Wednesday 30 November 2011

Nechayev - The Revolutionary Catechism

The Duties of the Revolutionary toward Himself

1. The revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name. Everything in him is wholly absorbed in the single thought and the single passion for revolution.

2. The revolutionary knows that in the very depths of his being, not only in words but also in deeds, he has broken all the bonds which tie him to the social order and the civilized world with all its laws, moralities, and customs, and with all its generally accepted conventions. He is their implacable enemy, and if he continues to live with them it is only in order to destroy them more speedily.

3. The revolutionary despises all doctrines and refuses to accept the mundane sciences, leaving them for future generations. He knows only one science: the science of destruction. For this reason, but only for this reason, he will study mechanics, physics, chemistry, and perhaps medicine. But all day and all night he studies the vital science of human beings, their characteristics and circumstances, and all the phenomena of the present social order. The object is perpetually the same: the surest and quickest way of destroying the whole filthy order.

4. The revolutionary despises public opinion. He despises and hates the existing social morality in all its manifestations. For him, morality is everything which contributes to the triumph of the revolution. Immoral and criminal is everything that stands in its way.

5. The revolutionary is a dedicated man, merciless toward the State and toward the educated classes; and he can expect no mercy from them. Between him and them there exists, declared or concealed, a relentless and irreconcilable war to the death. He must accustom himself to torture.

6. Tyrannical toward himself, he must be tyrannical toward others. All the gentle and enervating sentiments of kinship, love, friendship, gratitude, and even honor, must be suppressed in him and give place to the cold and single-minded passion for revolution. For him, there exists only one pleasure, on consolation, one reward, one satisfaction – the success of the revolution. Night and day he must have but one thought, one aim – merciless destruction. Striving cold-bloodedly and indefatigably toward this end, he must be prepared to destroy himself and to destroy with his own hands everything that stands in the path of the revolution.

7. The nature of the true revolutionary excludes all sentimentality, romanticism, infatuation, and exaltation. All private hatred and revenge must also be excluded. Revolutionary passion, practiced at every moment of the day until it becomes a habit, is to be employed with cold calculation. At all times, and in all places, the revolutionary must obey not his personal impulses, but only those which serve the cause of the revolution.

The Relations of the Revolutionary toward his Comrades
8. The revolutionary can have no friendship or attachment, except for those who have proved by their actions that they, like him, are dedicated to revolution. The degree of friendship, devotion and obligation toward such a comrade is determined solely by the degree of his usefulness to the cause of total revolutionary destruction.

9. It is superfluous to speak of solidarity among revolutionaries. The whole strength of revolutionary work lies in this. Comrades who possess the same revolutionary passion and understanding should, as much as possible, deliberate all important matters together and come to unanimous conclusions. When the plan is finally decided upon, then the revolutionary must rely solely on himself. In carrying out acts of destruction, each one should act alone, never running to another for advice and assistance, except when these are necessary for the furtherance of the plan.

10. All revolutionaries should have under them second- or third-degree revolutionaries – i.e., comrades who are not completely initiated. these should be regarded as part of the common revolutionary capital placed at his disposal. This capital should, of course, be spent as economically as possible in order to derive from it the greatest possible profit. The real revolutionary should regard himself as capital consecrated to the triumph of the revolution; however, he may not personally and alone dispose of that capital without the unanimous consent of the fully initiated comrades.

11. When a comrade is in danger and the question arises whether he should be saved or not saved, the decision must not be arrived at on the basis of sentiment, but solely in the interests of the revolutionary cause. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh carefully the usefulness of the comrade against the expenditure of revolutionary forces necessary to save him, and the decision must be made accordingly.

The Relations of the Revolutionary toward Society

12. The new member, having given proof of his loyalty not by words but by deeds, can be received into the society only by the unanimous agreement of all the members.

13. The revolutionary enters the world of the State, of the privileged classes, of the so-called civilization, and he lives in this world only for the purpose of bringing about its speedy and total destruction. He is not a revolutionary if he has any sympathy for this world. He should not hesitate to destroy any position, any place, or any man in this world. He must hate everyone and everything in it with an equal hatred. All the worse for him if he has any relations with parents, friends, or lovers; he is no longer a revolutionary if he is swayed by these relationships.

14. Aiming at implacable revolution, the revolutionary may and frequently must live within society will pretending to be completely different from what he really is, for he must penetrate everywhere, into all the higher and middle-classes, into the houses of commerce, the churches, and the palaces of the aristocracy, and into the worlds of the bureaucracy and literature and the military, and also into the Third Division and the Winter Palace of the Czar.

15. This filthy social order can be split up into several categories. The first category comprises those who must be condemned to death without delay. Comrades should compile a list of those to be condemned according to the relative gravity of their crimes; and the executions should be carried out according to the prepared order.

16. When a list of those who are condemned is made, and the order of execution is prepared, no private sense of outrage should be considered, nor is it necessary to pay attention to the hatred provoked by these people among the comrades or the people. Hatred and the sense of outrage may even be useful insofar as they incite the masses to revolt. It is necessary to be guided only by the relative usefulness of these executions for the sake of revolution. Above all, those who are especially inimical to the revolutionary organization must be destroyed; their violent and sudden deaths will produce the utmost panic in the government, depriving it of its will to action by removing the cleverest and most energetic supporters.

17. The second group comprises those who will be spared for the time being in order that, by a series of monstrous acts, they may drive the people into inevitable revolt.

18. The third category consists of a great many brutes in high positions, distinguished neither by their cleverness nor their energy, while enjoying riches, influence, power, and high positions by virtue of their rank. These must be exploited in every possible way; they must be implicated and embroiled in our affairs, their dirty secrets must be ferreted out, and they must be transformed into slaves. Their power, influence, and connections, their wealth and their energy, will form an inexhaustible treasure and a precious help in all our undertakings.

19. The fourth category comprises ambitious office-holders and liberals of various shades of opinion. The revolutionary must pretend to collaborate with them, blindly following them, while at the same time, prying out their secrets until they are completely in his power. They must be so compromised that there is no way out for them, and then they can be used to create disorder in the State.

20. The fifth category consists of those doctrinaires, conspirators, and revolutionists who cut a great figure on paper or in their cliques. They must be constantly driven on to make compromising declarations: as a result, the majority of them will be destroyed, while a minority will become genuine revolutionaries.

21. The sixth category is especially important: women. They can be divided into three main groups. First, those frivolous, thoughtless, and vapid women, whom we shall use as we use the third and fourth category of men. Second, women who are ardent, capable, and devoted, but whom do not belong to us because they have not yet achieved a passionless and austere revolutionary understanding; these must be used like the men of the fifth category. Finally, there are the women who are completely on our side – i.e., those who are wholly dedicated and who have accepted our program in its entirety. We should regard these women as the most valuable or our treasures; without their help, we would never succeed.

The Attitude of the Society toward the People

22. The Society has no aim other than the complete liberation and happiness of the masses – i.e., of the people who live by manual labor. Convinced that their emancipation and the achievement of this happiness can only come about as a result of an all-destroying popular revolt, the Society will use all its resources and energy toward increasing and intensifying the evils and miseries of the people until at last their patience is exhausted and they are driven to a general uprising.

23. By a revolution, the Society does not mean an orderly revolt according to the classic western model – a revolt which always stops short of attacking the rights of property and the traditional social systems of so-called civilization and morality. Until now, such a revolution has always limited itself to the overthrow of one political form in order to replace it by another, thereby attempting to bring about a so-called revolutionary state. The only form of revolution beneficial to the people is one which destroys the entire State to the roots and exterminated all the state traditions, institutions, and classes in Russia.

24. With this end in view, the Society therefore refuses to impose any new organization from above. Any future organization will doubtless work its way through the movement and life of the people; but this is a matter for future generations to decide. Our task is terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction.

25. Therefore, in drawing closer to the people, we must above all make common cause with those elements of the masses which, since the foundation of the state of Muscovy, have never ceased to protest, not only in words but in deeds, against everything directly or indirectly connected with the state: against the nobility, the bureaucracy, the clergy, the traders, and the parasitic kulaks. We must unite with the adventurous tribes of brigands, who are the only genuine revolutionaries in Russia.

26. To weld the people into one single unconquerable and all-destructive force – this is our aim, our conspiracy, and our task.

