Monday 24 December 2007

MI5 admit plan to infiltrate and destroy the BNP

Daily Express

London, February 8, 1999

MI5 act to smash race gangs

Secret service teams up with Yard to combat Far Right thugs


SCOTLAND Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organisations. The Express has learned that Intelligence officers will infiltrate Far Right groups such as the British National Party.

Other officers will tap telephones, open mail, and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. "We plan to close down these organisations by using every administrative device available to us," said a Yard source.
"These may include tax and VAT details, local authority planning infringements and breaches of charity regulations. You must remember that Al Capone was brought down by the American Inland Revenue -- not the FBI. At the end of the day we will know everything about the people in these groups, more than they know themselves."

The operation is being masterminded by Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Grieve, head of the new Metropolitan Police race crime unit. He will work closely with the security services and the Yard's criminal intelligence unit.

Officers plan to apply the skills successfully used by the security services and the anti-terrorist squad against the IRA and Middle East bombers In London.

Mr Grieve, former head of the anti-terrorist squad, is aiming to build comprehensive computer files on the country's active racists and their relatives and associates.

"He will be using all his skills and techniques used against the IRA in the fight against the racial terrorists polluting our inner cities," said the source.

The files will detail racist groups' views and the extent to which they will use violence. It will also include a list of non-active supporters in key Government and local authority departments who are prepared to pass on vital information. The ultimate intention is to bring a series of criminal charges against the ringleaders of racist organisations and the thugs who follow them.

"If it works, and there is no reason why not, it will mark a sea change in the way subversive organisations are policed in this country," said a senior detective.

Mr Grieve will draw on the resources of the National Criminal Intelligence Service, Department of Social Security, Inland Revenue, immigration organisation and Customs. Benefits agencies, local authorities, British Telecom, credit agencies, schools and other educational institutions will also be involved. Detectives will monitor some suspects if they go abroad.

"If anyone can get to the bottom of the menace of racial violence and attacks, then John Grieve can," said a source close to the new unit.

In Australia, the anti-immigration One Nation party leader, Pauline Hanson, was jailed for "infringing electoral law". It seems that in this country the police are to infiltrate opposition parties and subvert them so that only parties which support multiculturalism and liberalism are allowed.


Interview John Grieve, race crime unit chief: `Who trains little kids

Independent, The (London),

Aug 5, 2001 by Sophie Goodchild

"Have a look," says John Grieve, pointing at the untidy heap of documents and files piled on his desk and scattered around his office. "Who would be able to come in here and clear out my office?"

The Deputy Assistant Commissioner is referring to the fact that, at 55, he is due for retirement. Three years ago he started planning for a quiet life. Then he got a call asking him to lead a unit dedicated to solving race-hate crimes.

Smarting from the accusations levelled at it by the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, the Metropolitan Police set up the unit to prove to a cynical public that the police are taking race crimes seriously. As head of the Race and Violent Crimes Task Force, Grieve has now vowed not to retire until Stephen Lawrence's killers are brought to justice.

( Interesting - is he still working with the Met Police then ? )

Certainly he will need all the energy and resilience he can muster. With race riots in the north and Midlands, black-on-black gun crime in London and now a promised visit from the controversial black separatist Louis Farrakhan, Grieve's work is higher on the social and political agenda than in the last 20 years.

Casually dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and trousers, Grieve is disarmingly accessible. He could be mistaken for an eccentric university professor rather than one of the Met's highest-ranking officers.

Grieve's CV is impressive. With 14 police commendations and awards for outstanding courage, he led the Met's elite antiterrorist unit and was in charge of key investigations, such as the 1996 Docklands bombing.

His critics, however, mutter that beneath the genial exterior is a master at the game of office politics.

At the end of last year, he was called upon to apologise to a Sikh sergeant, Gurpal Virdi, who was wrongly accused of sending racist hate mail. Grieve refused, although he said he personally sympathised with the officer.

A realist, he accepts London will never be completely free of racial tension. In his opinion, the key is keeping those tensions under control through the Task Force.

"My job came from Stephen's racist murder, and our tribute to Mr and Mrs Lawrence has to be that we try to make things better, and that's what I've been doing.

"People say: `It's all very well, John Grieve, but no one's doing anything'. But they (the Task Force) are arresting 200 people a month. For every two people arrested, three race crimes are being cleared up - two for three is pretty impressive.

"I concede that is a fraction of what is being reported. That's still 220 people that weren't being arrested when Stephen was murdered."

Unlike some of his senior colleagues, Grieve knows when to accept blame. After the Lawrence inquiry, he personally accepted the charge of institutional racism by stating: "I am a racist. I must be because Sir William Macpherson of Cluny said that I am ... I've found inside myself evidence of subtle prejudice, preconception and indirect discrimination. I'm for change inside myself and in the behaviour of others."

The impression is that "change" and obtaining justice for Stephen Lawrence has become a personal crusade. Grieve's role as race "troubleshooter" has made him the target of hate-mail attacks from far-right groups who have dubbed him "the man who would be Stalin".

He is dismissive of them. "Our message to the community is we will arrest them if they commit a criminal offence. But we refer to the BNP and Combat 18 as `the flag of convenience' for some of these racists - they are not card-carrying members of the party."

In his experience, racism is not confined to whey-faced skinheads. "Who's training these little kids at nursery school spitting out race hate? Sometimes you discover it's their nan: `My nan says I shouldn't sit next to you because you're black or gay'."

As if Grieve didn't have enough on his plate, there is also domestic violence. With 7,000 incidents a month in London alone, he says the Met has "dramatically" changed its views on these attacks.

He is concerned about the long-term impact that domestic violence has on children and the fact that it can lead to other violent crimes. "In many other kinds of criminality there is a history either as a child in a domestic violence situation or they are domestic abusers themselves in violent relationships.

"The cost to society and the economy is enormous if you think of the days they don't go to work because they've `fallen down the stairs' again."

While he remains in post Grieve wants no one to be in doubt about his commitment to making London a safe place for ethnic communities.

And until there is something positive to say about the Lawrence investigation, he is keeping quiet, except to appeal for witnesses to come forward.

"We have a good idea about what some witnesses would say which would help the investigation. There will be a time when they come forward ... loyalties change."

Until they do, he has no plans to clear out his office. John Grieve is a patient man.


1946 Born John Gilbert Grieve in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the son of an accountant.

1982 Graduates from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Psychology.

1986 Obtains M Phil at Cranfield Institute of Technology examining police drug and crime strategies.

1993 Head of Department of Criminal Intelligence.

1996 Head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist branch.

1997 Deputy Assistant Commissioner.

1998 Head of Met's Racial and Violent Crimes Task Force.


John Grieve is a former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police and head of Special Branch, a National Co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism who at one stage expressed a desire to become an Assistant Chief Constable in the RUC, a force he apparently held in high regard. John Grieve is the Chairman of the John Grieve Centre for Policing and Community Safety. The John Grieve Centre receives financial payments from the PSNI whose members deliver lectures and receive training at the centre. Ronnie Flanagan, former Chief Constable of the RUC is a Board member.

John Grieve, is one of the heads of the Independent Monitoring Commission in Northern Ireland and former head of the Metropolitan Police Special Branch and then "national co-ordinator" of Britain's Anti-Terrorist Squad, with Richard Kerr, who is a former director general of the CIA, and Joe Brosnan, ex-secretary general of the Department of Justice.

Dr Nick Ridley is currently an associate researcher at the John Grieve Centre.
He was a criminal intelligence analyst for just over 22 years, firstly at the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, working in various departments including Special Branch and the Anti Terrorist Branch, and then at Europol, the EU law enforcement agency in The Hague. At both Scotland Yard and Europol he specialised in organised crime from south east Europe, financial crime and financing of terrorism. At Europol he was attached to Anti Terrorist Unit where he was responsible for the operational analysis of financing of terrorism. In 2002 he was seconded to the FBI headquarters Washington, engaged on analysis on financing of terrorism.


Note that serving police officers are working for the John Grieve centre ;

John Grieve CBE, QPM, BA, MPhil. Emeritus Professor
Retired Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, currently a member of the Independent Monitoring Commission for the Northern Ireland peace process.

Professor Allyson MacVean BSc (Hons), MPhil, PhD, Director
Professor MacVean previously worked in the Home Office Serious and Organised Crime Unit before entering academic life. She is a specialist in risk and dangerous offenders, community impact assessments, and paedophile on-line crime and has undertaken a number of dangerous offender risk assessments for police forces. She is also an external examiner and course validation assessor for other academic institutions.

