Friday 29 April 2011

Good Luck To Richard Edmonds

I want to wish say good luck to Richard Edmonds in his leadership challenge against Nick Griffin.

Richard Edmonds is a true and dedicated British Nationalist and Racial Nationalist, and he is a man with a clear sense of conviction and focused political principles.

I suspect that Richard stands a good chance of winning.

The Nick Griffin support has been so downgraded by his recent actions, and the ongoing exposes of his 'officers' corruption and stupidity, that I suspect his actual active support base in the BNP is down to about 20 % of the total party voting base.

This means a well known racial nationalist may be able to gain more than 20 % of the vote from the right wing of the party in order to dislodge Griffin from power.

The fact that the right wing of the party is more than 20 % of the actual voting members base means this may come down to a fight between candidates who will have the largest minority of votes in order to win.

At a time of seismic upheavel in British Nationalism, Richard would return the party to its ideological roots in Racial Nationalism.

Strategically this is a good idea for the party as over the last years we have witnessed the larget influx of European whites into Britain since the Norman Invasion of 1066.

Millions of Eastern European whites have come to Britain and sunk roots here, and at the moment they have no political party to vote for or to represent them.

In the midst of this multi-cultural and multi-racial society, the only community without any representation in the multi-cultural political and social process are whites - whilst blacks, asians etc etc all have groups / religions / lobby groups/ legal groups / community centres / leqal groups / charities etc etc to represent and support them as ethnic, racial and religious communities in Britain - WHITES HAVE NONE.

That applies to indigenous Whites, Eastern European Whites or Whites from anywhere in the world - the white community is the one racial community in Britain without any political representation as a community, and this means Whites are getting screwed over time after time.

In a multi-cultural society, those that do not organise to demand their rights - have no rights given to them.

In order for Whites to have representation in our multi-cultural and multi-racial society then a form of White Nationalism is required that allows all white groups in Britain to unite to protect their white racial interests.

Remember that no one asked us if we wanted a multi-cultural and multi-racial society, but we have to live in it anyway - and unless whites start to organise to protect white racial interests then all whites will suffer as other communities flex their muscles as organised communities in our country.

Richard Edmonds and the BNP pragmatists must realise that the BNP cannot be elected into power in our society - but that doesnt mean the BNP cannot excercise real power in our society, but at the level of community politics and community social organisation.

I would like to see the BNP under Richard Edmonds concentrate on going into communities like Tower Hamlets ( and everywhere else whites are already a minority or soon to be racial minority) and helping whites to organisw community and political structures that allow those whites to fight for their share of social resources in those communities where they are minorities.

For instance - there is not ONE white community centre in one of the London inner city areas for the white families who live in those areas - whilst there are hundreds of black, chinese, muslim, asian, skih, jewish community centres and charities etc etc.

The BNP needs to start concentrating resources on community outreach programmes in inner city areas to assist the white community to come together to enable them to have the same rights as all the other non-white communities in those areas.

That means social facilities, youth clubs, sports centres, community centres etc etc and if those requests for equal white rights and facilities are refused and our bids for those facilties turned down - then this not only exposes the racist double standards in those communities against whites, but it also radicalises the white community and politicies them.

The BNP must become the ;

1) The voice of white rights

2) a civil justice campaign for white rights

3) a social justice campaign for white social justice

This requires a new form of White Nationalism in Britain.



White Nationalism must ensure the Nazis who seek to divide the white community on the grounds of Nordics, Slavs and Mediterraneans and who regard all non-Nordic as racial inferiors etc etc are kept out of the BNP.

White Nationalism does not preach racial supremacism - it seeks racial equality for whites who have been the victims of anti-white racist 'affirmative action' and positive discrmination laws such as imposed by the New Labour Liberal Facist governments Equality Act.

White Nationalism seeks to fight for white rights in the context of a multi-cultural and multi-racial society predicated on all communities coming together on the grounds of race or religion to promote their community interests.

It does not mean supremacism or hate - it means equality in the context of the multi-racial and multi-cultural society that we all live in today.

The Griffin Era is coming to an end.

The questions is therefore what comes next.

Is it more squandered millions spent on fighting elections that we know the BNP cannot win - or are those resources going to be spent on creating community networks that allow us to have power at the level of the community itself and thereby bypass the need for political representation ?

I say the latter.

The BNP is a dead political brand - it is not a defunct tactical and strategic asset.

It just needs a new leader who can see the usefullness of a BNP re-designed for the new political reality we live in today - and one where the issue of white rights has become of massive political importance due to issues such as :

a) the systematic racist targeting of white children by Muslim Asian paedophile gangs,

b) anti-white state racism such as in the guise of affirmative action / political discrimination programmes,

c) in the centext of the unfair allocation of funds from councils and community groups to immigrant, asylum seeker, race based groups that discriminate directly and indirectly

d) white educational failure

e) white working class unemployment

f) integrating white Eastern European communities into a white nationalist political movement

g) social justice and equal rights for whites in the context of social housing, education, the NHS, council housing and community centres for kids etc etc

All these are live issues waiting a white nationalist political party to reach out to a disenfranchised and abandoned white electorate.

The BNP can still follow its 'Parish Councils Model' of putting people on parish councils and follow this new white nationalist model.

It can still stand in elections.

The BNP will merely need to re-focus its resources in a different direction and adopt a new tactical and strategic model.

There are those on the left / liberals who will attack Richard Edmonds for his views.

But the aim of Richard being leader is not for his photogenic beauty to win hearts, it is to re-organise the BNP and consolidate it ideologically.

A reformed BNP is not designed too , nor will ever want to appeal too liberals and leftists and nor is to win elections, it is to racialise and radicalise the white community in our communities and educate them as to the real racist nature of our society and then organise them to ensure they get social and civil justice.

Richard can allow the BNP to re-organise internally, to consolidate around the ideology of white nationalism and to re-direct the BNP at the community level so as to ensure it becomes socially relevant in those communities.

At the moment the BNP is focused on being all things to all people and failing every time, and ends up merely factionalised and split into sectarian groups who are used by Grffin in a classic 'divide and conquer' scenario to keep him in power.

Nor should the BNP be directed at winning elections asit cannot win any more it has been made 'brand dead' by Griffin.

It has been also ruined financially by Griffin and his coterie of crooks and idiots on the payroll and has also seen its most loyal and competent officers driven out of the party in endless moronic purges.

It needs to consolidate around a trusted leader with a firm ideological position.

Eddy Butlers plan to dump racial nationalism ( or join the civic nationalist English Dems) is political madness - there are already UKIP and other civic nationalist parties that adhere to the poison of politically correct politics and sappeal to those demographics - the last thing the BNP needs to do is pretend it is the same as those poisonous parties.

The BNP posturing as a civic nationalist party is a pathetic joke and will take the BNP nowhere.

It is not and never has been a civic nationalist party.

It is a racial nationalist party that needs to become a White Nationalist party that dumps the ideology of race hate, and that also dumps the sick twisted evil ideology of the left and liberals which is race replacement of the white British people by immigrants from the Developing World and elsewhere that is the true dynamic behind political correctness and mass immigration, and takes up the standard of fighting for white rights.

There must be no tolerance of Nazi race hate and also no tolerance of Liberal race replacement ideology under the guise of political correctness, in the BNP.

The BNP must resist both.

It must say - multi-culturalism is based on the issue of race. Race is real not just as a genetic reality but most important of all AS A SOCIAL REALITY.

The left and liberals have created a multi-cultural society that denies the existence of race as a genetic reality ( in contravention of the science and which proves the left / liberals are in the grip of what Marx defined as False Consciousness as they reject science to assert the non-existence of race ) whilst simultaneously the left / liberals assert the existence of race as a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT and then impose laws on our society that actively racially discriminate against all whites on the basis of their race.

And we as a race are being racially discriminated in Britain then we must unite to stop this evil racist dynamic in our multi-cutural society that is actively damaging the white community, both indgenous and newly arrived, just because they are white.

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Thursday 28 April 2011

J'accuse Searchlight

An interesting and provocative article sent to me for publication ;


Several years ago I wrote an essay explaining the symbiotic nature of the relationship between the far right and the industry which has grown up to oppose it.

