Friday 27 August 2010

A Reply To Nick Griffin

Dear Nick,

I have read your latest missive on the BNP web site and have the following to say ;

1) As you know I resigned my position in the BNP and posted the resignation letter online on this blog.

Link here ;

I also have the e mail you sent me an hour and three quarters later sacking / expelling me for resigning.

It undermines your entire credibility when you peddle such falsehoods to the BNP membership that I was 'sacked'.

If you are prepared to lie about something as trivial about why and when I resigned, my position in the party then your whole credibility on the issues of concern to myself, the reform group and senior officers of the party is also in question.

2) I also note that yet again the media are doing the best to bolster your position as chairman of the party.

First of all Sky News have lied about the level of debt in the party, it is not £150,000 as they assert but over £500,000 as you yourself have stated in a filmed public meeting a few weeks ago. One wonders why they would downplay the level of debt if they were so 'hostile to the party'.

Its as if the media want you remain as BNP chairman, as with you running the party they continue to contain and 'ghettoise' and undermine our electoral support in society whenever they wish too.

I note also the Sky news and the media have not mentioned the serious allegations of sexual assault, fraud etc in their report, which is very odd to say the least if they were so 'hostile to the party' and neither have the rest of the MSM mentioned such issues.

In fact it appears that when the Leadership Challenge was underway the media chose to downplay the serious issues aired in the leadership election in order to assist you to remain as the leader of the BNP, whilst now the reform group is beginning to get organised, its website is drawing in massive views and support from the members, that they now want to get the Griffinites in the party to rally around you by pretending to 'attack' the BNP.

The fact it was not an attack at all by the MSM at all, and in fact has allowed you to pretend it is and then to use the members to consolidate your power in the party, tells us all we need to know about the media and their support for you as chairman.

3) On the issue of the accounts I have only on thing to say ;


I challenge you to put the entire accounts for the last three years in front of both the members and the reform group.

But we all know you wont, and that you will continue to lie / suspend members / expel members who ask to see the accounts.

I also believe the Electoral Commission would like to have a look at the accounts as well, seeing as the fines outstanding against the party for not giving them the accounts is growing every day.

For a party £600,000 in debt as you admit, for you to incur fines for not revealing the accounts to the EC is either Gross Incompetence or deliberate prevarication - either way, both of those issues require you to step down as chairman - for the buck stops with you Nick.

If the accounts are correct, then why havent the EC been given them ?

It is simple logical questions like this that should concern the members, not your trite, desperate and false propaganda peddled on the BNP website.

4) Here is my challenge to you Nick ;

Hold a public BNP meeting for all members to attend.

At that meeting bring Dave Hannam and all the accounts for the last three years and details of what BNP assets have been transferred out of the party and into Jim Dowson run companies like Ad Lorries and the many other 'companies' he 'runs'.

Also bring a copy of Jim Dowsons contract.

I will ask Shelley Rose to attend so she can ask you personally to initiate an independent internal party investigation into her allegations of sexual assault by the BNP employee Jim Dowson.

Then the members can have simply what they have asked for all along - transparency and accountability.

If you do not that Nick, then you are simply bring the entire party into further disrepute with your lies, prevarications and gross incompetence.

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The Pseudo-Nationalists and how to Defeat Them

The primary aim of any new British Nationalist political party is to promote an inclusive British Cultural Nationalism, at the same time as empowering a new form and consciousness of Cultural and Ethno-Nationalism in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that replaces the civil nationalist political parties presently in power in those regions of Great Britain.

At present Scotland and Wales have civic nationalist parties in power or in parliament and not single Cultural Nationalist or Ethno-Nationalist party in power or participating in elections.

In fact in England, Wales and Scotland any Cultural Nationalist parties or Ethno-Nationalist parties that seek to promote the interests of the indigenous cultures of those nations and also their own indigenous ethnic groups, are regarded as ’extremist’ and ’racist’ by the political and media elite.

This is absurd.

The indigenous English in England, the indigenous Welsh in Wales and the indigenous Scots in Scotland have the inalienable right, and duty, to organise and have political representation within their own nations.

So too the Anglo-Irish community in Northern Ireland.

Yet in the present polis, the very concept of Culturally Nationalist and Ethno-Nationalist political parties even participating in the democratic political process is regarded as almost of an equivalence to racism or Nazism.

This is due to the pollution of the contemporary political environment by the toxin of Cultural Marxism.

The triumph of Cultural Marxism is that it managed to subvert the moral and political foundations of nationalism in the West, ironically enough at the exact same time as the gulags and death camps of the Marxist Dialectic were busy slaughtering tens of millions of people in Eastern Europe and around the world who dared defy its dictates.

Using the Orwellian methodologies of ;

a) Gramscian to undertake a ‘cultural struggle’ that infiltrated and subverted the institutions of the church, media, academia, judiciary and politics within British society,

b) The psychological terrorism of the Frankfurt School to wage war upon the social and communal cohesion of the West,

c) The imposition of the ‘Marxist Terrorism of the Word’ via political correctness in order to silence free speech

d) And the mechanism of mass immigration to dilute ethno-nationalism.

Through these mechanisms Cultural Marxism managed to transform the ’image’ of Nationalism amongst the masses from something sublime and noble into something sinister and untrustworthy.

Whilst the Marxists lost the economic, ideological and military struggles of the 20th Century against global capitalism, they managed to win the ‘perceptual’ war amongst the masses of the West.

With this victory they ‘delegitimised’ the concepts of British Nationalism, Cultural Nationalism and Ethno-Nationalism.

Marxism then infected the mainstream and morphed into repressive state liberalism, welfare capitalism and political correctness, which in turn became more repressive, violent and militaristic, culminating in the creation of the totalitarian surveillance state.

As the sovereignty of our country was subverted by globalist supra-national institutions and corporations, at the exact same time the British constitution, and our ancestral rights and liberties, were being removed and repressed by our own politicians.

We were simultaneously betrayed and disarmed.

Now the time has come to take up arms again and wage a new nationalist cultural struggle to take back our country, our nations, our cultures and our liberty.

We the people, will it.

Therefore British Nationalists, Cultural Nationalists and Ethno-Nationalists must initiate a counter revolution of Cultural Nationalism.

This requires the promotion and formation of an integrated British Cultural Nationalist, indigenous Cultural Nationalist and Ethno-Nationalist political party.

The fact that The Scottish Nationalist Party for instance is a civic nationalist party, that regards anyone who enters the borders as ’Scottish’ and seeks to promote multi-culturalism, as opposed to indigenous solely Scottish culture, is a disgrace.

Not only are the indigenous Scottish people being displaced as the demographic majority in their own country by immigration from all nations of the world, at the same time their own government is promoting the ideology of multi-culturalism - which is simply the mechanism of colonisation and the displacement and replacement of the indigenous Scottish people.

When Scottish Nationalists vote for the SNP, they are in fact voting for the destruction of their own indigenous Scottish culture, the ethnic cleansing of their own kin by mass immigration and colonisation via multi-culturalism.

The SNP is not a ‘nationalist’ party, it is a GLOBALIST party, a political party that postures as being nationalist in order to delude people into voting for it, whilst at the same time it actively assists the national destruction of Scotland and the betrayal of the indigenous Scottish people.

As for the idea that there can ever be such a thing as ‘Scottish Independence‘, that sort of Nationalism is as idiotic as the idea that the swastika flag should replace the Union Jack and National Socialism should replace Democracy.

Anyone whose idea of Scottish Nationalism involves a border post being erected on the English and Scottish border patrolled by kilted Scottish border police who refuse the Sassenachs entrance to Scottish national territory should be sectioned.

That also applies to Welsh Nationalists who ‘think’ the same.

The idea of Scottish and Welsh Independence is for delusional nutters.

As for the idea of Scottish Independence under a civic nationalist party like the SNP, then that is simply insanity.

The SNP are not a cultural nationalist party, they are not an ethno-nationalist party and they support mass immigration, political correctness and multi-culturalism.

If the SNP ever managed to gain a mandate for Scottish Independence, then they would destroy Scotland, the Scottish people and Scottish culture forever.

Only a fool or a traitor votes for the SNP or the Welsh Nationalists.

