Monday 28 May 2012

Hail The Race. Hail Thor. Hail The Gods.

On the Majority Rights site, link here ;
The writer of the article makes the statement below about the Gods of our Folk ;
“Paganism is a dead-end street. Being is the key, not believing and/or worshipping. The gods die when the race (that created them) dies. The gods are not eternal. Paganism was a temporary manifestation of the Race’s mood at a particular time. The Race willed Paganism into existence. It did not exist before it and is already dead while the Race still lives. The Race can be without ascribing its being to forces beyond itself. The solace of the Race today is science and not religion. Rockets will propel us to the place where the gods once lived. The gods will be replaced by us. Thor is dead, long live the Astronaut! While Thor once hurled lightning FROM the sky, we will propel like lightning INTO the sky.”
Anyone note the logical inconsistency in the above statement ?
Thought not.
It states ‘The gods die when the race that created them dies’.
This may come as a shock.
The Nordic / Saxon Race still lives, hence their ancestral gods still live.
A limited mind regards the Gods as external forces living in some heavenly region, an even more limited mind regards them as the personified forces of nature.
The wise mind understands that the gods represent archetypal and psychic forces present within the mind of individuals of the folk and within the collective unconscious of the race, and that these archetypes are part of the evolutionary psychological history of the race passed down via inherited DNA.
The race and the gods are one.
Before the race existed, there was no race - hence no gods.
If the race dies, then the gods die.
But as long as the race exists, the Gods rule.
The race still exists, hence the Gods still rule.
The astronaut, and the urge to transcend earth, are the roar of the Gods in the minds of our race. The rocket science that the writer of the above quote speaks of was begun and initiated during the era of the Nazis when the Odinic Archetype was activated. This was the Odinic archetype of the dark forces and the berserker rage - which Hitler channeled and which turned the German people into his followers. Hitler was not a politician, he was a Shaman.
Jung wrote of this in his essay Woden.
For the Germans before WW2 it was Woden.
Today, when our people need strength, it is Thor.
We each seek to become the Gods who speak to us through our dreams, visions and psychic drives.
As for the archetypal manifestation of the gods within society via symbolism within the collective unconscious of the Folk - the most popular and profitable movie of all time released just a few months ago was The Avengers - which features as its main character the Nordic / Saxon God Thor.
Thor is now a symbol once again prevalent in every nation, a true God for our times and people - one who opposes the liberal world view and its quest for the misceginated global raceless and rootless human mass animal - Thor is strong, manly, muscular, blonde, blue eyed and white.
Millions have watched the film, felt the image of Thor move them, and felt and admired his power and strength.
Thor smashes his enemies into dust. Thor defends the nation and the people. Thor is strength, vigour and vitality.
Thor lives.
Thor and the Gods are being reborn as we speak, as they are being reborn as activated archetypes inside the minds of our folk - archetypes that will now motivate them and guide them.
This is Ragnarok, but as promised the Gods are returning to fight for us.
Hail the Race. Hail Thor. Hail the Gods.
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Sunday 27 May 2012

Fuck Democracy

If democracy and liberalism usher in Islamism, then democracy and liberalism can go fuck themselves ;
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The Syrian Issue Explained

The media is full of ZOG propaganda about the kids killed in Syria.
Ask yourself this - what people are known for their head chopping off, throat cutting techniques.
A) The Samaritans
B) The Syrian Army
C) The Islamists
The kids were killed not by the Syrian army but by the Islamist filth they are hunting down and exterminating.
Here is the New World Order Agenda explained for you as regards Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria ;
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Thursday 24 May 2012

