Monday 30 March 2009

Scottish Nationalism and The Credit Crunch

Who owns the banks, owns the nation.

Therefore Scottish Nationalism as a political ideology is now bankrupt, simply because the scottish banks are now owned by the Bank Of England.

Regardless of the wishes of the scottish population, the scottish nation has now been re-captured by the British government.

This goes to show you how vulnerable the ides of regional civic nationalism is to a globalist economy. The tiny economies of nations such as scotland cannot survive a squall in the global markets, let aone the present storm.

British Nationalism, in the form of the labour government re-nationalising British banks, has saved scotland from baking collapse.

During such times of war and economic collapse all we Britons must unite as one nation, one community and as one people.

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Islamist Bastard Tells The Truth

04.28.2008 | ISLAM, FRANCE

Interview with Mohamed Sab'awi - a young sociologist from the catholic
university in Lille, Algerian by birth French by naturalization.

"Our peaceful invasion of European has not yet been completed. We
intend to act in all countries simultaneously. Because you give us
more and more space, it would be foolish of us not to take advantage
of this… We will be your Trojan horse. You've become hostages to the
very human rights which you are claiming. For example, if you were to
speak to me in Algeria or in Saudi Arabia, as I speak to you now,
you'd be most likely arrested on the spot.

You French are not able to impose respect from our youth toward
yourselves. Why they would respect a country that has surrendered to
them? One only respects whom it fears. When we have power, you will
not see a single Arab set fire to a car or a store… The Arabs know
that the inexorable thief deserves the amputation of his hand".

Mohamed Sab'awi continues during a recent interview:

"The laws of your Republic (France) do not conform to those of the
Koran and should not be imposed on Muslims, who can only be governed
by Sharia law. We will therefore work to take this power that we are
due. We will begin by Roubaix, who is now a Muslim city by more than

In future elections, we will mobilize our workforce, and the next
mayor will be Muslim. After negotiating with the state and the region,
we will declare Roubaix as a Muslim stronghold, independent (from
France,) and we will impose Sharia (law of God) to all inhabitants (of

The Christian minority will have the status of Dhimmis. This will be a
special category that could redeem its freedoms and rights by a
special tax. This means, we will do what it takes to lead by
persuasion into our community. Tens of thousands of French have
already embraced Islam voluntarily, why not the Christians of Roubaix?
Currently at the University of Lille, we are setting up brigades of
faith, charged to "convert" the ungovernable Christians or Jews of
Roubaix, to have them to come to our religion, because God wills it!
If we are the strongest, it is God that wanted this. We do not have
the constraints of Christian obligation to provide assistance to
orphans, the poor and disabled. We can and must, on the contrary,
crush them if they constitute an obstacle and especially if they are
infidels ".

Article from: Le National Radical # 11, page 8
Translation: Erik Linawood

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Sunday 29 March 2009

The Establishment Dhimmi's

On the far left website Harrys Place the following statements are made in an article called ‘ How to beat both the BNP and the Islamists’ about the main groups that campaign against the BNP.

These statements reveal just how deep the treason of the left and liberals truly goes, and it goes deep into the very heart of the British Establishment.

Take this statement here about Unite Against Fascism. The author states that the UAF is itself involved in the promotion and dissemination of Islamo-Fascist extremist Islamist ideology and linked with Islamist groups that support and condone the use of terrorism ;

“ Unite Against Fascism has actually had representatives of far Right Islamist groups speaking on their platforms. How can the anti-Islamist Muslims whose work is so vital, and who have the ability to confound the white far Right as well, hope to join with Unite Against Fascism, when its constituent members include the likes of Dr Abdul Bari, a former President of the Jamaat-e-Islami aligned Islamic Forum Europe? ”.

So here we see the main campaign group against the BNP that is run as a front group by the Socialist Workers Party is linked with Islamist groups, but also that the politically non-aligned ’moderates’ against the BNP are also linked with Islamo-Fascists and groups ;

“ And the moderates are already pretty marginalised. We don’t have a political base. We should be looking to groups like Demos or Liberty. However, Demos co-organised a conference with Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front, the British Muslim Initiative, and Liberty has hosted speakers from the same group. It also has the disgraced pro-Jihadist, Azad Ali on its National Council.”

These are astonishing statements. The author states that Demos, a campaign group, has hosted meetings with the spokesmen of proscribed terrorist groups and that the so called ’civil liberty’ organisation has on its board of directors another supporter of terrorism and terrorist groups. This means the entire Liberal Establishment are Dhimmi’s, and that the so called ‘progressives’ are nothing more then the liberal and leftist lickspittles of Islamism itself.

Then comes the most explosive allegation that the Fabian Society, the organisation that controls the ideological heart of the New Labour Party, and whose members link Capitalism with Socialism are also linked with the Islamists ;

“ If truth be told, the Fabian Society has not been at all bad on this issue: but it should be noted that they “marked the anniversary of 7/7 in 2006 with a major event on the issues of creating a positive British Muslim identity” to which they invited … the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood aligned Islamist group, FOSIS. “

This article is one of the most explosive articles about the far left from WITHIN the far left for decades. It details just how treasonous the activities of the Leftist / Liberal / Fabian / Islamist Axis has become. The Dhimmis, Stalinists and Islamists are now direct threats to our national security.

The Leftist / Liberal / Fabian / Islamist Axis is the most dangerous threat to our nation since the demise of Communism.

Islamism cannot take root, grow and spread in our society without the active collaboration of the Leftist / Liberal / Fabian / Islamist Axis.

They pave the way for Islamism’s social expansion.

This article is powerful precisely because it reveals just how compromised and corrupted the far left, liberals and Fabians have become in their alliance with the Islamists, and also how the anti-BNP campaign groups are using the ’anti-fascist’ struggle against the BNP not in defence of democracy but simply in order to advance the interests of Islamism in the UK.

The BNP are seen by these Dhimmi groups as the main obstacles in the way of the expansion of Islamism in Britain, and therefore the so called ’anti-fascist groups’ are organising against the BNP in order to advance an anti-British, anti-Democratic, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, pro-Islamist agenda.

Whilst the UAF peddle lies to the public about the BNP, they offer a public platform for Islamist terrorist groups and Islamist terrorism supporters to disseminate their lies and propaganda.

Unite Against Fascism is not interested in defending ’progressive ’ policies, it is simply interested in assisting in the Islamist plan for the extermination of Israel and Jews. The UAF are using the BNP as a way of diverting public attention away from the threat of the Islamists.

Liberty is revealed as another Dhimmi front group, a collection of liberal traitors using the bullshit of ‘civil liberties’ to defend the advance of Islamism into the social, legal and political spheres.

Liberty is a whore who serves the Jihadists.

Whilst the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Searchlight and the CST are all busy making money out of peddling the myth of the ’Nazi BNP’ to as many shills in the public as possible for as much money as possible, the real Islamists are already in positions of power and influence within the Establishment.

Treason runs rife in our country - and only the BNP can stop it spreading and also deal with the traitors themselves.

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Saturday 28 March 2009

The Greatest Propaganda of the 21st Century So Far

Thse two videos are the most powerful peices of propaganda I have seen for a long time.

Only Pat Condells videos come close to this.

We need a British Churchill figure to do the same thing.

We should see an image of Churchill from behind smoking a cigar, walking with a cane down todays city streets whilst images of the past and the downfall our society under the Reactionary Tory Right, the Liberal Consensus and Internationalist Labour / Fabian regimes are played showing what Britain and London looked like in the early 20th century and the alien colonised ratholes they have become today.

Watch them and learn.

My new slogan is going to be ; 'Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society' - Aristotle.

along with ;

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within

— Ariel Durant

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Begin The Hemp Revolution NOW !'s_the_economic_stimulus_and_green_jobs_solution_we_need/?page=entire

Hemp Is Not Pot: It's the Economic Stimulus and Green Jobs Solution We Need

By Dara Colwell, AlterNet. Posted March 26, 2009.

We can make over 25,000 things with it. Farmers love it. Environmentalists love it. You can't get high from it. So why is it still illegal? Tools

While Uncle Sam's scramble for new revenue sources has recently kicked up the marijuana debate -- to legalize and tax, or not? -- hemp's feasibility as a stimulus plan has received less airtime.

