion is never represented in the media by the usual liberal and leftist Black and Asian tokens and naturalised British self appointed 'community spokespeople' who are allowed on the media and who posture as British but who are in fact spokespeople only for their own racial and religious communities, and even though they are wealthy and middle class, they constantly play the race card for their own benefit and for the benefit of their own community.

Assimilated naturalised British citizens would, if they were allowed on the media, express nationalist and patriotic opinions as much as Indigenous British citizens would.

Nationalist Black and Asian British citizens and all naturalised British citizens must be allowed on the media to promote nationalist values to their communities.

But they are not allowed on the media to do this - so instead we have the constant liberal propaganda of the White Middle Class elite and their Ethnic Middle Class fellow travellers pumped out all the time to naturalised British citizens.

This is a constant died of bollocks about 'British society is institutionally racist, you must be a liberal, you can only be a rap star, a runner or a nuclear scientist who saves the world'.

And all this does is create generation after generation of young black and asian kids and naturalised citizens with a chip on their shoulder, who despise society and most dangerous of all - they despise whites as racists and British society as racist.

This is why the primary racism in this country in relation to race attacks is against British whites and why Islamist terrorism threatens our society.

The white liberals and Black and asian liberals and other naturalised British who pump out on the media a constant diet of liberal bullshit merely ensure non-indigenous British citizens have no loyalty to Britain and British culture.

The ultimate manifestation of this hatred that then develops in these young people is shown by the 7/7 bombers - they were born here, their parents were wealthy and middle class and they went to university here and they had more opportunities than most White Working Class ever kids have ever had - but they lived in Muslim ghetto's, mixed only with their own people, absorbed the liberal hatred for British society that is the dominant feature of the liberal mindset and media propaganda, absorbed the liberal propaganda about a 'racist British society' and then projected that hatred back against British society.

If the blame for the radicalisation of young British muslims can be laid anywhere - it can be laid at the feet of the White Liberals who have deliberately promoted multi-culturalism, who have peddled bollocks about racism and a racist British society and who have allowed multi-culturalism to become the New Apartheid and separate development - colonisation as we used to call it.

All that this endless liberal propaganda does is ensure every generation of young black and asian kids and other naturalised British citizens born in the UK - NEVER ASSIMILATE.

It is the aim and desire of the media to ensure that Blacks and Asians and other naturalised British citizens do not integrate, so that they end up as degenerate, dumb and alienated as the white kids brought up in this vile, sick society.

They then become 'liberals by default' - too stupid to understand reality and therefore they vote for the Labour Party.

The White liberals do not want naturalised, Nationalist, Patriotic, assimilated British blacks and asians and others who will rally to the British flag and defend British culture - they want alienated, racist, self hating British blacks and asians who end up joining the ranks of the idiot white liberals.

This is because the liberals want British culture destroyed.

The liberals want Britain destroyed.

The liberals want immigrants to remain as colonists, not as assimilated British citizens loyal to Britain, proud to be nationalists and patriots - as the White Liberals despise Britain, they despise nationalism and they despise British culture.

This has to end.

The media must allow nationalist, patriotic and assimilated Black and Asian British voices on the media to guide these communities out of the ghetto of multi-culturalism and separate development - which is the New Apartheid.

This is why the EDL are so significant in relation to the development of an assimilated British society where British blacks and asians and other naturalised British citizens are able to become nationalists and patriots as opposed to liberals and socialists.

The EDL are the first of the groups that have attempted to nationalise British youth of all races and religions, and a myriad other groups must also begin to do the same.

Including the BNP.

The BNP must also demand that ALL British citizens, regardless of their race or religion, assimilate into British culture.

The BNP must also demand an end to multi-culturalism and the imposition of Mono-Culturalism - the mono-culturalism of British culture.

Multi-culturalism is the enemy of the British nation, all British citizens regardless of race and British culture.

Multi-culturalism kills nations.

Multi-culturalism kills society.

Multi-culturalism kills British culture.

Multi-culturalism creates a 'soft apartheid' and ghettoisation where each community undergoes separate development and each non-white community cares only for itself and not the British nation, the interests of the British people and British culture.

Multi-cultaralism is the primary driver and cause of racism in Britain.

Because multi-culturalists have never demanded assimilation, then many of the indigenous British people have developed a perception that they have only ever seen colonists come to this country who hate Britain and the British people and hate British culture.

Whilst they call themselves British citizens, they have been encouraged by white liberals to see themselves and define themselves according to their race or religion and to regard Britain and British society as 'racist'.

Therefore many people in those communities have not assimilated and become racist colonists amongst us. This has led to the rise in race attacks against White indigenous British people from these non-assimilated groups.

This has to end.

The death grip that liberalism and multi-culturalism has had on the various racial and religious communities in the UK has to end.

There has to be organisations arise that 'Nationalise' those communities and allow them to become British Nationalists and patriots who work for the benefit of Britain and all the British people - regardless of their race.

This is why the EDL are so important.

At this very moment the EDL are taking alienated young people who are Black and asian and naturalised British, and also white kids who ahve been taught to loathe themselves for being White and British and turning them from liberal self loathers into nationalists.

This is the first step on the creation of a truly nationalist and assimilated British society.

Organisations must arise that say to young Black and Asian kids and all other racial and religious communities in the UK 'You are British, therefore you must become a Nationalist and a patriot'.

We must kill multi-culturalism and the power of liberalism in our society and nationalise all communities in the UK.

The EDL and groups like it must now seek out and recruit young Black and Asian kids into its ranks and 'nationalise' them.

If the government will not turn colonists into British citizens then the EDL and groups like it must.