Dr Clive Harfield BA (Hons), MSc, LLM, MPhil, PhD, Deputy Director
Dr Harfield has he has been a serving officer for 18 years in the National Crime Squad and National Hi-Tech Crime Unit as well as three local police forces and has a career background in uniform operations, CID, intelligence and covert policing. He is currently on long-term secondment to the John Grieve Centre. Dr Harfield is a specialist in mutual legal assistance and international law enforcement co-operation and has previously represented UK law enforcement at G8. In 2001 he held a Fulbright Fellowship at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

Irish Nationalists attack Gable / Searchlight / MI5 Axis ( Note the anti-semitism of the Irish Nationalists ) ;


On 28 February 2007, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the retiring Director of MI5, spoke on co-operation between the police and the Security Service, and the UK counter-terrorism strategy of 'prevent, protect, pursue, and prepare', and also fielded many questions from the audience.

The event, chaired by Professor Emeritus John Grieve, former head of the anti-terrorist branch of the Metropolitan Police Service, was hosted in a Metropolitan Police Service venue for security reasons.

The John Grieve Centre hosts, on average, one police practitioner seminar a month and, wherever possible, these events are opened to academic colleagues. The seminars are generally held in London, Kidlington near Oxford or Birmingham. Future speakers include the filmmaker Roger Graef and BBC Correspondent Mark Daly.




19 February- The Terrorism Act 2000 comes into effect replacing the Prevention of Terrorism Act that had been in effect since 1974.

7 June- Tony Blair and the Labour Party are re-elected in the general election.

11 September- Attacks occur in New York and Washington D.C. killing just under 3,000 people, including sixty-seven Britons.

21 September- Lotfi Raissi, an Algerian flight instructor living in Britain, is arrested on suspicion of having been involved in the 11 September attacks. He is sent to Belmarsh Prison for several months. On 21 April 2003, all charges against him are dropped.

7 October- British and American air attacks against the Taliban in Afghanistan begin.

12 November- The Blair government introduces the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill in the House of Commons.

13 December- The Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill receives Royal Assent.

19 December- Raids in Luton, London, and the West Midlands leads to the detention of eight individuals with alleged ties to international terrorism under the new Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act.

22 December- British citizen Richard Reid is arrested after he attempts to destroy American Airlines Flight 63 with an explosive hidden in his shoe.


15 February- Home Secretary David Blunkett ends efforts to extradite accused terrorist Abdelghani Ait Haddad because of concern about the legitimacy of the evidence against him.

MAY 2002 - John Grieve retires from the Met Police and then sets up John Grieve Centre to run secret taskforve linking MI5, Special Branch and the government to tackle far right groups and muslim extremist groups.

7 May- Lord Rooker, a Home Office minister, said that since the Terrorism Act 2000 came into effect on 19 February 2001 ‘144 person have been arrested under [it]. There have as yet been no convictions for terrorist offences to date but 10 people are undergoing or awaiting trial for such offences.’

6 July- The Guardian reports that the British Air Transport Association opposes a Home Office plan to require airlines to record personal information.

23 July- The date of the so-called ‘Downing Street Memo.’ The document reveals that the Bush administration was set by this date on war with Iraq.

30 July- The Special Immigration Appeals Commission rules indefinite internment under Part 4 of the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 is both ‘unlawful’ and ‘discriminatory.’

2 August- The Home Office lists two new Codes of practice under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 related to intelligence collection.

9 August- An Old Bailey jury acquits Suleyman Zainulabdin, a London chef, who was arrested the previous October and charged under the Terrorism Act 2000 with ‘inviting another to receive instruction or training in making or using firearms or explosives.’

22 August- The UK Home Office issues a Circular (Circular 44/2002) authorizing police and other authorities to request airline and shipping companies to provide ‘police intelligence’ on passengers.

5 September- Amnesty International issues a report expressing concern ‘about serious human rights violations that have taken place as a consequence of the United Kingdom (UK) authorities’ response to the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States of America.’

12 October- Bombs explode in the Indonesian resort of Bali killing 202 people. Twenty-four Britons are among the dead.


5 January- Police arrest seven men in London related to a plot to manufacture the poison ricin for attacks on London Underground. All six were later acquitted of murder charges related to the ricin plot, although one would be convicted of ‘conspiracy to commit a public nuisance by the use of poisons or explosives to cause disruption, fear or injury.’

14 January- Police raid a flat in Manchester while searching for a terrorism suspect. In the course of being arrested, Kamel Bourgass, one of the ricin suspects, stabs to death Detective Constable Stephen Oake.

20 January- Police raid the Finsbury Park mosque. They arrest seven people and seize weapons and forged passports.

30 January- Richard Reid, the ‘shoe bomber’ is convicted of terrorism by an American court and sentenced to life in prison.

5 February- During a public briefing to the United Nations Security Council, Colin Powell makes reference to the ricin arrests in the UK the month before and links these to the Saddam Hussein regime.

11 February- The Blair government deploys the British military, including armoured vehicles, at Heathrow Airport because of the apparent threat of a terrorist attack.

12 February- Five weeks before the invasion of Iraq, the Joint Intelligence Committee warns the government that the invasion of Iraq would increase the risk of terrorist attacks against the UK.

7 March- The Attorney General Lord Goldsmith sends a thirteen-page memo to Tony Blair warning that the invasion of Iraq could be deemed illegal without the second United Nations’ resolution.

17 March- In a shorter memo Attorney General Lord Goldsmith declares the proposed invasion of Iraq to be legal.

19 March- The American and British invasion of Iraq begins. Twenty-seven British service personnel die in the first ten days of hostilities.

31 March- The US/UK Extradition Treaty signed.

1 April- Two Algerians with ties to Al Qaeda, Brahim Benmerzouga and Baghdad Meziane, who were arrested in the UK in September 2001, are sentenced to 11 years in prison because of their involvement in terrorism fund raising and recruitment.

1 May- President George W. Bush from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lincoln announces that ‘Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.’

17 July- Scientist and WMD specialist Dr. David Kelly commits suicide.

18 July- The Blair government announces an inquiry under the leadership of Lord Hutton into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. David Kelly.

25 October- Andrew Rowe arrested under terrorism act in Dover. He was found to be carrying socks containing traces of high explosives and would be convicted of terrorism offences in September 2005.

20 November- On the day that President Bush arrived in London for a state visit, bombs explode at the British consulate and headquarters of HSBC Bank in Istanbul, Turkey. Thirty people die in the blasts and hundreds are wounded. Among the dead is Consul-General Roger Short, the top British diplomat in Istanbul.


1 January- Extradition Act 2003, including the US/UK Extradition Treaty, comes into effect.

28 January- The Hutton Report is released. It is highly critical of BBC news coverage that alleged that Downing Street had ‘sexed up’ a pre-war intelligence dossier while absolving the Blair government of any wrongdoing.

3 February- The Blair government announces an inquiry under the leadership of Lord Robin Butler, a career civil servant, into British intelligence surrounding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

11 March- Al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist train bombings in Madrid kill 191 people and injure over 2000.

30 March- Seven men allegedly in possession of approximately half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertilizer are arrested in West Sussex as part of Operation Crevice. The Crown would later allege that they intended to bomb several targets including the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent and the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London. Five of the seven would be convicted in April 2007.

6 April- Cabinet secretary Sir Andrew Turnbull writes to John Grieve, permanent secretary at the Home Office, and notes that Cabinet had ‘recently discussed relations between the Muslim and other communities here in the UK.’ The letter set forth a number of topics related to the disaffection of British Muslims for further discussion.

19 April- Over 400 officers raid homes in the Manchester area and arrest eight men, one woman, and a sixteen-year-old boy. Media coverage links those arrested to plots involving attacks on Old Trafford during a Manchester United game.

10 May- John Grieve writes back to Turnbull and includes a draft of a Foreign Office and Home Office paper entitled ‘Young Muslims and Extremism.’

18 May- Sir Michael Jay from the Foreign Office writes to Sir Andrew Turnbull about the findings in ‘Young Muslims and Extremism.’ The actual report lists a number of forces that were leading to the radicalization of young British Muslims, ‘including the issue of British foreign policy, especially in the context of the Middle East Peace Process and Iraq.’

29 June- Court sentences Kamel Bourgass to life imprisonment for murder of DC Stephen Oake.

14 July- The Butler Report is released. It is critical of the quality of British intelligence in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

3 August- Fourteen men are arrested and eight eventually charged over plot to blow up financial buildings in London. The plot’s leader, Dhiren Barot, would later plead guilty and be sentenced to life in prison.

26 August- Abu Hamza, a radical Islamic cleric based in London, is arrested under Section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

24 September- Four men are arrested in Brent Cross, London after they tried to buy ‘red mercury’ in a newspaper sting. Three would be charged and would be acquitted at their trial in July 2006.

19 October- Abu Hamza is charged with sixteen different offences.

2 November- George Bush is re-elected President of the United States.

17 November- Tony Blair promises to bring in legislation to target the ‘economic sabotage’ done by animal-rights extremists.