But with a North American market that exceeds $300 million in annual retail sales and continued rising demand, industrial hemp could generate thousands of sustainable new jobs, helping America to get back on track.

"We're in the midst of a dark economic transition, but I believe hemp is an important facet and has tremendous economic potential," says Patrick Goggin, a board member on the California Council for Vote Hemp, the nation's leading industrial hemp-farming advocacy group. "Economically and environmentally, industrial hemp is an important part of the sustainability pie."

With 25,000 known applications from paper, clothing and food products -- which, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal this January, is the fastest growing new food category in North America -- to construction and automotive materials, hemp could be just the crop to jump-start America's green economy.

But growing hemp remains illegal in the U.S. The Drug Enforcement Administration has lumped the low-THC plant together with its psychoactive cousin, marijuana, making America the planet's only industrialized nation to ban hemp production. We can import it from Canada, which legalized it in 1997. But we can't grow it.

"It's a missed opportunity," says Goggin, who campaigned for California farmers to grow industrial hemp two years ago, although the bill was vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, citing the measure conflicted with federal law.

Considering California's position as an agricultural giant -- agriculture nets $36.6 billion dollars a year, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture -- Goggin's assessment is an understatement. Especially if extended nationwide.

"Jobs require capital investment, which isn't easy to come by at the moment, and we need hemp-processing facilities, because the infrastructure here went to seed. But this is a profitable crop, and the California farming community supports it."

Just how profitable? According to Chris Conrad, a respected authority on cannabis and industrial hemp and who authored Hemp for Health and Hemp, Lifeline to the Future, the industry would be regionally sustainable, reviving the local economy wherever it was grown.

"Hemp will create jobs in some of the hardest-hit sectors of the country -- rural agriculture, equipment manufacturing, transportable processing equipment and crews -- and the products could serve and develop the same community where the hemp is farmed: building ecological new homes, producing value-added and finished products, marketing and so forth," he writes in an e-mail from Amsterdam, where he is doing research. "Add to that all the secondary jobs -- restaurants, health care, food products, community-support networks, schools, etc., that will serve the workers. The Midwestern U.S. and the more remote parts of California and other states would see a surge of income, growth, jobs and consumer goods."

In America, industrial hemp has long been associated with marijuana, although the plants are different breeds of Cannabis sativa, just as poodles and Irish setters are different breeds of dog.

While hemp contains minute levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana (compare 0.3 percent or less in Canadian industrial hemp versus 3-20 percent for medical marijuana), to get high you'd have to smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole.

Still, the historical hysteria caused by federal anti-marijuana campaigns of the 1930s, which warned that marijuana caused insanity, lust, addiction, violence and crime, have had a long-term impact on its distant relative.

Doomed by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which in effect criminalized cannabis and levied high taxes on medical marijuana and industrial hemp, hemp cultivation wasn't technically disallowed.

However, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the DEA's predecessor, said its agents couldn't differentiate between industrial hemp and marijuana, a stance the DEA maintains today, so fewer farmers were willing to grow it. The exception came during World War II, when the armed forces experienced a severe fiber shortage and the government launched an aggressive campaign to grow hemp.

But after the war, hemp production faded away, and the last legal crop was harvested in 1957. Marijuana's propaganda-fuelled history, one filled with lurid stories, one-sided information, slander and corporate profiteerism, is too lengthy to address here, but hemp has never managed to remain unscathed.

Considering today's economic crisis and the combined threats of peak oil and global warming, there is increasing pressure to move toward sustainable resources before everything goes up in smoke. If there was any time to revisit hemp, it's now.

"Industrial hemp is the best gift a farmer could have. It's the ideal alternative crop," says Gale Glenn, on the board of the North American Industrial Hemp Council. Glenn, now retired, owned and managed a 300-acre Kentucky farm producing burley tobacco, and she immediately launches into hemp's benefits: It's environmentally friendly, requiring no pesticides or herbicides, it's the perfect rotation crop because it detoxifies and regenerates the soil, and it's low labor.

"You just plant the seed, close the farm gate and four months later, cut it and bale it," she says.

And there's more. As a food, hemp is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids; the plant's cellulose level, roughly three times that of wood, creates paper that yields four times as much pulp as trees; hemp is an ideal raw material for plant-based plastics, used to make everything from diapers to dashboards.

In fact, Germany's DaimlerChrysler Corp. has equipped its Mercedes-Benz C-class vehicles with natural-fiber-reinforced materials, including hemp, for years. Even Henry Ford himself manufactured a car from hemp-based plastic in 1941, archival footage of which can be found on YouTube, and the car ran on clean-burning hemp-based ethanol fuel.

This leads to the most compelling argument for hemp: fuel. Hemp seeds are ideal for making ethanol, the cleanest-burning liquid bio-alternative to gasoline, and when grown as an energy crop, hemp actually offsets carbon emissions because it absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant.

As the world rapidly depletes its reserves of petroleum, America needs to create a renewable, homegrown energy source to become energy independent. Luckily, unlike petrol, hemp is renewable, unless we run out of soil.

"As a farmer, it's frustrating not being able to grow this incredible crop," says Glenn. But if Glenn did try to grow it, the American government would consider her a felon guilty of trafficking, and she would face a fine of up to $4 million and a prison sentence of 5 to 40 years. Because no matter how low its THC content, hemp is still considered a Schedule I substance, grouped alongside heroin.

It's exactly this war-on-drugs logic that has kept serious discussion of hemp off the table.

"I've met with senators over the last 13 years, and I've been to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) four times, and I'm always amazed by what they tell us -- that industrial hemp is by far one of the most superior fibers known to man, but since it's a green plant with a five-point leaf, you'll never grow it in America," says Bud Sholts chairman of the the North American Industrial Hemp Council and former economist for Wisconsin's State Department of Agriculture.

Sholts' research into sustainable agriculture convinced him of industrial hemp's value, and he has been lobbying for it ever since. "We're overlooking something huge."

Luckily, farmers are practical folk whose pragmatism ensures their survival, and they have championed industrial hemp, which they see as a potential economic boon, by pushing for it through their state legislatures, where it has become a bipartisan issue.

To date, 28 states have introduced hemp legislation, including Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Maryland, North Dakota, New Mexico, Virgina, Vermont and West Virginia. Fifteen have passed it, and seven have legalized hemp production, according to Vote Hemp.

Yet in cases like North Dakota, the DEA still insists that federal law trumps the state's and farmers need a DEA-granted license before growing. This is exactly what happened to David Monson and Wayne Hauge, two North Dakota farmers given state permission to grow but who have been waiting a while for their federal licenses -- in Monson's case, since 1997.

"Here we are in 2009, and it seems like we're still taking baby steps. We're a little closer, but I'm not making any predictions," says Monson, who also happens to be a Republican state representative.

Monson lives only 20 miles from the Canadian border, where fields of profitable industrial hemp have been growing since 1997, and he believes it's a simple case of "if they can grow it, why can't we?"

"The profit potential is there. Practically and economically, it makes sense to raise it," says Monson. "I truly believe as a farmer that hemp is good for farmers, it's good for the environment and it's good for state of North Dakota. And for that matter the whole nation."

As the law currently stands, to legalize hemp production, all the DEA has to do is remove hemp from its Schedule I drug list, a process that does not require a congressional vote.

Now that the Obama administration has announced an end to medical marijuana raids, hemp advocates are hopeful the move could open the door for hemp, because the president voted for a hemp bill while he was in the Illinois legislature.

The DEA follows the government's lead, and the government, which does not want to be seen as being soft on drugs, has been notoriously skittish tackling drug policy reform. If Obama told the DEA to move forward aggressively and issue all pending research, commercial and agronomic licenses, farmers like Monson could grow hemp tomorrow.

"Politically, I liken the situation to pulling bricks out of a dam," says Vote Hemp's Goggin. "There are now so many leaks, the dam's getting ready to burst. We're working hard for a shift in policy, but at the moment, Washington doesn't consider this a top issue."

While industrial-hemp advocates are becoming hopeful that policy change is in the winds, they caution that the industry still requires a massive, coordinated effort to develop.