Facebook Fraud

Why the hell did people buy Facebook shares, dont they learn anything !
The Dot Com Bubble of the 1980's should have revealed to people that investing in a company that doesnt produce a thing and makes money from people talking shite on the internet = a bad investment.
But the idiots never learn - and hence Facebook may kill the US economy ;
Could our friendly Facebook really bring down the economy?
Global economy killer? Yes, Facebook has now been added to my list of global macroeconomic triggers (deadly unpredictable black swans like the dot-coms in 2000 and subprimes in 2008) that the denial system driving the collective brain of American investors will simply tune out, till it’s too late. Till a crash takes the economy down again.
And, yes, it may take years. Or trigger in 2012. We watched the same kind of buildup to the 2008 crash for a few years in advance, as credible warnings were ignored. Yes, folks, Facebook is that dangerous to our economy and to the global economy.
You think I’m kidding? Not one bit. In fact Facebook is now one of my top 12 economy-killing triggers, any one of which could ignite a firestorm.
These include: euro-zone ills, overpopulation, China, climate crisis, peak oil, the Fed’s cheap money, the 2012 elections, austerity vs. growth, high-frequency trading, extreme capitalism, and the black swan nobody ever sees coming till it hits — you know, a trigger like the 1914 assassination of a relatively unknown archduke that ignited a world war. Facebook’s user success is a classic example of investor denial
In today’s new age of behavioral economics, all this extreme denial creates an illusion that misleads us by minimizing risk in our brains. Remember Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s classic remark before the 2008 meltdown, that he was witnessing the “best economy in my career.”
Seriously, you keep asking, does our beloved too-big-to-fail Facebook really have that kind of economy-killing power? You bet. At least one of our too-big-to-fail banks like J.P. Morgan has trillions in hard assets, hundreds of billions in capital, and huge leverage with the Fed and Treasury.
But Facebook is just the opposite: It is too big to succeed. The cash value is now in the pockets of the insiders who are cashing out with the IPO. The real “value” is in the minds of a billion friends, which is still a collective illusion that must be kept alive with future cash.
There’s a huge possibility Facebook will lose big in the aftermarket, and eventually our love affair will evaporate. That’s short-term thinking, like a day trader’s.
Here we’re more concerned with the big picture long-term issues, where American investors are blowing a newer, bigger bubble, a black swan that truly can bring down the economy — bigger than 2000 and 2008 combined.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh … I almost forgot: You can’t see or hear any warnings, blinded by love for Facebook. Is Facebook the sock puppet of today’s new dot-com bubble?
When the honeymoon euphoria wears off (remember Kim Kardashian’s 57 days of bliss), and reality sets in, please remember the following remarks we just got from Andrew Stoltmann, a Chicago lawyer and investor advocate. And remember that 93% of the time Wall Street insiders and their pundits are happy talking and can’t be trusted, so listen to some facts and perspective from the other side:
The “Facebook IPO poses huge risks for retail investors. Facebook may have millions of users worldwide and plenty of investment sex appeal, but beyond the sizzle … I can virtually promise you there will be thousands of small investors that get burned bad on Facebook and lose money on the investment. How? Market orders like the ones so many investors made back “in the early 2000s “ by “people who made that error in … hot tech stocks at the time.”
Yes, another 2000 crash triggered by Facebook, the sock puppet of 2012.
But Stoltmann sees through the dark veil of denial that shields most of America:
“Virtually any slip-up in performance by Facebook and the stock will crater.” Yes, “crater,” as in bottom, crash, meltdown. “If Facebook is valued at $100 billion, its valuation would be 33 times its advertising revenue, compared with 5.5 times for Google. To sustain its value, Facebook would need to grow its revenues by 41% percent per year for the next five years. That is very hard to do for any company, especially one of Facebook’s size. … Even a minor hiccup in the business model could lead to significant losses for purchasers.”
More risks: Facebook “operates in an extremely competitive industry with many major, deep-pocketed rivals, including experienced, well-financed rivals like Google.” The fact is, investors forget “most of the gains people hear about when it comes to IPOs are not enjoyed by the retail investor buying the shares in the secondary market but rather the company founders and angel investors.”
Remember 2012’s hot dot-coms, Groupon and Pandora. Their shares GRPN -0.33% P +13.26% fell “48% and 41%, respectively, from their IPO prices.”
Investors in denial about Facebook’s future as a public company
Now that $16 billion changed hands and Facebook has a thousand new millionaires, Stoltmann’s counting the days, expecting “thousands of retail clients with significant losses in Facebook in the next three months even though the IPO will be a resounding success for the company. … This could get very ugly.”
Remember, behavioral economics is the “psychology of denial,” but at some point reality will set in.
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Sunday 13 May 2012