I argued that the far right’s elite used the existence of such “anti-fascist” organisations to excuse their failure to their supporters and to create an air of suspicion and panic which allowed them to behave in a way which otherwise would have been unacceptable. For their part the “anti fascist” organisations, which employed a considerable number of people, obviously required the existence of a credible “fascist” threat in order to justify their existence.

Today a situation has arisen which strongly suggests more than mere informal symbiosis but rather active complicity by the “anti fascist” industry in the maintenance of a credible “fascist” threat.

Over the last couple of years the BNP, the primary identified threat by the “anti-fascist” industry, has been in crisis. By this point it has become so degraded and dysfunctional it can no longer be seriously regarded as any sort of credible electoral force. Anymore than the remnant of the National Front could be.

However the “anti fascist” industry has remained resolutely focused on the BNP, Hope not Hate for example only identifying one other credible threat, the English Defence League. In doing so they have ignored, deliberately, the rising threat of the English Democrats in order that this party might establish itself to fill the niche required by the “anti fascist” industry for it’s continued existence.

The main focus of the “anti fascist” industry’s attacks on the far right has traditionally been not on policy or political debate but on personality. The case against the BNP put by the industry both at street level and in the media revolves almost exclusively around the beliefs and backgrounds of members of the BNP. Any past criminal convictions or associations with open fascism or racism have been constantly repeated. Any personal link, no matter how tenuous, between extremist groups, terrorists or criminals has been exposed relentlessly.

Frequently prominent “anti fascists” have suggested that as innocuous a party as UKIP were fascist because of an overlap in membership held by certain people at different points in their life (1). A charge that UKIP were so desperate to avoid that they actually used an anti-fascist group to “vet” membership applications in order to avoid any possibility of this happening. Even this is not enough to stop “anti-fascists” from mentioning the two parties in the same breath (2).

This is verging on an extortion technique of a type usually associated with corrupt police forces in the most oppressive states in the world.

And yet none of the mainstream “anti fascist” groups, largely funded by Unions and in the case of Searchlight in part by the State, have seen fit to mention that an estimated 6 of the approximately 160 English Democrat candidates (approximately 5%) are former BNP members. Including at least one who is currently sitting as one of approximately 25 BNP councillors nationally. Nor have they identified the defection of Chris Beverly, a man whose connections with German neo-Nazi groups were used prominently in the campaign against the BNP, to the English Democrats as indicating a substantial “fascist” element in that party.

This is even more inexplicable when it is considered that no less a figure than Eddy Butler, a man routinely quoted by all major “anti-fascist” groups as a senior representative of the “fascist” BNP, had openly advocated disaffected BNP members join the English Democrats. They certainly know about this and they have certainly made a note of it for future use against the English Democrats after they have established themselves as a threat.

The English Democrats have stood 160 candidates to the BNP’s 250 and are widely tipped to win elections in May, after which you can bet your bottom dollar the “anti fascist” industry will be running to their sponsors begging for funds to fight this “suddenly arising new threat”.

The anti fascist industry has collectively deliberately ignored the clear and present danger of a new vehicle for the people they have opposed for 25 years being established. Moreover they have failed to run any sort of public information campaign on this issue either through their media outlets or on the streets through their activist base. They have effectively allowed the English Democrats to gain a foothold by giving them a clear run when they could have delivered a fatal blow to the “fascist” right in the UK by preventing any English Democrat breakthrough.

There can be only two explanations for this oversight. One is that the “anti fascist” groups are grotesquely incompetent; the other is that they have effectively manufactured a threat for them to campaign against in order to secure the future of their business.

If the latter is correct then this is a serious matter for the consideration of the Unions and other organisations funding the “anti fascist” industry because it effectively means that their money is being extorted by people who have no intention of ever finishing the job. Given the grave threat posed by fascism to our society and the adverse impacts its presence in it is understood by those sponsors, otherwise they wouldn’t be sponsoring”anti-fascists”, this matter must be taken very seriously indeed. They have been the victims of what amounts to a protection racket.

Brummie 76

(1) (1) “The other interesting thing about Andrew Spence, and the one which I think is significant rather than just an amusing coincidence, is that he stood at the last election for UKIP. Yet another example that the membership of those two parties is interchangeable, despite UKIP’s protestations. Is someone producing special coins for racists to help them decide who to stand for? Ones with BNP and UKIP on instead of heads and tails?"

Lancaster UAF Blog, Feb 6th 2007

(2) (2)"The BNP polled 4.9% across London in the Assembly elections in 2004, but in Barking & Dagenham it took 14.8%. Adding the UKIP’s 18% pushes the right-wing vote to above 33%."

Searchlight, June 2006

“Last year Lake thought the political solution was in the UKIP, the mainly anti-EU party which however, under the leadership of Lord Pearson, was taking a more anti-Islamic stance. Pearson regularly spoke out against Islam and attempted to forge links with the Dutch Islamophobic politician Geert Wilders.”

Searchlight, March 2011

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America Exports Terrorism Says the CIA




Link here ;,_2_Feb_2010

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Modern Africans Descended From Archaic Eurasians

More evidence that the Out of Africa Theory is false.

All modern humans did not come from Africa as Modern Africans came from Eurasia.

It now appears that Modern Africans are descendants of Eurasians - and that a migration of ancient Eurasians replaced nearly all archaic male African DNA and replaced them with a new Eurasian hybrid group of mixed African and Eurasians.

Therefore the Modern Africans are descendants of Eurasians and not the other way round as proaosed by the failed Out of Africa Model.

This further demolishes the already damaged Out of Africa model which began to collapse with the discovery that Northern Europeans and East Asians share DNA from Neanderthal and Denisovan archaic populations.

Article here ;

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Wednesday 27 April 2011

A New Europe Arises

Rise of Populist Parties Pushes Europe to the Right


A True Finns' supporter on election night. The success of the right-wing populist party has shocked many in the European Union.
The success of the True Finns in last week's Finnish elections has shocked Brussels. They are just one of a number of right-wing populist parties currently flourishing in Europe. Their rise could threaten the euro bailout. By SPIEGEL Staff.

Timo Soini, 48, is standing in front of "Hesburger," a fast food restaurant in the western part of Helsinki. It is shortly before 10 a.m., and he is waiting patiently for the restaurant to finally open its doors. Soini, the chairman of the right-wing populist Perussuomalaiset, or "True Finns" party, has been giving interviews for almost three hours. There are more than 250 new text messages on his mobile phone. Now he's hungry.

It is the morning after an election that brought what the papers have called a "revolution" to Finland. Almost one in five voters voted for Soini's party on Sunday, April 17, and now it looks like it is about to become part of the new government. A political earthquake is happening in Helsinki, one that could have reverberations throughout Europe.

Until now, the small country in the far northeastern corner of the continent was seen as a model member of the European Union. It was known for its successful export-oriented companies, liberal social policies and the best-performing school students in the Western industrialized world. It is ironic that it is here in Finland -- a part of Europe that always seemed eminently European -- that a movement is now coming to power that inveighs against immigrants and abortions, considers Brussels to be the "heart of darkness" and rejects all financial assistance for what it calls "wasteful countries," like Greece, Ireland and Portugal. "We were too soft on Europe," says Soini, adding that Finland should not be made to "pay for the mistakes of others."

The election result from Europe's far north has alarmed the political establishment in Brussels. If Soini's party becomes part of the new government, there will be more at stake than Helsinki's traditional pro-European stance. The entire program to rescue the euro could be in jeopardy, because it has to be approved unanimously by the entire European Union. That includes both the anticipated aid for Portugal, the additional billions for the euro bailout fund and the planned reform of the fund. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt calls the Finnish election results a "reason for concern," while Hans-Dietrich Genscher, the former head of Germany's pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) and former German foreign minister, warns: "The outcome of the elections is a warning sign."

Gaining Ground Across the EU

As a wave of skepticism about Europe sweeps across the continent, the political elites in the continent's capitals are reacting precipitously and inconsistently. To neutralize the populist movements and score political points at home, European leaders are seeking conflict with one another, arguing about such issues as accepting North African refugees or participation in the Libya mission. Markus Ferber, a member of the European Parliament for Germany's conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), warns that solidarity among European countries is waning, a situation he calls "extremely dangerous."

