Sunday 27 February 2011

The Earth Goddess

Image - petroshpere from Scotland - triple spiral symbol. Symbols of cell division, buried inside Neolithic tombs - they represent the actual moment when cells divide. Hence why they are fund buried in tombs, to ensure the spiritual process of rebirth is begun. They are the oocyte, and the petrostones represent the moment the fertilised egg becomes the Zygote - when it begins to divide and split.

The petrospheres represent spiritual and medical teachings - symbols that represent wisdom.

Image - Belas Knap

What we find in many of the Neolithic tombs is a cruciform structure where are found three cauldrons, these being the three cauldrons of rebirth.

These three cauldrons are represented by the three spirals. They represent spiritual evolution.

Here the bones of the dead are placed in the cauldrons so that on a midwinter solstice they are reborn in the Otherworld.

The fact that many tombs, such as Belas Knap, represent the female form shows us once again the symbolism of the spirals associated with the female form.

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The Spirals of Fertility

Image - spiral arteries in the female body

Image - spirals highlighting the womb region of Neolithic sculpture. Sculptures unearthed from the Cucuteni Culture of Eastern Europe circa 4000 B.C.E. which would be part of the Indo-European Empire of the Stones that stretched from Orkney to ancient Egypt and India.

Found this interesting article below on spirals in Neolithic art and symbolism.

The triple spiral symbol is linked with the female reproductive system.

The Neolithic Venus statues have specific sections of the status highlighted with spirals, which is the womb region.

Therefore the spirals are designed to suggest a specific part of the body - where we find the specific action linked with DNA, reproduction and cell division, is driven by the three spirals of the DNA helix at work.

So yet again we see the link between the female menstrual cycle, fertility and reproduction and the triple spirals symbol.

The triple spiral symbol represents meiosis and mitosis - and also the transition of the soul from this world to the Otherworld.

The triple spiral represents life at all stages from creation to existence to reproduction to rebirth in the spiritual world after death.

But the triple spiral also has direct connections to the physical structure of the female body, and hence the symbology of the connection to the spiral and the womb and fertility is further reinforced.

" Each month of a woman’s fertile phase, the ovaries, upon prompting from the pituitary gland’s follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) begin to prepare about twenty cells, eventually ending up with one chosen ripe egg out of one chosen ripe follicle. The cell within the follicle that will become an egg is called an oocyte (oh-a-cyte). The is the largest cell in the human body. It is visible to the human eye and is called the “secondary oocyte.”

There are two forms of cell division, mitosis and meiosis. These two forms of cell division are responsible for the presence of life on this planet. In this process DNA gets copied and stored. The process of mitosis is a cell making an identical copy of itself. This goes on everywhere, in our bodies, in plants and bacteria. The process of meiosis is different because it involves a sex cell that divides its chromosomes in half so it can mix or share DNA with another cell during reproduction. These are called germ cells. Out of this process emerges an entirely new being. "

The uterus is the most underappreciated body part on the planet! Women are completely out of touch with this fantastic organ. For example, how many people know that the human uterus possesses three spiral arteries? These are the only spiral arteries in the body. Remember a spiral is always a vortex! Triple Torsion power!

These spiral arteries in the uterus are responsible for a woman’s monthly bleeding. It is their coiling and uncoiling which orchestrate the release of the endometrium. They are extremely sensitive to estrogen and progesterone. During each menstrual cycle, these spiraling arteries grow and stretch with the endometrium.

spiral arteries

The first half of the cycle is a coiling up, a tightening, a squeezing. When the arteries uncoil and relax, a woman experiences bleeding. These spiral arteries are coiled most tightly right before the bleeding. This is what causes PMS, that time of painful suspension between restrictive gripping and letting go. The menstrual cycle is a monthly spiraling, a cyclic coiling and uncoiling, tightening and loosening, an involution/evolution, a spiral dance in rhythm with the moon. It is not a passive sloughing off of a build up. It is an active cycle that repeats every 28 days, according to this triple vortex energy of the uterus.

Many sculptures of the female form unearthed from the Neolithic period in Europe have spirals incised over the womb space. Some have one on the back of each hip, where the ovaries are located, others have one spiral over the exact womb space in the front. It is as though ancient people understood that spiraling action is necessary for the generation of new life, and that this energy was held within the female womb.

Sculptures unearthed from the Cucuteni Culture of Eastern Europe circa 4000 B.C.E.

A triple spiral is the ultimate spiral, the height of the creative form. The triple spiral arteries show that the ultimate form of creativity lives at the womb of women. This is not only available for women to make babies. Indeed, women bleed in the cycles when they are not pregnant, which means each month they grow the spirals longer, experience this coiling and uncoiling, carry this creativity within all the time. And what are the spiral arteries up to when a woman no longer bleeds? Women are continually spiraling with creativity at their cores.

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The Spirals of Life

Image 1) triple spiral symbol New Grange tomb

Image 2) moment of DNA replication

For a few weeks I have been working on an attempt to analyse the meaning of the triple spiral symbol in the pre-Celtic religion of the Neolithic.

I think I have cracked it.

The three spirals represent the moment of life evolving, when the DNA replicates itself and splits from one spiral into three spirals.

Nowhere else in nature, but in the process of DNA replication, are three spirals linked as one. The fact that Newgrange and other Neolithic sites are sites of the dead, and hence linked with life, shows us that the linkage between the three spirals symbol and the life and death process is not just accidental.

The three spirals motif is the symbolic depiction of the creative and evolving life process that the monuments themselves also seek to represent.

Therefore for people to say the symbol of the triple spirals does not represent DNA, and the moment of life evolving and growing during cell replication, is absurd. Only in one place in the whole of nature do three spirals interlock and that is as a result of the process of life.

The three spirals symbol is the symbol of a Neolithic religion that covered the whole of Britain. Its priesthood, who carried the maceheads with spirals engraved on them, had an authority that covered the whole of Neolithic Britain - and probably on the continent as well.

The religions base was the Island of Orkney and the Newgrange tomb in Ireland.

This means Britain was an Empire in the Neolithic - the Empire of the Stones.

In order for the symbol to mean the three spirals then the rest of the symbolism associated with the triple spiral must fit.

For instance the image at the top is taken from within Newgrange tomb.

Therefore the Newgrange Tomb represents ;

1) A human cell - in that the location where the symbol of the three spirals is located within the structure is also the physical location inside a human cell where the DNA replication takes place.

2) A womb - and the triple spiral also represents the fusion of the sperm and egg where they join together and create a new living form

3) A place of spiritual evolution - where the bones or remains of the dead are stored in a special bowl where the sun on the winter solstice shines and allows the spirit of the dead to be reborn in the otherworld.

Therefore on each level the symbolism of the spirals represents life and higher evolution.

I also suspect the zig zag lines represent energy whilst the spirals represent energy becoming organic matter.

Yet again it appears that the ancients knew as much about the nature of reality with their spiritual insights as we do with our scientific instruments.

