Sunday 30 November 2008

The BBC Bottle It AGAIN !

I have just been locked out from posting comments on The Moral Maze comment section of the BBC website.

It appears the BBC and their little flock of Far Left Fascists that infect the comments section do not like having to answer for their stupidity online.

Typical gutless BBC - ban anyone they cannot beat in a fair debate.

No wonder the BBC is such a boring joke.


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A Walk In Winter

A Walk In Winter.

November lays naked upon its bleak altar,
Beneath a sky of crow black cloud,
The Kinver woods are haunted with death,
Who lurks in corners where shadows cling,
His thin fingers fade each flower,
Snuffing their life as a candle flame,
One by one until only the ghosts remain,
Drab in drifts of crinkled brown,
Nested in fading ferns that shiver in the wind,
That whistles through the oaks and elms,
Sloughing the last of their summer leaves,
Which still cling as limpets upon a twig,
Awaiting a storm to wash them away.

Bleak is this echo of summers sigh,
Solemn in its surrender to winters crimes,
Magpies gather in brutal packs
And fall as wolves upon the last acorns,
Like harlequins quarrelling over spoils,
Comical in their conflicts, I sudden see,
The fear in their eyes as they are chased away,
For hunger haunts this gaunt day,
Hollowing the hearts of strangers,
And winnowing the herd and flocks,
As natures glory ebbs into a savage stillness,
A deadly hush descends upon the dusk,
The promise of a coming killing frost,
Settling soft beneath a hunters moon,
That will take its prey with a grim embrace.

The sun squints through a half shut eye,
Weeping warmth through a cataract of mist,
A pallid pearl it slips from East to West,
Swift as the white wings of death,
As a pale moth it flutters forth,
Anointing the fallen with its wan light,
Soft as silk upon cold bleached skin,
Beside the crunching stone and slurping mud,
That slips the towpath where we step,
Canal boats are berthed in huddled shoals,
Hibernating against winters thrall,
Fearing the cruel blast of snow and ice,
They hug the banks and sleep away the year,
Plump as black berries upon a briar,
Awaiting Spring to slip the leash of sanctuary.

Wood smoke whispers from a chimney pot,
Protruding from the flat black roof of a barge,
Busy puffing pale phantoms upon the wind,
Thick with the smell of sizzling bacon rashers,
Whose gossamer ghost grumbles our guts,
And waters my mouth with a memory,
That time and tongue can never forget,
Three greylag geese paddle past, arrogant thugs,
Their beaks slip beneath the black waters
To devour the hunks of bread we throw,
Mocking the mallards that scatter from their ire,
Then drifting on in a haughty hurry,
Stars shine as night falls over the clent hills,
As a blanket pulled over after the sky turns red,
All lights in the windows flicker and fade,
As sunbeams in the memory of distant June,
Whilst above us the leonids feather the face of the moon,
Ablaze for a moment, then slipping to their doom.

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The day after the attacks on Mumbai I said that the attack was designed to target Whites - this has now been confirmed by one of the suriving terrorists.

" He described how its mastermind briefed the group to ‘target whites, preferably Americans and British’. "

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The day before I was on The Moral Maze I gave an half an hour interview with a Radio 4 journalist on the issue of the BNP membership list being leaked.

I attended a radio studio in Chatham, Kent and then had an interview with a chap from Radio 4.

In that interview I was asked questions and allowed to answer them without being stopped, my words twisted and without people trying to set up a lynching party.

I was told that the interview would be on Radio 4 on Tuesday last week - yet it did not appear.

Why ?

Is it because the BBC will only publish the propaganda they want about the BNP - and therefore any interview we give that undermines their propaganda must be thrown into the Memory Hole ?

Here is my latest comment on the Moral Maze website here ;

1) I reiterate the point made previously ;

If the BNP are so thick why was it required for the Moral Maze show to have every guest with an anti-BNP bias on the show ?

Why was it neccasery for the endless stream of abuse and bile to be aired by the panelists about the BNP before the show even began.

If that panel on the show were an internal BBC disciplinary panel as relating to the behaviour of an an BBC employee - then the bias, abuse and bullying would leave the BBC open to a charge of victimisation, bias and bullying in an employment tribunal.

There was not even a pretence of fairness, equality and respect - the attacks on the BNP began before I even walked into the studio.

That is called bullying - yet some of the people on this thread think that someone defending themselves from such bullying and abuse is somehow wrong - what hypocrisy from these people !

The day before The Moral Maze I gave an hour long radio interview for Radio 4 that was supposed to be broadcast on the Tuesday night.

In that interview it was just me and the interviewer having a conversation and debate.

I was asked questions and given the time to respond without interruprtion or abuse.

Note that this show was not broadcast.

It appears that a fair debate is not acceptable as regards the BNP but demonisation and lie are - I call that cowardice.

If the BNP is so thick why not have a fair debate where it is a one on one interview where questions are asked and the interviewer gives the person the respect and time to respond.

It appears that the BBC does not have the intellectual ability to debate with the BNP - as shown also by Nick Griffins mauling of Jeremy Paxman a few years ago on Newsnight, and therefore can only set up a public lynching party with a pack of bushwhackers.

Come on BBC - if the BNP are so thick then why not have a fair debate ?

Or is it simply that the BBC know their propaganda about the BNP is simply that PROPAGANDA - and therefore for the truth to come out would somehow undermine the image and trust that the people have in the BBC iself.

The BBC have a duty to be politically impartial - yet we all know this is a joke.

The fact that the BBC has peddled myths about the BNP for so long eg knuckledraggers, thugs, thick, despised etc etc means that that truth being revealed would reveal more about the BBC than the BNP.

Therefore the BBC cannot offer a fair debate to the BNP as to do would reveal the fact that the BBC is guilty of lies, propaganda and deceits to the British public about the BNP.

The BBC has gone too far down the road of propaganda and lies for it to be revealed - as then the public would be very very angry at how much they have been manipulated by the BBC.

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Shami Chakrabarti - Liberal Hypocrite

Shami Chakrabrti is an enigma.

For her, as a paid up member of the Liberal Fascist elite, hypocrisy and moral cant are the currency in trade.

Take her missive in The Times today posted below.

Note how this 'defender of Liberty ' (Yeah Right ! ) has not once said anything about defending the 13 BNP activists arrested in Liverpool last week.

No doubt will Shami will quote the old chestnut ' Liberty does not defend the rights of racists' - but that wont run anymore Shami.

The BNP are a lawful party and the literature they deliver is 100 % lawful.

Therefore the BNP must be defended by Liberty - even if some sniffy liberals in Liberty think that the BNP is 'racist'.

Perhaps Shami needs remniding that racism is not a crime in the UK.

Inciting Racial hatred is a crime, but racism is not.

Even if the BNP is racist, which it is not, the fact remains that racism is not a crime.

It may offend liberals - but it is protected as a fundamental part of free speech.

Shami therefore has no logical defence for her to assert as to why she has not defended the BNP.

Here we see the problem of the classic 'Slippery Slope' example.

Shami despises the BNP, therefore she refused to speak out to defend the BNP.

Therefore the precedent was set for the police and the government that its okay to attack the rights of the BNP as no-one cares about the BNP.

This led to the recent raid on Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister.

First they came for the BNP and Shami did not speak out.

But by allowing the government to attack the rights of a 'despised' group this set an example that the government would always follow, which was to attack others with the same powers.

You see Shami is in a bit of a paradoxical situation.

She knows that once a government has been allowed to abuse it powers, it will go on and abuse them again.

Politicians are like paedophiles - in that once they have offended the nonces will always offend again.

Yet Shami and Liberty did not speak out to defend the BNP EVEN THOUGH THE LEAFLETS THE BNP DELIVERED IN LIVERPOOL WERE 100 % LAWFUL as confirmed by the CPS.

Neither did Liberty seek to see a copy of the leaflets so as to ascertain whether the leaflets were lawful before they refused to deny any support to the BNP - therefore we can see that Liberty as an organisation is bent.

It is not a defender of liberty - it is simply a defender of liberalism.

Liberalism is not Liberty, just as Fascism was not Nationalism and Communism was not socialism.

Liberalism is the antithesis if Liberty in that it defends only its own shallow values and ideals, and rejects and criminalises those it despises.

Liberalism is the engine of Political Correctness, which is the lexicon of classic fascism in a new cover.

The phrase Liberal Fascism came from H.G. Wells, a Fabian Socialist and Labour Party candidate, who wrote that Liberalism must become a variant of Nazism ;

He said: "I am asking for a liberal fascisti, for enlightened Nazis...obviously the Fascists of Liberalism must carry out a parallel ambition on a still vaster scale. They must begin as a disciplined sect but they must end as the sustaining organisation of a reconstituted mankind".

But Shami knows this - yet she still refuses to defend the principle of liberty against Liberalism itself.