19 November- Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer arrive in Karachi, Pakistan in order, it is believed, to attend terrorist training camps.

24 November- The government introduces the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. The new act requires protesters to seek police permission before being allowed to demonstrate within one kilometre of Parliament Square. It receives Royal Assent the following April.

16 December- The Law Lords rule that the detention of nine non-Britons at Belmarsh Prison without trial, under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, is unlawful under European human rights law, although the detentions continue.


22 February- The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 is introduced to the House of Commons.

4 March- Hazel Blears, the minister responsible for counterterrorism, announces in the House of Commons that ‘some of our counter-terrorism powers will be disproportionately experienced by the Muslim community’ since terrorists are ‘falsely hiding behind Islam.’

6 March- Sir John Stevens, former head of London Metropolitan Police, warns in the News of the World that as many as 200 Al Qaeda-trained terrorists may be in the UK.

11 March- The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, designed in part to deal with Law Lords’ ruling from previous December through a new regime of ‘control orders,’ is given royal assent.

17 March- The Blair government announces a ‘National Identity Scheme’ that will see the issuance of Identity Cards.

5 May- Tony Blair and the Labour Party are re-elected in the general election.

6 July- According to the Guardian, the head of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, briefs a group of Labour MPs, assuring them that no terrorist attacks are on the horizon.

7 July- Four suicide bombers, Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Hussain, and Jermaine Lindsay, kill 56 and wound 700 in London.

On 28 February 2007 AT THE JOHN GRIEVE CENTRE SEMINAR, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the retiring Director of MI5, spoke on co-operation between the police and the Security Service, and the UK counter-terrorism strategy of 'prevent, protect, pursue, and prepare', and also fielded many questions from the audience

8 March 2007 - It is announced that a career intelligence agent and specialist on Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda-related groups, Jonathan Evans, who also had experience in dealing with the Irish Republican Army, will succeed Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller as the head of MI5 when she retires at the end of March.

Now the attacks on me begin

I have just been reading the latest offering from the Lancaster UAF blog, and they do make quite interesting reading.

On the Lancaster UAF blog they are now obviously supporting the bloggers and putting up sympathy story articles to assist them.

What is also interesting is they are also now attacking me. It appears that I may have touched a nerve.

It is a feature of the Far Left that in any leftist regime that gets into power all those that disagree with the government are labelled as 'insane' and locked up in mental hospitals for failing to see 'the truth'.

At this very moment there are thousands of democrats and dissidents in the mental asylums of China and Cuba, North Korea and Uzbekistan who have been labelled as lunatics by their Communist goverments.

What I found most disgusting about these comments was the allegation that I have been making death threats.

As the victim of death threats, to such an extent that I have had to repeatedly leave my flat and stay in bed and breakfasts and friends houses for a period of time, I found that allegation disgusting.

I have always repudiated violence and threats of violence, seeing as I have been a victim of it myself.

After reading of the attempted attack on Mark Collett at the Leeds meeting a few days and the death threats he has been sent and left on his phone, I wrote on my blog that such death threats were disgusting and also that I knew the plotters had nothing to do with them and would not ever tolerate such death threats.

I know that not one of the plotters would ever support any of their followers making death threats and they themselves would never also do that. Their motivations for being in the party may be in question, but the fact is that I do not believe their intention was to incite violence against others in the party.

It may be the intention of the secret state to incite violence, such as they did on the past with C18 and the Green Anarchists, AFA and Red Action and Column 88, but I do not believe that any of the plotters have ever wanted to see any violence in their name.

Similarly anyone in the party or at a meeting who I discovered, or I was informed that was making death threats against anyone, either in the party or outside it, then I would demand they be expelled for it.

I do not have any money to defend myself over any allegations like these by hiring a solicitor, but I am prepared to sue Denise Garside personally and Lancaster UAF and order their ISP provider to hand over the details of anyone making such an allegation on their site.

I suggest that the Lancaster UAF now remove that posting before I issue a writ for it.

I the same post I am now accused of being a psychotic lunatic by one poster who spoke to an 'expert' friend of his 'at the weekend'.

This 'friend' stated that I am a psychotic for believing that the plotters may be MI5and linked to secret state.

Now as anyone who studies psychology will tell you a psychosis is unqiue to an individual - in other words that they, and they alone, believe it is true.

When a psychosis is shared by many people it is defined as either a religion or something akin to a religion, such as Communism.

Now it may well be that if I were a lone voice saying ' lets ignore what has happened in the past with previous plots against the party and compare it to what is happening today' and just stated that the plotters were all MI5 then it may well be that I am a nutcase, but the fact is that all of this has happened before not just in the BNP but in many other British political parties.

From the early days of the BNP with the Column 88 / C18 problems, to Tim Hepple and others the secret state has infiltrated and attacked the party from within.

The BNP is not alone in this targeting for infiltration and subversion, the far left ranging from the Green Anarchists to the SWP to the recent events in the Socialist Party with Tommy Sheridan and the recent splits in Respect all show a distinct similar pattern.

A political party that is on the edge of a breakthrough then suffers an internal crisis that causes the party to splinter and split. It happens time after time throughout British history.

Calling someone a lunatic is the last resort of the person about to lose the argument.

True To Form

This will be one of my last posts on the final gasps of the plotters little rebellion. To be frank is it now boring, and taking up too much of my time when so much more interesting things are happening in the world and country.

The plot is over, even if their MI5 handlers are trying to drag it on.

The recent news on the plotters site that the police did a search on their property is a typical Black Ops event, and further confirmation on the MI5 connection.

The fact that a Police Firearms team ignored all police procedure and knocked on his door at 2PM in the afternoon instead of 3 AM in the morning and then asked politely ' Excuse me sir, please could I search your property as we have reason to believe that you may have a firearm on the premises ' is about the most revealing fact of all in this ongoing farce.

What normally happens is that a sledgehammer comes through the door, then about ten blokes with machine guns appear and you are thrown on the floor, handcuffed and held in a corner of the room whilst they tear the place apart looking for the gun.

We all watch The Bill and know the score.

Yet in this case, the police knock on the door, ask politely to come in and then allow Matt to walk around without handcuffs on whilst they 'search ' for alleged firearm.

It makes no sense, unless it was a set up.

Just when the plotters know the plot is going to fail, their support is slipping away and the posts on the comments section of their pathetic blog are down to about five a day - the police are then sent round right on time to 'search' their place knowing that the next thing that will happen will be a long, emotive, sympathy story go up on their website so all their idiot supporters can point their furious fingers at Griffin and call him a bastard for 'doing so'.

Christ, it is so obvious it is almost embarassing.

Next their will be planted stories in the newspaper about them having 'death threats' all designed to create sympathy for them - though of course no papers have ever reported on the many serious death threats to Mark Collett and others and torture threats to kidnap him and kill him.

Nor have the papers ever reported when I, Nick Griffin, John Walker etc got death threats from suspected Al Qaeda members and we had to have alarms fitted in our houses. Nor have they ever reported the endless death threats by red against us.

Oh no we never got our death threats publicised - but if the plotters get some then of course they will get theirs in the paper.

The idea the BNP has anything to gain from using the police in such a pathetic and underhand way against the plotters is so demonstrably absurd it barely needs no comment.

Regardless of all this Black Ops crap, the point is that they simply are bang to rights.

We have all the evidence we need to prove their guilt and their continued posting on the blog merely confirms their guilt.

Why would the BNP need to do anything as STUPID as ringing the police and trying to get their house searched. That would just give them more ammunition to plead sympathy and make allegations against people.

Which is exactly what they have done.

We have THE EVIDENCE on our side, they have only the sympathy of their plotters, the support of the secret state, Labour politicians like John Cruddas, Lancaster UAF and Searchlight.

They are playing their sympathisers like Yehudi Menhuin plays the violin.

The more that the emotions of their sympathisers are played, the less chance they are able to sit down, take a breath and see reason.

This is why the blog keeps putting up pathetic emotive whining articles but never answers the 14 questions below, as the less opportunity for rational reflection ON THE FACTS the plotters give their supporters, the less likely they are too see reason.

The more emotive nonsense that occurs, the more the plot lingers.

Note how they have not again answered any of The 14 Questions below ;

1) Did Sadie Graham, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith and Matt Single set up the Enough is Enough Blog ?

2) Did Sadie Graham, Steve Blake, Matt Single and Kenny Smith put links on that Enough is Enough blog to the Lancaster UAF site and did you plan to add Searchlight articles to that blog to smear and attack a fellow nationalist, BNP member and party officer ?

3) Did you allow people to post up comments on that blog attacking party officers, stirring up hatred against BNP party members and to incite dissent in the party and did you post up emails taken from within the BNP server onto the Lancaster UAF site ?