The successes of right-wing populists could indeed exacerbate the smoldering euro crisis. Tensions between the wealthy countries in the north, who are contributing most to the bailouts, and the ailing debtor nations in the periphery already threaten to destroy the monetary union. If a European version of the American Tea Party movement develops, it could very well become the kiss of death for the euro.

The risk is substantial, as euroskeptics gain ground across the EU. In Denmark, the xenophobic Danish People's Party has supported a center-right minority government for almost 10 years. In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte is dependent on the goodwill of right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders, who, with his tirades against Islam and the EU, captured 15.5 percent of the vote in the country's last parliamentary election. In Sweden, the nationalist, anti-European Sweden Democrats crossed the 4-percent threshold to gain seats in the parliament, the Riksdag, and in Italy Umberto Bossi's xenophobic Lega Nord, or Northern League, is even part of the government. Although the party is primarily active in the north of Italy, it is the third-strongest party on the national level.

Only in the core European countries of Germany and France has opposition to the EU long been restricted to marginal groups. In both Berlin and Paris, a strong commitment to Europe has traditionally been considered part of the national interest and was something that transcended party lines.

Appeal for Ordinary People

But that too could change, especially now that the True Finns have demonstrated in Helsinki how to achieve double-digit election results with nationalistic posturing. In Germany, the euroskeptics are trying to take over the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP), and in France the nationalist right is eyeing the country's highest office.

Marine Le Pen, daughter of National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, is in the process of putting the fear of God into the country's traditional parties. She wants to shed the image of a racist, extreme party established by her father. As a politician, she appeals to middle-class and blue-collar workers, because she is young and wears jeans, and seems less aloof than the traditional elites that dominate politics in France.

Le Pen wants a strong social welfare state and fewer immigrants from Islamic countries, and she is adamantly against the European Union. She argues that France should withdraw from the euro and reintroduce the franc because the euro, as she says, is already on its way out. If Le Pen had her way, Europe would soon have trade barriers again and a "moderate protectionism" to secure jobs.

Her party's showing in regional elections last March speaks for itself. The National Front achieved 15 percent in the first round of voting, even though it was not even on the ballot in the entire country. President Nicolas Sarkozy's party, the UMP, only managed to capture two percentage points more than the National Front.

According to opinion polls, Le Pen could even beat Sarkozy in next year's presidential election, which would result in a runoff between her and the expected Socialist candidate, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. In addition to being an embarrassment for the French political establishment, it would be a warning sign for the EU, which is becoming more and more unpopular among its citizens.

German Movement Against Euro Rescue

Enthusiasm for the EU has also declined in Germany. An anti-Brussels movement called "Liberal Awakening" has developed within the FDP, once a strong advocate of European unity. Its leader is Frank Schäffler, a boyish-looking former insurance agent who is a member of the German parliament. "We see ourselves as a grassroots movement," he says. "We are infiltrating the FDP from below."

There was already criticism of the euro in Germany, mainly from the political right, before the European single currency replaced the deutschmark in citizens' pocketbooks. But Schäffler wants nothing to do with that line of argument. His criticism of the euro and the government's crisis management stems from classic liberal convictions about the constitutional state and democracy. He wants the German parliament, the Bundestag, to be making decisions about government finances, and he cites the European treaties that forbid an EU member from taking on the debts of other countries.

But the first year of overcoming the euro crisis has produced precisely the opposite outcome, Schäffler complains. "We have pledged two-thirds of the federal government's tax revenues to cover the national debts of other countries -- without the Bundestag being required to approve the issuance of loan guarantees and without a firm basis in the European treaties."

Schäffler was long viewed as a maverick that the party leadership could easily dismiss as a troublemaker. But now his support is growing. Traffic to his website has quadrupled recently, and gone are the days of his being marginalized in the Bundestag.

Part 2: FDP Rebels Could Cause Problems for Merkel

Like Schäffler, fellow FDP member Wolfgang Gerhardt, a former party chairman who supports a unified Europe, has also come to believe that it is "simply outrageous that the German government's representatives in Brussels make commitments without so much as consulting the members of the German parliament."

Schäffler plans to make his move at an upcoming FDP convention in the northern city of Rostock. He and 11 other Bundestag members have drafted a motion that contradicts government policy in almost every respect. Schäffler and his fellow combatants are demanding that banks and other private-sector lenders be involved in the euro rescue program, and that member states that do not satisfy the monetary union's stability requirements be given the option to withdraw. Schäffler also wants the German government to pressure the European Central Bank to stop buying up the bonds of debt-stricken countries in the future.

Schäffler's foray could create problems for Chancellor Angela Merkel. If members of her center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU, join the FDP renegades, the CDU/CSU and the FDP (who together make up Merkel's coalition government) will lack the necessary majority in the Bundestag to approve the new euro crisis fund, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). One CDU member of parliament, the budget policy expert Klaus-Peter Willsch, has already joined the ranks of the FDP rebels.

Schäffler already feels strong enough to demand changes from FDP leaders. "It isn't enough just to replace the party leadership," says Schäffler. "The FDP also has to score points in the cabinet with new appointments. If we want to implement liberal objectives in tax policy or in the euro rescue program, we have to appoint the finance minister."

Helping to Shape Policy

Although it is not very likely that anti-euro politicians like Schäffler or Le Pen will soon be shaping government policy in their countries, they have already changed the political climate in Europe.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, for example, is reacting to his political competition on the right when he pursues certain populist policies, such as deporting Roma to Romania or having a train carrying Tunisian refugees stopped at the Italian border.

The German chancellor has also proved to be open to views critical of the euro. Partly because of resistance from the FDP, Merkel had the European bailout funds amended several times, and additional corrections are in the works. To curb discontent within the coalition partners' respective parliamentary groups, the German government wants to demand more of a say for national parliaments at the upcoming negotiations over the ESM.

From Helsinki to Rome to The Hague, the anti-Brussels parties can make the dubious claim of already helping shape policy on the continent today. Out of fear of right-wing populists, European leaders are behaving like right-wing populists themselves -- and driving Europe further and further apart as a result.

Split over Europe

This could also happen in Helsinki, where the three parties that are trying to form a government have different positions when it comes to Europe. While Euro rebel Soini wants to change the conditions of aid for Portugal and the euro rescue fund, the leader of the conservative National Coalition Party, Jyrki Katainen, supports the European agreements. "The changes cannot be very significant," says the designated prime minister. The aid package for Portugal, says Katainen, is in Finland's interest and is "essential" for economic stability. "The Finnish government's position must be to solve problems and not create new ones."

What remains unclear, however, is the extent to which Katainen can rely on the Social Democrats, which, as the second-largest party, will also be part of the new government. Former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, a Social Democrat, helped make Finland the model European country it is today.

His successor as party chairman, Jutta Urpilainen, has a different agenda, which could still become a serious threat to all of Europe. Urpilainen seems determined to take a leaf out of the right-wing populists' book, especially following the recent election result.

When it comes to the conditions for the euro rescue, she says, the Social Democrats are "more closely aligned with the True Finns than with the conservatives."


Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan,1518,758883-2,00.html

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The Definition of Stupidity

Jurors who cannot read English are being invited to decide the outcome of criminal trials.

Inability to understand the written language is no bar to serving on a jury, officials said.

Even those who cannot easily understand the spoken word could be asked to sit in judgment on those accused of crime.

The opening of juries to people with limited English was confirmed by the new agency set up to run the court system, HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

The 200,000 people a year called for jury service are now all summoned with letters printed in seven languages as well as English to ‘encourage’ non-English speakers, it said.

The agency, part of Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke’s Ministry of Justice, said the ‘language addendum’ sent out with each jury summons ‘is aimed at people who cannot read English very well but can speak English so would be able to serve on a jury’.

Criminologists and MPs said yesterday that they were worried about inclusion of those with poor English on juries.

Douglas Carswell, Tory MP for Clacton, said: ‘The jury system is founded on the idea that we are all tried by our peers. If your peers cannot speak English, or read or write it properly, how can you have confidence you will get justice?’

He added: ‘Ministers in successive governments have stated that they are going to curb the effects of multiculturalism, but the bureaucrats keep on putting forms and documents into dozens of languages.’

Dr David Green, of the Civitas think-tank, said: ‘If you can’t even read the letter summoning you for jury service, you are not fit to be a juror.’