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The Tram Woman = what it really means

You can smell the rank stench of fear all over the media and spilling out from shit filled latrines of the left.

They know that the words of the woman on the tram, though put in a way that may offend the dog whiners of the liberal elite, are views that the majority of the white working class agree with but dare not articulate in public.

The masses have learnt to 'speak through a flower' and only to say what they are expected to say when they are out in public, but amongst themselves and in private - most of them agree with what she and many others have said.

The ony reason why more white working class people are not saying the same thing on every train is because they know the liberal fascist pig police are waiting to pounce on them to gain their promotions and pig merit badges from their liberal fascist paymasters.

The real people of our country know that the spinless liberal grasses will go running straight away to piggy to squeal them up at the first opportunity.

Look at the leftist drones on Lancaster Unity, they are queueing up to lick the arsehole of the woman who grassed her up to the police.

Its like watching a horde of slaves kiss the feet of their master.

Fools like that are beyond contempt, for they are not even human anymore - they are mere functionaries and cogs with the faces of semi-men and semi-women.

They serve the machine that enslaves them.

The rest of the real people that are left in our country - they are silent at the moment, but they are seething.

The anger and hate of the masses is like the energy built up before a massive earthquake, seemingly quiescent on the surface but beneath the thin crust of their shallow tolerance there are chthionic forces at play that are about to erupt.

Let it come.

I have no respect for this so called 'democracy' we live in.

Its a whorehouse for idiot puppets whose strings are pulled by zionists, media slaves and globalists.

Let the whole stinking shit pile collapse in on itself and take down every pig, politician and whore with it that serves the system.

Fuck them all.

The so called 'democratic system' has metamorphisised into The Big Brother State from Orwells 1984 - with its latest Group Hate being ' The Youtube racists / Emmanuel Goldsteins ' who are filmed by little liberal pig rats who then went squealing to the daddy pigs in the police and media to vomit their betrayal to their their masters.

No wonder the comments sections of the newspapers that are running the story are turned off - they know what the public really would say if given the chance and hence they censor us all.

The other newspapers that run the story remove / censor every comment that doesnt fit the preprogrammed 'reflexive narrative' that the media want the public to embrace like mindless lemmings on the march to the nearest cliff.

Stalin took power with lickspittles like these 'haters of free speech', they are agents and engines of every totalitarian ideology man has imposed upon mankind.

They are informers - the grasses - the whining dogs - the abasers and the pig fuckers - those who are devoid of any sense of self except as a minion, a slave, an acolyte or a myrmidon of a dictator / police state / corporation / system.

If they are the British people of the future, grasses and pig adorers, then they deserve to go down the drain with the system as well.

The Soft Totalitarianism of the liberal democratic system, that enforces its power via censorship, criminalisation of opinion and thought crimes is the most pathetic totalitarianism of all time - I just hope it is the end of the system itself, the last wipe of its asshole from those in power.

I reject Hate.

Hate clouds the mind.

What we need is Logic.

The cold, hard ruthless logic of a surgeon faced with a cancer that is eating away the healthy tissue of a dying organism.

We dont need Haters who think that the response to the system should be simply Hate or violence - No, we need the logical engineers of a National revolution - those who will carefully, ruthlessly and remorselesly extirpate and destroy the system itself and all those agents of the machine who abase themselves before the system.

I dont mean with violence.

I mean with logic.

The last thing the system wants is people who can out think it.

The system relies on meaningless repitition and stupidity - it wants the masses to march, demonstrate, agitate, seek political solutions or to use violence against the black body armour clad, truncheon wiedling, skull cracking pig armies it can field in our streets.

No, violence is what the system feeds on - the more violence directed at it, the more powerful it becomes.

What we need to do is simply organise amongst ourselves to create communities for ourselves where we can be free amongst our own people.

Tune in - Turn Off - Drop Out.

Wake Up - Reject the media lies - create a new counter culture.

Nationalists have wasted generations seeking to out politicise the system - and thereby have done exactly what the system wanted them to do. They ghettoised themselves within the gulag of the political system itself.

Its time to break out of the gulag.

The system will fall anyway sooner or later.

There is no need to seek to push it over or to accelerate its collapse.

Just as Rome once fell, so will this New Babylon.

And when it does, only then do we let slip the dark angels of justice and retribution upon all those that served it.

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Watch This - The Real America

This is one of the most moving documentaries I have seen for a long time.

It shows how American families are now so poor that they are having to live in their cars.

This is the reality of America, not the Hollywood lies or media propaganda that glorifies the War On Terror.

America doesnt need a global war on terror, it needs a war on hoemlessness, on poverty, on debt and hunger.

They are the wars we need in this world - not the globalist neo-conservative Zionist wars for oil, Israel and corporate profits.

Watch this - wake up ;;contentAux

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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Proof This Country Is Screwed Up

A woman in Croydon gets on a tram and speaks about mass immigration = nationwide press coverage and a national witch hunt.

And today this 'enricher' is in court in Croydon, and barely gets a centimetre of column space except in the local paper ;

A teenager described as a key figure in the Croydon rioting has admitted 10 offences including robbery, violent disorder and burglary.

Adam Khan Ahmadzai, 19, of Feltham, Middlesex was identified committing a string of crimes during the unrest in Croydon on August 8 through CCTV footage.

Appearing at Inner London Crown Court on Monday November 28, Ahmadzai pleaded guilty to four counts of robbery, three counts of burglary and two counts of criminal damage.

This country is a pathetic politically correct joke.

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Charles Manson - WW2 Hasnt Ended Yet

Excellent clip from Charles Manson on how WW2 hasnt ended yet and how fear and hate = profits for those in the Holocaust Industry.

Manson is mad, but in his madness he sees things much clearer than many people who are lost in the illusions of 'reality' ;

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White Genocide

Great video here on white genocide.

Here ;!

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Monday 28 November 2011

The Tram Woman = No Crime

From the transcripts of the recording I have read, the supposed 'racist' woman on the tram in Croydon has said nothing that she can be prosecuted for.

She has not racially abused anyone, she instead expressed her views on foreign workers and immigrants - which to be frank you hear worse in any pub on any night of the week.

This is why the Daily Mail, Telegraph and other papers are not allowing people to comment on the story - as they know virtually everyone would agree with her unless they are some window licking leftist libtard.

The manfactured howls of outrage from the liberal dogs is simply them whining like the little bitches they are.

This woman expressed her opinion - big fucking deal.

Is our so called 'democracy' so weak and about to collapse that the opinions of one woman are such that the mugs in the media demand her arrest and prosecution.

This is our country and we will say what we think.

You dont like that ?

Then fuck off and go and live in North Korea or some other totalitarian dictatorship like Germany that represses any expression of opinions that contradict those of the liberal fascist elite.

The only part of the transcript that may break the law is the bit where she says a black person on the tram wasnt British. Seeing as that clip was filmed in London then she is probably correct though - there are hundreds of thousands of non-British black people living in London.

So theres no grounds for a legal case there.

The Polish workers are not British either - they are Polish, hence she cannot be accused of racism for saying they are Polish can she.

Nor can she be charged with racism for saying any migrant workers are not British or not English - as they are migrant workers, and so they are not English or British.

Nor were there any complaints from the people on the Tram about what she said, which further reinforces the proof that no offence was committed even in relation to those on the Tram.

It appears that the people on the Tram value free speech in Britain, more than the wankers in the police and the media do.

Good for them.

Many probably came from countries that criminalise free speech with totalitarian governments, so they probably value the fact that an individual can sound off in public without being arrested for a political thought crime / hate speech crime.

That is until some jumped up plod in London Transport police decided to go for the brown nosing politically correct promotion by going on the war path against her.

Never mind though, from what I read she has committed no crime and hence there will be no prosecution.

The full transcript of her rant reads: 'What has this country come to? A load of black people and a load of f***ing polish. A load of f***ing, yeah... you're all f***ing... do you know what I mean?

'You ain't English. No, you ain't English either. You ain't English. None of you's f***ing English. Get back to your own f***ing... do you know what sort out your own countries, don't come and do mine.

'It's nothing now. Britain is nothing now. Britain is f** all. My Britain is f*** all.

'Yeah its fine. I have got a little kid here. Have respect? I have a little boy here. F** you. I dare you, I f***ing dare you.