4) Did Sadie Graham, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith and Matt Single hack into the private e mails of party officers and then steal those e mails and pass them to each other as part of your plot to force the unlawful expulsion of BNP members and officers ?

5) Did you intercept and steal the confidential e mail from the party auditor sent to the Treasurer and pass it to each other ?

6) Did you whilst acting as officers of the party set up, run the site and post up attacks on fellow nationalists on the Enough I Enough Blog ?

7) Did you incite party officers and party members to resign their official party positions as party officers on the blog when you were discovered as running the Enough is Enough site ?

8) Did you demand on that blog the immediate and unconstitutional expulsion of BNP officers and members regardless of their rights as members and officers of the party ?

9) Did you work with Kenny Smith to produce , print and distribute the illegal propaganda pamphlet distributed to BNP members a few days ago where you asked for funds to set up The Real BNP ?

10 ) Did you and Kenny Smith steal and use the confidential BNP members lists entrusted to you as former party officers to send the illegal propaganda leaflets out contrary to the Data Protection Act 1998 Section 55 ?

11) Did you change and forge party account statements in order to cause internal problems in the party and cause hatred against fellow party officers and BNP members ?

12) Did you claim to the police that the party computer was yours and was stolen when it is now proven not to be the case, and did you make other allegations to the police concering the ownership of party property with the intention to try and fit up officers of the party on false criminal chrges of theft ?

13) Did you tell people your house was burgled when you knew it wasnt and that your friend and authorised key holder let the people into your house to remove their property ?

14) Did you whilst as acting as officers of the party spread lies and hatred to other members of the party against other nationalists, BNP party members and officers that you wanted out of the party with the intention of causing an internal crisis in the party, and have your actions caused by setting up the Enough is Enough Blog incited hatred and dissent in the party and led to death threats being issued in your names against party officers ?

If the answer to just ONE of the above questions is yes, then in any political party on this planet they would have been expelled immediatly.

The Black Ops games being played right now by MI5 are simply because the only way to keep their supporters on board is to generate one emotive incient after aonther to bolster their emotional stupidity and to keep them on board with the plotters.

The last thing MI5 need is for people to THINK logically and realise that their resistance to reason is the sole basis of the support of their agents.

Stop REACTING you idiots and start THINKING.

That is the path to clarity and truth.

Sunday 23 December 2007

The Shield Wall Must Hold

In further support of the argument below ;

1) I suspect that Sadie did not intend to get pregnant by Matt, and that it was in fact a complete accident. She probably had a few drinks one night ( such as she did at various party meetings and events ) and the accident occured. Even the most intelligent women on the plant have Zero control over their own bodies when they have unprotected sex. All the MI5 training in the world will not wish away an unplanned pregnancy.

Virtually everyone in the party who heard she was pregnant knew it was an accident. She was a councillor, UNMARRIED and in a senior position in the party. They had been together a few months when the pregnancy was announced.

What is odd is that at the first BNP conference a big fall out occurred because of Sadies support for the right of abortions for women, which is of course a big issue in the party. Was this support for abortion just a ploy to cause internal factions in the party ?

What is also interesting is speculation last year about Adie Wood.

This is when Adie Wood was 'outed' by his wife as being a Special Branch agent.

Guess what Adie Wood was doing before he was outed - yep, he was SADIE GRAHAMS BODYGUARD.

Now isnt that interesting, that the bodyguard of Sadie was suspected of being a Special Branch agent. What would be better protection for Sadie than to be guarded by a fellow Special Branch agent, as that way if she said or did anything that could reveal her real work this would never be revealed to the party.

It may be that this Adie person may have developed an unhealthy interest in Sadie and was then removed as a liability, or he may have been moved to allow her to get close to other people in security who were also under the control of MI5, such as Matt Single.


Who knows.

The fact is that the next bodyguard she gets, she then has a relationship with and he is thereby also protecting her.

2) Matt is either unaware she is Special Branch / MI5 or he is aware and has decided his loyalty to his child is more important than his loyalty to the party - which is an entirely understandable response in the circumstances.

My guess is that they have a new life planned probably in Australia after all this fades away. Just as Matthew Collins was sent to Australia after his grassing of the NF, and Darren Wells after grassing on his mates, then the place of choice for grasses/ infiltrators appears to be ex-Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada.

The other option is that Matt was recruited as part of a long term Military Intelligence plan direct from the RAF.


I must admit his latest writings on the Enough is Enough Blog have revealed a cunning and intelligence that I never suspected in Matt.

If he is writing those articles then he has been putting on a bit of an act about how intelligent he is for a long while, or someone else is writing them for him.

It may well be that they are the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg of Nationalism - who knows.

It may have been that Matt was sent from Military Intelligence and was sent into the BNP as part of a plan, and that once Adie Wood was removed Matt was then sent to work with Sadie Graham and then as a result of their closeness the inevitable happened.

If that is correct then it appears that this whole operation is an MI5 plan ran in co-operation with military intelligence and counter intelligence sections of Special Branch.

How perhaps would that have been for MI5 - their Special Branch female agent protected by a Military Intelligence mole and then them falling in love, getting married and challenging the leadership.

The whole of the BNP working for the MI5 spooks.

Regardless of speculation we will never be able to conclusively prove any of this one way or another until we run Special Branch / MI5 and get access to the files - the only direct evidence we have got is of what they have done in the party.

And that alone is enough to reveal them as thieves, traitors and blackmailers.

Those that act like the enemy, ARE THE ENEMY.

3) The other option is that Matt has been bought off. Love, Money and Pregnancy are major motivating forces in anyones lives, and Matt may have been told by Sadie and decided that he wanted to keep Sadie, the baby and the money on offer.

What sickened me most was his 'father' talking on the blog about Matt in the air force. I spoke to an old nationalist yesterday with sixty years service to nationalism and who had also been in the army.

He said that as a soldier you have three fundamental duties ;

a) Obey Orders - even if you dont like them, as the moment each man thinks he can do as he likes because he disagrees with what the officer in charge has ordered you to do, then chaos erupts, each man does as he wants and the battle is lost before the first shot is fired.

b) Be Loyal - that way each man can rely 100 % on the other and not worry that the man standing next to you will betray you. Those in charge of our security should be the LAST ones to betray us or go on strike and resign their offices.

c) Be Disciplined - If you have a problem work within the system to get it dealt with. If you are right then you will be proved right eventually. Do not create a crisis when no crisis need occur. Do not go outside the chain of command and agitate for a rebellion in the ranks.

These are basic principles that all soldiers understand, so why did Matt break each and every one of them ?

This old nationalist said to me that he had suspected Sadie of being Special Branch for a while due to her 'freezing' out any people and groups that did not agree with what she said or was doing 100 %. He said he had seen it all before in the old pre-NF, NF and old BNP days. An infiltrator he told me would come in, form a faction and then initiate a crisis. He had seen it happen in the nationalist ranks time after time.

And time after time the nationalists would respond the same way with the same short term response - the leadership would surrender to their demands which would then lead to endless and perpetual factionalism in the party as the plotters would be allowed to stay in the party. The plotters once back in the party would then use their faction to build up their own powerbase and at the same time their opponents would form a faction to counter that faction, resulting in endless factionalism and fall outs until the party was destroyed.

If you tolerate treason, blackmail and betrayal then it will sooner or later destroy the party itself, as the example would have been set to all future plotters that if you embark upon a plot all you need to do is have enough people to ensure the party leadership surrenders and the party will ignore your guilt and your treason, blackmail and betrayal. That is an open invitation to chaos.

Once a plot is discovered then the plotters can only be removed.

The rot has to be cut away before the infection spreads.

If the wound is left to fester then the poison spreads.

Once those who were tasked with the most important role of all in any party, as the people who were supposed to be in charge of our security, are revealed to be the ones sticking the knife into our backs, then that betrayal can never be tolerated.

If they rejoined the party who in their right minds would ever trust them again.

That is the ultimate betrayal of all - that whilst we were fighting as part of the Shield Wall, they were behind us sticking the knife into the back of the man standing next to us.

Read facts on MI5 plots to infiltrate and destabilise British political parties here ;

In the article below it explains the Modus Operandi of the MI5 agent - first they enter the anarchists, then the far left, then the animal rights movement and then the far right, and guess who fits that profile in every way with suspicion in each organisation she has been in that she was Special Branch / MI5 , yep, Sadie Graham.

" What are we to make of Tim Hepple, who was involved in an anarchist grouping, animal rights activities, the BNP, The ultra-racist Church of the Creator and who worked for Searchlight all at the same time? Closer to home, O'Hara mentions the case of Stuart McCullough, a former political colleague of mine who in his short career disrupted the old Ulster NF, went off with the extremist 'TTP' sect and was involved with the Belfast Animal Rights group and the Animal Liberation Front in Ulster where he also allegedly incited violence and caused a lot more disruption."