If the government wont end multi-culturalism and demand assimilation, then the EDL and groups like it must do this.

Only by groups like the EDL reaching out to the alienated ethnic communities who have been taught that multi-culturalism = hating Britain, hating British culture and hating nationalism and patriotism, can the multi-cultural ticking time bomb be defused.

At this moment Black and Asian born British soldiers and other naturalised British citizens are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But apart from the times when a black soldier with a medal is used to attack the BNP and thereby plastered all over the papers - when was the last time you saw a decorated Black British soldier or naturalised British soldier who is a nationalist and a patriot allowed on the media to promote nationalism, patriotism and British culture and demand an end to mass immigration, anti-white racism and multi-culturalism.

Never - thats when.

The only blacks and asians and naturalised British citizens we get on the media are all middle class liberals and have never served in the military.

This is the ultimate sickness of the media - that they are more racists than the racists they profess to despise, for the only blacks and asians and naturalised British citizens they allow on the media are either as liberal as them or they are the usual racist 'community representatives' with their ethnic fancy dress and right on anti-white racism.

No blacks and asians and naturalised British citizens who are proud to be British nationalists are allowed on the media to express nationalist and patriotic views.

Oh no - such Nationalist Blacks and Asians and other naturalised British citizens who are against multi-culturalism and mass immigration are NEVER allowed on the media.

This therefore leaves the impression amongst people that they are all anti-British, anti-British culture and anti-assimilation and therefore leaves the indigenous British people thinking they are colonists not fellow British citizens.

This is the product of liberalism and multi-culturalism.

Therefore the EDL are doing one good job at least - they are taking alienated black and asian kids and other naturalised British citizens turning them from anti-white racists with a chip on their shoulder into British nationalists.

The day that we see Black, Asian and other naturalised British people on the media demanding an end to immigration, an end to multi-culturalism and the restoration of British culture and the ending of Multi-culturalism - then that is the day that racism will diminish, anti-white racism will diminish, islamic extremism will diminish, ghettoisation will diminish and a more cohesive British society created.

The tragic fact is that is the liberals who are the primary drivers of anti-white racism, racism against ethnic minorities and the destruction of British society and British culture.

This was not accidental.

They set out to do this.

Now the tragic consequences can be seen in incidents such as 7/7 and the endless race attacks against white people in this country by individuals incited into racism by liberal propaganda.

The day that British Blacks and Asians and other naturalised British citizens are on the media to defend British culture, defend British Nationalism, demand patriotism and demand an end to multi-culturalism, mass immigration and colonisation is the day our society will be far, far safer.

Until then the real enemy, the White Middle Class Liberal retards and their Ethnic Middle Class hypocrite fellow travellers will continue to profit from the New Apartheid in their sick and evil game to destroy Britain by using immigrants.

This is not just my opinion - this is a fact as revealed just a few days ago.

Immigrants were not allowed into the country for their benefit nor for the benefit of the British people - they were allowed in simply as White Middle Class wanker politicians and their Ethnic Middle Class co-conspirators wanted them in Britain in order to undermine British society, destroy British culture, undermine British national identity and ensure that the political interests of the liberals were promoted.

This was one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history.

They may as well have been slaves shipped in for their masters to use, as they were shipped here, dumped here and then indoctrinated with hatred for the White British people and British society.

Their job was simply to undermine social cohesion, destroy British culture, undermine nationalism and patriotism and nationalist values.

They were brought here as slaves in the name of Liberal Slavery, not as human beings who were brought here for their benefit or the benefit of Britain and British society.

They were then indoctrinated with hatred of Britain, British society, British culture and White British people by White Liberals for their own political ends.

One day these White Liberals and their fellow travellers will pay for their crimes.

The gun crime, drug abuse, violence, poverty and social alienation in black communities and Islamic extremism in Asian communities is a product of Liberalism.

We must all demand the following British Revolution ;

1) An immediate end to multi-culturalism

2) An immediate end to all mass immigration

3) Assimilation to replace multi-culturalism

4) British culture and British nationalist values imposed on our society to replace liberal values that promote and assist colonisation, terrorism and racism against the indigenous British and the social alienation of non-assimilated British citizens

5) Colonists of all races and religions deported if they refuse to assimilate into British society

6) The white liberal middle class media scum and their ethnic middle class fellow travellers forced to allow Black, Asian and White British Nationalists on the media to assist all our communities to assimilate into a new cohesive British identity that is based on British nationalism and patriotism

7) The prosecution of those politicians that used immigrants as slaves for their own ends and who usurped democracy and did this in secret without the permission of the British people and whose actions have led to racism, anti-white racism and Islamist terrorism.

8)A programme of nationalisation for all communities in Britain, from the White and Ethnic Middle Class to the Abandoned White British and the Colonists that requires them all to undergo a 'nationalisation' process. This will be a two year programme of National Service for all 18 year olds. They will either join the British Army, work on a farm or in hospitals, but all young people will undergo this process in order to impress upon them a sense of a shared British identity and sense of being part of our National Community.

9) The immediate removal of all proponents of Liberalism, political correctness and multi-culturalism from our schools, universities and public bodies such as the police.

10) The imposition of a process of nationalising young children in schools

This is the only way we will save our society.

We must create a British National Community out of the fractured and polarised remnants of Britain and British society.

Not until the youth and citizens of Britain of all races and religions stand united proudly beneath the British Union Flag and their united voices demand the British Revolution is enacted and liberalism extirpated and destroyed, will our nation be saved.

Not until the British Revolution has swept away the entire detritus and diseased remnants of the old liberal order and imposed its vision on all of our society, will our nation rise to greatness once again.

Now lets begin the Revolution.

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