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Wednesday 23 February 2011

Griffin Says ' Death Before Resignation'

Nick Griffin has been so inspired by the defiance of Colonel Gaddafi amidst the revolution in Libya that last night he gave a speech to the assembled masses of his supporters in the BNP, who were forced to attend before he paid them their staff pay.

Wearing his new gaddafi sytyle BNP uniform of a white smock, trousers and more medals than Michael Jackson and Colonel Gaddafi combined, that Nick had awarded himself for his bravery and courage in Pie Eating, Dodgy Accounting and Nepotism, he addressed the crowds of sheep outside his new bunker in welshpool ( as it is known for BNP accounting purposes), or the spa as it is known in the real world ;

" Greetings my Griffinites,

Hail Me !

Just like my hero Colonel Gaddafi I too shall never resign from the BNP.

I will be a martyr for nepotism and croneyism until the end, death to the pig dogs who defy my will and the orders of my well paid employees !

In the last few weeks I have shown the whole world that I am not a man to be trifled with - as the Green Maggot found out to his cost when he dared defy my will. Now he hides in his caravan molesting sheep whilst dodging my assassions such as Ian Kitchens wife and her voracious vagina !

Sooner or later all my enemies will be gobbled by my army of porno grannies !

Eddy, I spit on his name, Butler is the devil with a micro penis !

Nick ' oooh look how tall, fit and handsome I am' Cass, a curse upon his name, will be made to eat doughnuts until he is fatter than me - how dare he mock me for being a short, fat, useless twat !

The BNP is the NICK GRIFFIN PARTY, yes I know that if that was literaly true the BNP would be known as NGP, but you get the point.


I will return now to my lair in Brussels with the other MI5 run operatives in UKIP and make millions whilst pretending to oppose the EU !

With my loyal officers in the UK, whose wages I pay based on their brownnosing ability not ability to do the job, I am sure we are only a week or a fortnight or so from taking power and running Britain.

Please do not forget to donate to the BNP.

Make cheques out to C.ASH who is our new treasurer.



Griffin was then hustled out of the meeting before one of the assembled unpaid staff sex fiends tried to have sex with him or have sex with one of the sheep in the room.

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Tuesday 22 February 2011

More Diversity Shit

Someone needs to sit outside the Sahara Cafe in Blackburn and film all the kids going into the place.

CHILDREN as young as 12 are blowing their pocket money in illegal shisha dens at weekends.

Teenage boys and girls aged up to 16 are travelling from across the area and paying to go into flats in Blackburn town centre on Friday and Saturday nights.

Trading standards said each weekend around 100 youngsters visiting the dens are risking their health by using unfiltered tobacco for several hours at a time.

Children are coming from as far afield as the Ribble Valley, but also Blackburn and Darwen, according to police.

One 12-year-old teenage girl from the Ribble Valley even spent all of her £30 birthday money on two to three hours in a shisha den in Darwen Street, police said.

Her concerned parents found out and alerted police.

Shisha cafes can be licensed but they must adhere to strict health and safety guidelines, as well as smoking legislation, including only selling products to adults and not allowing smoking 'inside'.

They must also prove they have paid duty on the tobacco to Revenue and Customs.

Police are also concerned about the youngsters’ overall safety in visiting the ‘off the radar’ private dens.

Head of public protection for Blackburn with Darwen Council, Chris Allen, is overseeing multiple investigations into the shisha dens.

He said that from 'menus' his officers have seen at one premises, smokers were charged between £5-£6 per session.

Mr Allen described the dens as ‘Bedouin-style’ premises decked out with floor cushions, drapes, and said 'dodgy wiring' and hot coals were ‘fire hazards’.

He said: “What we usually find is upwards of 20 or 30 people in these upstairs rooms and we’ve seen places where there are 30 to 40 shisha pipes available.

“This is an emerging issue countrywide, not just in Blackburn with Darwen, and if any local authority is doing its homework they’ll find a problem.”

Mr Allen said he believed the illegals dens had arisen out of a ‘competition from the number of cafes in the area’ and ‘people looking for some alternative income streams’.

He added: “The reason why this is proliferating is the profitability which comes from selling shisha and the access to the pipes.

“This is one which seems to have caught the imagination.

“My message to children would be that the health implications of shisha smoking will be felt by all who take part in it, but the younger someone starts to smoke, the greater the risk of them suffering ill-health in adulthood.”

Some of the premises have also been described as 'fire hazards' because of the number of people packed into them and a lack of safety checks.

Mr Allen said trading standards and the police would have to prove the dens were not ‘private rooms’, but being used on a commercial scale.

Town centre licensing officer Andy Duxbury said: “We are not trying to ruin anyone's legitimate business or stop their culture.

“But we have a real concern about schoolchildren spending Friday and Saturday nights in these places.

"They are paying money to smoke the flavoured tobacco and their parents don't know where they are.

“We have a lot of intelligence that it is children from 12 to 16, from all races, using them as social meeting places in the town centre.

“Our main concerns are the premises themselves and the health risks to the children.”

Prosecutors at Blackburn magistrates have previously said there was a problem in the area with businesses operating as a facade for owners to charge for smoking.

But the authorities, lead by Blackburn with Darwen Council's trading standards and environmental health, which prosecute illegal dens, say it is not just premises attached to takeaways which are the problem.

A growing issue was people renting out a room on the pretence that it is a private flat.

Police said this was to try and get around the smoking ban – which applies to public places – by saying it is not a business.

PC Duxbury said the council, police and revenue and customs had around six illegal shisha dens in their sights.

He added: “We are doing what we can to enforce the legislation, but we need the help of parents to take responsibility.

“It may only be tobacco and not an illegal drug, but they are under-age, it is addictive, bad for their health and who knows what else they could be exposed to there?

“It used to be predominantly in the Asian culture, but in the last few months it has become a real mix of children meeting socially at these places.”

Comments ;

Check out the number of kids waiting for the sahara cafe,darwen st. to open saturday lunchtime...all of them white kids,no asians,I wonder why...could it be just another way of undermining this society. I suggest you do the job your paid to do mr. Duxbury and apply the law. The double standards existing in towns like Blackburn should at least ring some alarm bells somewhere. As for the L.T. promoting racial hatred...Some of our asian "friends" need no help whatsoever, they are very adept at doing this all on their own.

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Royal Scum and The Jewish Pervert

Prince Andrew is living proof that most of the royal family, are and always have been, degenerate whoremongering white trash scum.

Prince Andrew tours Manhattan with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Last Updated: 11:35 AM, February 21, 2011

Posted: 1:30 AM, February 21, 2011

Comments: 27 More Print Meet Manhattan's raunchy new odd couple -- the prince and the pervert.

Prince Andrew, the United Kingdom's special representative for international trade and investment, and convicted child-sex creep Jeffrey Epstein stroll through Central Park in December -- shortly after the hooker-loving hedge-fund honcho moved back to his $50 million Upper East Side town house from his Palm Beach, Fla., mansion.