More on Tim Hepple here - note it comes from an anarchist / far left background and is hostile to the BNP whilst revealing much about the way the past of Sadie Graham and Tim Hepple betray the same MI5 procedure and operational style. Note also in my recent article 'The Ghost of Christmas Future' I stated that the aim of MI5 if the BNP had given into the plot would be to turn nationalists against each other, have them attack each other , film them doing the attacks and then blackmailing them into working for MI5. It appears that this exact same plan has been used before by MI5 ;

" In April 1994 in a dramatic World in Action programme Tim Hepple appeared on camera as a source helping expose the violent Nazi group Combat 18. However, at the end of April a pamphlet 'A Lie Too Far', exposed Hepple as an agent provocateur in the Anarchist movement. This pamphlet focused on the list of names and details of C-18 thugs which Hepple encouraged Green Anarchist magazine to publish. The list contained many factual errors and was composed with intention of getting Anarchists arrested and encouraging C18/BNP members to mount-counter attacks. However the list had another purpose. They had been designed to put Green Anarchist under attack on 3 fronts - arrested by the state, attacked by C18/BNP thugs and also by anti-fascists. This would come about because after Green Anarchist had published them Searchlight would 'expose' the lists as being supplied by Nazis. The resulting smears would open the target up to attack from the Left/anti-fascists. It was this third front of desired assault - by their own comrades on the Left - that points most clearly in the direction of list passing as being part of MI5's current battle plan. "

Saturday 22 December 2007

The Simple Questions

Yet again Shady Graham is on her pathetic blog bleating to her lemming like followers yet more lies, but note also that she does not comment EVER upon her own wrongdoings and instead only ever whines about Mark Collett, Dave Hannam, John Walker, Simon Darby, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

So here is a simple way to work out the facts.

Here are some very very simple questions and if you answer YES to just one of them then the plotters are traitors ;

1) Did you, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith and Matt Single set up the Enough is Enough Blog ?

2) Did you Steve Blake, Matt Single and Kenny Smith put links on that blog to Lancaster UAF and did you plan to add Searchlight articles to that blog to smear and attack a fellow nationalist, BNP member and party officer ?

3) Did you allow people to post up comments on that blog attacking party officers, party members and to incite dissent in the party ?

4) Did you, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith and Matt Single hack into the private e mails of party officers and then steal those e mails and pass them to each other ?

5) Did you intercept and steal the e mail from the party auditor and pass it to each other ?

6) Did you whilst acting as officers of the party set up, run and post up attacks on fellow nationalists on the Enough I Enough Blog ?

7) Did you incite party officers and party members to resign their official party positions as party officers on the blog /

8) Did you demand on that blog the immediate and unconstitutional expulsion of BNP officers and members regardless of their rights as members and officers of the party ?

9) Did you work with Kenny Smith to produce , print and distribute the propaganda pamphlet distributed to BNP members a few days ago ?

10 ) Did you and Kenny Smith use the confidential BNP members lists to send the illegal propaganda leaflet out contrary to the Data Protection Act 1998 Section 55 ?

11) Did you change and forge party account statements ?

12) Did you claim to the police that the party computer was yours and was stolen when it is now proven not to be the case ?

13) Did you tell people your house was burgled when you knew it wasnt and that your friend let the people into your house to remove their property ?

14) Did you whilst as acting as an officer of the party spread lies and hatred to other members of the party against party members and officers you wanted out of the party ?

For all those who do not understand how a party is infiltrated by a Deep Cover Operative it goes like this ;

A person is recruited at university by Special Branch / MI5 and is sent into action whilst at university to get basic infiltration experience at a low level prior to them being deployed on their long term Deep Cover job, say by getting involved with anarchists and the animal rights movement or hunt saboteurs movement.

They do this for a few years to get on the ground experience as an infiltrator and then when they are assessed as good enough to move to the real job they are then moved to that long term new job.

Of course as a new trainee for Special Branch / MI5 they will make mistakes and this is why some people, say the people in the animal rights movement and Larry O'Hara believe she is a security service mole and go public about her at the time she is in those left wing groups. But it doesnt matter of course, as she is not intended to stay in those groups, just get some experience on the ground before being moved to the big long term job.

The best infiltrators are always women, as most men are such mugs that they instinctively trust a woman. Also of course they are far more clever and cunning than most males.

In some cases those people can come from an seeming Anarchist / Far Left political background and then move straight into the Far Right with no ideological steps in between. That of course is a major ideological and psycholgical leap, and not usual in most people.

The job of the Deep Cover Operative once in the party they have been sent to infiltrate is to work bloody hard and to get promoted in the party they have been sent into infiltrate.

Theres not much point sending in someone who acts like a special branch / MI5 mole or who does no work in that party, as they will never get promoted and move up the ranks of said organisation.

The aim of the Deep Cover Operative is to work hard to get promoted in the party in order for them to move quickly up the ranks into a position of seniority, trust and responsibility in the party.

They then build up a support base of impressed activists who then form a sheild around them so as to develop their own little cult of personality in order to further push them up the ranks and towards the top table by building grass roots pressure for them to get promoted.

The aim of the Deep Cover Operative is not to destroy the party, but to hobble it - to appear to be working for the benefit of the party whilst corrupting it, poisoning it and causing factions to appear within it.

Only when totally neccasery must the party be destroyed as in the event of any party being destroyed, the members will just form a new one and the whole process of infiltration and subversion must be repeated again and again ad infinitum.

The role of the Deep Cover Operative is to poison the party, so that the deep cover operative appears to be the model member and real leadership challenger when the pre-arranged time of crisis appears to split the party.

Once at the top table they can then gather as much internal information as possible and pass it to their handlers, say by getting a sad man in the party who runs the internal party computer section to think he is doing something 'noble' when he infiltrates and hacks into the server of the organisation and passes those confidential e mails to her.

Then you need to raise her profile - say by having an MP like Geoff Hoon break the NO PLATFORM policy and debate with her at a public meeting in order to increase her party profile in the party and make her seem like a real contender for a leadership position.

At the same time you need to regularly debrief the Deep Cover Operative in such a way as to ensure that no-one in the country is aware she is being debreifed. So you send the person to say Australia, where ex-Nazi grasses and informers have been sent in the past. People Like Matthew Collins say, who were sent to Australia after spying on the NF. Once in Australia they can have a nice holiday and also get more training and be debriefed in strict secrecy.

Then you put in place your long term internal plans to destabilise the party - such as having a plan to use a vote of the AC to remove a person you have created a massive amount of hostility in the party against and then knowing that their colleagues would also be removed by resigning to support their colleague.

This would then allow you to have a majority on the AC and give a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the leader if they refused to remove the person you have nominated as your 'target' and demand their removal at the right time to do so.

At the same time you prepare a plan to challenge for leadership of the party iself if the internal destabilisation plan doesnt work. Get yourself a boyfriend in the party with the backing of security and prepare your plan for a future leadership challenge.

For those who say ' No one would ever do such a thing' take a look at what happened under the communists in East Germany and Russia and China - mothers spied on their children, children spied on their parents, wives spied on their husbands and grassed them up to the KGB.

The plan for the dstruction of the party has to be prepared for just the right moment - and in this case just before the London GLA elections or just after it to ensure the party implodes into warring factions.

It is very important for the special branch / MI5 people to have this plan prepared as they know that due to the collapse of UKIP - that the only party capable of filling the void on the right is the BNP.

It is even more urgant when the Tory Party has gambled on winning the Liberal Left vote and then had to watch in horror as an electable Liberal leader takes over from the fossil that once ran it. That means the Tory Party has now lost all its centre left supporters it gambled on keeping whilst it has abandoned its old right wing to the BNP.

No Kilroy stunt will prevent the BNP winning Euro MEP seats and GLA seats now - so the plan has to be prepared for deployment to destroy the party.

So the BNP must be destroyed before it can ever go mainstream and challenge the establsihed parties for power.

The BNP must never be allowed to gain a seat on the GLA or as a Euro MEP as then the BNP would have a huge injection of funds, publicity and new members and also be able to claim public funds to train more party officers.

So just as has always happened in history the BNP, and all other far right and far left parties that have appeared to be on the verge of a political breakthrough into the political mainstream - they must be destroyed before they do so.

This is in fact the role and job of MI5 / Special Branch to infiltrate and destroy all those parties the secret state thinks should not be allowed to get any power in our society. If they look they are near to getting power then they must be destroyed.

Then what happens is that your Deep Cover Operative, an intelligent woman makes the oldest mistake in the book - she gets pregnant.

You also know, because you have been bugging the phones of the party leadership, that an ever increasing number of people suspect the woman of being a deep cover operative, and you now have to decide what to do.