"I'm hesitant overselling hemp and touting it like the magic beans that will save the economy or the planet," says Tom Murphy, national outreach coordinator for Vote Hemp. "Industrial hemp is an answer but not the answer. It has a great deal of potential -- but it doesn't have any potential if you can't grow it."

Conrad, who believes in American ingenuity to find creative solutions using hemp, says, "Only the scourge of prohibitionism can see to it that our economy and environment rot into sewage. It is up to the good, hard-working and honest people to end cannabis prohibition and start the process of rebuilding the planet and our global and regional economies."

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For all you Americans watch and pass on the videos on this article - they are brilliant.

This man must be President !

YouTube star summoned to White House?
Promises radio talk show first interview afterwards

Posted: March 26, 2009
11:45 pm Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

The man who created two phenomenally successful "We The People" YouTube videos urging Americans to stand up against Congress and reclaim their republic now – or perhaps lose it forever – reportedly has been summoned to the White House by President Obama to discuss the subject matter of the short films.

Bob Basso, who posts videos under the name funbobbasso on YouTube, has created videos in which he portrays Thomas Paine, author of the "Common Sense" pamphlet that made the case for independence during the American Revolution.

Basso, whose website offers his services as a motivational speaker, uses the YouTube presentations to condemn "non-representing representatives" and warns, "Only when they feel the almighty wrath of 'We The People' marching in the streets from California to New York shouting 'We're mad as hell and we want our country back' will they get the message they work for you."

(Story continues below)

He was scheduled this week to appear on the "Jerry Doyle Show" when he told the radio host that Obama had personally invited him to meet in the White House "to discuss the disturbing nature of the videos."

According to a spokesman for Doyle's show, at the time when Basso was supposed to be calling in for the show, he was unavailable. Basso reached the show several hours later, explaining he had been flooded by media calls and literally was unable to call out.

The result, the spokesman said, was that Basso promised to provide Doyle with the first exclusive interview after he meets with Obama, provided the invitation still stands after the meeting was leaked to the press.

The spokesman said information about the meeting has not been made public, and show producers are waiting to see what develops. A WND message left for Basso was not immediately returned.

The Doyle show reaches about 3 million listeners each week, according to Talkers Magazine, and is the fastest growing show in Talk Radio Network Enterprises' history with more than 240 stations.

In his second video, which has been seen more than 1.1 million times, Basso challenges people to let Congress know their displeasure by sending tea bags. It is embedded here:

He criticizes Congress for approving the "largest spending bill in history without reading it" and criticizes American citizens, because "you did nothing."

He raises the issue of billions of dollars for benefits for illegal aliens, the exportation of U.S. jobs overseas and others.

"If your self-serving Congress were a business they'd all be in jail now," he said.

"Wake up, America. While you were playing with the toys of your consumer wealth, you lost much more than your bloated economy of living beyond your means. You lost your representative democracy. Your servants have become your masters. Taxation without representation is tyranny," he said.

He's equally unhappy with Americans in the first video, embedded here:

In that piece he warns of the problem of supporting the rest of the world while America needs to be rebuilt.

Referring to "progressives," he said, "We had another word in 1776. We called them traitors."

Basso is the author of the best-selling book "This Job Should Be Fun" along with 10 other books, including "Lighten Up Corporate America!"

A former award winning news director for NBC TV and visiting professor at UCLA, Basso has a Ph.D in communications.

Doyle's distinctive repertoire includes former Wall Street insider, TV star and jet pilot. He has starred in many made-for-TV movies, but is best known as the character Michael Garibaldi on the Emmy winning Sci-fi television series "Babylon 5," which ran for five years.

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Race Relations Nazis Admit ' The Law Hates Whites'

Interesting comments at the bottom of the article - now we know what the role of the 'human rights' industry is = impoverish and attack whites.

An equality lawyer, who also asked not be named, said: "The problem is that 'fairness', unlike equality, has no basis in law. It's a much more nebulous concept. Fairness is not about protecting the rights of those who have experienced discrimination, it's about being fair to everyone, including businesses and white men."

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Friday 27 March 2009

Dhimmi In A Dog Collar Award

This weeks Dhimmi In A Dog Collar Award goes to the brown nosing idiot, Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch (pictured), Bishop of Manchester.

I always laugh at how these people who live in a Palace and wear a dress think they have any clue about the real world.

A Bishop that involves himself in politics is a bit like a fish that involves itself in sky diving - they are so out of their element that they have no clue what they are talking about.

The Church of England is now nothing more than a whining, politically correct cult which sees Marx as God and Che Guevara as Christ.

The Church of England is now a Dhimmi-Church, which has sold itself to Islam in the hope that when Islam conquers the UK, that Islamists will not be too beastly to the Bishops.

Pity fools like this Dhimmi in a dog collar dont understand history. These idiot dhimmis piss on the bones of all the martyrs of the Christian churches that have died over the centuries defending Christianity and the message of Christ from Islam and Islamists.

Whilst these palace dwelling idiots embrace dhimmitude, the Islamists embrace the sword.

Bishops like this fool are nothing more than Judas Goats leading their flocks to the killing fields of the future.

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Media and Police Cover Up Muslim Paedophile Ring

It appears that the police are trying to cover up the Muslim sex ring in Rotherham that has been grooming and raping young white girls.

The newspaper report makes no mention of the paedophiles being Muslims nor that there victims were young white girls, nor does the report state that the police are intending to arrest fifty people in the area who have been involved in sexual activity with these children.

We get the message.

The fact that the police and media will minimise these crimes whilst making public martyrs of people like Stephen Lawrence, shows us all we need to know about the nature of the real racism in our society.

If you are white then you are a third class citizen, and white children have less rights than anyone.

The media are simply machines to pump out government propaganda and are complict in the immigration invasion and the crimes and atrocities of the government, as the media refuse to reveal the truth to our people and warn them so they can take care of their children.

The role of the BNP is now to include a Civil Rights movement to demand civil rights and social justice for our people and to campaign for our Majority Rights in our own country.

When was the last time the police 'knocked on the door instead of knocking them down' when it came to dealing with organised gangs of child rapists ?

when was the last time the police issued leaflets to local residents after a raid on a gang of child rapists to 'reassure residents'


Yet the police are acting with kids glove simply because they are Muslims in an Muslim area who were only abusing little white girls.

We understand now what the role of the police is - to treat the crminals as victims and the victims as criminals.

The police did not even want to take this case on until the BNP got involved with the issue and threatened to expose it in public - and now the police and media are doing their best to hide the fact that this racist campaign of rape was targeted at white children.

Perhaps if the children of the journalists, the newspaper editor and the police officers were those who had been molested then it would have been taken a lot more seriously - but newspaper editors, journalists and police officers who are white rarely live in mulsim areas, so therefore they do not need to worry about their children.

But for those white people who have to live in such 'enriched' areas then it appears that when they are raped and attacked that the role of the police and media is to reassure the criminals and keep the identities of the victims quiet - and therefore ensure that white parents are not able to protect their children.

Nothing on the BBC, the newspapers and the rest of the politically correct media outlets = one day they will be held to account.

Apparently these white children were also abused online in front of webcams whilst other men who watched would ask the men abusing the children to commit specific sex attacks upon them so they could watch and keep the videos being streamed to them - so the real numbers of those involved will include many many more people who were complicit in the crimes via their computers - but I doubt that these sort of details will be released to the public.

One law for ethnics - one law for whites.



SIX men accused of being at the centre of a sex ring said to have lured young girls into a world of exploitation and rape have been rounded up by police in a dawn raid.
The Advertiser joined the early morning swoop at one property in Clifton, as detectives and uniformed officers paid simultaneous visits to addresses in other parts of Clifton, Broom and Masbrough on Wednesday morning.

The action followed a two-month police investigation into the allegations of four girls, aged between 11 and 14, who claim that they were plucked from the streets of Rotherham and exploited for sex.

Wednesday morning's operation resulted in the immediate arrest of five suspects.
A sixth man was added to the haul in a later raid on a property in Shirecliffe, Sheffield, and a 20-year-old man, from the Moorgate area of Rotherham, was arrested yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

None of the seven men, aged between 19 and 29, had been charged in connection with the alleged offences when the Advertiser went to press and all were expected to be released on police bail.