'Don't watch my language. Go back to where you come from, go back to f***ing Nicaragua or where ever you come from. Just f***ing go back.

'I work, I work, I work, this is my British country until we let you lot come over.

'So what. It is my British country, you ain't British. Are you British? You ain't f***ing British. F*** off.

'You ain't British, you're black. Where do you come from?

'No, someone's got to talk up for these lot. Look the whole f***ing tram, look at them. Who is black and who is white.

'There is all black and f***ing burnt people.'

Read more:

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Ring This Number - Pass It On

The Telegraph newspaper are trying to stitch up a woman who dared express her opinion on a tram in London about immigration and are asking for her name - ring the paper up and tell them a load of lies using fake names and addresses to ensure they dont find her ;

Ring the number and tell them any lie you want ;

0207 931 2506 .

Telegraph News Desk

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Diversity Destroys Communities

Robert Putnam in his book Bowling Alone proved that diversity destroys communities, this finding was also replicated in the British book 'The New East End'.

Immigration is not our strength - Immigration is a national disaster.

Love thy neighbour no more: Disappearance of community spirit as 70% admit they don't know who lives next door

Only 6% say community spirit is strong in their area

51% wouldn't ask neighbour for help

Main reason given for decline is lack of time to meet those in the community
By Rob Cooper

Last updated at 11:31 AM on 28th November 2011

Comments (38) Share

Margaret Thatcher once said there's no such thing as society and it seems she was right after all.

Community spirit has almost vanished in modern Britain with fewer people prepared to look out for their neighbours or ask them for help, a survey has found.

Gone are the days when people would have homely conversations over the garden fence or nip round to borrow some milk because the local corner shop had shut.

More than half - 51 per cent - said they wouldn't ask their neighbour for help with anything, while 70 per cent admitted they didn't even know any of their neighbours' names. Only 6 per cent said there was a strong sense of community in their area.

Researchers found only a minority had benefited from neighbourly acts such as having their bins put back after collection, the loan of tools or DIY equipment or an offer to tidy their garden

Similarly, only a minority said they'd benefited from neighbourly acts such as
having their bins put back after collection, the loan of tools or DIY equipment or an offer to tidy their garden.

The researchers found the region judged with the kindest people was Northern Ireland.

Scotland, however, was bottom.

Geordies were judged to have the friendliest neighbours, followed by the Irish and those from the West Country. Liverpudlians were rated as the most irritating neighbours.

Motoring matters are no different with only 14 per cent of people willing to ask a neighbour for help with a jump-start if their car battery was flat.

The main reason given for the decline in neighbourly relations was lack of time available to meet those in the community.

The survey of 1,000 people was conducted by used car programme Nissan CARED4, which has just launched a competition aimed at finding unsung heroes who have performed random acts of kindness.

More than 40 per cent admitted that they had never had the chance to speak to those living less than 6ft from their front door.

Nissan CARED4 has also been working closely with the Kindness UK charity, which aims to promote, share and unite kindness every day of the year.

David Jamilly, founder of Kindness UK says: 'Kindness and kind acts, towards people, animals, nature and the environment, are what make the difference between a "me society" and a "we community".'

The survey highlighted people's perceptions of life in the UK, with 83 per cent agreeing that it was a 'kinder place' when their parents were their age.

Read more:

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Wake Up The White Working Class

The White Working Class need to wake up and realise that the system is designed to discriminate against them.

Its not an accident.

Its deliberate.

And expecting those that created this system of social and racial apartheid to end it, is simply delusional.

The white working classes feel they don't get a fair deal compared with ethnic minorities, a new survey claims.

They believe their views aren't listened to when it comes to issues such as allocation of council housing - and are often left 'last in line'.

Those living in working class areas said the idea of 'community cohesion' meant little to them.

Last in line: The white working classes believe they aren't listened to when it comes allocation of council hosuing

The survey also found that they viewed 'equality schemes' as being associated with political correctness.

The research, which focused on Aston in Birmingham, Canley in Coventry and Somers Town in London revealed people had very little faith in central Government and local council officials.

However, the white working classes remain proud of their identity and the values they stand for.

These include working hard, looking after each other and having pride in their community.

The research, published today, also criticised previous studies on community cohesion for focusing too much on ethnic minorities rather than the area they lived in as a whole.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation called for the allocation of resources such as social housing to be done 'transparently,' in order to tackle accusations of unfairness and let people see how the system actually works.

They also highlighted the usefulness of street parties, festivals and places like schools, pubs and shops when it comes to building better community links.
They said that any initiatives shouldn't just be aimed at white working class people, but rather communities as a whole, in order to deliver the best results.

Findings by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation also revealed that officials often 'raised hopes' of residents during consultations about council houses but ultimately left them feeling 'let down.'

Harris Beider, the author of the report, said: 'The way that people from working class white backgrounds are portrayed is often negative, which doesn't reflect the reality of the pride most hold in their community, nor their strong work ethic, and collective values.

'It is important to confound the negative stereotypes and understand that people in these communities feel their voices are not listened to, and that they have no stake in their community.

'They want to be valued, heard and connected to government.'

Chief-executive Julia Unwin CBE added: 'We know there are real concerns that many people in traditional white working-class areas are becoming increasingly disconnected with the political system and feel their views, experiences and interests are ignored by policy makers.

'This research highlights the real potential we have to grasp opportunities to engage with and support many of those who feel let down and '"last in line".'

Read more:

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ADL Losing Their War Against Free Speech


By Rev. Ted Pike
28 Nov 11

Cooperation by European governments with the Anti-Defamation League’s hate law agenda continues to plummet. Only four nations reported hate crimes statistics this year out of ADL’s 56-member hate crimes bureaucracy, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). ADL director Abe Foxman nags:

Seven years ago in Berlin, the OSCE countries pledged with great urgency to gather data on anti-Semitic crimes. . .Yet only four of those governments have produced information on incidents for the OSCE [annual] report. Without this basic monitoring, how can any government demonstrate that they are serious about addressing it?

When OSCE was created in 2004, Jewish supremacism was on a roll of hate law prosecutions, especially in Canada. It was aggressively laying the groundwork for extradition of “anti-Semites” and holocaust questioners. Revisionist historians Germar Rudolph and Ernst Zundel were both seized in America and sentenced to long prison terms in Germany for speech crimes. British historian David Irving was imprisoned in Austria. ADL/B’nai B’rith’s goal was a hate law tidal wave that would flood the world’s governments with Canadian-style restrictions on free speech, ultimately criminalizing “homophobic,” “anti-Semitic” Christians and critics of Israel. Today the hate laws passed by ADL/B’nai B’rith in western nations still reverberate with the clank of prison bars in horrendous violations of free speech rights.

Yet diminishing cooperation from the once mighty OSCE reveals a trend. Many governments are becoming disillusioned by the reality of hate laws. Major prosecutions of dissenters linger agonizingly, but Canada’s indictments of “haters” have slowed from a sprint to a crawl. The head of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal stunned Canadian Jewish leaders two years ago by ruling Canada’s internet hate law to be unconstitutional. Recently, a Member of Parliament introduced a bill to repeal it. The Equality and Human Rights Commission is actually defending British citizens under ADL’s EU hate laws. (See Free Speech Reviving in Canada, Britain but not CA, Israel)

Why Are Hate Laws Less Popular?

Several factors are slowing hate law momentum.

First, bitter experience shows governments and legislators that hate laws steal freedom of speech. Many groups and individuals over the past decade have risked their safety, freedom and reputation to challenge hate law bureaucracies. Few have emerged without financial devastation; but, gradually, hate laws have lost their benevolent image and been recognized as stifling free speech, Orwellian and excessively punitive.

Second, ADL (self-admitted architect of hate laws) has been very busy defending the state of Israel. It vilifies as anti-Semitic those who criticize or boycott the Jewish state, including governments. This increases awareness that ADL is more interested in silencing Israel’s critics than in its own high-sounding rhetoric. ADL is further tarnished by its support of Israel’s oppressive apartheid policies, particularly in Gaza. How can a defender of oppression really be trusted to help end injustice? Such doubt dampens ardor to enact new hate laws for ADL or even cooperate in collecting statistics.