The Courts and Tribunals Service said multi-language summonses were introduced two years ago. One reason was that they allow those who do not read English to avoid the risk of being prosecuted for failing to reply. Ignoring a summons can bring a £1,000 fine.

A spokesman said: ‘HMCTS is committed to encouraging the widest possible participation by the public. The language addendum was introduced in 2009 to ensure no juror is disadvantaged by information being provided only in English and Welsh.

‘The concern was that members of the public were being summoned for jury service where potentially they may not understand what was being asked of them and that they needed to complete the summons.’

He continued: ‘The addendum is available in seven languages and is aimed at people who cannot read English very well but can speak English so would be able to serve on a jury.

‘It also encourages jurors with questions or difficulties completing the reply to contact the summoning bureau, which would decide whether the person was capable of serving as a juror.’

The spokesman added: ‘If a juror attends court and there is a doubt about their capacity to act effectively due to insufficient understanding of English, the matter will be brought to the attention of the trial judge who could excuse them. In more complex cases, such as fraud cases, where jurors may be expected to read documents as part of the evidence, an assessment of whether the juror can serve on that trial will be made at court with judicial input.’

The languages on the addendum are Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Polish, Cantonese, and Arabic. In Wales jurors are also sent information in Welsh.

Dr Green, of Civitas, added: ‘A distinction is being drawn between speaking and reading English and I question that. It is very rare to have a case in which there is no reading at all.

‘Jury trial involves serious accusations and the possibility of serious punishment. The whole paraphernalia of the trial, including the high standards demanded of the lawyers, is designed to ensure justice. The same rigour ought to apply to the selection of the jury.’

Read more: h t t p://

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Marine Le Pen Interview

An excellent interview with Marine Le Pen on Russia Today - must watch ;

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Tuesday 26 April 2011

The Cross Borne By Christians

Image - America is the New Rome, whose Roman Legions of American troops help Islamists crucify Christians all around the world.

The Roman soldier is saying ' Welcome to America. We do Gods work by killing Christians'.

The Christians of the Middle East bear the burdens of the new Oil Imperialism, for as the West destabilises those nations like Egypt, Iraq and Syria and remove secular leaders / monarchys from power, then into the power vaccuum rushes the Islamists who then slaughter the Christians.

The greed of global mammon is killing the followers of Christ.

Those Christians that serve and support global capitalism are the agents of evil.

America is the new Rome run by the Christian Fundamentalist followers of the Anti-Christ whose support for wars like Iraq assist Islamists to crucify Christians around the world.

Christian Fundamentalists in America are the agents of evil.

When Dictators Fall, Who Rises?

.Apr 26
2011. Vote Average: 5.00 Stars! Loading ...
Share...By Patrick J. Buchanan

One month before the invasion of Iraq, Riah Abu el-Assal, a Palestinian and the Anglican bishop of Jerusalem at the time, warned Tony Blair, “You will be responsible for emptying Iraq, the homeland of Abraham, of Christians.”

The bishop proved a prophet. “After almost 2,000 years,” writes the Financial Times, “Iraqi Christians now openly contemplate extinction. Some of their prelates even counsel flight.”

The secular despot Saddam Hussein protected the Christians. But the U.S. liberation brought on their greatest calamity since the time of Christ. Scores of thousands of those Iraqi Christians fleeing terrorism and persecution after 2003 made their way to Syria, where they received sanctuary from President Bashar Assad.

Now, as the FT and Washington Post report, the Christians of Syria, whose forebears have lived there since the time of Christ, are facing a pogrom should the Damascus regime fall.

Christians are 10 percent of Syria’s population, successful and closely allied to the minority Alawite regime of the Assad family. Said one Beirut observer, “Their fear is that if the regime falls to the Sunni majority, they will be put up against the same wall as the Alawites.”

For decades, notes the Post, the Assad regime “has protected Christian interests by enforcing its strictly secular program and by curbing the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Bashar’s father, Hafez al-Assad, slaughtered perhaps 20,000 followers of the brotherhood after they began a campaign of bombings and terror and attempted an uprising in Hama in 1982. Hafez al-Assad rolled up his artillery and leveled the city.

Observing the toll of dead protesters—more than 100 this past weekend, more than 200 overall, the work of police, snipers and agents of the regime—it is hard to summon up any sympathy for Bashar Assad. And if his regime were to fall, that would eliminate a patron of Hamas and Hezbollah and a close ally of Iran in the Arab world.

But before he embraces the Syrian revolution, President Barack Obama ought to consider, as President George W. Bush did not, what happens to Arab Christians when a long-repressed Muslim majority comes to power.

In Iraq, liberated Shiites used their newfound freedom to cleanse Baghdad of Sunnis while al-Qaida arrived and went straight after the Christians. In Syria, it would be a Sunni majority rising if Bashar and the Alawites were to fall.

What would that mean for Syria’s Christians, for peace, for us?

Since 1973, even when clashes have occurred and wars have been fought in Lebanon between Israelis and Syria or its proxies, the Assad government has maintained the truce on the Golan Heights.

Would a Sunni-dominated Syria do the same?

With the fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt have come Islamist attacks on Coptic Christians. How will the Copts fare if the Muslim Brotherhood wins the September election and writes Shariah into Egyptian law?

In “The Price of Revolution” a half-century ago, D.W. Brogan inventoried the costs of the revolutions that so often intoxicate secular Western man.

The French Revolution led to regicide, the September Massacres, the Terror, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Catholics in the Vendee region of France, and almost two decades of Napoleonic wars.

The abdication of Czar Nicholas II led to the dictatorship of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, who would effect the murder of 1,000 times more victims than did the Spanish Inquisition in 300 years. And among the Bolshevik murder victims were the czar, his wife and his five children.

Fifteen years after the hated Kaiser, ruler of the Second Reich, abdicated, a proud veteran of his army, Adolf Hitler, established a Third Reich.

No altar-and-throne regime ever compiled a record of horror to match those of the French and Russian revolutions—or those of Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Pol Pot.

When the Shah of Iran fell, within a year we had the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Americans have welcomed the “Arab Spring.” Yet we should be forewarned that among those liberated when dictators fall is the sort of men that Edmund Burke described:

“Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites. … Society cannot exist unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

Americans, who incarcerate 2.3 million of their own citizens, 90 percent of them males, are surely aware of the truth Burke spoke.

And across the Middle East, there are millions of “intemperate minds” that would use the freedom and power democracy provides to majorities to suppress or eradicate their long-hated rival minorities.

If one-man, one-vote democracy across the Maghreb and Middle East is almost certain to strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood and to liberate Islamists to persecute Christians, why are we for it?

When did this idol of modernity called democracy, in which none of our fathers believed, become a golden calf we all must fall down and worship?

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Overpopulation and the Global Collapse

What Does Overpopulation Mean Exactly?
By Frosty Wooldridge

We might hear the "overpopulation" word bantered around a lot, but what does it mean? Who defines it? Can we identify the long term consequences?

Simply put: it means any given species cannot exceed the carrying capacity of the land it inhabits. For example: if you possess an acre of land with one watering hole that's two feet in diameter, the land has a carrying capacity of two horses that can enjoy all the grass they can eat, water they can drink and the rains would wash away the waste to fertilize the soil to grow more grass. It's all in balance.

Once you add 100 horses to the acre of land, the horses will over-eat the land, deplete the water supply and create more waste than can be mitigated. Those horses will kill the food source, overwhelm the watering hole, start fighting for grass and eventually and most if not all will die from starvation.

The same principles apply to humans. Whereas the United States enjoy a greater carrying capacity because of water and climate, Australia with the same land mass, features 96 percent desert. Therefore, a much smaller carrying capacity. Both countries already exceed their carrying capacity as to energy and energy keeps the game going.

"Unlimited population growth cannot be sustained; you cannot sustain growth in the rates of consumption of resources. No species can overrun the carrying capacity of a finite land mass." This Law cannot be repealed and is not negotiable. Dr. Albert Bartlett, , University of Colorado, USA.
In this continuing series, Dr. Jack Alpert, Stanford University, brings it down to simple terms. He explains what we face in his seven minute video: Rapid Population Decline,

"The important part of what Clugston says is that on the road to exhaustion of resources our kids won't have these resources to support their lives," said Alpert. "However, few of today's decision makers (parents) can visualize the difference between the child's future experience and their present experience.