Diversity Is Not A Strength
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Trevor Phillips Speaks Sense !
Claims that ethnicity was not a factor in the Rochdale sexual grooming case are "fatuous", the head of the equalities watchdog has said.
Trevor Phillips, the chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the fact that the men convicted were Asian and their victims white could not be ignored.
He expressed concern that the men came from closed communities which may have turned a blind eye to what was happening - either out of fear or because the girls concerned were from a different community.
And he said it would be a national scandal if it turned out the authorities had failed to intervene to protect the children because of fears that it would lead to the "demonisation" of the Asian community.
A gang of nine Asian men was last week found guilty of plying girls as young as 13 with drink and drugs so they could "pass them around" and use them for sex.
Following the trial at Liverpool Crown Court, Greater Manchester Police sought to play down suggestions of any racial element to the case.
However Mr Phillips told BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show: "Anybody who says that the fact that most of the men are Asian and most of the children are white is not relevant - that's just fatuous.
"These are closed communities essentially and I worry that in these communities there are people who knew what was going on and didn't say anything, either because they're frightened or because they're so separated from the rest of the communities they think 'Oh, that's just how white people let their children carry on. We don't need to do anything.'"
He said it was important also that the role played by the authorities in the area was properly investigated.
"If anybody in any of the agencies that are supposed to be caring for these children - schools, social services and so on - took the view that being aggressively interventionalist to save these children would lead to the demonisation of some group because of the ethnicity ... then it is a national scandal and something that would need to be dealt with urgently," he said.
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Where Are The English Nationalists ?

The convictions of the Muslim rapists in Rochdale is a massive social event, yet where are the English Nationalist parties ?
Not one so called English Nationalist Party has gone to Rochdale and either offered assistance to the ENGLISH children raped by the Muslim gangs or organised a demonstration to demand a full police and public inquiry into the rapes.
There should be constant public marches and demonstrations in Rochdale until the police and social services and government hold full and open public inquiries into why these rape gangs were allowed to rape dozens of children and the public services did nothing to stop them.
Every group should organise a demonstration in Rochdale until we get these simple aims and goals ;
1) A Public Inquiry into the rapes and events behind them
2) A police inquiry into why the police failed to arrest the rapists for so long
3) An inquiry into the social services and council as to why and how they failed to protect the children.
Until we get these inquiries then we must march, demonstrate and agitate for justice until we get them.
This issue is of fundamental importance to the English nationalist community and also all nationalists and patriots.
It is an issue that we can all unite around as different groups and work together to achieve our simple aims and goals.
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Friday 11 May 2012