There also can be little doubt that the incessant worldwide internet warnings of the National Prayer Network (begun in 1989), equating pro-Israel ADL with freedom-destroying hate laws, have also helped create suspicion.

ADL's Floundering Department of Global Anti-Semitism

ADL's Department of Global Anti-Semitism in the U.S. State Department was mandated by Congress with fanfare and high hopes of being a U.S. government-endorsed extension of OSCE in the Americas, another arm of a global gestapo to at last "eradicate" anti-Semitism. An audacious part of its agenda was to encourage perception of Bible-believing Christians as anti-Semites, potential hate criminals because of their belief in the New Testament claim that the Jews killed Christ. (See Bible is Hate, says U.S. Government)

Yet a President with underlying Moslem-Arab sympathies and a flood of criticism of Israel has made a U.S. government-sponsored campaign of opposition to what Israel regards as "anti-Semitism" awkward. Today, this ADL front, while still occupying its office in the State Department, has fallen far short of the potential ADL envisioned.

Of course, hate laws, passed or not, still represent an enormous threat. ADL continues to very successfully promote them, primarily as "anti-bullying" laws in state legislatures, criminalizing criticism of homosexual students. Yet there is no denying ADL/B'nai B'rith now fears backlash if they continue forward too fast.

Although ADL was able to pass its federal hate law, The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, popular resistance to hate laws plus a Republican/Tea Party Congress (which might call for its repeal as unconstitutional) prohibits the hate law from being enforced with the vigor seen elsewhere.

Hope for Revived Freedom

ADL’s influence over police, media, legislators and governments remains pervasive. Yet virtual collapse of OSCE cooperation is a powerful token of hope. Stunningly, the hate law juggernaut has been slowed by a combination of fearless truth-telling against ADL/B’nai B’rith on a free internet and ten years of bad fruits from hate laws worldwide. We can still do much to stall momentum of the Zionist world government.

Medical doctors and therapists follow a simple rule to heal the body: “Repeat what works.” If enough people continue to publicly identify ADL as destroyer of freedom, perhaps within the next several years Foxman will bemoan zero cooperation from 56 former hate law countries.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

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Did Hitler Save Europe From Communism ?

Did Adolf Hitler Save Europe From Communism?

By Jim Marrs

Excerpted from his book The Rise of the Fourth Reich


By 1941, the international order had turned against Adolf Hitler. Germany's Blitzkrieg had shocked the ruling elite as first Poland then the rest of Europe came under Nazi control. Britain was helpless to stop Hitler, who was already making preparations for a pre-emptive attack on the Soviet Union. Hitler was getting out of hand. German inventiveness and efficiency ­ as well as financial support from western financiers -- had brought Hitler's Germany to the zenith of its power.

Germany was preparing to strike Russia and Hitler did not want a two-front war, the very situation which caused Germany's defeat in World War I. Hitler wanted England as an ally against communism. "With England alone [as an ally], one's back being covered, could one begin the new Germanic invasion [of Russia]," Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf. In other words, Hitler needed peace with Britain before undertaking an attack on Russia.

Securing peace on the West Front may have become an urgent priority for Hitler. According to former Soviet military intelligence officer Vladimir Rezun (writing under the pen name Viktor Suvorov) Hitler was forced to launch a pre-emptive assault against the Soviet Union in June, 1941, to forestall an attack on Western Europe by Stalin in July.

Suvorov's work has been published in 87 editions in 18 languages, yet has received virtually no mention in the U.S. corporate mass media despite the fact that his assertions turn conventional history upside down. Most people have been taught that Stalin naively trusted Hitler and was totally surprised by Hitler's attack.

Admiral N. G. Kuznetsov, who in 1941 was the Soviet Navy minister and a member of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party, was quoted by Suvorov as stating in his postwar memoirs, "For me there is one thing beyond all argument -- J. V. Stalin not only did not exclude the possibility of war with Hitler's Germany, on the contrary, he considered such a war ... inevitable ... J. V. Stalin made preparations for war ... wide and varied preparations -- beginning on dates ... which he himself had selected. Hitler upset his calculations."

While Suvorov's conclusions grate against the conventional view of Hitler's attack on Russia, he has provided a compelling argument. Suvorov pointed out that by June, 1941, Stalin had massed vast numbers of troops and equipment along Russia's European frontier, not to defend the Motherland but in preparation for an attack westward. Stalin's motive was to bring communism to Europe by force, a plan he expressed in a 1939 speech. "The experience of the last 20 years has shown that in peacetime the Communist movement is never strong enough to seize power. The dictatorship of such a party will only become possible as the result of a major war," stated Stalin.

Noting that when the German attack began on June 22, 1941, they could field a mere 3,350 tanks, mostly lightly armored and gunned, as compared to the Russians 24,000 tanks, many of superior armor and armament, retired U.S. Department of Defense official Daniel W. Michaels wrote, "Stalin elected to strike at a time and place of his choosing. To this end, Soviet development of the most advanced offensive weapons systems, primarily tanks, aircraft, and airborne forces, had already begun in the early 1930sThe German 'Barbarossa' attack shattered Stalin's well-laid plan to 'liberate' all of Europe."

Suvorov supported his contention by pointing to the fact that Russian troops were prepared to attack, not defend, which led to the early German victories; that Russian troops had been issued maps only of Eastern European cities, not for the defense of Russia; that Russian troops had been issued Russian-German phrase books with such expressions as "Stop transmitting or I'll shoot;" and that none of Stalins top commanders were ever held accountable for the "Barbarossa" debacle since they had all merely followed Stalin's orders.

Suvorov concludes, "Stalin became the absolute ruler of a vast empire hostile to the West, which had been created with the help of the West. For all that, Stalin was able to preserve his reputation as naive and trusting, while Hitler went down in history as the ultimate aggressor. A multitude of books have been published in the West based on the idea that Stalin was not ready for war while Hitler was."

He also said the resources of Stalin's war machine have been underestimated. "Despite its grievous losses, it had enough strength to withdraw and gather new strength to reach Berlin. How far would it have gone had it not sustained that massive blow on 22 June, if hundreds of aircraft and thousands of tanks had not been lost, had it been the Red Army and not the Wehrmacht which struck the first blow? Did the German Army have the territorial expanse behind it for withdrawal? Did it have the inexhaustible human resources, and the time, to restore its army after the first Soviet surprise attack?"

Perhaps the best support for Suvorov's claims came from Hitler himself. "Already in 1940 it became increasingly clear from month to month that the plans of the men in the Kremlin were aimed at the domination, and thus the destruction, of all of Europe. I have already told the nation of the build-up of Soviet Russian military power in the East during a period when Germany had only a few divisions in the provinces bordering Soviet Russia. Only a blind person could fail to see that a military build-up of unique world-historical dimensions was being carried out. And this was not in order to protect something that was being threatened, but rather only to attack that which seemed incapable of defense ... I may say this today: If the wave of more than 20,000 tanks, hundreds of divisions, tens of thousands of artillery pieces, along with more than 10,000 airplanes, had not been kept from being set into motion against the Reich, Europe would have been lost," the Fuehrer stated in his speech on December 11, 1941, when he declared war against the United States.

Of course, the victors always write history, so whether Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union was sheer aggression or a necessary pre-emptive strike will probably be argued for many years. But, if it proves true that Hitler was merely forestalling an imminent attack by the Soviet Union, it places the history of World War II in an entirely different context. It would certainly go far in explaining Hitler's otherwise inexplicable actions in starting a two-front war, the very situation he had warned against in Mein Kampf. It also would help explain why Franklin Roosevelt, at the bidding of the globalists, was arming the Soviet Union in blatant violation of the Neutrality Acts of 1935, 1936 and 1937. By the end of 1940 with all Europe under German control and Britain threatened, they may have determined to stop Hitler.

Hitler clearly indicated what he saw as the machinations undertaken to prevent any negotiated end to hostilities in 1941. In a speech to the Reichstag less than week before Hess's arrival in Scotland, he declared, "All my endeavors to come to an understanding with Britain were wrecked by the determination of a small clique which, whether from motives of hate or for the sake of material gain, rejected every German proposal for an understanding due to their resolve, which they never concealed, to resort to war, whatever happened."