Therefore either shami is an idiot, which we know she is not or ;

1) Her defence of liberty is merely an extension of her politics - in that Shami thinks civil rights should only be defended for those people she supports

2) Her real role in Liberty is to act as the defender of liberalism and liberal values - not to defend liberty itself but only those liberal values that she defines as liberty.

3) That she is really an agent of the far left and her role is to defend the far left and those that the system want to have a voice.

Shami should be sacked from Liberty - it is her failure to defend Liberty for the despised that has allowed the state and police to erose our liberty itself.

As Noam Chomsky said " "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

Perhaps Shami can answer why she has not defended the rights of those despised by the enemies of liberty, the proponents of Liberalism - but I doubt she will.

Hypocrites prefer silence to public scrutiny.

This arrest of an MP is a threat to us all

Shami Chakrabarti

Liberty is always a rollercoaster ride and last week was more so than most. As an organisation dedicated to protecting civil liberties we began defending the free speech of Sun journalist and former Talksport radio presenter Jon Gaunt. He once thought me “the most dangerous woman in Britain”, but Britain it seems, is even more dangerous now. Hired to be a colourful “shock jock”, he was then summarily terminated for calling a local councillor a “Nazi” and a “health Nazi” in a heated debate about the wisdom of banning smokers from fostering children. Is passionate argument and rudeness to be censored? Are there to be no warnings or second chances in post-Brand/Ross radio?

Then the horrific atrocity in the land of my forefathers; the sub-continent that my small son has yet to visit but like thousands of other young Britons feels so much kinship with. This civil libertarian needs no reminding of the enormous burden of policing open societies in the face of the bloodthirsty.

So imagine my surprise when the call came about the dramatic police operation against Damian Green MP on suspicion of “aiding and abetting” a Home Office leaker. Surely the anti-terror cops have enough on their plate without responsibilities for internal Whitehall discipline? Surely the threat posed by mild-mannered parliamentarians doesn’t require the heavy mob? Perhaps pots might better investigate kettles than the Yard inquire into civil service leaks.

It is always dangerous to speculate about ongoing investigations, but Liberty was founded in response to overzealous antidemocratic policing, and questions must be asked.

As a former Home Office civil servant and lawyer, I well understand the importance of confidentiality. Any organisation that feels undermined by an employee is entitled to investigate suspected breaches of trust. I would even concede that in the sensitive environment of that department, it may be necessary to call in the police to establish the identity of a suspected mole and the extent of potential lapses. But why, particularly in the apparent absence of threats to national security, is it so often necessary to rush to criminal justice rather than discipline or even dismissal?

Then to Green himself. The legal creativity of investigating an elected politician for presenting leaked information to the public is obviously dangerous enough. Given the constitutional sensitivities, why arrest him rather than offer the opportunity to attend for interview by arrangement? This was after all considered adequate for Tony Blair in the small matter of cash and peerages.

Just as Sir Ian Blair is leaving the Yard in a cloud of bluster about political interference with policing, the bruised and battered Met now faces the inevitable charge of interfering in the political process. Who made this judgment in the public interest? When does irony descend into farce?

If I ever was the most dangerous woman, I suppose I must concede the potential dangerousness of the MP for Ashford. But a danger worthy of nine hours’ detention and up to nine counter-terror officers raiding his home does seem a bit of a stretch.

Then there is the small question of the integrity of parliament. Who exactly in the house authorised the raid on a member’s office, and while we’re about it, why the execution of this whole operation at a time when parliament has risen for a few days and difficult questions are harder to ask?

Who first briefed the press that Green had been arrested? Was this itself an unethical leak? Why were some senior politicians rather than others informed of the operation in advance? Given that the whole saga began with a Home Office complaint, did no one in the ministry of the interior know about the parliamentary side of the investigation?

These and so many other troubling questions may remain unanswered for some time, maybe until the conclusion of initial investigations. But of course that timetable conveniently rests with the police. Further, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has proved a less than fearsome watchdog to date. It seems to make too many friends and does not always bark in the night. Perhaps it might surprise me this time.

More happily, the much-maligned Human Rights Act struck a blow for press freedom in the context of another recipient of leaked information, the local journalist Sally Murrer. The case against her, built on bugged conversations with her police officer source, collapsed under the weight of her right to free expression which necessarily requires the protection of journalistic sources.

I have neither a borrower nor a leaker been and have often criticised “off-the-record briefings” relating to policing and security matters. However, it is one thing to establish ethics and discipline in an organisation and quite another to punish politicians and journalists whose free speech is essential to democracy, and whose job it is to disseminate information in the public interest.

The events of last week demonstrates the extraordinarily tough challenges faced by the new acting Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson. I wish him so very well in the task of bringing calm, judicious policing to the capital. I may even send him a nutcracker this Christmas. He has inherited too many sledgehammers.

Shami Chakrabarti is director of Liberty

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Saturday 29 November 2008

Iraq War was ILLEGAL says Lord Bingham

For the dodgy legal advice that was drafted up before the Iraq War go here ;

Note from The Guardian here ;

As the Downing Street documents show, a year before the invasion the government knew that no legal justification existed and planned to create one. A March 2002 Cabinet Office options paper suggested that Saddam's weapons of mass destruction (on which the intelligence was "poor") could provide a pretext:

A refusal to admit UN inspectors, or their admission and subsequent likely frustration, which resulted in an appropriate finding by the security council could provide the justification for military action.

Quote from document taken from here ;

Top judge: US and UK acted as 'vigilantes' in Iraq invasion
Former senior law lord condemns 'serious violation of international law'
Comments (…)

* Richard Norton-Taylor
*, Tuesday November 18 2008 00.01 GMT
* The Guardian, Tuesday November 18 2008

One of Britain's most authoritative judicial figures last night delivered a blistering attack on the invasion of Iraq, describing it as a serious violation of international law, and accusing Britain and the US of acting like a "world vigilante".

Lord Bingham, in his first major speech since retiring as the senior law lord, rejected the then attorney general's defence of the 2003 invasion as fundamentally flawed.

Contradicting head-on Lord Goldsmith's advice that the invasion was lawful, Bingham stated: "It was not plain that Iraq had failed to comply in a manner justifying resort to force and there were no strong factual grounds or hard evidence to show that it had." Adding his weight to the body of international legal opinion opposed to the invasion, Bingham said that to argue, as the British government had done, that Britain and the US could unilaterally decide that Iraq had broken UN resolutions "passes belief".

Governments were bound by international law as much as by their domestic laws, he said. "The current ministerial code," he added "binding on British ministers, requires them as an overarching duty to 'comply with the law, including international law and treaty obligations'."

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats continue to press for an independent inquiry into the circumstances around the invasion. The government says an inquiry would be harmful while British troops are in Iraq. Ministers say most of the remaining 4,000 will leave by mid-2009.

Addressing the British Institute of International and Comparative Law last night, Bingham said: "If I am right that the invasion of Iraq by the US, the UK, and some other states was unauthorised by the security council there was, of course, a serious violation of international law and the rule of law.

"For the effect of acting unilaterally was to undermine the foundation on which the post-1945 consensus had been constructed: the prohibition of force (save in self-defence, or perhaps, to avert an impending humanitarian catastrophe) unless formally authorised by the nations of the world empowered to make collective decisions in the security council ..."

The moment a state treated the rules of international law as binding on others but not on itself, the compact on which the law rested was broken, Bingham argued. Quoting a comment made by a leading academic lawyer, he added: "It is, as has been said, 'the difference between the role of world policeman and world vigilante'."

Bingham said he had very recently provided an advance copy of his speech to Goldsmith and to Jack Straw, foreign secretary at the time of the invasion of Iraq. He told his audience he should make it plain they challenged his conclusions.

Both men emphasised that point last night by intervening to defend their views as consistent with those held at the time of the invasion. Goldsmith said in a statement: "I stand by my advice of March 2003 that it was legal for Britain to take military action in Iraq. I would not have given that advice if it were not genuinely my view. Lord Bingham is entitled to his own legal perspective five years after the event." Goldsmith defended what is known as the "revival argument" - namely that Saddam Hussein had failed to comply with previous UN resolutions which could now take effect. Goldsmith added that Tony Blair had told him it was his "unequivocal view" that Iraq was in breach of its UN obligations to give up weapons of mass destruction.

Straw said last night that he shared Goldsmith's view. He continued: "However controversial the view that military action was justified in international law it was our attorney general's view that it was lawful and that view was widely shared across the world."

Bingham also criticised the post-invasion record of Britain as "an occupying power in Iraq". It is "sullied by a number of incidents, most notably the shameful beating to death of Mr Baha Mousa [a hotel receptionist] in Basra [in 2003]", he said.

Such breaches of the law, however, were not the result of deliberate government policy and the rights of victims had been recognised, Bingham observed.

He contrasted that with the "unilateral decisions of the US government" on issues such as the detention conditions in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

After referring to mistreatment of Iraqi detainees in Abu Ghraib, Bingham added: "Particularly disturbing to proponents of the rule of law is the cynical lack of concern for international legality among some top officials in the Bush administration."