"Parents don't realize that their personal experience of life is dependent on the delivery of NNR's. Parents can't visualize what their life would be like without these supporting NNR's. For example, no car, no heat, no electric lights, no running water, no communications, no computer, no grocery store, no hardware store, no general store, no books, and no medicine. So parents don't realize what kind of bad times are in store for their kids. In one sentence, our progeny will experience lots of scarcity and fighting over the remnants of what parents thought was their kid's birth right.

"Most of the world's kids or grand kids will die from starvation or in conflict. Those that don't die will be responsible for large numbers of deaths. Each child will murder (at first through market activity) a large number of people. They will also have to murder to get or keep their paltry lot. If they are not successful they will be murdered. I don't think I have to repeat this statement but I will, "Every child born from here on in the human experiment will be either a murderer or murdered." If we cannot communicate this simple truth the human experiment has a very unpleasant future.

"Let me remind you that everyone reading this letter (to a smaller extent than those on the down slope of exhausting NNR) are already murderers through their market purchases.

"So it is not important that we agree with Chris, about what to call our predicament or which process will drive the first round of the ugly future, it is important that we marshal Chris's data so it implies to the reader/listener what their kids and grandkids are going to experience. If Chris's data does not produce a wince when it is laid before a parent, we have not done anything useful.

"Some very small number of people, (much less than 100 million) can live on the earth using renewable resources in a sustainable and peaceful way. That number is slightly bigger if everyone hoes and grow potatoes, and slightly smaller if we have higher technology than hoes.

"I don't think historical precedent, the number of hunter and gatherers in North America 3,000 years has much meaning for the future. I am not planning to produce a significantly deflated version of my life for my kid's kids. Just a lot fewer kids that will enjoy my lifestyle or better.

" Whatever that number is, how we approach it will determine how the next generations will live.

"If we fight resource wars we will end up with a different future than if we produce rapid population declines with almost no births and we stop all medical treatment (other than aspirin or morphine) for people over the age of 50.

"We will have a different future if the sustainable population is broadly distributed or optimally located on the surface of the earth. We will have a different future if we can get the population down to living based on renewable resources and still have some NNR's left in a reservoir to use on special occasions.

"We will have a different future if we can move the stockpiles of existing NNR to these optimal locations and then learn to recycle them instead of just using them one pass and then have to mine more. If you have to mine anything you are going to have a hard time remaining sustainable.

"And finally we will have a different future if Kurt's fictional character "dixon" has his way. You all know that I think that a Dixon type weapon is already prepared and in the warehouses of major nations, industrial giants, and rich individuals and will be used in a round of resources wars or just a way of guiding humankind through this narrows."


You may reach Dr. Jack Alpert at

Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents - from the Arctic to the South Pole - as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. He presents "The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it" to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges. He works to bring about sensible world population balance at He is the author of: America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans. Copies available: 1 888 280 7715

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Monday 25 April 2011

India and the UK TB Epidemic

Video here ;

After the New Delhi superbug bogey, British journal Lancet in its latest report has claimed that one in five immigrants from the Indian subcontinent are carriers of the latent disease, which often progresses to active TB within a few years of their arrival in Britain.

The results based on research by scientists, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, Friday, showed 20 percent of recent immigrants from the Indian sub-continent and almost 30 percent from sub-Saharan Africa are carriers of latent TB.

The report says that tuberculosis screening for new immigrants fails to detect most cases and hence there is a strong case for stricter screening of people arriving from India and other countries of the subcontinent.

"By changing the threshold for screening, and including immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, we could pick up 92 percent of imported latent TB," said Ajit Lalvan from Imperial College London, who led the study. "By treating people at that early stage, we can prevent them from developing a serious illness and becoming infectious."

Current British border policies require immigrants from countries with a TB incidence higher than 40 per 100,000 people to have a chest X-ray on arrival to check for active TB, but detection is just 0.01%.

TB is caused by a bacterial infection which is normally asymptomatic, but about one in 10 cases lead to active disease which attacks the lungs and kills around half of those affected.

A worldwide pandemic: Among the 15 countries with the highest estimated TB incidence rates, 13 are in Africa, while a third of all new cases are in India and China, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In India, the disease occurs in 185 per 100,000 people, as per the WHO's global TB report, 2009. The WHO also says drug-resistant TB is rapidly increasing around the world and these often fatal strains of the disease are expected to affect two million people by 2050.

In UK, the national incidence of TB is said to have has risen dramatically over the last decade, increasing by almost 50 percent between 1998 and 2009. Much of this increase has been driven by a 98 percent increase in cases among immigrants, and have a 20 times higher incidence of TB than people born in Britain.

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London and the Islamist Terrorists

Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza, two preachers who lived off state benefits after claiming asylum, are identified by the American authorities as the key recruiters responsible for sending dozens of extremists from throughout the world to Pakistan and Afghanistan via London mosques.

The leaked documents, written by senior US military commanders at Guantánamo Bay, illustrate how, for two decades, Britain effectively became a crucible of terrorism, with dozens of extremists, home-grown and from abroad, radicalised here.

Finsbury Park mosque, in north London, is described as a “haven” for extremists. United States intelligence officials concluded the mosque served as “an attack planning and propaganda production base”.

The files will raise questions over why the Government and security services failed to take action sooner to tackle the capital’s reputation as a staging post for terrorism, which became so established that the city was termed “Londonistan”.

The documents show that at least 35 detainees at Guantánamo had passed through Britain before being sent to fight against Allied forces in Afghanistan. This is thought to be more than from any other Western nation.

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WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning moved to different military jail
21 Apr 2011
Of those, 18 were originally from abroad. The other 17 were British nationals or citizens granted residency here after claiming asylum, who were indoctrinated before being sent to terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.

The Government has paid millions of pounds in compensation and benefits to people regarded as highly dangerous by the US authorities.

Qatada, who was paid compensation under human rights laws for being “unfairly detained”, is described as “the most successful recruiter in Europe” and a “focal point for extremist fundraising [and] recruitment”. Hamza is accused of encouraging “his followers to murder non-Muslims”.

Four mosques in London and an Islamic centre are highlighted as places where young Muslim men were radicalised and turned into potential terrorists. Finsbury Park mosque “served to facilitate and training of recruits,” note the files, adding that it was “a haven for Islamic extremists from Morocco and Algeria.”

The Daily Telegraph, along with other international newspapers, is publishing details of more than 700 files on the Guantánamo Bay detainees obtained by the WikiLeaks website.

Earlier, this newspaper disclosed that dozens of terrorists held at the prison had admitted plotting a wide array of attacks against targets in Britain and America. However, it also emerged that more than 150 innocent people had been sent to Guantánamo.

Now, the key role that Britain and British-based preachers played in the lives of many of the Guantánamo detainees can be disclosed.

British intelligence services also provided information, including lists of suspected extremists seized from raids on Islamic centres, to the US military as it interrogated detainees. The information was passed on despite the Government publicly condemning the use of torture at Guantánamo. The leaked documents also reveal that:

• Sixteen detainees sent back to Britain are regarded as “high risk” by the US authorities and are liable to plan attacks against the West. However, they have been paid a reported £1 million each in compensation by the Government. For the first time, details of their alleged extremist activities, including travelling to Afghanistan to fight against British troops, are disclosed;

• The US government suspected the BBC of being a “possible propaganda media network” for al-Qaeda after details of a phone number at the broadcaster was found in the possession of several suspected terrorists. The number, which now appears to be disconnected, was thought to be for an employee of the BBC World Service, which was then funded by the Foreign Office;

• Terrorist recruits from across Africa and the Middle East flocked to London to claim asylum, often after travelling through other European countries;

• British taxpayers’ money was used to bankroll an Afghan politician who was sent to Guantánamo Bay after being exposed as an al-Qaeda aide. Mullan Haji Rohullah received more than £300,000 to destroy his opium crop – but he sold the drugs and kept the money from the Department for International Development.

• Four of the Guantánamo detainees were “British intelligence sources” who betrayed their paymasters.