Two more men are still subject of police enquiries as part of the investigation and are expected to be brought in for questioning.

A 25-strong team of officers made their way to suspects' homes in a fleet of unmarked cars after leaving Main Street Police station at around 7am.
In an early-morning briefing Det Sgt Dave Walker, who led the operation, said: "We will be looking to gather mobile phones, digital cameras, diaries and camcorders....anything that could potentially provide evidence."

He added: "We will be knocking on doors today, not knocking them down. Many of the properties we will be visiting are family homes and many of the people who live there will be unaware of what's going on."

Following the arrests, officers combed suspects' homes and cars for evidence that could aid their investigation.

A police spokesman said that it was important to maintain a low profile in order to keep the impact and disturbance caused to surrounding communities to a minimum.

He added: "Uniformed officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be issuing leaflets to residents following the raid to reassure them and explain some details of the operation."

Date Posted: 26/03/2009 16:09:23

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Thursday 26 March 2009

The Nature of Jihad

Our community has been misled by the government and the media.

Our children have been placed at risk and our families betrayed by the government, the police and the courts.

The Attorney General ignores racist crimes against young white girls by refusing to authorise the prosecution of cases of child grooming and rape as racist crimes, the police are refusing to investigate the nation wide scale and scope of these child rape crimes and are not putting in proper resources for running individual investigations and the courts are refusing to impose sentences related to the offences being of a racially aggravated nature against the most vulnerable in our society, our children.

At every level of the system our children are being betrayed.

The scale of the problem is vast but the attention it gets is minimal.

This is primarily becuase the context in which these crimes take place, that of the Jihad, is both little understood and little described.

Here I will attempt to describe the complex nature of Jihad in a way that explains it as a dynamic force in our nation and society.

Jihad is not just a military struggle, it is a complete social struggle covering all facets of life - from the Chemical Jihad where Islamist gangs sell heroin to non-Muslims as here ;

To the targeting and grooming of young Hindu and Sikh girls in order to force them to convert to Islam ;

To the targeting of young white girls for prostitution and sex slavery as
here ;

Yet whilst all the above activities are taking place across our country the police are in the grip of some obscene politically correct mania such as this example of liberal lunacy ;

The nature of Jihad is 'Total War'.

Of those Islamists that undertake Jihad, only a tiny minority pick up a gun or make a roadside bomb.

The majority of Jihadists operate below the radar of the State, they are doctors, lawyers, academics, media spokesmen, drug dealers, gangsters, pimps and ponces - each of them specialising in a specific from of subversion and assymetric warfare.

Some of them undermine the nation and society by using its own laws against it - these are the Legal Jihadis, the lawyers who assist the Jihadis in their struggles against the State. Others run British charities which fund, equip and run terrorist training camps ;

There is an network of terrorists in our nation who as Islamists are united in their hatred for us and their intent to attack us.

They operate at all levels of society autonomously yet united in their goals, which is to subvert our country and impose sharia law upon us.

They each think of us as 'Kuffar' - infidels - and therefore we are seen as sub-humans, below even that of animals.

The Police even allow Islamists to call us Kuffar in the street and do not arrest them for it - when the term Kuffar is both racist and based on extreme religious hatred.

The CPS do not prosecute crimes against whites where the motivation is because we are 'Kuffar' as based on racial or religious hatred. Crimes against whites where we are attacked physically and verbally as 'Kuffar' are never prosecuted and nor are those Islamists who distribute literature in the street that labels us as 'Kuffar' are never arrested.

I have contacted the Police, Home Office, Ministry of Justice and various Home Secretaries and asked repeatedly why the word 'Kuffar' is not prosecuted as a hate crime, and why its use in a crime is not used as evidence of a hate crime, and each time I have been fobbed off.

The Attorney General, a Labour minister and appointed by the labour government will not allow the CPS, the organisation they control, prosecute hate crimes committed by Islamists against whites in particular as hate crimes when such hate speech as 'Kuffar' is used.

Can you imagine if a group of white British Christians had beaten an Asian Muslim to death whilst being motivated by a hatred of 'Muslim infidels' that this would not be prosecuted as a hate crime !

This refusal to treat hate crimes against whites as hate crimes leads to a perception amongst members of these groups that they are above the law, and in its turn this leads to the organised sexual exploitation of our young children.

The Jihad of Sexual Terrorism is directed at young white girls who are groomed, abused, raped and then sold as sex slaves to raise money both directly for the Jihad or to make money for the gangsters involved in prostitution who fund the Jihad indirectly such as through paying protection money to their local Jihadist terror cells.

Our community has been denied its rights because it has been denied the ability to defend itself from this menace - if we are not told that these crimes are occuring then how can people defend themselves and protect their families ?

We have a right to know just how extensive these crimes are in our country - and if that involves us demanding our rights in such a way that the issue finally gets highlighted, then that is what we must do.

What matters most of all is protecting the most vulnerable in our society, our children, from this growing threat.

This is a threat though that has been minimised and ignored for the sake of political correctness - and we demand simply that the truth finally be told.

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Please pass this on to all your e mail contacts ;

For the last three months the BNP have been liasing with the parents of young, sexually abused white girls in two Northern cities.

We have not accounced in public the information we have been given as we have been waiting for the Police to finish their investigations and arrest the scum involved, and to make sure they did not return to their country of origin.

Yesterday, the 25th March 2009, in just one Northern town the police arrested FIFTY suspected Asian Muslim paedophiles who have been involved in the racist sexual grooming and rape of young, underage white girls.

These men have been involved in the groooming and organised racist rapes of young white girls as young as 11 years old.

Today a press conference may be called where the news will be announced.

If the news is not announced in the media that these arrests have taken place then this is because the government has slapped a D-Notice on the media and have forbidden any news of this to reach the public.

If this is true, and the news does not reach the media, then the BNP are going to make this news public all over the internet anyway.

We have filmed interviews with the family members of these and other children who have suffered at the hands of these criminals and we are going to put an expose of this affair on BNPTV.

We have also filmed interviews with a family in another Northern town who have suffered the same thing involving over twenty young white girls. This paedophile ring is under police investigation at the moment and we cannot announce the location of the town where the sexual terrorists are operating until the police arrest them.

We also have an interview with other people who have gone through the same thing as these girls and the police have 'lost' evidence so that no cases come to court.

The prosecution of Nick Griffin was based on his revealing to the world that this organised campaign of sexual terrorism and rape against young white girls was going on all over our country, and for revealing this the CPS, Attorney General and courts prosecuted him for it.

Telling the truth is no longer a defence in law, telling the truth is now a criminal offence in law.

A few days ago I spoke to an Inspector in one town who has been dealing with this and explained to him that the police, government and councils are letting these abused children down.

The police and government will not look at the issue of organised rape by Asian Muslim gangs against underage white girls, the councils do not have a duty in law to protect the families and re-home them if they give evidence against these gangs and sexual terrorists, the social services are not warning foster carers to keep the young children in their care away from Asian males who may be threatening them for fear of political correctness and the government has not ordered a public inquiry into the levels of sexual terrorism and the rape of young white girls by Muslim gangs in the UK.

By refusing to acknowledge that this problem exists, and warning the public and parents to watch out for it, our children are being put at risk every day by this silence that is imposed upon the media.

At the same time the government and media pump out endless multi-cultural propaganda against 'racism' or 'islamphobia', it appears to demand silence when our children are the victims of organised campaigns of rape.

The government and the police appear to think that keeping these campaigns of organised rape quiet that this will prevent 'extremism' in the Muslim community as arresting and prosecuting these criminals may give ammunmition to some Islamist radicals to say they are being 'targeted' by the police.

But the government and the police have not the intelligence or insight to think about how these rape campaigns are radicalising our community.

The government through keeping silent on this issue are collaborating with the sexual terrorists, therefore we can only assume that the government are now hostile to us, our children and our communities.

This will have massive social implications for the future as more and more of these incidents of campaigns of rape and sexual terrorism occur.

The more the government remains quiet and refuses to investigate the attacks on our children, then the more the radicals in our community can assert with truth that the police and government are now complicit with the criminals who are terrorising our children and communities.