The SNP and the Welsh Nationalists are not ‘nationalist’ parties, at all, they are merely peddled as ‘nationalists’ by the corporate media and their ranks are filled with liberals whose loyalty is to Cultural Marxism, not the people and culture of their nations.

In order to defeat the pernicious effects of Cultural Marxism, we must empower its antidote which is Cultural Nationalism.

Any new political party of British Cultural Nationalism and indigenous Ethno-communalism, must stand candidates as Cultural and Ethno-Nationalists in elections in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

We must stand for a new mythos of Britishness, a fusion of cultural nationalism and ethno-nationalism.

In England the real English Nationalists will then vote for the British Cultural Nationalist party simply as the party programme includes a pledge to create an English Parliament and to pass legislation to enable English cultural and ethno-communal structures and organisations to be established in England.

The aim of the new nationalist party candidates in this British Cultural Nationalism party who stand in elections in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is to undermine the civic nationalist parties and create a new Cultural and Ethno-nationalist political power bases in those nations.

Thereby we co-ordinate the re-nationalisation process at both the level of the individual nations state and the British State.

In Northern Ireland the aim of the candidates will be to unify the Anglo-Irish community around defending Northern Irish culture and the Northern Irish people as an ethnic group, instead of perpetuating division based on political and communal sectarianism.

The division of Northern Ireland into various Loyalist feuding factions has ensured they are unable to defend their communal interests both from the traitors in the Westminster Parliaments and from the Cultural Marxist ‘Irish nationalist’ political parties like Sinn Fein.

Whilst the loyalists have splintered into ever smaller factions, who then waged war against themselves and stood against each other in elections and split the loyalist vote, the Cultural Marxist Irish Nationalists like Sinn Fein ( who are not nationalists at all ) have grown into a real political threat to the loyalist community in Northern Ireland.

Unless a new British Cultural Nationalist political party arises that unifies the entire loyalist community in Northern Ireland then loyalist culture, the loyalist ethnic community and the very existence of the Northern Irish state is at risk.

A similar political party that seeks to create a new nationalist movement in Southern Ireland and that works to promote indigenous Irish culture and the rights of the indigenous Irish people, that seeks to end sectarianism, that opposes mass immigration, that rejects multi-culturalism and that promotes the interests of the indigenous Irish people and Irish culture would also be a welcome antidote to the poisonous pseudo-nationalism of Sinn Fein.

Only a true nationalist party that seeks to integrate the fundamental forces of British Cultural Nationalism, Cultural Nationalism and Ethno-nationalism all across the United Kingdom into a cohesive and dynamic whole, can create the new political order that our country, nations, cultures and peoples, demand and deserve.

In order to resist the onslaught of the juggernaut of Globalism, each of these fundamental forces of Nationalism must merge to forge a political movement and a political party designed specifically to wrest power from the fools, traitors and crooks that presently misrule us and our country.

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Thursday 26 August 2010

The Reform Group Issues

There seems to be some confusion amongst people as to what the role of the Reform Group is and what it should be.

It is not to get Eddy Butler to replace Nick Griffin as the BNP leader.

The aim of the Reform Group is to ;

1) Persuade Nick Griffin to put the interests of the party first and resign as Chairman and concentrate on his work as an MEP to ensure he gets re-elected. If he doesn’t do that then the aim of the Reform Group must be to force the membership to demand the resignation of Nick Griffin as leader of the BNP and then to ensure the removal from the BNP constitution of all dictatorial powers that are at the whim of the BNP chairman.

2) To create a steering committee to run the party after Griffin resigns or is removed in order to ensure a smooth changeover from Griffin to the new steering committee and until the new democratically elected leadership are voted in by the members

3) To work on creating a new democratic constitution to replace the present dictatorial one

4) To reform the parties internal structures to make them more democratic and accountable in order to protect the interests of the members

5) To re-brand the BNP and ensure we are see as an electable party instead of a dictatorship

Obviously number 1 ) making sure Griffin resigns as chairman s the most important.

If that doesn’t happen, then 2) to 5) cannot occur.

If sections of the Reform Group think that the party needs to go from being led by Griffin to being led Butler, then they need to think again.

No-one wants to go from the Griffin frying pan and straight into the Butler fire.

We are not going to have any credibility as reformers, if the aim of the Reform Group is to perpetuate the present over centralisation in the party, the same powers for a chairman, the same cult of personality, the same constitution and the same nepotism and cronyism as under Griffin.

The Reform Group must stand for root and branch reform of the BNP, not meaningless cosmetic change.

The final option is that in the event that Griffin will not resign as chairman, and cannot be removed, then a new party has to be formed.

This means the BNP can be left as a rump for Griffin, his Griffinites, and for Far Right extremists to remain in.

This then means that any new political party which is formed does not have any of the political baggage of the BNP by ‘absorbing‘ extremist elements within the BNP, none of the negtive public imagery associated with Griffin, and nor would it have to tolerate any of the Griffinites that would seek to destabilise and wreck it.

The BNP can be left as a party for racists and far right extremists.

The new party would then allow a new start for British Nationalism and British Nationalists to enter mainstream politics.

These are my suggestions for the people to hold positions on the Steering Committee.

They would only hold these positions until the new democratic constitution is created and then if that constitution is supported by the members, they would then have to stand for election by the members to be appointed to their positions ;

1) Peter Mullins as Party President - his role would be simply to ensure the steering committee functions efficiently and to oversee the role of the steering committee in relation to the drafting up of the new constitution and nominations for party positions in elections

2) Michael Barnbrook as head of the parties Internal Disciplinary Unit

3) Michaele Mackenzie as head of the parties Staff and Human Resources Unit

4) Peter Phillips as Party Events Organiser

5) Eddy Butler as National Elections Officer

6) Adrian Davis as the BNP Legal Officer. In the event that Adrian Davis is not interested in the role, then I would be glad to have my old position back.

7) John Savage as BNP Treasurer

8) Michael Newland as BNP Business Director. If Michael Newland is not interested in the role, then I would suggest that the job be taken over by a small committee staffed by Michaela Mackenzie, Michael Barnbrook and John Savage who are responsible for checking and authorising party business decisions and who then report back their decisions to the Party President and steering committee for approval.

9) BNP security stays as it is under Martin Reynolds

10) Simon Bennet as BNP webmaster

11) Simon Darby is re-appointed as BNP Media and Communications Officer

12) James Whittle as head of the BNP internal Communication and Ideological Training School

13) A Constitutional Development Committee be formed of co-opted officers, officials and members to draft up, in consultation with the members, the new BNP Constitution

14) Richard Edmonds be appointed as BNP Liason Officer to work on recruiting into the party people who have left the party over recent decades

15) Jonathan Bowden as Party Cultural Officer

16) Jenny Noble as BNP Training Officer to train up appointed regional and branch officers of the party in essential internal skills


As the party would no longer require paid officers to be responsible for the functions above, then this would allow the party to restore financial stability.

The above positions would be paid only their expenses.

This would then ensure that the party could restructure its debts and move back into credit.

All councillors and other officials who have resigned or been suspended will be offered their old jobs back.

Those who left the party due to fall outs with Griffin will be invited to rejoin the party.

Officers in present paid party positions will be interviewed and their positions decided on a case by case basis, based on loyalty to the party and merit as opposed to loyalty to Griffin and cronyism.

Note that I will not be on the steering committee.

Once the steering committee are in charge of the party, then I will rejoin the party and then offer to assist the party as its Civil Rights and Community Activism Co-Ordinator.

If the steering committee accepts that then that is fine, if not I will stay just as a BNP member.

All those appointments must be validated by a democratic vote from the membership after the new constitution is drafted up and agreed on by the members.

The Reform Group must not fall into the trap of thinking its role is to get Eddy Butler appointed as a new BNP chairman.

Eddy Butler is not the man for that job, as he himself admits.

Therefore the Reform Group must not be used as a base for Eddy Butlers supporters to push Eddy Butler on the party.

Eddy failed to win enough votes to stand for leadership and so he cannot subvert the will of the members by imposing himself on the party via the Reform Group.

The moment the Reform Group appears as an Eddy Butler Group, then the case for reform is lost.

Therefore we must ensure that this does not occur.