But this was no official business chat between the longtime pals.

Following their sedate park stroll and walk around the East Side, the pair got down to the business they both apparently prefer -- partying.

Epstein served an 18-month sentence in 2008 in Florida under a plea deal in which he confessed to two counts of soliciting a minor for prostitution and soliciting prostitution.

He spent part of it in a vacant wing of a Palm Beach jail, and the rest under house arrest.

His victim was identified in court papers as a 14-year-old girl identified only as "Jane Doe."

Epstein, a Level Three sex offender, paid the youngster -- one of a string of girls who allegedly visited him -- $200 for a massage at his Palm Beach retreat in 2005.

She said he used a vibrator on her while he masturbated, according to the court papers.

During his New York visit, Randy Andy, 51, chilled for four days at Epstein's East 71st Street pad, where the 58-year-old businessman reportedly threw his own welcome-home bash for stuffed-shirt glitterati, including Katie Couric, Charlie Rose and George Stephanopoulos.

At the party, Page Six reported, the jet-setting prince -- dubbed back home as "His Buffoon Highness" -- jokingly compared himself to Prince Harry.

"Like Harry, I'm just the younger brother," the paper quoted Andrew, brother of Prince Charles, as saying.

And when asked by Woody Allen about his ex-wife, Fergie, the prince replied, "She's very well -- we live together."

A team of Royal Protection officers and private security arranged by billionaire Epstein was on hand for Andrew's whole stay, Britain's News of the World reported.

Neighbors told the paper they witnessed a parade of stunning beauties come calling at Epstein's door during the prince's stay, the tabloid reported.

And once, Andrew was even spotted kissing a glammy brunette on the doorstep.

The aging horndogs share a long history.

They were introduced around 2000 by a mutual friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell.

And Andrew -- who has come under scathing criticism at home for globetrotting on the taxpayer's dime -- has enjoyed frequent holidays with Epstein.

On one trip, Andrew was seen sunbathing with a bevy of topless women off the Thai coast.

In return, Epstein -- who famously rubbed elbows with ex-President Bill Clinton -- got invited to Queen Elizabeth's Norfolk retreat, Sandringham, for a weekend and was a guest at her birthday at Windsor in 2000.

The prince's decision to keep in touch with his party pal -- appearances be damned -- comes as British press questions some of his past moves, including the sale of the home he once shared with Fergie to a Kazakh billionaire for almost twice its value.

As for Epstein, his return has generated no less scrutiny -- and an episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" inspired by his crimes aired on Feb 2.

The real Epstein made 16 out-of-court financial settlements with other girls who had leveled similar sexual allegations against him, Britain's Daily Mail said.

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Immigration is an Invasion

How Labour let in 3 million immigrants, in defiance of the overwhelming wishes of the British people

By Sir Andrew Green

Last updated at 1:47 AM on 22nd February 2011

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Official figures to be published on Thursday will confirm that foreign immigration under Labour added more than three million to our population.

At the same time nearly one million British citizens voted with their feet, some saying that they were leaving because England was no longer a country that they recognised.

How could all this have happened in the teeth of public opposition? Even the Labour government’s own survey last February showed that 77 per cent of the public wanted immigration reduced, including 54 per cent of the ethnic communities, while 50 per cent of the public wanted it reduced ‘by a lot’.

Mass migration: Hundreds of asylum seekers wait in Calais, hoping to make their way to Britain, where our open door policy has seen 3million foreign born people come here since 1997

There are, of course, good arguments for controlled and limited immigration. Migration in both directions is a natural part of an open economy. And there are many immigrants who are valuable both to our economy and our society.

Mass immigration is an entirely different matter. The question now is how did it happen and what can be done about it. Was it all a Labour conspiracy? Was it sheer incompetence in government? Or was it wholesale retreat in front of the race relations lobby?

The strongest evidence for conspiracy comes from one of Labour’s own. Andrew Neather, a previously unheard-of speechwriter for Blair, Straw and Blunkett, popped up with an article in the Evening Standard in October 2009 which gave the game away.
More...How three million migrants came to UK under Labour in biggest population growth in 1,000 years (... that's nearly one every minute)

Immigration fears of the young as almost three-quarters say it is a problem
DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Migrants, Labour and democratic vandalism

Immigration, he wrote, ‘didn’t just happen; the deliberate policy of Ministers from
late 2000 . . . was to open up the UK to mass immigration’.

He was at the heart of policy in September 2001, drafting the landmark speech by the then Immigration Minister Barbara Roche, and he reported ‘coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended — even if this wasn’t its main purpose — to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.

That seemed, even to him, a manoeuvre too far.

The result is now plain for all to see. Even Blair’s favourite think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), commented recently: ‘It is no exaggeration to say that immigration under New Labour has changed the face of the country.’

It is not hard to see why Labour’s own apparatchiks supported the policy. Provided that the white working class didn’t cotton on, there were votes in it.
Theory: Sir Andrew Green thinks that Labour's policy on mass migration was a conspiracy to gain votes and aid economic growth

Research into voting patterns conducted for the Electoral Commission after the 2005 general election found that 80 per cent of Caribbean and African voters had voted Labour, while only about 3 per cent had voted Conservative and roughly 8 per cent for the Liberal Democrats.

The Asian vote was split about 50 per cent for Labour, 10 per cent Conservatives and 15 per cent Liberal Democrats.

Nor should we underestimate the power of ‘community leaders’ who have strong influence in constituency Labour parties and who, of course, benefit from a growth in numbers.

Other activists, nurtured in the anti-apartheid movement of the last century, had no difficulty promoting the interests of minority groups — almost, it seems, regardless of the impact on the white working class.

There were also economic factors. A collection of essays published recently by the IPPR underlined the role of Gordon Brown’s Treasury in this affair. A high level of immigration made economic growth look better and helped keep wages and, therefore, inflation down.

Others, too, saw economic benefits for themselves. The employers’ organisations kept their heads down, but there is little doubt that they were privately encouraging a supply of cheap labour which was good for profits, whatever its impact on society.
Then there were those members of the middle classes who found it convenient to have cheap exotic restaurants and even cheaper domestic help, but were blind to the wider consequences of this population inflow which were, of course, felt in the poorer neighbourhoods.

Another major factor was the attitude of the BBC and, in particular, its devotion to multiculturalism. For years it avoided discussing immigration if it possibly could.
Although in the autumn of 2005 official statistics for the previous year showed an increase of 50 per cent in net immigration, there was no mention of this on the BBC. Its own report into impartiality, published in June 2007, concluded that its coverage of immigration amounted to bias by omission.

The strongest evidence for conspiracy comes from one of Labour’s own. Andrew Neather, a previously unheard-of speechwriter for Blair, Straw and Blunkett,
Last December the corporation’s director-general admitted: ‘There are some areas, immigration, business and Europe, where the BBC has historically been rather weak and rather nervous about letting that entire debate happen.’ Indeed so.