This is not the first time such campaigns of racist rape against young white girls by Muslims have been investigated and prosecuted - here are just a few examples over recent years ;

This is an epidemic of sexual terrorism, of child rape and grooming, of forcing young white girls onto drugs then molesting them and then passing them onto their friends to rape and molest.

These people are lower than animals, yet the government and police will not hold a public inquiry into just how endemic and prevalent this crime is in our country.

The BNP will be running a campaign to get a public inquiry started to investigate these crimes.

I will post more information on this blog as we get it.

In the meantime pass this information onto others and let us see whether the media cover this story or if it is covered up.

If it is covered up then we need to start asking ourselves how many other stories like this are being covered up, how many other rape gangs are operating in our country and also how we are going to get the publicity to warn parents and children about the dangers in their midst.

Tuesday 24 March 2009

The Tale of the Fox and Hens

The tale of the fox and hens.

Once upon a time a farmer and his hens lived in peace and tranquillity on their quiet little farm.

The farmer took care of the hens and the hens laid plenty of eggs for the farmer to eat.

Both farmer and hens were happy and prosperous, and each took care of the other.

Then one day an inspector from the government came to the farm from the city and told the farmer that it was his job was to take care of foxes as well as hens and that the more foxes there were on his farm the better it would be for the government !

The farmer was told that he could not keep the front gate to his farm bolted shut anymore as it was against law to block any foxes who wanted to enter the farm from having a right of access to his land. And so the farmer was informed that he had to keep the gates to the farm open at all times or else he would be prosecuted and sent to prison.

That same night the gate was left open for the first time and a crafty fox crept into the farm through the open gates and made himself a home in the farmers barn.

In the morning the farmer saw the foxes paw prints in the mud and decided to get rid of the fox before it attacked his hens, but just as he was about to evict the fox from his farm the inspector from the government appeared and said that it was illegal to evict the fox from his land.

If the farmer removed the fox from his land then he would be breaching all manner of laws that were enacted by the government to protect foxes from farmers and so the farmer had to let the fox live in his barn because the government told him too.

The next night the fox bought his vixen and cubs into the farm and they all took up residence together in the barn.

The night after that a loud disturbance could be heard in the darkness and in the morning the farmer went to his chicken coop and saw that one of his hens had been taken by the foxes and eaten. Her fluffy little white feathers were scattered all over the floor of the hen coop and her corpse lay dead outside the barn covered in a dried crust of fresh blood.

The farmer then rang the government inspector and told him what had happened to his hen and asked if he could now get rid of the fox. The government inspector replied that if the farmer tried to remove the fox from his land that the police would be sent to stop him and that he would be prosecuted.

The inspector also said that if the hens made any noise during the night when the fox attacked the coop that they would have to be taken away and killed.

The foxes must not be disturbed, the inspector demanded, and if the hens frighten the foxes then the hens must go !

So the farmer then had to tie elastic bands around the beaks of his hens at night to ensure that they did not make any noise when the foxes attacked, for fear that the cries of alarm and distress from the hens disturb the foxes.

Night after night the foxes raided the hen house and one by one the hens were taken and killed until no more hens remained.

Soon the foxes grew very hungry as they had nothing more to eat and one night as he slept the farmer awoke and saw the foxes surrounding his bed, their eyes glittering with hunger in the darkness were staring at him with a strange longing look as they licked their lips.

In the morning the farmer saw that the foxes had left the barn and had taken up residence in his own house, in the room next to his !

The farmer then remembered what had happened to the farm next door which had also been invaded by foxes. The old farmer had been found in his bed just a pile of old gnawed bones. The farmer grew very afraid and realised that perhaps he was next on the foxes menu !

The farmer loaded his shotgun and was about to remove them from his house when the police arrived on his doorstep with a warrant signed by a magistrate, “ Sir, we are here to take away your shotgun and ammunition as we have reason to believe that you intend to use your guns to remove foxes from your home”, and they took away his shotgun and left.

That night the farmer lay awake in the darkness of his room and heard the foxes prowling around his bed, their claws scratching at the bedpost and pulling at the sheets.

In the morning he awoke and packed his bags and fled the farm.

As he walked down the lane with tears in his eyes leaving his farm for the very last time he could hear the howl of the foxes as they sat on the roof of his abandoned farmhouse and called out to their brethren to come to the farm and live with them.

From out of the hedgerows, the woods, the gardens and fields came hundreds more foxes and each were headed to his farm, a veritable flood of foxes all howling with joy that they had taken control of another farm.

When the farmer came to the city he looked around him and saw that the city was also full of foxes.

And then he came to the home of the government inspector and saw that as he had been so successful in increasing the number of foxes he had been able to buy a lovely house with a massive set of gates that were locked.

And guess what - there were no foxes in the inspectors house, nor in his neighbours house. In fact not a single fox lived in the same street as the government inspector.

Only then did the farmer realise that what profit’s the government and the inspectors, impoverishes and threatens the people.

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Dont forget boys and girls that PC Plod will be under orders to crack a few white heads open in order to apease the Al Qaeda loving white Liberals, the Dhimmi-Politicians, the pet Islamists that work for the government and the white lefty arseholes in the race relations industry - SO BRING YOUR VIDEO CAMERAS AND MAKE SURE PC PLOD IS FILMED EVERY TIME HE OVERSTEPS THE LINE.

THE VIDEO CAMERA IS OUR AK47 - it is the only thing the bent coppers of ACPO that work for the government fear, which is being filmed being the politically correct fascists they really are.

The moment any police attack the marchers then film them and get it on the internet andwe can compare how they crackthe heads of anti-terrorist demonstrators as opposed to them runningaway from pro-terrorist demonstraors as they did in London a few weeks ago.

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More Retarded PC Coppers

Interesting article below about the dismissal of a police officer.

The so called 'legal justification' for the dismissal they quote is the Race Relations Act 2000, 2001 and 2003 which places a duty on PUBLIC BODIES to fight racism as a public body. That does not mean the duty to fight racism under the act applies ;

1) To employees of the public body

2) The scope of the duty applies to the actions of individuals outside their place of work

The race relations acts duty applies only to the public body itself and applies in relation to its employment policies, vetting policies, monitoring of its policies etc etc

This case will be won in the Employment Tribunal where the policy argument will be demolished.

The race relations act is derived from a duty defined by a European Directive and it does not trump fundamental human rights such as the right of privacy, the right to hold political memberships and have a political opinion etc etc

The race relations act and the so called duty under the act apply only to acts not thoughts or actions otside work - if a police officer did something that contravened the race relations policy whilst during work then the police would not be liable for it as the officer would be acting on a frolic of their own as defined under employment and tort law.

Therefore what an individual officer does outside work is their business and seeing as the most protected fundamental right of the ECHR is the right to join, form and stand for election in a political party then this Blunkett Fuck Up of a policy, which was enacted by that blind, crooked, drooling sex beast David Blunkett will be thrown out as soon as it gets to a tribunal.


Fuck ACPO and the rest of the retards of the race relations industry that have arse licked their way to the top of the pathetic police force.

A Merseyside Police misconduct panel has dismissed Constable Steve Bettley after concluding he had knowingly been a member of the British National Party (BNP) from March 2007 and up to March 2008.

In determining their findings the panel confirmed there was no evidence that Constable Bettley had ever displayed any racist views or discriminatory behaviour in the workplace.

The panel determined that Constable Bettley’s membership of the BNP is a clear breach of lawful orders and police regulations as the party’s views are incompatible with the duties and values of the Police Service.

Tackling discriminatory behaviour

Deputy Chief Constable Bernard Lawson said: ”Merseyside Police is committed to tackling discriminatory behaviour and building good race relations across Merseyside. As soon as we were made aware that Mr Bettley had been named on a BNP membership list an investigation was instigated and he was immediately suspended. We have an overriding legal duty to promote race equality and retain public confidence. Officers and police staff are banned from joining or promoting the BNP.

"Merseyside Police prides itself on the good community relations which have been built up with our diverse communities.

"The Force expects the highest standards of integrity and professionalism from all our staff and the decision of the panel reinforces this. Throughout this process the Force has consulted with the Black Police Association and the Independent Advisory Group."