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Wednesday 25 August 2010

The Vision of Albion

I was speaking to someone earlier who is linked to certain English Nationalist political parties, and he was explaining to me how these groups were trying to appeal to disgruntled BNP members.

As we were speaking it became apparent that the leaders of these English Nationalist organisations were simply perpetuating a major political strategic problem, both for the British Nationalists and the English Nationalist movement.

As long as the British Nationalist movement and voters remain in competition with the English Nationalist movement and voters, then no British Nationalist or English Nationalist political party is ever going to take power.

We each ensure the other cannot take power.

Therefore I suggest that British Nationalists and English Nationalists cease competing and start co-operating.

What is required is a British Cultural Nationalist political party that supports and demands the fulfilment of English Nationalist demands - this being ;

1) The formation of an English Parliament

2) The right in law for indigenous English people to form their own political structures, community, housing, educational facilities, social organisations and cultural movements.

This is required for the following reasons ;

A) The devolution of power from the British Parliament into an English Parliament requires what is clearly impossible for English Nationalists, which is a majority of votes in Britain. Unless English Nationalists are voted into power in Westminster, both in the Commons and Lords, then it will be impossible for them to pass any legislation to create an English Parliament.

Therefore English Nationalism will never achieve its goals.

B) In the unlikely event of the English Nationalists ever taking power of the British Parliament then at the same time the English Nationalists create an English Parliament, then in order to ensure a smooth transition of power from the British Parliament down into an English Parliament, and that such a change functions properly and does not cause problems inside the British Parliament, then British Nationalists and English Nationalists must co-operate both in the British Parliament and the English Parliament to achieve this goal.

The establishment of an English Parliament that is hostile to the British Parliament, or a British Parliament filled with hostile British Nationalists who will seek to enact legislation to annul and remove an English Parliament after they get back into power, is a recipe for chaos and disorder.

The idea of Britain and England being hostile towards each other must never occur.

Therefore there must arise a new politics that fuses British Nationalism and English Nationalism into one cohesive and mutually supporting ideology.

Such a fusion British Nationalism and English Nationalism will not occur in a political landscape of mutually hostile and competing parties, so it must occur within one political party or via one strategic political alliance.

I suggest the following models ;

1) There be established a British Cultural political party that has as its aims the establishment of both British Cultural Nationalist goals and also English Nationalist goals so that both British Nationalists and English Nationalists can vote for one political party with both English Nationalist British Nationalist aims and goals in order to ensure that this political party achieves political power in order to fulfil both British Nationalist and English Nationalist goals


2) That a British Nationalist Cultural political party work with a body or committee of English Nationalists from all the English Nationalist political parties who each agree to put up mutually agreed candidates in elections who will not stand against each other, but who will work with each other for mutual goals to ensure they get elected as candidates.

This would require an electoral pact with the English Nationalists drafted up in consultation with the British Nationalist Cultural party and English Nationalist parties.

The English Nationalists will not work with the BNP under Griffin.

They will also not work with a BNP that has not undergone a radical rebrand to remove the stain of extremism.

I do not believe that Griffin, for the sake of both British Nationalism and English Nationalism, will stand down as the BNP leader and allow the party to have a radical rebranding.

Therefore it may be required to establish a new political party on this new ideological basis in order to achieve the aim of fusing British Nationalism and English Nationalism.

If we can do this, we stand a real of success.

A political party that manages to unite these two political forces will be able to challenge the mainstream political parties for power.

It will allow us to re-nationalise our country, people and culture at the same time as we create a new ethno-communal identity and consciousness, which will allow us to create from the present state of social chaos a new cohesive national community and indigenous English, Welsh, Scottish and Anglo-Irish communities with an ethnic consciousness, political structures and communal structures.

That is the aim of both political movements, it is the very definition of our desired victories.

The time has come for both British Nationalists and English Nationalists to forge a new nationalist Act of Union, one that unites the aims and ideology of British Nationalism with the rights and interests of the indigenous English people.

This truly would The Vision of Albion that poets like William Blake foresaw and espoused, and the beginning of a British national and English cultural renaissance.

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Tuesday 24 August 2010

The 2001 Party Donation Issue

Could someone who is in contact with Sharon Ebanks on her Nationalists Online website please ask her post up on this blog details of the £20,000 donation that she brokered for the party in 2001 during the Leeds Trial as some serious allegations have been made about the money.

I know she has some information on that money so can someone contact her and ask her to leave information on this blog about the money.

This will be kept confidential if she does respond.

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Time For A New Party ?

Over the last few days I have had time to think about the options available to the Nationalist movement - whether to stay with the BNP and try to rebrand it or start a new party up.

I am moving to the latter position.

That is primarily because of the following reasons ;

1) The BNP brand is a 'dead brand' in that it no longer has any support amongst the masses that could act as a basis for a rebrand. The association with Griffin, the ammunition provided to its critics by Griffin and the history of the party are such that it can survive, but it can never take power.

Therefore as it can no longer take power, but just stumble along as a money making scam for Griffin and Dowson in the margins of society, means that it is a total waste of time being involved in the BNP.

For instance take a look at the latest BNP election result that somehow managed to avoid being posted on the main website ;

MEDWAY River ward by-election, August 12th 2010

Electorate 5,438
Turnout 25.4%

David George CRAGGS (The Conservative Party Candidate) 617 (44.6%)
John Alun Charles JONES (The Labour Party Candidate) 544 (39.4%)
Garry HARRISON (Liberal Democrat) 104 (7.5%)
Steven Richard KEEVIL (The Green Party) 45 (3.3%)
Brian Christian RAVENSCROFT (British National Party) 39 (2.8%)
Ron SANDS (The English Democrats - "Putting England First") 33 (2.45)

That is an appalling result.

I happen to know Brian Ravenscroft well and he is a trusted and very hard working activist and excellent Medway organiser. He leafleted the ward and also did the required leg work.

This result will be reflected across the country as more results come in.

2) Many of the remaining activists in the BNP are so indoctrinated that they truly cannot understand that the great mass of society rejects the BNP entirely. Like all cult members, they see the BNP only from the inside - not from the perspective of how the rest of society sees it from the outside.

The BNP is seen as a 'racist' party for racists and Nazis.

That is how society sees the BNP.

That means it will never have the potential to become a mass movement and take power.

The Labour government banned BNP members from working as police officers and prison officers and the Lib-Cons are talking about extending that ban to other professions, therefore sooner or later the party will be de facto banned anyway, and middle class professional people will avoid it entirely.

The BNP can only grow weaker.

3) The party is internally schizophrenic.

It is comprised on one hand of hard core Nazi's on one wing and on the other Civic Nationalists.

Both sides despise each other.

The Nazi wing are in complete denial about the parties recent constitution change to allow ethnic minority members in, whilst the moderate wing are up in arms that the party did not do this sooner and that the party has not gone far enough to allow more ethnic minority people in the party.

Such internal ideological tensions cannot be resolved.

Sooner or later a split will occur.

Therefore it is better that a split occurs now.

Let the Nazis keep the BNP and return it to its National Socialist roots.

There will always be a party required for Nazis, and though the NF seeks to fill this gap, the BNP Nazis are a far more intelligent sort than the NF ones.

That way as the BNP remains for the National Socialists, a space is made in politics to clear the way forward for a new party that rejects such historical baggage.

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the BNP there is a fourth way forward for Nationalism.

For decades the BNP was simply for Racial Nationalists and stood in total opposition to Civic Nationalism.

Then the BNP began to evolve a third position, that of Ethno-nationalism between Racial Nationalism and Civic Nationalism - and this worked for a while to keep the party quiet.

But the internal schisms remained, and will remain.

They are ideologically reconcilable within the BNP.

But there is a Fourth Way forward that avoids the problems of Racial Nationalism, Ethno-nationalism and Civic Nationalism - and that is BRITISH CULTURAL NATIONALISM.

British Cultural Nationalism is the promotion of new vision of Britain based on the promotion of British Nationalism, the preservation and promotion of British culture
and the creation of a National Community based on British Nationalist principles.

As you know it is Ethnicity that creates a culture.

Contrary to the Racial Nationalists propaganda, Race does not create Culture - as the variety of different nations, peoples and cultures within Europe prove.