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Where are the Condemnations ?

Where is the condemnation of the Mumbai attacks from British Muslim groups and organisations ?

Is it because they know that British Muslims were part of the terrorists ?

Is it because they secretly support the attack on the enemy of Pakistan which is India ?

Where are the voices in the Muslim community to condemn the attack and to pass commisserations onto the families of British people slaughtered by the coward terrorists as they rampaged through Mumbai killing unarmed people ?

These terrorists are gutless cowards.

Into the pig skins they should go.

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The Curse of Nationalism

I note that after a long and rather upsetting absence of public vilification and hate, I have now been attacked with simultaneous articles on Indymedia, Stormfront and Lancaster Unity.

The idiot on Stormfront attacking me is the loathsome , gutless little retard Sean Hadley, a scumbag of the highest order who is linked with the leaking of the BNP membership list via his association with Ebanks, John Holloway, Pete Barker and the sites they all post on - these being Lancaster Unity and NWN.

It is obvious that one of the VoC people, and I have my suspicions who that is as that person we know had been leaking e mails to Ebanks for years, gave Ebanks a copy of the list and that this copy of the list was then passed onto Lancaster Unity, Searchlight and others.

Ebanks posts on Lancaster Unity attacking the BNP more often than Ketlan and Garside who run the site.

The copy of the list was then passed by either someone in the Lancaster Unity or Searchlight orbit to an idiot in Northern Ireland, a red whose name we have, who set up the blog where the stolen membership list first appeared - but the initial act of treachery of stealing a copy of the list and then giving a copy of the list to Ebanks and her idiot scumbag friends can be traced back to one of the VoC people.

Note how Hadley, or Tactics as he calls himself, has reappeared on Stormfront attacking me at the exact same time as Indymedia and Lancaster Unity have put up articles online attacking me.

It appears that the cabal of list leakers and the Reds are all working together directly and all attacking the same targets.

They are not content with posting on each others websites - it now appears they have adopted the targeting of the same enemies at the exact same time.

It looks like they all fear the truth is being revealed.

In the article below I will detail how Nationalism has become its own most powerful enemy as it tolerates the Inner Traitor who is prepared to work with the reds, the media and the liberals to attack the nationalist movement itself.

The curse of nationalism has always been the Intellectual Snob, the cowards, the malcontents and the purists.

Nationalism is an ideology of action, it is not an ideology of solipsism.

The intellectual snob is incapable of any action - for them nationalism is simply an academic intellectual exercise.

For decades the split in nationalism has between the self appointed 'intellectual snobs' and the main body of the movement.

The intellectual snob sees anyone with a working class accent as beneath them. Frequently the intellectual snob will be heard moaning and groaning on the internet about how the nationalist movement must become more middle class and have more middle class people running things eg THEM.

For the intellectual snob they see themselves as the saviours of nationalism, yet because nationalism is 'not worthy of them' they must therefore sit on the sidelines sniping at those who do the real work.

The schizophrenic split in nationalism whereby the Mind despises the Body is based simply on the old adage - that those who frequently talk the talk the talk will never walk the walk.

The intellectual snob nationalist is usually the ultimate keyboard warrior - busy penning missives attacking those not ' up to their intellectual level' yet doing so from behind a pseudonym and an avatar on some remote corner of cyberspace.

They can talk and talk and talk and yet do nothing.

They are like spineless jellyfish adrift in a sea of their own bullshit - they simply drift and drift and go nowhere.

Then we have the purists - those for whom a million excuses can be found to do nothing but snipe, attack and abuse those who are actually getting on with the job of nationalism. The purists use the excuse of ' the BNP ETC ETC ETC are selling out because they wont do as I want ' - these are the dummy spitters and hair splitters - those for whom the debate on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin is the very definition of political action.

Along with the purists we can lump the cowards, the crawlers and the gutless. Those who at the first sign of any sort of public censure or criticism of the party they have joined will throw their hands in the air and wail one pathetic excuse after another ;

I filled the membership form in whilst suffering from a bout of sleepwalking

I was a member once but since then I have found god / allah / the glory of Multi-Culturalism etc etc

I joined but left after the papers said something nasty about the party.

I joined but left because someone in the pub called me a nazi.

These are the sort of surrenderists that people in the past used to deliver a white feather too. For them their social position, as an ant in the ants nest of our dying country, is more important than the future of our people.

For them their social position is the ultimate reality of their dedication - they would rather watch our nation and culture die than be looked down upon by the idiots in their streets or clubs.

For the coward what matters is that the idiots that they live near do not dislike them - they fear any sort of social contempt, even if the people who hold them in contempt are the most loathsome, selfish, idiotic scum on the planet.

Along with the cowards we have the malcontents.

These are the various nationalist losers, idiots, fetishists and racially confused self loathing freaks that have been kicked out of various parties over the years.

You can find these loathsome scum posting on Lancaster Unity and the NWN site - usually at the same time.

They often live in some remote corner of Europe surrounded only by cows and Nordics and then spend all their time attacking those in Britain who are actually getting on with nationalism.

They are usually disgruntled members of various parties - sad inadequate little men with big mouthes who hide under a thousand fake names on the internet posting their ridiculous conspiracy theories to the handful of pathetic retards they surround themselves with via cyberspace.

The malcontent will work with the reds, the media and the state to bring down any nationalist party that they have taken a personal affront too. For the malcontent their primary motivation is to feed the fires of their own damaged egos - they dont care less about the thousands of decent, ordinary nationalists who are doing the hard graft in order for nationalism to take power.

The malcontent is the whining maggot on the fringes of the movement, that hides whenever someone shines a light into their maggot hole. They will set up websites, forums, blogs etc etc to wage their own little wars against their own chosen enemy - regardless of the damage they are doing to the movement.

They are list leakers, the e mail leakers and the conspiracy theorists.

Most of the malcontents are reds or state agents.

Nationalism has been burdened with the scum for decades.

They are the inner enemy.

The time has come for nationalism to purge itself of these people.

The reds, the liberals, the media etc etc will always attack us as they are the enemy - they are frankly an irrelevance.

It is their job to attack us so we dont give a toss what they think or say.

But the Inner Enemy is the real enemy - the poison that must be cut out of the movement.

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Merseyside Police Chiefs - False Arrest and Torture

We all knew that the arrests last week in Merseyside were due to an e mail I sent to the Merseyside Police earlier that morning. Whilst the slug slime at the top of Merseyside Police were busy hunting down their own officers for daring to be married to someone with a lapsed BNP membership instead of hunting down terrorists and criminals, I dared to send the top brass an e mail reminding them that they are not above the law.

I must say sorry to the chaps who were arrested that day.

It appears that some gold braided tosser in the top ranks of Merseyside Police musT have nearly choked on his doughnut and coffee and then raged away at his minions from behind his desk


" Jahwol Mein Fuhrer "

A copy of the e mail I sent - which as still not been responded too by Merseyside Police is attached at the bottom of this article.

Note the time it was sent - the activists were arrested a couple of hours later.

I sent a copy of this e mail to both the Data Protection Department of Merseyside Police and the office of the Chief Constable - so it appears that the Merseyside police think they are above the law and that they are not accountable to the public.

Today the CPS have announced that the liverpool 13 will not be charged.

The announcement is on the BBC website and attached below.

This is confirmation that the arrests were false imprisonment, false arrests and breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998.

The fact that our activists were also tortured by the police, means they are going to be sued.

A Public Inquiry may need to be held over these arrests - if the Zanu PF New Labour government think that the police are their stormtroopers they need to think again.

Thankfully the fact that a Tory got a good taste of the fascist methodology at the hands of the New Labour Mugabe ACPO thugs this week means even they will now be forced to wake up.

As we have been saying for years ;

First they will come for the BNP

Now they have come for the tories. Dont worry though as anyone who dares disagree with Mugabe Brown and Jackboot Jacqui Smith will also be ze list.

Zere is plenty of room in ze New Labour Gulags for all of you democracy pigdogs !

No charges laid over BNP leaflets

The men were arrested in the Whitechapel area of the city

Thirteen British National Party (BNP) members arrested on suspicion of giving out racist material in Liverpool have been released without charge.

The men were arrested by Merseyside police on 22 November after leaflets were distributed in the Whitechapel area of the city.

A police spokeswoman said they were released after consultation with the Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS).

Nick Griffin, BNP chairman, said the booklets were anti-racist in content.


----- Original Message -----
From: Lee Barnes
To: ****.******* ; Nick Griffin
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2008 10:30 AM
Subject: Legal Notice

Date ; 22 November 2008

Re ; Stolen BNP Membership List

From ; L.J. Barnes LLB (Hons)


Formal Data Protection Cease and Desist Processing Order and Pre-Action Warning.

Formal Data Protection Act 1998 Data Disclosure Order.


It has come to our attention that your officers and staff are in possession of a copy of the stolen BNP membership list and are using this list to search for officers who may be in the BNP.