The overall effect was to deter any serious discussion of immigration and to give plenty of space to the Left to accuse anyone who raised the subject of being a covert racist. On this matter the BBC failed to meet its own standards of objectivity.

How about Labour’s competence in government? A succession of six home secretaries and eight ministers of immigration was a testament to their utter failure to focus on a subject of crucial importance to Britain’s future.

Labour ministers had no sooner grasped the elements of the problem than they were moved to a new post. Government policy was that immigration was good for the economy, so why make difficulties about it?

The first Labour Home Secretary even to inquire about the numbers was Jacqui Smith. But she, too, was gone in the twinkling of an eye.

The reality is there was no government focus on the scale of immigration and no serious effort made to reduce it.
In the end, Labour paid the price.

Questions: Jacqui Smith was the first Home Secretary to inquire about the numbers. However Tony Blair appears to show no remorse over immigration

Anger over mass immigration was a major reason why so many of Labour’s working-class supporters did not vote at the last election.

They were not alone in their verdict. An intriguing opinion survey found that, when the public were asked what they regarded as the greatest failures of Tony Blair’s time as Prime Minister, 62 per cent pointed to the fact that immigration had reached unacceptable levels — even more than the 56 per cent who chose the invasion of Iraq.
Blair himself shows no remorse. His memoirs, which run to 690 pages, contain only one page on immigration.

The reference describes his strategy for handling the policy at the 2005 election, saying: ‘Because our position was sophisticated enough — a sort of “confess and avoid”, as the lawyers say — we won out.’

If Blair thinks his immigration policy was a success, he is almost alone.
Anger over mass immigration was a major reason why so many of Labour’s working-class supporters did not vote at the last election.

So, what about the future? What can be done?

The current government has taken one vital step. It has established an overall target range for immigration policy — to get net immigration down to tens of thousands by the end of this Parliament.

It is looking at the issue of work permits and dependants, seeing what can be done to tighten up numbers.

It has also made a start on economic migration and is ready to address the issue of foreign students, marriage and false asylum claimants which are the other main elements of immigration.

This will be uphill work, and the Liberal Democrat partners in the Coalition can be expected to make difficulties (so it will be essential to remain vigilant).

Nevertheless, Home Office ministers are showing some determination — and the official machine is at last responding to the overwhelming and democratically expressed wish of the British public.

Sir Andrew Green is a former British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Syria

Explore more:People: Tony Blair, Andrew Green, Barbara Roche, Gordon Brown, Jacqui Smith Places: Iraq, United Kingdom, Syria, Europe, Caribbean

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Monday 21 February 2011

More Enrichment

Four men slashed teacher's face and left him with fractured skull 'for teaching other religions to Muslim girls'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:27 PM on 21st February 2011
Comments (9) Add to My Stories Slashed: Victim Gary Smith was left with a fractured skull

Four men launched a horrific attack on a teacher in which they slashed his face and left him with a fractured skull because they did not approve of him teaching religion to Muslim girls.

Akmol Hussein, 26, Sheikh Rashid, 27, Azad Hussain, 25, and Simon Alam, 19, attacked Gary Smith with a Stanley knife, an iron rod and a block of cement.

Mr Smith, who is head of religious education at Central Foundation Girls' School in Bow, east London, also suffered a fractured skull.

The four now face a jail sentence.

Detectives made secret recordings of the gang's plot to attack Mr Smith prior to the brutal assault.

The covert audio probe captured the gang condemning Mr Smith for 'teaching other religions to our sisters', the court heard.

The RE teacher was targeted as he made his way on foot along Burdett Road in nearby Mile End on July 12 last year, Snaresbrook Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse told the court: 'The evidence from what was said on the probe points overwhelmingly to a religious motive for this attack.'

It is believed the gang had made two earlier attempts to get at the teacher.

They were due to stand trial for the attack at Snaresbrook Crown Court but pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Judge John Hand QC remanded the defendants in custody until sentence on a date yet to be confirmed.

Hussein, of Bethnal Green, east London; Rashid, of Shadwell, east London; Hussain, of Wapping, east London, and Alam, of Whitechapel, east London; have all admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Uddin, of Shadwell, admitted assisting an offender.

Read more:

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Griffin and Gaddafi

Nick Griffin is the Gaddaffi of British Nationalism.

An out of touch ditator whose grip on power is kept only by bent elections, buying the loyalty of his senior officers, the use of violence and intimidation against internal opponents, his grip on the party propaganda machinery and his control of the bank accounts.

Like Gaddafi, soon Griffin will be just a tragic memory for British Nationalists.

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What a bunch of pathetic lefty mugs that signed this poncing lying bastards petition to stay in the country.


A teenager who posed as a homeless orphan facing death if he was deported from Britain was today exposed as a fraud.

Schoolboy Ahmer Rana persuaded thousands of people including his MP to support his bid to stay in Britain.

More than 4,000 people in a quiet country town signed a Facebook petition asking the Home Office not to deport him when he turned 18.

His heartbreaking story that his parents had been killed in Pakistan won huge public sympathy.

But today it was revealed that Rana had lied to everyone - including his own foster parents and schoolmates at Queen Elizabeth High School in Carmarthen, Wales.

The faker admitted that his real name is Daniyal Shahzad, he is 19 not 18 and that his parents are alive and well.

Daniyal yesterday admitted he wanted to stay in Britain to send cash home to his mother, father, brothers and sisters.

His lies were exposed by the UK Border Agency said a judge found 'inconsistencies' in his case.

Daniyal confessed: 'I would like to say sorry to my friends in school who have supported me. I have let everyone down.' He has has been living in Wales since 2008, when he moved in with foster parents John and Lesley Hillard in Nantycaws, Carmarthen.

Daniyal pretended his birthday was on Christmas Day - and that he would be forced to leave in December when turned 18.

Two days before Christmas his supporters travelled to London to present a petition to the Home Office calling for him not to be deported to Pakistan.

The petition was handed over UK Immigration Minister Damian Green.

But Daniyal admitted that the story began with 'one small lie to the Home Office and snowballed out of control.' He said: 'The true reason I came here was to earn money to send back to my family.

Read more:

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Ron Paul For President

Go Ron Paul ;

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The Solar Storm

Scientists warn of $2,000bn solar 'Katrina'
Sun, 20 Feb 2011 12:39:50 -0800

Scientists warn of $2,000bn solar 'Katrina'

By Clive Cookson in Washington

Published: February 20 2011 17:50 | Last updated: February 20 2011 17:50

The sun is waking up from a long quiet spell. Last week it sent out the
strongest flare for four years - and scientists are warning that earth
should prepare for an intense electromagnetic storm that, in the worst case,
could be a "global Katrina" costing the world economy $2,000bn.