From nation states with their own unique culture like Italy's to ethnic cultures like the Anglo-Saxon English and its unique English cultural forms like the Magna Carta all prove these are all ETHNIC CULTURES and NATIONAL CULTURES derived from specific ethnic groups eg the English and the Italians.

Therefore race does not produce culture or else all of Europe would have one culture and would be one nation with one language for we are all from one race, that being the White European Race.

Therefore a new Nationalist cultural movement must arise that promotes a cultural nationalism as well as allowing space in society for those who wish to live in an ethnic communalist way.

British Cultural Nationalism is integrationist, anti-multi-culturalism, anti-immigration, anti-political correctness etc and demands an end to mass immigration and colonisation and insists on British National cultural homogeneity.

Those who come here or live here must integrate into our culture, or leave.

At the same time this British Cultural Nationalism can allow ethno-nationalists the space within the cultural sphere and political sphere of the British nation state to politically organise, form their own communities and express their organic ethnic British identities - such as English, Welsh, Scottish and Anglo-Irish.

As these indigenous ethnic identities are the basis of the British cultural nexus, then a British Cultural movement must allow these identities the right to organise within society and manifest themselves - if people wish to do so.

At the moment not only is our British National cultural identity repressed, but our indigenous Ethnic identities are repressed as well.

British National Culture is undermined by globalism, mass immigration and political correctness whilst our right to define ourselves by our indigenous ethnic identities is designated as 'racist' and virtually criminalised.

The Union Jack is banned from being flown from public buildings by liberals and the Cross of St.George called a 'racist' flag by the same liberals that appease Muslims, Islamists, minority sexual groups etc etc and who demand those minority groups have the right to impose their demands and identity on us and our society.

We are not allowed to define ourselves as British by culture nor English (for example) by ethnic identity.

Therefore in order to change this the following must occur ;

All immigrants must adopt our British national culture, whilst the indigenous ethnic people of Britain have the right to adopt community structures as defined by their ethnic identity if they so wish.

That means we ban the burkha, ban sharia law courts, prohibit the building of any more mosques etc. Rights or laws in our society that demand the majority must have regard to the demands of minority religious groups will be abolished, as it is not for the British state to demand the majority cater to the demands of minorities.

That is the antithesis of democracy.

That is The Tyranny of the Minorities and the total subversion of the democratic principle.

Immigrants who are here must adopt either a British national cultural identity or an indigenous British cultural identity.

No other cultural forms must be allowed to manifest themselves in such a way that our British culture is threatened or the demographic right of the indigenous ethnic groups to remain a majority in their own country is threatened.

Those that refuse to integrate into British culture will therefore be regarded as colonists and deported back to whence they came - regardless of what race, nationality or religion they are.

Just because a colonist has a British passport - that does not make then British by ethnicity or by culture.

A colonist is a colonist.

All immigrants must therefore integrate into the British national culture whilst the indigenous ethnic groups are allowed to form their own ethnic communities if they wish too.

A nationalist cultural movement that does not mention race ( which is an issue toxic in politics due to media conditioning) but that asserts the importance of a cultural struggle to assert our national culture and which allows ethno-nationalists the right to form ethno-communities eg English, Welsh, Scottish, Anglo-Irish within the context of the British Nationalist State etc is one that the masses would support.

The BNP is a party defined by race.

What is required is a party defined by culture.

A party that demands ;

1) the promotion of British culture

2) that allows people to express their indigenous British ethnic identity and culture if they wish and at the same time organise politically as ethnic communities eg form an English Parliament

3) that demands an end to immigration from all nations of the world regardless of their race

4) that deports all colonists regardless of their race, religion or nationality

5) that ends political correctness

6) that ends multi-culturalism and demands integration into British culture

7) that demands that people of all races and religions integrate into British culture

8) that rejects all forms of racism, including the racism of politically correct anti-white affirmative action and positive discrimination, and instead demands the creation of a meritocracy

9) that ends all further immigration

10) that bans the burkha and bans sharia law and other separatist organisations eg the Muslim Parliament and other religious courts and Halal and Kosher butchery and other cruel forms of animal treatment. This will apply to all non-indigenous British religions that have not been part of British culture for thousands or many hundreds of years. Only Christianity and the indigenous pagan religions must be protected by the law. If people want to consume Halal and Kosher foods, then they must import them into the United Kingdom from countries that allow such practices. If they want a ruling from a religious court then they must go abroad and get one. It is not for the British state to use the law to terrorise the majority into surrendering our country to the demands of minorities.

11) that promotes British culture in schools and society

12) that scraps all anti-free speech laws and empowers the British Constitution

13) that demands we withdraw from the EU and take our country back

14) That puts British workers first regardless of their race

15) that puts British families first for housing and schooling and the NHS regardless of their race

16) that removes all illegal immigrants, convicted foreign criminals and illegals in the country regardless of their race

17) that fights Islamist terrorists in the country in a way that will protect us instead of in accord with the idiot dictates of political correctness

18) that ends the Tyranny of the Minorities

19) that avoids any hint of Nazism, Racism, Far Left socialism, Cultural Relativism Liberalism or political correctness

20) that promotes British Nationalist values both internally and externally

21) That demands local people pass by local referendums with an overwhelming majority vote to allow the building of new facilities for non-indigenous organisations, religions and community centres even if funded with private money. No more money from the tax payer to support separatist organisations or groups.

Is a party that will gain mass support.

The BNP is too linked in the mind of the public with racism and Nick Griffin.

Therefore a new political movement must arise to replace it.

As I have seen over the last couple of weeks, those who have stayed in the BNP do so as they do not care about how the mass of the public see them.

They are content with the BNP as it is, a minor political party on the fringe of society.

In order to save our nation and people we need much , much more than that.

We need to get into power.

The BNP is unable to do that.

Therefore I propose a new party, with a new ideological basis as the way forward to enable us to do that.

This idea and ideology is though about five to ten years ahead of where the consciousness of most Nationalists is, so the majority will of course resist such an change.

The problem is that if they do so then we lose those five or ten years and damage the ability to create a new party and movement to replace the BNP and get us into power.

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Thanks WITP

Thanks WITP for the posts, I will respond by PM when I am not banned on the forum.

Oh and can you just let Robbo50 know that I have never given a speech at the rwb in clitheroe.

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Long Lost Member of the Village People Found

At long last the mystery of the vanishing gay biker member of the 1970's super group The Village People has been discovered.

After leaving the band he changed his name to Sir Norman Bettison, then came to England, joined the police and rose through the ranks to become the chief constable of West Yorkshire police.

What a fantastic career change, from a gay icon to a top copper.

But what gave the game away as to his real identity was his ongoing penchant for sinister black uniforms, nice hats and a big gay biker moustache.

Check for yourself the pictures.

Well done to Sir Norman for staying true to his gay power credentials and ensuring the police in the 21st century reflect the diversity of British society today by having a gay biker as a true police role model.

Vroom, Vroom.

All together now ;

" Its fun to stay at the YMCA "

A chief constable has told his staff to monitor online encyclopedia Wikipedia - to stop its users posting rude comments about him.

Sir Norman Bettison took exception to being described as a "greedy, vain moron" on the online encyclopaedia, according to Police Review magazine.

The 52-year-old chief constable of West Yorkshire - favourite to succeed Sir Ian Blair as head of the Met - has ordered employees to check for changes often.

Read more:

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The Stupidity and Cowardice of ACPO and May

Dressing up: Sergeant Deb Leonard, PCSO Helen Turner and Sergeant Deb Pickering in Muslim clothing

Read more:

The police in this country are led by total morons.

The images above are real British coppers.

Even the liberals realise the ACPO coppers are morons as the article below reveals.

The Home Secretary should lift the ban on marches in Bradford this weekend or risk making protesters more radical, according to a think-tank.

Banning protests by extremist groups is an ineffective way of combating their ideology, Demos said.

The warning comes as police in the West Yorkshire city prepares for clashes between the English Defence League (EDL) and Unite Against Fascism this weekend, despite Home Secretary Theresa May authorising a blanket ban on marches in the city.

Jamie Bartlett, a researcher at Demos, said banning the march "could push members of the English Defence League into more radical groups like Combat 18 or the Racial Volunteer Force".