Tom Chivers Wakes Up

Finally Tom Chivers grows a spine and starts to talk sense instead of liberal bollocks.
Was race a factor in Rochdale? Despite claims from certain quarters that we're "not allowed to say that", most commenters are suggesting exactly that. But on Question Time last night, a vicar who worked in the area said it was not. "Race doesn't have anything to do with it, any more than does religion or culture," he says. Instead, it was about a "breakdown in society", and about how 12- and 13-year-old girls nowadays (not the victims themselves necessarily, he was keen to add) dressing "as if they are looking for that sort of issue to take place". "Children aren't allowed to be children any more," he said, and parents aren't bringing up their children how they used to.
There is a lot of flawed thinking here. First, it seems to seek to shift the blame away from the grown men who raped 13-year-old girls, and on to the girls themselves for dressing inappropriately. Children and women of any age can walk around in whatever clothes they like, and it's still not their fault if someone rapes them. I don't actually know of research which suggests that provocative clothing increases the likelihood of rape, but even if it does (it's an empirical question and we should be honest about the answer), we still need to blame the rapist. Consent is impossible at 13, however short a skirt the 13-year-old is wearing.
Further, if a "breakdown in society" and "children growing up too quickly" was what was driving poor defenceless men to rape, then we would expect that to be happening equally across society. But sexual violence, along with all violence, has been dropping since the early 1990s, while the "sexualisation of children" presumably has not, if handwringing social commentators are anything to go by. And it is hard to be sure, but it appears that Rochdale is not a completely isolated incident, and that British Asian men actually are more likely to commit "grooming" offences than the rest of the population.
One statistic, which was admittedly given with several caveats, was that 46 per cent of "grooming" offences in the UK were carried out by Asian men, despite Asians making just 7 per cent of the population. David Aaronovitch in The Times reports that 59 out of 68 recent convictions for grooming-related crimes involved British Pakistani men. Assuming those figures are broadly accurate, it seems very unlikely that this is a statistical fluke. There is something which needs to be explained.
First, it is idiotic for people to pretend there is no connection to race, or culture, or religion, or something. If these crimes are more common among Asian men then there must be a reason. Racists might like to believe that it is a genetic one. Of course, that is a possible explanation (again: it's an empirical question, and one we should address honestly), but those of us who are not racists will demand evidence to support it, and as far as I am aware there is none, so we can ignore it.
The more serious suggestion is that there is something in the religious or cultural background of British Pakistani men which is behind the problem. It's not the only remaining possibility – it could, for instance, be economic – but that seems unlikely, given that British Asians do not make up 46 per cent of unemployed or poor people in this country. Also, trying to blame child abuse on economic circumstances is bizarre, as though these men are doing it because they can't afford cinema tickets. Again, it's a possible explanation, but there is no evidence for it, so we can ignore it unless and until there is. We're left, then, with culture and religion.
Secretive, closed-shop religions and cultures, laden with sexual taboos and rigid hierarchies, seem to have more problems with sexual abuse, and attendant cover-ups, than more open ones, as Padraig Reidy of Index on Censorship has argued. We've seen that with the unsettling events in Ireland and elsewhere over recent years; the day before yesterday The New York Times revealed that in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, people who reported the sexual abuse of disabled children were shunned by their peers, for turning against their own, washing dirty laundry in public. In Ireland, as Jenny McCartney has reported here recently, similar secretiveness, combined with an unyielding power structure and fear of discussing sex, led to abuse going covered up for years.
That, together with a fear on the part of the police and other groups of being labelled racist, may have been part of why the crimes went undiscovered for so long. But it doesn't explain why the abuse itself seems to be more prevalent among Asians, and (it seems) Muslim Asians in particular. Does Islam "encourage" this behaviour? What does that mean? Do imams go around telling people that they should try and molest as many schoolchildren as they can? Obviously not, just as no one encouraged parish priests in Ireland to take advantage of their young flock. But clearly there is something which enabled it. If you'll forgive the analogy, no one in Scotland "encourages" heart disease, but cultural factors mean that it is more prevalent there than in other parts of Britain.
Aaronovitch is right, I think, when he says that it is part of a wider problem with misogyny among those groups. There are parts of Asian culture, and strands of Islam, which are supportive of "female circumcision" (genital mutilation, to you and me), of killing female family members for having sex ("honour killings", as they are disgracefully named), of forced marriages and child marriages. It would be stupidly blinkered of liberals and the Left to turn a blind eye to these disgusting and illiberal practices, solely because they are being carried out by an ethnic minority.
That doesn't mean the Left have to leap on the angry Islam-condemning bandwagon, either. There's no evidence that paedophilia is more common among Muslims, or Catholics or orthodox Jews for that matter. But the environment in which it can go undetected seems to be. The fact that Islam may be a risk factor for child abuse does not mean we get to judge all Muslims for the actions of some people who share their religion, any more than we get to condemn all Catholics for the actions of some of their priests. It's not only wrong, it's stupid. As the security expert Bruce Schneier pointed out in a post on Sam Harris's blog in the context of terrorism, "profiling" like this is hugely unhelpful: "singling out Muslims alienates the very people who are in the best position to discover and alert authorities".
What it does mean is that we need to drop any lingering postmodernist nonsense about cultural and moral relativism. There are things which are good and things which are bad. It's not always easy to tell which is which, but that's not the case with raping children, or with forced marriage, honour killings, or female circumcision. This isn't to say that Islam has a monopoly on the practices which are bad or that the West has a monopoly on those which are good, but excusing (or ignoring) all sins because they are "cultural" is as disgusting as it is stupid.
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Thursday 10 May 2012