National policy

Merseyside Police has a good record of building race relations. An Equality and Human Rights Commission report called 'Police and Racism: What has been achieved 10 years after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report?' refers to the Force as an example of good practice in relation to the investigation into the murder of Anthony Walker.

A national policy has been in place since 2004 and this prohibits police and police staff from being members of an organisation whose constitution, aims, objectives or pronouncements contradict the general duty to promote race equality and relations with all communities. It is imperative that the attitudes, behaviour and actions of our staff support this ongoing progress.

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Dont Get Me Started On Robin Hood

Tv is shite.

In the modern era mass entertanment has become mass propaganda.

For instance in the new series of Robin Hood the part of Friar Tuck is played by a black guy.

Now I have no problem with black guys in films, in fact I think Denzil Washington is a superb actor one of the great actors of this generation, but for fucks sake A BLACK GUY PLAYING FRIAR TUCK !

How about some dignity - both for the actor who knows he got the job as a 'token' by some PC producer and caster and also as regards the writer - who demeaned the audience, the actor and the entire crew by foisting this black actor into the part. Frankly its just embarassing.

The BBC are a complete embarassment. In the Robin Hood first series Maid Marion was played by an Asian woman who was supposed to be 'a part Nubian roman princess' ( I kid you not ) and now we have a black Friar Tuck. They didnt use an part-nubian though, but an asian. Isnt that demeaning to part-nubians ?

The entire Doctor Who series written by Russel Davies, a man whose sexual desires for other men defines his entire career and creative writing proccess, has turned Doctor Who and its spin off Torchwood into gay, lesbian and bisexual propaganda for children.

Doctor Degenerate not Doctor Who.

The irony is that such in your face propaganda has the exact opposite effect to that intended. If gays, lesbians and bisexuals were not promoted as some special group in society, and if the media did not seek to force their sexuality down our throats all the time, then people would be far more tolerant of them.

Instead the more the gay agenda dominates the media and entertainment, the more people react negatively to it. The problem is that the flambouyant, in your face, homosexual, proud to be poof, lesbian , butch aggresive dyke types that dominate the gay movement is typical of such movements - in that the psychopathic and anti-social elements dominate.

The radical queers, dykes and trannys are not interested in gay rights, they are interested only imposing a fascistic version of Gay Power on the majority which suits them but not the average gay person - most gays that I have worked with are normal people who keep their sexuality to themselves, just as when I have worked with attractive women I have 'de-sexualised' my working relationship with them and put my heterosexuality and rampant male virility to one side.

Whilst heterosexuals are supposed to work and exist in a 'de-sexualised' work and social environment, the Radical Gays want us to work and exist in a work and social environment that caters to them and that imposes their sexuality and politics on us.

Its like if a former Royal Marine suddenly wants to go from steve to eve then they go to the overpaid wanker in the Human Resources department and all of a sudden a directive goes forth and then everyone has to tip toe around them, and no one dare say anything in case they are offended even if they attend work in a dress, stockings and suspenders and act like a sad mincing idiot in the work environment making risque jokes to the office boys - whilst heterosexuals are supposed to keep their heads down, say nothing to anyone of the other sex the homosexuals and transexuals can say what they like and do what they like.

I as a heterosexual may wish to go to work dressed as batman wearing a giant see through cod piece that exposes my monstrous love organs because thats what I enjoy doing in my bedroom with my wife, but if I did that I would be sacked. ( I dont by the way and I emphasise that in case the usual idiots on Lancaster Unity are unable, as usual, to understand humour and irony. )

But when a transexual wants to go to work in a mini dress, stockings and suspenders, dressed like a French prostitute a la 1930 and use the ladies toilet then we are all supposed to just put our heads down and accept it. Bollocks to that.

This is just Gay Fascism, it is nothing to do with equality it is about imposing their views on us and making us obey their demands. It is a form of Sexual Terrorism, where anyone who says anything about them can be abused, hounded out of their job and villified as a 'bigot' by the leftist, liberal, radical queer alliance.

Why is it there are no Heterosexual Pride marches but plenty of Gay Pride marches. Why cant heterosexuals celebrate their lifestyles in public ?

Why are the Gay Pride marches filled with hundreds of floats where thousands of mincing idiots wearing pink tutu's and waving glitter wands ponce and preen in public but none of those marches have a float with a man in a suit, sitting in a chair reading a book or watching a TV just getting on with his life.

Why are they all over the top mincers in Gay Pride events, not normal people who are simply gay ?

Why are they all dressed as fairies and in bondage gear - why do no gays at these events dress as a real gay role models like Ronnie Kray, Jeffrey Dahmer or Rock Hudson ?

You never ever see a any gays dressed as a gay, black male eating cannibal at a Gay Pride event or a Gay Gangster with a machine gun and a knuckle duster nor any men dressed in a sombre smart suit just getting on with his life quietly and in private -oh no they all have to be wearing fairy outfits, leather cod peices and nipple clamps and ramming it into our faces.

When I see a Gay Pride march on the TV it doesnt make me tolerant - I simply think 'what a bunch of wankers' just as I would if I watched at a Heterosexual Pride event with a load of heterosexual males with shaved chests, shaved legs, six packs, all over orange tans and the latest fashionable hair cut driving a convertible BMW that plays on the stereo any song by Peter Andre.

A wanker is a wanker is a wanker.

It is simply because these in your face radical gays are not interested in equality but Gay Fascism, in that they want to impose their sexuality and political demands on the majority and get us to accept their minority lifestyle choice as an equivalent to the lifestyle choice of the majority - which it isnt and will never be.

This country has become gutless.

We accept political correctness instead of fighting it and pointing out its inconsistencies and hypocrisy.

From now on I intend to wear my Batman outfit with the large see through cod peice that exposes my mighty one eyed, purple headed, love pump in public at all times in order to demonstrate my Heterosexual Pride.

If anyone knows the name of a good surgeon I would be grateful, as I would need one once the cops come for me.

Unlike the poofs that wear a tutu or a bondage outfit that exposes their buttocks and genitals in public at a Gay Pride event I will probably be quickly arrested.

There are no dancing coppers from the Gay Police Association at heterosexual pride events waving pink glitter wands and doing mincing little dances down the high street, just rows of riots vans, hungry german shepherd dogs and big blokes in riot control black armour with truncheons raised ready to crack a few heads.

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Monday 23 March 2009


I have just made the mistake of watching part of 'Law and Order UK', another British cop show based on an American import.

Christ I hate cop shows. I am sick of retarded cop shows on the TV.

Along with TV Chefs, cooking shows, Hospital Dramas, house sales TV shows, DIY shows etc these are what I call 'Zombie TV', the TV shows for the brain dead masses.

This one as usual is so PC it makes you puke.

The chief copper is of course a woman, the slick, genius psychologist is black and female, the scientists are black and male and oh so brilliant whilst the main white policeman played by Bradley Walsh is a scruffy slob and his assistant is a well groomed metrosexual with impeccable PC credentials. The police barrister is female and black and a total genius of course. The main police barrister is male and black.

I threw up with the sheer boring predicatability of it - no doubt the writer of the show was white and gay.

The homosexual suspect in a case of suspected child molestation and murder is innocent of course and a victim of police brutality in the past.

Whilst the police in the past ( boo hiss) were all bad bigots, the heterosexual father of the main female witness has to be the killer and also a child molester of his own children.

( Surprise, surprise he was )

The bad coppers at the time of the murder gave the poor innocent 'poof' a good slap in the cells when he was arrested, and the bad bigot copper, by assuming the 'poof' ( the copper is a vile rat faced bigoted individual who calls homosexuals poofs of course - the evil swine ) did it this meant that they missed the real killer.

The killer is a heterosexual, married, middle aged white man of course. And of course the writer, no doubt some white self hating homosexual, makes a distinct point of stating in the script that 'heterosexuals are more likely to be child abusers than homosexuals' as stated by Bradley Walsh in the show - well of course you fucking idiot thats because there are more heterosexuals than homosexuals in the country. Therefore there will always be more heterosexual nonces than homosexual ones, but the fact that remains that in relation to percentages of offending it is a fact that homosexuals are more likely to be child abusers than heterosexuals.