He said: "Far from being destructive, protest can be an important outlet for that anger and frustration that could tip into violence and helps people to feel a sense of belonging to the society in which they live.

"The Government should show that being radical or extreme is acceptable in an open and free society like the UK. The same rules must apply to everyone, whether they are radical Islamist groups or the English Defence League.

"Preventing non-violent protest means others do not have the chance to counter-protest and demonstrate the strength of opinion against them. There may be some clashes and serious disagreement but this is part of living in a liberal society."

The far-right group planned to march through Bradford on Saturday, while Unite Against Fascism has organised a counter-protest in the city on the same day.

But the Home Secretary authorised a blanket ban on marches in the city last week following a request by West Yorkshire chief constable Sir Norman Bettison, who said he made the request because of the "understandable concerns of the community".

Police and council chiefs welcomed the ban but said static demonstrations may still go ahead.

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Monday 23 August 2010

Griffin and Europe

The release of information that reveals that Nick Griffin was the one of the most hard working MEP's in the North of England proves two things ;

1) That Griffin should concentrate on being an MEP as he appears to be good at the role

2) That by spending all the time he has done in Europe instead of giving due attention to the BNP in Britain, that the present problems in the party prove that he has taken his eye off the ball in relation to what the BNP needs.

I asked Griffin in my resignation e mail to stand down as BNP leader and concentrate on his role as an MEP, as by doing so he will stand a good chance of being elected again and at the same time allow the party to rebrand itself and appeal to a far wider percentage of the population.

The party and activists who got him elected as an MEP and his constituents all deserve an MEP who dedicates themselves fully to the role.

Instead he appointed himself London Organiser as well as Chairman and MEP and now runs the BNP, oversees London as its organiser and also acts as an MEP.

That is simpy arrogance.

The ongoing collapse of the BNP has been caused by Griffin being too greedy with power and centralising power around himself, or around his incompetent lackeys whose positions are based solely on them being his trusted acolytes, not any merit.

If Griffin had an ounce of humility, instead of the tonnes of arrogance he lugs around with him, he would realise that each of those roles he has assumed for himself demands full time attention, not part time attention.

If Griffin resigned as chairman, held the investigations required into the financial allegations and Shelley Rose and other disturbing allegations concerning other female BNP members, re-appointed the unlawfully suspended BNP activists and officers and concentrated on his role as an MEP full time - then I would be delighted.

Instead he continues to act as the arrogant dictator, expelling and suspending anyone who dares offer him any common sense - and thereby proving to everyone his unsuitability to remain as the BNP chairman.

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Another Stupid Stunt

So Griffin is going to organise a protest outside Tony Blair’s memoir book-signing launch at the Piccadilly, London branch of Waterstone's on 8 September.

Rather than just announce that a day of action has been called and that activists should be in London on the day and be ready on the day to be told where and when the demonstration will be held, so that they can have a Flash Mob and hold the demonstration without the UAF, AFA, Islamic extremists and other idiots turning up to target the BNP demonstration, by announcing the demonstration then it just means the UAF and other numpties will turn up just to counter protest the BNP and turn the whole thing into a circus.

All this protest will do is allow the media to compare and contrast Tony Blair quietly sitting in the book shop signing copies of his book and the 'BNP extremists' outside the event, who will be barracked and abused by the reds and Labour supporters that will turn up to 'defend' Blair from the 'extremists'.

At the same time as this BNP demonstration goes ahead, other protests will not get the publicity they deserve - such as the relatives of those killed in Blairs Illegal War who will also be outside the bookshop.

Instead of them getting the publicity, it will be Blair smiling his creepy 'zombie smile' as the media also film the UAF and BNP screaming abuse at each other or Islamists screaming at Blair and the BNP.

Blair will appear sensible, statesman like and calm, as the media depict the protestors as angry and threatening.

This is just what Blair wants.

The book is Blairs way of trying to rewrite history, and in order to ensure this happens the book needs as much publicity as possible in order to be sold to as many people as possible and the lies in it peddled to as many people as possible.

The more publicity it gets the more people will read it.

All Griffin has done is ensure the book gets more publicity, and hence the lies in it are peddled to more people.

There should have been a quiet, dignified BNP demonstration with no advance notice given to the media or on the BNP website.

On the day a small contingent of BNP ex-servicemen and women should have turned up in their medals and laid a wreath for the dead outside the front of the bookshop, and then stood in silence for a small ceremony where the names of all the dead British soldiers in the Iraq War were read out.

Then they simply turned their back on Blair and walked away, leaving the wreath behind them.

This could have been filmed by a BNPTV team and then put on the party website.

The media would also have filmed the BNP protest and publicised it, but without the BNP being able to be accused of exploiting the event for political gain.

That would have been dignifed, respectful to the families and the dead and also got the message across to the public about Blairs illegal war.

By announcing the demonstration in advance, this will now be a fiasco as demonstrators opposed to the BNP will turn up at the event.

No doubt Griffin will steal my ideas for how this protest should have been held.

Unfortunately the decision to announce that the demonstration will go ahead means the BNP can now be accused of cynically using the book signing to promote the BNP rather than being respectful of the dead

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The BNP Needs A Re-Brand

I think every member, even the Griffinite Cult members, have realised that as brand in British politics, the BNP is now regarded with as much respect and affection by the masses as Thalidomide.

This is all down to Nick Griffin.

It has been Griffin who has pushed to make himself and the BNP synonymous in the eyes and minds of the public.

On almost every media opportunity, every newspaper article, every winnable seat we have watched Griffin push himself to the front of the queue - and before good local candidates who stood a chance of winning seats.

Griffin, and his lickspittles like Golding, have deliberately sought to conflate the public image of the party as a 'Cult of Personality' around Griffin - primarily to create an internal power base in the party of Griffinite acolytes who 'revere' the Great Leader before the interests of the BNP as a political party or British Nationalism as a political movement.

There is no BNP in the eyes of the public as a political party, as the BNP is seen as the Nick Griffin Party - and any political party whose public image and propaganda is based on one person is a hostage to that individual and their level of public support and their public image in society.

The 'BNP / Griffin Brand' is now regarded as toxic by the public, as our recent disastrous election results prove.

Not only do the elections results show that the party has become despised primarily I believe due to Nick Griffins appearance on Question Time, it has also revealed to the public that Griffin and his acolytes care nothing for the BNP, their own members, the interests of Britain and the British people.

I have watched the BNP become a 'cult of personality' around Griffin over the last few years, and this was done deliberately and pushed by people like Golding - and culminated in the pathetic farce of Griffin first removing Alby Walker as the Stoke candidate and imposing Simon darby on the seat ( and thereby destroying our electoral chances in the city ) and then imposing himself on Barking by standing down Richard Barnbrook as candidate ( and thereby ensuring we lost the seat and we lost all our councillors).

Question Time is the ultimate example though of the stupidity of the Cult of Personality.

For weeks and weeks before the show went on air I demanded that on the day of the show Griffin rings the BBC and said 'I have the flu, I am sending Andrew Brons in my place'.

That way the lynching party prepared for Griffin would not have worked.

Every person on that QT panel had been briefed with a range of classic Griffin quotes, from the Holocaust to David Duke, and were waiting for Griffin to walk in and hend them the ammunition to kill the BNP's rise in electoral support.

So what does Griffin go and do - in he walks to the BBC studio surrounded by BNP security guys in dark sunglasses and Griffin looking like a cut price gangster and then sits there gurning on the show licking his lips and trying to suck up to Bonnie Greer like some flunky at a showbiz party as they fired his own nonsense back at him and tore him to peices.

Job done.

It appears though that the real damage done that night was a 'depth charge' in that it is only now slowly exploding and poisoning the public perception of the BNP.

Therefore if the looming debt crisis in the BNP doesnt destroy the party, and its ability to operate, then a re-brand may work.

If Griffin and his supporters really cared about the BNP and the cause of British Nationalism they would admit that the BNP needs a rebrand in order to save itself, and that Griffin must step down as the BNP leader.

His appearance on Question Time appears to have slowly poisoned the image of the BNP in the minds of the public, and as long as he remains leader that poison infects the BNP.

Just as Gordon Brown stayed on too long to save the Labour Party from defeat, the same thing is happening to the BNP.