Some researchers have even argued that Seelowe or Sea Lion, the code name for the proposed German invasion of England, was a "sham right from the beginning", an effort by Hitler to distract Stalin by feinting west when he actually planned to strike to the east. It was merely a cover for the mobilization of men and equipment needed for the invasion of the Soviet Union. One clue that this tactic was in play can be seen in the fact that Hitler, who was known for constantly interfering with his generals on the smallest of details, never showed any real interest in the plans for an invasion of England, according to German military historian Egbert Kieser. These authors, along with other historians, explain Hitler's strange order to halt the German advance at Dunkirk allowed the British Army to escape the continent. Hitler wanted his future ally intact.

To buy Jim Marrs brilliant book, go here:

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Sunday 27 November 2011

Lancaster Unity and my Talking Dog Novel

According to Lancaster Unity I am writing a novel about a magic talking dog.

That gave me an idea for a short story.

Once upon a time there was a dog called Communism.

This dog had a master called Capitalism.

Communism loved Capitalism very much for Communism had been taught to love wealth and power just as Capitalism did.

Communism had been taught to call the cheap plastic kennel built by Capitalism for him to live in 'Liberty' and so Communism loved his kennel very, very much.

Capitalism had trained Communism for a long time about the delights of wealth and power and one day, when Capitalism thought he was ready for his task, Communism was let out of its kennel by Capitalism.

Communism, said Capitalism, you must go and recruit all the chained pets of the world to the cause of Communism. But remember Communism you must keep what I have taught and told you a secret.

Communism laid down and put his head on his paws, wagged his tail and whimpered in submission before his master.

Then Capitalism threw open the doors of his castle and sent Communism out into the world.

Communism would go from country to country, enter a city, seek out the city dumps and ghettoes and bark and howl loudly until all the other lost and stray pets in the area would come and gather about him.

Out they would come from their lice ridden hovels, tin shacks and garbage dump homes to hear the dog Communism proclaim his revolt of the pets against their masters and oppressors.

Woof Woof, Communism would bark, we must revolt against those humans that take care of us. We are not the possessions of our masters, we are free dogs not passive pets. Nor are we unwanted. Let us rise up against our masters, our countrymen, our countries and our cages !

The dogs in the crowd would go wild with excitement as Communism barked forth a vision where the unwanted pets of the world would be free and no longer chained and leashed to their human masters or dumped into poverty when we are unwanted.

Follow me, barked Communism, and never again will petss be under the dominion of any masters. Every pet will be free ! Every stray will find a home !

So the packs of unwanted pets would agree to follow Communism wherever he would lead them.

So Communism gathered all his pet and ex-pet comrades and led them out of the city towards a utopia where every pet would be free and none an unwanted pet anymore.

Onwards they would run, dizzy with excitement until they came to a big building. In every country that Communism visited the building would be the exact same.

In you go, barked Communism, therein lies the freedom I have promised you.

The dogs gazed up at the front of the building, but none could read the writing on the sign above the black iron gates. They were pets and had never been taught to read by their masters. They had learnt to perform tricks, wag their tails and lick the hands of their masters, but none had been taught to read. Only their masters knew that trick.

They looked over to Communism.

Communism smiled at them.

That sign says freedom is within, said Communism, do not hestitate my friends, rush forth now to the freedom I have promised you !

And in their joy at being free and their trust and love in Communism unfettered by reason or logic, the pack ran through the black iron gates with their tails wagging.

The black iron gates shut behind them.

Suddenly the joyous barking turned to howls of pain and anguish and from beneath the black iron gates, a river of red blood began to flow.

Communism looked at the black iron gates and sneered a wolfish grin, his eyes forming evil slits.

He whispered to himself 'fools', and then ran from the place as fast as he could possibly run.

On and on Communism ran, his tongue lolling from his mouth dribbling flecks of white foam, until he returned to the castle of his master Capitalism.

Capitalism sat on his golden throne and laughed as Communism ran to him with his tail wagging.

Well done boy, said Capitalism, did you do as I trained you to do ?

Yes master, barked Communism, I led them to the euthenasia factory as you asked. They are all now just so much rotting meat for the flies to consume.

Capitalism petted his pet dog Communism and rubbed his hairy belly.

Here boy have a biscuit said Capitalism, and offered Communism a chocolate biscuit sprinked with an icing that tasted of almonds.

Communism gobbled down greedily the biscuit that Capitalism had offered him.

Communism then began to feel dizzy and sick and looked up at his master.

Too late did Communism realise that the icing on the biscuit was not almonds, but cyanide.

You have done you job well Communism, but now you too must die. I have no more need for you now and hence like so many of my other pets into history and darkness must you pass.

Communism licked the hand of his master until the last flicker of life faded from his eyes.

Capitalism then carried the corpse of Communism to his workroom, took out his golden knives and skinned the dog.

Then he stuffed its pitiful corpse with torn pages of paper upon which were written the political ideologies that Capitalism had created to chain its pets.

Capitalism then placed the stuffed cadaver of communism in front of his throne as a trophy of his work, alongside the stuffed corpses of his other pets Fascism, Nazism, Liberalism, Socialism and Democracy.

Capitalism then began training the next dog which would lead the unwanted pets of the world to the same slaughterhouse as all the other ones he had trained in the past.

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Saturday 26 November 2011

New Novel First Line

This is the first line from another novel I am writing ;

I woke up just as the sun was setting, its red dying light shining through the yellow nicotine stained net curtains that hung from the widows in the motel room where I lay, stark naked on sweat stained white cotton sheets, wondering just who I was, where I was and how I had got here.

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The Greatest Revolutionary of the 20th Century

I watched an excellent documentary the other day called The Magic Trip.

It concerned the epic journey across America that began on June 17, 1964, when Ken Kesey and 13 Merry Pranksters boarded the psychedelic painted bus "Further" at Kesey's ranch in La Honda, California, and set off eastward.

The bus trip was notable for many things, but most of all was its occupants use of the psychedelic drug LSD.

Ken Kesey whilst at Stanford University in 1959 took part in CIA sponsored LSD tests on students at the school for cash. These tests were part of the top secret MK Ultra Programme to ascertain the effectiveness of LSD as a weapon of war, the aim being to spray LSD on enemy soldiers and then disable them when the drug took effect.

Whilst undergoing the acid trips given to him by the CIA, Kesey realised that the drug allowed him to undergo experiences that enhanced and increased his consciousness.

After leaving Stanford Kesey ordered the drug from Germany where it was being produced for sale, at that time it had not been criminalised, and imported it into the United States. Then began the famous Acid Tests, where individuals were introduced to the drug.

Why was Ken Kesey the most succesful revolutionary of the 20th century ?

The aim of the revolutionary is not to just overthrow the political / economic system.

The aim of the revolutionary is to change the consciousness of a society and also the consciousness of individuals within that society.

For most of the 20th century the Communists and Capitalists had been seeking to do exactly this.

The aim of Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, Capitalism, Communism and Liberalism is to imprison people inside an ideological construct via controlling their consciousness via propaganda, education, advertising and media conditioning.

All the tyrannies of ther 20th century had all been following the agenda of the anarchist Bakunin who realised that the only long lasting revolution is one that changes the consciousness of the people themselves.

Orwell also wrote of this in 1984 when he wrote of the words that hed been removed from the dictionary and concepts criminalised by the Big Brother State - and we see this in our societies today.

The insidious, creeping tendrils of political correctness suffocate and repress all forms of speech, thought, art, writing etc etc that conflict with its orthodoxy.

The power of the state is used to criminalise and repress any opinions or ideas that conflict with the politically correct orthodoxy that dominates our societies.

Capitalism peddles false needs for commodities and status symbols into peoples minds via the power and propaganda of advertising.

We but crap we dont need and dont even know why.

Obey, Work, Consume, Reproduce - the mantra of all slave masters throughout history.

The politically correct, big government and private banks of the capitalist system are replaced by another politically correct, big government, state banks under communism.

Nothing changes - except the speed and efficiency of the system to enslave its population with cheaper consumer goods and commodities obtained via raping and destroying the environment and the planet.

The aim of all this tyranny is to change the consciousness of people - to condition the masses into accepting a form of Soft Totalitarianism that socially engineers people into becoming good consumers and wage slaves obedient to their masters in power and the media.

Anyone who deviates from the orthodoxy of the system is designated a criminal or a maniac and locked away.