Senior officials responsible for policy on solar storms - also known as
space weather - in the US, UK and Sweden urged more preparedness at the
annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in

"We have to take the issue of space weather seriously," said Sir John
Beddington, UK chief scientist. "The sun is coming out of a quiet period,
and our vulnerability has increased since the last solar maximum [around

"Predict and prepare should be the watchwords," agreed Jane Lubchenco, head
of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "So much more of
our technology is vulnerable than it was 10 years ago."

A solar storm starts with an eruption of super-hot gas travelling out from
the sun at speeds of up to 5m miles an hour. Electrically charged particles
hit earth's atmosphere 20 to 30 hours later, causing electromagnetic havoc.

Last week's solar storm may have been the biggest since 2007, but it was
relatively small in historical terms.

It caused some radio communications problems and minor disruption of civil
aviation as airlines routed flights away from the polar regions, said Dr

A more extreme storm can shut down communications satellites for many hours
- or even cause permanent damage to their components. On the ground, the
intense magnetic fluctuations can induce surges in power lines, leading to
grid failures such as the one that blacked out the whole of Quebec in 1989.

The 11-year cycle of solar activity is quite variable and the present one is
running late, with the next maximum expected in 2013.

The peak was not expected to be very strong but that should not cause
complacency, said Tom Bogdan, director of the US Space Weather Prediction

The most intense solar storm on record, which ruined much of the world's
newly installed telegraph network in 1859, took place during an otherwise
weak cycle. An 1859-type storm today could knock out the world's
information, communications and electricity distribution systems, at a cost
estimated by the US government at $2,000bn.

In terms of terrestrial vulnerability, the biggest change since the 2000
peak is that the world has become more dependent on global positioning
system satellites - and not just for navigation. The world's mobile phone
networks depend on ultra-precise GPS time signals for their co-ordination.

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Sunday 20 February 2011

The Ice Age Cometh

The next ice age is almost here ;

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Prisoners of Fear

Excellent video from Gilad Atzmon ;

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Saturday 19 February 2011


Resist Now !

There is no more pernicious theft than for a bank run by corrupt and crooked bankers, who have been given the largest welfare cheques in British history by the British government during the present credit crisis, to evict families from their own homes.

"Finance company HML says cuts, job losses and price rises will force families in the West Midlands region to give up their homes.

It predicts that there will be 3,406 properties repossessed in this region and more than 33,000 all across the UK.

The figures are released as another survey predicts that the average family needs to find around £1,300 a year more to maintain the living standards it enjoyed 12 months

HML predicts repossessions nationally are likely to fall in the first half of the year to 15,557, before rising to 17,700 during the second six months.

The group predicts repossession numbers will keep rising in 2012 with between 35,000 and 40,000 families losing their homes. " (1)

The fact that not one single banker has lost their palatial home during the credit crisis, not one single banker has been forced to sell their home to pay back the people who lost money in the banks due to their fraud and incompetence and not one single banker has paid back a penny out of their massive bonuses to the British government, shows us we are living in a sick, morally warped, country run by bent politicians in the pockets of the bankers who fund the political parties that misrule our nation.

The British Freedom Party will pass laws to prevent families being evicted from their own homes if the banks they have a mortgage with have been given any public funds. Their mortgages will be reset in relation to their incomes to ensure they remain in their own homes and cannot be evicted.

We will also pass laws to impose personal liability on the bankers who caused the credit crisis and take their own assets to pay back the government the money they have been given by their New Labour and Lib-Con puppets.

Any banker given a bonus by a bank that has been given money owned by the tax payer will be forced to hand that money back to the government.

Those banks in debt will be shut down. In order to uphold the free market system which the banks and bankers hold in such esteem, then we will ensure that never again will another private bank be given any tax payers money to subsidise their financial incompetence. In a true free market system, a bank that fails is not rescued by the government.

Not even in a Communist regime would a private bank be supported with injections of capital by the government. Yet in the name of capitalism the entire ethos of the free market system has been dumped in order to ensure our countries are kept subservient to the economic interests of the banking kleptocrats whose donations to political parties are used to get their pet political partiers elected. (2)

The banking crisis has revealed that the political parties that run our country are nothing but whores to the bankers, and that without the money donated to the political parties to campaign in elections then those parties would not be elected.
The fact that British families are being thrown out of their own homes whilst the bankers pocket millions in bonus payments based solely on those banks being given vast injections of capital from the British government, shows us that our nation is being run by criminals.

The bankers and the banks, and the politicians in all the political parties who passed the laws that allowed the banks to indulge in the frauds and schemes that created the credit crisis, are the greatest terrorists on the face of the planet. They make Al Qaeda look like the cub scouts in relation to the economic damage caused by their financial terrorism. The bankers and politicians are guilty of using WMD (Weapons of Mass Destitution) disguised as trading instruments and hence must be regarded as financial terrorists within our society.

What families must do is refuse to leave their houses once they have been served with eviction papers by the banks. If nationalists want to do some good in society, then we must organise a National Anti-Eviction Network which allows families threatened with eviction to contact nationalists and we physically blockade those houses against the baliffs and police.

With thousands of police officers also being sacked and thrown on the dole because of the credit crisis, then they will soon be in the same boat and losing their own homes. The fact that police budgets have been cut means that they do not have the money to enforce the evictions of people from their own homes, if we organise to resist such evictions in our communities all across the country.

If nationalists want to win the hearts and minds of the British people, we must become a community movement that helps our people during this national crisis.
If that means we face arrest in the process as we defend the rights of our people against the corrupt banks and the baliffs that serve the will of the banks, then so be it.

The age of passive nationalism is now over. The era of Active Nationalism has begun.

Now we must become militant and radical and confront the forces of corruption in our society wherever they appear, as to do so will win us the respect of the people who have been betrayed and abandoned by the corrupt politicians and their banker whoremasters.



How To Deal With A Lefty Twat

Here is how you deal with a lefty twat with a chip on their shoulder - rip the piss out of them until they go away ;

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America Exposed

Watch the video - America is exposed as a fascist state ;

Freedom is now dead in America.

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Ian Kitchen Resigns - The Debacle Defined

I was sent a text message last night sttating that Ian Kitchen and his wife have resigned their roles as BNP officers and Adam Walker, another Griffinite stooge with more BNP titles to his name than the Queen, has replaced him as acting Yorkshire Organser for the BNP.

Yet again this whole sorry debacle is laid squarely at the feet of Nick Griffin.

Ian Kitchen was appointed into his position simply as Nick Griffin wanted to get rid of Chris Beverley.

Griffin didnt care about anything other than in his usual fit of pique, whilst having a tantrum, removing Chris Bev on the grounds that Chris Bev was not a brown nosing, brainless, lickspittle, sycophantic underling who worshipped the ground that Griffin walked on.

You see Griffin doesnt care about competence, he only cares about obdience.

Ian Kitchen is a nationalist, but due to his private life he could not and should not have been given a senior role in the party with a high public profile.

What any people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their own and no-ones elses business.

But when they film themselves indulging in sexual antics and then post that footage on the internet - then that demonstrates not just a total unsuitability for a public political role but also distinct lack of judgement as nationalist politicians.