The 'Briton' is not British

The Daily Mail are saying the man filmed being beaten up in China for attacking a young girl is a 'Briton'.
See for yourself if he is a 'Briton'.
I think not.
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William Shatner 50 Years Ago

Excellent clip from the old William Shatner movie The Intruder - now over fifty years old ;
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Read the truth about the PC ACPO scum ;
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Another New Party

Another new party is about to be formed ;
Good luck to them, but the movement needs to realise that until the social struggle has nationalised the masses in Britain then any nationalist party politics is a total waste of time.
Look at the results of the BNP, English Democrats, NF and British Freedom Party, which were all appalling.
The political struggle is the tip of the spear.
What matters is the force / number of people who can push it into power and that requires the social struggle first.
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Race Again
By now many of you are familiar with the brutal racially motivated mob attack on two Virginia-Pilot reporters in Norfolk, Virgina. The pair was attacked by a mob of up to thirty young blacks down the street from the offices of the Virginia-Pilot.
The newspaper news staff refused to report the story. Two weeks later, a writer for the opinion page blew the whistle on her own newspapers' censorship. She also reported on a twitter message from one of the perps. The message boasted that the attack was revenge for Trayvon Martin. She said the police had been reluctant to do anything about the attack.
This story was picked up by Bill O'Reilly and several syndicated radio talk show hosts. Syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones pointed out "if it was this hard for two reporters to get their own employer to report the attack, just think how many of these attacks are never reported at all." The newspaper, which was still under the leadership of Obama's new deputy HUD secretary when the attack took place, took a beating in the conservative media. Norfolk police were also put on the defensive. Suddenly the police made an arrest and charged the perp with a felony and numerous misdemeanors.
However, media censorship of black crime continues unabated. Over the weekend, the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. About 20,000 fans packed the arena.
As concert goers walked to their cars after the show, a mob of what the Newark Star-Ledger is calling "teenagers," brutally attacked several people. Five people were injured, some of them very badly. Three of the injured victims are teens. Two of the victims suffered serious facial fractures.
Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio said the attacks were motivated by a desire to cause injury. He says the perpetrators were laughing during the attacks.
Sounds like the attacks were racially motivated hate crimes right? Well the Newark Star-Ledger only describes the attackers as "teenagers." Any details that would clue the reader as too the race of the attackers appears to be intentionally omitted.
I called the Star-Ledger and asked if they had a policy of omitting the race of at large crime suspects. The first woman I talked to went to ask her superiors. She came back and told me that there is no formal policy, "but we generally do not publish race."
I then asked to speak to crime reporter James Queally who wrote Star-Ledgers' two articles on the attacks.
Queally told me that the police report did list the race of the perpetrators and that he censored this information in his two articles on purpose. He also stated that it was the newspapers' policy to censor race in crime stories.
Then the conversation took a comedic turn. I asked Queally what race was listed in the police report and he refused to tell me. He also said he interviewed three of the victims, but refused to tell me what race they were. Queally did however volunteer that "it's an 80% black area and the concert was full of white rock and roll fans."
​ Queally denied that the attacks were racially motivated. He said that if it was blacks attacking whites, then that was just a factor of probability. Keep in mind that Queally admits knowing the race of the perps and refuses to say.
​I told Queally about numerous other black on white mob attacks all over the nation and explained to him this was part of a trend of racially motivated hate crimes. At this point Queally went from a friendly demeanor to a very arrogant sounding tone. He replied "well somehow myself and everyone else in the media have missed all of these." I told Queally I have been documenting these hate crime mob attacks and would be happy to e-mail him lots of information. Queally then hung up the phone without a reply.
During the conversation Queally hinted at his reasoning for wanting to censor the race of the perpetrators. He asked "if all the attackers were black fifteen year-olds, would you avoid all black fifteen year-olds in Newark?" I told him I would, especially a group of black fifteen year-olds. I told him that avoiding a specific demographic known for brutally attacking my demographic at random was "common sense." Queally replied, "that's your opinion."
In other words Queally places political correctness above public safety, even though "public safety" is one of the topics he is supposed to be covering. The LA Times, for example, is very candid about having a policy of censoring race in crime stories. They say they don't want to "stigmatize racial minorities."
Recently I called WYFF Greenville, an NBC affiliate. I found two articles on their website about attempted burglaries, where a home owner scared the suspect off. One of the stories has detailed information about the perps' clothing, but omits his race. The other story lists the perp as white. I asked why one was censored and not the other. The woman who answers their main phone said that employees of the studio have staff meetings and decide which stories to censor race and which ones not to censor race. She said she wouldn't characterize it as "censorship," but as "making a decision."
She said she didn't know why race would be stated in one attempted burglary story and not the other. I think it is pretty self-evident.
My conversation with Queally reminded me of a funny comedy bit by comedian Patrice O'Neal. He lampooned the agony that a white liberal must feel when they see a dangerous looking black male coming down the street. He said they want to flee, but are afraid of being "racist." His advice was to run away and be safe, and feel guilty later.
I recently had a black man from Columbus, Ohio tell me about being mugged by two young black perps. He said he suspected the men were dangerous and could have gotten away in time. He didn't take evasive action because he decided that he shouldn't "racially profile." He felt pretty foolish afterward.
Even left-wing icon Rev. Jessie Jackson believes race is a very important piece of information to know when it comes to crime. At a 1993 conference for the Rainbow/PUSH coalition in Chicago, Jessie Jackson said "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved…. After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating."​
follow me on my new twitter: @kyle_rogers76
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Are Jewish Zionists In Revolt ?