• The last remaining British national at the prison is an al-Qaeda commander who directed terrorist forces in Tora Bora during the Afghanistan conflict. His family, who were previously allegedly paid directly by Osama Bin Laden, is thought to have received compensation from the Government.

The files help to explain American anger towards the British authorities, who have been regularly accused of failing to tackle radicalisation in this country.

The top-secret documents show how Muslim men travelled to European countries such as France, from where they obtained fake EU passports. They then crossed the channel to take advantage of Britain’s generous asylum system.

Extremist preachers radicalised the men at London mosques, showing them videos of atrocities committed against Muslims in Bosnia and Chechnya.

According to one document, Finsbury Park mosque was “a key transit facility for the movement of North African and other extremists in London to and from al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan”.

They were flown to Pakistan and Afghanistan at the terrorist group’s expense, put up in special guesthouses and sent to the training camps. They were introduced to senior al-Qaeda figures including Bin Laden and taught to fight and make bombs. Wives were arranged for some terrorists and their families received generous payments.

The US government condemned the release of the Wikileaks documents. In a statement, the Pentagon said: “It is unfortunate that news organisations have made the decision to publish numerous documents obtained illegally by WikiLeaks concerning the Guantánamo detention facility. These documents contain classified information about current and former detainees, and we strongly condemn the leaking of this sensitive information.

“The WikiLeaks releases include Detainee Assessment Briefs (DABs) written by the Department of Defence between 2002 and early 2009. These DABs were written based on a range of information available then. Any given DAB illegally obtained and released by WikiLeaks may or may not represent the current view of a given detainee.

“The previous and current administrations have made every effort to act with the utmost care and diligence in transferring detainees from Guan­tánamo.”

Barack Obama, the US President, previously made a high-profile pledge to close the Guantánamo Bay facility and prosecute in the criminal courts those alleged to have broken the law.

However, the pledge has now been largely abandoned and the US authorities recently announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the most senior terrorist at the prison and the alleged mastermind behind the September 11 attacks, will be tried at a controversial military tribunal.

Mohammed, who was tortured more than 100 times, has admitted his involvement in dozens of plots, including plans to hijack aircraft and crash them into Heathrow airport, Big Ben and Canary Wharf, and assassination attempts against Pope John Paul II and former President Bill Clinton. He is among 15 so-called kingpins at the prison who are unlikely to ever be freed.

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BBC Aids Islamist Terrorists

The files, obtained by the WikiLeaks website and passed to The Daily Telegraph, disclose that a phone number of someone at the BBC was found in the phone books and phones of a number of extremists seized by US forces.

A detainee assessment, dated 21 April 2007, states: "The London, United Kingdom (UK), phone number 0044 207 XXX XXXX was discovered in numerous seized phone books and phones associated with extremist-linked individuals.

“The number is associated with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).” Analysis by The Daily Telegraph suggests the number is one for Bush House, home of the BBC World Service.

The assessment continues that US forces uncovered many “extremist links” to this number, suggesting that extremists could have made contact with BBC employees who were sympathetic to extremists or had information on “ACM [anti-Coalition Militia] operations”.

It says: “(Analyst Note: Numerous extremist links to this BBC number indicates a possible propaganda media network connection. Network analysis might provide leads to individuals with either sympathetic ties to extremists or possibly possessing information on ACM operations.)”

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21 Apr 2011
The Daily Telegraph rang the phone number on Monday. A single tone on the line suggested that it had been disconnected, or was no longer in use.

The possible link between extremism and staff at the BBC will anger the national broadcaster, which prides itself on its impartiality.

The BBC number was given in the file of Turki Mish’awi Za’id Alj-Amri, a Saudi who was “assessed to be a member of al-Qaeda, who travelled to Afghanistan to participate in Jihad”.

The file claims that Alj-Amri had “stayed at al-Qaeda facilities, received training at an al-Qaeda camp, and served under al-Qaida leadership in Tora Bora, AF. “Detainee's pocket litter links him to significant Anti-Coalition Militia (ACM) personnel and groups.”

It says: “Many of the telephone numbers in his pocket litter have been associated with multiple ACM personnel, indicating he may have played a greater role in multiple activities than previously assessed.”

Alj-Amri was repatriated to Saudi Arabia from the detention camp seven months later on 9 November 2007, along with 13 other men.

In February 2009 the Saudi Government published a list of the 85 most wanted suspected terrorists, which included an individual named Turki Mashawi Al Aseery.

In September 2006 the BBC’s then-chairman Michael Grade organised an “impartiality summit”, hosted by veteran broadcaster Sue Lawley, to assess whether there was a left-leaning bias at the broadcaster.

An account of the meeting, leaked to a Sunday newspaper the following month, showed that that executives accepted they would broadcast an interview with al-Qaeda mastermind Osama Bin Laden, if they were given the opportunity.

In a debate on whether the BBC should interview Bin Laden if he approached them, it was decided the al-Qaeda leader would be given a platform to explain his views.

Andrew Marr later told the newspaper: “The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It’s a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people.

“It has a liberal bias not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias.”

A BBC spokesperson said: "Independence and impartiality are at the heart of all BBC World Service output. The service has interviewed representatives of organisations from all sides involved in the Afghan conflict so it would not be surprising that a number believed to relate to the BBC Pashto service was in circulation."

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Al CIAeda and MI6

Al Qaeda is a tool of western oil imperialism, they plant the bombs that prepare the way for ground invasions and wars.

An al-Qaida operative accused of bombing two Christian churches and a luxury hotel in Pakistan in 2002 was at the same time working for British intelligence, according to secret files on detainees who were shipped to the US military's Guantánamo Bay prison camp.

Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili, an Algerian citizen described as a "facilitator, courier, kidnapper, and assassin for al-Qaida", was detained in Pakistan in 2003 and later sent to Guantánamo Bay.

But according to Hamlili's Guantánamo "assessment" file, one of 759 individual dossiers obtained by the Guardian, US interrogators were convinced that he was simultaneously acting as an informer for British and Canadian intelligence.

After his capture in June 2003 Hamlili was transferred to Bagram detention centre, north of Kabul, where he underwent numerous "custodial interviews" with CIA personnel.

They found him "to have withheld important information from the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service and British Secret Intelligence Service … and to be a threat to US and allied personnel in Afghanistan and Pakistan".

The Guardian and the New York Times published a series of reports based on the leaked cache of documents which exposed the flimsy grounds on which many detainees were transferred to the camp and portrayed a system focused overwhelmingly on extracting intelligence from prisoners.

A further series of reports based on the files reveal:

• A single star informer at the base won his freedom by incriminating at least 123 other prisoners there. The US military source described Mohammed Basardah as an "invaluable" source who had shown "exceptional co-operation", but lawyers for other inmates claim his evidence is unreliable.

• US interrogators frequently clashed over the handling of detainees, with members of the Joint Task Force Guantánamo (JTF GTMO) in several cases overruling recommendations by the Criminal Investigative Task Force (CITF) that prisoners should be released. CITF investigators also disapproved of methods adopted by the JTF's military interrogators.

• New light on how Osama bin Laden escaped from Tora Bora as American and British special forces closed in on his mountain refuge in December 2001, including intelligence claiming that a local Pakistani warlord provided fighters to guide him to safety in the north-east of Afghanistan.

The Obama administration on Monday condemned the release of documents which it claimed had been "obtained illegally by WikiLeaks".

The Pentagon's press secretary, Geoff Morrell, said in many cases the documents, so-called Detainee Assessment Briefs, had been superseded by the decisions of a taskforce established by President Barack Obama in 2009.

"Any given DAB illegally obtained and released by WikiLeaks may or may not represent the current view of a given detainee," he said.

According to the files, Hamlili told his American interrogators at Bagram that he had been running a carpet business from Peshawar, exporting as far afield as Dubai following the 9/11 attacks.

But his CIA captors knew the Algerian had been an informant for MI6 and Canada's Secret Intelligence Service for over three years – and suspected he had been double-crossing handlers. According to US intelligence the two spy agencies recruited Hamlili as a "humint" – human intelligence – source in December 2000 "because of his connections to members of various al-Qaida linked terrorist groups that operated in Afghanistan and Pakistan".