Every politician who is a leader of a political party has a political 'use by date', what is required is for them to realise when this time has come and when it is neccasery to walk away from a leadership role for the best interests of the party itself.

Tony Blair knew when to go, Gordon Brown and Margaret Thatcher didnt.

The longer Griffin remains in charge, the more time we lose to change direction and the harder it will be to regian public support for the BNP.

I was one of those who led the charge mocking Lord Pearson when he became UKIP leader, but I can now at least say he had the honour to do the right thing and resign in the best interests of UKIP.

The parallells between Griffin and Farage though are uncanny.

From the UKIP call centre that Farage set up and the allegations of money going missing to the sacking / expulsion of his critics to the refusal to resign even when the party was / is falling apart - it appears that they have become mirror images of each other.

The BNP needs a re-brand.

That means Griffin has to step down as leader and shuffle off to Europe and stay in Brussels as an MEP.

In order to save the BNP brand, then the cult of personality around Griffin has to be wiped away and a New BNP arise in its place.

That means we need a BNP without a figurehead leader, and a BNP that is based around leaders rather than a leader.

The party actvists and members have a choice, you can either follow yesterdays man into the political wilderness, or you can join tommorrows party and lead the BNP into the future.

That is the choice.

The BNP / Griffin brand is so toxic, that it may be that the BNP itself is dead as a political party.

But in order to test this proposition we have to first seek to re-brand the party without Griffin being the leader, the centre of our propaganda and the main talking head on the media.

I have a series of ideas on how to do this, but I am not going to reveal them in case the Griffinites steal my ideas ( which is what Griffin has done for the last ten years seeing as most of the major innovations inside and outside the party were based on my ideas ) and use them to try and bolster the cult of personality around Griffin.

Every BNP activist in their heart and mind knows the BNP is dying on its feet.

Income has dried up, elections results are plummeting, councillors and members are leaving and internal problems are escalating.

Yet they cling on in their semi-delusional state hoping things will get better.

They wont.

They are going to get worse.

The party in the next few weeks faces a series of legal cases that will probably bankrupt it or drain it of so much money that staff wages in the BNP will not be paid ( as they have not been for this month I hear ), there will be no money to fight elections and the staff will have to be laid off meaning entire fucntions of the party internally will no longer be capable of operating.

The party will slowly rot away into just Griffin on the payroll, Dowson and the security team - simply to keep Griffin in power.

In the present crisis, the best thing that can happen for Griffin is that he gets banged up for contempt of court in the EHRC case, as that way the Griffinite Cult members will rally around their dear leader and bolster his position in the party.

The fact Jim Dowson will then be running the BNP in Griffins absence, regardless of what expendable puppet Griffin appoints in his place should shake them out of their mad delusions.

Who controls the money, controls the party - and that is Dowson.

The parties only hope is a re-brand, but that depends on Griffin leaving.

It is time that the BNP members still in the party woke up.

Loyalty to Griffin and Dowson is treason to the BNP.

You can only serve the interests of the BNP as a party and British Nationalism as a movement, by demanding Griffin steps down and a re-branding takes place.

It may be that even this attempted re-brand will fail as the BNP and Griffin may have become so synonymous with each other, that the Griffin Effect has killed the BNP.

But we have to try.

Failure is not an option.

If the BNP can no longer fulfiull its historical mission under Griffin, which is to take power - then we have to either re-brand or form a new party without him.

First we remove Griffin and Dowson and try a re-brand.

If that fails then we need to form a new party.

Those are the only options left if we are to save the BNP and the cause of British Nationalism.

Join The Expendables

You too can join the The Expendables.

Just Join " Griffins BNP " and become an Expendable.

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How To Save Britain

Here is who you solve the debt.

You set up a Bank of Britain.

Under the rules of Fractional Reserve Banking you put half a trillion pounds into that bank from the Bank of England.

Then you expand that money by a factor of ten so it becomes 5 trillion pounds.

You then inject that excess capital into creating a new manufacturing and industrial base in Britain such as new coal mines, coal liquefaction and electricity generation plants, infra-structure renewal projects to increase productivity and efficeincy for business, green energy projects, new scientific and technical universities etc to create a whole new Industrial Revolution.

The money from the Bank of England and held in the Bank of Britain is a long term project guaranteed by government, so bonds can be sold to private investors to also raise private capital to be held in the Bank of Britain.

The pensions debts can be offset by the money in the Bank of Britain and as the nationalised banks go back into profit this is used to pay off the debt owed to the Bank of England, whilst tax income from the new industrial projects is used to pay off the debt to the Bank of Britain.

Job done.

Government urged to reveal 'true' national debt of £4.8 trillion
The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has calculated that the national debt is £4.8 trillion once state and public sector pension liabilities are included, or £78,000 for every person in the UK.

By Philip Aldrick, Economics Editor
Published: 7:33PM BST 20 Aug 2010
Stacks of £50 notes
Stacking up: the national debt equates to £78,000 for every person in Britain Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The IEA raised its concerns after the latest public finances data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) this week, which showed that the total debt, excluding bank bail-outs, is £816bn – itself a record high. However, the figures strip out the state's pension liabilities in a contravention of standard accounting practices.

Mark Littlewood, the IEA's director-general, said: "The latest official national debt figure is seriously misleading. Looming in the background are pension liabilities. These should be moved to the forefront.

Related Articles

OECD tells Government to cut spending or face hardship for years to come
Tory plans to cut inheritance tax send the wrong message
William Littlewood: 'Falls below the lows in March should not be ruled out'
UK government debt: almost 9p of each £1 in tax will be needed to pay the interest
Like Mr Micawber, Britain finds itself in a debtors' prison
Government white paper paves way for City 'super-regulator'

"The ONS should include these liabilities in their calculations. It is shocking enough to see official figures revealing a jump in national debt over the last year from the equivalent of 48pc of GDP to 56pc, but the grave reality is that our real national debt stands at 333pc of GDP."

Nick Silver, an IEA research fellow, said the full figure, including the £1.2 trillion public sector pension liability and £2.7 trillion state pension liability, should be published either monthly or annually alongside the net debt data for reasons of transparency.

The ONS has already begun to assemble the data, publishing the full list of Britain's debts and liabilities for the first time in July, which came to a total of between £3.68 trillion and £4.84 trillion.

Aileen Simkins, ONS director of operations on economic statistics, said the figures would be updated in September and that the ONS plans to compile and release them on an annual basis "to begin with".

"We are in no doubt that there is a bigger number that is also relevant to public data," she said. "We think it is important to have more transparency on public sector debt – looking at figures that go beyond standard monthly net debt and include state and public sector pensions."

The ONS numbers included a £1 trillion to £1.5 trillion liability for the Government's stakes in the part-nationalised banks, equivalent to the relevant portion of their total liabilities, £1.35 trillion for state pension liabilities, and £1.2 trillion for public sector pensions.

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Sunday 22 August 2010

The Red Pill 3

Follow the link below for the video interview for Celente.

Celente is correct in his thesis as what we have seen with the nationalisation of the banks is the takeover of nation states by the banks - and the creation of a form of International Corporate Fascism, or the New World order as it is also known.

International Corporate Fascism is where the national economies, governments and banks have been taken over by the international bankers.

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the Corporate Media, the banks havent been nationalised, the banks and bankers have in fact taken over our nations and national economies.

The banks havent been nationalised, our nations have been privatised.

Our nations are now run by the bankers and globalist institutions like the World Bank and its regional groupings such as the EU.

This is why we require a form of Nationalist Class Warfare, where the people of nation states rise up against the puppet politicians that serve the globalist supra-national institutions like the WTO, World Bank, EU, US banks etc etc and against the bankers and other traitors in our nation.

We must at all costs ensure that Marxist Class Warfare does not gain popular support in our society as the Marxists are the Red stormtroopers of the Global Capitalists, as the capitalists fund and support the red groups, such as George Soros and the foundations and NGO's he funds that run the red groups in our country.

Nationalist Class Warfare is against the internationalists and globalists in our country who serve the global corporations and other supra-national institutions - and the aim of Nationalist Class Warfare must be to repatriate political power back to the British people from those global banks and globalist institutions to enable us to get our trillions of pounds of tax money back from the banks and bankers which was given away to them by Gordon Brown, and for us to use that money when we get it back to create a National Economy that will support the creation of a National Community and get our people back into work.