Interesting article and video from Gilad Atzmon and the BBC regarding Norman Finkelsteins assertion that Jews are in revolt against Zionist excesses in Israel ;
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The Media Debate They Feared

The race debate is kicked wide open in America ;
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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Kill Them All

On this occasion I am in favour of Sharia Law being applied to these filth so they can be treated as their religion demands - so that we can kill them all lawfully for being the scum they are.
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Fuck The ACPO Pigs

You want to know who our real enemy is - it is the liberal elite amongst our people, like the PC arselicking ACPO pigs in the senior ranks of the police.
They, and the rest of the liberal elite filth, are the true inner enemy.
Watch the video below - listen to the comments of the top ACPO pig in Bradford saying the rapes of white children by Pakistani Muslims was not racially motivated - hence the children were abandoned by the police, left to be raped, the crimes not investigated and the crimes still being covered up instead of being prosecuted as racially motivated crimes.
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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Congratulations To The Golden Dawn

Congratulations to the Golden Dawn in Greece.
21 seats in Parliament.
Thats real nationalism in action, not the pathetic charade we have in Britain.
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The Scum Convicted

The Daily Mail has a report on the paedophile scum who raped white girls in Rochdale - they have been found guilty.
This is the case that I and Marlene Guest sought to get into court, the police to investigate and the social services to deal with.
I know some facts that would shock the public to the core about the plight of some of these children.
One day I will detail them, but until then lets hope these scum who were convicted get the treatment they deserve inside prison.
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The Debacle Continues

What did I tell you.
I told all nationalists on this blog what the election results for the BNP would be, and I also told Griffin, in my resignation e mail to him.
Its all online, have a read of what I wrote.
I could also define exactly how British Nationalism can rise again and what is required for us to start the movement moving into power, but until the present idiot leadership of all the 'Nationalist' parties are either removed or resign, then I will not detail how to do so.
They dont deserve my ideas and support.
The Nationalist movement in Britain is a pathetic disgrace.
The primary fault lays not with the idiotic and incompetent 'leadership' of the parties, they are merely the symptom of the problem - the primary problem lays with the nationalists in the movement itself.
Nationalists have become a cabal of pathetic cult of personality idiots, drones that can no longer act or think for themselves. They follow leaders who lie to them. They are willing slaves to liars, complicit in the crimes of their masters.
They vote for the leaders in the parties and keep them in power, and hence they themselves are ultimately the real problem the movement has to face.
Vote monkey, get monkey.
In the words of the Manic Street Preachers song 'Of Walking Abortion'
Little people in little houses
Like maggots small blind and worthless
The massacred innocent blood stains us all
Who's responsible - you fucking are
Who's responsible - you fucking are
Who's responsible - you fucking are
Who's responsible - you fucking are
Who's responsible
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