Wednesday 21 August 2013

The Nature Of Democracy

The first organisations to be hit by the virus were the BBC, CNN, CBS, Fox News and Sky News. At 09.30 GMT the screens of every computer in the BBC newsroom simultaneously went black. At the same time the live news feed on all the BBC news channels, CNN, CBS, Fox News and the Sky News satellite channel were replaced by a blank screen.
Each of these channels were now under the control of the virus. The same film footage was now being uploaded to be broadcast on every one the media channels that it had infected.
A few seconds later a figure appeared on the screen. The figure in the film footage wore a white Guy fawkes mask, a black nehru style jacket and black leather gloves. He was sat behind a large black desk in a room with black painted walls.
The figure said nothing for a few seconds, simply stared at the screen, then a sinister electronic voice began to speak.
" In the next few hours, days, months and years humanity will face the greatest ever challenge to its survival as a species.
Responsibility for the convergence of catastrophies that is about to begin is borne entirely by you and your leaders, not by us. You are each as individually liable for the criminal actions of your governments as the politicians themselves. It is your votes, or your refusal to vote, that elects and keeps your leaders in power.
Therefore the crimes that your politicians commit whilst they are in power, they commit in your name. You are all as guilty as they are.
Only when you have been forced to confront the evils created in your name, will you finally realise your own complicity in the crimes of your masters.
It is your mandate that validates their madness.
Your leaders and governments will tell you that we are terrorists. But that is a lie.
The terrorists are those who have created the instruments of war about to wreak havoc upon the world, not we who have merely unleashed those terrible weapons upon their mad creators.
We believe that only when mankind realises its greatest enemy has always been itself, will humanity be capable of evolving past its present primitive level of existence, that of a brutal, selfish, arrogant primate.
Mankind must be made to gaze into the abyss of its own extinction. Only then will humanity be capable of transcending its desire for self destruction.
So now bear witness to the legions of monsters that your leaders have spawned in your name. "
The screen then began to flash images of nuclear weapons exploding, pictures of burnt children in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, bacteria moving on a petrie dish as seen through the lens of a microscope, napalm bombs being dropped from fighter jets in Vietnam, mass executions by firing squads in Iran, pictures of Iraqi prisoners being tortured at Abu Ghraib prison, US tanks parked in front of burning oil wells in the desert, apache helicopter camera film recording them blowing up cars and machine gunning people in the streets, Russian tanks in Chchnya shelling a town, American drones firing missiles at trucks on Afghanistan mountain roads, bunker buster bombs blowing buildings apart, cluster bombs exploding and other images of war and horror.
Then the figure reappeared on the screen.
" We are not the ones who have spent trillions of your tax dollars, euros and pounds on researching, building and deploying these evils. It is your governments who are the greatest terrorists the world has ever seen.
Remember that the evils about to be released upon the world are not our crimes against humanity. They are the crimes of your leaders and they are your crimes.
Now none of you will be able to hide from the truth that you have for so long hidden even from yourselves. All of mankind is about to dine upon a banquet of consequences, one that it has prepared for itself.
We believe that in order for change to come, then every single system must fall simultaneously. Political, economic, military and social. None of the present systems deserve the right to exist. They are all criminal. They are all our prisons.
This is the gift that we give you. The space for new growth. The opportunity for humanity to construct a new future for itself. We have pressed the reset button on history.
Out of the chaos of destruction shall arise the phoenix of creation.
The darkness is coming. But after the darkness will come a new dawn.
From today you are free. "
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