The BNP, nor any other nationalist paty, are not the Lib Dems.

Whilst it may be acceptable for the Lib Dem ranks to be filled with pederasts, perverts, porn film stars and other degenerates - a nationalist party cannot have such people in senior positions, especially if they flaunt their degeneracy to the public via the internet.

Nick Griffin is the boss.

Nick Griffin made the decision to sack Chris Bev.

Nick Griffin made the decision to employ Ian Kitchen.

Therefore the buck stops with Nick Griffin.

The damage to the entire nationalist movement has now been done.

Nationalism is now seen by millions of people as a movement as degenerate as the rest of the political establishment.

Ian Kitchen and his wife can be congratulated for taking a senior role in nationalist politics, as this country is filled with gutless wimps who prefer to hide whilst our country is destroyed. They were used and abused by Griffin.

It is Nick Griffin who used Ian Kitchen and his wife for his own benefit who is the person to be blamed in this debacle not Ian Kitchen nor his wife.

It was Nick Griffin who chose to use them and appoint them to their positions in full knowledge of their lifestyle choices - and it is Nick Griffin who is primarily responsible for the torrents of abuse heaped on them by the media and the keyboard warriors who infest the internet.

Yet again Nick Griffin has revealed his utter incomptence and lack of critical judgement.

Even Griffins most ardent arse lickers like the Green Arrow, who helped Griffin rig the recent leadership election by threatening to publish the names and addresses of the people who supported Eddy Butler on the internet so the reds could target and attack them, has now been dumped like a soiled kleenex by Griffin.

Griffin always depsised the sycophantic rodent Paul Morris, but he used him when he needed an internet attack dog to attack his challengers for leadership, and then dumped Morris like a bag of dog turds in the bin when was of no more use to him.

The fact that Paul Morris is still licking Griffins hand like some pathetic lapdog seeking affection from its master, is a sign of just how pathetic the old fool Morris truly is.

Griffin cares only about two things - himself and money.

That is a direct result of him selling his soul to the evil, corrupt, perverted fake vicar Jim Dowson.

Griffin was groomed, seduced and corrupted by Jim Dowson.

Now Griffin is an empty husk of a man leading an empty husk of a party.

Griffin goes through the motions of being BNP leader day after day, but he knows, and do his followers, that it is just an pathetic act.

He is now an old whore - only after the money and the fading adulation of his dwindling band of followers.

The BNP is a pantomime filled with actors assuming their roles for money. It reminds me of the regimes we now see toppling all across the Middle East, led by a mad dictator whose 'loyal' officers are getting ready to flee after having filled their pockets with enough looted wealth to live on once the regime collapses.

The cult of Griffin is now almost finished, as the Messiah has been revealed in fact to be Charles Manson.

Griffin is a psychopath. He uses people and then disposes of them.

Ian Kitchen and his wife are not the guilty ones in this whole debacle, it is Griffin.

But the last of the cult members know this, but they will not change their beliefs - just like all cult members they would rather continue to believe that Charles Manson is Jesus than face the reality that they are worshipping a pathetic, hollow little man full of trite cliches that no longer have any meaning for him except as a way to keep his dwindling flock of sheep happy as they are fleeced of their money and hopes.

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Friday 18 February 2011

Green Maggot and his Odd Fetish

Image - Green Arrow rescuing Daisy the sheep from Nick Griffin - " NO GRIFFIN you fat pie eating bastard, you cannot have daisy as a snack. I love her and she is mine, Mine MINE ! ".

No one but the Green Maggot could have written this on his website ;

" Right then, before we start I have to tell you straight that I love Pigs. Not in the same way that, being a Welshman I love sheep but in a gastronomical way. "

Now I wonder in what way the Green Maggot 'loves' sheep if not for the eating ?

Post your suggestions here.

Could this famous clip from a Woody Allan film reveal the truth ?

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The Nazis The Media Like To Minimise

Imagine if a gang of 32 racist whites were arrested for hate crimes against Jews or Blacks - it would be the subject of a Hollywood movie right now and no doubt the usual endless documentaries filled with hand wringing liberals weeping and wailing.

But down the memory hole it goes ;

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Still Believe The Media - WAKE UP YOU MORONS

Want more proof the media is a corporate lie machine ?

( just as I showed you with the Ron Paul fake video used by Fox News )

Here it is ;

Only a slave believes what his master tells him.

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France and the coming Civil War

Another interesting video ;

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Revealing Hate

Interesting documentary on the far right in America from Russia Today ;

Russia Today - the only news channel worth watching.

If people want to know why the far right is growing in America ;

1) mass immigration

2) Job losses due to immigration

3) anti-white racism in the Zionist media that minimises race crimes against whites but that constantly promotes the Holocaust Industry and highlights race crimes against minority groups.

4) The rape and brutalisation of hundreds of thousands of young white American males in US prisons over the last few decades by black males

5) the deliberate undermining of white European culture and the resulting cultural and social alienation felt by working class white youth

6) the domination of US politics by a zionist elite who use the US political system to promote zionist interests and who have 'dumped' the white working class into poverty.

7) the rise of the race relations industry that promotes minority interests at the expense of the white majority interests and that has racialised US society and politics.

Each of these have led to the racialisation of US society and politics.

Yet whilst the black panthers are invited by Obama to the whitehouse for lunch, pro-white groups are called racist.

In a racist, anti-white political system then expect racists to be created.

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Max Keiser Report

The latest report from the financial freedom fighter Max Keiser.

The revolution is being televised !


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The Big Society is a CON

The Big Society Is A Con.

David Camerons idea of 'The Big Society' is nothing more than a Neo-Thatcherite mechanism to dismantle the Welfare State and to force the public to volunteer to do the jobs the state once did, but without the benefit of a wage for doing so. The Big Society ideology is based on the Marxist ideology of an American radical leftist called Saul Alinsky, whose agenda was to 'destroy the state' and impose a Marxist regime in America from the bottom up. Alinsky wanted to radicalise society whilst stripping away the state, until a far left revolution could erupt at the street level and the government would be unable to stop it. The Tories like the Marxists share a hatred of the national state structure that protects the people from both government and the global free market. Whilst governments come and go, the state remains.

Both capitalists and marxists despise the state as it acts as the buffer between the people and the forces of the global free market. It was the Neo-Liberal Fabianists of New Labour who have sought to use the state as a mechanism to impose political correctness on society. New Labour created a mutated version of the state, the Servile State, that has grown into a bloated, monstrous, tax payer funded parasite which has intruded into every sector of society and our private lives in the name of health and safety, political correctness and 'equality'. It is the Servile State that needs eradicating, not the state itself.

Whilst billions of pounds of tax payers cash is being diverted back into the coffers of the government in order to pay back the money given to the bankers during the Credit Crisis, the Welfare State is being stripped away for the poor as the bankers bonus cheques are growing in size. Cameronism punishes the poor whilst rewarding the criminals.