The officers who have obtained, used and ditributed this copy of the BNP membership list are in breach of ;

1) Setion 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998 - a criminal offense and also a civil offence.

2) In receipt of stolen property as the list has a commericial sales value

3) In breach of a contempt of court order.

The use of this list in any internal police 'withchunts' as per seeking the identity of any officers in the BNP also constitutes the use of illegally obtained evidence and therefore would be inadmissable in any employment proceedings - unless of course the police wish to confirm in any employment tribunals that they are using stolen documents, illegaly held and obtained by themselves in order to be used as illegal evidence in the sacking of a police officer for having a political opinion that David Blunkett, who authorised the policy to bar BNP members, disagreed with. David Blunkett if you may remember was later sacked from his job for repeated ethical standards in his role of Home Secretary.

Unless you confirm to me within the next four days when we will be going to court to apply for an injunction, costs and damages against your officers, that the BNP membership lists your officers have in their possession are destroyed then we will have no choice but to initiate legal action and formal complaints of Gross Misconduct against the officers involved in the obtaining, holding, storage, use and transmission of the list in the IPCC.

The attempt to use the BNP membership list as way to threaten serving officers with expulsion is an act of perverse political discrimination in breach of the ECHR and will not stand up in an employment tribunal. If the police seek to base any dismissal action using illegally obtained evidence then this will result in a case both in the employment tribunals and the higher courts and the ECHR.

Please be advised we are in contact with one of the top employment law firms in the country and will not hestitate to defend our members interests in this matter of protecting the list and also to seek to represent the interests of serving police officers who are disgusted at seeing the impartiality of the Police Service sold out to a bunch of corrupt transient Labour politician liberal fascists, many of whom were once investigated by MI5 and Special Branch as threats to British National Security in their days in the Communist Party and for their involvement the Miners Strike riots where serving police officers were killed and injured.

Please pass a copy of this e mail onto ACPO and all chief constables in the country as we intend to serve the same e mail to all police forces in the country who have been witless enough to go public with the announcement that thyey are using the list to search for serving police officers.

We seek the following information assurances that ;

1) We demand that you confirm whether or not your officers have obtained, collected, hold and have stored and are using a copy of the BNP membership list.

2) That the membership list is still in your possession

3) That your officers are using the list to search for serving officers

4) That this formal Data Protection Case and Desist Processing Order and Data Protection Act notice has been acknowledged and is being undertaken

5) Details of who have had copies of the list, where they were held, who is holding them now and what the police intend to do with the information on the list

You have 4 days to respond to this e mail with the information I ask.

If you provide me with the assurances below this would ensure we do not have to go to court, make the formal criminal complains to the police for theft and obtaining of stolen property, not seek an injunction and contempt of court order against your officers and that we do not have to initiate formal complains for Gross Misconduct against your officers in the IPCC ;

1) That the list is destroyed

2) That no copy of the list will be kept by the police in any form

3) That no attempt to use the illegally obtained information in the list will be made against against any serving officers

If we recieve these assurances then I am sure that our lawyers will take this into consideration when they consider their next legal steps.


L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)

The furore has also led Merseyside police to launch an investigation into whether a serving officer belongs to the far-right party.

A spokesman said: "We understand that the British National Party names a Steve Bettley for an alleged association with the party.

"Whether Merseyside Pc Steve Bettley was, or is, a member of BNP is subject to an ongoing inquiry."

"I don't think it's the correct policy because in politics people are entitled to believe what they like."

Former policeman and BNP member explains why he does not agree with the ban on serving officers joining.

"We will be keeping an open mind until all of the facts have been established," it said in a statement.

"We are very clear - membership of the BNP is totally incompatible with the duties and values of the police service and Merseyside Police.

"We will not accept a police officer or police staff being a member of the BNP."

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Superb Article on Majority Rights Site

A superb article here on the Majority Rights site ;

My favorite comment was this ;

This has got to be the comment of the year:

Yes lets stop the BNP. If they ever attain power we’ll end up fighting wars killing countless numbers of brown and black people. Your neighbour will become a spy for the government and you’ll be reported and locked up for even the pettiest offense, like not sorting your rubbish. Opposition MPs will be harassed and intimidated. The police will become an instrument of state power, with ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation’ used to shut down political enemies and subversives. Large swaths of the economy will come under direct government control to the benefit of their corporate cronies. All communications would be closely monitored to prevent subversion. They might even bring in ID cards using bio-identification (though I don’t think even they would go that far!). So yes lets stop these evil Nazis in their tracks and save the British way of life.

Posted by John on Friday, November 28, 2008 at 07:34 PM | #

Enough said.

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Clearing a Few Things Up

1) A few days ago I was challenged to go and post on the British Democracy Forum by the site host, a Spencer I believe. I do not usually post on internet forums as they are usually run by venal weasels with a power complex whose finger hovers over the delete button whenever anyone wins an argument with them.

Yesterday I joined the forum and made a post.

Surprise , surpise it was not posted on the site.

Spencer - you are an hypocritical idiot.

Grow a set and start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.

Why invite me to the site and then refuse to post what I put up ?

Now you know why I dont post on forums - big fish in small ponds and all that.

2) Hi Joe - thanks for the comments - though to be honest I have no idea what you are talking about !! I despise the glamorisation of heroin in our society - I have a dead step brother called David who died of a heroin overdose and a cousin who is a prostitute as she is a heroin addict.

Heroin has devastated my extended family.

I do not recall ever putting up any articles where I have glamorised those that use heroin either.

How about a link to that please.

As an aside a few years ago when I was in intensive care for a week or so I was given constant morphine for the pain I was in - it was vile.

How anyone can enjoy the experience of heroin is beyond me.

3) Thanks for the info on a certain little rat. Very interesting.

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Friday 28 November 2008

The Joys Of Diversity

Amongst the scum terrorists in India were British born Pakistani terrorists it now appears.

Yet more evidence of the sick joke that is Multi-Culturalism.

Multi-Culturalism = The Sea Of Immigrants In Which Terrorists Swim.

No Multi-Culturalism = No Terrorists in the UK.

Is this the benefits of diversity ?

Is this the benefits of Multi-Culturalism ?

Is this our 'vibrant multi-ethnic society' ?

All I see is middle class, British born terrorists bombing Britain, Israel, involved in terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan and now targeting British people in India.

Yet the government and the left and the liberals all pump out the same 'multi-culturalism enriches us ' bullshit.

Wrap the dead bodies of these Jihadist scum in pig skins and then bury them somewhere secret - that will stop future Jihadist attacks.

Thats what we should do with all Jihadists either killed in terrorists attacks, executed in terrorist attacks or who die in terrorist attacks.

Instead of letting the families of the 7/7 bombers take the bodies back to Pakistan they should have suffered the pig skin treatment.

That would have ensured that no more terrorist attacks take place in the UK.

The PRIMARY targets of this attack in India were WHITES.

The secondary targets were non-Muslim Indians.

The percentage of whites killed in this attack is vast.

It was a Racist Hate Crime against White Tourists in India.

The media can say 'more Indians were killed than Whites' but they would be wouldnt they as the attacks were in India.

That is irrelevant as per the MAIN targets of this attack - which were WHITES.

This is one of the worlds worst RACIST hate crime against whites.

No wonder the media are trying to minimise this - as this conflicts with the Multi-Cultural propaganda that racism is all one way.

Massacre in Mumbai: Up to SEVEN gunmen were British and 'came from same area as 7/7 bombers'

By Justin Davenport , Rashid Razaq and Nicola Boden
Last updated at 5:39 PM on 28th November 2008

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* British-born Pakistanis among arrested militants
* Commandos storm strongholds to rescue hostages
* Death toll rises as another 24 bodies found in hotel
* At least five dead hostages found in Jewish Centre
* Bystanders wounded in crossfire at Taj hotel siege

British-born Pakistanis were among the Mumbai terrorists, Indian government sources claimed today, as the death toll rose to at least 150.

As many as seven of the terrorists may have British connections and some could be from Leeds and Bradford where London's July 7 bombers lived, one source said.

Two Britons were among eight gunmen being held, according to Mumbai's chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. At least nine others are reportedly dead.

The eight arrested were captured by commandos after they stormed two hotels and a Jewish centre to free hostages today.

One security official said: 'There is growing concern about British involvement in the attacks.'


Indian authorities say two of the arrested militants were British-born Pakistanis

At the Oberoi Hotel, the siege ended when two militants were shot dead.

Dozens of traumatised guests emerged unharmed but inside there were scenes of carnage and the bodies of another 24 victims.

Mumbai officials say more than 150 people in total have now died in the attacks. Another 370 were wounded.

The bodies of another five hostages were found dead inside the Nariman House Jewish Centre this afternoon after commandos finally secured the building.

Two militants were also killed. It is not known whether the Rabbi and his wife who were believed to be among the hostages are dead or alive.