You decide you have to remove the deep cover operative of course as she is now useless as per any long term plans for the implosion of the party just before or after the GLA elections.

Therefore you allow the deep cover operative to walk away from the party in as messy and chaotic fashion as possible in the hope that as much damage to the party is caused as possible by the fake crisis they have engineered.

But the plan is discovered before it can be fully deployed, and so you run it as best as possible.

You set up a campaign of internal faction fighting based on such insane demands over an issue that has no meaning to ANYONE OUTSIDE THE PARTY ( say over the past actions of a minor official who you know is unpopular because you have been poisoning people against him for months ) that you know the senior party leadership cannot and will not ever give into those demands.

The demands are so unreasonable and unconstitutional that they cannot ever be met by the leadership without destroying the party and this thereby ensures the deluded supporters of the deep cover operative who are motivated by primitive loyalty and not rationalism cause as much chaos and animosity as possible.

Once it becomes clear that the party is hopelessly riven and divided and wont recover then you waltz off into the sunset forever with the appearance of a martyr - perhaps to return in a few years time even.

At the same time to put pressure on the party leadership you get you Labor Party sock puppets like John Cruddas MP and various newspapers to try and forment as much hatred and confusion in the party as possible in the hope that the chaos will tear the entire party into endless factions who will from henceforth always be at war with each other over your 'martyrdom' .

What you didnt appreciate though was that the leaders of the party would refuse to give into blackmail and instead would be prepared to lose as many people as as it takes to ensure that the party stays united and that no descent into factionalism occurs.

Instead of the leadership crumbling and giving into the demands of the plotters,and thereby ensuring that the party would descend into perpetual factionalism and chaos, the leadership just get rid of the plotters and was prepared to remove all those supporters of the plotters that refuse to obey party discipline and who threaten the internal stability of the party.

After a week or so of idiocy by about a hundred noisy brattish supporters who think that the party will give into their demented demands, it becomes obvious that the leadership wont give in.

So you hope that when you walk away that enough people will walk away with you to cause enough damage to cripple the party enough to ensure that it stumbles around but doesnt get elected into power due to the long term factional fallout you have created in the party.

But the leadership are prepared for that too and will remove anyone who indulges in any future factionalism as a result of the plot.

The party moves on, the bump in the road to power is left behind it in the rear view mirror, and we begin the long march into power.

Heres a question for her pet legal monkey - 'lawyer'.

If Shady Graham is not a special branch operative then why has she never sued Larry O'Hara for him saying in his Notes From The Borderland magazine that she was a special branch operative.

Larry O'Hara has stated for years she was a special branch plant and printed it in his magazine and still has it on his website and is even posting it up on Indymedia this week and yet she has never sued him - why not ?

She had money, a good reputation and obviously knows FOUR solicitors - so one of these could have helped her sue Larry O'Hara.

So why has she never sued him for his clear libel ?

When she was involved with the animal rights protests at the Huntingdon Life Sciences everyone there said she was a special branch plant.

On her lastest blog posting she says she has seen FOUR solicitors about her dismissal, so why it that most BNP members cannot get a single solicitor to represent them in a legal case but Shady can get four ?

She is either lieing or she has a legal back up team helping her out and assisting her to cause as much chaos as possible.

I have never known anyone be able to see FOUR solicitors - SO WILL SHE GIVE US THE NAME OF THESE SOLICITORS OR IS SHE LIEING.

Where did she get the money for these solicitors from when she is claiming poverty on her blog ?

Come on legal monkey boy - who are they these FOUR solicitors ?

Are they just another figment of her imagination or her special branch legal back up team ?

The Simple Questions

The Ten Lies of Four Traitors

Lie 1) The computer belonged to Sadie Graham - Total Lie.

total lie as proved by the receipt for the computer and software installed on the computer that proves the computer was the BNP computer owned by the BNP. Sadie knew this and lied to her supporters AND the police about the computer. This was simply an attempt to use her own supporters to attack the BNP, whilst she was spreading lie after lie to cover her own lies and treason.

Lie 2) The computer was stolen - Total Lie.

total lie, the BNP cannot steal anything that already belongs to the BNP. The computer was reclaimed, not stolen either in fact or law. One cannot, under the Theft Act, steal ones own property and the idiots that thought the computer had been stolen were fools to think so. They merely betrayed their total ignorance of the law. They were used by the plotters and lied too by the plotters.

Lie 3) Sadies house was broken into - Total Lie.

As stated by Nina Brown on her public statement on the EiE blog, she let the BNP security team into the house with her key. There was no illegal entry either, contrary to the idiotic ramblings of the idiot named lawyer who was representing Sadie and the traitors in their plot. The offence of 'Illegal Entry ' exists in British law only in relation to illegal immigrants using fake documents to enter the country or other unlawful means to enter the country. No such offence as Illegal Entry exists in the criminal or civil law that applies to a situtation where one person is allowed to enter property at the invitation of another who is an authorised agent of that person who is allowed to let people into that property with a key supplied by the house owner.

Lie 4) Nina Brown was deceived into letting the BNP security team into the house - Total Lie.

As her public statement on the EiE website says there was no representation in any way from the security team, either direct or implied, at any time that the BNP team were acting under any permission from Sadie to enter the house. There are also six witnesses to this fact. The team entered the house under the authority and with the permission of Nina Brown who was present all the time they were in the house taking back the BNP equipment. Nina Brown assumed they had permission to enter the house from Sadie and then gave them express permission to enter the house under her express authority.

Lie 5) There was no need to enter Sadie Grahams house as they could have asked for the computer back - Total Lie.

The fact that Kenny Smith was allowed to retain his computer meant that he was able to steal the BNP membership lists and BNP member data base he had been allowed to hold whilst acting as an officer of the party in his authorised role as an officer of the party. Kenny Smith was only been given permission by the BNP under the Data Protection Act 1998 to hold and use the membership data base whilst acting as an appointed officer of the party and solely for authorised party reasons. Once he was informed of his expulsion from the party then any permission for him to hold and use the BNP member data base was also immediately rescinded. Kenny Smith then stole the membership data base as defined under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998 and then used the membership data base to send out the illegal 'Real BNP' begging letter and propaganda pamphlet to BNP members using the stolen data base.

This clearly shows that the party was right to seize our computer equipment and membership data bases back fom Sadie Graham, and it was unfortunate that we were not able to do so with the thief and traitor Kenny Smith.

As the party were investigating theft, illegal interception of e mails and attempts to frame party members and other criminal acts then the party had to act to protect the interests of the members and to ensure the party was in line with the legal obligations imposed upon it under the Data Protection Act 1998 as the owner and controller of the data on the computer used by Sadie Graham.

As it was also suspected that Searchlight and Special Branch were involved with the plotters, we had to ensure that the full details of the conspiracy was discovered before Sadie Graham could wipe her computer and remove the evidence we needed to discover the depths of the plot. We also needed to find out if any information had been passed to third parties outside the party. As Sadie herself states in the transcript of her conversation with the traitors, she was well aware that only if we had our computer would we be able to discover what had been going on.

Lie 6) The plotters were acting in the interests of the party - Total Lie.

Matt Single was the head of the BNP security team whose repsonsibility in the party was to protect BNP members and officers from attacks by red thugs and others. The fact that whilst in this post the traitor Matt Single was working with the plotters to attack fellow Nationalists / BNP members and BNP officers was the ultimate betrayal of all. How could we ever trust again a man who break the vow of loyalty to his fellow BNP members and who worked with the plotters, the Lancaster UAF and searchlight to attack, subvert and abuse fellow BNP members whilst in their positions as BNP party officers.

The same goes for Kenny Smith. He was one of the people that ran the Civil Liberty organisation that was set up to protect Nationalists from attacks by red groups etc. At the same time as he was running Civil Liberty he was plotting with the rest of the traitors to attack, subvert and undermine fellow nationalists. In the transcript that records his treason he can be heard laughing with Sadie Graham and Matt Single that he was using his Civil Liberty e mail address to set up the EiE Blog to attack a fellow Nationalist. He also boasts in the transcript of contacting Searchlight to get back copies of Gerry Gables filthy rag to use to smear a fellow nationalist and also that he used the Lancaster UAF site and its video attacking Mark Collett by linking it onto the blog he set up with Sadie Graham and Matt Single.

These two traitors betrayed their oath to all their fellow nationalists. Whilst they had assumed the responsibility in their roles and posts in the party, and Kenny in Civil Liberty, to protect their fellow party members and Nationalists - in reality they were betraying them and their fellow nationalists.

These traitors were the lowest of the low, whose actions broke every trust they had ever been given.