Like all Tory supporters of the neo-liberal global free market, David Cameron despises the Welfare state. His agenda, just like Margaret Thatchers was, is to dismantle the Welfare State in order to allow global free market economic forces to replace the role of the State itself in society. The Cameronite twist on the Thatcherite mechanism of dismantling the Welfare State though is to portray this process as somehow 'empowering people and communities'.

Yet Cameronism will not create a big society where people are empowered to control their own lives and communities, for the simple fact that whilst the state is stripped away the private economy that will replace those defunct functions of the state will not work for the benefit of society, but solely for the financial benefit of the corporations, charities and other organisations that will replace the state. The fact is that many of the charities that operate in our society are run solely for the benefit of the people that run those charities, rather than the people and communities that will rely on them to deliver services in the absence of the state.

For British citizens to rely on charity to survive is to take our nation back to the era of the Victorian workhouses. The fact is that as the state shrinks, and the charities grow in size, then the only people who will benefit will be the people who run the charities and not the people who need services that were once provided by the state.

We only have to look at the nature of many of the charities in Britain to see how unsuitable they are for the role given to them by the big society model . Whilst there are thousands of charities that represent the interests of ethnic minorities in Britain, there is not one charity that represents the interests of the indigenous ethnic majority in Britain. There are dozens of examples of corrupt charities, ones that have funded and assisted Islamist terrorism in the UK and abroad, that have been involved in corrupt financial dealings and that have rewarded only the directors of those charities rather than the people in need.

Cameronism supports the dogma of political correctness and hence whilst nurses, doctors, police officers and soldiers are being sacked from their state jobs to save the government money, the structures of political correctness within the servile state remain in their jobs. This is why the non-productive diversity specialists, the race relations extortionists, gay and transexual lifestyle advisers and the equality and human rights parasites are being left in their jobs, whilst those people who actually do the jobs that benefit society are being purged from the state. This is why the government will also give billions of pounds to India and other foreign nations in foreign aid, even though those nations do not need that money.

Cameronism is based on a vile deceit. Cameronism seeks to depict the politically correct Servile State monstrosity created by New Labour as synonymous with the Welfare State. The reality though is that they are not the same, and nor are they being treated as the same by Cameron in the name of the Big Society. The Servile State is the enforcment mechanism of the ideology of political correctness. It a parasite on society and tax payers and produces nothing but social division, hatred, a culture of entitlment and grievances and imposes the Tyranny of Minorities on our nation. Yet whilst the Tories and their yapping poodle lackeys the Liberals are prostrating themselves before the idols of political correctness such as globalism, man made climate change, institutional racism, foreign aid, gay rights, ant-racism, anti-Islamaphobia and the rest of the far left ideological nonsense, they are at the same time promoting the lie that they are restoring liberty to the people.

The state that is being shrunk in the name of the Big Society is the PRODUCTIVE STATE, which are the functions of the state that actually benefit society, whilst the functions of the state that remain untouched by the government are the ones which are entirely non-productive. The Productive State employs people whose services benefit society, whilst the Servile State employs people who actively undermine the basis of society itself. The Servile State is symbolised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission who demand gay couples have rights in law, such as the right to a legally binding civil partnership, which are denied heterosexual couples. Whilst it is entirely legal refuse to allow a heterosexual couple the right to stay in your hotel, it is a crime if you refuse to allow a gay couple. Whilst Islamaphbia is a crime, the police do nothing to prevent the racist and religious abuse of non-Muslims when they are called Kuffar by Muslims. Racial abuse of Muslims is the subject of endless debate, but the racist grooming and rape of young white, mixed race, Sikh and Hindu children by Asian Muslim paedophile gangs is hidden and minimised. Whilst 'Institutional Racism' is researched and studied in society and regarded as a crime, the imposition of racist and sexist anti-white laws such as Affirmative Action and Positive Discrimination are legalised in the Equality Act. At the same time racial attacks against white people are virtually never researched or investigated by the police or the Equality Commission.

The state that is being shrunk in the name of the Big Society is the wrong state. It is the Servile State that needs to be dismantled and destroyed, not the Productive State which employs doctors, nurses, soldiers, police officers and teachers.

The result of the Big Society will be a Britain that a Victorian time traveller from the past would recognise. It will be one where charities replace the state and where the individual is forced to go cap in hand to some self serving functionary in some massive charity for help. If that charity says it doesnt have the money to help them, then they will get no help. It will be a society where the self appointed tsars of political correctness will dominate the remaining functions of the state whilst millions of middle class professional people with essential skills such as nurses, soldiers and police officers will be unemployed. It will be a society where unemployment will rise, homelessness will rise, immigrants will continue to pour into our country to take our council houses and jobs and where charities will become a rich and powerful as private corporations and further de-democratise our society itself.

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The Dickheads

Someone pointed out to me a video of a recent meeting of around ten or so dickheads where the main topic of conversation seems to be me !

These people need to get a life.

I have been looking for an excuse to post a link to this song - and the dickheads meeting has given me the opportunity.

This song applies to all the dickheads of Britain, from hipsters to pathetic reactionary middle class egotists with a grudge against real working class nationalists.

This song especially applies to an old, sad, bald man in particular whose head actually resembles the helmet of a penis.

But with glasses.

Yeah, you know who you are dont you.

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Thursday 17 February 2011


" Two days ago, I learned that the "Green Arrow" was now "officially" proscribed by the British National Party."


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Paul Golding and Green Arrow Unite against Griffin

I have just had a read of the article posted on the Green Maggot stite by Paul Golding.

I have never read such a self serving screed.

Here are the facts.

In relation to the Question Time debacle, I was the ONLY person on the BNP AC saying that Griffin should not do the show.

I said that we should on the morning of the show ring the BBC and say "Nick Griffin is ill and cannot make the show, and so we will send Andrew Brons instead".

Guess who was the MAIN person against us sending anyone but Griffin on the show - yep, Paul Golding.

It was Golding who demanded, yes demanded, that we send only Griffin on the show.

I told the entire AC by repeated e mails what was going to happen on the Question Time show.

I said that every person on the show would have been briefed with the endless idiotic quotes made by Griffin over the years, that the show was a lynching party set up for Griffin, that the aim of the show was to undermine our growing support base in society by associating the BNP directly with Griffin and that the show would crucify Griffin and thereby destroy our growing support base.

Golding has all the e mails.

So do the rest of the AC.

I said that as the plan for the show was so obvious, then we should destroy their plan by sending in Andrew Brons instead, as that way they would have not been briefed on his past quotes, would look like bullies when they attacked him and the BBC and the audience would also look like the fascists when they attacked him as Andrew is a quiet, middle class, well spoken person.

The ONE person who argued with me - was Paul Golding.

At that time Golding was Griffins biggest arse licker, a man who was so actively crawling to Griffin that it was embarrasing to watch him.

Griffin just wanted to get on the show due to his vanity - hence why he turned up surrounded by BNP security looking like a cut price gangster - and then the show followed the exact format I said it would.