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New Labour Genocide

Imagine a country that gives tens of billions of pounds to nations like India and other nations as Development Aid as tens of thousands of old people in their own country freeze to death.

Imagine a nation that condemns 'racism' yet allows old white people to die of hypothermia every winter. More people die of cold in the UK per year then in Finland.

Imagine a nation that allows Passive Genocide by doing nothing to help the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable in our society.

Welcome to a nation that espouses Maoist Political Correctness, yet sits back and watches as hundreds of thousands of babies are aborted each year and tens of thousands of old people freeze to death.

Welcome to Britain.

More than 25,000 elderly die of cold as fuel poverty hits one in four pensioner households

By Daniel Martin

Last updated at 7:47 AM on 28th November 2008
Comments (0) Add to My Stories The Government is failing to tackle winter deaths which result from fuel poverty, Help the Aged has said
Last winter's cold weather claimed more than 25,000 lives - the highest for four years, a report revealed yesterday.

The deaths, which came amid soaring fuel costs, were up 7 per cent on the previous year and are the highest in Europe.

The vast majority - 22,400 - were among pensioners, millions of whom are in fuel poverty, having to choose between heating and eating.

Charities said the deaths were a 'national scandal' and warned that this winter, which is forecast to be colder, would see even more deaths.

Gas costs have surged by 50 per cent in a year and electricity by a third, adding around £400 to annual bills.

A survey by Age Concern found two-thirds of pensioners are cutting back on the amount of gas and electricity they are using. On Monday, Chancellor Alistair Darling announced an extra £60 at Christmas to help with winter fuel payments for pensioners – but campaigners said it was not enough.
Gordon Lishman, of Age Concern, said: 'Pensioners are clearly more worried about staying warm and well this year. Yet, the impact of increased energy bills is causing thousands to risk their health by cutting back on heating.'

The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, show that between December and March, there were 25,300 more deaths in England and Wales when compared with the rest of the year.

Winter deaths are often as a result of heart attacks, strokes, bronchial and other conditions and may occur several days after exposure to the cold.

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Mumbai Terrorists Hunting Whites

Have you noticed how the media are trying to portray the terrorists in India , including suspected BRITISH BORN Pakistani terrorists, as hunting down 'Westerners'

What the media is trying to hide is that terrorists were really hunting down WHITES.

The phrase 'westerner' is how the media seeks to hide the reality that the Islamic Jihad is a RACIAL JIHAD. The Islamists are not just the enemies of the West - they are racists who want to exterminate whites.

This is not the first time this has happened where the Islamist terrorists have deliberately hunted down and targeted whites - read the article here about the Bali bombers and how their attack was targeted at not non-Muslims - but WHITES ;

Any white person is a target. Avoid hotels because they are too well protected. Carry the bombs in small knapsacks to avoid suspicion. And don't worry about your escape route because you will become a "martyr".

These guidelines for suicide bombers were found on a computer captured by Indonesian police during a raid in November, and are believed to have been written by the British-educated bomb-maker Azahari Husin, who died during the attack.

Azahari, in his mid-40s when he died, studied for a doctorate at the University of Reading, and was a leading Malaysian member of Jemaah Islamiah, the South East Asian terrorist group that has close ties to al-Qa'eda.

Azahari, nicknamed the Demolition Man by Malaysian newspapers, earned a Phd in property valuation at Reading and was an associate professor at the Malaysian Technology University. But in 1998 he took a sabbatical after falling under the influence of a radical preacher, and then trained in explosives with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Azahari had been the prime suspect in a campaign of bombings against western targets including two attacks on the tourist resorts of Bali in 2002 and 2005, killing 202 and 20 people respectively.

The 34-page document on his computer set out the meticulous planning and execution for the second Bali attack, including a minute-by-minute timetable culminating with the triple suicide bombing on Oct 1. The blasts were set for 7.34pm when the restaurants would be full, and the entry read: "Allahu Akbar" (God is great).

The document, entitled The Bali Project, was obtained by the New York Times after it was first reported in the Indonesian magazine Tempo.

It begins by asking: "Why Bali?" Because it will have a "global impact". The author explained: "Bali is known around the world, better than Indonesia itself. An attack in Bali will be covered by the international media."

Section 2, headed "Method of attack", argues that the plan had to be different from the first Bali bombing, in which a mini van loaded with explosives was detonated in front of two nightclubs, because "security is tighter".

The author notes that the police chief in Bali had increased the number of intelligence officers from 70 to 256, and it would have been too risky once again to bring in a large amount of explosives and more difficult to rent a house with a garage to assemble a bomb. Instead, the document said, "the bomb must be smaller, and brought in ready to use".

It advocated attacking "foreign tourists from America and its allies" - including all Nato countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. But given the difficulty in distinguishing different nationalities, the author concluded: "We will consider all white people the enemy."

Note also how the bomber was educated at Reading University in the UK.

Yet again the scum of the planet come to our country - we feed them, house them, educate them and then they attack and kill us.

Is the 'diversity' that we should be proud of - the diversity of suicide bombers born and raised in the UK such as the 7/7 bombers - it is the diversity of the Somalian scum immigrants and asylum seekers that tried to blow us up on 21/7 or the suicide bomber scum that blew up a bar full of people having a drink in Israel -

Is that the diversity we should be proud of ?

Or should we be proud of the equality of the Islamist community that kill women for not marrying one of their cousins and having mutated children that then become the burden of local social services - such as we across this country.

Is it honour killings, female genital mutilation, the grooming and rape of young white girls by Muslim gangs - are these what we should be proud of in our filthy, sick , toxic multi-cultural society.

The Ivory Tower liberals, like the fat pompous bullfrog I had the misfortune to sit next to, clifford Longley, and try debate with in the recent radio 4 show make we want to puke.

They spend all their time having their arses kissed by the middle class, intellectual Taqqiya specialists and therefore think the problems we, the real British people , have and experience are all down to our 'racism'.

The view from the top of the Ivory Tower is only into the windows of the other Ivory Towers, and the air is always sweet with the scent of honeysuckle lies that people tell them.

I despise them all - the pompous, flaccid slug pizzles of the Liberal Fascist Society.

The Global Jihad is a race war.

The aim is the subjugation not just of the West but also the extermination of the Whites they blame for the defeat of the caliphate in the past.

For the Islamists the Whites are devils - for we are the force and people that have prevented the caliphate from being imposed across the world.

They want to exterminate us or put us under Dhimmitude - genocide or slavery.

People need to read about tyrants such as Timur (Tamerlane) and see what will happen when the next Islamist maniac arises and wages true war against the West.

Sources claim that when Timur conquered Persia, Iraq and Syria, he decimated the civilian population, raped their women and children, looted properties and converted people to Islam by force. In the city of Isfahan, he ordered several pyramids to be built each made up of 40.000 human skulls from those that his army had beheaded,[17] and a pyramid of some 20,000 skulls was erected outside Aleppo. Timur herded thousands of citizens from Damascus into the Cathedral Mosque before setting it aflame,and had 70,000 people beheaded in Tikrit, and 90,000 more in Baghdad.[18] As many as 17 million people may have died during his conquests.[19]

For a previous article on this issue by myself about the Racial Jihad read here ;

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Thursday 27 November 2008

The Ultimate Hypocrites

This has to be the ultimate definition of hypocrisy.

UNISON are one of the leading trades unions seeking to ban the BNP from union membership.

Racist slur by union bosses sparks protest

26 November 2008

DEMO: Union members take their protest to the top.

RACISM allegations made against trade union leaders have sparked a protest in central London.

Onay Kasab, secretary of Greenwich Unison and Bromley secretary Glenn Kelly were due to attend a disciplinary hearing at the London Hilton in Edgware Road, on Monday.

More than 50 union members picketed outside Unison's Euston headquarters to protest their innocence.

The hearing was later cancelled for the third time.

Unison's National Executive Committee claimed a leaflet distributed by Mr Onay and Mr Kelly was racist because it depicted the three wise monkeys.

The leaflet was distributed in 2007 to ridicule Unison leaders for supporting the Labour Party financially whilst public sector workers faced a series of below inflation pay rises.

Mr Kasab said: "The Labour Party is continually attacking the public sector at national and local level by refusing to pay decent wages.

"The idea that it is racist is ridiculous. We think this is really a political hunt for Socialist Party members."

Unison council workers across the country went on strike for two days last July after being offered a 2.45 per cent pay increase.

Supporters of the accused have set up a campaign to 'defend the four,' taking their plight as an example of a political witch-hunt damaging the union's fierce democracy.

Their campaign has received the support of political satirist Rory Bremner who said: "On the face of it Unison are about to make themselves the laughing stock.

"They need to be very aware of the widespread ridicule this will attract and think again before the papers get hold of this and make them look foolish and authoritarian."

An ultimatum was given to Unison General Secretary on Monday, warning that a legal challenge would be served for political discrimination should the proceedings continue.