If the crash causes a rise in support for Marxist Class Warfare, then the only winners will be the global capitalists who will use their red violence to pass ever more laws to clamp down on free speech, the right to protest and our civil liberties.

The Marxists are the agents of Capitalism.

Their violence allows the government, which a puppet of the corporate media and globalist institutions, to pass ever more laws to remove our liberty.

We as Nationalists must resist both the Marxists and Capitalists.

This must be our strategy.

As the system collapses the Marxists will attack the state and the agents of the state.

The capitalists will assist and fund the marxists to do this in order to allow the state to pass more laws to repress the people and to ensure the control of the bankers and globalists in our countries is empowered.

Therefore we must simply allow the marxists and the state to attack each other, whilst we simply prepare to defend ourselves from any aggression from the state or the marxists.

Let the marxists attack the state and the state attack the marxists, whilst we simply keep out of the way and defend ourselves only if we are attacked.

When the state and the revolutionary marxists have caused society to undergo a collapse as they enter the street conflict stage with each other, then we must be prepared as a nationalist movement to fill the vacuum that will exist when both do so.

The vacuum will be the anger of the masses who are anti-Marxist, anti-globalist and pro-nationalist and who have been abandoned into social poverty and unemployment by the government and the state.

They will demand a Nationalist solution to their problems.

The BNP under Griffin is not that nationalist vanguard, as Griffin is just another tool of the capitalists, a man who seeks wealth and power simply for himself.

He cannot be trusted with power.

Therefore a new nationalist vanguard must be created that will fill that vacuum when it occurs and who can lead, organise and direct the revolutionary masses into a nationalist movement.

I suggest that Nationalists begin to form autonomous cells of nationalists who are prepared for the coming struggle.

These will be small groups of nationalists in new and existing nationalist groups who know and trust each other and who can work together in a group.

This will then allow them to organise and form new nationalist movements in our communities.

Then when the system collapses those nationalist vanguards can come together to form a new nationalist elite that will fill the vaccuum in their communities and society and who can then form a new mass street movement to challenge the state and its globalist / marxist / capitalist traitor lackeys.

If the BNP cannot be saved from the Griffinites, then Nationalists must not sit back and do nothing.

We must prepare for the coming collapse now.

The fake "recovery" was nice while it lasted, says famous apocalyptic forecaster Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute. But now the fun's over, and we're headed for what Celente describes as the "Greatest Depression."

Specifically, the always startling Celente says the country is headed for rising unemployment, poverty, and violent class warfare as the government efforts to keep the economy going begin to fail.

The crux of the problem, Celente argues, is that the middle class has been wiped out. America used to be a land of opportunity for all, where hard-working people could build their own small businesses in their own communities and live prosperous and fulfilling lives. But now a collusion of state and corporate interests that Celente describes as "fascism" have conspired to help only the biggest companies and the richest Americans. This has put a shocking amount of the country's wealth in the hands of a privileged few and left the rest of the country to subsist on chicken-feed wages and low job satisfaction as Wal-Mart "associates" -- or worse.

The answer, Celente says, is to bring back the laws that prevented huge companies from getting so big and powerful, and put some opportunity back in the hands of ordinary people. But doing that is going to take a while. And in the meantime, we're headed for trouble.

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The Red Pill 2

Do not watch this video ;

Al Qaeda


False Flag Terrorism

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The Red Pill

Follow the link below and it has a video with the FBI agent making the claim ;

A retired FBI agent has come forward with evidence that President John F. Kennedy was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas on Nov 22, 1963.

The Korean War veteran and retired FBI agent, Don Adams, was interviewed by a FOX 8 news reporter. He told the reporter that he worked as an FBI field agent in Thomasville, Georgia.

Adams, who is now 80-years-old, told the reporter that one of his assignments was to investigate "one of the most violent men in the country,” Joseph Milteer.

Adams had an informer who recorded a conversation with Milteer just weeks before the assassination. In the tapes the extreme right radical, with links to the KKK and States Right Party, can be heard talking about the best way to shoot the President. He say the prime location "is from an office building with a high powered rifle."

Agent Adams and his team located Milteer in Quintan, Georgia on November 27, 1963 but the Senior Agent would not allow a proper investigation.

"I said, 'Boss wait a minute, we have an opportunity to elicit tremendous information from him' and he replied 'five questions and nothing more'," said Adams.

Milteer was asked if the President was going to be assassinated. He replied "Oh yes. It's in the works."

It is Adams belief that this information should have been enough for the FBI and the Secret Service to have stop President Kennedy and his wife from travelling.

After the assassination had been carried out Milteer was "jubilant" and bragged about it. He said "You thought I was kidding when I said he would be killed from a window with a high powered rifle."

Milteer was never mentioned in the Warren Commission Report which investigated the assassination. The report from FOX 8 said "Adams suspects Milteer was definitely involved in President Kennedy's death, but he says Oswald absolutely was not."

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Friday 20 August 2010

PC Cowards and The Bradford EDL Demonstration

It looks like the Tories and the police have decided to ban the controlled, and planned, EDL march in Bradford.

Now as we all know the police cannot stop a STATIC DEMONSTRATION by the EDL from taking place in any part of Bradford.

So what the EDL need to do now is simple - hold a series of static demonstrations all across Bradford rather than all going into one place.

The decision by the idiot Home Secratary Theresa May, a woman who is as intellectually vapid as the 'fame' she has obtained simply on the basis of her choice of shoes, has decided to surrender our liberty, civil rights and freedoms to march and protest to the politically correct coppers, politicians, UAF scum, Islamists and Islamist apologists that infest Bradford.

Note that the police will ban an EDL march but will protect Islamist filth when they want to march and abuse our troops in British streets.

What was truly sickening for me though was having to read Nick Griffins witless screed on the BNP website last week about the EDL where he attacked them as being responsible for the violence at EDL demonstrations, when as all Nationalists in the BNP know, the ONLY people that cause trouble at any Nationalist, BNP or EDL demonstration is the UAF.

By smearing the EDL and telling lies to support the UAF, Griffin has directly supported the UAF and assisted the media in telling media lies about the EDL and the UAF.

His attack on the EDL has allowed the media to now depict the UAF as some 'benign' organisation and as the victims of violence, when we all know the UAF is a collection of cowardly thugs that attack Nationalists and who then use the media lies to hide behind and blame the BNP for their violence.

How any Nationalist can say anything to support the UAF lies amazes me, but then again seeing as Griffin betrayed Jay Slaven by refusing him admission to the meeting last night in London, and Jay was the BNP security guy who saved Griffin from the UAF mob on College Green in London, then I am not amazed any more at what bilge, tripe and nonsense comes out of Griffins big mouth.

It appears that the police and politicians think they can kick the English people to the ground and they will just lie there and take it.

Heres what the EDl need to do ;

1) Each unit of the EDL organises their own rally points outside the town. Preferably from well outside Bradford and then they head into Bradford in small, unobtrusive groups. From each rally point outside Bradford the EDL groups then converge on different locations across the city and town at the same time - this way the police will not be able to contain them in one place or batter them for the media.

Use the tehcnique of Flash Mobbing to have static demonstrations all over Bradford.

The leaders of each EDL unit contact each other with text messages revealing where each flash mob rally will happen and pass them onto their own trusted activists.

As the police close down one flash mob location, then simply form another one elsewhere in the city.

To ensure total security amongst the leadership then the EDL unit leaders need to buy 'pay as you go sims' for their phones and put a tenner on them.

On the morning of the EDL demonstration, each EDL unit leader rings up the other EDL Unit leaders and each gives the other their new pay as you go mobile phone numbers.

Pass the new mobile mumbers to your lads on the day and then text them where each new flash mob is going to form in the city.

This means you can communicate with the leadership and each other and the police cannot intercept the numbers, or if they do they will not be able to react as quick as the flash mob units as they form and dissolve in the city.

Keep moving, keep having new flash mobs and as one is closed down, form another elsewhere.