In fact homosexuals, according to most studies, are three times more likely to be child molesters than heterosexuals.

But of course the prevalence of homosexuals in the media means that such facts have to be hidden beneath a script of PC bullshit that seeks to slander heterosexuals and minimise homosexual paedophilia.

I can no longer stand any of these shit TV shows.

I despise the actors, the script writers and the dumb idiots that watch this trivial shite.

No wonder the British people who watch this shit are so thick, they absorb this PC bollocks into their tiny brains in a continuous drip, drip drip of PC propaganda.

What a load of total shit.

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Playing The Race Card

Here we go again - another bunch of ethnic scum beat a white man to the point where he could easily have died, and they play the race card.

Watch the video and see what they did and they only got two years which means they will be out in 12 months.

One law for ethnics - one law for whites.

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Sunday 22 March 2009


This is a poem about 'You', the Left Wing media conditoned drone - the Cipher - the slave that thinks they are free just because their masters define their slavery as freedom.


You can see, but have no inner vision,
You are alive, but you have never lived,
You listen, but you hear nothing,
You have a mind, but it is not your own,
You think, but never for yourself,
You speak, but never say a thing,
You have a spirit, but it has never flown,
You have a soul, but it is a black hole,
You walk this world, but go nowhere,
You hate the enemy, but you are the enemy,
You fight fascism, but you are the fascist,
You fear tyranny, but you are the tyrant,
You are a human, but you lack humanity,
You were born, but you do not exist.

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The Lifeboat Has Sunk

These people that try and say that immigrants will benefit our country are full of shit - immigrants that will enter this country in the 21st century will be sick, diseased, poverty stricken, uneducated, religious extremists and potential terrorists.

The last thing we want is these aids infected, TB infected, diseased immigrants anywhere near our old people as we have already seen how immigration = spreading diseases in the UK.

The fact is that we must reduce population, not increase it.

We have a moral duty only to our own people - not the entire fucking world.

The primary responsibility is on all those bloody foreigners to stop breeding and spitting out unwanted kids - it aint our responsibility to take care of their brats.

The UK is not a lifeboat, it is an island of finite size, finite resources and finite tolerance.

One day this whole thing will explode.

That day draws nearer with every boatload / planeload of foreign immigrants that enter this country.

Britain set to become most populous country in EU

Soaring population will force millions to flee water shortages in search of refuge - and, according to new figures, Britain will be one of the world's 'lifeboats'. On the eve of a major population conference, Science Editor Robin McKie asks: could the UK cope?

Robin McKie, science editor The Observer, Sunday 22 March 2009 Article

Britain will become one of the world's major destinations for immigrants as the world heats up and populations continue to soar. Statistics from the United Nations show that, on average, every year more than 174,000 people will be added to the numbers in the UK and that this trend will continue for the next four decades.

By then, only the United States and Canada will be receiving more overseas settlers, says the UN. This increase in British numbers is likely to put considerable strain on the country's transport, energy and housing, experts warned last week.

"The US and Canada will be taking in more people than us every year by 2050 but they are huge countries," said demographer Professor Tom Dyson of the London School of Economics. "Britain, by contrast, is a small nation. We will feel the impact of all these people. There will be no getting out of it. Simply controlling our carbon dioxide emissions will become harder and harder as more and more people arrive on our shores. In addition, housing, water supplies and transport will be strained and will need greatly increased investment."

However, other experts say such increases could also produce benefits for the nation, bringing in immigrants who could provide a vital supply of young workers. These demographers point out that, by 2050, more than a third of the UK population will be aged 60 or over. By then there will be a desperate need for bus drivers, care-workers and others to keep the country running and immigrants could fill this gap.

In addition, there is the issue of humanitarian responsibility. Britain is likely to be one of the few nations to survive the worst effects of climate change while other nations, particularly those in the developing world, have their farmland and fishing grounds destroyed. It could be argued that the UK has a moral duty to provide shelter for as many refugees as our shores can support.

But deciding what numbers the country might support is a highly controversial issue and will be the focus of a conference on sustainable populations which will be held this week in London. Organised by the Optimum Population Trust, the meeting will hear that the United Nation expects that by 2050 the world will be inhabited by around 9.2 billion people, compared to its current level of 6.8 billion. Every day, the equivalent of the population of a large city is added to the numbers of humans, a rise that is now straining the planet's resources to breaking point.

At the same time, Britain's population will rise from its current level of 61 million to 72 million by 2050. The nation will then be the most populous in the European Union, outstripping Germany, whose population will slump from 82 million to 71 million people as its immigration figures plummet.

The idea that Britain could one day support such numbers has been questioned by Aubrey Manning, emeritus professor of natural history at Edinburgh University. "There are far too many people living in Britain already," he said. "Once our population passed the 20 million level around 1850, it became too numerous. That is the figure at which we could no longer sustain our population from our own resources. We are now three times over the limit and heading for more. We have long passed the line of sustainability. As for the planet, its maximum sustainable population is no more than 3 billion, I would say."

The rise in population indicates that the country is set for some considerable overcrowding. Britain's land area is only two-thirds that of Germany, yet it will soon support the same number of citizens. "This population rise, brought about by rising immigration, will strain our infrastructures - our housing and water supplies - and bring very little advantage to the nation," said Dyson, who will address the conference. "Nor do I think these extra people will be able to help in looking after our older people."

But these points were disputed by Tim Finch, head of immigration for the Institute of Public Policy Research. "A healthy economy sucks in young, educated people and that is what has happened to this country over the past couple of decades. These young immigrants have helped keep the country running as our population has started to get older and they will become more important as the decades go past and that ageing intensifies. The immigration system picks out the best and the brightest of immigrants and they will be of great service to Britain. That is just a fact."

The problem is that discussions of population numbers in the past have been associated with talk of eugenics and with attempts at controlling ethnic populations. As a result, there is little discussion today of the subject or its impact on the environment, a point stressed by James Lovelock, the distinguished environmental scientist. "The subject has become a taboo, a matter of political correctness," he said last week. "And that is dangerous, for the numbers of humans on Earth are going to be crucial to our survival."

Manning added: "We have stopped worrying about population because other issues - acid rain, climate change and others - have occupied our attention and because past fears of global food shortages were proved unfounded. But the subject will not go away. Our planet is now dangerously overpopulated."

Another conference speaker, Chris Rapley, director of the Science Museum, in London, agreed. "We desperately need to bring down our emissions of greenhouse gases but the truth is we will never get the contribution of each individual down to zero. Only the lack of the individual can bring it to zero, and that is an issue for population control which we need to talk about openly and urgently."

Rapley will tell delegates that the Earth's population is now rising at a rate of around 80 million a year. "That is roughly the same as the number of unwanted pregnancies across the world," he said. "If we can prevent unwanted pregnancies, we can halt this spiral in our numbers."

To do that, contraception will have to become universally available - and political and religious opposition to birth control removed. If that happened, the world's population could be stabilised to around 8 billion by 2050, added Rapley.

But many climatologists believe that by then life on the planet will already have become dangerously unpleasant. Temperature rises will have started to have devastating impacts on farmland, water supplies and sea levels. Humans - increasing both in numbers and dependence on food from devastated landscapes - will then come under increased pressure. The end result will be apocalyptic, said Lovelock. By the end of the century, the world's population will suffer calamitous declines until numbers are reduced to around 1 billion or less. "By 2100, pestilence, war and famine will have dealt with the majority of humans," he said.

One of the few places to survive the worst impacts will be Britain. "Our climate will be one of the least affected by global warming," added Lovelock. "As a result, everyone will want to live here. We will become one of the world's lifeboats. The trouble, of course, will be that, even if we wanted to, we will not be able to pick up everyone. There will be some hard decisions to make."

Many experts predict that disaster will strike long before 2050. Last week, the government's chief scientific adviser, Professor John Beddington, said the planet faced "a perfect storm" of food, energy and water shortages which could strike in less than 20 years. In a speech to the Sustainable Development Commission conference in London, Beddington said that one in three people were already facing water shortages and that by 2030 world water demand would increase by more than 30%; energy demands would increase by 50%. "There are dramatic problems out there, particularly with water and food, but energy also, and they are all intimately connected."