As Verses 39 and 40 of the Voluspa state of oathbreakers and traitors, there is a special place for them after Ragnarok begins ;

39. A hall she sees standing far from the sun
On the shores of death, with its door to the north.
Venomous drops fall in through the weave,
For that hall is woven of serpents.

40. Therein wading the streams she saw
Oathbreakers, murderers, adulterers.
There Nidhogg sucks cadavers,
Wolves tear men.
Know you as yet, or what?

Lie 7) The plotters acted honourably - Total Lie.

In the transcript of the conversation between Matt, Kenny and Sadie Graham they discussed buying back copies of Searchlight, linking to red sites, they linked to videos on the Lancaster UAF site that attacked fellow nationalists and they talked about collecting back copies of Searchlight to post up attacks on their fellow Nationalists and BNP members on their vile little blog.

Take a look at the comments they allowed to be posted on the site by the supporters of the traitors, they allowed all those comments to be posted on the sites with all the disgusting allegations made by the supporters of the plot.

Note also the same scum posting on the plotters blog were also posting on the Lancaster UAF blog. It appears that though many of the supporters were deluded saps, there were amongst them many poisonous scum traitors and collaborators with the red scum.

Those that act like the enemy or who work with the enemy, ARE THE ENEMY.

Lie 8) Matt and Sadie are moral people - Total Lie.

Read the transcript of their conversation and note how Sadie has a foul mouth like a sewer rat in private, but acts like Mary Poppins when she is trying to exploit and abuse people in public. For Matt to try and act all moral whilst being involved as major plotter in this conspiracy has about as much substance as mist.

The 'family friendly' image they try and portray on their traitors blog is about as family orientated as the Manson Family.

They lied too, used and exploited their own supporters and friends.

They broke their oaths to their fellow nationalists and comrades.

They are traitors who can never be trusted by any nationalists again.

Lie 9) Their legal fund was to help them fight their corner - Total Lie.

The legal fund they set up and are using to try and scrounge money from people with, is nothing more than an attempt to get enough money to protect them from the price of their treason.

We have complained to the police about them and their activities, and full details of other pending police complaints will be revealed at a later date.

Lie 10) They did a good job for the party - Total Lie.

The idea they did a good job for the party is laughable. Whilst they were supposedly working for the party and the interests of the members as officers of the party, they were undertaking this pathetic conspiracy to set up and undermine their fellow party officers.

The party has incurred fines from the Electoral Commision for their duplicity and actions to delay the party accounts. Kenny Smith deliberately did not provide copies of the receipts required for thousands and thousands of pounds of expenditure knowing this would mean the party would be late filing its accounts and making the Treasury Team look incompetent.

Sadie Graham admits to doctoring and altering internal account statements in order to make Dave Hannam look incompetent. Steve Blake was deleting e mails to fundholders / organisers and other party officials sent by them to Dave Hannam so that it would appear that Dave Hannam and the Treasury Team were incompetent. Steve Blake was intercepting confidential internal e mails from the auditors sent to Treasury to see how much damage they were casuing the party. All these actions caused the accounts to be late and led directely to the party being fined for late accounts by the Electoral Commission.

It is the members who have had to pay for this plan, as the fines had to come out of members subscritptions fees and donations.

Instead of the party having the money available to defend our Nation, Folk and Culture - we were having to waste it on fines due to their idiotic actions.

Those who still stand alongside these people after reading all the facts on the BNP website, then tear up your membership cards and leave the party right now.

We do not need fools who would support such treachery either in the party or in the Nationalist movement.

The Treason of Judas In Their Own Words

I have been re-reading the transcript of the Sadie / Kanny / Matt tape and my comments are in italics beneath their words. The analysis below explains what they were doing and what their conversation reveals.

Note also how on the EiE Blog the traitors like to give the public appearance of them being an upright and moral group. Matt the traitor posted an attack on me a few days ago for me daring to use foul language on my blog.

But then note how in this private conversation it reveals that not only is Sadie Graham plotting treasonous attacks on fellow nationalists / BNP members and BNP officers but also that Sadie Graham has a foul mouth that would shame a drunken navvy.

It appears that sadie and Matt and Kenny are well versed at acting at one role in public, whilst in private they are completely different people.

They wear different masks when they want to try and fool different people.

To those in the party they were trying to deceive they wore the mask of the moral persons of principle who were motivated solely by loyalty to the party.

Whilst they were planning and plotting and undertaking their treason they were sucking up to party members and trying to build a support base in the party to assist them when they began their campaign of treason and subversion.

Whilst they were undertaking their treason, they revealed they were just foul mouthed traitors laughing about how they were betraying all the trust the party and our people into them and laughing whilst they were using the far left to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP member / BNP officer.

Now they have posted up pictures and statements on their blog where they now try and appear as moral crusaders motivated solely by loyalty to the party - which is just another mask to deceive their ever diminishing ranks of idiot supporters who were just too stupid to see through them and their ongoing farce.

There is none so blind as those that wont see, it appears.

They are damned in this transcipt by their own words and all the evidence we ever needed is contained in the words they spoke between themselves when they commenced this conpiracy.

Makes you think doesnt it how easy their betrayal came to them and how easy it was for them to decieve the people in the party ;


SADIE: Um… that wasn’t that public knowledge was it?

KENNY: Inaudible

SADIE: Ok I’ll have to have a think, um I’ve got stuff in e-mails but we can’t use any of them because it’s all um just e-mails to me and to do with stuff he’s said about people and that we can’t use any of that for this

( These are the e mails stolen by Steve Blake from off the BNP server, that they cannot use as it would reveal that Steve Blake had stolen them from other BNP officers private e mail accounts )

KENNY: Not really, not unless it’s public domain. Do you think we should go into … inaudible

SADIE: One thing you’ve written is, Mark Collett is, or who ever has written this, Mark Collett makes an arse of himself, um, it sounds like, um not being funny, it sounds like something you would say.

KENNY: I would say?

SADIE: Makes an arse, not, no?

KENNY: Does it? No, I actually used that phrase because it’s phrase I don’t use.

SADIE: Ok, really

KENNY, SADIE: Laughter

SADIE: Shit, I read that and thought INAUDIBLE

KENNY: Inaudible

SADIE: Yeah that is weird

MATT: Inaudible… widely hated by everyone

SADIE: Yeah, um, yeah but then it has got to look like it potentially could be reds.

( Here Sadie is announcing that the blog they set up must appear as it was the work of reds whilst it was really the work of them. In other words Sadie wants Kenny and herself to make it look as if those who are running the blog are reds whilst they are actually within the senior ranks of the party and secretely undermining the party. Isnt the very technique of concealment and subversion confirmation of the allegations made by Larry O'Hara, that Sadie acted as a red whilst working for special branch whilst at university and then acted as a nationalist whilst within the BNP. )

MATT: It has to look like they’re widely hated

( Here Matt reveals that the aim of their site is to create the impression within the BNP that Collett and Hannam are widely hated so as to put pressure on the leadership to get rid of them - and he also reveals he has his hands covered in the dirt of this conspiracy )

SADIE: You can refer to Ian’s letter in it as that is public knowledge. You can refer to Ian’s letter talking about things Ian mentions in his letter. Like about him being taking money and all that with leaflets. Because well, that is potentially, is potentially libellous.

KENNY: We could reproduce copies of that leaflet thing that went out.

SADIE: Yeah you could say as quoted by Searchlight or something like that, as put in Searchlight, just a replication of what went in Searchlight. Basically, we need back copies of Searchlight, because whatever has been in Searchlight about Mark we could use but lots of our people haven’t even read Searchlight, so how the f**k can we get loads of back copies of Searchlight, that’s what I mean.

( Here sadie reveals that they want to use Searchlight to bring down a fellow nationalist / BNP member and BNP officer

KENNY: Ask Laughs

( Here Kenny confirms that they should c0ntact Searchlight and sk for back copies of the mrag to put up on the site and attack fellow nationalists )

SADIE: It’s true, yeah

( Here Sadie confirms that she agrees with Kenny that they should contact Searchlight and use the information in it to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP party member and BNP officer)

KENNY: I asked for the back copy that reproduced the list of BNP branches and groups, do you remember from December last year?

Right, do you guys want access to this site to put stuff up yourselves?

( Here Kenny confirms that he and Sadie have already been in contact with Searchlight and have been collecting back copies of Searchlight to use to attack a fellow nationalist / party member / officer )

MATT: Yeah Ideally

( Here Matt confirms that he wants to have access to the site to post up attacks on fellow nationalists. At the same time as Matt was working with Sadie and Kenny to use Searchlight to attack a fellow Nationalist, the complete bastard was also in charge of the internal BNP security teams responsible for PROTECTING fellow BNP nationalists. Whilst he was in the role as leader of the BNP security team, he was plotting to attack fellow nationalists / BNP member / officer - one of the greatest betrayals of trust possible. )

SADIE: Yeah but we have to be sensible about who has it and who puts what up.