Four people have been accused of racism over the monkey cartoon. Allegations against a fifth unionist were dropped.

For more information from supporters of the 'four' visit

Unison will not comment on the coming case. A replacement hearing date is yet to be set.

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The Vikings and the Barnes Family Temper

For those of you that thought I lost my temper in the debate last night - you are totally wrong.

Those who have seen or heard me lose my temper know that my mood was simply mild annoyance.

I suffer from a disability - I am from the Barnes clan.

The Barnes Clan are of the Bjeorn bloodline - Bjorn meaning bear was changed to Barnes - and this is the surname of those that were once the Berserkers - the bodyguards of Norse kings and the fiercest men in battle.

Here is an article from one of my fellow Barnes clan and a sufferer of the Barnes temprement in America.

From Scotland to Barnes Mountain


by Ralph Barnes

The Barnes clan arrived early in the state and share responsibility for transforming the Kentucky wilderness into the thriving community now known as Estill County. Barnes' family members are numbered among the county’s heroes as well as its villains. The best known promontory in the county, Bar-nes Mountain, is named in honor of the early Barnes pioneers that settled in the area. The patriarch of the Estill County Barnes clan is believed to be Brinsley Barnes I, born in Ulster, Ireland around 1715 of Scottish parents. Although Brinsley did not actively serve in the military, he lent a horse to the Colonial Army. Because of that patriotic act he is listed among the pantheon of war heroes that have been dei-fied by the Daughters of The American Revolu-tion. Brinsley’s elevation to the status of "Hero of the Revolution" (not to be confused with the Russian award of the same name that we do not honor) earned the family an elevated niche in the American hierarchy not normally accorded to the Scotch-Irish. As a result, Brinsley’s descendants are entitled to bask in his reflected glory by joining that hallowed organization. Nearly a century later Colonel Sidney Barnes earned accolades when his regi-ment of Union troops was the first to reach the summit of Lookout Mountain during that celebrated Civil War battle. The fact that the Rebels had vacated the mountain top the previous night does not detract from the heroic dimensions of that remarkable feat. Most families are thrilled if they can count among their members only one distinguished personality. Even two legendary figures are simply not enough for a family with hereditary rights to the Daughters of the American Revolution. Those virile Barnes genes produced yet another family swashbuckler who is better known and more highly regarded for his exploits than old Colonel Sidney and perhaps even Brinsley’s horse. The same Barnes blood that surged through the veins of those noble warriors also drove the heart of Edward "Ned" Hawkins who murdered seven men and sullied the reputation of a host of innocent young maidens before he was hanged in 1857. Ned was a handsome devil according to his contemporaries who could, if need be, talk his way out of Hell (a skill that surely was put to a stern test upon his demise). In Edward’s short but brilliant career, he became adept at counterfeiting, smuggling, larceny, polygamy, robbery, horse-stealing, pick-pocket-ing, card-cheating, forgery, storehouse-breaking, impersonating others for gain, murder and many other career skills too numerous to mention. Had Edward Hawkins life not been cut short by his untimely death, he undoubtedly would have entered politics and brought great honor to the family.

The one defining characteristic that sets the Bar-nes clan apart is euphemistically referred to as the "Barnes Temper." This peculiarly Barnes family trait, believed to have been inherited through Viking blood, has caused the demise of more than a few family members. The tendency for male members of the clan to "die with their boots on" continues into the modern era. Since the vast majority of the Barneses are "Yellow Dog" Democrats, the Republicans have been the target of choice of much of the Barnes rage. Fifty or sixty years ago the Republicans were nearly hunted to extinction. However, due to a sound conservation policy and admirable Barnes restraint the Republican numbers have increased dramatically in recent years as is evidenced by their recent takeover of Congress. Most of the early Barnes settlers in Kentucky have a common ancestor and it must be assumed that all people with the Barnes surname are afflicted with the "Barnes Temper." Unfortunately, carriers of the flawed temper gene have intermarried with many other families. The prudent thing would be for all people with a link to Estill County to check their family trees to see if they have been tainted with Barnes blood. Those with even an infinitesimal amount are subject to uncontrollable fits of rage and should avoid political debates, sports contests, lovers' quarrels and other emotional events. The Barnes strain of the temper virus is easily recognized. A Barnes in fit will froth at the mouth while the face flashes brilliant shades of red and an incoherent torrent of obscenities issues from the mouth. The subject may jump up and down and make threatening gestures with anything at hand while blaspheming everything and everybody within sight or hearing. The fits normally do not last more than ten minutes or so except when the subject of the rage is a Republican. Republican caused fits may last for days and are much more intense than the average run of the mill fit. There are people who swear that a Barnes in a Republican rage can produce tornadoes, earthquakes and other storms of mass destruction. Self-explosion during tantrums is second only to lead poisoning as the leading cause of death among Barnes males. The force of a Barnes’ rage explosion is so potent that very little is left of the subject except a bit of bone or a hank of hair. That is why so many Barnes women weep inconsolably when they hear the song "I Fall To Pieces."

Since there was a multitude of Brinsleys in the Barnes family, a great deal of confusion remains as to the exact lineage of each. Barnes' descendants throughout the country are trying to sort through the early Barnes genealogy and hopefully one day there will be a more accurate record of who sired whom. The Barnes clan probably descended from the Viking raiders that came to England in the eighth century to plunder the countryside. Many remained and set-tled in the area near the Irish Sea known as the Scottish lowlands. As Brinsley's Viking heritage burdened his descendants with a violent temper his Scottish ancestry provided them with an economic advantage. It was in Scotland that the Barnes clan learned to make the good whiskey that became the vocation of choice for so many of their Estill County descendants.

Except for the occasional intemperate outburst caused by their hot Viking blood most settled down, accepted Christianity and eventually became English citizens. Not too long after Brinsley’s Norse ancestors converted to Christianity, an affair of the heart in the royal court altered the history of England. In fact, the Barnes family is in Estill county today as a result of a love triangle that occurred in 1527. Henry VIII lost his heart to Ann Boylen (she later lost her head to Henry) and asked the Pope to grant him a divorce from the Queen so that he could marry her. The Pope refused and that made Henry mad. So the King decreed that henceforth the English would worship as Protestants rather than Catholics. All of this must have been very confusing to our forefathers. The Vikings were persuaded to stop worshipping Thor and convert to Catholicism as the only sure path to Heaven. Now the good citizens were told they couldn’t be Catholics anymore because the King had taken a fancy to one of his court maidens. One can imagine the befuddlement of the peasants as they tried to make the connection between Henry’s aroused hormones and their need to embrace Protestantism. Although the Barnes family is not noted for being quick on the uptake, some of our ancestors must surely have wondered if giving up Paganism had been such a good idea. Most of the English, including the Barnes clan, acquiesced and Anglicanism became the official religion in England. However, the Irish were not overly concerned about the state of Henry’s hormones and remained loyal to the Catholic Church. The English, of course, were outraged at the Irish for not supporting old Henry. Tensions developed that eventually resulted in open conflict. In time England managed to conquer the Irish but many of the Clans continued to resist English rule. The King and Parliament felt that Ireland could be best pacified by sending over settlers from Scotland to keep the Irish in check. Since the majority of the English had converted to Protestantism the government also felt a divine obligation to provide a Protestant presence in heavily Catholic Ireland. Brinsleys' ancestors and their Scottish neighbors were encouraged to immigrate to Ireland in the early part of the seventeenth century and consequently became known as the Scotch-Irish. As often happens with divinely inspired political decisions, the move proved to be a disaster resulting in a bitter struggle between the Catholics and the Protestants that is yet to be resolved. To entice the Scots to immigrate to Ireland one hundred years leases on farmland at very nominal rents were offered as inducements. When the leases expired during the first half of the eight-eenth cen-tury, the landed aris-tocracy immediately raised the rents. The increased rents were much resented by the tenants. After a century of cheap rents, the descendants of the original settlers had grown accus-tomed to the low rates and being true to their Scottish heritage refused to pay. Fortunately for Brinsley and his fellow Scotch-Irish compatriots there was plenty of cheap land available in the New World. So, they told their landlords where to stick their leases, boarded a ship and headed to America.

Brinsley originally settled in Kennett Township, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he married Elizabeth Lindley. They were living in Orange County, NC near Durham by 1768 when Brinsley was one of the signers of a petition to the English Governor and the House of Burgesses in Williamsburg requesting lower fees for recording property deeds. In addition to being renowned for their temper the Barnes are noted for their predilection to parsimony as well. The family later moved to Taylorsville in Wilkes County North Carolina near the Kentucky-Tennessee border where Brinsley died in 1795.

Among the children born to Brinsley and his wife Elizabeth, while they were in Pennsylvania, was a son named for his father. When the junior Brinsley grew up, he met and married a girl named Isabella and they eventually added an-other dozen or so family members to the rapidly growing clan. Around 1780, while the colonists were still struggling to free themselves from British taxes. Edward Barnes, patriarch of nearly all Estill Countians with the Barnes surname, became the sixth member of Brinsley Barnes Junior's. brood.