The files do not specify what information Hamlili withheld. But they do contain intelligence reports, albeit flawed ones, that link the Algerian to three major terrorist attacks in Pakistan during this time.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-confessed architect of the 9/11 attacks, told interrogators an "Abu Adil" – an alias allegedly used by Hamlili – had orchestrated the March 2002 grenade attack on a Protestant church in Islamabad's diplomatic enclave that killed five people, including a US diplomat and his daughter.

He said Abu Adil was also responsible for an attack that killed three girls in a rural Punjabi church the following December, and that he had given him 300,000 rupees (about $5,250) to fund the attacks.

The church attacks have previously been blamed on Lashkar I Jhangvi, a Pakistani sectarian outfit that has developed ties with al-Qaida in recent years.

Separately, US intelligence reports said that Hamlili was "possibly involved" in a bombing outside Karachi's Sheraton hotel in May 2002 that killed 11 French submarine engineers and two Pakistanis.

But the intelligence against the 35-year-old Algerian, who was sent home last January, appears deeply flawed, like many of the accusations in the Guantánamo files.

Some of the information may have been obtained through torture. US officials waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 183 times at a CIA "black site" in Thailand during his first month of captivity.

And little evidence is presented to link Hamlili to the Karachi hotel bombing, other than that he ran a carpet business – the same cover that was used by the alleged assassins to escape.

What is clear, however, is that Hamlili was a decades-long veteran of the violent jihadi underground that extends from northern Pakistan and Afghanistan into north Africa. From the Algerian town of Oran, he left with his father in 1986, at the age of 11, to join the fight against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Later he fell into extremist "takfir" groups, recruited militants to fight in the Algerian civil war, and gained a reputation for violence.

Under the Taliban the Algerian worked as a translator for the foreign ministry and later for the Taliban intelligence services, shuttling between Pakistan and Afghanistan in the runup to 9/11.

Last January Hamlili and another inmate, Hasan Zemiri, were transferred to Algerian government custody. It was not clear whether they would be freed or made to stand trial.

Clive Stafford Smith, whose legal charity, Reprieve, represents many current and former inmates, said the files revealed the "sheer bureaucratic incompetence" of the US military's intelligence gathering.

"When you gather intelligence in such an unintelligent way; if for example you sweep people up who you know are innocent, and it is in these documents; and then mistreat them horribly, you are not going to get reliable intelligence. You are going to make yourself a lot of enemies."

The Guantánamo files are one of a series of secret US government databases allegedly leaked by US intelligence analyst Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks. The New York Times, which shared the files with the Guardian and US National Public Radio, said it did not obtain them from WikiLeaks.

A number of other news organisations yesterday published reports based on files they had received from WikiLeaks.

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Cannabis Kills Cancers

Millions of people have died of cancer who could have been saved by cannabis.

The supression of this truth is one of the greatest crimes against humanity in human history.

Cannabinoids Kill Cancer And Our
'Government' Has Known for 36 Years



Below is a repost of an article published on Americans for Safe Access website: in November of 2003. The article describes how cannabinoids, the active components of marijuana, inhibit tumor growth in laboratory animals and also kill cancer cells. Then it finishes off by saying that the US government has known for more than 35 years and that the media which would normally go crazy about a cancer cure story like this, doesn't at all and in fact seem to be burying the story rather than promote it in any way. I for one am amazed at the government's stance on marijuana and their failed war on drugs, which is more like a war on it's own country. I guess too many people get rich off of the war on drugs.

by Steve Kubby, Sierra Times
November 10th, 2003

A new study published in Nature Reviews-Cancer provides an historic and detailed explanation about how THC and natural cannabinoids counteract cancer, but preserve normal cells.

The study by Manuel Guzmán of Madrid Spain found that cannabinoids, the active components of marijuana, inhibit tumor growth in laboratory animals. They do so by modulating key cell-signalling pathways, thereby inducing direct growth arrest and death of tumor cells, as well as by inhibiting the growth of blood vessels that supply the tumor.

The Guzman study is very important according to Dr. Ethan Russo , a neurologist and world authority on medical cannabis: "Cancer occurs because cells become immortalized; they fail to heed normal signals to turn off growth. A normal function of remodelling in the body requires that cells die on cue. This is called apoptosis, or programmed cell death. That process fails to work in tumors. THC promotes its reappearance so that gliomas, leukemias, melanomas and other cell types will in fact heed the signals, stop dividing, and die."

"But, that is not all," explains Dr. Russo: "The other way that tumors grow is by ensuring that they are nourished: they send out signals to promote angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels. Cannabinoids turn off these signals as well. It is truly incredible, and elegant."

In other words, this article explains several ways in which cannabinoids might be used to fight cancer, and, as the article says, "Cannabinoids are usually well tolerated, and do not produce the generalized toxic effects of conventional chemotherapies.
Usually, any story that even suggests the possibility of a new treatment for cancer is greeted with headlines about a "cancer cure" ­ however remote in the future and improbable in fact it might be. But if marijuana is involved, don't expect any coverage from mainstream media, especially since mainstream editors have been quietly killing this story for the past thirty years

That's right, news about the abilility of pot to shrink tumors first surfaced, way back in 1974. Researchers at the Medical College of Virginia, who had been funded by the National Institutes of Health to find evidence that marijuana damages the immune system, found instead that THC slowed the growth of three kinds of cancer in mice - lung and breast cancer, and a virus-induced leukemia.

The Washington Post reported on the 1974 study - in the "Local" section - on Aug. 18, 1974. Under the headline, "Cancer Curb Is Studied," it read in part: "The active chemical agent in marijuana curbs the growth of three kinds of cancer in mice and may also suppress the immunity reaction that causes rejection of organ transplants, a Medical College of Virginia team has discovered." The researchers "found that THC slowed the growth of lung cancers, breast cancers, and a virus-induced leukemia in laboratory mice, and prolonged their lives by as much as 36 percent."
"News coverage of the Madrid discovery has been virtually nonexistent in this country. The news broke quietly on Feb. 29, 2000 with a story that ran once on the UPI wire about the Nature Medicine article," complained editor Richard Cowan , who said he was only able to find the article through a link that appeared briefly on the Drudge Report Web page. "The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times all ignored the story, even though its newsworthiness is indisputable: a benign substance occurring in nature destroys deadly brain tumors," added Cowan.

On March 29, 2001, the San Antonio Current printed a carefully researched, bombshell of a story by Raymond Cushing titled, "POT SHRINKS TUMORS; GOVERNMENT KNEW IN '74." Media coverage since then has been nonexistant, except for a copy of the story on Alternet.

It is hard to believe that the knowledge that cannabis can be used to fight cancer has been suppressed for almost thirty years , yet it seems likely that it will continue to be suppressed. Why?

According to Cowan, the answer is because it is a threat to cannabis prohibition . "If this article and its predecessors from 2000 and 1974 were the only evidence of the suppression of medical cannabis, then one might perhaps be able to rationalize it in some herniated way. However, there really is massive proof that the suppression of medical cannabis represents the greatest failure of the institutions of a free society, medicine, journalism, science, and our fundamental values," Cowan notes.

Millions of people have died horrible deaths and in many cases, familes exhausted their savings on dangerous, toxic and expensive drugs. Now we are just beginning to realize that while marijuana has never killed anyone, marijuana prohibition has killed millions.

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The Power of Psychology

I read the article below and then found the video clip he was talking about in the article about the snake in the suitcase - link here ;

Absolutely hilarious !

This article makes a great point.

One must always understand the psychology of ones opponents if one is to defeat them.

With the rise of a new more militant ANC in South Africa who have promised to ethnically cleanse whites from South Africa, then this level of psychological knowledge against such ANC criminals is an essential survival tool in a racist society where whites are racially targeted simply as they are white.

Some of you will remember the snake experiment I conducted for fun some years ago when I bought a toy rubber snake and put it in my car. I had heard that blacks associate snakes with witchcraft and they are petrified of snakes.

I had noticed that keeping that rubber snake in my car that it often elicited real interest from blacks who saw it. On several occasions that toy rubber snake became the topic of conversations as black men who saw it would ask me about it. And these blacks, fascinated by the rubber snake would sometimes invite other blacks to come and see my rubber snake or on one occasion one even wanted to use the snake to scare another with it.