MATT: But Kas…

KENNY: It’s only gonna be us, Ian really isn’t it?

MATT: Kas, at one point you said about linking things to red sites, the only thing is if that happens then they can easily say it’s a red conspiracy or another red attack.

( Here Matt states that he wants the blog to link direct to red sites to attack a fellow nationalist and BNP party member / officer )

KENNY: Right ok, to clarify that, I’ve used media from left wing sites.

( Here Kenny confirms he has linked to red sites to attack a fellow nationalist and BNP party member / officer )

MATT: Oh right



KENNY: I had to use that because YouTube has only got 5 of the 6 clips, I had to link to Lancaster UAF to get the full clip of er… Young Nazi and Proud.

( Here Kenny confirms that he, sadie and matt have used Lancaster UAF to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP member / officer )


KENNY: Inaudible… we’ll have to take stories from left sites as well as other sites.

( Here Kenny states that they will be using more red sites to attack a fellow nationalist / party member / officer )

SADIE: OK, Basically we’ll all have to do a load of digging and loads and loads of searching and stuff. The only thing is we if we do any searching from our computers it’s traceable isn’t it? But then who the f**k is, nobody is going to take our computers and check our searches are they?

( Note the foul language of sadie. Here sadie states that on her computer, and kennys computer, are traces of their conspiracy that could be accessed if anyone gets hold of their computers. This directly contradicts the claims put out by the plotters that they had nothing on their computers that could incriminate them. )

KENNY: No. Ok. Have you guys got Google? Can you guys Google names?

SADIE: Google names? I’ve got a Google, I’ve got, when I go on Internet Explorer I’ve got a Google bar to search with.

KENNY: If you go to Google,

SADIE: I’m in it now, yeah

KENNY: Go to the thing at the top that says sign in, can you see that?

SADIE: Yeah!

KENNY: Click sign in

SADIE: Done it!

KENNY: Create a new a account, a new Google account…inaudible… new account


KENNY: A name that’s not your own…inaudible…Mark Collett’s fan club or something. Laughs.

SADIE: Yeah, I mean yeah what, anything.

KENNY: Create an account what I’d do then, is I’ll go onto this site and I’ll (inaudible) I’ll be able to add you guys to people who are able to post on this site.

SADIE: You have to set up a current e-mail address basically; it says your e-mail address.

KENNY: Have you got, have you got, this again INAUDIBLE this is the thing I worried to Steve about, and he says nobody can see these profiles. They are completely secure, unless you break the law and people go to Google. So use a Hotmail account or whatever you have.

(Here Kenny confirms that Steve Blake has been advising the plotters on how to set up the blog and remain anyonymouse to ensure their treason could not be discovered. )

SADIE: I haven’t got a Hotmail account, but you’ve got one Matt, haven’t you? Can we use that one?

KENNY: Hotmail’s not good actually, Hotmail’s definitely not good

SADIE: I’ve got an NTL World one, BUT it’s Sadie Graham.

KENNY: That’s fine

SADIE: So I’ll just use Sadie Graham at NTL World dot com

( Here sadie and matt tell kenny that they are going to use their own accounts to set up the blog )

KENNY: I’ve used my Civil Liberty one LAUGHTER

( Here kenny laughs whilst stating to the plotters that he has used his civil liberty e mail account to set up the blog to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP member / officer. Please also note that Civil Libery was an organisation set up to DEFEND nationalists from attacks by reds. Kenny as an officer of Civil Liberty was supposedly representing the interests of nationalists who were attacked by red groups etc at the same time as he was involved in a conpiracy to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP member / officer. This like Matts betrayal was the ultimate nationalist betrayal of all )

SADIE: Really?


SADIE: Alright, so Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, ok then I just choose a password

KENNY: Yeah, just think of something yourself

SADIE: Yeah I’m just going to have write something down so I remember it, I’ll make it totally different, one I’ve never used before

KENNY: What’s your e-mail address? Sadie Graham…

SADIE: Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com. Do I say remember me on this computer?

KENNY: Um… it’s up to yourself, but I wouldn’t personally if I were you

SADIE: Ok, enable web history


SADIE: No, ok. Location United Kingdom. Ok then I accept and create my account.

( Here she accepts the pass codes to post on the blog attacks on fellow nationalists / BNP members and BNP officers )

KENNY: Yep, ok then I’ve sent you an open invitation e-mail to Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com.


KENNY: You log onto that you should be able to then post INAUDIBLE

SADIE: You know it says put my user name in, what is my user name

KENNY: Your user name is the one you see next to your INAUDIBLE

SADIE: Did I have one? I didn’t have one! I just put in an e-mail address

KENNY: Did you not create a user name?

SADIE: There wasn’t anything to create a user name. It says user name and in brackets it’s written e-mail. The user name must be my e-mail


SADIE: … And then underneath it says to log in user name and in brackets it says e-mail next to it. So it’s my Google e-mail but I don’t know what that is now.

KENNY: Let me just see… INAUDIBLE then silence and whispers

SADIE: You don’t have a user name! You just put in an e-mail and a password! How odd.

KENNY: Ok, right, put that in there see what happens, if it comes up we’ll change it

SADIE: Ok, hold on.

KENNY: Ah, I’ll tell you why, I’ll tell you why, ‘cause you need to create…

SADIE: See I’m in Google now, I’m in Google and it’s come up at the top right hand corner Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com that’s my log in name.

KENNY: Yeah that’s the same as I’ve got for mine but nobody can see that I’ve got treasurer at Civil Liberty dot org dot UK. But what we need to do is get a blog name for you.

SADIE: Right.

KENNY: So, in that case…

SADIE: Go to my account… er… edit personal information, oh it’s where you type in, you give yourself a nickname, No…. my user name is Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, that’s what, that’s what it’s come up as, that’s my user name

KENNY: Yep, no no, that’s fine that’s fine, er I’ll just INAUDIBLE See in the Google account


KENNY: Open my account


KENNY: What do you see on the right hand side in my services

SADIE: Um it says er my services then goes to edit and then underneath try something new, then Google mail, adverts, alerts , groups, web history, igoogle and INAUDIBLE and then personal information and then edit.

KENNY: I’ve got blogger

SADIE: Well I don’t have that in my Google account

KENNY: you go to www dot blogger dot com


KENNY: Ok, my account, create blog

SADIE: Sign into blog with Google account, e-mail, password. Then do you have a Google account, create an account now.

KENNY: Does it not got to our blog?

SADIE: It says sign into blogger with your Google account and then you put in your e-mail and your password.

KENNY: Ok try that

SADIE: So I put in Sadie Graham, ahhh yeah so now it’s come up with sign up for blogger. Once you complete this process you will be able to sign into blogger using your Google account, e-mail and password. Yeah e-mail address Sadie dot Graham blah blah blah and then it comes up with display name and a box that I have to fill in.

KENNY: Good good, give yourself one of them

SADIE: Um, what the f**k shall I be…

( Note the foul langauge used by sadie - and note also the fake concern by matt the traitor at my use of bad language on my private blog. It appears that sadie and matt have one mask they use to decieve those they want to use and exploit and try and appear as upright and moral people, but that they also have another mask that they use when in private and betraying their fellow nationalists. Goody two shoes in public, foul mouthed traitors in private )


SADIE: what are you? Are you just anything?

KENNY: I’m enough is enough

SADIE: Oh right OK. Um… fed up or something like that.

KENNY: Fed up sounds fine.

SADIE: Fed up, all one word, I won’t put a gap in it, I’ll be fed up, I accept terms of service continue… Ok, you are not a member of any blogs, create one now, start posting, create your blog now.

KENNY: Is there add to blog?


KENNY: See that invite I gave you is there anywhere on that

SADIE: Um… lets have a look… yeah on that invite it says Enough is Enough has invited you to contribute to the blog join this blog and so accept this invitation by signing into your Google account below so I do that, shall I do that now?


SADIE: Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, and then my password, ok accept invitation. Ok yeah, it’s now saying I can manage my blog which is enough is enough. Is this now available to view for loads of people.

( Here sadie confirms that the blog is set up and that she, matt and kenny can now post up attacks on fellow nationalists / BNP party members and fellow officers )

KENNY: yes it is technically, but nobody can see it.

SADIE: right


SADIE: I’m in now

KENNY: for admin purposes?

SADIE: OK I’m properly in it now. I’m viewing the blog, I’m in it and it’s got my e-mail at the top right hand corner.

KENNY: Excellent, INAUDIBLE… Click on your fed up name and then go to view blog, see the blog there and right down on the bottom right contributors

SADIE: ooh hang on


SADIE: Contributors enough is enough and fed up

KENNY: See fed up, that’s all people can see that

SADIE: Fed up and enough is enough … yeah