Near the turn of the century Brinsley Barnes Jr.and Isabella moved their family, including Edward, to Fayette County Kentucky. They probably traveled the Wilderness Road; a series of buffalo traces and Indian trails that stretched from the western reaches of North Carolina through the Cumberland Gap to the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. Both courage and desperation were required of the pioneers that made the trek to Ken-tucky. The trail was difficult with many mountains and streams to cross. Those that survived the rigors of the trip faced a lonely and difficult life while trying to establish a homestead in the wilderness. Because of the distance from civilization, the settlers had few of life's necessities and lived under primitive conditions that moderns can never fully appreciate. Food was scarce and the pioneers hunted and fished to sustain their families until land was cleared and crops were planted. Some wags have insinuated that the Barnes men got addicted to hunting and fishing at that time and came to prefer it over work. That probably explains why the family has produced more hunters and fishers than captains of industry. Life was difficult but the clan survived and eventually the Barnes family was established in Kentucky.

On June 28, 1811 Edward married Polly Shiply, daughter of Richard Shipley, and moved to Estill County where some of his relatives were already living. Thus the Edwardian branch of the Barnes clan became one of the principal families in Estill County. Only two months earlier Susannah Clubb of Fayette County had cited Edward into court on the first known bastardy charge recorded against a member of the family. However he was not the last Barnes to dally and several of his descendants have been similarly charged. His guilt or innocence is not recorded but Polly Shiply decided to marry him anyway. Edward sired at least eight children with Polly and after her death married Catherine Crouch in 1833 and had two daughters by her. Edward died in 1837 leaving a wife and two small daughters. At least one of Edward’s children was still living in 1920. Nearly all Estill Countians with the Barnes surname are descended from Edward. Today, the descendants of the original Barnes settlers include hundreds of known members scattered throughout the country. The number would be much greater if unacknowledged Barnes’ progeny could be counted.

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The Death of the British High Street

The announcement that after Christmas that no more Woolworths will be in Strood High Street near where I live has upset me.

We have had to watch as the old family run butchers, craft shops, local businesses are all being pushed out by the poncy Starbuck international corporations - whilst even big British businesses like Woolworths are closing down or being bought up by foreign companies.

When I was young my mates were butchers, brickies, sparkies, scaffolders and had trades.

I remember my mate Rory in Chatham High Street outside the butchers in a bloody white tunic waving pork chops about and shouting out to the women ' come on ladies and get your hands on my meat'. All the old ladies would laugh, and nudge and wink at each other and whisper about what they would do with his meat if they could.

It was fun to go to shopping back then.

Now the high street is run by corporate trained drones and staffed by mainly eastern european waiters and serving staff with polite dead smiles and no personality. The high street is now just a place where you go and buy things, not a living, vibrant space where you met people, laughed, had a joke and enjoyed the banter with the people in the shops.

The takeover of the UK by foreign corporations, hedge funds, oil barons and arab companies is the death process of our nation writ large in our faces as we walk past the closed shops where we live.

Yet we do not see it.

When woolworths is shut in Strood and in Chatham high street then the soul of our nation and towns and cities are dying.

Woolworths was the shop where I used to go and shop with my grandmothers before they died, now it will just be a boarded up shop.

That is symbolic of how Britain is fading and dying - whilst we as a nation are fixated upon political correctness and anti-racism rubbish - the nation we love is dying around us.

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Wednesday 26 November 2008

Radio 4 details

Radio 4 at 8 PM tonight ' The Moral Maze'.

Lets face it I wasnt invited on to the show so that Melanie Phillips (Rabid Zionist and anti-BNP), Kenan Malik (ex-Anti Nazi League and Revolutionary Communist Party and anti-BNP) and Michael Portillo (son of spanish immigrant fleeing from Falangist Spain and Tory MP also anti-BNP) could all be nice to me - I was invited on to the show for good kicking.

I think they thought it would be the equivalent of a midget standing up to Mike Tyson, Lou Ferringo and Arnold Schwarzeneger.

Hopefully I gave as good as I got.

It wasnt about me winning the debate, as I could not do that with the entire panel and adjudicator all being rabid anti-BNP - it simply was about showing we wont put up with being kicked around anymore.

Thi sort of radio is called ' Train Wreck Radio'.

The producer seemed very happy - as I walked out of the studio he came bowling over and shook my hand like firemen in the past used to pump a water faucet when fighting a fire.

Enjoy. Hopefully they wont think we just a bunch of thickos anymore.

P.s. No hard feelings Melanie - perhaps one night we can have a nice meal over a glass of muscatel and have a civil debate and then share a few Ferrero Rochers together ( the ambassador eats them dontcha know ) .

Caio baby.

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The BBC and Radio 4

Today I entered the realm of darkness and depravity. I have entered the portals of the BBC in London. The building in Portland Place is like an old WW2 air raid shelter - a large bunker in fact.

Luckily I was escorted by Mr. Colin Smith and his partner, who acted as lookouts as we entered the Death Star of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Empire.

When I entered the building I half expected to hear the ‘dum, dum, da dum, dumda dum’ of the theme tune of Lord Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, to be played over the loudspeakers as I entered the place. If the BNP are the panto villains of liberalism, as least they can make a show of it when we attend.

As soon as I walked in I noticed that there was a very nice and polite Asian chap at reception, a pleasant black guy doing security on the door, a chirpy white working class woman on the reception desk and a black woman busily cleaning the floors.

So much for diversity in the BBC = whites work in the offices and ethnic minorities do the cleaning etc etc

I made a formal complaint straight away as this was obviously Institutional Racism and Anti-White Working Class’ism. I noticed that there were scores of young well spoken blonde women with nice posh accents going in and out of the BBC studios - but no ethnic minorities.

I spoke to a woman who was escorting us to the interview and said ’ Not many ethnic minorities work in this part of the BBC is there, that’s institutionally racist isn’t it ? Its like Hitlers Bunker in here with the amount of blonde Aryans going in and out of the place “.

No reply. Hopefully she realised I was trying to lighten the mood.

As usual the staff at the BBC all great people and were very polite and affable - the problem is always the liberal fascist plonkers at the top of any institutional pyramid.

Then up to the Green Room - or the airing cupboard as its usually called.

Met the producer of the show - nice chap, very tall, very polite.

Met the lady from Index on Censorship and introduced myself to her as ' Lord Vader' - she laughed and got the joke.

Had a good chat with her about the Danish cartoons issue and the way that the liberals all attacked the free speech of the cartoonists as a 'provocation'.

Apparently everyone can be upset and offended eg Christians with the jerry springer show - and that is free speech, but if anyone upsets one of the anointed 'special cases groups' such as the usual suspects, then we are abusing free speech when we do so.

I then had the misfortune to have to listen to the ramblings of some Liberal Fascist in the NASUWT who went on the show before me who was advocating a ban on any individual who dared think, say or do anything that she and her cronies at the NASUWT disagreed with.

Its nice to see that modern liberalism and equality and diversity as defined by the NASUWT is basically banning anything and anyone that doesn’t fit into their model of diversity.

It appears for the NASUWT that equality and diversity = fascism and gulags.

On the show was Kenan Malik who is one of the most interesting intellectuals in the country today. His latest book ‘ Strange Fruit’ is brilliant.

He almost fell of his chair when I said I had read it. I think he thought the BNP couldn’t read.

Then I met Melanie Phillips. Melanie loves to hate me. She looked at like a hungry cat looks at a fat mouse.

Michael Burke and Michael Portillo seemed like nice people. In fact Michael Portillo spent most of the interview with his trademark ‘© Cheshire cat grin’ and said nothing to me. I think we bonded though.

All was going well until Melanie blew a fuse.

From out of nowhere and with a howl of hysterical rage she screamed out, with a gnarled finger pointing at me, ’ You said on your blog that I should go and live in ISRAEL ! “.

At first I thought she had had some sort of involuntary spasm , a ’ did I say that out loud moment ’as it had NOTHING at all to do with the debate - which was on the BNP membership issues.

I was a bit flustered as I wondered what the hell she was talking about - what did that have to do with the debate !!!!!

A little spat ensued between us which was ended by Michael Burke placing his hand on melanies arm and physically restraining her from saying anything more.

I warned the producer before the show that if they ganged up on me and all spoke at the same time without giving me time to answer - then I would just continue to talk over them with my reply until they shut up.

When they realised that was what I was going to do, they stopped Melanie in full flow.

Then some pompous fat bloke on the panel kept asking the same stupid question about the Police - in order to waste time I think, so that we could not debate the real issues.

It was a real shame that I had no chance to debate anything interesting with Kenan, who was the only reason I went on the show to be honest.

To have a real debate with a real intellectual about real issues is what the BNP have been denied for years - which is a real paradox of the No Platform Policy - as if we are so thick, as the media constantly say - then why are they afraid to debate with us ?