At the same time each individual is yoked from birth via conditoning with an inner censor that stops them from saying what they think or feel, for fear of being arrested or attacked.

Man is no longer free, man is yoked and enslaved by mental chains placed on him at birth and then reinforced at school, university and within society itself.

At every level of our existence our consciousness is moulded and manipulated to ensure we remain dumb complaint animals yoked to the lies that our masters use to manipulate us.

Yet Ken Kesey broke on through this slavery via the use of LSD.

LSD allowed him to create a new higher consciousness that could no longer accept the lies he was told and forced to genuflect before.

One awakened as a man, he could no longer remain as a slave.

LSD changed his consciousness, and by so doing he escaped the control of the system.

By undertaking the trip across America he introduced others to the drug and thereby created what came to be known as the Psychedelic Revolution.

The Psychedelic Revolution overthrew the mind control mechanisms of the system.

It allowed individuals to rediscover their individuality.

It still is today.

The Nationalist movement has for decades placed itself in opposition to the Hippies / free thinkers of the planet.

Nationalists have attacked and condemned the very people who most of the time have been the primary obstacles to the systems dominion.

It is not Nationalists that have led the Green Movement, who opposed the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, who opposed the powers of Globalism - it was the people that Nationalists have regarded as their enemies.

The system is not afraid of Nationalism, for Nationalism is no longer a threat to the system.

Most of the forms of Nationalism that exist today are merely adjuncts to the system -they do not represent a threat to the system, its masters and the machinery of its oppression.

The forms of Nationalism that exist today seek have the same masters pat them on their heads.

The new boss under nationalism will simply be the old boss.

In fact Nationalists have been the first to cheer the activities of the system, usually whenever the system has waved a plastic flag made in some Chinese slave factory for the nationalists to salute such as before and during a war.

Nationalists no longer oppose the system - they seek to serve it.

Even today we hear news stories of Nationalists attacking anti-capitalist protestors in London and Bristol.

Why ?

Since when did Nationalists become the para-military wing of Global Capitalism and the Banksters.

Nationalists should be manning the barricades with the hippies against the system, not attacking the protestors and supporting the system.

Nationalists should be leading the protests against the Banks and Bankers, not beating up the people who oppose them.

Yes the Communists who oppose Capitalism work for the Capitalists, we all know this.

The communists and capitalists are both slaves of money.

What is the point of a communist opposing capitalism when communism is merely another form of slavery to capital ?

We need a revolution that overthrows the supremacy of capital itself, not a communist one that replaces one set of bankers with a new set of bankers.

The Nationalist Revolution must not seek to perpetuate the supremacy and power of capital, it must smash the power of capital and in its stead create whole new forms of economics that will save the planet, our people, our environment and our nations and cultures.

A Capitalist is merely a better dressed Communist.

Nationalism doesnt seek anymore to overthrow Capitalism, it seeks to subjugate itself to the power of Capital and those bankers who control the money supply.

We must not seek to perpetuate the Capitalist system, we must dismantle it and create new economic systems in its place, so as to ensure that never again will its power rise to the level it has today - where war is an extension not of politics but of economics and where our national armies are used as global mercenaries to invade, conquer, rape and pillage the nations of the world for their wealth and resources.

Nationalism has become trapped ina ghetto of stupidity and ideological conformity.

Nationalists no longer THINK, they OBEY.

Nationalism has become part of the problem, not the solution.

Nationalism must evolve.

The Nationalist movement must undergo an evolution - it must shed much of the ideological baggage it has ammassed over the 20th century.

It must become a movement based on restoring Liberty, Individuality, Community and Environmentalism within the context of sovereign nation states run by the people for the people.

Nationalism needs a Ken Kesey to allow it to undergo a revolution in consciousness.

Only then will it throw off the shackles of mental slavery to conditoning and conformity to ideologally that have ghettoised it and marginalised it.

We need free thinkers and creative personalities in Nationalism, not abasers and genuflecters.

Creating that movement is the challenge for Nationalists in the 21 st century.

Only those who are clad in chains have to led by masters.

Those who have experienced a change in consciousness no longer need to be led.

They lead themselves and create the revolution wherever they are.

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Wednesday 16 November 2011

The National Peoples Party Logo Announced

Image - photograph of two of the new candidates for The National Peoples Party announced by Corsham Crudasers dog called Hitler.

After doing research on the shifty looking dog on the right, it was revealed that the candidate was not in fact a dog but a meerkat who had infiltrated the party.

The candidate was therefore racially impure and expelled from the party. The other candidate, Tickles, on the left is now undertaking a nation wide Woofing tour to drum up support for the party amongst dog communities across the country.

Image - official party logo of the National Peoples Party

With a fanfare of sycophancy and idiotic propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels blush, the British Resistance site has announced the formation of The National Peoples Party - the latest scam from Jim 'The Dairy Maid' Dowson.

The fact that people take the bullshit peddled on the British Resistance site about Dowson and Golding, the Burke and Hare of British Nationalism, seriously shows us that much of the British Nationalist movement truly are retarded.

With its 20 branches, one of which is run by Corsham Crusaders dog Hitler, the party is booming !

So far CC's dog Hitler has recruited a terrier, a poodle and a rottweiler to join the local branch and are hoping to stand a Great Dane for election next year.

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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Excerpt 3

As he has been imprisoned in the gulags, and seen what happens to man in such places , he understands the true nature of slavery ;

The ultimate result of democracy is self imposed tyranny, for democracy transforms people into their own jailers.

In a perfect police state the tyranny of the police and their bloody truncheons are no longer required to demand obedience from the populace, for everyone has been conditioned and trained all through their pitiful lives to self censor themselves.

No man can be free until they have first been taught to recognise the existence of freedom.

A lion born in a cage has no understanding of their true nature.

Therefore the conditioned human drones create a cage of conformity for themselves to exist within, just as an animal will accept a life in cages if a cage is all they have ever known.

An animal born in the wild will never accept capitivity. They will act compliant but if given the slightest opportunity to escape, they will maul and murder their captors and burst forth from their cage, roaring with fierce defiance.

Man on the other hand, mostly accepts his capitivity meekly.

He will lick the boots of his master, herd his children into their schools and force their sons and daughteres to wear the uniforms of their oppressors, so that they too will bow and scrape before their abusers.

Man is born in chains and remains in chains.

Our parents place them upon us and call them laws.

Given a choice between a cage and a bullet, a wild animal is born with the innate nobility to seek the bullet.

Pity not the captured wild animal displayed in a cage, pity the slave that gazes upon it. The former has tasted true freedom, the latter never has.

The conditioned drones of the perfect police state will conform totally to what society expects of them in order to attain the opiate of social status, and in effect they will coerce and control themselves via their own socially inculcated inner fascist dictator.

Just as the tame lion in the circus will perform tricks for food, the masses will learn to love the whips that scrouge them.

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Excerpt 2

This a quote from the same character as in the quote below revealing how the war and what happened afterwards marked him psychologically. He has seen the death camps and gulags and now repudiates all human authority as a corrupting influence on the souls of man ;

Those I hate most of all are the lickspittles, arse lickers and self abasers who serve and prostitute themselves to the petty tyrants of our nations.

All those fawning catamite cock suckers and whore cunt sellers who gape wide and willingly for the commandments and perversions of their mocking slave masters.

They all must die, every tyrant and their whores.

Only in their total extinction will mankind experience his true liberation.

Only those who have rejected every law, ideology, god, flag, religion, money and master are truly free.

Obedience to authority is obedience to our slave masters.

The whimper of obedience is the birthcry of slavery and tyranny.

There is a prison of bricks and there is a prison of ignorance.

It is far harder to break out from the latter than the former, for the walls of the first are apt to fall if we so desire, whilst the walls of the latter are self constructed and will keep us in mental chains forever.

The meek will only inherit the earth, after we have murdered the strong.

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Excerpt from Novel

This is a small excerpt from the novel and represents an insight into the thoughts of one of the characters in the book - a Russian ex-soldier who fought in WW2 ;

The red star of Lenins revolution unleashed a tidal wave of war upon the world.

It was not the light of a new dawn that arose in the East as his Communist and Socialist acolytes claim, but the lucence of a new lucifer falling to earth.