Black people are exceptionally afraid of snakes, most especially live ones. I don't like live snakes myself, but I think with age I am getting pretty indifferent to things which used to creep me out when I was younger. These days, many people keep exotic lizards and live snakes as pets. Corn snakes for example are pretty common and they grow to a pretty reasonable size.

In terms of security, perhaps the real problem is that we should not be putting up "Beware of the dog" signs, since black criminals are poisoning dogs. Perhaps the real sign we should be putting on our gates is: "Beware of the Snakes" (plural!). I think that would be a good sign to put up. That would creep them out! I am game to put up a sign like that at my gate. I must find someone who can make such a sign for me.

One neighbour of mine upon spotting the snake in my car told me the story of her daughter who lives on a plot outside Johannesburg where they had been robbed so many times. They had their car stolen and their house was broken into several times. Then, in desperation her daughter did the following: She went and bought several toy snakes and put them into the windowsills of her house. The old lady said the robberies then stopped!! The thieves were still around because they stole one of their vehicles. My neighbour told her daughter that she should have put the snakes into the vehicle too because then it would never have been stolen!

My neighbour and her daughter were convinced of the power of the snakes.

I remember from my military days a guy who kept brown house snakes. They were small and escaped once and I was quite creeped out by these snakes expecting to find them in my cupboards! But, if you think we are afraid of snakes ... its nothing compared to the black fear of such things.

There is an incredible movie skit from an Afrikaans comedian, Leon Schuster. He put a python into a suitcase and left the suitcase by the roadside expecting someone to stop and steal it. Along comes a black minibus taxi, drives past, stops and then reverses. The blacks send out a little black kid who grabs the suitcase, and he lugs it back into the Toyota minibus taxi. Then the taxi drives off quickly as they do. But it hardly goes 10 metres and it slams on brakes and you see the blacks jumping out of the doors and windows. They all exit that vehicle in a handful of seconds... throwing themselves out of the windows.

Clearly they opened the suitcase, saw the python and everyone ran for their lives even though the python is largely harmless. It is a pretty nasty practical joke, but its effectiveness is incredible. Someone should find the original and put it on YouTube for foreigners to see. What transpires in that skit in less than 15 seconds is truly astounding and is done at a speed that is breathtaking.

The British used witchcraft during the Mau Mau insurgency. They killed trees with chemicals and then spread the rumour among the blacks that this was a sign that their ancestors (which blacks believe live in the trees) are unhappy with them.

I have walked into shops in Johannesburg where these "Traditional HealerS" (read: Witchdoctors) ply their trade. There are lots of them around.

The issue is not whether we believe in witchcraft, since we don't. But blacks believe in it and there are many documented cases in Africa of blacks who died from no physical illness, purely because they believed a spell was cast on them.

When I was a kid, I saw blacks and this witchcraft in Zimbabwe. Our "Cook boy" (the black guy who did our house work and cooked for us), brought me a jam bottle with leaves and water and other gunk in it, which he said he dug up on a path. He said a witchdoctor had put it there to put a spell on someone who walked over it. He launched into a long discussion telling me of the power of witchcraft and how he knew blacks who walked over the jam bottle and suddenly got an incredible pain in their legs.

I have had discussions with blacks who had university educations who would attest to the existence of witchcraft and its power. But blacks know that witchcraft only works on them and that whites are immune to its powers.

But there are blacks out there who are multimillionaires, who are businessmen and politicians who believe in witchcraft. I know from personal references that there are whites who know of Robert Mugabe's own belief and use of witchcraft going back decades. I wrote a story some years ago of a black businessman who was found in Zimbabwe with human body parts in the boot (trunk) of his BMW. The sale of human body parts, of the muti-killings (murder of young black children for their sexual organs) and many other things which go on to this day, are most likely PAID FOR BY WEALTHY BLACK BUSINESSMEN AND POLITICIANS WHO BELIEVE IN WITCHCRAFT AND ARE PAYING WITCHDOCTORS TO DO THIS BECAUSE OF THE "STRONG MAGIC" IT WILL BRING TO THEM.

For us whites, the game is to tap into their natural beliefs. I even made contact with a "Traditional Healer" and made a suggestion to him. He was a bit arrogant at first but he sent me an email recently. I have some ideas about supporting these Witchdoctors.

A white lady friend of mine told me a bizarre story one day. She was struggling to sell a house, and someone talked her into going to a witchdoctor. The paid the witchdoctor money and the next thing was a black person came and bought the house!!!

If you will read history, you'll see that Shaka, the King of the Zulus, who was the greatest black military genius of all time, and who was a very shrewed and clever black man saw through these witchdoctors and the power they held. He devised a series of cunning tests and moves to entrap the witchdoctors and to use their power against them. I recall reading this in a book more than 25 years ago. I can't remember the name of the book but it was a biography of Shaka. Shaka was the greatest black African leader of all time. I have a lot of respect for his military/leadership skills ... but Mugabe is the other guy I have respect for with his bizarre, but cunning tactics.

I think these so-called Traditional Healers, who, despite their claims to be involved in "medicine" are truly WITCHDOCTORS and practitioners of WITCHCRAFT and SPELLS... ply a very cunning trade based on human psychology and self-interest. They use their fear factor to influence blacks and to strengthen their own power base.

The WitchDoctors of the blacks are no different to say, wealthy white businessmen in New York. They have a certain powerbase and they use it. In the case of the witchdoctors, the hold is psychological. They play the same role in black society that Rabbis play in Jewish society or the role that Christian priests used to play in White society. The Witchdoctors have a lot of psychological power and they are out to make money and gain influence and they do it by exploiting their psychological hold over the blacks.

Even the Zimbabwean and South African Govts have tapped into this power. They have both gone at various times and given the "Traditional Healers" a lot of good press because they were trying to rope them in to working on the minds of blacks.

Under President Mbeki, the Minister of Health was trying to make these "Traditional Healers" and put them on the same level as Western Science. These are guys who push "cures for AIDS". In South Africa, you can actually make claims to the medical aid for services of these "Traditional Healers". I am sure I have heard that this is allowed under certain conditions.

But these Govts know of the psychological hold this witchcraft has, and they have tried to tap into it by roping in the witchdoctors to assist with AIDS programs and other things.

I have said for years that I think whites should make a thorough study of witchcraft and its power among the blacks. It is something whites should study and then keep the results firmly to themselves. There is power in this stuff... if it is used intelligently.

As Sun Tzu tells you: If you know yourself you will win half the time. If you know the enemy you will win half the time. But if you know yourself and you know the enemy you will ALL THE TIME.

Studying blacks and their strengths and weaknesses is something that needs to be done thoroughly, and to overlook or to ignore witchcraft is to make a very serious error. Witchcraft has a power over the black mind that is much stronger than that which Priests or Rabbis have.

Go out into Africa and see if you can find even one black person who does not believe in witchcraft ... I dare you to find such a person. There are many blacks out there who are in positions of unbelievable power who believe this stuff in the same way that a phyisicist believes in the laws of gravity.

The key is to find out what the "logic" is, that lies behind this stuff. Once you understand the logic and the terminology and how it is applied, then you can start using it.

There are one or two white people in South Africa who have actually gone and "studied" to become "sangomas" (witchdoctors), and who throw the bones and do all that sort of stuff. One should take the time to understand this stuff.

If you were to take this stuff, and then combine it with a knowledge of physics, Western magical techniques and probability... you could come up with some really utterly wild stuff.

Posted By: Jan

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Islamist Nuclear Bomb In Europe

*A senior Al-Qaeda commander claimed that the terrorist group has hidden a nuclear bomb in Europe which will be detonated if Bin-Laden is ever caught or assassinated. The US authorities uncovered numerous attempts by Al-Qaeda to obtain nuclear materials and fear that terrorists have already bought uranium. Sheikh Mohammed told interrogators that Al-Qaeda would unleash a “nuclear hellstorm”.

It is not an Islamist 'nuclear bomb' that we need fear which is supposedly hidden somewhere in Europe.

What we should be most concerned about it is the ticking Islamist demographic time bomb which is becoming so publically visible on our streets more and more every year.

Threats of ' hidden nuclear weapons' are pure Islamist propaganda designed to keep us from focusing on the real threat inside our nations - which is from mass immigration and the rise in the numbers of radical Islamists already inside our borders.

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