In the long run, however, humanity should benefit, said Lovelock. "If you look at our species over the past million years, there have been a number of major climatic events, some devastating. Between the Ice Ages, sea levels rose by 120 metres and tracts of land were flooded. Yet that period covers the time that early humans emerged and evolved into Homo sapiens

"Often our numbers were brought to catastrophically low levels by climate change and numbers were reduced to only a couple of thousand on a couple of occasions. Every time things got bad, our numbers plummeted and we improved as a species. That is certainly going to happen again over the next 100 years."

The world by numbers

1 million Britain's population in Roman times

6 million Britain's population around the time of the English civil war

47 million Britain's population in 1945

52,000 The number of tonnes of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere every minute

267 The average number of births every minute worldwide; the average number of deaths per minute is 118

78 million The planet's annual population increase, a number roughly equivalent to the population of Germany

1 million The number of chimpanzees in Africa in 1900. Today, thanks to habitat loss and hunting, numbers have dropped to around 15,000

38.4 The median age in the UK rose from 34.1 years in 1971 to 38.4 in 2003 and is projected to reach 43.3 in 2031. (The median is the age that separates the oldest half of the population from the youngest.)

10 billion The number of chickens eaten by man worldwide every year

500 million The number of ducks eaten every year

1.3 billion The population of China

1.2 billion India's population

500 million The population of the EU

74 million The number of barrels of oil pumped daily across the planet; 15 million tonnes of coal are dug every day

9 Between 2010 and 2050, nine countries will account for half of the world's projected population increase: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, the United States, the Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Bangladesh, Tanzania

• Sources: World Clock; Poodwaddle; UN Population Division

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Saturday 21 March 2009

Durga Eats.

Durga Eats.

From the East, a tower of flame rises,
Devi of the dawn riding upon her tiger,
As a single spot of light unfolding,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything,

From seven hills a mighty Empire reigns,
In stone and marble, Rome in its glory,
As wolves hunt down their prey,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

From a moonless sky at midnight,
Comes a wild hunt, night riders,
As a falling star into stormy seas,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

From the darkness of a human heart,
Comes a woman, smiling deadly,
As lightning licks the earth,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

From the barrel of a book, bang, bang,
Death is life, a prophet commands,
As a spider sits in its web, plotting,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

From a single cough, a holocaust born,
The apocalypse begins with a sneeze,
As wildfire devours a dry forest,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

From deep space the far destroyer comes,
Upon a frozen chariot, its night herald,
As a final judgement of fire,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

When wickedness and evil reign,
The Kali Yuga shall fall in flames,
As Kali felled Mahishasur,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

From chaos comes creation, cosmos,
Blossoms in wars dead womb,
As nemesis feasts on fallen hubris,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

From fire scorched earth will arise,
Green shoots from grey ash,
A new world, verdant and fresh,
Durga eats,
Durga eats everything.

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Forecast - New Book by Stephan Faris

A couple of years ago Nick Griffin and I were interviewed by Stephan Faris for his book ' Forecast - The Consequences of Climate Change, from the Amazon to the Arctic, from Darfur to Napa Valley '.

The book has now been released and is gaining rave reviews.

Links here ;

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The Economic Apocalypse Begins

The Dollar is dead.

The dollar will soon be replaced by a new China / Russia backed global reserve currency as Iran opens a new oil bourse and trading system based on this new currency to replace the present dollar dominated petro-dollar recycling system - this will mean the economic collapse of America, mass civil unrest, the FEMA camps being put into operation in the US, martial declared by Obama Hitler and civil war in the US within three years.

Note that the bottom article states that unless the G20 create a new US backed reserve currency then the US and the Dolar will crash - but it will be the Russians and Chinese who will create the new global reserve currency not the US.

That means the UK, who are a parasite upon the US, will now also collapse with the US and the dollar.

It will not be the pound that acts as a global reserve currency as the pound is bankrupt and its value is only being held up by printing new pounds to pay for existing debts.

The US is screwed and Britain with it.

China backs talks on dollar as reserve -Russian source

Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:24am

MOSCOW, March 19 (Reuters) - China and other emerging nations back Russia's call for a discussion on how to replace the dollar as the world's primary reserve currency, a senior Russian government source said on Thursday. Russia has proposed the creation of a new reserve currency, to be issued by international financial institutions, among other measures in the text of its proposals to the April G20 summit published last Monday.

Calls for a rethink of the dollar's status as world's sole benchmark currency come amid concerns about its long-term value as the U.S. Federal Reserve moved to pump more than a trillion dollars of new cash into the ailing economy late Wednesday.

Russia met representatives of China, India and Brazil ahead of the G20 finance ministers meeting last week, as the big emerging powers seek to up their influence on decisionmaking globally. Their first ever joint communique did not mention a new currency but the source said the issue was discussed.

"They (China) did not formally put forward their position for the G20 summit but unofficially they had distributed their paper regarding the same ideas (the need for the new currency)," the source told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The source said the Chinese paper envisaged the International Monetary Fund's Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) being first assigned a role of a clearing currency on some transactions and then gradually becoming the main global reserve currency. "They said that the role of reserve currency should be given to SDR," the source said.

A U.N. panel of experts is also looking at using expanded SDRs, originally created by the International Monetary Fund in 1969, but now used mainly as an accounting unit within similar organisations as a new reserve currency instead of the dollar.

Currency specialist Avinash Persaud, a member of the U.N. panel, told a Reuters Funds Summit on Wednesday that the proposal was to create something like the old Ecu, or European currency unit, that was a hard-traded, weighted basket.

The SDR and the old Ecu are essentially combinations of currencies, weighted to a constituent's economic clout, which can be valued against other currencies and against those inside the basket.

The Russian source said Moscow was aware that the emergence of the new global currency would not happen overnight and said its goal was to initiate a discussion about it at the G20 summit in London on April 2.

The source said that India did not object to the discussion but was not prepared to take the lead. The source said South Korea and South Africa backed the idea, while developed nations were not "allergic" to it.

"We are not waiting for everyone to say: 'How beautifully it has all been formulated, let's subscribe to it'," the source said. "The main idea is to start a discussion about it."

Russia holds about half of its reserves, the world's third-largest, in dollars, with the rest in euros and pounds. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called on reserve currency issuers to show more financial discipline.

Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin told reporters on the sidelines of the G20 finance ministers meeting that it would take up to 30 years to create a new super-currency, suggesting there was no unity in Russia on the issue.

President Dmitry Medvedev's top economic aide and G20 sherpa Arkady Dvorkovich is behind the Kremlin's G20 proposals, made public one day after Kudrin returned from England. (Reporting by Gleb Bryanski; editing by Mike Dolan/Patrick Graham)

The Mother of All Depressions (MOAD)

Bob Moriarty
Mar 19, 2009

The US government lit the fuse to the $683 trillion dollar derivative's debt bomb on Wednesday March 18, 2009 with the announcement the Fed would purchase $300 billion dollars worth of US Treasury used toilet paper and an additional $750 billion dollars worth of mortgage backed used toilet paper. In total the commitment to counterfeit over a trillion dollars leaves only $682 trillion dollars worth of derivatives to sort out.

Economics is all about price discovery. No one knows what the real value is of the $683 trillion dollars in derivatives. No one knows who owns what. No one knows who owes what. If left to its own devices, the market would lower prices until all assets had a value to someone. The government in its infinite wisdom has just short-circuited this discovery mechanism.

This is the end of the dollar. Everyone with any sense on earth will be unloading both their treasuries and mortgage-backed crap on the Fed. The Fed has just pissed $1trillion of counterfeit money into a $683 trillion dollar cesspit. It can't possibly fix the problem. When the world realizes the impact of the Fed monetizing all debt, there will be a total default. And then what happens?

The Mother of All Depressions.

The ability to publicly fund its debt has been what has kept the US government spending. Once that ability is dead, so is the government.

The meeting of the G20 in London on April 2, 2009 will be the most important financial meeting in history. If the delegates do not adopt a new gold standard of honest money, the dollar will totally default within a few months. The fuse has been lit. There is nothing the government can do beyond what they have already done. Nothing has worked. Nothing can work.

Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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