The streams of blood that now run from Moscow to Peking are drowning millions in their ensanguine spate, and it is for this horror that we fought and died in our millions during the Great Patriotic War.

The blood of the Tsar and his supporters is on the hands of Lenin.

The blood of the Jews is on the hands of Hitler.

The blood of the Cossacks is on the hands of Churchill.

The blood of the children of Nagasaki and Hiroshima is on the hands of Truman.

The blood of the Russian people is on the hands of Stalin.

The liberations they peddled to humanity were lies, for the only liberations such leaders and their ideologies could offer to the world were those of the penitentiary, laogai, concentration camp, gulag or the grave.

Those who dare to think for themselves represent the greatest threats of all to the systems that enslave us, for minds without the manacles of lies to shackle them seek forever the liberty that their limbs are denied.

Man is the cruellest beast of all and his cruellest instrument of torture is what we call civilisation.

We must smash each and every one of the control machines into a thousand rusty pieces and then use their remains as cudgels and coshs to crush the skulls of the torture machine controllers.

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Oz Man Tells It As It Is

You can rely on the Australians to tell the truth.

The New World Order is here.

The Global Corporate Fascist System run by the Bankers ;

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The US Corporate Fascist State

The US Corporate Fascist State is at the moment sending in riot cops to smash the
anti-bankster protests in New York.

The system has taken its mask off and revealed the grinning deaths head of bankster fascism beneath.

Protests dont work.

Demonstrations dont work.

Marches dont work.

Violence doesnt work.

The more violence is used against the system, the stronger it becomes.

Violence is what the system wants, it feeds off it - violence allows it to pass more laws to undermine liberty.

What the system doesnt want is a REVOLUTION THROUGH REASON.

The revolution through reason is the planned creation and construction of alternative systems and structures that take power from the system itself.

For example, instead of putting you money into a bank - put it into a credit union.

Set up a credit union.

Set up a local currency.

Form a local school.

Form alternative social structures in your local community.

I have been working on plans for the revolution through reason for a few weeks.

Keep reading for them.

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WW3 and the Bankers

Image - The Zionist Imperialists strike out at their enemies. WW3 is about to begin.

The Banker Fascist takeover of the world is almost finished.

The politicians passed the laws that created the economic collapse in order to pave the way for the bankers to take over politics and economics.

Our governments did not nationalise the banks, the bankers privatised the governments.

The Global Corporate Fascist State run by the Zionist Banksters is here.

The war against Iran is about to begin, a war undertaken in the name of defending Israel when Israel has 300 illegal nuclear weapons.

Iran is no threat to Israel, Israel under the control of the Zionists is a threat to the whole world.

The Iranian and Israeli peoples are both under the control of maniacs - the Iranians the Islamists, the Israelis the Zionists.

Israel needs to be liberated from the Imperialist Zionists and the Israeli Nationalists put in charge, just as Iran needs liberating from the Islamist hardliners and the Iranian Nationalists put in power.

Now begins the resistance.

It seems bankers are taking over politics in Europe, financial analyst Max Keiser told RT, adding that this trend could lead to global banking domination.
­“We cannot get rid of these zombie bankers, we can’t kill them,” said Keiser, host of RT’s Keiser Report. “Iceland thought they had killed off their zombie terrorist bankers, but they have risen again and are now sticking Iceland. They are a plague around the world, and certainly in Europe. There are no elections, but they are putting bankers in charge to bring back total banking domination as the world goes down the slippery slope into banker hell.”

Keiser told RT these former bankers’ main agenda is to create more debt.

“In the eurozone they have an opportunity to bring all the balance sheets of all the countries together and create new lending facilities like EFSF which is a new 5 trillion euro lending facility, and they want to build on that to create 10-20 trillion euro lending facilities, because bankers get paid on how much debt they create. More austerity measures bring about more debt, and that brings more fees for bankers and more financial terrorism,” he explained.

According to Keiser a very small elite continues to benefit from the disastrous situation in the eurozone, which continues these same ploys that it has carried out over the last few years.

“There used to be a thing called moral hazard where if banks took risk, they would be at some point penalized by the system, but now the more risk they take the greater the rewards they get,” he pointed out. “JP Morgan is now going to step in front of the allocated accounts of customers and actually steal money from their accounts. We haven’t seen this level of larceny and theft since the Nazis stole assets from people in Germany in the 30s. This is outrageous, this has not been done in decades. There are no regulations in place at all! Interest rates are zero per cent, so I expect more of the same,” he added.

According to Keiser, this means the financial elite work together with the European Central Bank and keep interest rates near zero per cent, because this allows them to fund their speculative investments at zero cost.

“They don’t want to spend any money to borrow money and put outrageous bets on the table. Every time they lose a bet, then they impose more austerity measures. Every time they win a bet, they keep 100 per cent of the profit,” he claimed.

He also stressed that putting bankers in political positions resembles the behavior of someone who has been a victim of crime.

“People keep saying the bankers know best. But the bankers are the ones who have stolen all the money, so are we going to give them more ability to steal more money and impose more austerity measures? But that is insane,” Keiser concluded.

­Paolo Raffone, founder of a Brussels-based non-profit organization, the Chipi network, told RT the eurozone has been pushed too quickly as part of the European project.

“The original idea was to have a monetary union pushing a political union. But as we see the political union has never been built because it was not the will of the people to build it. And the monetary union is shaking,” he explained.

He also added the eurozone will have a new setup in future, even if all the current EU and eurozone members get together again.

“The way the union is functioning will be different, otherwise it may split up,” he added.

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Thursday 10 November 2011

BFP Party Changes

It looks like the news of the new chairman of the BFP has finally been announced on the BDF forum.

I decided not to stand for election to the EC a couple of weeks ago as I am presently involved in writing three novels that I have been working on for the last year or so.

I just dont have the time for front line politics anymore. It takes too much time away from my writing projects.

Here is the first chapter draft of one of the novels I am writing at the moment below.

Let me know what you think.

This is the first draft of the first chapter that I wrote today for novel number 3 and it will of course be re-edited in the future as the book develops, but I would be interested in your opinions on the flow of the chapter and whether it grips you as a story line in development.

Dont worry about the spelling or the grammar, I will fix that later in the editing phase.

This was written as a free flow form, so is a bit rough in form at the moment.

The other two novels are in development and I just dont have time to do both politics and write the novels.

It takes a lot of of time the research on novels like this, such as the meaning of the tattoos of the men in the story and how they relate to overall arc of the story itself, and I have three novels in development at the moment so I just dont have the time to undertake front line political work anymore.


20 th October 1971.

It was a dark and dreary winters night as yet another seasonal thunder storm broke over the city of Moscow and poured forth a torrential deluge of sheeting rain that soaked and drowned the streets beneath it.

Flickering filaments of forked lightning ripped through the tumultuous sky illuminating the wet rooftops beneath for a moment, whilst echoing cracks of thunder crashed and rumbled in the distance like the hammer blows of an angry god upon the earth.

A black four wheel drive and four door Gaz-72 motor car splashed along the sodden street and then pulled to a stop by the pavement directly in front of the Peoples Friendship University of Russia. Its four cylinder and four stroke engine idled as acrid grey exhaust smoke puffed from its rear pipe and out into the frigid night air.
Around five hundred yards away from where the car waited in the rain, a stream of students could be seen leaving the main entrance doors of the university building and heading out into the streets.

Founded in 1960 to provide an education for students from all around the world, and to encourage a benign and enlightened image of the Soviet Union in those nations from whence its students came, the university attracted thousands of students from all corners of the planet.

With courses in medicine, engineering, agriculture, economics, humanities and science it sought to give young people from Asia, Africa and Latin America, and especially those students from poor families who could not afford a university education in their own countries, an opportunity to be educated to university level and to become highly qualified specialists in their chosen fields in their own countries.

Apart from its public role as an educational establishment, it also had a far darker role and purpose in relation to its publically stated ideological altruism. This was because it also acted as a KGB recruiting centre for students sympathetic to the ideological aims of the Soviet Union itself. Those students who were then recruited into the ranks of the KGB or the GRU via the university were then designated as 'useful assets' who could be used to promote the political agenda of the Soviet Union within their own countries, as and when required by their spy masters and controllers in the bowels of the Kremlin.