2) The EDL lads need to mingle with the shoppers in the area and then form 'spontaneous' public demonstrations wherever they wish in the town centre - and the more the merrier, as the more the police realise that it is in their best interest to treat the EDL with respect in the future, and also respect their fundamental right to demonstrate, the less chance there is in the future that they will seek another idiotic and draconian ban on their marches.

3) The EDL should not organise a single joint demonstration as this is what the police want them to do - the more the EDL organises autonomous units that form random 'street flash mobs' in the area, the less chance there is of the police using their liberal fascist bully boy tactics to shut down the demonstrations.

Splintered demonstrations and flash mobs cannot be contained.

4) Remember that for all peaceful demonstrators the Video Camera is our AK47 - make sure every EDL demonstration has spotters and camera teams ready to film any police or UAF brutality.

Position people outside the demonstration area and just away from the location of the demonstrations and have them ready to film the police if they get thuggish.

The more camera footage of the police being thugs the harder it is for the media scum like The Daily Mail to peddle lies about the EDL to the readers, and as we all know most of the the readers themselves support the EDL and regard the Daily Mail journalists simply as lying politically correct scum.

Film any police brutality and load it onto Youtube yourself when you get home or send it straight to an EDL appointed webmaster and video technician so they can load the footage straight onto the EDL site.

If the EDL play this right, and show the police that banning the EDL demonstration was simply idiotic and counter productive, then the police will not do so again.

Once they have demonstrated then the EDL must leave town straight away and avoid any confrontation with the Islamists or the Far Left thugs in the UAF.

The violence will come after they leave the area when the local Islamists and their supporters will be incited into violence by the UAF.

Let the Islamists and the UAF reveal what they truly are to the people of Bradford, so they know what sort of monsters they have allowed to grow in their midst.

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Join The BNP Reform Website

The BNP Reform Website is now online here ;

Come and have a look and join up.

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The Shame of the BNP

The events of the meeting last night in London were shameful - not just for the BNP but also the lads in BNP security who acted as Griffins hired thugs and denied BNP members access to a BNP meeting on the say so of Griffin.

I have always been the staunchest supporter of the BNP security team.

When Warren Bennet ran the security team I always tried to get resources set aside for the team to use.

When Martin took over I did the same, demanding frequently that BNP security be funded properly and the lads looked after properly by the party.

After the College Green incident I assisted the security team to ensure they were legally protected.

After the pictures of Martin Reynolds were stolen from his computer and unlawfully leaked onto the internet, the whole of the AC wanted to kick him out of the party and I was the only one who demanded he be allowed to stay on as the leader of the security team.

Martin reynolds owes his present position solely to me, as Griffin was willing to kick him out of the security unit as the rest of the AC, and many members, were howling for him to be removed.

I put loyalty first, every time and I am most loyal to those who are prepared to take a bullet for the BNP.

Thats why I demanded Martin Reynolds be allowed to keep his job, as his loyalty to the party meant we should be loyal to him.

But the actions of BNP security last night in London have brought shame on them and the whole of the BNP.

The report below was first posted on the British Democracy forum ;

" Well well what a night! 90 people and 75% were anti Griffin/ pro Butler. Mostly London with A handfull from home counties. About 20 excluded but most got in by towing the line. Those outside were R. Edmonds, Chris Roberts, Lawrence Rustem, Rowena Savage, Peter Phillips, Bob Gertner, Steve McColl, Victoria, Eddy Butler, Sue Butler, Tony Avery, Colin Smith, Emma Colegate, Jay Slaven, a couple of ex councillors from B&D and 3 or 4 others.

Mick Barnbrook got in and managed to get his point across, but Q&As were limited because Griffin talked for an age. Meeting started 30 mins late because the access control was a drama. RE was the first to be refused entry and this nearly caused a riot. Most people calmed down in order to get themselves in.

Second to be refused was ex councillor, L. Rustem who was fuming. Colin Smith enquired why LR was denied access and was told that he couldn't attend either, simply because he enquired. This held up the smooth flow for about 5 mins as voices were raised and CS telling Geoff from Insecurity that if he was touched, a complaint would be made to the police.

Steve McColl was stopped but was a lot more complient and smiled as he turned back to the serious-looking but now quiet crowd. Sue Butler then made an attempt to enter but was simply blocked but the portly fellows in the doorway.

To be continued. "


Here we see that anyone, and everyone is an 'Expendable' in the BNP - except for Griffin and his gollum Dowson.

The list of people denied entrance ARE THE BNP !

Griffin is just a transient leader of the party, a man who has already announced he is going to retire in four years time, yet here he is acting as if he is the party and his interests supersede those of the party and its loyal members.

Jay Slaven is the BNP security guard who rescued Griffin's during the college green incident with the UAF - he is the guy on the left of Griffin in the picture below who is pulling Griffin towards the car ;

He wasnt even allowed in the meeting.

He is an ex-comrade of the BNP security team.

Thats how Griffin rewards loyalty.

The man is pure filth.

Denying Richard Edmonds access to the meeting was disgraceful - he was a founder member of the BNP and has been a member over thirty years !

Colin Smith and Lawrence Rustem ( an ex Barking councillor) are amongst the most trusted BNP activists.

Lawrence even infiltrated AFA for John Tyndall and the BNP in the 1980's when AFA were using terrorism and physically attacking BNP members so the BNP could find out who they were and where they lived.

This list of people refused access to the meeting is a list of the most trusted, skilled and loyal BNP members in London.

The fact that Griffin is now using the security lads to enforce his will against the members is shameful, both for the security team and the BNP.

Sorry lads, but you are BNP members and are supposed to be loyal to the BNP - you are not Griffins goons and loyal solely to Griffin.

Unconditional obedience to Griffin is not the duty of BNP security, the role of BNP security was set up so that they could protect the party, party officials and party meetings - BNP security was not set up to act as Griffins hired thugs and deny BNP members access to BNP meetings because Griffin has ordered it.

The actions of BNP security last night, denying BNP members access to BNP events, means the entire ethos and standing of the BNP security unit has changed - under Griffin they have been transformed into a team of hired thugs for Griffin.

That means the BNP security Unit is NO LONGER BNP SECURITY, but they are Griffins security unit.

That also means that as Griffins security, they are now actively assisting in the betrayal of the BNP, as their actions in enforcing Griffins will against loyal and long serving BNP members was not, and is not, a part of their remit as BNP security unit officers.

The BNP security Unit is an group established to defend BNP meetings and defend BNP activists at those meetings.

BNP security was not created as a hired group of thugs for Griffin - the unit is an agency of the party and serves the party.

For the security unit to choose loyalty to Griffin over loyalty to all BNP members, means they have broken their duty and loyalty to the party and its membership.

BNP securities role at last nights meeting was simple and clear - it was not to do as Griffin demanded and expel BNP members from a BNP meeting, it was too defend the building where the meeting was and protect all the BNP people at the meeting from attacks by Reds.

Every BNP member who is an up to date BNP member by law had a right to attend that meeting.

BNP security has no power under the BNP constitution to physically prevent or restrain up to date BNP members from attending a BNP event.

The constitutional position of the BNP security is simply that they are a body of the party who can do only what is lawful in English law and which does not conflict with the constitutionally protected rights of members.

The BNP constitutional position, and English case law, is that a BNP member who is an up to date BNP member cannot be refused entrance to a BNP meeting.

As a BNP member they have a right in law to attend that event.

Any order from Griffin that demands BNP security act to physically prevent up to date BNP members from accessing a BNP meeting is unlawful.

Not only were the physical removals of BNP members clearly assaults, but the role of BNP security in removing BNP members from the meeting and preventing BNP members from entering the meeting means those in the BNP security Unit who undertook those actions are all in breach of the BNP constitution for their actions and hence liable for expulsion themselves for acts of Gross Misconduct and for acts of 'Bringing the party into disrepute'.

By doing as they did last night then the lads in the BNP security crossed the line from being a lawful BNP security unit, to an illegal organisation both within the party and outside it.

Sorry lads but the actions of BNP security last night was shameful.

For you to have treated loyal and long standing BNP members as you did was disgusting.

For you to have treated Jay Slaven as you did, an old comrade of your own, was an act of disloyalty that you should be ashamed of forever.

I write this with a heavy heart, ashamed to see the BNP that I once served become a fascist cult of violence around a corrupt leader who has no honour or loyalty.

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