If we are thick then why not debate with us ?

Oh well, it was a wasted opportunity. To see grown ups resorting to facile Ad Hominem attacks on me and the BNP as a replacement to debate is a sad waste of everyones time.

One day hopefully someone will make a show where we can have a real debate - hopefully with Kenan.

I suggested to the charming lady who runs Index For Censorship who was also on the show that a radio / tv show with Nick Griffin and Kenan Malik debating would be in interesting on.

One day - who knows.

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Tuesday 25 November 2008



Oh, to have been born amidst the crucible,
During those days of the eagle,
And to have passed through the fire,
Of those sacred hours of redemption,
To have lived, loved and fought,
When Liberty first awoke in England,
And roared ’Arise’ to all free born men,
Loud as lion freed from its cage,
When heroes dared spurn the yoke of slavery,
And threw down the rusted chains,
Of craven servility and servitude,
That bound them to despots and popinjays,
And the whims of fops and traitors,
Who put pomp, power and profit,
Before the Constitution, the Nation and The People.

To have walked abroad in Albion,
When the tumult of civil war,
Shook the very halls of heaven,
And turned the world upon its axis,
When the angels took up our banners ,
And marched at arms in England,
In order to build a New Kingdom,
Upon the rubble of redemption,
And to have witnessed the humbling of a king,
Whose hubris whetted the edge of an axe,
As youth reached for wild honey,
And sated its desires with fingers wet,
With the sweet taste of freedom.

To have felt the fiery breath of cannon fire,
Close upon scorched skin,
And to have borne with bravery,
Alongside comrades and kin,
The clash of arms, the shrapnel slash,
The stab and crash of mortal combat,
Upon bloody fields of battle,
That immortal earth of the mind and soul,
Where visions rise and fall,
Upon that Golgotha where destiny is born,
And carnage reigns upon a white throne of bone.

To have hefted the heavy arms of sure conviction,
And brought down all falsehoods,
Beneath the blows of true justice,
Then watched as the walls of tyranny fall,
Ravaged and pocked with shot,
As the levelling of the land began,
As a sickle that sweeps the corn,
So that men born free, can be free again,
And not live their lives at the whim of power,
That dances to the tune of treason,
And wages war upon the people.

Who but the blessed walked abroad in Albion,
Amidst that New Jerusalem,
When men were great as gods,
Gilded with garlands of glory,
As the mighty eagle of revolution,
Flew forth upon the rising wind,
Screaming with the thunder of freedom,
As a blessed herald of rebirth,
Carrying forth between its talons,
That golden sun disc of flame and fire,
The summer sunshine of victory
Effulgent into eternal history,
Ushering in precious liberty for England,
And a sunrise that must never set.

When liberty laid siege to tyranny,
The cannons were lit with tapers of law,
and statutes torn from traitors books,
And war let loose quenched its sacred thirst,
Upon warm rivers of red blood,
That flowed from the Palace down to every street,
And there amidst the chaos and the killing,
Hope first raised its mithering maw,
Amidst drifting cinders and gunpowder mist,
Fragile upon fields of blunted sword,
And gorged as a wolf upon the fallen,
Whose red meat laid rutted in the mire,
As ravens rejoiced and widows wept,
And a crown fell so that a people may live.

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Same Shit - Different Government

The Credit Crunch Budget, as it will be known, has revealed the entire ideological bankruptcy of the mainstream political parties.

Both the Left and Right political parties of British politics are dominated and controlled by the same tiny elite of corporations, financiers, bankers, hedge fund traders and both the Left and Right of British politics are hostage to the same subservience to the Liberal Consensus.

They dare not defy the Tyranny of the Liberal Consensus, for if you ever say something that challenges the ideological orthodoxies of the creedo of the Liberal Consensus, which is Political Correctness, then some little Liberal Fascist lickspittle of The Servile State will pop up out of nowhere and then point a pale, thin, skeletal, trembling finger at you and then bellow loudly at the top of their whining rat like voice " WWWWWWAAAAACCCIIISSTTT - YOU ARE A WACIST", until someone slaps them on the back of their legs.

Therefore both Left and Right = The Liberal Consensus = Political Correctness = more of the same old shit, just a different government.

Whoever is in power, the government still serves up the same grey greasy porridge of political correctness to us every day.

The New Labour solution to the credit crunch crisis is to increase public spending and burden us with ever more debt.

The Tory solution is to cut public spending and give tax cuts.

Neither will work.

This is because both of them miss the real problem - and both of them will not, and cannot , deal with the real problem.


The Servile state is ;

1) The entire parasitic Race Relations Industry - the race relations quangos, the local race relations councils, the race relations lawyers, the diversity advisers, the lifestyle officers and the rest of the race relations gravy train riders specialised in moral extortion, social intimidation and the grievances culture.

2) The 150 BILLION a year EU monster that is killing our country

3) The Nanny State and the HSE / public busybodies who stop firemen climbing ladders to rescue innocent little kitty witties ( I like cats ) and who close down school fetes for fear of the egg and spoon race degenerating into a melee of scrambled egg, cracked shell and twisted bodies where limbs may be sundered and lives lost.

4) The entire class of public servant parasites - the jobsworths that work for the quangos, the NGO's, the government funded projects and the rest of the liberal intelligentsia that exist on our taxes. The little Hitlers with no balls, let alone one.

As long as the nation is burdened by the Servile State then neither tax cuts nor public spending will save our country from economic collapse.

The nation is yoked beneath a legislative burden by the servile state and the EU that is destroying British liberty, innovation and enterprise.

The British worker is being made redundant as the British businessman is driven to bankruptcy.

The Servile State is the ideological relic of the 20th Century Liberal Consensus.

It is the product of perverted politics, in which the state see its role not as to serve the people or the country, but to socially engineer the nation towards its own ideological imperatives. It is liberal fascist movement in that it sees both the individual and the nation as secondary to its own ideological goals.

The ONLY political party that will destroy the Servile State, and defy its terrorist supporters who use their Marxist Leninist Terrorism of The Word technique against anyone who dares defy them by hurling the words 'racist, Nazi, thug' etc at them, is the BNP.

Only the BNP will throw the entire lexicon of Political Correctness into the bonfire of history and with it the entire parasitic structures of the Liberal Fascist Terror State.

In order to do this we will be labelled as 'nazis, racist, thugs' etc etc at every step forward in our goal.

If you are afraid of being called a racist by our enemies as we fight to save our nation - they you need to grow a spine.

Nations are not saved from inner treason by dinner parties and consenus building.

We will be attacked, abused, targeted and despised whilst being called 'nazi, racist, thug' etc etc - not because we are, but because our enemy is so evil, corrupt and cruel that it will stop at nothing to keep its death grip around the throat of our nation.

The moment the fangs of the vampire are withdrawn from the jugular vein of the nation, which is the moment they begin to lose power, is the moment the people will awaken from the spell and realise how much of a victim they have been.

The criminals cannot allow themselves to be discovered, for if their crimes were revealed to the people - they know the judgement of the people will be harsh.

If we are to save our nation we must destroy the Servile State.

In order to do that we will have to confront the people who control the servile state - and these are the same scum that call anyone a 'racist, thug, nazi' etc who dares disagrees with them.

They are political gangsters, the heirs of the NKVD and Maoist Red Guards - they are terrorists and will use terror, including the terrorism of the word, to try and prevent us taking power.

That is the price we will have to pay for victory.

If that is a price you cannot pay then do not call yourself a Free Born Briton.

Our great grandfathers spent four years knee deep in mud, shit, piss, dead bodies and blood in the trenches in the First World War to fight for our country, they didnt face the terrorism of the word - they faced nerve gas shells, mustard gas, artillery bombs and machine gun bullets.

They lived a life of pain and hardship - we live a life where we are scared of being called racists.

The fact that British people these days are so gutless, timid and weak that they would rather run away and hide when some little Liberal Fascist screams 'wacist' at them sickens me.

Our great grandfathers didnt turn tail and run from the trenches in the First World War just because the Germans were shouting out over the bloody mire of No Mans Land " Hey Tommy, You iz a racist ja ! You xenophobic little englanders must go home as ve are offended by your parochial ethno-communalism, iznt zat true Fritz ? " Ja Hans , ve dont like it. Go home tommy racists !" or that our grandfathers would have been terrified as German soldiers of the multi-cultural German Empire of the Kaiser hurled over the black knots of snarled barb wire on the front lines terrifying insults such as " Ve zink zat you is institutionally racist englander pigdog, and ve vill be sueing you for any anti-german singing of ze songs around ze camp fire tonight ja" or that British troops would fear a German shouting out, " Herr Kommandant send for Trevor Phillips from Ze British race relations board - someone in ze britishers trenches just called me a kraut! I must be zeeing a lawyer right now to sue the tommy swinehunten. I feel zo vounded ! ".

Politics is a giant playground.

If you cant handle being called names in the playground, then dont play in the playground.

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