The university building itself was an ugly, squat concrete box built in typical post-modernist architectural style with four columns lining its entrance whilst a series of lower offices adjacent to it formed an open sqare in front of the university complex.

The students leaving the campus buildings were now running to avoid the rain or walking across the open plaza with raised unbrellas. They slowly filtered out into the streets that surrounded the university itself heading towards their digs or the cafes and bars near to the university.

The right hand passenger side back window of the car slowly rolled down and a cloud of acrid blue makhorka cigarette smoke issued out into the street, then a pale hand appeared out of the window and flicked an embered stub which fell into a puddle and sizzled for a second.

Inside the car were three men, dressed in identical black suits, black shoes, long black woolen winter jackets and with identical black flat caps.

The driver was an elderly man in his late fifties who gripped the streering wheel with heavily tattooed hands. A tattoo of a black spider sitting in the centre of a web stretched across the skin on the top of of his right hand whilst on the left hand on each finger were inscribed a range of other tattoos. Drawn on the thumb of his left hand was a black ace of spades, on the index finger a cross, on the third finger were three skulls, the fourth two ss runes and on the little finger a tear drop.

His face bore the marks of a life spent in gulags, gangs and prisons. He had a flattened and repeatedly broken nose, fat swollen lips caused by punches to the mouth and thick cauliflower ears from bare knuckle boxing fights . A razor slash scar ran down the right hand side of his face from the top of his forehead, over his eyesbrow and down to his chin.

In the back right hand seat of the car one of the men, a tall well built blonde young man in his early twenties with refined features and thin delicate fingers, held a heavy black plastic police radio walkie talkie in his right hand. He was listening to the electrical crackle and static coming out from its speaker as the lighting and thunder passed overhead. With the demeanour and confidence only a senior member of the KGB could possess, he exerted a silent authority. Without even having to say a word it was obvious that he was the man in charge of the others in the car and that they were just there to obey his orders.

The other man who sat beside him in the back seat of the car was a thin man in his thirties with short dark hair protruding from beneath the rim of his cap. Both his front teeth were missing and a crude barbed wire tattoo ran across his forehead. He had the appearence of a rapist or a killer. With rat like feral features, deep set eyes and tight thin lips he looked like the classic prison predator, someone used to violence or murder with knives, a shiv or a gun. He sat cradling an Makarov automatic pistol with a silencer screwed into the barrel in his lap. On his right hand was a tattoo of a Russian orthodox church building with its onion shaped roof. On the fingers of each of his hands were two ink black tattoos of skulls. Twenty in total.

Suddenly a voice whispered from the speaker of the police radio ' Valentine on the move'.

The men in the car started to get ready.

The driver let down the handbrake and pulled away from the kerb, whilst the thin man lifted the pistol from his lap, pointed it into the air, pulled the chamber back and cocked the pistol.

The blonde man turned the police radio off, leant forward and put it on the front passenger seat. He then reached into his inner jacket pocket and pulled out a small wooden club filled with lead shot with a short leather handle affixed to the base of it. He put his right hand through the leather loop and then smacked it hard onto the palm of his left hand to test the impact strength.

The car had now moved away from the university building and trundled along one of the side streets next to the university, occasionally juddering harshly as its wheels hit a pot hole in the road or it splashed and surged through one of the deep puddles that now filled the street as the gushing drains struggled to deal with the surge of rainfall from the storm.

The black rubber blocks on the window wipers squeaked noisly as they swept from side to side across the thin glass slats of the window screens busily trying to wipe away the pouring rain.

None of the men in the car spoke. A tense silence filled the interior of the car.

The headlights glowed faintly forwards from the front of the car as their light struggled to penetrate the gloom in the street caused by the shadows from the high buildings on either side of the road and a drifting mist from heavy rain that was still falling in sheets.

Through the window screens on the left hand side of the street a figure could be seen walking with his head down, jacket collars upturned and a small black plastic umbrella held in his right hand above his head.

He was a handsome young man in his early twenties, with dark black hair, swarthy skin and an athletic build. Wearing a tan leather box jacket, black trousers and black boots he looked like any of the other hundreds of Latin American students attending courses at the university.

Beneath his left arm he carried a small collection of text books whilst a heavy satchel hung over his left shoulder. As he walked down the street he skipped from side seeking to avoid the deep puddles that pocked the pavement.

The car drove down the street slowly, then pulled to a stop about ten yards behind the man.

Then both the back doors swug open at the same time and both men stepped out into the street.

Each hurried forward and approached the man, one on either side of him.

The car was now alongside the young man and shielded what was happening from those people on the other side of the street.

The young blonde man raised the cosh in his right hand and cracked it down hard on to the top of the mans mans skull, and as the mans knees gave way, the other man grabbed the man by his arms from behind and dragged him into the back seat of the car.

It was all over in less than five seconds.

The blonde man jumped into the back of the car, pulled the mans legs that still protruded out into the street into the car and then slammed the back door shut behind him.

The driver pressed the accelerator and sped quickly down the street whilst the blonde man peered through the condensation smeared back window checking that they were not being followed.

With the figure unconscious on the floor, the thin man pulled some rope from his jacket pocket and tied the mans hands together.

Then he pulled a black hood from his left pocket and pulled it over the mans head.
Then he tied the mans feet together.

The blonde man pulled the satchel from the mans shoulder and opened it.

Inside were a pile of books on engineering, a notebook and a Brazilian passport.

He pulled the passport out and opened it and peered at the photograph of the passport holder.

He leant forward and lifted the hood and compared the photograph in the passport with his face of the unconscious man laying in the back of the car in the footwell.

He smiled and pulled the hood back down.

With his right hand he leant forwards and tapped the driver on the left shoulder.

Good job, he said and sat back.

Then he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a packet of cigarettes and lit one with a gold lighter. He did not offer the cigarrettes to the other men in the car.

The car drove just below the speed limit through the city until it finally left the outskirts of the city and headed out into the countryside outside Moscow.

It stayed on the main roads until it came to a sign saying 'Khimki Forest 2 Km' and then turned off the main road and took a side road towards the dark forest that could be seen spilling over the distant hills in the dull silvern moonlight.

The car entered the forest, drove on for a mile along the road that transected it and then turned off along a dirt track. It then drove forwards again for another mile or so before finally stopping where the track ended and the trees became impassable.

The rain had finally stopped and a low mist drifted through the trees.

The bound man in the hood laying on the floor of the car was finally beginning to stir and started to groan.

The car reversed about ten feet and then pulled sideways along the forest path, its wheels spinning in the mud as it sought purchase on the rain slicked grass.

Its headlights shone out into the dark depths of the forest.

The driver turned the engine off but left the main beams of the headlights on.

The thin man rat faced man then opened the right side of the car door and stepped out into the darkness.

Shit, he muttered to himself as his left foot sank down about five inches into the sodden yellow brown mud.

The blonde man and the driver remained in the car as he dragged the man out of the car by his tied feet and then dropped him into the mud and rain water filled divots with a splash.

He slammed the car door shut behind him and then dragged the struggling and groaning man about twenty yards into the forest where a shallow grave had already been pre-dug.

Beside the grave a shovel had been stuck in the top of the removed mud piled beside it.

The wan light from the car headlights illuminated the darkness in front of him and so allowed him to see what he was doing and avoid the snagging tree roots and broken branches that littered the ground around the grave.

He dragged the man into the hole dug into the ground, and carefully positioned him so that he lay directly in the centre.

The hooded figure on the ground began to writhe and struggle against the ropes that bound his limbs as he began to come round.

The rat faced man pulled out the Makarov pistol from his jacket pocket , pointed it at the man laying in the shallow grave and then shot the man twice in the head and twice in the heart.

Four flashes lit the woods for a moment and then faded away.

With the silencer on the pistol the only sound that could be heard was four short cracks from the shots that travelled barely twenty yards.

He put the hot smoking pistol back into his jacket and walked over to the shovel, withdrew it from the mud with a soft slurping sound and then proceeded to cover the body inside the shallow grave with the gluttinous muck.

After the grave was filled, he patted the mud down with the shovel and ensured that it could not be seen from the pathway.

He threw the shovel into the undergrowth surrounding the grave and walked back to the car.

As he approached the car the driver re-started the engine and he opened the back door and climbed back inside.

The car drove back along the trail and headed out of the forest.

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