As for the elections issue, one of the problems in the party was that so much money was being spent on staff wages and corrupt 'slices of the cake' from memberships and donations, that there was virtually no money to pay for elections.

Golding was the one of the three main trough gorging pigs at that time, whose expenses claims were around £28,000 for six months.

Griffin, Golding and Dowson were making hundreds of thousands of pounds between them out of the party.

Thats why money was not spent on elections, as Dowson had transformed the party from a political party into a money making scam for him, Griffin and Golding.

It was the Golding / Dowson / Griffin trio who were responsible for taking the parties emphasis away from elections onto fund raising - as that way they could each take a nice commission from the income.

All this is common knowledge in the party.

The BNP during the period of the vile pervert Dowson went from being a political party to a ponzi scheme - where the members were fleeced of their money and then robbed blind.

The Identity magzine is a perfect example - life members who paid for free regular copies of Identity never got them - why ? because the money to print them was being spent in commission for staff like Golding and Dowson.

To see Golding spewing his self serving bullshit on the Green Maggot site is hilarious.

The fact that the main brown nosing sycophant of Griffin , Paul Morris, is now weeping and wailing and giving a voice to people like Golding on his site is hilarious.

All Griffin has now around him are the people he pays for their loyalty.

When any leader loses the trust of his own senior officers, then he is finished.

Griffin has no respect from his own senior people and the public despise him - its only the morons still in the BNP who have never known Griffin who are the ones who support him still.

Thats what Griffin counts on though - that the morons still in the bnp will just carry on paying their memberships and keep him in power.

Griffin doesnt care if the BNP does well in elections - he cares only about making money from the BNP and keeping himself in power.

In fact the more successful the BNP becomes in elections, the more Griffin hates it - as it means the party has to become transparent and accountable - and Griffin is an old style nationalist who can only think in relation to scams, plots, frauds and money making rip offs.

The Golding and Morris alliance is a sign of just how pathetic the BNP has become.

The fact that these two brown nosing fuckwits were the primary cheerleaders for the cult of Griffin, should get the morons and other cultists to start to think about Griffin and the reality of the situation inside the BNP.

But they wont, simply as they are morons and cultists.

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The Middle Class are the Underclass

As I have been stating for over a year, the new class warfare will unite the working class and middle class against the corporate bankster scum and their corrupt political class.

How the middle class became the underclass

Annalyn Censky, staff reporter, On Wednesday February 16, 2011, 4:30 pm EST

Are you better off than your parents?

Probably not if you're in the middle class.

Incomes for 90% of Americans have been stuck in neutral, and it's not just because of the Great Recession. Middle-class incomes have been stagnant for at least a generation, while the wealthiest tier has surged ahead at lighting speed.

In 1988, the income of an average American taxpayer was $33,400, adjusted for inflation. Fast forward 20 years, and not much had changed: The average income was still just $33,000 in 2008, according to IRS data.

Meanwhile, the richest 1% of Americans -- those making $380,000 or more -- have seen their incomes grow 33% over the last 20 years, leaving average Americans in the dust. Experts point to some of the usual suspects -- like technology and globalization -- to explain the widening gap between the haves and have-nots.

But there's more to the story.

A real drag on the middle class

One major pull on the working man was the decline of unions and other labor protections, said Bill Rodgers, a former chief economist for the Labor Department, now a professor at Rutgers University.

Because of deals struck through collective bargaining, union workers have traditionally earned 15% to 20% more than their non-union counterparts, Rodgers said.

But union membership has declined rapidly over the past 30 years. In 1983, union workers made up about 20% of the workforce. In 2010, they represented less than 12%.

"The erosion of collective bargaining is a key factor to explain why low-wage workers and middle income workers have seen their wages not stay up with inflation," Rodgers said.

Without collective bargaining pushing up wages, especially for blue-collar work -- average incomes have stagnated.

International competition is another factor. While globalization has lifted millions out of poverty in developing nations, it hasn't exactly been a win for middle class workers in the U.S.

Factory workers have seen many of their jobs shipped to other countries where labor is cheaper, putting more downward pressure on American wages.

"As we became more connected to China, that poses the question of whether our wages are being set in Beijing," Rodgers said.

Finding it harder to compete with cheaper manufacturing costs abroad, the U.S. has emerged as primarily a services-producing economy. That trend has created a cultural shift in the job skills American employers are looking for.

Whereas 50 years earlier, there were plenty of blue collar opportunities for workers who had only high school diploma, now employers seek "soft skills" that are typically honed in college, Rodgers said.

A boon for the rich

While average folks were losing ground in the economy, the wealthiest were capitalizing on some of those same factors, and driving an even bigger wedge between themselves and the rest of America.

For example, though globalization has been a drag on labor, it's been a major win for corporations who've used new global channels to reduce costs and boost profits. In addition, new markets around the world have created even greater demand for their products.

"With a global economy, people who have extraordinary skills... whether they be in financial services, technology, entertainment or media, have a bigger place to play and be rewarded from," said Alan Johnson, a Wall Street compensation consultant.

As a result, the disparity between the wages for college educated workers versus high school grads has widened significantly since the 1980s.

In 1980, workers with a high school diploma earned about 71% of what college-educated workers made. In 2010, that number fell to 55%.

Another driver of the rich: The stock market.

The S&P 500 has gained more than 1,300% since 1970. While that's helped the American economy grow, the benefits have been disproportionately reaped by the wealthy.

And public policy of the past few decades has only encouraged the trend.

The 1980s was a period of anti-regulation, presided over by President Reagan, who loosened rules governing banks and thrifts.

A major game changer came during the Clinton era, when barriers between commercial and investment banks, enacted during the post-Depression era, were removed.

In 2000, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act also weakened the government's oversight of complex securities, allowing financial innovations to take off, creating unprecedented amounts of wealth both for the overall economy, and for those directly involved in the financial sector.

Tax cuts enacted during the Bush administration and extended under Obama were also a major windfall for the nation's richest.

And as then-Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan brought interest rates down to new lows during the decade, the housing market experienced explosive growth.

"We were all drinking the Kool-aid, Greenspan was tending bar, Bernanke and the academic establishment were supplying the liquor," Deutsche Bank managing director Ajay Kapur wrote in a research report in 2009.

But the story didn't end well. Eventually, it all came crashing down, resulting in the worst economic slump since the Great Depression.

With the unemployment rate still excessively high and the real estate market showing few signs of rebounding, the American middle class is still reeling from the effects of the Great Recession.

Meanwhile, as corporate profits come roaring back and the stock market charges ahead, the wealthiest people continue to eclipse their middle-class counterparts.

"I think it's a terrible dilemma, because what we're obviously heading toward is some kind of class warfare," Johnson said.

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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Multi-Culturalism Is Dead

Multi-culturalism will end up the same way as Marxism - in the dustbin of history ;

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The Green Arrow Spits His Dummy Out

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.